mapitohey all04:04
mapitohi zmoylan-pi04:15
MooDoohowdy all07:17
nucc11anybody using 2FA on their SSH server? do you know a linux GUI client that can do 2FA ?08:15
nucc11i mean for SFTP08:15
popeydoes it have to be gui?08:15
nucc11yea, meant for a normal person08:16
nucc11i myself am fine with sftp on the cli08:16
popeywell I use a python program called 2fa.py which could easily be wrapped in a gui08:16
nucc11is it this one? https://code.launchpad.net/~toykeeper/+junk/2fa ??08:17
nucc11ah, Cyberduck does support 2FA :)08:17
nucc11problem solved08:17
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:26
foobarryi don't understand why it isn't a breach of copyrigth law to use the leaked hackingteam code?08:26
popeybecause it isnt08:27
foobarry"When Joe Greenwood, of cybersecurity firm 4Armed, saw that source code for the programme had been dumped online by hackers, he couldn't resist experimenting with it."08:27
foobarrywhy not?08:27
popeyjust like it's not copyright infringement to watch a movie you didnt pay for08:27
popeyit's copyright infringement to _distribute_ the code or movie08:27
popeybut distribute != use08:28
popeywhich is why you generally don't get prosecuted for downloading a film or computer software, but might for re-distributing it, if you distribute to enough people to get noticed08:29
foobarryit is breaking a law though08:29
popeywhat law?08:29
foobarryto download without permission of the copyright holder. unauthorised downloading and use08:29
foobarryjust checking08:30
popeycopying is allowed for the purposes of news reporting and critique08:31
popeyand you just linked to bbc news :)08:31
foobarrywhich is permitted by the copyright holder08:31
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Work Like A Dog Day! 😃08:31
popeynot the way I read it08:32
foobarry" Downloading a song, film or television programme without paying for it is a breach of copyright. In the UK, the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 currently protects copyrighted materials and if you download or distribute copyrighted files without permission you could potentially face a civil action for thousands of pounds of damages"08:33
foobarrycivil not criminal law08:33
nucc11well, the BBC article is useless.08:35
foobarryalthough finding the chapter and verse seems difficult. tends to talk about making a copy, etc08:36
nucc11no info about what flaws are exploited, or what someone can do to avoid being hacked like that08:36
nucc11i just might wind up buying an iphone… it seems to actually be the most secure of the mobile OSes08:37
foobarryyour phone would need to be rooted first08:37
foobarrynucc11: lol08:37
nucc11foobarry: that was only for iphones.08:37
nucc11androids as far as the news of the hacking team leaks go, could be hacked without being rooted08:37
nucc11ios was the only one which was mostly impenetrable if it wasn't rooted08:37
brobostigonevery system has flaws, every system has bugs and can be hacked, no system is totallly safe.08:38
nucc11brobostigon: of course. but speaking in relative terms, android appears to be tbe most porus.08:38
nucc11porous :p08:39
foobarrydepends how you use it.08:39
brobostigonwell, it in my mind, has a good balence between security and freedom, if you use abit of logic, it is nominally fairly safe, like any system, you use abit of logic and use obvious security, like not downloading silly email attachments etc.08:40
foobarryit is the closest mobile OS to windows XP though08:41
foobarrypeople downloading random kernels and apks without consideration08:41
brobostigonfor example, a program like tasker, would be basiclly impossible on IOS.08:41
foobarrywild west08:41
brobostigonsome people do that yes, and i thank thats plain stupid.08:41
nucc11anyway, that's one consideration. the other one is battery life, and actual perceived performance.08:43
nucc11but no need to start a flamewar.08:43
foobarrywell there's always ubuntu mobile08:44
nucc11worse battery life08:44
nucc11limited app support.08:44
foobarryi thought we were talkign security08:44
nucc11ubuntu is untested, so you can't make any credible statements about it's security08:44
nucc11it's still too niche right now08:44
nucc11unless you're proposing security through obscurity08:45
davmor2JamesTait: EASY!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlDdcCzKjsc   also if dogs worked as hard as we do I'd be impressed ;)09:02
JamesTaitdavmor2, they have to work harder - those touch screen phones are difficult to use without opposable thumbs!09:02
davmor2JamesTait: that why with all have cats though, well that and to steal the cravendale obviously09:09
davmor2MooDoo: this morning I have jump the line but obviously that leads into banana boat song because of "the movie"09:11
awilkinsThey should so totally do Cats vs Cows on those ads09:12
awilkinsAnd then Cat-team-up-with-Cows to take on the Humans09:12
brobostigonanyone have an og pebble, who can test my new watchface in a few weeks time?09:14
MooDoodavmor2: van halen for me09:23
davmor2well that was fun10:46
davmor2I discovered how to break virgin10:46
brobostigonhi knightwise10:47
nucc11davmor2:  how?10:49
foobarryon reddit?10:50
foobarrysorry, bit rude :Z10:50
davmor2scp a copy of an iso from your home server from your website rather than intranet10:50
nucc11you break your router?10:51
davmor2nucc11: no just overloaded it I think10:51
nucc11so you were exaggerating10:51
nucc11check and make sure it's not buffer-bloat10:52
davmor2nucc11: no it took out the internet for me :)10:52
nucc11it took out your router. likely due to packet queuing.10:52
foobarryhaven't heard buffer bloat since the digg days10:52
davmor2nucc11: probably10:52
nucc11personally, i set the TXqueue lenght on all the interfaces on my router to 10010:52
nucc11assuming the router did not crash and reboot, it's more likely the packets were being queued unfairly in favour of the large download10:55
nucc11and other connections were simply timing out due to packet loss10:55
nucc11especially considering virgin media's pitiful upload speeds10:56
davmor2nucc11: well when I say it took out the internet it stopped the download of the iso too10:56
nucc11then likely the router crashed10:56
davmor2nucc11: the minute I switched to internal network is transferred in seconds10:56
nucc11or you got throttled to nothingness10:56
davmor2nucc11: :)10:57
nucc11internal network is probably gigabit10:57
davmor2nucc11: yeap10:57
nucc11there's no contention there, so you can't even compare the two.10:58
ujjainhow does active directory actually work? you specify a domain11:43
ujjainhow does it know to which hostnames to connect?11:43
ujjaindns resolution or...?11:43
davmor2ujjain: you always miss "MAGIC" everything is done by magic11:50
Laneyomg GBBO tonight11:57
ujjainhow can I get all the Active-Diretory servers for a domain?11:59
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davmor2ujjain: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryWinbindHowto and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba-ad-integration.html and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryHowto12:08
ujjainyeah, that doesn't really help much, it's about finding out which domain controlelrs exist12:10
ujjainto find out if connectivity is good12:10
ujjainbetween them12:10
ujjainbecause now it works like 60% of the time, 40% of the time timeouts12:10
ujjainI'd like to compile a list of all available domain controllers from the linux server12:10
ujjainand like run nc -w1 ... on the port to see if it's available12:11
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)14:08
davmor2bigcalm: morning dude14:10
bigcalmHi davmor214:10
bigcalm14.04.3 is out.  What's there left for you to do?14:11
davmor2bigcalm: WOT14:11
davmor2bigcalm: where did you get that from14:12
bigcalmdavmor2: I've been running do-release-upgrade on my VMs all morning and it's giving me 14.04.314:12
davmor2bigcalm: hmmmm it shouldn't it isn't released till it is through testing14:13
davmor2bigcalm: 14.04.3 is released on thursday14:13
bigcalmsnafu2 ~ $ ssh proliant14:13
bigcalmWelcome to Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.13.0-61-generic x86_64)14:13
bigcalmThat's my physical microserver14:13
davmor2bigcalm: oh dear14:14
bigcalmWho's head will now roll?14:15
bigcalmdavmor2: anyway. So now that 14.04.3 is out, you can come to the LUG tonight :D14:15
davmor2bigcalm: it isn't out and I'm still testing it14:15
bigcalmCrikey, cutting it fine14:16
bigcalmOr is that always the way?14:16
davmor2bigcalm: You start testing on Monday find any installer issues, then there is a last spin up the day before14:17
foobarryanyone used twython twitter bot?14:26
davmor2bigcalm: I know why, it has installed 14.04.2 + all updates, which is effectively 14.04.314:31
bigcalmdavmor2: it's the ISO that drops on Thursday then?14:33
davmor2bigcalm: yeap14:33
mapitocan someone see if this wors for them ; https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzr0qvz6uRerOGRfOEptU2p0ZkU/view its android lollipop files i need for flashing14:39
mapitobut everytime i try and dl off google drive it fails before finishing;[14:40
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popeywillcooke: http://order-order.com/2015/08/05/ee-recall-exploding-death-chargers/15:34
willcookeGood job they'd run out before I got one15:34
popeycheapo batteries are terrible - non shocker15:35
shaunotomorrow is .3 ?15:49
shaunohm.  timing is almost funny.  microserver thingie arrived today15:51
mappswhat a hassle15:51
mappsto move my broadband i have to go there with my new rental agreement15:51
mappsand pay another £50 activation fee15:51
mappsseems fair15:51
diddledanshauno: new micro server! \o/16:02
zmoylan-pihow much would it cost to start as a new customer>16:02
shaunogotta admit, totally confused so far.  if I define an array in it's raid thingie, I still just see the physical disks in the ubuntu installer16:12
jpdsshauno: Yep16:12
jpdsshauno: Wait, what brand of RAID is it?16:13
shaunowhatever's built into the machine, hp smart array something16:13
diddledanhp I would guess16:13
shaunopretty convinced this is going to go horribly wrong.  with two disks in raid1, I should be addressing a single logical volume, not two physical volumes16:16
diddledanshauno: is it not listed under a different device file?16:17
shaunoI don't see it in the partitioning widget in the installer, no16:17
popeythats not proper raid16:19
popeyI'd use linux md raid over that16:19
shaunoI did try that first, but it failed to install grub16:19
popeydid you make a separate /boot ?16:20
popeyactually grub2 may not need that16:20
shaunonot a /boot, but I did put the OS in the first 20GB, because I know I have a 2tb limit16:23
diddledanshauno: does /dev/cciss/ exist? that's where one of the hp smart array drivers put the array16:24
diddledanreally need to figure out what card it's using tho16:25
shaunoit doesn't appear to (I'm still in the installer, so .. drivers?)16:25
shaunobah, just tried with a /boot and it did the same16:58
daftykinsdon't you have to install mdadm in the live session to see such arrays as a single unit?17:03
daftykinswhen it's the desktop ISO17:03
shaunoI'm using the -server dialog-basd one17:04
shaunoI have less and less idea what's going on though.  it seems /boot can't be on the array?17:05
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shaunoI dunno.  if I follow the instructions grub doesn't install.  and if I follow the instructions to use the hardware raid, I don't get raid.  that's all I've got so far17:06
daftykinsoh this is the little toy microserver, interesting17:08
daftykinsi'd keep the OS off an array personally :D17:09
shaunoon my dell I just set the array in perc, the installer sees one disk and I install on it17:09
daftykinsnever played with one of those though, but as popey says perhaps RAID off and just let Linux handle it would be best17:09
davmor2shauno: which instructions are you following and for what version of ubuntu17:09
daftykinsyeah but that's a proper controller17:09
shaunoyeah, I'm trying "let linux handle it" at the moment, that's the version that leaves me with no grub17:10
daftykinsbut you have some BIOS config fighting it perhaps17:10
shaunodavmor2: using https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/advanced-installation.html and 14.04.217:10
daftykinsis it even an up to date BIOS?17:10
davmor2shauno: what happens if you try a standard install initially to ensure that everything works?17:11
shauno(and sneaking a peek at debian's equivalent docs too, since I know most the serverguide is just copied verbatim from one release to the next)17:11
davmor2shauno: and is raid setup in the bios17:11
shaunoI turned it back off in HP's stuff17:12
shaunobah.  tried to do everything perfecly normally (guided lvm), it won't boot from that either17:42
daftykinsthe BIOS is the newest? :>17:42
daftykinsi bet there's some gotcha setting17:42
SuperEngineerYesterday morning an nVidia update appeared in update list, was duly downloaded, installed itself without problem.17:47
SuperEngineerYesterday evening on when starting PC, it got to log on, it logged on & went straight back to log on screen [no error shown] - would *not* go to desktop17:48
SuperEngineerI had no problem when reverting previous kernel ;)  Tonight I reinstalled the latest image [.61] - all ok again.17:48
SuperEngineerI put that last lot up here just in case it helps someone.17:48
SuperEngineer[noticed one odd thing in reverting to previous kernel... Steam claimed I had no games installed!  No prob now back to  .6117:50
daftykins3.19 ?17:51
daftykinsah so 14.0417:53
SuperEngineer& it was definitely the nVidia update that did it [no other update done] - my guess it is that it was trying to send display to my hdmi [TV & "2nd monitor"]17:54
SuperEngineerdaftykins, yup 14.0417:55
shaunowell, it looks like I'm getting somewhere.  I noticed the auto-lvm thingie created a 1MB 'biosgrub' partition at the start of the disk, so I did the same18:11
SavageWolfAnyone know about Nvidia GPUs?19:13
daftykinsmore specifically?19:14
daftykinswhat's your actual support question? :)19:14
SavageWolfI'm just wondering if the GT 540M is still supported.19:14
SavageWolfLike, if the drivers and whatnot are still supposed to work.19:15
daftykinsthat sounds like an optimus laptop inclusion, and yes19:16
daftykinslikely you'll want to install at least nvidia-331 along with nvidia-prime19:16
SavageWolfI'm having this issue: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=201716 (which isn't really Mint specific) and I'm not sure whether it's due to a hardware fault, the card being too old, or what.19:16
daftykinsso you're running Mint and asking for help in here 'cause the Mint channel on spotchat is no use, or?19:17
lubotu3Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org19:17
SavageWolfThe problem isn't specific to Mint and it occurred back when I was using Ubuntu.19:18
daftykinsthat's not what i asked19:18
ali1234SavageWolf: that is a bug in the game, or in nvidia driver19:18
daftykinsyeah so you're talking about using bumblebee which is the ancient implementation for optimus19:18
daftykinsuse something old, gonna have problems19:18
ali1234there should be another error close by19:18
SavageWolfOh, is there something new that replaced Bumblebee?19:18
ali1234but it won't be helpful19:18
daftykinsyeah i just said, nvidia-prime19:18
daftykinsbut yeah, Mint has its' own problems19:19
ali1234i have triggered those types of error purely from software with opengl19:19
ali1234and with just a normal desktop GPU19:20
SavageWolfAnyway, I'm waiting for a reply on the forum, I just asked here because "is this card too old" seems like something quick and easy to answer that someone up-to-date with things would know.19:20
daftykinswhat forum?19:21
ali1234i use a GTX 780 - it can still crash19:21
SavageWolfThe mint support forum I linked earlier.19:22
ali1234you cuod try the channel for nvidia driver as well19:22
SavageWolfCould something like this be caused by high memory load, come to think of it?19:22
ali1234i think it's #nvidia19:22
ali1234it is always quiet there though19:22
ali1234not this cannot be caused by high load19:22
ali1234it is a bug and only a bug19:23
SavageWolfAnyway, how does this prime thing work, does it give you a button to press to switch cards?19:23
daftykinswouldn't be a very stable system if load caused such issues :P19:24
daftykinslook it up19:24
SavageWolfAnyway, I'll try this nvidia-prime thing, thanks.19:26
daftykinsSavageWolf: sorry but you should seek your own distros support19:26
SavageWolfOkay, okay.19:27
ali1234technically all support is off topic for this channel, no?19:29
daftykinsjust annoys me the Mint, elementary and even CentOS users that come in #ubuntu19:30
daftykinswhen in the above case this one was not even on the right network ;)19:30
ali1234i can understand it for #ubuntu19:30
ali1234but this isn't #ubuntu19:30
daftykinsi don't really know what the purpose of the region specific channels is at all19:31
ali1234personally i think we should help mint users when we can19:33
daftykinsthat's nice :)19:34
ali1234how annoying19:37
ali1234luckily you can just hide the thing that prevents you from downloading using the inspector19:38
davmor2I think we should help any user the best we can, unless it's MooDoo he should just know better19:38
ali1234the way i see it if we chase them off they're never going to switch from mint to ubuntu...19:39
bittinhttps://pastie.se/ea31004a wtf people19:39
* zmoylan-pi raises hand with os/2 question... :-)19:39
daftykinsdo we want them to switch?19:40
ali1234i don't19:40
daftykinsbittin: no thanks19:40
bittindaftykins: what?19:40
ali1234but i'd be happy if everyone just kept on using windows19:40
daftykinssharing silly links19:41
ali1234since when did RS have free delivery?20:04
zmoylan-pisince they assumed your place was one of their storage units as it has so much gear in it? :-)20:04
davmor2ali1234: it's happens automatically on your millionth purchase20:05
ali1234what's this, dark souls on humble bundle?20:06
davmor2ali1234: probably just trying to keep up with competition and upped their price slightly but then you think oh but there is no p&p so I save x.p20:07
ali1234nobody else does free delivery though20:07
ali1234rapid does if you spend like £5020:07
shaunoI'm surprised they didn't already?  farnell give me free next-day over 20eur, and I'm not even in the same country20:07
ali1234farnell is in every country20:07
shaunowe have a web storefront here, but it's always shipped from the UK or the netherlands20:08
shaunowhich is why I was surprised their next-day really is next-day, let alone free20:08
shauno(next-day tends to be a euphamism for 3-5 days here)20:09
davmor2ali1234: that's my point.  You look at rs lets say X is £10 but on amazon X is £8.50 but £2 p&p all of a sudden you are better off going to rs20:09
ali1234yes but nothing on RS is £1020:09
ali1234it's all surface mount resistors that cost 0.01p20:10
davmor2ali1234: it was just a let's say :)20:10
ali1234which is why they used to have a minimum order20:10
ali1234but apparently they dont now20:10
ali1234i only go to RS for stuff i literally can't get anywhere else20:11
ali1234for example i'm trying to buy some ATTINY24 in soic-14 packages20:11
ali1234i guess you are right, they need to compete with the chinese sellers on amazon and ebay20:12
davmor2ali1234: I would assume that they would need to round up to the nearest real denomination for a sale anyway so if you get 1 0.01p item, they would have to charge you a 1p at a guess20:15
* zmoylan-pi pictures the poor staff navigating warehouse size of one storing ark in indiana jones movie looking for 1 x .01p part... :-)20:17
shaunoheh, they just come on huge reels20:18
shaunoso it's not so much finding them, more likely just annoying them by having them snip 10 off the end of a tape, rather than just throwing a box in the trolley20:19
zmoylan-piso more like the scene were indy is fleeing the giant rock then when one of the reels is dislodged :-D20:19
ali1234snip off 10 and put it in an anti-static bag, print a label, and stick it on the bag20:20
shaunothat said, the ones coming in tubes have bugged the familyfriendly out of me.  I don't have drawers that'll fit them20:20
* diddledan plays with shauno's familyfriendlies20:22
diddledanhint: there is no word or phrase I won't try to convert into a euphemism :-D20:23
shaunopft.  you're still avoiding the pub tomorrow20:23
daftykinsdiddledan's skipping out on your first ever meet up? :(20:24
daftykinsdiddledan: poor show!20:24
shaunolol, you tell him!20:25
* daftykins continues to boo as he takes his empties down to the kitchen20:26
shaunoI'm just not sure what to do in southampton for an evening.  we've only ever driven straight through to the ferry terminal before20:26
zmoylan-pioooh, my sister used to work in southampton driving new vehicles off the transporters bringing them in.20:27
shaunowell, I wasn't looking for a job so much, I only have ~8 hours20:28
zmoylan-pimeant she had a driving licence for all types of vehicles except tracked vehicles which got funny looks every time she was pulled over20:28
daftykinswell soton has to have *something* of worth, right? right?20:31
daftykinsstroll in the black forest if that's the name?20:31
shaunoI think that's a cake?20:31
shaunodiddledan: there's cake!20:31
daftykinsnew forest!20:31
daftykinsthere y'go20:31
daftykinsgo for a slice of black forest in the new forest20:32
diddledanthere is a black forest, too, but I don't know where20:32
daftykinsoh yeah amazingstoke is only up the road20:32
diddledanor maybe it's black country?20:32
daftykinsdamn it diddledan i demand you attend!20:32
shaunoI thought black forest was germany20:32
shaunowell, I arrive about 5pm and have to be out at the crack of dawn the next day.  so not so much day trips, just .. I guess food and beer :)20:34

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