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cmaloneyHow goes?12:17
rick_h_party party!12:18
rick_h_a.k.a. everything is broken12:18
cmaloneyrick_h_: that sucks12:18
rick_h_naw, it'll gte fixed12:18
rick_h_get that is12:18
cmaloneyYeah, but until then it sucks. :)12:18
rick_h_how goes things down south?12:19
cmaloneyDoing well12:19
rick_h_pyohio go off awesomely?12:19
cmaloneyjust wrapping up things with $client12:19
brouschPyOhio was excellent12:19
cmaloneyLast data load12:19
rick_h_on both accounts12:19
cmaloneyYeah, PyOhio was really good12:19
cmaloneyMike Pirnat asked how you were12:20
brouschWatch the K Lars Lohn talk if nothing else12:20
cmaloneyas did Eric F. (not attempting to spell name correctly)12:20
rick_h_yea, :( second year in a row missing12:20
cmaloneyWell, Mike P. missed last year so it's all good12:21
cmaloneyYou're allowed one missed year. After that Eric starts hunting you down.12:21
brouschHe talked to me about a PyMI conference within 5 minutes of my arrival12:22
cmaloneybrousch: I think he gave up with me12:22
rick_h_he never gives up12:22
cmaloneyMentioned he needed a reason to come up to Michigan.12:22
cmaloneya good reason12:22
rick_h_beer not enough? wtf12:22
cmaloneyApparently noyt12:23
cmaloneythey have our beer at Meijer12:23
cmaloneywho knew?12:23
brouschThey have Meijer?12:23
cmaloneyThey do12:23
cmaloneyin Bowling Green at least12:23
cmaloneyI used their restroom12:23
brouschWell shoot, what's left?12:23
cmaloneyNational Coney12:23
brouschOn a lake that doesn't catch fire and sprout toxic blooms12:24
cmaloneyI do love that "National Coney Island" is only in southern Michigan12:24
brouschPyMI will be held in Sleeping Bear Dunes.12:24
cmaloneySoutheast MI at that12:25
cmaloneybrousch: I wouldn't mind that one iota12:25
cmaloneyHaven't been there since I was a kid12:25
brouschI have a vision of a family-friendly conference in West MI in summer. Bring your spouse and family. They can visit museums, beach, gardens, etc while you geek out at the conference. Wine and beer afterwards12:27
brouschBut it will never happen due to lack of time12:29
cmaloneybrousch: You're already organizing most of west MI12:30
brouschOh no, I only run the GRPUG now12:30
brouschAnd CoNGA-WM, but that's really no work12:30
brouschI do some parts of WMMakers too, but not a lot12:31
brouschThe biggest problem is it would have to be july/august for the beaches, and those months are full of conferences already12:32
_stink_brousch only runs one thing, plus three other things12:39
brouschYes, much lighter load than I used to have, which is good because my work situation changed to not allow me to do as much during the day12:40
brouschWe could think about doing it during ArtPrize, but it would have to be in Holland or farther away12:45
brouschcmaloney: Are you still tight with your Alma Mater?12:45
cmaloneybrousch: Not particularly.12:46
brouschOK,t hat's enough thinking about it for now12:51
brouschI heard the children's museum thing is open in detroit again12:52
cmaloneyYeah, that's cool.12:53
_stink_yeah i'm volunteering with them12:55
_stink_it's a neat place12:55
_stink_very lean staff12:55
brouschWe went there like 3 months before it closed12:55
_stink_in terms of numbers.  i cannot speak to girth.12:55
brouschI'm supposed to arrange a family trip to Tha D for the ford/zoo/science center this fall12:57
cmaloneybrousch: orly?13:00
jrwrenbrousch: awesome! are your kids not in school?13:01
brouschYes. I promised we would go back to the ford since we couldn't see the village or many regular exhibits at makerfaire. And I said we'd visit the science center when it re-opened, and we're supposed to go to the zoo each year, but we didn't go last year13:02
brouschjrwren: It would be a weekend, or two13:02
jrwrenbrousch: cool, cool.13:02
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SneakyPhilgood morning guys13:17
jrwrengood morning13:19
cmaloneyGood morning13:24
* cmaloney is listening to Herrschaft - Kimi Ga Yo13:24
cmaloneyjrwren: ^13:24
brouschcmaloney: I found a good station on Google Music Radio: Grindcore's Death Trip Radio13:36
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jrwrenwhere can i buy pay as you go mifi?15:49
rick_h_good luck15:50
rick_h_it's too $$ in the US15:50
rick_h_tmobile might have one but not sure15:50
rick_h_I tried it with verizon/att and it was waaaay $$$15:50
jrwrenyeah, i just looked. tmob has it, but its not cheap and pay as you go you have to buy the device which is ~$12515:57
jrwrenwhich is about $100 more than I wanted to spend total :)15:57
cscheibjrwren: maybe going to A2 again tomorrow, if I don't have to go to Southfield instead16:35
jrwrencscheib: awesome!  lunch?16:35
cscheibI'll text/IRC/whatever when I know wtf is happening16:35
jrwrenjcastro, kdub either of you tentatively want to join?16:39
jrwrenn0p: ?16:39
jrwrenI wonder if there are any ohter AA area folks that I don't know about16:40
jcastromaybe? I have to see what my car situation is16:40
DrDaemonEyejrwren: I am in AA, however I have meetings starting at 1PM on the northeast corner of town.16:41
cscheibsome tool mis-wired the SAS loop on a Data Domain, so my A2 plan is only tentative right now16:42
cscheibmay have to run and fix that.16:42
cscheibdidn't know n0p was idling on here, even16:42
cscheibhaven't seen him in years16:43
cmaloneyjrwren: I would recommend Ting but it's not good for out of the country16:46
cmaloneyThey do allow tethering on phones that support it16:47
jrwrenDrDaemonEye: hey, I'm in the NE corner of town :)16:49
jrwrencmaloney: $$$ becuase I have to buy the mifi16:50
cmaloneyjrwren: Right, but you could get an $80 phone16:50
cmaloneyand use that16:50
cmaloney(3G though. $164 for a Mifi unit)16:51
kdubjrwren, tentatively yes16:56
DrDaemonEyejrwren: oh really?  where abouts, may I ask?16:56
jrwrenDrDaemonEye: a short walk from Traverwood Library, or a longer walk from Plymouth Rd/Traverwood Rd intersection17:00
DrDaemonEyejrwren: nice.  I'm over at Green and Plymoth.17:06
jrwrenDrDaemonEye: cool!17:08
DrDaemonEyeyeah.  good area, but one heck of a commute for me... I live over on the west side17:08
jrwrenDrDaemonEye: ah yeah, that is a trek. its not far, but with traffic and no direct roads, UGH17:15
n0pjrwren: cscheib: yeah, lmk if/where/when you guys are going17:20
DrDaemonEyejrwren: yeah... Once I get up onto Broadway and then over to Plymoth Rd, it gets better.17:32
jrwrenDrDaemonEye: sure. with huron under construction, the comute home must really suck.17:33
DrDaemonEyejrwren: It is actually not bad... I take broadway all the way down to miller, then over to Maple.17:33
DrDaemonEyeActually, I cut through the waterhill neighborhood, as I am in North Waterhill.17:34
jrwrenDrDaemonEye: i was picking my daughter up from summer camps downtown at 5pm a few weeks ago and that part was terrible17:34
DrDaemonEyejrwren: That it is.  It is part of the reason I take the bus most of the time.17:35
jrwrenI don't know where that is.17:36
jrwrenah, yeah, bus rules.17:36
DrDaemonEyeWaterhill neighborhood?17:36
DrDaemonEyeIt's up in the area of Newport, Miller, and M-1417:37
jrwrenoh, is it called htat because the reservoir is there?17:37
DrDaemonEyeNot sure17:37
DrDaemonEyeBut, I am right next to the reservoir.17:37
jrwrenits nice up there.17:38
jrwrenwhen we were house shopping there was this awesome place for sale, but we couldn't quite afford it.17:38
DrDaemonEyeyeah... found two rooms in a house for $500/month, all utilities included17:38
jrwrenWOW! that is a crazy good deal for AA17:40
DrDaemonEyeyeah... got it through the UMHS Homeshare program17:40
jrwrenyou work for UMHS?17:42
DrDaemonEyeI don't actually.17:49
cmaloneylost cement truck is doing wonders from my UPS radar17:57
jrwrencmaloney: hahahaha18:09
jcastrorick_h_: I ordered the new Moto G18:32
cmaloneyjcastro: sweet19:17
rick_h_jcastro: cool, I looked at that for my wife but even that one is 4.7" now19:23
rick_h_wtf happened to 4" phones?19:23
jrwrenI think its worse in iphone land :(19:25
jcastrorick_h_: yeah, normal phones are basically dead19:27
jcastroit's all phablets now. :-/19:27
rick_h_jcastro: :(19:27
rick_h_jcastro: I really want to get the new motox but damn I don't want anything that big19:27
rick_h_going to this one was :/19:27
rick_h_my poor wife has nothing she likes. Even the sony mini one is like 4.5"?19:28
jcastroI'm pretty much over phones19:29
jcastrojust going to spend the least I can from now on19:29
rick_h_heh, I filled up 32gb on mine :/ I use it too much.19:30
rick_h_though now that I have my n9 fixed I do use it a lot, but my phone is just always on me19:30
jrwreni'm still hoping for iphone7 in a 4S or 5 form factor19:36
jrwrenand if I don't get that, well then eff it, I'll go 6+ :p19:36
cscheibjrwren / n0p / jcastro : gotta go to southfield instead :-/19:52
cscheibtry again next week19:52
brouschCan't you guys force a small ubuntu touch phone?19:53
jrwrencscheib: bummer!19:53
jrwrenbrousch: hahahahaha. NO!19:53
jrwrenbrousch: and, the ubuntu phones are small. They are the 4" size IIRC19:53
brouschWell what good is knowing all of these Canonical people if they have no power?!19:54
brouschFirefox phones are small, and cheap19:54
jrwrenbrousch: i sometimes ask myself, what good is working for Canonical if I have no power. :)19:55
brouschWell there's always the money19:58
jrwrenbrousch: bah, I can get that stuff anywhere :)20:03
rick_h_we have some power, just not in the places most folks want us to :P20:35
dzhoseems to me in the handheld space, everyone has been swinging for the bleachers of phones, instead of trying to get some solid baseruns with non-cell tablets.23:41
dzhoif I could buy a just-turn-off-the-gps-and-rms-might-even-use-it free tablet that could be great.23:42
dzhothere are RFY wifi routes, so it would be off to the races for all the other work that would need to be done on these.23:43

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