tsdgeosgreyback_: you killed the space! https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-019-1-build/189/console09:24
greyback_tsdgeos: whoa09:25
tsdgeosdednick: you can top approve https://code.launchpad.net/~feng-kylin/unity8/adjustColorToHighlightingIndicator/+merge/266837 without CI anywya10:39
tsdgeosCI is borked and doesn't even compile so..10:39
dednicktsdgeos: ok10:39
sidiHi. I'm running a modified version of the Unity shipped in 15.04, which logs some WM events to Zeitgeist by using libzeitgeist directly. I also have a modified GLib that logs app launches to Zeitgeist. The modified GLib works fine on its own with GTK3 apps, and the modified Unity works fine most of the time. However, if I run my modded unity with my modded glib I get a deadline on GType initialisation code as soon as a call to libzeitgeist is done. Do10:44
sidi you guys do anything specific with GLib internals in Unity? Do you overload how type initialisation works in any way?10:44
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dandraderltinkl, the scripts kept telling me the branch was clean. so I deleted it and pushed again: https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/removeForceActiveFocus/+merge/26702012:38
* a1fa wishes the launcher would not bug out all the time12:57
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tsdgeoscimi: no top approve of my branches?13:10
cimitsdgeos, want to see again this tag thingy13:10
cimitsdgeos, branched again I still have to delete this tag13:13
cimitsdgeos, you sure you removed it remotely?13:13
tsdgeoscimi: you can run the script against the remote branch13:13
tsdgeosif it had to delete something it'd tell you13:14
cimitsdgeos, is clean13:14
cimitsdgeos, how do tags work? if I run locally on a freshly branched branch is deletes that tag, remotely is clean13:15
tsdgeoscimi: beats me :/13:15
tsdgeosted: you're a bzr expert :D13:15
greybacka1fa: you referring to unity7 or 8? Have you logged a bug?13:15
tedtsdgeos, You can run something against a remote branch by just specifying it. bzr tags lp:unity13:16
a1fagreyback: this is an old bug13:16
a1fai figured someone reported it already13:16
tedThe issue with tags is that bazaar always adds tags, so they collect.13:16
a1fausually happens with chrome and terminal open, when launcher is set to auto-hide, sometimes it does not want to appear13:16
greybackcimi: you must run it against remote branch too. you can do strip-u8-tags.py :push13:16
a1fathe only way to get it to re-appear is to refocus windows13:17
a1faor SpecKey13:17
tedSomeone, S-a-v-i-q, gets really anal about cleaning them. :-)13:17
cimitsdgeos, ^13:17
cimiread gerry13:17
greybacka1fa: well, we still actively fix unity7 bugs, so please ensure there's a bug with clear steps to repro, and we can find the rights guys to give it a look13:17
a1faanother issue i've found is terminal looses the menu bar13:18
a1fadefault settings Terminal. nothing special13:18
a1famultiple terminals open, and they will randomly start loosing menu bar13:18
a1farefocusing terminals, re-draws the menu bar13:19
greybacka1fa: you doing anything special like multimonitor? You use workspaces?13:19
a1fatwo gpus, 1 monitor, 2x gtx97013:19
a1fano workspaces13:19
a1fathe launcher issue was present since dawn of time13:19
a1fai just started noticing the terminal... so could be related to two gpus13:20
greybacka1fa: if nobody complains, we won't spend time to fix it.13:20
a1famy gpus were also running at 60c, so got that fixed.. now waiting to see if the bug returns13:20
greybackand we prioritize that based on bug reports and how many people claim they're affected13:20
a1fagreyback: it's hard for me to reproduce the bug13:20
a1fait's like mouse overshoots or undershoots on the edge, and launcher wont expose13:21
a1faits not something thats easily reproducable as well13:21
greybacka1fa: well, even just exaplaining the symptoms and your physical setup might help13:21
a1faok i got it to reproduce13:21
greybackbut if we can't repro, we can fix13:21
a1fabut its inconsistent13:21
greybackcan't fix13:21
greybackthough sometimes we get hunches :)13:22
greybackbut I can't stress enough, without a good bug, it'll probably never be fixed13:22
a1fagreyback: wonder how many people use the hide launcher feature13:23
greybacka1fa: I do, and sadly I've never hit the issues you mentioned (have used unity for 4 year now)13:23
greybacka1fa: the dual GPU thing might be a critical difference between us tho13:24
a1fai just started using the dual gpu13:24
a1fado you use chrome?13:24
a1fagreyback: you know when you get close to the edge, the edge goes blury and shadow appears?13:28
a1fasometimes it feels like the mouse pointer gets past the shadow13:28
greybacka1fa: feels like or visibly achieves that? If you can grab a recording, it would help the bug report you're going to write :)  [https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+filebug]13:31
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mhall119tsdgeos: will running unity8 from local build with ./run.sh run it in desktop mode or phone mode?14:53
tsdgeosmhall119: phone i think, but not sure, haven't really used ./run.sh in a while14:54
mhall119how do you test-run it?14:55
tsdgeosi usually just run the dash directly14:56
tsdgeos./builddir/src/unity8-dash -mousetouch14:56
mhall119ah, so you're not running the full shell14:56
tsdgeosnot for my development neeeds14:57
tsdgeosi'm mostly a dash-man14:57
tsdgeosso don't need the unity8 part14:57
tsdgeosyou'll need "start smart-scopes-proxy" to get the scopes up and running14:57
ltinklmhall119, you can install the unity8 session and run it under a different user15:24
ltinklmhall119, that's what I do15:24
mhall119ltinkl: from a local build?15:24
ltinklmhall119, ye, from a local build (when I need to test something I've just written) or from the stable phone overlay PPA15:25
ltinklmhall119, unity8-desktop-session-mir15:25
ltinklmhall119, also make sure to install mir-graphics-drivers-desktop15:27
ltinklmhall119, that was kinda missing from the deps last time I checked15:28
tsdgeoscimi: this needs reviewing asap please https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/dash_activation_no_special_casing/+merge/26402415:37
cimitsdgeos, ok15:37
tsdgeosneeds to land coordinated with someothing from pstolowski15:38
cimitsdgeos, will review now15:38
cimitsdgeos, you have it tomorrow morning then15:38
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mhall119kgunn: when I run ./run.sh after buildling Unity8, it is prompting for my fingerprint (I assume it's using PAM to get authentication for something) several times, and if I kill the session it always wants to start back up, is this normal or has something gone wrong for me?19:04
kgunnmhall119: uh...i'm not that familiar with running unity8 that way19:06
kgunn@unity ^ anyone else know ?19:06
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dandradermhall119, where are you running it?19:14
dandradermhall119, phone or desktop?19:14
* dandrader never uses ./run.sh19:14
mhall119on my laptop19:14
dandradermhall119, just install the unity8-mir session package and then select it from the lightdm greeter19:15
dandradermhall119, unity8-desktop-session-mir is the package19:17
mhall119dandrader: I'm trying to run trunk19:29
mhall119not at a session, the mock window data is fine, I just want to be able to run the shell and test new features in it19:30
mhall119so that I can get to where I can contribute code19:30
mhall119and, more importantly, help other people get to the point where they can contribute code19:31
dandradermhall119, I run trunk and devel branches using unity8-desktop-session-mir19:33
dandradermhall119, otherwise you can do "make tryOrientedShell"19:34
dandradermhall119, which will get you unity8 with a mock environment (mock apps etc)19:34
dandradermhall119, and there are "make tryFoo" targets for most components, like "make tryLauncher", "make tryPhoneStage" etc19:36
mhall119ok, so that should all get documented on https://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity8/, because right now it says to use run.sh19:43
dandradermhall119, CODING mentions those targets. including make testFoo (the automated version of tryFoo).19:48
dandradermhall119, the vast majority of tests in unity8 are wrote that way. there's only a tiny percentage in autopilot19:49
dandraderand UI bugs can usually be reproduced and fixed just by playing with the relevant "make tryFoo" target19:50
dandradermhall119, this is also outdated in the wiki: "Add ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-proper and ppa:phablet-team"19:52
dandraderwe don't do that anymore19:52
mhall119dandrader: in which wiki?19:57
dandradermhall119, the one you mentioned19:58
mhall119ah, not a wiki, thats unity.ubuntu.com19:58
mhall119dandrader: removed the lines with those 2 PPAs20:01
a1fai got it20:52
a1fathere is the terminal bug20:53
a1fai removed stuff out of the terminal20:53
a1fawith gimp20:53
a1fabut you can tell the menu bar is missing20:53

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