pieter2627morning all05:30
Kilosmorning all06:06
MaazThatGraemeGuy: By the way, Cryterion on freenode told me "tell ThatGraemeGuy Pong!" 11 hours, 16 minutes and 19 seconds ago06:22
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy GnikLlort and others too06:50
inetprogood mornings07:13
Kiloshi inetpro 07:15
Kiloshi TinuvaMac 07:15
TinuvaMactop of the morning to you too Kilos07:15
barrydkMorning everyone07:25
Kiloshi barrydk mazal 08:49
mazalLo oom08:49
andrewlsdHi Kilos14:09
andrewlsdHi all14:09
Kiloshi andrewlsd 14:09
Kilosyou ok?14:09
andrewlsdlong time.14:09
Kiloswhere you been14:09
andrewlsdyip. just popping in to say "Hi". Been crazy busy.14:10
Kilossort the busy so you have some irc time14:14
Kilosohi superfly 15:38
superflyHi Kilos 15:38
mazalDon't suppose anybody have a HP scanjet 200 scanner and got it working on linux ?16:16
octoquadmazal, nope, but are using hplip already?16:27
mazaloctoquad, yep , already tried the newest one16:28
mazalSeems it simply doesn't work with linux16:28
superflyI have an officejet 4500, works out the box. 16:39
superflymazal: which desktop environment are you using? 16:40
superflymazal: and I presume it's USB? 16:41
mazalsuperfly, unity , 14.04.2 , 64bit , USB16:50
mazalAll info I can find online ends up in dead end16:51
superflyI'm on KDE, and I just use "skanlite" 16:54
superflyWhich uses xsane, IIRC 16:55
superflyYou tried the GTK version? 16:55
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mazalsuperfly, yep. Tried xsane also. Doesn't even detect it17:29
Kilosisnt there simplescan mazal 17:38
Kiloslast i used a hp printer inkjet printer simple scan saw it easy17:38
* Kilos thinks early to bed is wise17:41
mazalKilos, that doesn't work either17:45
Kilosi think on one printer ting i had to use some modprobe comand17:49
Kilosnight all, sleep tight17:50
Kilossee ya morrow17:50
inetprogood evening17:57
inetpromazal: have you got the latest HPLIP package installed?17:57
mazalYep , doesn't work17:59
inetprosad when this happens 17:59
mazalHPLIP doesn't even scan for scanners , just printers18:00
inetproHP used to be very well supported on linux18:00
mazalNow I will be stuck on this stupid OS for a while longer :(18:01
inetprowhat info do you get about it when running lsusb?18:02
mazalIt's shows there. But can't remember all the exact info.18:03
superflymazal: output of lsusb and "tail -f /var/log/syslog" when you plug the scanner in?18:04
MaNIit doesn't list in the sane list of supported scanners - while there are about 100 other hp scanjets there18:04
MaNIso probably you will have a hard time to get it working if its possible at all18:04
mazalMani yeah, it just doesn't seem to be supported18:04
mazalsuperfly, I already packed everything away :P18:05
superflymazal: how old is the scanner?18:05
mazal2 years18:05
mazalI will just have to save up for a supported one I guess18:06
mazalAnd will then ask you guys to recommend one18:06
* inetpro simply uses CamScanner on Android these days18:07
MaNIvuescan may work apparently18:07
inetprono need for a scanner anymore 18:07
mazalMaNI, is that an app ?18:07
inetpromy scanner is always in my pocket18:08
inetproyep, uses the camera and does a decent job at converting to pdf, image, etc18:08
MaNIahh, no vuescan only works for it on osx and windows18:08
mazalWill write it down and try tomorrow. After 14 hours of struggling with computer crap not working I am a bit gatvol now18:09
MaNItrash it :p18:09
inetpropress a button and send to who ever needs it18:09
MaNIsupporting osx but not linux, what messed up priorities18:10
octoquadmazal, according to this: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/supported_devices/index.html scanjets are not support with HPLIP. Additionally the technical specs only support Windows and Mac18:12
mazalYeah like I mentioned to inetpro , it only checks for printers18:14
octoquadnot supported with sane either: http://www.sane-project.org/sane-mfgs.html#Z-HEWLETT-PACKARD18:14
mazalYeah I be stuck18:15
octoquadkeep the sane-project.org link handy if do decide to get a new one18:15
inetpromazal: how often do you scan documents these days?18:16
octoquador just use a virtual machine and use the scanner?18:16
mazalinetpro, about twice a month. But when I do it's VERY important18:17
inetpronumber of pages?18:17
mazaloctoquad, I know zip about virtual machines. Never even tried it. It's on my " to-learn " list for long time18:18
mazalinetpro, About 30 or so18:18
mazalWhy eish ?18:18
MaNIwonder how well vuescan works in wine18:19
inetproa physical scanner might be what you need18:19
mazalThat's why I have one18:19
inetprobut you might want to try the Android way anyway, maybe you find it practical after all18:22
mazalI don't have an Android18:22
mazalMy phone can't even do facebook lol18:22
inetprohmm... what mobile phone do you have?18:22
mazalI only use cheapie phone , one of these 299 tjoppies18:23
mazalI had a smartphone once , and when they told me R700 for new battery I calmly fetched my hammer18:24
mazalSince then no smart phones18:24
inetprowb MaNI18:25
mazalSjoe head is spinning. Gonna crash18:27
mazalSleep well everyone , thanx for trying18:27
CryterionEvening Everyone18:37
octoquadevening Cryterion 18:42
grembleGood evening18:56
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