NoobJayif you newly installed Ubuntu, what is the first thing you do other than  sudo apt-get update &&  sudo apt-get upgrade ? :)00:00
cogitation1NoobJay:  maybe install proprietary codecs...00:01
k1lNoobJay: install the programs you want to use00:01
NoobJayjust wondering, because first I did is to install chrome :)00:01
mikelnxchromium > chrome00:02
TJ-NoobJay: check all the hardware is working as I expect, with optimisations as appropriate (think video drivers)00:02
NoobJaydo you prefer to have chromium over chrome?00:02
cogitation1kll:  sorry to bother you directly, but can you tell me what's wrong with my question?  Getting zero replies over like 90 minutes.00:02
colincolbyi have the same question00:02
cogitation1colincolby:  did I miss your response somewhere?00:03
colincolbyas NoobJay00:03
k1lif chrome or chromium, its you personal decision.00:03
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colincolbyno, i just am too busy right now and I'm a newb myself00:03
k1lcogitation1: sorry i dont know. maybe look into unity-tweak-tool if there is a setting for it00:04
k1lcogitation1: but iirc, there is only a icon if there is something in the drive00:04
cogitation1kll:  I originally had an icon, but now there's a dvd in the drive and no icon.  Understood if you don't know.00:04
k1lcogitation1: a quick search: http://askubuntu.com/questions/198944/cd-dvd-icon-on-unity-panel-launcher00:05
cogitation1kll:  tyvm00:06
k1lcogitation1: but it doesnt seem to be the same case than your one :/00:06
TJ-cogitation1: My first question, and test, would be: regardless of the GUI, is the media readable and mountable. If not, that might explain why there is no GUI icon00:08
nicekiwiwhne/if IPs are blcoked by fail2ban are those blocks added to a file somewhere?00:08
cogitation1TJ-:  thanks for response... I was looking at other window00:08
cogitation1kll:  thanks for link... was looking.  Not exactly the same, but no big deal00:08
cogitation1TJ-:  I don't know any other way to read or mount the media... that's what I'm trying to do.00:09
Spiderhas anyone run ubuntu on ipad?00:10
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cogitation1TJ-:  I just burned an installer ISO, and I just want to make sure it burned correctly before I reboot, so I can install the OS.00:10
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TJ-cogitation1: open a Terminal so you have a command-line shell, then try "blkid /dev/sr*" - if anything valid is found you'll see something like "/dev/sr0: LABEL="DELL" TYPE="iso9660""00:11
nicekiwiSpider, afaik, no.00:11
cogitation1result:  /dev/sr0: LABEL="Ubuntu 14.04 LTS amd64" TYPE="iso9660"00:12
cogitation1TJ-:  I have two drives that both work, but that's one of them.00:12
nicekiwiSpider, though this project is trying to do it. N good progress on the iPad thought: http://www.idroidproject.org/wiki/Status#iPad00:13
cogitation1TJ-: I'm on a live cd.00:13
Spidercool thanks for the info00:13
TJ-cogitation1: OK, so that might be the Live CD ... which suggests the other drive media can't be read00:13
TJ-cogitation1: hang on, I'm confused. Is the Live CD you're running not the version of Ubuntu you want to install?00:14
cogitation1TJ-: quite possibly.  anything I could be doing wrong with brasero, that it says it burned correctly, but didn't?00:14
alan_hola :v00:14
cogitation1TJ-: No, I'm making an ISO of Linux Mint 17.200:14
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TJ-cogitation1: OK. so that report is definitely not Mint. Which does suggest the burn wasn't successful. Is the media ReWriteable?00:15
cogitation1TJ-: no, it's a DVD+R.00:15
Spideris there a good channel to learn how to use irc correctly?00:15
TJ-cogitation1: ouch, so it could have turned into a coaster then. Try ejecting the disc and re-inserting it... miracles sometimes happen :)00:16
cogitation1TJ-: Okay.00:16
k1lSpider: ask in #freenode00:16
DMackeyxubuntu question, safe to ask here?00:17
satellite_dummy output, please help00:17
k1lDMackey: yes. maybe the guys in #xubuntu know better about xfce specifics00:17
Spiderthanks, sorry if i was off topic.00:17
BotchlaBIt's an Ubuntu flavor, official one, so probably.00:17
cogitation1TJ-:  No miracle.  Seen others, but not this time.00:17
DMackeyOk cool, xubuntu, Can't get my ethernet working BUT wifi works fine, what files must I edit to set up static IP's ?00:18
DMackey<-- Linux Noob tooo00:18
satellite_xubuntu dummy output, please help00:18
DMackeyNetwork manager was useless, IP's didn't transfer to the ethernet adapter.00:18
TJ-cogitation1: "tail /var/log/kern.log" might indicate some I/O errors trying to read the disc, which would tend to confirm it is now a coaster00:19
cogitation1TJ-:  thanks for all your help...should I just burn again?  I only have one additional disc to burn with though00:19
DMackeyBurn at the SLOWEST Speed you can, Thats how I burn all my OS discs00:19
BotchlaBcogitation1: Does your computer support USB booting?00:19
TJ-cogitation1: do you have any USB flash memory devices? That can be a safer (cheaper) route than disc burning00:19
BotchlaBDMackey: And good point, it's how I do it too.00:20
cogitation1TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12003856/  (output of last command)00:20
TJ-cogitation1: That confirms it I'm afraid00:21
cogitation1TJ-:  well it's great to have an answer anyway. tyvm00:21
cogitation1BotchlaB:  I believe so... but the only USB drive I have that's big enough, I'm not sure wher eit is.00:21
BotchlaBcogitation1: If when you find it, something like http://unetbootin.github.io/ may be of assistance.00:22
TJ-cogitation1: There's a rather neat way to do installs rather than burning discs or using USB... that is to create a Virtual Machine from the Live environment, set the physical hard disk as attached to the VM guest, attach the ISO installer image and run it :)00:22
MoonBurstI seem to be having a problem installing ubuntu. It won't boot from my USB, so I tried to do it from the C drive. But after booting up, it says something about serious problems, giving me an option to ignore, manually repair, or something with the s key that I can't recall what word it was at the moment.00:23
cogitation1TJ-:  wow, that sounds cool.  You feel like doing that with me for fun? :P00:23
MoonBurstWhile trying to dualboot00:23
jamesddo people really dualboot in this century?  i thought that is why hey created virtualization software00:24
BotchlaBMoonBurst: You mean send report?00:24
cogitation1jamesd:  I'm no superuser, but I sure do...00:24
MoonBurstNo, that's not it.00:24
cogitation1jamesd:  I'm going to be dual-booting win7 and linux mint00:24
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satelno sound, please help, dummy output00:25
jamesdcogitation1: and what is the goal of doing this? the only reason linux needs to be on baremetal these days is for a game...00:25
cogitation1satel:  this may be dumb, but check to see if your sound is muted?  ubuntu mutes sound by default on first startup00:25
BotchlaBcogitation1: A word of warning if you have genuine Windows 7 and are eligible for that free upgrade to Windows 10; Windows 10 has been known to completely nuke the GRUB bootloader, and your Linux installation.00:26
satelcogitation1, no, it isn't00:26
MoonBurstBut basically, the install seems to be bugged out from not booting from my USB. But for whatever reason, it won't boot from the USB drive.00:26
cogitation1jamesd:  well, in my case I was doing it for a game, actually, but even so, I wouldn't want to take the performance hit.  My computer has been oddly slow lately, even with a new install of win700:26
cogitation1BotchlaB:  there's a free upgrade to windows 10?00:26
BotchlaBcogitation1: o.0 Yeah. You didn't know? It's for everyone that has genuine Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, afaik00:27
cogitation1BotchlaB:  I actually bought a full retail version of win7, after I decided to stop all stealing/torrenting period because of coming to faith00:27
DrRoachI thought it was any genuine version of Windows?00:27
BotchlaBDrRoach: Hah, no, much to the chagrin of XP and Vista users.00:27
satelxubuntu is not reading my sound card, need help00:27
BotchlaBcogitation1: Hah, I see.00:28
DrRoachBotchla: That sucks00:28
cogitation1BotchlaB:  thanks for the info, seriously... I was thinking about looking into win10... but was almost certainly not going to get it because of unnecessary cost00:29
MoonBurstCan I install ubuntu via wubi from the C drive? I'm not sure if that's why it's bugging out00:29
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xangua!wubi | MoonBurst00:29
ubottuMoonBurst: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.00:29
BotchlaBcogitation1: If you have genuine Windows 7, and not extend the off-topic here too much, you *should* have gotten the notification by now to reserve your upgrade.00:29
wileee!wubi | MoonBurst00:29
squintyoff topic@00:29
MoonBurstThat might be why by installs are bugging out.00:29
OerHekswubi is depreciated, drop it.00:30
CosmicNoises!install | MoonBurst00:30
ubottuMoonBurst: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:30
cogitation1BotchlaB:  Understood about off-topic... but I definitely never did.00:30
cogitation1Will look into it.00:30
TJ-cogitation1: sorry, was making coffee. Using a VM is pretty straight-forward as long as the system supports VT-x extensions and they're enabled in firmware/BIOS. With that, just "apt-get install virt-manager" in the live env and then configure a VM guest00:31
cogitation1TJ-: No problem.  I was being cheeky anyway, though sometimes people like th is kind of stuff and would say sure.00:32
TJ-cogitation1: I'm not known for saying no to the hard problems :)00:32
cogitation1TJ-:  am I likely doing anything wrong with brasero that it's creating a coasters?00:32
cogitation1creating coasters?00:33
TJ-cogitation1: more likely the media and the writer aren't compatible. some combinations can be quite flakey00:33
auztyhello, how to change the timezone from uname? i already change it in /etc/timezone but the uname command still using UTC00:33
BotchlaBI can agree about that; Verbatim DVD-R's, not RW's, weren't showing up in my drive.00:33
BotchlaBBut HP DVD-RW's were.00:33
* BotchlaB shrugs.00:33
BotchlaBSometimes computers seem possessed to me.00:34
cogitation1BotchlaB:  I have a story that some people wouldn't believe.  Maybe not possessed, but supernatural things, sure.00:34
BotchlaBBy "possessed" I meant that as a hyperbole. :P00:35
cogitation1BotchlaB:  Right after I became a believer, this happened.  Kind of hilarious, really.00:35
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/appendix-preseed.html - See also !cloning00:35
wileeethis is support there is a channel for chat00:35
TJ-Optical disc media have ID codes embedded in them... it's always worth checking those before burning (using suitable tools which I forget now) to ensure the media and writer are friends00:35
BotchlaBTJ-, I see.00:35
bazhangcogitation1, BotchlaB take the chat elsewhere please00:35
cogitation1bazhang:  fair enough, sorry for off-topic.00:35
cogitation1TJ-:  was that directed at me?00:36
cogitation1TJ-:  If so, I'm at the bottom of a 100-disc spindle..theyv'e always worked with these drives before, so that's not it.00:37
TJ-auzty: The time comes from the kernel's "/proc/version"00:37
TJ-cogitation1: dust, condensation, head tracking servos failing... lots of common reasons for writer failures too, unfortunately.00:38
cogitation1TJ-:  Okay... np.  I'll just use the other drive and see what happens.  Thanks for all your help.00:38
TJ-cogitation1: sounds silly... but I fixed similar issues in the past by simply blowing *hard* into the drive, either  using lung-power or a compressor... obvious what it'd do, but not obvious to think of trying it :)00:40
cogitation1TJ-:  Like a nintendo cartridge?00:41
radian_, i search in the google for 2 hours and dont find solution00:41
TJ-cogitation1: no thanks; I had one earlier :)00:41
radian_how to install flash player in ubuntu 15.04 for raspy00:41
cogitation1TJ-:  I was amazed I could fix my xbox 360's drive by opening it up and twisting a little diode00:41
TJ-cogitation1: there's some useful overview of the virtual machine approach here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM00:43
cogitation1TJ-:  brasero is now stuck at a "preparing to write" screen"00:43
TJ-cogitation1: in a terminal check for device errors with "tail -f /var/log/kern.log"00:43
cogitation1TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12003969/00:44
TJ-cogitation1: I'd be tempted to think that drive is failing00:47
cogitation1TJ-:  this is the other drive, though00:47
cogitation1TJ-: the one that I used to liveboot00:47
TJ-cogitation1: are they on the same host controller interface?00:48
cogitation1TJ-: they're both pretty old drives, but... yes, I'm pretty sure they are.00:48
cogitation1TJ-:  will look real quick00:48
TJ-cogitation1: There's something going wrong there... if you have access i'd be tempted to shutdown, disconnect and reconnect all the cables00:49
TJ-cogitation1: (for the DVD writers)00:49
cogitation1TJ-:  they're connected on like sata ports 2 and 3 of 0 through 5...there's also 1 and 2 on an entirely separate controller00:49
cogitation1TJ-:  I can do that... I don't have any spare ports though... could a failed hard drive on the other controller be related?00:50
TJ-cogitation1: For 2 drives to suddenly report I/O errors is suspicious.00:50
cogitation1TJ-:  I don't know if it's suddenly...I've had occasional problems with it for years actually.  pretty old drives... but they've both worked, up to today.00:50
TJ-cogitation1: If it has failed in a way that affects the  SATA controller, possibly. If you suspect a failed drive best to disconnect the SATA/IDE cable as a precaution whilst doing the installation work00:50
cogitation1TJ-:  what would you recommend I do as far as connecting cables?  I intended to disconnect that failed drive right after I burned this disc, actually.00:51
cogitation1TJ-:  brasero just said, when I cancelled:  the disc could not be ejected --please eject manually"00:52
TJ-cogitation1: It's worth starting again. Shutdown. Disconnect failed drive. Boot the Live env again, try reading the already-written disc (just in case), then try burning a fresh one if that isn't readable.00:52
Leverquin_how i can know does game can be played on linux? like DF?00:53
TJ-cogitation1: that really does suggest the drive <> controller link is bad right now00:53
wileeeLeverquin_, the wine site has support info I think, be sure to use full words, some of us don't game.00:53
cogitation1TJ-:  is this a motherboard hardware error?  I have a lifetime warranty of this motherboard.00:53
cogitation1*on this00:54
bazhangwhat is df Leverquin_00:54
Leverquin_df is this http://www.twitch.tv/leverquind its dwarf fortress. i think everyone who loves programming should play it.00:54
xubuntu1404nick urist_00:55
TJ-cogitation1:  1. failed drive causing other issues 2. problems with cabling. 3. problem with media. 4. problems with BIOS/firmware configuration. 5. problem with writer application. 6. problem with kernel00:55
cogitation1Leverquin_:  would ask about it if it wasn't off-topic00:55
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Leverquin_just type dwarf fortress.00:55
cogitation1TJ-:  1 is quite possible.  2 is possible though unlikely.  these cables have almost never been moved.  3:  possible bad-luck, possibly, but not incompatible media.  4:  I suspect not, because I've had the PC for like 6 years now.  5:  using default brasero...guess it's possible.  6:  if so, new in the new kernal, because previously didn't have problems.00:57
radian_hi , i tried to install flash for ubuntu 15.04 raspy. apt-get intall flashplugin-player . but not work00:57
bazhanghttp://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2014:Installation#Linux  Leverquin_00:58
wileeeradian_, what is " ubuntu 15.04 raspy" not sure here?00:58
LtLradian_: try apt-get install flashplugin-installer00:58
DrRoachradian_: download flash from the website and then put the .so file in your browsers plugin folder?00:58
wileeethat is the correct command00:58
cogitation1TJ-:  new info:  having extreme slowdowns copying a file to one of my drives.00:58
Leverquin_thanks bazhang00:58
LtLradian_: thats for 'vivid' 15.0400:58
radian_ubuntu mate 15.04 for raspberry pi 200:58
cogitation1TJ-: does this suggest a sata controller problem?00:58
wileeeah cool00:59
TJ-cogitation1: I think removing that failed device is number 1 priority, and restarting clean00:59
radian_i tried to install manually but no folder in /usr/lib/mozilla00:59
wileeeradian_, You might want pepperflash, should be possible00:59
cogitation1TJ-:  trying to copy the iso file somewhere before I reboot so I know where it is.01:00
wileeechrome browser has it01:00
TJ-cogitation1: SATA devices have to support hot-plugging, so you can pull the drive cable whilst the system is running :)01:01
squintyon a debian box right now so am not sure if ubuntu has it or not   might want to search for pepperflashplugin-nonfree in the repo01:02
bazhang!find pepperflash01:02
ubottuFound: pepperflashplugin-nonfree01:02
cogitation1TJ-: oh, okay01:02
squintybazhang, ahhh... nice   didn't know about that.  thanks01:02
bazhangsquinty, one easy way to check for ubuntu: /msg ubottu find package01:02
squintybazhang, cool thanks again01:03
bazhangsquinty, also /msg ubottu info package01:03
cogitation1TJ-: Unity seems to have frozen?  pulled the defective drive, and also the drive that just started to act up01:06
cogitation1TJ-: can't access file structure now01:06
TJ-cogitation1: if you pulled the cables whilst a file-system was still mounted.... that will cause a rather severe problem !01:07
cogitation1TJ-:  lol... my dumb mistake, but that's what I thought you said to do...hot-pluggable, etc01:08
cogitation1TJ-:  it seems to have recovered, possibly01:08
TJ-cogitation1: if the file-system isn't part of the essential live OS the kernel can usually cope. It depends on what has/had hooks onto the file-system/device at the time it was disconnected.01:09
cogitation1well, I'm going to replace the drive  (WOW THAT THING IS HOT!) with another one, then reboot01:11
lopxsup anyone on?01:16
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colincolbycogitation1: still waiting? can you repeat the question01:17
colincolbyi have a little time now01:17
cogitation1colincolby:  no, I got a bunch of help, thanks for the offer.01:17
cchildresshi, all. i have a dell latitude e6510 with an intel i5-m540 processor. i can't seem to get the cpu to run at more than 1.2GHz01:17
cchildressit's rated up to 3.5GHz, I believe01:18
cogitation1cchildress:  does it run at faster than 1.2 Ghz when under load by a program?01:18
cchildresssorry, 2.5GHz max01:18
cogitation1cchildress:  some cpu's will clock down to save power if they're not being used.01:19
cchildresscogitation1: no, not as far as reported by /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpuinfo_cur_freq01:19
cchildresswhen i use cpuburn, nothing seems to crank up01:20
cogitation1chhildress:  okay, then I'm not experienced enough to help, sorry.01:20
cchildressi can run dwarf fortress, but it stays at 1.2GHz01:20
cchildresscogitation1: thank you anyway for your help01:20
cchildressanyone else have an older i5 processor locked in the lowest frequency even under load?01:21
cchildressfresh install, fwiw01:21
bewbzI just installed Ubuntu for the first time. I've been browsing the internet for things to do when you first get linux/install linux. Can I basically trust any site on the front page of google for downloads/recommendations01:24
bewbzUbuntu 15.04 btw01:24
lopxI have01:25
lopxwouldn't trust googe though :)01:26
bewbzlopx was that to me?01:26
mike802most people do normal computer stuff01:26
lopxbewbz: yes01:26
bewbzwhat do you mean normal computer stuff? I just command lines to install spotify and realized i hafve no idea if that was a acommand for a virus to murder my whole family's credit cards01:26
TJ-cchildress: what does this report? "cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling{_available_,}*"01:27
bewbzlopx: if you don't trust google, what do you trust. i want to install some anti virus/malware software01:27
DrRoachcommand to install spotify? I'm sure you can't install spotify on linux can you?01:27
bewbzyessit you sre can DrRoach\01:28
cchildressTJ-: quite a few numbers (frequencies) and governors01:28
urist_yeah ubuntu has a spotify client01:28
cchildressTJ-: do you want a pastebin?01:28
TJ-cchildress: can you pastebin the output?01:28
cchildressTJ-: sure hold on01:28
DrRoachAhh sweet, never knew that, I've been using the web player this whole time..01:28
urist_i don't remember how to install it though01:28
bewbzThats what brought my here. I googled ubuntu spotify and just threw some code in the terminal01:28
urist_to be honest though01:28
urist_the ubuntu client bugs out sometime01:29
OerHeksspotify works in chrome01:29
bewbzI ahve 15.04 and there's a spotify application.01:29
TJ-cchildress: for comparison, here's what I see with 14.04 (and kernel 4.1.0)  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12004180/01:29
urist_but is has has some neat features where it shows your song right on the OS01:29
lopxE: Unable to locate package spotify01:29
urist_and i can use my keyboard to skip songs01:29
bewbzI've had Linux/Ubuntu for like three hours now and I can't believe =people pay $100 for windows.01:29
bewbzYou have to install lipscomb 501:30
urist_welcome to linux :)01:30
m0r0nDid flash for Ubuntu get updated recently? My youtube is different.. I can't seem to watch 360 videos properly anymore01:30
lopxjust have to add to repo :)01:30
lopxno it was01:30
lopxdecap use htl501:30
bewbzCan anyone recommend some virus/malware software/good sites for downloades. I always used NiNite on windows.01:30
cogitation1bewbz:  windows or linux?01:31
cogitation1bewbz:  I'01:31
lopxbewbz: idk if there is one, do use a firewall though :)01:31
urist_you don't really need an AV for linux01:31
cogitation1I've never heard of a Linux antivirus...01:31
spaceburritobewbz: welcome. :) It doesn't get easier to believe four years down the road either. :P01:31
urist_but if you want one ClamAV i think is the popular one01:31
lopxI had some AV I forget01:31
bewbzyou definitely need av (anti virus?) for linux01:31
lopxno ;p01:31
spaceburritoClam is the only one I've heard of that's any good01:31
lopxclam yeah01:31
lopxI used clam :)01:31
bewbzmy credit cards are about to saved into all my emails and browsers etc01:32
urist_AV on linux is more so you protect windows machines01:32
DrRoachm0r0n: I have noticed some youtube updates recently with regards to their web player, they might of broke it01:32
urist_rather than yourself01:32
m0r0nDrRoach, that makes sense. Not sure if it's a windows thing too01:32
spaceburritouse HTML5! Flash is... gross at best. Mozilla suggests not using it at all if you use Firefox01:32
urist_just checked you need to add a repo to get spotify on ubuntu01:32
bewbzDrRoach: That goes back to my original question: Can i trust any command line from whatever I google linux/ubuntu related in Youtube? How do i know the code i'm runningn doens't royally F me over01:32
lopxreove flash :)01:32
cchildressTJ-: sorry that took so long: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12004203/01:33
bewbznot youtube - Google. i(too much to drink.)01:33
urist_bewbz: don't trust everything, but for the most part you can01:33
urist_bewbz: if in dowbt look up what the command does01:33
squintybewbz,  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_malware01:33
bewbzurist: thankl you. you're right. I just do a little due diligience here and there,.01:34
DrRoachm0r0n: Yeah same, may switch over to my windows partition later but more than likely will just ask a friend if they see the same01:34
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lopxidk I might install win1001:34
cchildressTJ-: it looks like maybe my maximum frequency is set to 119900001:34
urist_bewbz: I've been a linux noob for the past 6 years and never had a bad experience with a command i found online01:34
bewbzsquinty: lol01:34
m0r0nYeah I'll have to ask. My Kpop dancer 360 videos are too good to watch stretched out01:35
bewbzty though01:35
DrRoachbewbz: Most Ubuntu users won't try and troll you, especially on the Ubuntu forum. As long as you steer clear of "rm -rf /" you should be pretty much fine01:35
cogitation1bewbz:  1 year and the same... no bad experiences.01:35
bewbzthanks. I'll keep an eye out.01:35
jamesdurist_: no one has given you a nice fork bomb?  :(){ :|:& }; :01:35
urist_jamesd: hasn't happened yet :P01:36
DrRoachhttp://explainshell.com/ A really good website to see what a command will do01:36
bewbznice! thank you DrRoach01:36
lopxone problem I have with ubuntu is that it has stuff I don't ever need and it feels blaoted, tips? I don't want to reinstall (drunk)01:36
TJ-cchildress: what PC is it? I'm wondering if a notebook/laptop with power saving in operation01:36
DrRoachI've never had a bad experience with Linux in over 3 years01:37
jackcomwhere i must write content of ‘syntax on’, ‘set number’01:37
DrRoachbewbz: No problem!01:37
lopxbewbz: did you repartition your drive for linux :P?01:38
cogitation1TJ-:  finished swapping all drives out.. going to reboot now.  thanks again.  Keep up the good work01:38
lopxbewbz: first time I installed, I forgot and it efed up my drive. Good times.01:38
TJ-cogitation1: good luck :)01:38
cchildressTJ-: a possible cause: i have the wrong power adapter. i need the 90W version, and i have the 65W version. i think the cpu is throttling as a result. is that possible?01:38
JayBauI guess I will stay in this channel for a while :)01:38
TJ-cchildress: OK, I scrolled back! Lattitude e6510 :)01:38
cchildressyup :)01:38
Ponyboy902Would the windows boot manager option in UEFI get removed upon install of Ubuntu?01:39
TJ-cchildress: I've never checked if that happens; my Dell's do the same thing though with the boot-time warning of the wrong adapter01:39
TJ-cchildress: actually that wouldn't make sense else it'd almost imply it locks the frequency when running only on battery.... have you tried that?01:39
bewbzlopx: I'm googling repartition01:40
Ponyboy902Also would removing Ubuntu's partitions remove the GRUB option in UEFI boot as soon as i hit delete on the partition or would i have to go in manually and remove?01:40
cchildressTJ-: well, is there a way in software to raise the reported maximum frequency of reallyslowMHz?01:40
DrRoachPonyboy902: Not if you install Ubuntu using the Dual Boot option01:40
cchildressTJ-: the battery is mostly dead, but let me see01:40
TJ-cchildress: There is/used to be a package laptop-mode-tools which might be controlling the freq01:41
cchildressTJ-: no, it seems to be identical on battery01:41
bewbzlopz: i did not partition. I got rid of windows 7 altogether. it wasn't genuine and i was fed up with all the remindres to buy a real version01:41
Ponyboy902DrRoach would it remove gRUb then if i remove ubuntu's partitions or would i have to manually remove the option in UEFI01:41
cchildressTJ-: that package is still around in 15.x01:42
DrRoachPonyboy902: I don't believe so, pretty sure you'll have to remove the Ubuntu partition and edit the Windows one to take up your whole hard drive01:42
lopxbewbz: ah, I think you're ok01:42
andschwaI need to emulate `login -f root` in a script, followed by a command01:42
bewbz                   i thnk so too01:42
TJ-cchildress:  but not installed by default I don't think, so unless it is installed we can ignore it01:42
andschwaI'm using Ubuntu in a container and need /run/utmp populated so that `getlogin()` returns the user's name, not null01:43
Ponyboy902DrRoach so Windows install disc, and startup recovery and repair mbr or Reset windows and let it repartition the drives?01:43
DrRoachPonyboy902: That may not be 100% correct though, I am very confident in what I just said though01:43
cchildressTJ-: it is best not to have it, then?01:43
andschwaSince containers don't tend to use init, /run/utmp is left empty01:43
TJ-cchildress: take a look at the scripts in "/usr/lib/pm-utils/power.d/"01:43
andschwa`login -f root` will populate it, but I need to follow it up with arbitrary commands (and an exit)01:44
DrRoachPonyboy902: Is your current Windows install corrupt or broken? Or do you just want to delete Ubuntu?01:44
andschwaany ideas?01:44
Ponyboy902I'm really wanting to intsall ubuntu but that main reason has me scared :P01:44
cchildressTJ-: i'm there01:44
Ponyboy902I had upgraded to windows 10 and guess what? It broke a lot of things.. I had to revert to windows 8 3 days ago01:45
Ponyboy902via recovery drive01:45
DrRoachPonyboy902: Haha I know it can be scary but you'll definitely be safe if you select the "Dual boot" option, I believe it is, I'll check now01:45
Ponyboy902DrRoach so do install alongside windows boot manager?01:45
Ponyboy902it looks like it was selected by default in the installer01:46
cchildressTJ-: i had problems with cpu frequency scaling in my other laptop running 15.04, as well. it was running an older amd cpu though so i thought maybe that made a difference.01:46
DrRoachPonyboy902: "Install them side by side, choosing between them each startup" That is the option you need01:46
DrRoachPonyboy902: Yeah that's what I have01:46
DrRoachPonyboy902: Never had a problem01:46
TJ-cchildress: I've grepped for any indication of freq control scripts - nothing. I also can't find any mention of installed packages that affect the freq. I can't image why the CPU would be limited unless some tool is choosing to do it01:47
TJ-cchildress: really? Let's see if there are any known bugs about that01:47
Ponyboy902DrRoach would anyone here be able to help me remove GRUB in the UEFI if i ever decided to remove ubuntu?01:47
cchildressTJ-: i agree - but the only way for me to tell, is to try another distro (maybe a live cd), or try windows01:47
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
DrRoachPonyboy902: You can just delete the partition that the GRUB loader is saved onto01:48
squintyPonyboy902,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:48
Ponyboy902Drroach did you get my msg?01:48
DrRoachPonyboy902: Yeah01:49
columbobaasIs it okay to compile the latest kernel?01:50
andschwacolumbobaas: sure, why not? I usually build of linux-next01:50
columbobaasMaybe losing stability01:51
TJ-cchildress: is this after resuming from suspend (sleep) ?01:52
andschwacolumbobaas: I mean, everything has a level of stability, I'd say that linux-next is like a reallllly solid beta01:52
andschwacolumbobaas: and if you do encounter a bug, well then, you've done some good Linux!01:52
cchildressTJ-: the more i research it, the more i think it may be something in the bios detecting an under-powered supply and limiting my clock multiplier01:52
TJ-cchildress: this suggests a solution, check it out: http://askubuntu.com/questions/296653/ubuntu-13-04-cpu-frequency-scaling-stuck-on-lowest-frequency01:53
columbobaasI've installed my linux distros more than 200 times i think01:53
cchildressTJ-: thanks, i'll try that01:53
columbobaasMostly black screen after kernel compile01:54
columbobaasCannot load x01:54
=== apple is now known as Guest32873
TJ-!mainline | columbobaas01:56
ubottucolumbobaas: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds01:56
JayBauis anyone familiar with this error01:57
JayBau(gedit:2820): Gtk-WARNING **: Calling Inhibit failed: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files01:57
JayBauthis happen when I do gedit /path/to/file01:57
JayBauand when I saved the file, another one will be created like filename~01:58
ruzekleIs Ubuntu better than Debian?02:00
spaceburritoThat seems like a loaded question. O.o02:00
lopxruzekle: wouldn't is x better than y ;/ have to see for yourself02:01
spaceburritoI suppose it would depend on which criteria you're evaluating it on, though.02:01
columbobaasFor desktop it is, Debian ->server02:01
ruzekleI've been trying to decide that for myself all day. I like Debian stable because the experience seems better than Ubuntu LTS.02:01
spaceburritoThey're both pretty great, imo. I use Ubuntu on my laptops and Debian on my desktops.02:01
al2o3-crJayBau: http://askubuntu.com/questions/83026/prevent-gedit-from-creating-files-with-the-tilde-suffix # take a look at this02:02
columbobaasDebian is more control by yourself02:02
Guest32873ruzekle: I don't think one is better than the other, just different.  One distro may suit my needs better than the other, that's all.02:02
JayBaual2o3-cr: thanks, I will read up02:03
al2o3-crthat's link is to just stop gedit creating the backup file though02:03
columbobaasHmm distros like deepin or bodhi are really "bad"02:03
ruzekleI've tried Deepin and didn't like it. I can't pick between Debian or Ubuntu.02:04
columbobaasDeepin is okay the first hour.02:04
ruzekleWhen I tried Deepin it's software center did not support English, and they had advertisements. Very strange experience.02:05
artoisdeepin what?02:05
artois...side ${"actress"}?02:05
Guest32873columbobaas: Well, yea, some are cobbled together and well organized, but the mainstream ones like Ubuntu and Debian are very  well put together and organized.  But this is off topic here.02:05
ruzekleartois: http://www.deepin.org/02:06
artoisdistro for people with expensive hardware?02:06
columbobaasIt is Ubuntu based haha02:06
ruzekleDoesn't that break trade mark or copyright?02:07
spaceburritoruzekle: what do you mean?02:07
squintyit means it is off topic  #ubuntu-offtopic  for non support chats02:08
ruzeklekk I'll move there, squinty.02:08
internetwork_exphey I'm pretty much a novice to Ubuntu... I have a question concerning editing  iwlwifi.conf02:09
JayBausupressing gtk warning seems to be complicated :)02:09
ki7rwwell, if adobe isn't providing the latest flash player for linux then what is one to do?02:09
spaceburritoki7rw: gnash, perhaps?02:09
TJ-JayBau: did you see that error when running gedit as root user?02:09
internetwork_expTurn OFF 802.11n mode (in /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf add options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1)02:10
internetwork_expTurn ON link aggregation (in /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf add options iwlwifi 11n_disable=8)02:10
internetwork_expTurn OFF watchdog (in /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf add options iwlwifi wd_disable=1)02:10
ki7rwi've heard that there's a move to html5 which is suppose to replace flash but it seems that there are still websites requiring flash02:10
internetwork_expI'm not sure on what syntax I need to use to add these options02:10
internetwork_expjust simply enter a new line02:10
internetwork_expand type "options iwlwifi11n... etc..." for each option?02:11
TJ-internetwork_exp: add each option as a new line in the form "options <module-name> option1=value1[,option2=value2]"02:11
CreativeWolfheya all :)02:11
CreativeWolfMy user account on my boxlet is cw and by default the mail has been created as cw@mydomain.com - How do I change cw to something else please?02:11
internetwork_expThanks TJ, will do it now...02:12
TJ-internetwork_exp: note that "11n_disable=1" and "11n_disable=8" are mutually exclusive... you would need to combine the values to use both as in "11n_disable=9"02:12
JayBaudo you guys can access my machine: http://desktop.bauson.com/02:13
JayBauI just tried to forward my port 8002:13
JayBauprobably open port 22 too for ssh, so I could access it on my phone02:14
JayBauneed to head of now02:15
=== wook is now known as Guest26463
lopxtryng to debload ubuntu :(02:18
=== Bray9082_ is now known as bray90820
somsip!minimal | lopx02:19
ubottulopx: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:19
lopxyeah... that's the problem and my last resort :)02:19
somsiplopx: I'd suggest making it the first resort02:19
lopxgoing to have to flip the coin then :)02:20
lopxin any case gtg, see you02:21
M1ST1CDo you guys have a rizon channel? I don't like having my IP address made public because somebody crashed my  router02:23
Ponyboy902You know what.. Secret windows.. I'm switching altogether.. I can use wine to run Roblox..02:23
Ponyboy902*Secrew windows02:23
somsip!cloak | M1ST1C02:23
ubottuM1ST1C: To get any kind of cloak (Ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page. For unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.02:23
colincolbyI have a working PPTP server after having used this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PPTPServer but Deluge, my bittorrent client, is showing ports are not being forwarded.  Since this pptpd is for only one login at a time, is there a way to set it as DMZ?02:25
Ponyboy902Apparantly Microsoft knows not what best for my PC but the ubuntu community probably does :P02:26
colincolbyor, don't ports get forwarded by UPnP? can i enable that?02:28
M1ST1CI just figured out my problem. I had to mess around with the partition. now I have more memory02:28
=== Enissay_ is now known as Enissay
M1ST1CIt says in the forums that ubuntu 12.04 32bit version supports the dell inspiron 1011.02:32
wileeemore swap heh, but their gone02:35
=== it is now known as Guest17679
satellite_aplay: device_list:268: no soundcards found...02:36
Guest17679anybody help me to using reaver02:36
wileeeGuest17679, reaver? let us know the issues for help.02:41
JayBauping me02:41
s9iper1i have installed windows and  lost my grub how can i get it back with 14.4.2 64 bit ?02:42
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:42
wileees9iper1, ^^^02:43
=== brayden_ is now known as Blaster
s9iper1thanks :)02:43
wileeenp ;)02:43
BlasterI'm having trouble adding an entry to my fstab file for auto mounting my virtualbox share on my guest. It boots into emergency mode unless I comment it out. How could I determine the issue?02:44
BlasterHere is the problematic fstab file, and the entry at the bottom is the one casting me into emergency land...http://paste.ubuntu.com/12004440/02:45
wileeeBlaster, Nver heard of this myself, you have any links on doing this?02:47
Blasterwileee: What do you mean, "links on doing this"?02:47
wileeeBlaster, What makes you think this will work? is the question02:47
wileeeif it is possible, then I would like to know personaly02:48
BlasterWell, I type "sudo mount -t vboxsf -o gid=redstar -o uid=redstar books ~/proj/books" to do it manually, so I figured I could use fstab to mount it on boot.02:48
h1m314ntr4X are u here...?02:49
wileeeBlaster, shared folder or the vm file?02:50
BlasterShared directory between host and guest, and I'm trying to mount it on boot from the guest which is Ubuntu.02:50
wileeeBlaster, It is in your running host right a folder?02:52
BlasterSolution at above link worked for me.02:52
wileeeBlaster, YOu have it fixed, great.02:53
Blasterwileee: Yep. Thanks!02:54
Ponyboy902Poll: should I install Ubuntu tonight or think about it for a few days?02:59
EzequielHola :D02:59
=== Ezequiel is now known as Guest18012
wileeePonyboy902, no polling02:59
Ponyboy902wilee its against the rules? :(03:00
Ponyboy902Do i need to disable fast startup on windows in order to use Ubuntu?03:00
wileeePonyboy902, Yeah, if we allowed it we would never really help anyone.03:00
wileee!uefi | Ponyboy902 this will help03:01
ubottuPonyboy902 this will help: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:01
Ponyboy902wileee so that is a yes disable fast startup?03:01
wileeePonyboy902, No iot's read the wiki on this.03:02
wileeePonyboy902, There is great uefi help here, but the manuals seem key for the helper and user in this area.03:04
SKANZcan anyone help me with a problem?03:15
Bashing-omSKANZ: Not without the details .03:17
SKANZWell , im trying to revert my OS back from Ubuntu to windows 7 but everytime i try to use the usb boot tool with my torrented ISO file (Windows Boot File) it doesnt register in the program.03:18
wileeeSKANZ, You need ##windows03:19
wafflejockSKANZ, http://askubuntu.com/questions/59551/how-to-burn-a-windows-iso-to-a-usb-device03:19
wafflejockyeah beyond that it's probably windows question really03:20
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JockRich!ops squinty03:24
=== gerald is now known as Guest98424
wripimpman barcode04:03
wripimpdoes anyone on use barcode package ?04:03
OneMattWow, it is amazing how much like windows lubuntu feels, but in a good way.04:05
wripimpya till ya try search04:05
OneMattI don't see anything wrong with the search.04:07
wripimpyes remove the online search in unity and its wonderful04:07
OneMattOh, lubuntu doesn't use unity.04:07
OneMattIt uses lxde.04:07
OneMattSo it is just like a classic windows search.04:08
wripimptrue me to | but most run out-box-special04:08
OneMattAnyway, this box needs it's software to be fairly stripped down.04:09
OneMattIt is a 2002 model, and not a very amazing one at that.04:09
OneMattAnd it is currently housed out of a cardboard box.04:10
wripimplol sounds like my server04:10
wripimplxde --no-reccomend-install04:10
OneMattUm, I don't think that that link is SFW.04:11
OneMattJudging by the google results with safe search off, anyway...04:12
OneMattYes, safe search off.04:12
OneMattGreat way of turning harmless searches into "Oh my god, I had no idea this kind of thing existed, and I wish I still didn't know...".04:13
wripimpyep welcome to window$ vi$ta04:14
OneMattPlease don't remind me of that thing.04:14
wripimpsry | i got 5 here tring to setup a biz pos with it around & barcode printer04:15
pony9909What would be advantages of dual booting Ubuntu with windows 804:18
pony9909and what are the advantages of using Ubuntu in general if you can do mostly the same stuff on windows?04:18
wripimprecovering for windows updates04:18
OneMattUm, in under 3 minutes, how do you get a bat out of the house?04:19
wileeepony9909, No polling, huge unanswerable question anyway.04:19
pony9909Its not Polling!04:19
pony9909or at least i didn't mean it to be04:20
wileeepony9909, It is within the channel guidelines04:20
mate_linux is easier04:20
wripimpIt really depends on what you wanting to accomplish? Play or Productivity04:20
pony9909mate_ is it faster with games like club penguin, adventure quest, cat mario, etc.?04:20
wileeethat answer should be a red flag honestly04:21
pony9909I don't want an OS for office.04:21
pony9909I want something for games04:21
wripimppony9909 search man wine04:21
wileeepony9909, Load a virtual and try it out, decide for yourself.04:21
mate_yes if not using firefox 36-39 in linux draw back04:21
pony9909wileee if i install it on my hdd would it hurt anything to remove Ubuntu the next day if i don't like it?04:22
wileeemate_, YOU are not even close to helping04:22
pony9909I have a windows factory recovery disk that has automatic repairs scan on it04:22
mate_if u using chruium in linux yes04:23
pony9909Windows update is trying to install windows 10 again!! :|04:23
mate_game yes04:23
wileeepony9909, No as long as you know what you're doing, a W8 dualboot is not a sure beginners install or remove04:23
wripimppony9909, I would reccomend you try VirtualBox and test sounds like you might not what to move away from mr.gates point & click04:23
pony9909My computer don't have intel virtualization support thing though :(04:23
wripimpdont need it04:23
pony9909Wileee you guys would help me remove Ubuntu if needed in a few days right?04:24
wripimpx86 ftw04:24
wileeemate_, Probably does just needs it turned on04:24
wripimpread gnu gpl please04:24
wileeepony9909, Just remember this is free volunteer help, best achieved by having good details.04:25
wripimp+exp for reading Doc's04:25
wileeepony9909,  Probably does have vm support,just needs it turned on04:25
pony9909wileee no it don't have vm support lol.. Intel site say the pentium b960 don't have it at all04:26
wileeepony9909, If you think your just may remove try a live disk or usb04:26
pony9909I tried live usb and i loved it.04:26
wileeepony9909, This a manufacturer W8 or your install?04:27
pony9909I loved the software center, how wallpapers i use looks, how the default theme looks, and how it makes everything else looks, and how there is a actual start menu04:27
pony9909wileee Acer/Gateway shipped this laptop with Windows 8.004:27
wileeeI use start8 in W10 for a menu04:28
wileeepony9909, Ah, I asked as with W8 there is a different partitioning and table setup, a little more difficult for some, but there are wiki's and help here and the forums.04:29
mate_i use chim mint 17.1 i wont go back w804:30
wileeemate_, Then why are you here just giving garbage support and mindless comments?04:31
mate_use rasp04:31
AndroidHackerwould any problems arise by installing MATE inside of xubuntu.. im assuming i could install any desktop env without problem but just double checking04:32
mate_i use raspberry pi in unbuntu mate 15.0404:33
wileeeAndroidHacker, Pretty much any of the ubuntu de yeah, and many more really04:33
AndroidHackerso it should be ok?04:33
desmondcan't think of anything that could go wrong, AndroidHacker04:33
wileeeAndroidHacker, Yes04:33
AndroidHackerok thanks guys04:34
AndroidHackerjust checking04:34
wileeeAndroidHacker, Probably a good sized download, is all, different base04:34
wileeede base04:34
AndroidHackeryea no problemo there04:34
wileeecool, carry on. ;)04:34
mate_1.1 g drown done total 3g04:35
wileeeAndroidHacker, I just noticed you said inside, it is a separate desktop, I think you meant that.04:36
wileeehowever they may share apps04:36
desmondmate installed "inside" the system of xubuntu sounds correct to me04:38
wileeedesmond, Only in a vm, you can't install these desktops inside each other.04:39
mate_i put mate in rasp pi04:40
wileeexubuntu de on a mate install, yes, any desktop on any install is athe same04:40
desmondthought xubuntu was the system and XFCE was the DE04:40
wileeedesmond, nothing to do with mate, but yes xfce is xubuntus bas04:41
wileeelxde=lubuntu mate is a fork of gnome 204:42
wileeeit is confusing at first, a lot to know and learn. ;)04:42
=== n is now known as Guest29184
DalekSecWell, it'd be different default configuration and set of applications as well, but yes those are the DEs used.04:46
CreativeWolfheya all04:48
CreativeWolfMy user account on my boxlet is cw and by default the mail has been created as cw@mydomain.com - How do I change cw to something else please?04:48
wafflejockCreativeWolf, what's a boxlet?04:49
wafflejockCreativeWolf, typically you can just use the users panel I believe if you can't find it I'm sure I can dig up the usermod command for it04:49
CreativeWolfwafflejock, linux box04:50
wafflejockCreativeWolf, also what's CW try to keep the acryonms to a minimum04:50
CreativeWolfwafflejock, cw is my username in the server04:50
wafflejockCreativeWolf, ah gotcha my bad I just read that sentence weird04:51
wafflejockCreativeWolf, http://askubuntu.com/questions/170244/usermod-change-the-username that covers doing it at the command line if you're using ubuntu server04:51
CreativeWolfwafflejock, I created a user account cw and I've got exim installed. My email now is cw@mydomain.com which I'd like to be howl@mydomain.com04:51
wafflejockCreativeWolf, otherwise in a desktop install you can use the GUI Users app I think (I believe there's one by default)04:52
CreativeWolfwafflejock, I'd like to retain my username as "cw" but would want "howl@mydomain.com" as my email associated for this account.04:52
wafflejockhmm k I've configured postfix before but never exim04:52
cfhowlett!es | Prueba04:53
ubottuPrueba: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.04:53
xdb3916hi everyone04:56
xdb3916woow, got someone to talk04:58
wafflejockCreativeWolf, yeah sorry don't know any details on that, think I've used exim here or there to send out some e-mails via gmail, and typically you can just change the from headers on an e-mail but some servers will send those to spam, it helps if you configure SPF and DKIM for the mail server some details here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2782380/best-practices-sending-email-on-behalf-of-users04:59
sinalokoi have problems with cheese n xubuntu 15.04 i cant take a photo its seems only black color the video its good but the photo nope04:59
cfhowlettxdb3916, this isn't  social chitchat channel.  state your ubuntu problem or assist someone else with a problem.  otherwise : #ubuntu-offtopic would be a better channel for your04:59
wafflejockCreativeWolf, the on behalf of thing might not be a problem since it's all going to be coming from the same domain that's more if you have one mail server sending stuff for some other domain I believe05:00
CreativeWolfwafflejock, Yes one mail server multiple domains05:01
wafflejockCreativeWolf, yeah would definitely recommend reading up on SPF and DKIM then to help you avoid getting dumped into the SPAM on gmail and other servers05:01
mate_any one talk about computers base on computers05:02
cfhowlettsinaloko, install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:02
sinalokoi need help please =)05:02
mate_who here05:03
BuzzardBuzzpress the any key for help05:03
cfhowlett!ot | mate_05:04
ubottumate_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:04
squinty!details | sinaloko05:04
ubottusinaloko: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)05:04
wafflejockCreativeWolf, https://wiki.debian.org/GmailAndExim4 <-- I actually had this link saved that may be useful for Exim and I generally used this guide for postfix but it took some fiddling around I couldn't just follow it straight through, still useful to learn to debug some of the things http://flurdy.com/docs/postfix/#config-secure-auth05:04
CreativeWolfwafflejock, Thanks, will take a look :)05:05
wafflejockCreativeWolf, yeah good luck, for me that was definitely a marathon but I am happy to have an e-mail server that is pretty secure and spam-assasin works well and can do all the kind of forwarding or catch all stuff you want pretty easily once it's all in place05:07
CreativeWolfwafflejock, Thanks much :)05:08
llLogic1 not fully installed or removed. How do I remove a package from failing to install after everything else im installing?05:11
llLogiceverytime I install something it tries to install a failed package from a week ago05:11
joralI don't know if this is a system issue or network issue (I have had numerous performance issues since my new att modem) but everytime I try to run apt-get update it will hang and I have to ctl-c and re-run it.  It will always run the second time but not the first.05:12
joralllLogic: "apt-get -f install"05:12
mate_goto reposisory redo it05:13
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:13
badbodh!guidelines | badbodh05:13
ubottubadbodh, please see my private message05:13
mate_in unbuntu and mint re do it05:14
llLogicjoral, I dont think that worked http://paste.ubuntu.com/12004904/05:14
mate_if goto command do update is not good05:15
DalekSecmate_: Please stop randomly saying stuff.05:16
joralllLogic: is this relevant? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/g15daemon/+bug/61710105:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 617101 in g15daemon (Ubuntu) "package g15daemon failed to install/upgrade: if g15daemon fails to start" [Medium,Triaged]05:16
joralubottu: great minds think alike?05:17
ubottujoral: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:17
joralsorry I love the bot logic lol05:17
wileeellLogic, The "broken install is from the ubutu repos or your install from the web, it is in the repos.05:17
llLogicfrom my reading it would have never worked reguardless because g15stats has no support for g13 even though they have the same screen05:18
llLogicso I just need to remove it05:18
llLogicbut I cant figure out how05:18
joralllLogic: should simply use 'apt-get remove <package_name>'05:19
wileeenot if broken, and removing relys on how it was installed05:19
mate_sudo or root apt-get05:20
llLogicwow that simple, thank you. Im a convert from windows.. I needed simple help. thank you joral05:21
squintysudo dpkg --configure -a    maybe if download was from repo's05:21
cfhowlettmate_, that's false misinformtion.  There is NO reason to run root!  stop giving bad advice05:21
cfhowlett!behelpful | mate_05:21
ubottumate_: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.05:21
joralwileee: touche, wasn't thinking about broken packages/dependencies during removal.  thank you for correcting me05:22
wileeejoral, Heh, if it is really gone that was lucky, ;)05:22
mate_yes i im i know in mint05:22
cfhowlett!mint | mate_, mint is not supported here.  sorry.05:22
ubottumate_, mint is not supported here.  sorry.: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org05:22
cfhowlettmate_, and if you KNOW your info is bad, don't give it!05:23
joralwileee: I do have to say apt/dpkg has gotten a lot "smarter" over the last few years.  I believe my first run in with ubuntu was ~6.x and it wasn't always as fault tolerant as it is today05:23
mate_mints almost all unbuntu05:24
cfhowlettmate_, mint is not ubuntu.  mint is not supported here.  at all.05:24
wileeejoral, MY guess from the error it was not built although showing broken, the cache saw it as broken, an update probably would of mattered, just guessing though.05:24
joralmate_: no, its actually its own distro. just as the sift workstation install that I am running is not ubuntu.05:25
cfhowlett!flavors | mate_ these are the ONLY ubuntus supported here.   NOTE:  mint is not on the list.05:25
ubottumate_ these are the ONLY ubuntus supported here.   NOTE:  mint is not on the list.: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.05:25
mate_my rasp is unbuntu 15.04 mate that deferate some05:26
joralwileee: good call, the paste bin he posted showed 6 not updated.  possibly time for a dist-upgrade?05:27
wileee might be kernels..etc, had a few updates lately05:28
joralllLogic: that might be something to consider05:28
llLogicoh i already did, thank you05:28
joralwileee: a few, this last week was rediculous lol05:28
wileeeyeah, I think the first in trusty had issues I had the 4.2 running so never noticed.05:29
joralwileee: the SIFT install defaulted to stable (which surprised me given the customization from SANS) so I just left it as stable.  like three different kernels in as many days lol05:30
wileeecool gotta go to work, later05:30
llLogici did a apt-get update and apt-get dist-update and I still have a "1 not upgraded" message. what could it be?05:31
llLogicnever mind, i need to read. found it05:32
joralllLogic: did it say one was held back? do you know which packag..... nvm, then lol05:32
WaddupllLogic you should paste results and command used so we can help you further05:32
llLogiclibgbm1 , launchpad?05:32
llLogicit was held back05:32
nimbioticshI. I have an Ubuntu 143.04LTS VBox I've been using for a while noe. A while ago I accessedd it via ssh with Putty and all went well but now I cannot access my ubuntu VBox. I enter my passwords, it plays the music indicating I'm logged in, clears the screen and then hows the login screen again. I can stillaccess my VBox via ssh with Putty, bit I cannot access it directly. Any ideas how to...05:33
nimbiotics...fix this? TIA!05:33
llLogicdeb https://download.01.org/gfx/ubuntu/14.04/main trusty main05:34
joralllLogic: you cant add the repo to iirc lol05:35
llLogichow do I add a repository for ubuntu?05:35
llLogicyeah lol05:35
llLogicyeah some guy had the same issue but with elementary os05:35
mate_hamradio do u have d-rats05:39
joralllLogic: what ubuntu version are you running?05:40
llLogic14.04 trusty05:42
squintymate_,  http://www.d-rats.com/component/content/article/31-d-rats-apt-repository/   ppa for it.... usual caveats and use at your own discretion05:43
mate_i use unbuntu05:44
squintymate_,  ppa repo's are for ubuntu05:44
mate_dont need to use ppa rasp05:45
aurorauserso when I run df -h05:46
aurorauserit says Size is 912GB and used is 758GB05:46
aurorauserbut it says Available is 108GB05:46
squintymate_,  ok obviously if you want help then either mature up and detail your problem or get ignored.05:46
aurorauserits not accounting for 50GB and idk what to do05:46
aurorauserI've tried rebooting and running fsck05:47
aurorauserto no avail05:47
mate_i type sudo apt-get i what i want no ppa05:47
squintymate_,  you can use apt-get with ppa05:48
Euryalehi, I'm having trouble with setting up vsftpd. I just installed vsftpd but for some reason 'service --status-all' doesn't show a 'vsftpd' service. I don't know what's wrong. Why doesn't it show and why can't I start it?05:49
cfhowlett!ppa | mate_05:49
ubottumate_: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:49
mate_im using unbuntu 15.04 mate i dont need ppas05:51
BlackDalekIs it possible to have more than one computer on my wireless LAN connected to soulseek using nicotine+ client?05:51
squintymate_,  so what exactly is your question?05:53
mate_in deb maybe vbox wireshark  no05:53
mate_i here to learn05:54
squintylike talking to a brick wall05:54
squintymate_,  ok will leave you to your efforts then05:55
cfhowlettmate_, then STOP giving bad advice.05:55
=== cyphase is now known as Guest41349
cfhowlettBlackDalek, perhaps ask ##networking??05:57
xmjcheckinstall question : is there a way I ca make checkinstall use `make -j <jobsnumber>` arguments?06:07
xmjaka, have it build the thing i want to build on multiple cores06:07
slicepaperwordsdoes a raspberry pi play 1080? i would rather buy one of them than using a comp to play my videos and music through my tv06:12
somsipslicepaperwords: yes, more discussion in #rasbpi (or #raspi)06:12
slicepaperwordssomsip: ahh thanks06:13
mate__I am a newer06:15
mate_that one problems no sounds card in rasp06:16
cfhowlettmate_,  >>> #raspi06:17
Starcraftmazterhow would i upgrade from ubuntu 12.04?06:18
Starcraftmazterubuntu server 12.0406:18
Starcraftmazteris it possible to upgrade several versions at once?06:18
somsipStarcraftmazter: no. Upgrade to what?06:18
cfhowlettStarcraftmazter, NO NEED.  you can go from LTS to LTS 12.04 > 14.0406:18
cfhowlett!lts | Starcraftmazter06:18
ubottuStarcraftmazter: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)06:18
mate_dont like rasp pi now one 1gig now hi06:20
cfhowlett!server | Starcraftmazter, note: there is a server channel06:21
ubottuStarcraftmazter, note: there is a server channel: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server06:21
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nimbioticsI have an Ubuntu 14.04LTS VBox I've been using for a while now. A while ago I accessed it via ssh with Putty and all went well but now I cannot access my ubuntu VBox. I enter my passwords, it plays the music indicating I'm logged in, clears the screen and then goes back to the login screen. I can still access my VBox via ssh with Putty, but I cannot access it directly. Any ideas how to fix...06:23
nimbiotics...this? TIA!06:23
mate_there two vboxes there new one and old one the olds one06:26
mate_the old one works06:27
mate_will any kno06:28
GerowenThinking of doing an upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04 on my laptop.  Backing up all my files to prepare for a clean install.  Anybody running 15.04 right now?06:36
cfhowlettGerowen, millions.  focus your question on actual issues.06:37
Gerowencfhowlett: Well I was just looking to chat in general, you don't have to get snarky.06:37
mate_the people is rude06:39
mate_i put 15.04 mate on one of computers06:41
wileeethe people is stupid^^06:45
wileeemate_, that is06:45
mate_if u put 15.04 over w8 easy install06:45
mate_if u put over unbuntu type os long reboot up06:46
al2o3-crmate_: you're not making any sense06:48
wileeejust a troll06:48
wileeeand a bad one at that lol06:48
bazhang!info mate-desktop06:48
ubottumate-desktop (source: mate-desktop): Library with common API for various MATE modules. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.2+dfsg1-2 (vivid), package size 17 kB, installed size 85 kB06:48
al2o3-cr:) I thought his speech program was scrambled for a minute then06:49
mate_i have thing vboxs bad files like every else i fix the problems mostly06:49
bazhangmate_, try #vbox06:49
wafflejockmate_, this room isn't meant for general chat, many of us are also in #ubuntu-offtopic for random chit chat, this channel is mean to be reserved for support questions and answers specific to certain Ubuntu distros, so as to not complicate giving support remotely through text the people who moderate this room try to keep the topic focused on issues only for those supported distros, other topics are better discussed in more approp06:50
wafflejockriate channels, most users and volunteers in here just want to get from the problem to a solution as quickly as possible, for random sometimes related to ubuntu chatter with other users head to /join #ubuntu-offtopic for particular topics check the channels people have suggest, not everything is an ubuntu support question06:50
bazhangwafflejock, rly?06:50
wafflejockyeah really06:50
bazhangthat was a huge paste06:50
wafflejockI typed it06:50
bazhangwhy not a one liner06:50
wileeehas not worked for hours06:51
wileeemany address to mate_06:51
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ubottu日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。07:00
=== Guest60697 is now known as hu2015
fidel_i hope those are .jp letters07:00
ubottuThe Swiss !LoCo team can be found in #ubuntu-ch (please speak English there) - Deutschsprachiger Ubuntu Support in #ubuntu-de - Aide Ubuntu en français dans #ubuntu-fr - Supporto Ubuntu in Italiano in #ubuntu-it07:00
DJones!cn | hu201507:00
ubottuhu2015: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:00
hu2015hello word07:01
fidel_good point DJones ;)07:01
DJonesfidel_: Chinese according to google translate, but not easy to spot the difference for me, not speaking either language07:01
llLogici live in japan, its pretty easy to spot the difference imo07:04
ubuntu_Hey I've put an SSD into my machine (alongside my normal HDD) - booted a live CD and used gparted to copy each GPT partitions (a little fat32, the main ext4 and swap) - over to the SSD07:04
llLogicchinese is only tradional high stroke count characters, japanese has very simple single stroke characters too07:04
ubuntu_am I needing to somehow restore GRUB as well or can gparted somehow take the beginnings of the hdd/mbr over for me?07:04
cfhowlettllLogic, don't feel bad: I've been in Beijing 3 years and still don't read mandarin.  Interviewed yesterday for a Tokyo position07:05
llLogicdont feel bad about what?07:05
llLogicCome to Tokyo, its cleaner but the people are less nice07:06
cfhowletteh./  DJones couldn't spot the diff07:06
llLogicmy wife is pretty fluent, im supposed to be studying right now for JLPT3 but im playing games and installing ncmpcpp07:06
cfhowlettOK, back on topic now ...07:07
llLogicbtw, ganbatte*07:07
InsolsenceIs anyone here familiar with upstart?07:08
InsolsenceHow could I get an upstart job to properly kill itself on system reboot? I'm trying "stop on (shutdown and reboot)" and then I have a "kill signal INT". But when I reboot the system, the INT isn't sent to the daemon and it's abruptly killed.07:08
cfhowlett!ping | Spider07:12
ubottuSpider: pong!07:12
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=== Dumle29-noping is now known as Dumle29
solarshey, can anyone tell me a keylogger that captures browser input? logkeys apparently does not07:22
SpiderNciderTry keylogger32.exe07:24
=== alessandro is now known as Guest91018
azamrodf/ns identify alfonsozr255007:26
BUSYwhere can i find some info about unencrypting my /home directory?  i set it up on install but it's now throwing some wrenches into some network stuff i want to do07:28
aurorauserso when I run df -h07:30
aurorauserit says Size is 912GB and used is 758GB07:30
aurorauserits not accounting for 50GB and idk what to do07:30
aurorauserI've tried rebooting and running fsck07:30
aurorausernothing works07:30
Ben64aurorauser: explain your issue07:31
aurorauserBen64: When I run df -h07:33
aurorauserit says Total 912GB, Used 758GB07:34
aurorauserand 100GB free07:34
SpiderNciderHave you tried rebooting?07:34
aurorauserrebooting and fsck07:34
somsipSpiderNcider: all of your comments have been jokey or unhelpful. Can you stop now please?07:35
auronandaceaurorauser: maybe you should pastebin the output of df -h07:35
Ben64might be the reserved space for root07:35
aurorauseri would think that07:35
aurorauserbut its essentially 3 HDs07:35
aurorauser1 HD is mounted to /07:36
aurorauserand the mountpoint im talking about is an mdadm array07:36
TomyWorkhow do i get blkdiscard on ubuntu trusty? according to this it's available on vivid http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/vivid/en/man8/blkdiscard.8.html07:36
aurorauser2 1TB hard drives in a RAID107:36
TomyWorkshould i just get the package from vivid?07:36
aurorauserany ideas?07:38
aurorausernothing is hung in lsof07:38
auronandaceTomyWork: don't mix packages from different releases, that is a sure-fire way to create problems07:38
aurorauserand even if it was reboot would have released it anyways07:38
TomyWorkauronandace so what do i do instead? i need blkdiscard because i forgot to turn on discard for my swap partition after dd'ed everything over from my old hdd07:39
k1lTomyWork: why not making a "discard" to the swap line in fstab?07:41
TomyWorki did, does that instantly discard the entire swap space?07:41
TomyWorkit's 32 GB and it's rarely ever used up completely07:42
skittishtriggerAnyone use pugetsystems to build a server?07:42
skittishtriggerJust curious how they are.07:42
k1lTomyWork: and the swap space gets discarded on every boot. so after a reboot its done anyway07:42
TomyWorkk1l can i manually trigger that?07:42
k1lTomyWork: yes, do a swapoff and than a swapon again07:42
TomyWorkdid that already07:43
k1lTomyWork: so? dont worry07:43
auronandaceTomyWork: blkdiscard is in the package util-linux07:43
TomyWorkwhat i perceive as the symptoms of that missing discard flag is still there07:43
TomyWorkauronandace not on trusty07:43
k1lTomyWork: i dont understand that panic07:43
TomyWorkk1l my system becomes unusable as soon as swap fills even a little07:44
TomyWork100 MB into the swap and i can even free up 3 GB of memory but it still crawls07:44
TomyWorkmaybe the untrimmed swap is not the issue07:44
k1li dont think that few amount of swap is causing that even if it wanst trimmed.07:45
TomyWorkwell the SSD wouldnt slow down per partition, right?07:45
TomyWorkit would slow down globally because it's unaware of partitions07:46
TomyWorkas you can see this problem doesnt make a lot of sense to me :)07:46
k1lare there known issues with that make and model of that ssd?07:47
crazyhorse18how can i stop the searching thing (spotlight equivilent) from sending out queries onto the internet07:48
somsip!adlens | crazyhorse1807:49
ubottucrazyhorse18: To hide online search results in Ubuntu Unity, go to System Settings > Security and Privacy > Search and toggle the option off.07:49
crazyhorse18ah nice07:49
crazyhorse18thankyou :)07:50
wafflejockcrazyhorse18, it's called the "Dash" in "Unity" which is the default desktop environment just for future reference07:50
lordievaderGood morning.07:55
crazyhorse18wafflejock: i've only been using ubuntu every day for 7 years... not enough time to learn these thins07:58
JockRitch\   P   '   ?   F   ^   &       a   }   (   R   b   '      Y    9   \      o   >   p   y   a    /   i       Y   k   [   y   g    _   A   }   x   ?   ]   d   k    !   *   ?   }   _   I08:00
JockRitch  w   r       `   c   !   F   .   r   N08:00
JockRitch#   >   E   J   W   !   E   F    s      L   y   $   r   g   Q    ?   R   s   :   [   %   +   '    U   t   D      P   ,   e   (    3   :   P   Q       Y   B   g    B   {   q   Y   M08:00
JockRitchX   X   D    m   s   '   l   V   Z   #   ?08:00
JockRitchQ   "   G   j   s   b   O   O       ,      +   ,   {   }   .    ]   -   @   L   d   o   x   q    p   {   5   5   t   w   K   !    )   z   h   e   w   *   ~   v    ?   @   [   S   =08:00
JockRitch    t   ~    }   t   V   ,   g      R   |08:00
JockRitch?   N   _      ?   $   =   o    @   a   &   G      L   l   p    .   {   y   f   s   M   c   0    '   q   b   H   %       C   ?       t   ~   r   U   z   ?   -    (   U   J   /   v08:00
JockRitchT   I       k   {   O   y   v   Y   y   e08:00
SpiderNciderWhat just happened?08:01
ObrienDavewho knows *sigh*08:01
k1ldont mind the trolls08:01
Kartagisthis looks like the alien signal recently received08:04
TomyWorkthat happened before, btw08:05
TomyWorktook ages for Drone` to pick up08:06
chancellorduely noted08:11
skittishtriggerfor an os as awesome as ubuntu (for the primary root/boot partition) is it really that big of a gain in server performance to use ssd there?08:16
skittishtriggerassuming you are using headless and an actual server not a converted desktop08:16
skittishtriggerI ask because I am thinking of re-doing my entire server configuration next time I bring it down for maintence. And I was thinking a regular hard drive might be better for the os and use thessd for one of the game servers instead (seperating some fo them out as there are 5 runnign on one ssd atm)08:18
auronandaceskittishtrigger: i suppose it would depend on the server's function. If it involves a heavy amount of reads and writes then an ssd would wear out faster than a trraditional harddrive08:18
skittishtriggerso maybe an enterprise grade sas type hd for the os and ssds for the game/webservers/sql server and several raid sata style drives mirrored for the backup functions?08:19
skittishtriggerSorry, I am not completely new to ubuntu and servers but I am woeful lacking in the area of efficiency and proper setup of a real server.08:20
auronandaceskittishtrigger: i'm certainly no expert in server setup so perhaps the guys in #ubuntu-server can help out08:22
skittishtriggerya i was mroe curious as to opinions. Seems a lot of this is subjective on a case by case basis. BUt thanks for your input :)08:23
QantouriscWhat network managers are avaible for ubuntu ?08:23
QantouriscAlso any documentation on intalling it in LXC ?08:24
arcskyhello all, does anyone know how i can do my ssh login to use the windows 2008 radius/nps ?08:27
MathisenHello can someone tell me how i should do if i want to automaticly copy all the /home folders to a diffrent HD like once a day, but i dont want it to copy the files that is already there. if you understand i just want it to copy the files that are new08:29
fidel_Mathisen: check rsync08:30
ObrienDaversync will only copy new or files that have changed. i use it every day08:31
fidel_Mathisen: grsync is an UI for it - but if you are fine using the terminal - stick to it ;)08:31
MathisenObrienDave nice, will it remove stuff to ? i want to have a backup so i dont want it to 100 % clone it08:31
ObrienDaversync will remove things that are no longer in your source. if you want it to08:32
Mathiseni will do some reading, thx for the help :)08:32
ObrienDavetry grsync first. then you can copy the commands to terminal for rsync08:33
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MonkeyDustMathisen  i guess luckybackup uses rsync too08:34
llutzMathisen: for a nice backup solution, look at rsnapshot (based on rsync)08:34
ObrienDavei have an alias setup (several actually) ;P08:35
ObrienDavealias h2u31='sudo rsync -avs --progress --delete /home/david/ /media/david/USB003TB001/Backup/David/Sony/Vaio/VPCEB/1500GB/Xubuntu/Home/david/'08:35
ObrienDaveworks really good for daily backup08:36
MonkeyDustObrienDave  i use a similar alias08:36
ObrienDavesee? great minds think alike :)08:36
MonkeyDustalso with --progress and --delete08:36
ObrienDave*waves good night*08:40
columbobaas10:40am here08:41
lordievaderIf you are already using rsync it might be worth it to look into dirvish.08:41
Amnesiadoes anyone over here know where to find shutdown logging?09:00
Amnesia(I'm unable to find it in /var/log/*)09:00
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stoogenmeyer__hey guys, if I have a file containing the text $MY_VAR, and in my shell i do 'export MYVAR=10', then how would I be able to cat the file and have the $MY_VAR replaced with the actual value?09:05
AmnesiaMY_VAR=$(cat filename)09:06
l1n3xhey guys09:07
l1n3xhow would one access a bit locker to go drive in linux?09:07
wafflejockstoogenmeyer__: if the text file you're working in is marked executable and is headed with #!/bin/bash, then the $MY_VAR will be replaced when you run the script but not when you view it with cat09:10
stoogenmeyer__wafflejock: actually just found out about envsubst which works like a charm (can be read about here: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/TemplateFiles)09:11
k1lAmnesia: it should be at the end of syslog09:12
Amnesiak1l: it isn't:)09:12
wafflejockstoogenmeyer__: interesting I would still go the bash route since it's what I know but thanks for sharing :)09:13
k1lyou need to look at the cycled syslog. like syslog.0 or syslog.109:13
Amnesiak1l: I know09:13
k1lAmnesia: ok. what it the issue then?09:13
Amnesiagrep -ri 'failed to unmount' /var/log/*09:14
Amnesia^ should gimme teh entries09:14
Amnesiabut there's no such thing09:14
ubottusystemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers09:14
l1n3xstill here09:14
toby2012hi pals. anyone can help me with ubuntu server?09:15
fidel_toby2012: try it09:15
cfhowlett!server | toby201209:15
ubottutoby2012: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server09:15
l1n3xwhats the issue?09:18
dhasthaNeed Help : Can anyone help me? I am getting following cron error "/etc/cron.daily/apt:09:19
dhastha*** Error in `/usr/bin/python3': corrupted double-linked list: 0x000000000158c130 ***09:19
JayBaudhastha: what was the script you have in crontab?09:28
JayBaudhastha: crontab -l09:28
ethMiner_is this script valid http://pastebin.com/DTPdb9X509:29
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dhastha@JayBau, /etc/cron.daily/apt is running daily09:32
JayBaudhastha: please crontab -l09:33
dhasthaJayBau, No. It is running by default by system. see /etc/cron.daily/apt09:34
llutzJayBau: that apt cronjob is part of apt-package, not a users cronjob09:35
dhasthallutz, exactly09:35
JayBaudhastha: I had the same problem before, and I noticed that it happens when I don't have enough memory to execute my script09:35
JayBaudhastha: other than that, you don't have memory consuming script running?09:37
johnzorndoes running any of the apt-get {upgrade,dist-upgrade,full-upgrade} cause something to run a grub installer? I have a custom nongrub boot setup and want to continue managing it myself09:38
dhasthaJayBau: there is no memory consuming script running. The error started from yesterday only09:38
dhasthaJayBau: It was fine before, other two more servers also throwing same error09:39
learnerHello, can anyone say why free css template is not opening in ubuntu??09:40
learneram a new user to ubuntu, please help09:41
rorylearner: Are you trying to use Ubuntu as a web server to host a website?09:41
learneryes rory09:42
rorylearner: What do you have, and what do you mean by not opening?09:42
MoonBurstI'm having a lot of trouble getting ubuntu to install. I'm pretty sure I'm doing this mostly right though.09:43
MoonBurstI used unetbootin to put the ISO onto a USB drive, and then at startup told it to boot from the USBHDD. But then instead of booting, it just loads windows anyway :\09:43
popeyMoonBurst: unetbootin is a bit broken for many people09:44
MoonBurstI also tried the uni usb installer09:45
jpdsMoonBurst: Tried dd?09:45
MoonBurstdd? no. I haven't seen that yet09:45
learnerrory , i have used windows before working on the linux, i used to download a free template for website but not for the purpose of hosting. But now am in a situation to download a free template website and i need to host that in hosting server. so, i just downloaded a free template website,  its not even opening in firefox web browser.  can you say what the problem is??09:46
MindSparkhi, guys I am running trusty and I am trying to get the mysql client to run using auto-rehashing/completion. For some reason neither adding auto-rehash in the config nor calling it from the commandline using --auto-rehash or issuing the \# and rehash commands from inside mysql are working09:46
rorylearner: What type of file is it?09:46
MindSparkis there a known issue for that?09:46
wileeeMoonBurst, Your doing this is windows right?09:46
MoonBurstYeah. Trying to escape windows 10 from their new business idea about no privacy.09:46
learnerrory : It's a .zip file09:47
wileeeMoonBurst, Cool, just making sure others know.09:47
MoonBurstIt's a shame too, aside from that privacy issue, I really liked windows 1009:47
rorylearner: What happens when you try to extract the files from it?09:47
rorylearner: You can't open a zip file directly in Firefox... a zip file is an archive containing other files. Right click it and extract, or double click it and drag the files out09:48
wileeeMoonBurst, Computers have a boot menu that is for single sessions, with a key press as if you were going to the bios09:48
MoonBurstyeah, bios is del. I press f12 to get to boot options09:48
MoonBurstthen from there I tell it to boot from usb hdd, but it sort of ignores me09:49
k1lMoonBurst: usb-hdds cant be booted in most times as live systems since they are seen as hdds from bios. use a usb pendrive or a dvd09:49
MoonBurstIt's closer to a pendrive anyway, it's a microsd card in a transflash09:49
wileeeMoonBurst, pendrivelinux has several windows usb loaders, you might check the sum of the iso and what you load, all can be done from windows I believe.09:49
learnerrory  yeah, i have extracted and took out the files too, and it has .html file . so i want to run that file, when i try to run the .html file in firefox , its not opening. am using ubuntu09:50
wileee!sum | MoonBurst09:50
rorylearner: Do you see an error?09:50
rorylearner: If you're in Firefox and you do Ctrl-O (open) and browse to the file and open it that way, does it work?09:50
k1lMoonBurst: it doesnt matter what it is at the end of 12 adapters :) it counts what the bios will see it as :)09:50
k1lMoonBurst: regular 2GB usb pendrives are known to work :)09:50
QantouriscI'm having troubles using /etc/init.d/networking start, it doesn't give any results (ifup works), (auto has been added for this nic)09:51
wileee!md5sum | MoonBurst09:51
ubottuMoonBurst: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows09:51
MoonBurstSadly, I don't really have other options. My hardware supply is pretty limited.09:51
learnerrory please wait, i'l let you know now09:51
MoonBurstI got the 64 bit ubuntu from the official site recently.09:51
MoonBurst15.04 I think09:51
LigHIsup http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ or only timing out for me?09:52
k1lQantourisc: what ubuntu is it exactly?09:52
roryLigH: It's up for me09:52
LigHTrying to get http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mate/releases/15.04/release/ubuntu-mate-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent ... any mirrors?09:52
Qantourisck1l: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS09:53
roryLigH: http://rory.sh/ubuntu-mate-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent09:53
learnerrory yeah, it works but the contents in the .html page it's not opening.09:53
roryNot opening? So you just see a white page? Or what?09:53
roryDo you know the html file is actually good?09:53
k1lQantourisc: did you try the upstart job? sudo service networking start09:54
LigHOther Germans seem to have a timeout too. Routing issues at T-Online?!09:54
k1lQantourisc: do you use the network manager?09:54
roryLigH: Can you PM me the output of traceroute cdimage.ubuntu.com09:55
LigHThanks rory, bye for now...09:55
Qantourisck1l: can't find it /etc/init.d so i suspect not09:55
roryLigH: I mean, if you're curious09:55
learnerrory  yeah i worked with the same template in windows ,  no it's not a white page , it's simply shows the firefox webpage09:55
wileeerory, downloads and starts to torrent here, with a ton oh peers09:55
learnerrory but in ubuntu, its not opening09:55
k1lQantourisc: do you use a gui? which one? do you use the network manager applet?09:55
wileeerory, sorry meant LigH09:56
Qantourisck1l: I can't stop or start it09:56
k1l<k1l> Qantourisc: do you use a gui? which one? do you use the network manager applet?09:56
Qantourisck1l: I have no gui, it's a debootstrap installation in lxc09:56
rorylearner: can you completely close Firefox, and then right-click the html file and select Open with Firefox Web Browser09:56
Qantouriscping is not even installed, so no gui either i think09:56
learnerrory  what's the actual way to run that template in firefox browser ? in ubuntu os09:56
Qantouriscls /etc/init.d/N* No such file or directory09:57
rorylearner: double click the html file to open it in Firefox09:57
rorylearner: There is no "actual way"09:57
LigHOK, route via Frankfurt and London (Level3)... just doesn't load any page. I got rory's torrent, thanks. Bye...09:57
Qantouriscalso status-all doesn't show09:57
k1lQantourisc: ok, so no need to go on the hunt for networkmanager then if there is no gui.09:57
learnerrory , i have done it, it shows the start page09:58
rorylearner: Would you mind linking me the template you're using so I can see?09:58
Qantourisck1l: i know, ifup works, but networking seems to ignore the auto ? iirc "auto" mean run ifup for this name ?09:58
learnerrory i thought to say what you have said... :) Please wait09:58
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k1lQantourisc: i am not familiar with the special setups a lxc containter uses09:59
Qantourisck1l: should be equal, i'll see if I can get my hands on strace that should show what is up10:00
learnerrory check this out : http://www.free-css.com/free-css-templates/page1/photoprowess#shout10:00
Qantourisck1l: but it's hard to get dns working, without ping :p10:00
Qantourischaha ! magic of lxc: just copied the file :D10:01
rorylearner: I see this when I open the HTML file in Firefox http://i.imgur.com/xuYb54j.png10:01
rorylearner: What is in the Firefox address bar after you open it? e.g. in that screenshot it is: file:///home/rory/Desktop/photoprowess/index.html10:01
Guest84133the item "enable mobile broadband" is not present in the menu of the network manager applet. Why?10:02
k1lGuest84133: do you have a mobile data hardware thingy running?10:03
ethMiner_im writing a script10:04
ethMiner_it goes like this exec first exect second10:04
ethMiner_the first never finishes so it never gets to the second10:04
ethMiner_how to i go about this10:04
aurorauseradd a ; instead of &&?10:04
mancomunadohow do I replace in a .txt. from "***"" to "." and then jump a line after the dot?10:05
k1lethMiner_: for bash scripting basics you can ask the guys in ##bash for help10:05
learnerrory , after i opened in the firefox . it doesn't show anything. it's simply a startup page ! , if you don't mind can you open the index.html file? What is it showing?10:05
rorylearner: I see this when I open the HTML file in Firefox http://i.imgur.com/xuYb54j.png10:06
rorylearner: What is in the Firefox address bar after you open it? e.g. in that screenshot it is: file:///home/rory/Desktop/photoprowess/index.html10:06
MoonBursttrying to load ubuntu onto my usb has started crashing explorer.exe :\10:06
learnerrory , after i opened in the firefox . it doesn't show anything. it's simply a startup page ! , if you don't mind can you open the index.html file? What is it showing?10:06
Guest84133k1l, yes10:07
joffJust like that Elliot10:09
k1lGuest84133: which one? what port? is it seen in lsusb/lspci? what do the logs say?10:09
rorylearner: I see this when I open the HTML file in Firefox http://i.imgur.com/xuYb54j.png10:09
rorylearner: What is in the Firefox address bar after you open it? e.g. in that screenshot it is: file:///home/rory/Desktop/photoprowess/index.html10:09
rorylearner: That's the third time I've asked you. I'll just wait for your answer.10:09
Guest84133k1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12005907/10:11
kokutHello, anyone knows where to find the shutdown logs? For some reason ubuntu didn't want to shut down, it spent 15 minutes in the "shutting down" screen10:12
k1lGuest84133: did you do the modeswitch?10:12
rorykokut: For what it's worth, I've been using Ubuntu for 10 years and it's never once shut down properly without doing that.10:13
Guest84133k1l, no10:13
kokutrory: doing what?10:13
Guest84133k1l, I don't know how to10:13
rorykokut: hanging indefinitely on the purple shutdown screen10:13
k1lGuest84133: you are from italy?10:13
Guest84133k1l, yes10:14
learnerrory  you are asking the right question, but in my side, when i open index.html file using firefox its not displaying any contents nothing but the mozilla firefox startup page. I have tried another file, portfolio.html , it's also seems like opening in browser, but not yet displayed anything.  am i clear to you? Did you got what am saying?10:14
cfhowlettLongshot but I'll ask anyway:  happy owner of the Dell Precision m3800 Developer Edition with Ubuntu 14.04.2  As of 08/05/15, no boot.  It powers on, runs for 7 seconds and shuts down.  No boot splash, no beeps.  I'10:14
kokutrory: well it never happened to me until now and i won't tolerate it10:14
k1lGuest84133: a search for "1ee8:0013 ubuntu" brings some italian ubuntu forums and mailinglists. maybe you find the solution there10:14
Guest84133k1l, maybe it could help a lot if you tell me how to use modeswitch10:15
k1lGuest84133: for mobile data usb sticks, you sometimes (in most cases) need to bring the stick into the "mobile data" mode. so it is not seen as a regular usb stick. that is called modeswitch10:15
Guest84133k1l, I see, so what is the syntax of modeswitch10:16
JobbeSo I've configured a pxe boot server, with multiple install options. One of them is Debian, which i have configured to work with a preseed file. Works flawless. Now. I've gone ahead and configured the same for ubuntu, the intaller works, no problem. But here is my problem. On debian i needed to include a firmware package in initrd.gz, so i unpacked it, created the firmware dir and put in the .deb file, then10:16
Jobberepackages it and put back in the pxe dir, debian installs fine without asking for the firmware. But when i do the same procedure on ubuntu, it does not work.10:16
rorylearner: Can you try to open it using the terminal and maybe if there's some error you will see it. Do the following:10:17
rorylearner: first make sure firefox is closed with "killall firefox"10:17
rorylearner: and then open the file with (e.g.) "firefox /home/rory/Desktop/photoprowess/index.html" (obviously your path will be different)10:17
k1lGuest84133: that depends on the exact hardware. i dont know that for every mobile data stick. so please see the italian sites who have done this with that italian hardware stick already.10:17
Guest84133k1l, ok10:18
k1lGuest84133: http://forum.ubuntu-it.org/viewtopic.php?t=40323310:18
learnerrory i can't get u the command "killall firefox" . Do i need to type this in terminal?10:18
Jobbethis is the firmware package https://packages.debian.org/wheezy/firmware-realtek10:18
Jobbecould it be that ubuntu simply does not reconise this package ?10:18
Guest84133k1l, but I ask: why is it so complicated. why I can't activate it direct from the applet of network manager?10:18
Jobbeit's ubuntu 14.04 btw10:18
k1lGuest84133: because the hardware stick makers dont publish firmware for linux that would do that automatically.10:19
rorylearner: yes10:19
Black_Shadowwhat is the italian ubuntu channel???10:19
jpds!it | Black_Shadow10:19
ubottuBlack_Shadow: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:19
k1l!it | Black_Shadow10:19
Guest84133k1l, but the thing is: if I reboot, I connect automatically. why?10:20
learnerrory yes i have typed, it shows firefox : no process found10:21
TJ-Jobbe: when building the initrd.img, initramfs-tools use the function manaula_add_modules() in "/usr/share/initramfs-tools/hook-functions" - that code implies the initrd.im needs both the kernel module and firmware. Did you also ensure the kernel module was included and loaded via "/lib/modules" ?10:21
Guest84133k1l, I mean, I reboot, I do wvdial and everything goes10:21
rorylearner: OK fine that just means firefox is properly closed. Now use the other command I gave.10:21
Guest84133k1l, but It's not very practicle to reboot every time I need to connect10:21
learnerrory sure10:21
Jobbe TJ- I'm not sure about that10:22
Black_Shadowas you can connect to a server ???10:23
JobbeTJ-: how would i go about and check that ?10:23
Jobbedammit, i gotta run for a sec, got a server down - TJ- thanks, I'll try read up on that10:24
TJ-Jobbe: in the initrd, the modules to load are listed in "conf/modules"10:25
k1lGuest84133: could be a firmware issue on disconnect. please see the guys who have experience with that exact hardware10:26
Guest84133k1l, my opinion is, if "enable mobile broadband" would be active by default, everything would be fine10:26
rorylearner: afk 10 minutes.10:28
learnerrory can't get you10:29
learnerrory do i need to wait for 10mins?10:29
Cedric_sup guys10:30
Cedric_I am having problem running application in Ubuntu 14.0410:30
Cedric_I found that gksudo is not isntalled by default10:30
Cedric_I am trying to launch app from the Unity bar with  sudo10:31
Cedric_is that something possible for unity?10:31
k1lCedric_: dont use sudo. sudo is for cli usage and not for GUI. it will break the permissions.10:32
Cedric_I did tried gksudo10:32
k1lCedric_: gksu is the command for gui. but be aware of using root rights only where they are really needed10:32
Cedric_I also tried changing the .desktop for my application10:33
rorylearner: back10:33
Cedric_Exec=/opt/sublime_text/sublime_text %F10:33
rorylearner: still waiting for you to open the html file in Firefox via the terminal using the command I gave10:33
Cedric_I update this line to Exec=gksudo /opt/sublime_text/sublime_text %F10:33
Cedric_but it's not launching10:34
roryCedric_: does it work if you run "gksudo /opt/sublime_text/sublime_text %F" directly from a terminal?10:34
k1lCedric_: see what i wrote :)10:35
Cedric_rory: gksudo /opt/sublime_text/sublime_text %F works, but it appears that it is opening a file name %F for editing10:36
k1l<k1l> Cedric_: gksu is the command for gui. but be aware of using root rights only where they are really needed10:36
TJ-Guest84133: Your device (1ee8:0013) is supported by usb-modeswitch. Do "sudo apt-get install usb-modeswitch"10:36
roryCedric_: Why do you need the %F, I'm not sure of the meaning of that10:36
Cedric_k1l: I understand that sudo is for cli and gksudo is intended for root10:37
BluesKajHey folks10:37
learnerrory the command is "killall firefox" right ?10:37
Guest84133TJ-, i still have usb_modeswitch10:37
rorylearner: killall firefox is just to make sure firefox is closed10:37
rorylearner: and then open the file with (e.g.) "firefox /home/rory/Desktop/photoprowess/index.html" (obviously your path will be different)10:37
k1lCedric_: come on. gksudo vs gksu10:37
Cedric_rory: I just want to add icon in the unity bar that will be executed as root10:37
learnerrory okay, i'l do it now, pls wait10:37
TJ-Guest84133: Does this command report that device ID? "tar -tzf /usr/share/usb_modeswitch/configPack.tar.gz | grep '1ee8:0013'  "10:38
k1lCedric_: you should be a lot more aware of what you do and read when it comes to root priviledges10:38
ivo34hello I am followind these instructions: http://wiki.winehq.org/Patching  in order to patch a wine installation...but the second part which tells an easy method to revert patches uses git show is there a package needed to get that working?  because it a bash unknown command for my terminal10:38
Cedric_k1l: here's what I want, I want to add icon to this Unity bar, that when I clicked on it, it will be executed as root10:39
roryivo34: you would need to install "git"10:39
Cedric_k1l: not sure what is not clear with the concern :)10:39
roryivo34: What is the complete message you get on the terminal when you try to run the command?10:39
k1lCedric_: and i tell you the 10th time now, that its not gksudo anymore but gksu now.10:39
Cedric_k1l: try in your terminal, gksu or gksudo both works10:40
ivo34rory my32bitbox:~/wine-git$ git show c959867510703a100106f292cd26cb8f489236bb | patch -p1 -R10:40
ivo34-bash: git: orden no encontrada10:40
Cedric_k1l: gksudo is part of the gksu package isn't it?10:40
ivo34command not found in english sorry10:41
roryivo34: yes, you need to install the "git" package (sudo apt-get install git)10:41
ivo34I am using lxc10:41
k1lCedric_: did you change the file in /usr/share/applications/?10:41
roryivo34: you can't run "git" without having "git" installed.10:41
roryivo34: I don't really know what to say/10:42
Cedric_k1l: gksudo subl and gksu subl both works in terminal, but that's not what I want to happen, I want to add shortut in my unity bar that will be executed as root by default10:42
ivo34so I need to install git in the container aswell10:42
roryivo34: Yes.10:42
k1lCedric_: did you pin and unpin it afterwards on the launcher bar?10:42
Cedric_k1l: yes, tried gksudo and gksu10:42
k1l*unpin and pin10:42
Cedric_k1l: yes, that's what I have read in askubutu but didn't worked10:42
Guest84133TJ-, yes, it does10:42
Cedric_k1l: pin, edit sublime*.desktop, unpin, pin10:43
k1lis there a error? maybe see .xsession-errors10:45
k1lin the users home and roots home10:45
learnerrory  its not opening10:45
learnerrory do u have any idea to this in other way?10:46
rorylearner: What full command are you running? And what full output do you see?10:46
rorylearner: If it is many lines, use http://paste.ubuntu.co,10:46
rorylearner: If it is many lines, use http://paste.ubuntu.com *10:46
killerhey , anyone tried macbook air (2015) on ubuntu ?10:47
Guest84133TJ-, yes, it does10:47
killeramd 64 image is supposed to work on mac ?10:47
learnerrory home/suseela/Desktop/3e website project/photoprowess/index.html this is the path i run in firefox10:47
ivo34hey rory wich one is the patched file here: |--- a/programs/winecfg/Pt.rc10:48
ivo34|+++ b/programs/winecfg/Pt.rc10:48
roryivo34: I have no idea10:48
learnerrory : but it's not opening rory10:48
ivo34rory btw it worked I needed to install git10:48
roryivo34: If the git output is saying +++ it means 3 lines added to that file10:48
ivo34so that one is the patched one10:49
roryivo34: if it is saying (e.g) +++--- it means 3 lines added and 3 lines removed10:49
roryivo34: Looks like it10:49
Cedric_k1l: tried gksudo and gksu, no errors in .xsession10:49
Jobbeok I'm back TJ-10:49
rorylearner: I can't help you any further because you won't let me help you by answering my questions10:49
* rory afk10:49
TJ-Guest84133: in that case when the device is plugged in udevd should execute usb_modeswitch with the configuration settings in its database.  Once configured the modem-manager service should take on management of the device, and tell network-manager about it. Use "nmcli nm" to report the status of the WWAN device10:49
learnerrory : let's discuss about the other way of editing website templates and run it in firefox.10:50
rorywith respect learner if you can't open a file in a program, perhaps web development isn't for you10:50
learnerrory okay, anyother way10:51
Guest84133TJ-, so which command should I practically give?10:51
Guest84133TJ-, gives a void answer10:52
Guest84133TJ-, nmcli nmgives a void ans wer10:52
Guest84133TJ-, nmcli nm gives a void answer10:52
Jobbe[12:25:13] <        TJ-> | Jobbe: in the initrd, the modules to load are listed in "conf/modules"10:53
Cedric_anyways, I think it's something to do with this unity thing, I'll just create a script to run what I want... pif10:53
JobbeTJ-: i have extracted the initrd.gz file into /tmp/ubuntu10:53
JobbeI see a list of files in /tmp/ubuntu/lib/modules/3.13.0-61-generic10:54
JobbeI don't see a conf dir anywhere10:54
Guest84133TJ , if it so, why it doesn't work?10:55
JobbeIt appears in this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware/+bug/59545510:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 594248 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #595455 Installed a USB WiFi device dmesg reported: rtl819xU:request firmware fail!" [Low,Fix released]10:56
Jobbethat i should be able to load firmware into /lib/firmware hmm10:56
ubuntu608I got ubuntu to boot into a demo and it gives me the option to install it for real. Are there any issues with dataloss that I might run into if I do that?10:57
ivo34rory what would you type as the target file? http://pastebin.com/yiYKSv0010:59
Guest84133TJ, why it works just after reboot?10:59
ubuntu608I got ubuntu to boot into a demo and it gives me the option to install it for real. Are there any issues with dataloss that I might run into if I do that?11:00
Ahtiubuntu608, nope11:01
ubuntu608I just had to check, because the way that it's worded seems a bit odd11:01
AhtiInfact, doing it from live mode allows you greater partitioning control.11:05
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
AhtiShould rephrase that; You have to boot into the "Live Desktop" to do more advanced partitioning to install anyway...11:07
k1lubuntu608: well, its a machine. if you give it the false command it can wipe all the data. so be sure to have  a backup of the important stuff.11:09
TomyWorki'm installing a fresh kubuntu trusty and i want to use LVM, so i'm creating the recommended /boot partition. how big should it be?11:09
=== root is now known as Guest27383
TomyWorki hear numbers ranging from 16 to 500 mb11:10
Fudgeanyone know on the ubuntu-server image the packages to get th etext installer? trying to do it on a cli live cd that isnt server11:10
ethMiner_i have a script11:11
ethMiner_how do i make it run on startup11:12
k1lTomyWork: the more the better. most people come into trouble when they have to much kernels installed and /boot is full11:12
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot11:12
TomyWorkethMiner_ as your user? crontab -e and add an @reboot directive11:12
k1lethMiner_: depends on when and as whom you want it to run11:12
TomyWorkethMiner_ if it needs the x server, it's more complicated11:12
k1lethMiner_: and i am sure i answered that the last days already several times11:12
TomyWorkk1l i see... so i'll give it 500 MB?11:13
ethMiner_k1l: if you did answer it correctly i wouldnt be here11:13
k1lTomyWork: if the hdd is big enough, i would got with 500mb too.11:13
ethMiner_TomyWork: @reboot /home/shovel/Desktop/launchers.sh11:13
k1lethMiner_: so what was my answer?11:13
ethMiner_i added that to crontab -e11:14
TomyWorkethMiner_ in that case, you forgot point number 4 in that guide here: http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#beprecise11:14
ethMiner_k1l: this thing http://askubuntu.com/questions/814/how-to-run-scripts-on-start-up11:14
pranavhi.. slightly out of context, but do we have terminal based software for facebook chat?11:15
TomyWork(which isnt linked anywhere but it's a good read anyway. helps solving some problems on your own even)11:15
ethMiner_TomyWork: i use the nightly build of Common Sense 201511:15
ethMiner_that is obsolete11:15
ethMiner_can you help me or not?11:15
TomyWorkpranav easiest way is to ask your friends to go to another means of chatting :)11:15
sjoshipranav: try weechat with bitlbee11:16
Fudgepranav:  look up the bitlbee irc server, im.bitlbee.org11:16
sjoshii am using that currently and working like charm11:16
k1lethMiner_: your attitude is not suitable in here. if you dont like the answers and just want us to do your work, then look out for another comuntiy11:16
Fudgethat does jabber whcih is facebook chat etc11:16
pranavsjoshi: Fudge I heard somewhere facebook dicontinued xampp11:17
Fudgeanyone familiar with ubiquity and how to invoke a cli frontend11:17
k1lethMiner_: you were geiven 100% right answers all the last days. so if you dont recognize them and or even read them, then stop asking in here. i told you yesterday to use rc.local for example.11:17
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ethMiner_k1l: i give you legitimate proof that they dont work11:18
FudgeethMiner_:  if your script isnt working pipe it to a log file and find out why11:18
ethMiner_my script is working when i run it11:18
ethMiner_but it never runs on startup11:18
ethMiner_i tried cron, i tried rc.local11:19
ethMiner_https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=properties.png you see that box there11:19
Fudgehave you pastebinned it for others to read11:19
ethMiner_i put sudo /path/to/script.sh there and it doesnt work11:19
ethMiner_the script?11:19
ethMiner_i dont know where the error logs are11:19
ethMiner_script is working fine11:19
Fudgei dont think you would need sudo11:19
k1lethMiner_: sudo is not for GUI11:19
LonelyDanboI can't install Xubuntu 15.04 off USB. It says "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system" and searching for that error says it's unique to Gigabyte motherboards which I have, but the solution to enable IOMMU doesn't work. {it was enabled already when I tried}11:20
Fudgeits where ever you pipe it to11:20
k1lethMiner_: and all the time you say its not a GUI script11:20
pranavanyone recently used facebook chat on terminal? how?11:20
ethMiner_k1l: ill give you the script so you can read11:20
sjoshipranav: as of now its working and not sure uptill when ..:)11:20
ethMiner_http://pastebin.com/7iXutEbP this is my script that i want to run11:21
pranavsjoshi: https://www.bitlbee.org/ is blocked11:21
k1lethMiner_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/814/how-to-run-scripts-on-start-up that lists a lot of possible solutions.11:21
ethMiner_k1l: i just trued 2 of their solutions11:21
LonelyDanboI don't know why the hell it's such a problem to install an OS on a $1K PC I bought 1.5 years ago. It took me 3 weeks to get things installed and working a year and a half ago.11:21
ethMiner_the cron one does not work and the .conf in init/ does not work either11:21
Steven_hello everyone, I'm trying to recompile the linux-image package for 15.04 (linux 3.19.0-25), but I always get a compile error due to missing include files. How does Ubuntu compile these kernels if not through their own source package?11:22
pranavsjoshi:any ideas, if the im.bitlbee.org is blocked11:22
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soulissonHello, i'd like to know how logwatch knows if an event belongs to today or yesterday? Does it rely on the timestamp in the log file or on the file date creation?11:23
asdCan somebody help me out with this problem that I'm having? https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/3fux1g/vlc_version_problem/11:23
LonelyDanboI dunno. I remember having trouble writing the ISO to USB last time. Stuff that should have worked didn't.11:28
fauzanhallo jonne11:30
k1lasd: what gives you "apt-cache policy vlc" please put it into a pastebin and show the url here11:32
k1l!paste | asd11:32
ubottuasd: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:32
djjeff qtbase5-dev not installable on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS11:32
djjeffthis bug is preventing us from installing lots of apps11:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1435324 in mesa-lts-vivid (Ubuntu) "qtbase5-dev not installable on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:33
hectortropeHello guys any one tell me how I insta;; ubuntu on a phone11:33
hectortropeI have octa core processor11:33
pranavis there a common proxy server in ubuntu?11:33
k1ldjjeff: can you show the apt-get install qtbase5-dev in a pastebin?11:34
pranavmy organisation has blocked all sites where one can spend time :P11:34
fidel_pranav: squid is a common proxy software11:34
k1lhectortrope: see #ubuntu-touch and see the topic of that channel for the porting guide. or see communites like xda if someone alreaady did the porting11:35
pesaripranav: if you have access to an ssh box outside your organisation, you could use it as socks proxy11:35
impalleSo is enabling the firewall really needed if you do only surf and e-mail on a ubuntu system?11:40
k1limpalle: no.11:40
impalledoes the fw take alot of resources (mem, space)?11:40
impalleor cpu11:40
k1limpalle: what do you hope to get from running the fw?11:41
impallegood question. I guess to peek into the fw log and see if someone is trying to intrude11:41
k1limpalle: well, that is not going to happen. the windows firewalls do generate a false view on what a firewall is.11:42
impallethe fw allows only outbound traffic, if no fw all inbound is allowed, not?11:42
k1limpalle: if there is no service daemon running and listening on a port, you cant "hack" the port.11:43
LonelyDanbowhat do I do to try and troubleshoot why I can't install Ubuntu off USB? The last error it gave, the solution to that doesn't work: enabling IOMMU in BIOS. error "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system"11:43
impallekil: thanks I get it now (yep Win does make you have a wrong idea on ip traffic)11:44
impalleLonelyDanbo: is the partition marked as bootable?11:45
k1lLonelyDanbo: what program did you use to create the usb? did you check the md5sum?11:46
LonelyDanboimpalle, well I'm booting off the HD, and the USB stick starts ... something, so I'm guessing both are set as bootable.11:46
LonelyDanbok1l, I didn't check the md5sum. I used the recomended program... I forget what. mkusb or something?11:47
LonelyDanboyes, mkusb was the correct name.11:47
impalleLonelyDanbo: as k1l said, maybe the tool you used did not succed in making the USB bootable11:47
k1lLonelyDanbo: are you on a linux already? so i would try the "dd" command to erase other programs making issues there.11:48
LonelyDanboit started with a menu asking me if I wanted to boot Ubuntu or install it, so I'm pretty sure it booted.11:48
djjeffk1l: its actually a launchpad issue11:49
LonelyDanbok1l, I'm on Ubuntu yes. {Just trying to install a better version on another partition.} dd to erase other programs where?11:49
k1lLonelyDanbo: on that menu you should be able check the md5sum of that boot medium too.11:49
impalleDoes your BIOS have a "secure boot" option? try switching it off!11:50
k1lLonelyDanbo: "sudo dd if=ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=1M && sync " just be sure that sdX is the right X, or it will wipe other devices11:50
LonelyDanboalright. I'll try that.11:53
ethMiner_the third box11:53
ethMiner_look at it11:53
ethMiner_my script is here /home/shovel/Desktop/launchers.sh11:54
ethMiner_how do i add it to that box11:54
ethMiner_and make it execute on startup11:54
LonelyDanbois this error in gparted maybe why I'm having trouble installing off the USB stick? "/dev/sdb contains GPT signatures, indicating that it has a GPT table.  However, it does not have a valid fake msdos partition table, as it should."11:59
Jobbei fixed my problem12:00
impallehow do I get sound on my newly installed Lubuntu system? I have a HP Pavilion 15 notebook12:01
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Exagone313Hello, is it possible to choose the listen IP address for dnsmasq? The configuration "listen-address" unfortunately does not work...12:04
Exagone313it seems to be a bug not corrected since years...12:05
impallefound it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting12:06
ethMiner_im back again12:09
ethMiner_where is the file .bash_rc12:09
llutzethMiner_: ~/.bashrc12:10
baizonethMiner_: in your home directore, and its called .bashrc12:10
x4w3hello everyone.12:12
Ubuntu908I think I'm at the last installation hurdle.12:12
Ubuntu908I can't actually install it though because I have too many primary partitions.12:13
llutzUbuntu908: remove one, create an extended partition, use logical drives. or use gpt12:13
Ubuntu908I think I want to use a logical drive. I'll have to check youtube or something to find how though.12:14
Ubuntu908the problem with ubuntu is I have no idea what I'm doing.12:14
Ubuntu908the good part about ubuntu is I learn what I'm doing12:15
x4w3Ubuntu908: :) it's very easy....12:20
Ubuntu908I'm hoping I can do it without too many reboots. Since as of late, trying to get ubuntu up and running has been a huge pain in the butt12:21
x4w3Ubuntu908: if you can't use whole partition in the disk, try to create manually partitions...it isnt difficult.12:21
Ubuntu908I'd like to cut off about 30 gigs for just the OS and run all my programs from my other drive12:22
x4w3you can install where u want, primary or extended.12:22
Ubuntu908SSD for the OS, HDD for the rest12:22
x4w3Ubuntu908:  your old data is into hdd? and sdd is new one?12:23
Ubuntu908Yes and no.12:23
x4w3:) you have installed into sdd more things...isnt it?12:23
Ubuntu908I got them at the same time, but installed all my non system files, or as many as I could onto the HDD12:23
Ubuntu908but my drivers, and I think my antivirus items are on the SSD12:24
Ubuntu908and I've lost a good chunk on a windows.old when I upgraded to windows 10 that it won't let me delete :\12:24
livcdi am getting this from vagrant sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified12:24
livcdi have tried to play with sudoers but did not get any result12:25
x4w3Ubuntu908: save data to a extended partition and after it, remove all windows and linux, a reinstall all again....12:25
Ubuntu908the linux seems to be not on the computer yet, it's on a thumbdrive12:26
x4w3sudo -i, sudo su....12:26
x4w3Ubuntu908:  enough to create a new extended partition and move all data into hdd and sdd into it.12:27
Ubuntu908I haven't actually figured out how to make the extended partition yet.12:27
Ubuntu908I think I need to do something in the disk managment window though12:28
x4w3livcd: sudo visudo o edit /etc/sudoers to grant your user...12:28
x4w3Ubuntu908: run gparted daemon and check both hardrives are recognized, after it select hdd and try to create extended using free space or without assigment space after delete unused partition.12:29
x4w3livcd: other way is use the command in full path, like sudo /sbin/ifconfig instead of sudo ifconfig.12:31
Ubuntu908is gparted daemon in ubuntu, or is that a seperate program?12:31
x4w3let me check it12:32
x4w3no sorry, you need to install it, i check in Ubuntu 64 14.04 LTS and by default is not installed.12:35
x4w3Ubuntu908: sudo apt-get install gparted :P12:35
Ubuntu908Can I do that with the demo ubuntu?12:35
x4w3let me check if exists by default other one12:35
OerHeksit is standard on the live iso12:35
Ubuntu908because it locked me out of my HDD files before when I was in the demo12:36
OerHeksnot sure why gparted is removed after installation ..12:36
livcdx4w3: i did but there has not been any effect...but hey this is more connected to vagrant12:36
x4w3livcd: paste your full command please...12:37
x4w3Ubuntu908: with live cd gparted is by default and you can use it, why you can mount your data partition?12:37
Ubuntu908I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I'll try and explain the situatiuon a bit better.12:39
Ubuntu908When I try to install ubuntu from the thumbdrive normally, outside of the demo it says I can't due to partitions. and when I try to do it from in the demo version, it basically says I need to wipe everything.12:40
livcdx4w3: vagrant ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL12:41
Ubuntu908I actually thought about just moving all my data to the HDD, unplugging it, and installing that way, wiping my windows out in the process12:41
Ubuntu908I mean, that way by unplugging it, it can't really be knocked out.12:41
x4w3Ubuntu908: excuse i'm trying to understand, i'm spanish....12:43
Ubuntu908That's plenty fine. I can't really be upset over that.12:44
Ubuntu908Well, not reaonably anyway.12:44
x4w3livcd: add your user to sudo group first sudo usermod -a -G sudo vagrant12:44
funkenstrahlenWhat is the best way to make iptables rules persistent?12:44
Ubuntu908I'll try and put gparted on the thumbdrive too I suppose12:45
Ubuntu908and hopefully be able to get things working12:45
AleksaHello! How do I send X through SSH when my router closes almost all ports? Could I somehow forward X through my http port?12:45
x4w3Ubuntu908: try live cd, of course you will be able to move all your data to the best partition and after it reinstall windows in to the primary and then install ubuntu :P12:46
x4w3Ubuntu908: live cd mount every partition  :)12:46
livcdx4w3: i created an "admin" group and added vagrant to it12:46
Ubuntu908I don't actually have CDs to burn it onto.12:47
x4w3livcd: test first adding user to group sudo, only in UNIX you can use admin i think, i dont know12:47
OerHeksfunkenstrahlen, i would use the iptables-persistent tool12:47
OerHeks!info iptables-persistent12:48
ubottuiptables-persistent (source: iptables-persistent): boot-time loader for netfilter rules, iptables plugin. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.3 (vivid), package size 7 kB, installed size 65 kB12:48
x4w3Ubuntu908:  live cd will not delete any partition.12:48
x4w3Ubuntu908:  you can use Hiren's Boot too, include linux live with gparted12:48
Ubuntu908Wait, to make sure I understand the term.... is a live cd an actual disk?12:49
OerHeksouch, do not mention Hirens here, it is highly illegal x4w312:49
OerHeksthe live iso has got gparted.12:49
x4w3ok sorry12:49
livcdx4w3: ok..but nope it's still the same :S12:49
x4w3livcd: try vagrant   ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL12:50
k1l_Ubuntu908: the live system could be placed on a cd/dvd or a usb pendrive12:50
OerHeksx4w3, suggest UBcd ultimate boot cd next time, is freeware ;-)12:50
llutzlivcd: after adding a user to a group, the user needs to re-login12:50
livcdllutz: yes i did that :-)12:52
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Aleksano answer to my question?12:53
OerHeksAleksa, did your provider closed ports?12:55
AleksaIt's by default12:55
AleksaI mean12:55
AleksaOerHeks, I cannot do ssh to my PC, unless I open 22 port manually on my router.12:55
AleksaI'm writing a tutorial, but I cannot figure it out :(12:56
llutzAleksa: open the port (use portforwarding), connect to your pc using "ssh -X user@host", done12:57
OerHeksAleksa, so you CAN open port 22 .. why do you ask for an other way trough th http port ( 80) ??12:57
livcdx4w3: no difference12:58
BluesKajAleksa:  this shows a couple of options for X forwarding  http://askubuntu.com/questions/35512/what-is-the-difference-between-ssh-y-trusted-x11-forwarding-and-ssh-x-u12:59
AleksaOerHeks, in case on the other side (person using pc i consider remote) does not know how to open port 22 on router.12:59
AleksaMaybe to set SSH to listen on 80?12:59
llutzAleksa: why would port 80 on a router should be open?12:59
Aleksallutz, ok so, what port is usually opened on router? I thought it's 80 for http, classic internet surfing13:00
llutzAleksa: none, you don't need to open port 80 to reach websites OUTSIDE13:01
llutzAleksa: normal soho-routers shouldn't have any open ports. they allow all outbound, nothing inbound13:01
x4w3livcd: sudoers it's very easy, but try with new user --> http://askubuntu.com/questions/7477/how-can-i-add-a-new-user-as-sudoer-using-the-command-line13:01
llutzAleksa: if you don't want to open any ports, use a reverse-ssh-tunnel13:02
=== michaela is now known as Guest84202
x4w3livcd: remember that all members of the group admin, are in Ubuntu by default allowed to use sudo, so the easiest way is to add the user account to the admin group.13:03
x4w3but try with new user better :)13:03
Aleksallutz, thank you a lot! I will google it :)13:04
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest35773
Aleksallutz, one last question: According to one tutorial I am following right now, it is possible to access to PC that is behind router (NAT). It's done with 'ssh -R anyport:localhost:22 user:his_ip'13:10
Aleksaof course that command is supposed to be run on remote pc13:10
ash__hey, i was trying to install LAMP with tasksel and suddenly all my programs started to uninstall ... any idea why?13:11
Aleksaand on source pc, I need to type ssh localhost -p 'the_same_port'13:11
llutzAleksa: sure, thats why it is called "reverse tunnel"13:11
Aleksathe question is: Would all this work if the "source PC" is also behind the router?13:11
Aleksawould this reverse tunnel work with both PC's being behind the router?13:12
=== Tsunami1 is now known as Guest72107
ash__all means almost all .... browsers, ubuntu-desktop...13:12
BluesKajAleksa:  yes it should13:12
llutzAleksa: the same router? then it makes no sense, the can connect direct.13:12
Aleksallutz, not the same. Each PC has it's own router13:12
gnmkwhat is the best way to install .deb packages from directory at boot time ?13:13
llutzAleksa: works too, just one of the router has to allow incoming ssh-connections (port forwarding)13:13
jpdsgnmk: Why13:13
jpdsgnmk: Why would you want to do that?13:13
wtm_iphoneAny one knows how to play videos with framebuffer? Mplayer cannot open the framebuffer(with or without sudo, both cannot)13:13
Aleksallutz, what if neither router allows it?13:13
llutzAleksa: you're lost13:13
Aleksareverse tunneling works on remote pc whose ports on router are closed13:14
gnmkjpds: because there are some requirement which will install basic ubutu rootfs and need to add some packages later .13:14
wtm_iphoneBut my framebuffer device works fine, I can use fbterm on it13:14
Aleksaso, at least one port must be opened?13:14
llutzAleksa: yes,13:14
gnmkjpds: its basically container .13:14
Aleksais there some kind of double reverse tunneling?13:14
jpdsgnmk: You're going to want to look at cloud-init and see how it does stuff13:15
llutzAleksa: i doubt because one side always has to be able to receive inbound connections13:15
gnmkjpds: ok let me see.13:16
wtm_iphoneCan any one help me?13:17
=== reeed_ is now known as reeed
gnmkjpds: ok I can use could-init for containers but if physical HW, what will be the best approach rc.local or cron or something else .13:21
=== moz is now known as motz
motzusb_modeswitch says: "Error: message endpoint not given or found. Abort". what does it mean?13:21
LonelyDanbowill this error get in the way of using the Ubuntu installer on the USB stick, and require fixing, or do I ignore it? "/dev/sdb contains GPT signatures, indicating that it has a GPT table.  However, it does not have a valid fake msdos partition table, as it should."13:25
gnmkjpds: any tested methods ?13:26
Paddy_NIIs there any way I can make the file type case insensitive for this particular operation.  "find /media/patrick/SAMSUNG/Recovered_Data/ -name \*.mp3 -exec mv {} /media/patrick/SAMSUNG/Recovered_Files/Audio/ \;"13:29
LonelyDanbogod, I don't know what I'm doing with this USB stick. did I fix it? Do I need to do more?13:30
Paddy_NILonelyDanbo, Was this a result of dd?13:31
LonelyDanboPaddy_NI, uh... right now I'm trying to re-write the ISO to it. just a sec.13:31
LonelyDanbooh god. what does "dd" do by itself? it's just hanging.13:34
badbodhpatience soldier. dd extracts the iso to usb13:34
badbodhtakes time13:34
badbodhgo shoot some kittens, come back after 10-15 minutes13:35
LonelyDanbowhat iso? I didn't tell it to use an iso. I just typed "dd" by itself.13:35
badbodhjust 'dd' ? no source/target ?13:35
badbodhctrl-c it13:35
LonelyDanbothe previous command where someone told me to do "sudo dd if=xubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1M && sync" seems to have worked.13:36
badbodhusually dd is used for creating live-usb, dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/usb13:37
badbodhsounds legit13:37
impallesometimes I see "&sync" used - what's it for?13:37
wtm_iphone<How to use dd> *Don't run the follow commands!!!!!* sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda      # xD13:37
ubuntu824Alright, so apparently I can use gparted from in ubuntu demo. Now I just need to resize my partitions.13:37
k1l_impalle: to clean the cache and make sure all data is written on the usb device13:38
impallek1l_: ah thx13:38
LonelyDanbowell... I guess I'll reboot and try this. see if it's any different or works at all. I wish I had two computers so I wouldn't have to spend time rebooting when things don't work.13:38
badbodhrun 'man dd' to see what dd can do13:39
heloanyone know why gvfs-udisks-volume-monitor process would be using 500MB+ of resident memory?13:39
heloit's using more than any other process 0_o13:39
anthonymNice, wine works great now.13:40
heloif i -HUP it, will it reload without breaking anything?13:41
ubuntu824Wait... to make a new partition, why is the size limited so much?13:45
ubuntu824It only lets me make a new partition at 1 MiB13:46
k1l_ubuntu824: where?13:49
ubuntu824In Gparted13:50
k1l_can you show a screenshot on imgur and show the link here?13:50
ubuntu824I'm sure it's something stupid that I'm missing, since I'm still trying to install the OS13:51
shreddingI have a deployment script (namely a capistrano app) that executes from the command line. It has a dedicated user named deployer. Now I want to trigger deployment via a webhook, but i fail to switch from nginx www-data user to the deployer user.13:52
shreddingDoes anyone know how to make that happen?13:52
k1l_ubuntu824: so what do you want to do now?13:53
=== arlen_ is now known as arlen
jpdsshredding: Have nginx write to a file and than have a deployer crontab that checks for the existance of that file13:53
k1l_ubuntu824: the disk is in usage from sda1, sda2 and sda3. so there is only 1MB of free space at the end.13:53
ubuntu824Basically, I want to use the unused 18.8 gigs of space I have to make room to install ubuntu. But because it's currently in use, I think from windows, I can't13:53
shreddingjpds: That's a good idea.13:54
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest8356
k1l_ubuntu824: i suggest to resize the windows partitions from inside windows. in the disk settings somewhere in the systemsettings there is a program to resize (shrink) that partitions.13:55
ubuntu824I think I can do that. I guess I should shrink it by about 18 gigs or so?13:55
k1l_ubuntu824: but you could do it from gparted too. you first need to right click on the sda2 and check "unmount". then rightclick on the sda2 again and resize it (shrink it). then yu need to move sda3 to the left side so all unallocated space is at the end. then you can create the sda4 ext4 partition.13:56
=== javiW3E is now known as estela
ubuntu824it can't unmount sda213:57
=== cartucho is now known as Guest37195
=== michaela is now known as Guest50242
=== CripperZ is now known as S|ipKorN-
LonelyDanbowell the USB installer works, but now it's giving me a warning about installing in UEFI mode instead, and I need to research whether or not this will modify my boot loader to no longer allow me to boot this installation that's probably created in Legacy mode.14:17
LonelyDanbowhy is every problem I run into causing me excruciating anxiety?14:19
SAKABAjust deal with it14:19
LonelyDanboI think I should take a break. I feel like I'm about to pass out.14:20
SAKABAi love ubuntu so much OMG!14:21
jost_I have a machine that cannot be booted by a live CD or stick. However, I need  to resize the partition that is mounted as /. Can I do that, maybe by triggering the resize on the next reboot or something?14:22
jost_Risky operations are not a problem, since the machine is a VM and I have a backup of it14:23
tewardjost_: you can boot a LiveCD ISO on the VM... maybe the gparted live disk based on Debian14:23
g2000jost_: All VM's should support isos...14:24
tewardjost_: or do you not actually control the VM?14:24
jost_teward: I do not have a screen attached to the hypervisor, it is a remote machine14:24
jost_I have a root shell on the hypervisor though14:24
g2000jost_: What about "VBoxManage controlvm <VM> dvdattach <FILE>"?14:27
ubuntu194I got the partition room, but I still am capped out on the number of primary partitions. what's the difference between a logical and an extended partition?14:27
jost_g2000: that would work, but I'd need a way to log into the live system14:27
=== ubuntu-studio is now known as al3mri
g2000jost_: I see, but afaik virtualbox supports RDP connections to the VM.14:28
rkhey all14:29
rkim noob on ubuntu14:29
rkanyone can help me for first thing using ubuntu?14:30
mgolischjost_: vbox has vrdp14:30
=== cz2 is now known as czo
mgolischif you have the extensionpack installed atleast14:31
cfhowlett!manual | rk14:31
ubotturk: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/14:31
mgolischjost_: when enabled you can rdp into the guest console14:31
mgolischjost_: also without the extensionpack it has vnc atleast i belive14:32
QantouriscPackage for "man" ?14:38
=== newbie is now known as Guest25703
g2000Qantourisc: Maybe you are searching for "man-db".14:42
Qantouriscg2000: yes sorry found already, i just got confused by the www-browser but it was suggested, not installing14:42
g2000Qantourisc: kk14:43
=== czo is now known as czo2
=== czo2 is now known as czo
=== Tyras is now known as Tyras[Away]
clockyHI there can you pls tell me how to check if port 4444 open in my machine or not  using the terminal ??14:46
Qantouriscclocky: i assume listening ? netstat -ln | grep 44414:47
clockyQantourisc : i got no output indicating the status  ?14:48
Qantouriscthe not listing :)14:48
Qantouriscclocky: without the grep to see all (for an example)14:49
OerHeksno output = not an open port14:50
nimbioticsI have an Ubuntu 14.04LTS VBox. A while ago I accessed it via ssh with Putty and all went well but now I cannot access my ubuntu VBox. I enter my passwords, it plays the music indicating I'm logged in, clears the screen and then goes back to the login screen. I can still access my VBox via ssh with Putty, but I cannot access it directly. Any ideas how to fix this? TIA!14:50
Qantouriscspeaking of witch: why does /etc/init.d/ssh restart do nothing ?14:50
clockyQantourisc : you mean " netstat -ln "14:51
OerHekstry: sudo service sshd restart14:51
Qantouriscclocky: yep14:51
QantouriscOerHeks: I am root14:51
=== Dex is now known as Guest93682
QantouriscOerHeks: service sshd works yes14:52
Qantouriscbut imo it should mention its not working anymore14:52
=== regedit_ is now known as regedit
=== luny` is now known as luny
QantouriscMinium recommended required for ubunut 5GB15:05
Qantouriscactually used ?15:05
=== eugen is now known as Guest60545
=== gleyser is now known as Rayden
LeidenfrostHello guys, I'm looking for osx way of running apps in my desktop. Is there a way to run apps "windowless mode"? Even if it is an ugly hack?15:11
=== michaela is now known as Guest9749
MonkeyDustLeidenfrost  i think xmonad WM is what you want15:13
g2000dodo: Hello!15:15
LeidenfrostMonkeyDust: Thanks, but don't teng to get along with tiling wms15:15
Lurchymorning everyone!15:15
MonkeyDustLurchy  other timezone15:15
cfhowlettLurchy, "greetings" will do.  We are global after all.15:17
Lurchyforgive my noob question but I am wondering best way to move a directory to my var/www/ when I dont have root accessin this ubuntu-desktop I am using..I suspect I created this non-root user account for day-to-day use15:17
Lurchyshould I move using command line?15:18
Lurchycant copy dir using gui15:18
MonkeyDustLurchy  yes, sudo mv15:18
squeakytoyHey I have a newbie question. I have moved from files from Windows to Linux via Dropbox, but I am getting "permission denied". What chmod command is preferred to recursively just give me permission on all files?15:19
OerHeksLurchy, normally we advise to make that user part of the www-data group, to move without sudo15:19
MonkeyDustsqueakytoy  try chown your-user:your-user15:19
squeakytoyisnt there a 777 that just puts all permissions?15:20
MonkeyDustsqueakytoy  777 is dangerous, use 75515:20
=== moz is now known as Guest97996
LurchyOerHeks....give my non-root user permissions to edit files in /var/www/ via the GUI15:21
drkjstrAlso, there is a -R switch to do it recursively, if there are child folder and contents15:21
OerHeksLurchy, yes, but you need sudo to do that >> http://superuser.com/questions/646062/granting-write-permissions-to-www-data-group15:22
Lurchyyay..cmd line stuff is so easy if you know what they do!15:29
Lurchytrick is knowing the command...lol15:29
Lurchyok...next trick up my sleeve...getting my database working15:29
Lurchyill be back15:30
OerHeksLurchy, have fun15:30
=== zoktar_ is now known as zoktar
kadirohello all15:42
mete_I need help15:45
mete_about installing ubuntu touch#15:46
cfhowlett!touch | mete_15:46
ubottumete_: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch15:46
=== phrozensilver1 is now known as phrozensilver
counterglitchhey everyone!15:48
counterglitchI'm having an issue with vsftpd on trusty, i'm using the default config and when I try to log-in from a windows client I get "the session was terminated", similar error from a Mint 17 client15:49
=== matt_ is now known as Guest10647
ioriacounterglitch, con you login from your trusty box ?15:55
NectarIs 25gb a fair amount for a ubuntu partition? thanks.16:01
OerHeksNectar, sure.16:01
cfhowlettNectar, quite generous actually16:01
DrRoachNectar: Yeah16:01
Nectari might go for 20 though.16:02
mcphailNectar: depends on what you want to do with it16:02
Nectarmcphail: nothing heavy16:02
baizonNectar: i have 15GB for / and 25 for /home16:02
Nectarbaizon: not exactly sure how to do that. im new.16:03
mcphailNectar: don't split / and /home unless you need to16:04
Nectari only have 1 harddrive, and aad16:04
NectarIf i uninstall will anything be left behind, like the bootloader?16:05
AmozNectar, if you remove the partitions the MBR will still be there16:06
=== Shrooms` is now known as Shrooms
NectarAmoz: easy to remove?16:06
Amozif you have a Windows installation you'll have to manually recover the bootloader in MBR16:06
AmozNectar, usually you don't "uninstall" an OS16:07
=== T1ckT0ck is now known as MrBrownstone
NectarAmoz: well, format the space.16:07
kadiroI have a question but i'm sure it is out of this channel ( about other distribution )16:07
sapathI cann't install synaptic under ubuntu mate 14.0416:07
Amozkadiro, what dist?16:07
=== MrBrownstone is now known as Guest72753
Amozsapath, describe "can't"16:08
OerHekskadiro, then don't ask here :-)16:08
kadiroAmoz: thk's for replay it is mint16:08
kadirothk's OerHeks16:08
Amozkadiro, if it's more related to Mint then #mint16:08
cfhowlett!mint | kdavyd16:08
ubottukdavyd: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:08
cfhowlettkadiro, this ^^16:08
sapathI am getting errors like this:16:08
sapathsapath@sapath-SVE11115EHB:~$ sudo apt-get install synaptic16:08
sapathReading package lists... Done16:08
sapathBuilding dependency tree16:08
sapathReading state information... Done16:08
sapathSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have16:08
LurchyNectar> Are you trying to create a dual doot system from a single drive or something like that?  what is your goal?16:09
kadiroyes Amoz i know but still i ask in #mint channel in about more then 7 days without any answer16:09
Amozkadiro, they have forums as well16:09
OerHekskadiro, didn't we have been here before, you banned, complaining, and not wanted to return to their irc channel ?16:09
cfhowlettkadiro, then you're using the wrong distro.16:09
Amozsapath, use pastebin16:09
kadirocfhowlett: surely16:09
NectarLurchy: a duel boot on the same ssd. Windows already installed, about to install ubuntu.16:09
kadiroyes OerHeks right16:10
AmozNectar, that will overwrite the windows bootloader16:10
OerHeks!paste | sapath16:10
ubottusapath: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:10
kadirothk's guys anyway16:10
AmozNectar, so if you remove the Ubuntu partitions in the future, you'll have to manually recover the Windows bootloader to get Windows to boot succesfully.16:10
Amozkadiro, PM me16:10
sapathAmoz, ubottu Yeah, okay sure,16:11
kadirothank you Amoz16:11
Amozsapath, what dist ? have you ran apt-get update without errors ?16:11
Nectaramoz: sounds tricky.16:11
sapathi am on ubuntu mate 14.0416:12
OerHekssapath, update & upgrade before installing something, might help16:12
LurchyNectar...I would recommen you boot from diff drives...makes life real easy....otherwise you gotta use a MBR manager of some kind...16:12
AmozNectar, well, usually you only boot the Windows DVD and try to "recover boot"16:12
Lurchydont you got an old 100 gb platter HD laying around?  or a usb drive?16:13
sapathOerHeks, I already tried apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, and apt-get upgrade16:13
sapathNothing seems to fix my problem16:13
ioriasapath, apt-cache policy synaptic ?16:13
NectarLurchy: only got one drive. :(16:14
sapathAmoz, this the result of apt-get update http://pastebin.com/CZr9iK0n16:15
OerHekssapath, any PPA's installed ?16:15
sapathioria, tis is what I am getting. http://pastebin.com/GZ3D2BUb16:16
sapathOerHerks, None so far.16:16
sapathOerheks, None.16:16
sapathOerherks, Oh wait. There's ubuntu mate's ppa and libre office ppa.16:17
ioriasapath, you are full of ppa16:17
sapathioria, what's that?16:17
mindwarriorwhat's what16:17
OerHekssapath, oke, then maybe your mirror is not up2date, change it to main please and try again16:18
sapathOerheks, I am using the main server.16:18
MerdrodI have actually some issue connecting my Nokia Lumia 620 with my ubuntu16:19
sapathMerdrod, what issues. I too used that phone under ubuntu.16:20
Merdrodsapath, First when I connected it, I had an error message like "Can't handle files"16:20
MerdrodNow, it's "L'obtention de la liste des dossiers a échoué: -1: Unspecified error"16:20
OerHekssapath, you have a pgp key badsig too. that could be because the mirror is not synced. or dirty lists. > sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* && sudo apt-get update16:21
=== abdel is now known as Guest29796
sapathMerdrod, I scratched my head too much over it, but could never get it connected.16:21
sapathFrom what I know windows phone can't be connected under ubuntu.16:21
JayBauMerdrod: I had the same error on my Samsung phone, but I can actually see the contents of my phone when launching Nautilus16:21
Merdrodsapath, Yeah it was I think too. I just came her with hope ;'(16:22
ActionParsnipsapath: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 437D05B5 3E5C119216:23
sapathcould you please write that message again.16:23
sapathMy screen just automatically cleared.16:23
ActionParsnipMerdrod: when you last unplugged it, did you use the safe removal feature in the OS before physically unplugging it?16:24
ActionParsnipsapath: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 437D05B5 3E5C119216:24
MerdrodActionParsnip, No idea at all.16:24
Merdrod"Désolé, impossible d'afficher tout le contenu de « RM-835|NOKIA Lumia 610 » : L'obtention de la liste des dossiers a échoué: -1: Unspecified error"16:24
ActionParsnipMerdrod: its a concious thing16:24
ActionParsnipMerdrod: has it worked in ANY system before, in any OS?16:24
MerdrodActionParsnip : Yeah on windows, with their shitty app.16:25
MerdrodIf i remember16:25
ActionParsnipMerdrod: and when you wanted to disconnect it, do you use the safe remove feature in the system tray before unplugging it?16:25
sapathActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/eRNhk5pY16:25
MerdrodActionParsnip : It was one year ago, I don't really remember. But I guess that I didn't.16:25
sapathThis is wha I'm getting.16:26
ActionParsnipMerdrod: wonder why its the first thing I ask....16:26
MerdrodActionParsnip, It can really lock the files ?16:26
MerdrodBecause I'm sure I can have access with window16:26
ActionParsnipMerdrod: plug the device into a WIndows system and let the file system mount or whatever it does. Then use the icon in the system try to safely remove the device. When you are told, unplug it physically and I bet its fine16:27
ActionParsnipMerdrod: why do you think Microsoft (and Ubunrtu) put that feature in the OS!!?16:27
ActionParsnipMerdrod: the final unmount means the files and caches are sync'd otherwise the filesystem is marked as dirty16:27
ActionParsnipMerdrod: but few use it and get issues, so its the first thing I ask and the answer is nearly always "no I don't use safe remove"16:28
MerdrodActionParsnip, Trying16:29
sapathActionParsnip, This is what I'm getting after running apt-get update http://pastebin.com/U7cLDDh716:29
ActionParsnipsapath: wget https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage16:30
ActionParsnipsapath: my own script (based on commands from the official Ubuntu pages) to untangle dpkg16:31
sapathActionParsnip, What is supposed to happen after this?16:33
MerdrodDon't rmember the pseudo of the two people who tried to help me16:41
sapathHaha. Merdrod, that's me and an other guy who was also helping me.16:41
sapathMerdrod, did that solve your issue.16:42
squintyMerdrod, actionparsnip16:42
BotchlaBMerdrod, from logs, seems to be Merdrod and actionparsnip.16:42
=== rbanffy_ is now known as rbanffy
sapathCould someone help me also.16:42
Merdrodsapath : No. I boot on windows, don't want to lose more time16:42
Merdrodsapath: But I just wanna thank you16:43
sapathMerdrod, NP. This is what opensource community is all about.16:44
squintysapath,  did you run that script that Actionparsnip said to download?16:44
OerHekssapath, if that script from Actionparsnip didn; t work, remove corrupted lists and try again:  sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* && sudo apt-get update16:45
squintysapath,  it clears out the sources list cache and the attempts another update and upgrade. if it worked then you shouldn't see any errors16:45
OerHeksif the keys were bad, you would have a huge issue.16:45
sapathsquinty, I did. It just takes me into an infinite loop of apt-get update an and apt-get upgrade16:45
squintysapath, try OerHeks script to see if it cleared up the sources first16:46
OerHeksthis command is part of that script too, so i wonder ..16:47
sapathOerHeks, squinty , i think this might working. On way.16:47
OerHeksthat script from Actionparsnipperforms several updates and install -f commands, so that is oke16:47
squintysapath,  that will update your sources listings.  if no errors then try upgrade  sudo apt-get upgrade16:48
sapathOerHeks, Doesn't work.16:48
scornflakesis there any way to make a mount in /etc/fstab not "required"? like if it can't do it, just quit and not bother waiting for it?16:49
sapathOerHeks, http://pastebin.com/x1kB45XG16:49
squintysapath,  probably should paste the output from update to pastebin again then so others can see what is going wrong.  that last post had some spurious launchpad and ppa's i believe16:49
sapathsquinty, sapath,  probably should paste the output from update to pastebin again then so others can see what is going wrong.  that last post had some spurious launchpad and ppa's i believe16:49
sapathsquinty, sorry. http://pastebin.com/x1kB45XG16:50
sapathMy keyboard is very crammed from what I usually use.16:50
OerHekssapath, on what linux version is this ?16:52
sapathI'm on ubuntu mate 14.0416:52
sapathOerHeks, Linux sapath-SVE11115EHB 3.16.0-33-generic #44~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 13 10:33:29 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:52
OerHekssapath, can you paste.ubuntu.com the output of cat /etc/apt/sources.list and cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*16:54
sapathOerherks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12008137/16:56
sapathOerHeks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12008144/16:57
OerHekslikely an PPA issue.16:59
OerHeksi asked earlier about ppa's, bu didn't get the answer after your denial.17:00
squintysapath,  you also need to pastebin  the output of  cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*17:00
OerHeksuse ppa-purge to remove them and return to the original packages, else seek help by the ppa maintainer17:00
sapathOerHeks, I'm sorry. I have not installed any ppa's but all the ppa's of ubuntu mate by defualt17:01
OerHeksthat is the 2nd paste squinty17:01
OerHeksno, mate-dev is not default.17:01
squintyoh sorry  must have missed it17:01
OerHekslibreoffice, accessibilty, mate hwe2 ..17:02
andschwabesides running init or calling login, how can I most minimally populate /run/utmp?17:03
squintysapath,   if you have Synaptics package manager, you can also use that to disable/remove ppa's17:05
Amozsapath, one of your sourcelists are malformed17:05
sapathsquinty, the whole point is installing synaptic17:05
sapathGuys, what could be a simple solution to my problem.17:05
squintysapath,   hah  ok   so much for that idea then  lol17:05
squintyuse ppa purge17:06
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html17:06
sapathI'm on ubuntu mate, so I'm not sure which ppa i should be removing.17:06
OerHeksor bug the mate-dev team :-P17:06
Amozsapath, do you know how to edit files etc ?17:07
sapathAmoz, yeah pretty much.17:07
sapathHaha. Now, that's my only option. Oerherks17:07
Amozsapath, one of the files in /etc/sources.list.d/ areborked17:07
Amozare borked*17:07
OerHeksAmoz, we tried several things, this is server side, not client side17:07
wileeeAmoz, They are getting top help, let them do the work.17:07
OerHeksmate-dev ppa, those can easily bork17:08
AmozOerHeks, sorry, I misinterpreted the errors as sourcelist parse errors.17:08
OerHeksAmoz, i was thinking that too :-( and would be an easy fix with normal repos17:09
=== a7med is now known as Neo31
OerHeksnobody files a bug there, how would they know ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev17:11
killerhey im getting an error while cracking wifi paswords using reaver17:12
sapathOerHeks, I'm new to Launchpad Bug filing. Could you please do that?17:12
rosesareredanyone can help me how to install itunes on ubuntu?17:13
rosesareredim noob on ubuntu17:13
OerHekskiller, hacking & cracking is offtopic here.17:14
xanguarosesarered: you're not getting iTunes, at least not in Linux17:14
OerHeksrosesarered, itunes in wine is no go.17:14
JayBauwere you able to run MPC on wine?17:18
rosesareredxangua + oerheks = thx for info17:19
rosesareredcan install itunes via wine btw?17:19
xangua12:14 <OerHeks> rosesarered, itunes in wine is no go.17:19
xanguaGet a Windows install or ask Apple to support Linux17:20
OerHeksBut if you find a way, please let us know !17:20
rosesareredim new in ubuntu17:20
trackedItunes works with linux17:21
trackedStop giving wrong info17:22
OerHekstracked, prove it please?17:22
rosesareredtracked, how to install it? can help me dude?17:22
trackedGive me a few minutes im a little busy i just wanted to get that out there17:23
JayBaurosesarered: http://askubuntu.com/questions/414737/how-do-i-install-itunes-on-ubuntu17:23
NectarI've been doing some research. If I install a second ssd will this take away the problem of the bllotloader being left behind if i format the ubuntu partition?17:23
JayBaurosesarered: http://askubuntu.com/questions/496733/does-itunes-work-well-on-ubuntu17:24
wileeeNectar, what your worried about is in the mbr, not an issue unless you use it as first read on powering on.17:25
xanguaJayBau: you are aware that's iTunes 7 right?17:25
wileeeNectar, cleaning the mbr is not a good idea by the way.17:25
rosesareredjaybau, thx for info.. i will try it17:25
wileeeNectar, If this is uefi this boot is in a partition I believe.17:26
wileeeerr das boot heh17:27
trackedSo itunes on ubuntu can be had with playonlinux or through wine. If you try to get it to work with wine it may be a pain.17:27
xanguatracked: 12:25 <xangua> JayBau: you are aware that's iTunes 7 right?17:27
JayBauxangua: nothing is "sure" to work for apps made for foreign OS, but wine can help for MS apps, although not at all time :)17:27
trackedHmm give me a sec17:28
Nectarwileee, I dont understand17:28
ObrienDaveinstall Win in a VM. then go for iTunes17:28
squintywileee,  that's for window nein   :P17:28
OerHekstracked, doubtfull, all those examples are older versions of itunes.17:29
OerHeksthis was a way because of the xp-mode ..now itunes is growing up17:30
* squinty read today that itunes is now illegal under new British laws. please do not comment in this channel regarding this issue17:31
tgm4883squinty: no it's not17:31
squintysee torrentfreak site17:31
tgm4883squinty: reputable source ;)17:32
JayBausquinty: look like they haven't found that they are illegal too17:32
trackedUnder uk copyright law hahaha17:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:33
marco_how do i find what event has woken up my laptop from hibernation?17:34
Kionmarco_: check your log files17:34
Kionmarco_: auth.log17:34
Kionmarco_: or sys.log17:35
ChurroLocoAnybody know of any good IRC channels for linux game developers to talk shop?17:35
auronandace!alis | ChurroLoco17:35
ubottuChurroLoco: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*17:35
NectarIf I install a new ssd, so if i wanted to remove ubuntu would i be left with the bootloader issue. or is non of this necessary?17:35
AmozNectar, if you have a separate disk to use, that would solve the issue17:36
AmozNectar, just be very sure to *not* install the bootloader on the windows disk and ubuntu on the other disk17:37
NectarAmoz> Is that all done in the gui Installation setup?17:37
AmozNectar, can you plug out the windows-disk during install?17:37
auronandaceNectar: you can choose where to install the bootloader in the gui setup17:37
NectarAmoz: no17:38
Nectarbtw, I dont have a seperate ssd, yey.17:38
AmozNectar, just make sure you detect which disk is sda and which one is sdb, and choose to install bootloader on the correct one17:38
AmozNectar, this is all under the assumption you have to disks ^17:39
NectarI have one, but i will upgrade to two if it makes it easier.17:39
AmozNectar, if you have *one* disk, dualboot windows, and want to remove Ubuntu, this is what you'll have to do: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/32523/how-to-manually-repair-windows-7-boot-loader-problems/17:40
b00b00is there a way to know what is using specific thread in linux? i have thread with 100% cpu and want to know what is using it, thanks17:47
marco_my laptop wakes up from hibernation for no reason. Im on ubuntu 14.04 with asus x455L17:47
NectarSo, if i am installing on a single ssd, by default would the bootloader install in the right place?17:48
JayBaub00b00: open a terminal $# top17:48
b00b00JayBau: top -H -p $(pgrep -d',' p_name) not so helpful, asked if i know what using it, not how to see17:50
b00b00like strace i mean17:50
oberststenHello, I have this command to split a file into multiple files: awk 'NR%250==1{x="users-"++i;}{print > x}' users.txt but the problme is that I get this: awk: users-18 makes too many open files, how can I fix it?17:51
DammitJimhow bad is it to set up a server with a cron job to run apt-get autoremove every week17:52
JayBauNectar: make sure to partition your disk before doing that, I also found that Win7 32-bit can't be installed with 64 bit ubuntu 14.04. (atleast in my experience)17:52
DammitJimI just logged on to a couple of servers that have automatic critical update installs and the boot folder is full17:52
Koyaanisim installing ubuntu now17:53
Koyaanisyou happy?17:53
NectarJayBau: as far as i remember partitions can be made in the ubuntu setup. is this correct?17:53
Nectaris that a yes to me?17:54
shamuraiDammitJim, this should get you on the right track. https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/automatic-updates.html17:54
adityayes for u17:54
Nectarok. thats.17:54
auronandaceDammitJim: maybe it would be better to have a script that runs after updates that checks how many kernels are installed and removes the oldest ones leaving x amount installed at any given time17:54
JayBauNectar: yes, in my case, I installed Win7 first, then cleared up disk for what I need for Ubuntu17:55
auronandaceDammitJim: i know fedora usually limits it to 3 most recent17:55
DammitJimthanks auronandace17:55
DammitJimshamurai, does your link take care of that?17:55
NectarJayBau: Im doing the same.17:55
shamuraiYes there is a section to configure autoremove after updates17:56
DammitJimI don't see anything on it about removing older kernels17:56
DammitJimshamurai, do you mean AutocleanInterval?17:56
shamuraiDammitJim, if you look at the file they referrence there are comments for configuring autoremove17:57
shamuraiDammitJim, I have all my servers configured this way. Very easy maintenance.17:57
DammitJimok, so Unattended-Upgrade::Remove-Unused-Dependencies "true";17:58
DammitJimis that what you are talking about?17:58
shamuraiYes, there should also be a section to do it on a schedule if you want.17:58
DammitJimshamurai, what do you mean by schedule?18:01
DammitJimI thought enabling this would take care of it on an automatic schedule basis18:02
shamuraiIt does but you can (if you want) say to do it at a specific time as well. Its not required though.18:02
DammitJimman, what a weird thing18:04
DammitJimI guess I'm going to have to salt it18:04
shamuraiSalt it?18:04
josharensonPPA question. I'm getting this error http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12008529/ and I've read https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors but I don't understand how to increase the version number.18:05
NGC3982I have installed an older hard drive with ubuntu system files on it, on a new system as an external drive. I wish to copy my old Apache configuration to the new system. Can i simply copy the sites-default (and so forth) after installing Apache?18:05
DammitJimshamurai, I need to do this in a couple dozen servers18:07
DammitJimso, I'll have to use salt for configuration management18:07
shamuraiAh, definitely.18:08
Ubntu909I installed lm-sensors and ran sudo sensors-detect and answered Yes to all the questions and it detects my CPU temperature wrong i believe.18:09
DammitJimshamurai, do I need to restart something when I edit the file or is that just called by cron?18:09
Ubntu909My laptop feels as hot as it does when the cpu gets to 70C but the sensors is saying its only 57C18:09
Ubntu909and a few minutes ago something scary happened.. lol well it scared me..18:11
Ubntu909I had firefox, youtube, terminal, and software center open, and all of a sudden it started to lag hugely18:11
Ubntu909I couldn't close stuff i had to force shutdown :(18:12
shamuraiDammitJim, its not required but it couldn't hut ;). If you have to schedule maintenance windows then I would say your safe to not.18:12
xanguaUbntu909: were you using flash in the videos?18:12
Ubntu909No i was using youtube.com/html518:13
DammitJimshamurai, no, I just mean... after I edit the file, what else do I need to do to activate it18:13
mrbrdoI have a weird “issue” (I’m using zsh btw) - when I type cd proxy (or cd pro and then tab, it will autocomplete into proxy), it puts me into “~bin” and pwd says /bin, I can do this no matter in which folder I am.. kinda worried that it’s a virus so trying to confirm. it doesn’t happen on my local machine18:15
shamuraiThats all you have to do. The unattended-upgrades package will simply start reading the new config.18:16
Ubntu909xangua wat caused the lag18:16
Ubntu909or freeze up18:17
=== ColtonDRG-Core is now known as ColtonDRG
kadiroi'm back18:19
josharensonfigured it out, dch -i18:20
shamuraiUbntu909, what graphics card do you have?18:25
kadiroUbntu909: i'm sorry i have problem about may be the same like you but me i have a black video with sound18:27
=== phuang is now known as penghuang
Koyaanis1ok guys this isnt cool18:32
Koyaanis1i tried installing ubuntu on my raid 0... i just selected the drive, then it gave me some bootloader fatal error, and asked me to install it somewhere else.. i choose the STRIPE again, then i rebooted and nothing happens18:32
Koyaanis1what do18:33
stevessssso.. any version of ubuntu defaults to awesome or blackbox or wmaker or somethign light, and has default applications like emacs-athena and gvim+athena and plain x11 apps?18:33
stevessssand maybe default browser thats cmd-line based with webkit.. like uzbl.. somethign that gives pure unix experience18:33
stevessssinstead of kde/gnome windows-like experience18:34
shamuraiKoyaanis1, whats type of raid controller are you using?18:34
Koyaanis1i dont know18:34
shamuraiIs it onboard or and addon card?18:34
OerHeksstevessss, nope, no such iso, start with the mini iso as base18:34
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD18:34
Koyaanis1i only connected my 2 SSDs to the SATA 3 ports..18:34
Koyaanis1oh yeah18:34
Koyaanis1some intel shit18:35
shamuraiOk so its onboard what model motherboard do you have?18:35
shamuraiOr even manufature?18:35
shamuraiHonestly I wouldn't use the onboard marvel controller. It doesn't support trim for your ssd.18:36
OerHeksKoyaanis1, why raid0 ? i would use lvm18:37
Koyaanis1i dont know what lvm is :(*18:37
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto18:37
shamuraiI also wouldn't use software raid with ssd. Oerheks is right, look into lvm.18:38
Koyaanis1so i need an alternate install iso18:39
Koyaanis1so LVM is just a software raid_18:42
Koyaanis1Just to make sure here.. I also have another 3 TB HDD that is currently encrypted, there wont be any problems with its data when i use LVM right_18:43
OerHeksno, logical volume managment. i thought lvm + lvm/encrypted is an option during install ?18:43
Koyaanis1yes it is OerHeks18:43
Koyaanis1but i didnt know what the hell it was so i ignored it18:43
shamuraiAlso to solve your grub error the problem is likely that grub is detecting the raid as /dev/mapper instead of /dev/mappper/name18:44
Koyaanis1what does that mean?18:45
NGC3982So, im trying to move /home/catalogue/files/ to /home/. The catalogue is very, very big. Best way?18:45
fowlhi audio keeps skipping, how do i fix it??18:45
fowlaudio everywhere skips18:45
Koyaanis1im just gonna try to reinstall it with LVM now.. if it doesnt work i will kill myself18:46
Koyaanis1wish me luck18:46
ObrienDavebeen nice knowing you ;P18:46
shamuraisome info there for you.18:47
fowlis a typical ubnutu feature18:47
NGC3982sudo mv -i /home/hawking/media/home/kruger/ /home/hawking/ <- is the command i'm running, and the contents of the catalogue is like 2TB.18:48
Koyaanis1ill take a screenshot ofi t and test it out18:48
NGC3982Is that really the best way?18:48
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=== kolombo is now known as Guest649
=== kolombo_ is now known as kolombo
Koyaanis1im at the Unable to install GRUB in /dev/sda part now18:55
FlipflopImaMopIf I am looking for an active channel to get my feet wet with IRC, which channel should I join?18:56
shamuraiThis channel is very active, but it really depends on what your interested in.18:57
squinty!alis | FlipflopImaMop18:58
ubottuFlipflopImaMop: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*18:58
FlipflopImaMopI thought so, I guess watching accounts join and leave was making it look a little dead18:58
FlipflopImaMopThanks squinty18:58
k1l_FlipflopImaMop: we have a seperate channel for chatting: #ubuntu-offtopic . we try to keep this channel support only. so a silent support channel is a good sign :)18:59
FlipflopImaMopAh looks like I'll have to take a look, thanks!19:00
ObrienDaveFlipflopImaMop, and you can suppress join/part messages in most IRC clients19:00
ObrienDave*they give me a headache*19:00
k1l_!silentirc | FlipflopImaMop19:02
k1l_hmm, that wasnt the command i wanted19:02
ObrienDave+1 k1l_ ;P19:02
urist_k1l_: where do you find all these commands you can use on this channel?19:03
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone19:04
kadiro!ubuntu | urist_19:04
ubottuurist_: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com19:04
ObrienDaveurist_, http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi19:04
Koyaanis1shamurai: were you the one helping me earlier?19:08
kadirohi James_Freewall19:08
Koyaanis1this shit is killing me. i selected LVM and its still the same result..19:09
Koyaanis1i have no idea what im doing19:09
shamuraiwhere is grub trying to install? Should give you a location.19:09
Koyaanis1/dev/sda i think19:10
James_Freewallhow can i hping3 somone offline using my ubuntu box19:10
shamuraiTry physically unplugging your other disk. I wonder if grub is installing there instead.19:11
Koyaanis1i did...19:11
Koyaanis1im not gonna risk losing 2.5 TB of data lol19:11
shamuraiIn the bios is the sata operation set to raid?19:11
Koyaanis1this is what i had at the beginning of the installation https://www.dropbox.com/s/7lh8vpavqmf6e6f/2015-08-05%2020.59.59.jpg?dl=019:11
Koyaanis1later after the fatal error it gave me tons of options to install to19:12
Koyaanis1one of them being speed on 256.1 GB (stripe), which i chose and didnt work.. and others which were smaller and had (linear) behind it19:12
Koyaanis1i didnt take a screenshot of that ..19:12
James_FreewallKoyaanis1 what's your problem19:13
Koyaanis1i dont even know..19:13
Koyaanis1something along a bootloader/raid 019:13
Koyaanis1also another question hasnt been answered.. i have an NTFS HDD with data on it.. can i use it on linux?19:15
James_FreewallKoyannis1: what?19:15
=== pantato_ is now known as pantato
shamuraiKoyaanis1, have you tried manually partitioning it instead?19:16
Koyaanis1James_Freewall: ... NTFS19:16
Koyaanis1how the hell do you partition it?19:16
Koyaanis1also your alt ctrl f2 opened some login and it had to reboot19:16
shamuraiDuring the install process it should ask you if you want to manually partition or automatically.19:17
Koyaanis1Invalid partition table on /dev/sda - wrong signature at 4c00.19:17
Koyaanis1that sounds nice19:17
shamuraiSelect manually then post a pic of the next screen.19:17
Koyaanis1i dont think there was a manually option anywhere19:17
Koyaanis1ill install it again and take a screenshot of every step ok19:18
shamuraiJust the partition steps please.19:18
ObrienDaverut roh, bigger problems than i have time to help with19:18
kadiroyes James_Freewall19:19
shamuraisay yes19:20
ObrienDaveKoyaanis1, don;t scale the screenshots. we can't read them :S19:21
shamuraiIt was just saying that it detected partitions on his raid volume and wanted to know if it should unmount them.19:22
Koyaanis1wtf ObrienDave19:22
douglKoyaanis, are you trying to install on a virtual machine?19:22
YellowFisHello. I'm upgrading from 14.04 to 15.04 and I'm worried that selecting encrypted home folder will delete my files. Will it? It's running right now and I'm not sure if I can even stop the process.19:22
Koyaanis1no dougl ... virtual machines auto install everything19:22
ObrienDaveoops :S19:23
shamuraiSomething else option19:23
Koyaanis1theres so much19:23
Koyaanis1to select from, i have to scroll to get all of it19:23
shamuraiYeah several failed attempts I would guess.19:23
ObrienDaveKoyaanis1, stop with the bad language and obfuscated swearing19:24
YellowFisPlease someone tell me my files aren't deleted. Does selecting encrypted home folder delete the files when upgrading using the installer?19:24
fowlaudio everywhere skips on ubuntu 15.04 what do i have to poke to fix i19:25
=== whatever is now known as Guest44970
k1l_YellowFis: why dont you do a regular upgrade with using the updater that loads the updates from the ubuntu servers?19:26
k1l_YellowFis: and you will need to upgrade to 14.10 first, and then to 15.04.19:26
tgm4883k1l_: sounds like it's too late, already running19:26
YellowFisk1l_ I tried that but couldn't figure out how.19:26
YellowFisDoes this page say that home folders are kept intact when upgrading? http://askubuntu.com/questions/61619/upgrading-ubuntu-with-encrypted-home19:27
Koyaanis1shamurai: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9suvpsi2c82w3ov/2015-08-05%2021.26.05.jpg?dl=019:27
YellowFiser, when upgrading AND encrypting.19:27
Koyaanis1i dont know why its named isw_fgdadgifj. that seems very arbitriary19:29
shamuraiOk so what I would do here is boot into the live mode then open up gparted and blow away everything.19:30
Koyaanis1this wont kill my ssd for good will it19:31
msxonhi all19:31
shamuraiNo unless you do about a million times.19:31
msxoni have disabled guest  account but after sometime ti will appear again19:31
Koyaanis1well im already in it live.. thats how i connected here19:31
shamuraiah okay so launch gparted and select the raid volume and blow away all the partitions19:32
Koyaanis1so it says cant have a partition outside the disk now when i start gaparted19:32
shamuraiWe want to start fresh.19:32
=== moz is now known as Guest55760
Koyaanis1and now it says "invalid partition table on /dev/sda -- wrong signature 4c00"19:33
Koyaanis1"ignore" again19:33
JustSighDudesIf ubuntu landscape is open source, then why is it limited to 10 machines? Or is there a version somewhere that's unlimited?19:33
tgm4883JustSighDudes: it's open source?19:34
shamurailandscape is a canonical purchased product.19:34
JustSighDudesOh. I just assumed it was open source.19:34
JustSighDudesMy bad.19:34
JustSighDudesDamn it.19:34
Koyaanis1shamurai: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ipcto9ubjruomcn/2015-08-05%2021.33.55.jpg?dl=019:34
JustSighDudesAre there any open source alternatives?19:34
tgm4883JustSighDudes: what are you looking to do?19:35
notfowlaudio skips in ubuntu 15.04 how what do i fix it19:35
JustSighDudestgm4883, package management/ updates etc.19:35
tgm4883JustSighDudes: also, just because something is open source, doesn't mean it doesn't have restrictions19:35
shamuraiYou want the /dev/mapper19:35
tgm4883JustSighDudes: You are thinking of Free and/or GPL19:35
JustSighDudestgm4883, yeah I meant GPL19:36
JustSighDudesI think I'm just gonna learn ansible19:36
tgm4883JustSighDudes: You could look at http://spacewalk.redhat.com/ I've read that it can do debian/ubuntu too19:36
tgm4883JustSighDudes: or puppet, salt, etc19:37
JustSighDudestgm4883, I tried that. It doesn't work too well with ubuntu19:37
tgm4883JustSighDudes: although spacewalk I think is more in line with landscape19:37
* tgm4883 shrugs19:37
tgm4883JustSighDudes: how many machines?19:37
Koyaanis1shamurai: what exactly do i want of it now? deleted speed1?19:37
shamuraiKoyaanis1: can you pvt msg me/19:38
=== czo is now known as cz2
Koyaanis1i dont know how19:38
elisa87can you please take a look at the question I asked here? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31841174/typeerror-e-is-undefined-in-d3-js-using-firefox-and-ubuntu14-0419:39
Dro__i'm wondering why Ubuntu is using too much memory : free -m output : Total: 5832 Used : 5394 Free: 43719:39
squintyKoyaanis1, if you are using xchat or hexchat right click on the nick you want to open a dialog with and then click  "open dialog"19:40
tgm4883Dro__: why is that too much memory?19:46
Dro__tgm4883, i don't know, it seems that browsers uses too much mem19:46
tgm4883!ram | Dro__19:47
ubottuDro__: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/19:47
backboxim new to linux world19:47
backboxi want be to the network security side like ethical jacker.Is there is any sites or hands on which will be useful to self study19:48
artoiswell, browsers actually do use too much ram, too :p19:48
artoisbackbox: take things apart and see how they break19:48
artois/msg alis list *hacking*19:48
tgm4883we don't support hacking here19:49
artoiscourse you do, hacking is key to GNU/Linux19:49
backboxnot exactly hacking19:49
OerHeksethical jacker .. oh wait, hacker19:49
artoisbackbox: don't mind the people who don't know words :)19:49
Picibackbox: ##security might be a good start, ask alis for fmore19:49
backboxim asking regarding offensing hacking19:49
* tgm4883 sighs19:50
JayBauhello, I am normally using just terminal for my hosts, and new to this KDE/GNOME/Unity thing19:50
JayBauwhat are your games? :D19:50
masterkhanhello - i have a serious problem. my unity desktop environment is completely messed up. my wallpaper is showing a picture similar to those distorted images you get when scanning for  a tv channel on your tv. My desktop is unresponsive and i can only open apps via terminal. if i try interacting with unity panel my computer freezes and im forced to restart. help!19:50
ddybingHi. I have a problem when I connect my USB pendrive. I get an error saying something like "Driver reports the block size is 2048 bytes, but Linux says it is 512". Can someone help me? :(19:51
masterkhanright now im using xchat via ubuntu but i can't do much more. if i try opening a browser my computer will freeze19:51
masterkhani would google for help if i could access my browser!19:52
elisa87so I have my index.html file which js script inside in /var/www folder but when I look at console js in firefox the things I had used console.log() don't appear19:53
tgm4883artois: as we both know, words have a dictionary meaning, and a meaning by how they are widespead used (eg. literally). You are correct in your definition of hacking, but we both know that wasn't what he was asking19:53
masterkhani tried resetting graphics driver but still have same problem19:53
kadiromasterkhan: try opening your browser from terminal to see what's happen ( errors )19:53
squintymasterkhan,  if you have updated your kernel recently, might want to try accessing the grub boot screen and selecting a previous kernel19:53
masterkhani've tried. i don't want to risk freezes up my computer again kadiro19:53
artoistgm4883: cool, so I don't even have to talk anymore since you know what I'm thinking19:54
artoisshould come in handy19:54
kadirook masterkhan i just tryed to help you19:54
tgm4883artois: heh, if not talking anymore is what makes you happy go right ahead19:54
masterkhani haven't updated kernel. the only thing i did was trying to get multiview on dual monitor and i read i needed proprietey drivers. i changed settings in nvidia settings manager and then rebooted and now i find myself in this mess. i tried reverting back to previous defauly gpu settings and i still have this problem!19:55
artoistgm4883: why use if, if you know what I'm thinking =P19:55
artoiselisa87: try #javascript19:55
user1254anyone know a tool to measure the actual power consumption in Watts ?19:55
* tgm4883 rolls eyes19:55
user1254lol. already have that one :). I mean for ubuntu19:56
tgm4883user1254: I've got one of these, pretty handy http://www.amazon.com/P3-P4400-Electricity-Usage-Monitor/dp/B00009MDBU19:56
masterkhancan someone tell me how i can goback to defauly ubuntu whilst maintaining the files i've saved in my home directories?19:57
tgm4883user1254: well I'd assume your power supply would need to support it somehow19:57
masterkhansorry - not default* - i want to revert back to original gpu set up19:57
tgm4883masterkhan: just the GPU setup?19:57
kadiromasterkhan: try from your old kernel19:58
wileeemasterkhan, No way really if you updated, your installed drivers can be fixed most likely.19:58
user1254Ive heard there is such a tool for windows. It shows the actual power consumed by a laptop19:58
squintymasterkhan,  grub boot menu -> recovery mode19:58
tgm4883user1254: I thought the default battery icon has some stats for that19:58
tgm4883user1254: I dont' have my laptop with me right now to chek19:58
masterkhanyeah, i've set up so many things on ubuntu i just dont have the time to reset them up. restarting ubuntu will cost me so much time which i dont have. also i want to know how to fix this issue in case it happens again, hich it might do if i reinstall ubuntu19:59
tgm4883masterkhan: I would think removing the gpu drivers and removing entries from xorg.conf would do that19:59
masterkhansquinty, i don't want to revert to defauly ubuntu - just want to set the graphics configuration back to defauly - can you do that via grub recovery?20:00
kadiromasterkhan: just try from your old kernel if updated20:00
masterkhankadiro, i never updated to new kernel...20:00
user1254tgm4883: hmm you maybee right. it has an 'Rate' entry which is showing the current rate of discharge in [W]20:00
squintymasterkhan,  iirc, recovery gives the equivalent of "nomodeset" so one can boot to stable desktop or tty where such things as drivers can be removed etc20:01
wileeemasterkhan, I would bet you can get to a tty, ^^^^20:01
kadirooh well in this case i have no idea but may be you will check or update your drivers for grafic card masterkhan20:01
masterkhanwhat is tty?20:02
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution20:02
kadiroalt+ctrl+F1 ..620:02
Bashing-ommasterkhan: Show us what you are working with, Pastebin the outputs of terminal commands ' lspci -vnn | grep -i VGA ; sudo lshw -C display ' as a place to start .20:02
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masterkhani can only paste here im afraid20:03
Bashing-om!paste | masterkhan20:03
ubottumasterkhan: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:03
masterkhanubottu, i understand but i can't open browser without computer freezing up and having to restart!20:04
ubottumasterkhan: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:04
kadiroBashing-om: he can't access to internet i guess20:04
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wileeemasterkhan, read the bots message 'pastebinit'20:05
kadirouse !pastebinit20:05
kadirofollowed by your message if i understand20:06
wileee!pastebinit | masterkhan20:06
ubottumasterkhan: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:06
masterkhanmaybe i can paste the relevant line? - what specifically do you want to know.? the only thing I can see from the information that i don't understand is in the "resources"20:07
* kadiro sighs20:08
wileeemasterkhan, If you do not read the links and just assume we will not have you follow the paste model etc, you're gonna be here a long time waiting20:08
masterkhani can't get it to work20:09
wileee!details | masterkhan20:10
ubottumasterkhan: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)20:10
masterkhanok - i think i probably just need to reset gpu settings to default. Can someone just explain what i need to do in terminal to achieve this?20:10
wileeemasterkhan, I will not bother you again, however I hope you're getting the message, follow instructions, not you own ideas, and give details.20:11
kadiromasterkhan: the others helper need you to past things to know what kind of gpu card you have20:12
wileeeyou've already lost excellent help20:12
Gotoleimy 14.04 install just upgraded nvidia-331 to nvidia-340 today, and now I only get a black screen after plymouth20:13
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masterkhananother gpu issue20:13
masterkhanif it wasn't for driver issues ubuntu would be great20:14
Gotoleilaptop, fwiw. i've had bumblebee working fine since january20:14
wileeemasterkhan, You are externalizing your user errors, we do not need the drama.20:15
wileeeown up, don't blame the OS20:15
kadiromasterkhan: from terminal type: lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A120:16
wileeeGotolei, for bumble bee there is a ppa right?20:16
Gotoleii think? lemme check20:16
kadiroor install hardinfo that give you all info about hardware20:16
tgm4883Gotolei: nice, I've had prime working with my AMD card for about 2 weeks. it's pretty sweet20:17
Bashing-omGotolei: In your case; try : ' sudo apt-get purge nvidia* ; sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic ; sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings ' .20:17
Gotoleionly way i can get into the desktop is with nomodeset20:17
wileeeGotolei, Just trying to make sure we know where the nvidia came from.20:17
wileeeGotolei, check Bashing-om's message20:18
Gotoleiunder the 'additional software' window, it says the one installed is the recommended one20:18
masterkhanit says VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GT216 [GeForce GT 220] [10de:0a20] (rev a2)20:18
Dex7Is it dangerous to run (  $ rm -rf /  )  (without root privilege)20:19
Dex7does it remove everything within the /media ?20:19
Bashing-omGotolei: Beaware, I exoect BumbleBee to be expunfedm and nvidia-setting to take it's place. Ypu may not like that option .20:19
Gotoleiiirc prime only allows for one or the other to be run at one time, and not per-program?20:20
masterkhanthe recommended nvidia driver for me is 340.76 i believe20:20
tgm4883Gotolei: i've got it per-program with my AMD hardware20:20
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Gotoleithen that should be fine, i just don't want the nvidia card running 24/7 and eating up unnecessary power20:21
Bashing-omkadiro: masterkhan " GT216 [GeForce GT 220] " is that card not relegated to legacy be Nvidia ??20:21
masterkhanyes Bashing-om20:21
gambl0rehow do i force delete a directory...rm -rf not working20:21
Matt_tenisudo maybe?20:22
Matt_tenisudo rim -rf20:22
kadiroBashing-om: oh yes sorry i don't see that before20:22
Matt_tenior start file managed in sudo mode?20:22
gambl0rewhy would i need to use sudo20:22
Gotoleibashing: 'linux-headers-generic already newest version'20:23
Gotoleijust skip to next step i guess?20:23
Kgirthofergambl0re: do you own the directory?20:23
Bashing-omGotolei: Yeah, just cheap insurance, go on .20:23
gambl0reuh yeah20:24
masterkhani would have thought there was a straight forward way to reset gpu settings to default given how often these problems probably pop up20:24
Kgirthoferthen it would work20:24
gambl0reMatt_teni giving me false information20:24
Kgirthoferwhat errors are you getting if any20:24
OerHeksgambl0re, so why is that command not working?20:24
Gotolei..supposedly nvidia-304 is "current", even though 340/346 were automatically installed/recommended  respectively20:24
Gotoleiok the20:24
gambl0reit says -rf options command not found20:24
Gotoleiok then*20:24
gambl0reor something like that20:24
gambl0reits not a permission error20:24
Kgirthoferdo the command and paste the exact output20:25
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:25
gambl0renevermind rm -rf worked20:25
gambl0rei was doing rmdir -rf befre20:26
Matt_tenigambl0re, you said the command wasn't working. so i thought maybe permission might be the error20:26
gambl0reyea right..20:26
Bashing-omGotolei: Something not smelling right. What card(s) are we working with ' lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga ' ? 304 to 346 is too great of a stretch .20:27
Gotoleilaptop is t430, card is NVS 5400M20:28
Gotoleiproblem is on different computer so can't just copy/paste20:28
Bashing-omGotolei: Show us the output from the 'lspci' command, so I can match the card to the proper driver .20:29
tgm4883Gotolei: you can use pastebinit20:29
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:29
masterkhanhmm, ive googled on my phone and found the following command "sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-*"   --but this isn't working in my terminal. i get a message saying can't find anything related to nvidia20:30
Gotolei@ Bashing-om ^20:31
Bashing-ommasterkhan: Then we are back to square one, Maybe you do not even have Nvidia graphics ? We nned to see the requested outputs so we KNOW what we are working eith .20:32
Bashing-omGotolei: Looki'n at you http://pastebin.com/SsFhL9V7 .20:32
Gotoleiand yeah something's definitely smelly, i can log in now but compiz is failing20:32
kelledinwell, here I am with another nVidia GPU problem20:32
masterkhanive already pasted the text from the cmd you suggested. it says i have gt 22020:32
ubottusvn is Subversion: an open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. See http://subversion.tigris.org/20:32
masterkhan@ Bashing-om20:32
kelledinin my case I'm loading the nvida-340 driver from xorg-edgers PPA20:33
kelledinon ubuntu 15.04 amd6420:33
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masterkhandescription: VGA compatible controller20:33
masterkhan       product: GT216 [GeForce GT 220]20:33
masterkhan       vendor: NVIDIA Corporation20:33
masterkhan       physical id: 020:33
masterkhan       bus info: pci@0000:02:00.020:33
masterkhan       version: a220:33
kelledinif i boot up with systemd.unit=multi-user.target, I can run startx and get a working X11 screen with the nvidia driver20:33
OerHeksuh oh, startx is depreciated >> sudo service lightdm start20:34
kelledinbut if I let it boot up with lightdm, I get the classic dialog insisting that I'm in low-resolution mode20:34
BluesKajkelledin:  the 340 driver is available in the repos. no need for the xedgers ppa20:34
wileeekelledin, not sure you would want startx either20:34
kelledinwileee: i did startx merely to verify that the nvidia driver was working20:34
wileeekelledin, that makes no sense but okay.20:35
kelledini don't see why it's working, yet the lightdm startup insists that it's not20:35
kelledinxileee: if it hadn't coughed up that error dialog every time I booted to the GUI, I wouldn't have bothered with startx20:36
kelledinnow I need to figure out why lightdm thinks my working xorg config is non-working?20:37
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ubuntu8How exactly do I make a primary partition not primary?20:38
BluesKajkelledin:  nvidia-xconfig20:38
kelledinubuntu8: remove it and re-create it20:39
mancomunadoHow to restore a file just deleted from linux? not at the bin20:41
ubuntu8thanks, I think I can do that20:41
Bashing-omGotolei: Confirmed that the 346 driver is the one you want ( Nvidia recommends the 352, but I find in many cases the 352 is too cutting edge) . 346 is now available in the 14.04 release repository .20:43
Gotoleiaright, so just install that one through 'additional drivers' again?20:43
kelledinBluesKaj: did that.  lightdm still insists on starting up in low-graphics mode20:44
kelledinor rather coughing up the low-graphics mode dialog20:45
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jwashanyone here know how i can auto mute flash from my browser? i don't like sound to come from the automatic videos playing on news sites, or other flash ads20:46
wileeeubuntu8, you need an extended to put your partition insider20:46
BluesKajkelledin:  which ubuntu version?20:47
Chaserjwash: flashblock extension if you are using firefox.20:47
Bashing-omGotolei: One may do so, still purge all old drivers. O like terminal my self ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' see what the system picks for a driver (?) .20:47
ubuntu8I can extend a partition, make a logical one, move the data across and delete the primary, right?20:47
jwashi don't want to block all flash, just mute it20:47
wileeejwash, You might consider an adblocker and or noscript they will be gone.20:48
jwashi'm happy to let them play, just not with sound ;)20:49
jwashAudio Controller20:49
jwashfor FF20:49
mjuszczakHow can I tell Ubuntu to use a different version of ruby than /usr/bin/ruby? I have ruby installed in /opt/rubies but when I symlink /usr/bin/ruby -> /opt/rubies/foo/bin/ruby, any time apt upgrades something that depends on ruby, it reinstalls the system ruby packages and updates the symlnk. Is there an alternatives solution?20:50
wileeejwash, it not like a video where you have control in the browser, never heard of what you want.20:50
TJ-mjuszczak: use update-alternatives20:50
wileeewhy would the advertiser allow that if they could make sure you hear it.20:51
kelledinBluesKaj: 15.04 64-bit20:51
mjuszczakTJ-: I see that, but it doesn't look like there's ruby support in there? Or am I missing something.20:52
Gotolei-laptopBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/19KqjkyV20:53
BluesKajkelledin:  then te regular nvidia 340 recommended driver in additional drivers should work for you, there's no reason to use xedgers version which eventaully breaks due to poor support20:53
kelledinBluesKaj: i suppose it might matter that it's booting via UEFI...but again, I wouldn't expect startx to work either if it's a UEFI compatibility20:54
TJ-mjuszczak: as you're adding non-package-managed software you'd need to configure it manually. You might need to create a 'diversion' for the current "/usr/bin/ruby" too, so that when the package is upgraded it doesn't replace the "/usr/bin/ruby" symbolic link20:54
kelledinBluesKaj: and the default 340 version did the same thing.  hence why i went with the edgers PPA20:55
mjuszczakHow does that work? I don't mind RTFM but is there a direction?20:55
TJ-mjuszczak: see https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ap-pkg-diversions.html20:56
BluesKajuefi hasn't got anything to do with it afaik , kelledin, but enlighten me if what you say it's the case20:56
squintyjwash: might want to check out FlashStopper    doesn't automatically mute the sound but it does stop the flash video from automatically playing.  you can then just turn down the volume before starting the video to play20:56
Bashing-omGotolei-laptop: look'n at your http://pastebin.com/19KqjkyV .20:56
BluesKajanyway it's been a long day here , think I'll call it a day20:56
TJ-kelledin: there should be clues as to what is wrong in the "/var/log/Xorg.0.log{,.old}" files (the .old should be the failed attempt before low-res mode is tried)20:57
squintyjwash:  sorry typo   should have been  FlashStopper20:58
squintyjwash:  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/flashstopper/?src=api20:59
Bashing-omGotolei-laptop: "0 to remove and 19 not upgraded. ' Let's get you up dated ! . ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt full-upgrade ' Then we look at what driver was installed .20:59
Gotoleifwiw it seems to be sort of working, just glitching a bit here and there20:59
Gotoleiand idk how nvidia-settings works20:59
Gotoleilike, somehow the system font size reset itself :?21:00
diaGotolei, http://www.techytalk.info/lubuntu-change-fonts-dpi-when-using-proprietary-nvidia-driver/21:01
diaGotolei, are you using the proprietary driver?21:02
TJ-dia: changing the driver's computed DPI isn't the best solution since that effects everything, not just fonts.21:03
Gotoleidia: yeah the recommended one21:03
Gotoleinot edgers21:03
diaTJ-, When i played with nvidia cards the DPI changed when using proprietary drivers21:04
diaNot just the fonts21:04
TJ-dia: it's computed based on the physical measurements of the monitor(s) and the resolution.21:05
TJ-dia:  So-called high DPI displays are generally the cause of the almost unreadable fonts21:05
Gotoleibuttons etc displayed normally fwiw, just the font21:07
TJ-Gotolei: are you using rotated monitors? There's a bug in the nvidia driver's DPI calculation code that can cause some very weird results21:07
Gotoleiit's a laptop21:07
Gotoleiwhich is now stuck on plymouth, yay21:07
TJ-Gotolei: Press Esc to kill the splash screen and view any messages being hidden21:08
amrX2KHi Fellas, I have a problem with my internet connection. Now the internet is working fine, but when I try to ping any website or ip even its telling me "Network is unreachable"21:09
Bashing-omGotolei: ^^ we are here to get ya the driver and nvidia-settings installed ( maybe we must inplicitly remove BumbleBee ?) .21:09
amrX2KI've tried to disable the firewall with "sudo ufw disable" and reboot nothing changed.21:09
TJ-amrX2K: Sounds like a firewall is blocking ICMP echo/reply packets21:10
amrX2K@TJ-, Sounds correct, but I am not a networking guy to make sure its from the firewall since I disabled it ?21:11
GotoleiBashing-om, i have the driver and nvidia-settings installed. i'm just trying to clean up the resulting mess21:11
Gotoleilike how now when X starts, it's like 1024x76821:11
TJ-amrX2K: How about a firewall in the Internet gateway router?21:11
amrX2KAlso whenever it ping, it send "Request timeout for icmp_seq21:11
Gotolei640X480 *21:12
amrX2K@TJ- will check it right now.21:12
Gotoleiwith no other options :|21:12
amrX2KIts on a minimum security.21:12
Bashing-omGotolei: :) I am concerned that BumbleBee was installed from PPA, and we need to purge BumbleBee and remove the PPA .21:13
TJ-amrX2K: Try this and I'll watch for incoming packets: "ping -c 5 iam.tj"21:14
amrX2K@TJ- done.21:15
amrX2Kamrx ~ $ ping -c 5 iam.tj21:15
amrX2Kconnect: Network is unreachable21:15
TJ-amrX2K: Are you using IPv6 ... I think you've got a problem with IPv6 vs IPv421:16
ubuntu8If I make a logical partition, can I put ubuntu there if I already have 4 primary partitions? Since I don't have extra storage items to plug in, moving things around to try and lower the number is a bit difficult21:16
Bashing-omamrX2K: TJ- " ping -c 3 iam.tj >> 3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% packet loss, time 2002ms21:16
amrX2K@Bashing-om how did you know about those 3 packets ?21:18
Bashing-omubuntu8: In the leagacy partitioning scheme, there is a maximum of 4 primary partitions, one of which may be an 'extended' partition, In this 'extended' partiton one may have 128 'logical' partitions. And yes ubuntu is happy to install to logical partitions.21:18
amrX2K@TJ- Tell me the start of the robe and I'll tackle a little bit with it and let you know whats going on. but where do I start ?21:18
Bashing-omamrX2K: That is the return in my terminal, to show there is no problem at TJ- 's distant end, The problem is in your house .21:19
TJ-amrX2K: your current connection is Comcast IPv6 ... if you're trying to ping an IPv4 and your network isn't configure for dual-stack, or needs a tunnel, that would explain your problemsw21:19
Xeno72@ubuntu8: No problem. Ubuntu can be installed that way (unlike windows; it can be installed in primary partitions only).21:19
Gotoleiturns out bumblebee is in universe repo21:19
ubuntu8Then I think I'm doing something wrong. I told it to install on one, but it's not working quite right. perhaps I didn't make it large enough21:19
k1l_Gotolei: bumblebee is old. nvidia-prime is the new one21:19
diaGotolei, http://askubuntu.com/questions/6033/enabling-nvidia-driver-messes-up-splash-screen21:20
amrX2KThat makes more sense since last time this problem occured I was playing with tunneling!!21:20
Gotoleinvidia also seems to think 304 is the new one21:20
Gotoleiremoving bumblebee, anyways21:20
k1l_Gotolei: what ubuntu?21:20
TJ-amrX2K: aha! now we start to make progress... users! :D21:20
Gotoleixubuntu 14.0421:20
amrX2K@TJ-, indeed, Thanks man21:20
Xeno72@ubuntu8: 20 GB is large enough in any case. For further question you have to explain what was / is not working.21:20
k1l_Gotolei: the latest one in 14.04 is nvidia-34621:21
amrX2K@TJ-, @Bashing-om, - will restore what I did and keep you updated.21:21
Bashing-omGotolei: Is Bumblebee on your system installed from PPA ?21:21
Gotoleiwhich is what i have installed21:21
Gotoleino bashing it turns out it's not ppa21:21
ubuntu8I have it at 18.5 GB, but when I run the installer it keeps telling me it won't because I have 4 primarys. which I do, but since I was trying to put it on a logical drive, I thought it wouldn't be an issue.21:22
Gotoleibut i've removed it, and the system is still displaying at 640*480 after reboot21:22
Bashing-omGotolei: :), then we should be home free, Is system updated now ? And maybe now should do some house cleaning ?21:22
EriC^^ubuntu8: you can have 3 primaries and 1 extended with many logical ones21:23
Xeno72@ubuntu8: 18.5 GB works without any doubt. Do you have a swap partition? This is needed unless you have a lot of GB RAM.21:23
joaocfernandesHi everyone what is the best solution for 3d accelerated graphics (intel integrated) on a i7-3520m ?21:23
Gotoleithe system displaying at resolutions unseen since the 80s aren't what i'd call "home free"21:23
Bashing-omubuntu8: Show the channel what the situation is by pastebin the output of ' sudo fdisk -lu ' . The story will be told .21:23
diaGotolei, http://askubuntu.com/questions/6033/enabling-nvidia-driver-messes-up-splash-screen21:23
ubuntu8I don't think I have a swap partition. But I have 12 gigs of ram, so I do have a decent amount21:24
diaGotolei, try putting your res in grub21:24
ubuntu8I actually moved back to windows to try and move things, just because I don't fully understand ubuntu yet, and I didn't want to break something21:24
ubuntu8I'll go over to the ubuntu demo and run the command21:25
Bashing-omubuntu8: We break ubuntu - we learn - we get to keep the pieces and put it back together .21:25
ubuntu8I mean, I don't want to break something and lose my music and whatnot.21:25
Xeno72@ubuntu8: Yes 12 GB RAM is fine. Please note EriCs input because of number of partitions: 3 primarties and 1 extended containing the logicals. If you have really 4 partitions, you have to delete one.21:25
Xeno72@ubuntu8 really 4 primaries I meant.21:26
Bashing-omubuntu8: The beauty of ubuntu, is that if you do not get wild with 'sudo' You will not break Windows, or your files !21:26
doctorlyHow can I map a specific key code to a different key in Ubuntu 14.04. I am having a hard time, I need to map ESC to my SEARCH key.21:27
EriC^^what do you mean by search key?21:27
Xeno72@ubuntu8: Please note you have to make a backup ALWAYS FIRST when you change something in partitions or like that! Really always. Please note if you do not make a backup your files seem to be ... worthless.21:27
EriC^^is it an fn+key ?21:28
doctorlyEriC^^: I mean a physical search key21:28
EriC^^ubuntu8: can you paste sudo parted -l as Bashing-om suggested? it would help immensly21:28
GotoleiBashing-om, ubuntu8 but if you have the audacity to update a driver then expect everything to break21:28
doctorlyEriC^^: I know it's code and need to map it to ESC21:29
Gotoleigranted that requires sudo21:29
Gotoleior at least root pass21:29
EriC^^doctorly: xmodmap -e "keycode <ESC keycode>=<search keycode"21:29
EriC^^doctorly: use xev to get ESC's keycode21:29
Jordan_Uubuntu8: This has been said already, but to reiterate and clarify: You can only have 4 primary partitions. If you want to have logical partitions then one of those primary partitions must be an extended partition. You cannot keep all 4 of your existing primary partitions if you want to add another partition, of any type. This is not technically correct, but may get the idea across: You can can have either 4 primary ...21:30
Jordan_U... partitions and no logical partitions, or 3 primary partitions and any number of logical partitions.21:30
doctorlyEriC^^: Is the first keycode just the word 'keycode'21:30
EriC^^doctorly: yeah21:30
doctorlyEriC^^: could you send that one more time, I actually don't have page up right now, sorry21:31
Bashing-omGotolei: But in all honesty .. A proprietary driver is not ubuntu . It is tacked on to what is ubuntu . We just work with what we have to work with .21:31
Gotoleiunder no circumstances is 640*480 acceptable for a 1600*900 screen21:32
EriC^^doctorly: xmodmap -e "keycode <ESC keycode>=<search keycode>"21:32
Gotoleikinda weird though. plymouth displays fine, login screen displays fine, but once it hits the desktop the screen shrinks down21:33
foobarfoobar123When I try to login via tty I get immediately thrown out21:33
foobarfoobar123*logged out21:33
doctorlyEriC^^: Thanks21:33
k1l_Gotolei: see xorg.log what is going on there21:33
TJ-Gotolei: did you check the Xorg logs as I suggested?21:33
ubuntu8wait, when I run the fdisk lu, it just tries to run the installer21:33
EriC^^doctorly: no problem21:33
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Bashing-omGotolei: Yeah ! Granted, but that resolution is a product of a non-ubuntu driver. A very clever coder makes it work; we have to make it work better ,21:34
Gotoleican't even get mousepad open on this POS21:34
* TJ- suspects the nvidia kernel shim isn't loaded21:35
Gotoleiwhere is xorg.log, it's not in /var/log apparently21:35
TJ-Gotolei: can you access a raw Virtual Terminal (VT) without the X server ( Ctrl+Alt+F2 for VT1) ?21:35
Bashing-omGotolei: Bios has a graphics driver, grub has it's graphics driver, the kerenl has a driver, and now we are loading the GUI and trying to load up the GUI's driver .21:35
TJ-Gotolei: "/var/log/Xorg.0.log*" ... if there's a file ends ".old" that is the likely location of the failed attempt to start with the proper resolution21:36
Gotoleishould i just pastebin the whole thing then b/c i have no idea what i'm looking for21:37
TJ-s/F2/F1/  ... my typing is terrible21:37
TJ-Gotolei: yes, please do :)21:37
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* Bashing-om passes TJ- strong black coffee .21:37
JOWwelcome everyone21:38
TJ-Gotolei: if you "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" you can then directly pastebin command output and files using e.g. "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old"21:38
MonkeyDustthank you JOW21:38
Bashing-omGotolei: Reading " meridian 3.16.0-45-generic " are we ever outdated !21:39
Montauk_Monsteris there a reason i cant see the ok/cancel buttons in certain windows?21:39
Gotolei-laptop3.13 is standard for 14.04 actually, so i'm running newer than usual21:40
TJ-Gotolei: "[    32.691] (II) intel(G0): switch to mode 1600x900@60.0 on LVDS1 using pipe 0, position (0, 0), rotation normal, reflection none"21:40
k1l_TJ-: Gotolei  [    58.043] (II) intel(G0): switch to mode 640x480@59.9 on LVDS1 using pipe 0, position (0, 0), rotation normal, reflection none21:40
TJ-Gotolei: then [    58.043] (II) intel(G0): switch to mode 640x480@59.9 on LVDS1 using pipe 0, position (0, 0), rotation normal, reflection none21:40
Gotolei-laptopok so what do those mean in english21:40
JOWCan anyone give me a good linux/ubuntu beginners chat21:41
Gotolei-laptopi get that it's switching the resolutions there but i don't see a why21:41
k1l_what video card was that again? seems like the issue is the switching form the nvidia card to the intel CPU video driver.21:41
TJ-Gotolei: those mode changes separated by about 26 seconds... was that whilst the driver was trying and failing to log-in?21:41
ubuntu8J0W, I think this is the beginners chat.21:41
bprompt!ot | JOW  maybe this one21:41
ubottuJOW  maybe this one: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:41
k1l_JOW: chat or support?21:41
TJ-Gotolei: can you show us "pastebinit <( dpkg -l 'nvidia*' )"21:42
JOWis there any free support kil?21:42
MonkeyDustJOW  what is your question?21:42
k1l_JOW: this channel here is free ubuntu support by volunteers from the ubuntu community.21:42
squintyyes here21:42
Bashing-omTJ-: Gotolei I need to be away for a bit, I be back soonest .21:45
TJ-k1l_: Chuckle-worthy logging:  "[    32.004] (II) NVIDIA(0): Built-in logo is bigger than the screen."21:45
GotoleiTJ-, k1l_ and whoever else: as said before it displays fine at logon, after putting the pass in it changes res21:46
k1l_Gotolei: the starting stuff doesnt load 3d drivers. after login its the first time it needs 3d drivers. but it seems to want to switch to the intel card (which is fine for the hybrid cards) but it changes the resolution.21:47
Jordan_Uubuntu8: You cannot make a logical partition if you already have 4 primary partitions (unless one of those 4 primary partitions is also an extended partition, which from your question I am assuming is not the case).21:48
k1l_Gotolei: so i guess there is still some issue with the driver so its not properly making the switch21:48
Gotolei-laptopmight just reinstall at this point21:48
Gotolei-laptopit's only gotten an order of magnitude worse since i got onto this channel21:48
k1l_please show the command output of "pastebinit <( dpkg -l 'nvidia*' )"21:49
TJ-Gotolei: I suspect the issue is when the system switches from the Intel to Nvidia GPU, since "[    31.917] (II) NVIDIA(0): Virtual screen size determined to be 640 x 480"21:50
Gotolei-laptopi still don't get what that means21:51
Gotolei-laptopare the intel drivers broken as well now?21:51
TJ-Gotolei: show us "pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf"21:51
k1l_nvidia-settings is 331. there is a 346 one in the backports repo21:51
kelledinok, so now it comes down to this: what triggers lightdm to insist that "the system is running in low-graphics mode"?21:52
TJ-Gotolei: That PC has a hybrid (think cost-saving) graphics hardware. It uses a single low-power GPU (Inel) to drive the monitor outputs. When more intensive video output is required the system is supposed to switch instantly to the Nvidia GPU, but the output is still routed through the Intel's outputs. This is why the Bumblebee/Prime 'kludge' is required - to handle the hardware switching between the 221:52
Gotolei-laptopbumblebee which i had before, yes21:53
TJ-Gotolei: OK, xorg.conf  looks fine.21:53
kelledini just went through a complete reinstall, booted with systemd.unit=multi-user.target, installed nvidia-340, ran "nvidia-xconfig", and rebooted...and it's right back to there21:53
Gotolei-laptopbefore the entire system was running fine on intel, and i only had to enable the nvidia gpu for games21:53
Gotolei-laptopand it would deactivate afterwards21:54
Pop-TartHi! I recently got an Ubuntu VPS, and I'm liking it very much. I tried to make a SSH tunnel using ssh -D 8080 user@my.vps.ip.addre.ss, and I configured Firefox to use it as a proxy server for all protocols, but when I try to go to a website, I get an error: Secure Connection Failed. I haven't found anything after a quick Google search, any suggestions?21:54
TJ-Gotolei: Yes. Bumblebee is the name of the open-source project to manage these "Optimus" hybrid GPU hardware solutions. nvidia-prime is Nvidia's implementation and the preferred way of doing it now21:54
kelledinand i'm now 100% certain it's FOS, because it even flashed the nvidia logo before it gave me the "low graphics" dialog21:54
Gotolei-laptopi have nvidia-prime installed, but evidently it's not working21:55
TJ-kelledin: look at "/var/log/Xorg.0.log.old" for clues - that *should* be the log created when the X server tried to start in high-res mode21:55
TJ-Gotolei: So far I can't see any indications of a major problem in the log. However, I've always stayed away from these Optimus systems due to the complexity of the software drivers, so not 100% sure I'd spot a clue if it were in front of me21:56
Gotolei-laptopi don't have the patience for this, this install's getting old anyways21:57
EriC^^Gotolei-laptop: did you install the nvidia-prime package?21:58
Gotoleiit's been installed, rebooted, still broken21:59
EriC^^did you check the configuration program?21:59
Gotoleiwhat configuration program21:59
TJ-EriC^^: log's look fine. The issue appears to be that the nvidia driver is initialising wth 640x480 since there's no output for it to read EDID from21:59
EriC^^open the dash and type nvidia21:59
TJ-Gotolei: "nvidia-settings"21:59
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Gotoleiok so what about it, i have it open22:01
=== txomon|home_ is now known as txomon|home
NectarDoes anyone know how I can get screenfetch to run automatically in terminal?22:01
Gotoleiassuming there's someone here that actually knows what they're talking about regarding optimus22:01
EriC^^that's pretty far fetched22:01
OerHeksGotolei, howecome you have nvidia-settings 331.20-0ubuntu8 and driver 304 and 346 ... ?22:01
Pop-TartNectar: add screenfetch to your .bashrc22:01
Nectarjust "screenfetch"22:02
Gotoleibecause this channel in general, i just purged everything nvidia* like half an hour ago22:02
Pop-TartOpen .bashrc with a text editor, and append 'screenfetch' to the bottom, no quotes.22:02
Pop-TartWhen you open your terminal, screenfetch should run automatically.22:02
Nectarill try. thanks22:02
kelledinTJ-: all I saw were Xorg.failsafe.* logs22:02
kelledinwhich all detailed fallback attempts (which used nouveau)22:03
SuperLagI don't understand how RDP can work into a box when you're remote, but a person sitting at the keyboard gets a black screen with a "No screens found" error in the Xorg log, and the Nvidia driver unloads.22:03
kelledinhowever, IF I reboot, go back to multi-user.target, and run startx from the console...I get a proper X screen22:04
kelledinfrom which I can then view /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:04
Pop-TartAnyone have ideas on why my SSH tunnel isn't working?22:04
TJ-Gotolei: Does nvidia-settings show you something like this? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-tzkJfRoEUv0/UzPxLPdSMEI/AAAAAAAAR98/_BH6cZ5f-18/s1600/ubuntu14.04-nvidia-settings-prime.png22:04
kelledinand verify that it has successfully loaded the "nvidia" driver22:04
OerHekssudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall # is so much easier on 15.0422:05
TJ-Gotolei: that's reassuring, confirms settings sees the Prime facility22:06
kelledinso either the nvidia driver only fails when started from lightdm (which then stupidly wipes the relevant Xorg log)22:06
kelledinor lightdm is spitting out the "low-graphics" warning without legitimate cause22:06
TJ-Gotolei: on the "X sever display configuration" does it show the monitor with the correct resolution? And secondly, does it still show that correct resolution if you select the Nvidia GPU for Prime?22:06
TJ-kelledin: See "/var/log/lightdm/*" for the Xorg logs from the DM and greeter22:07
TJ-Gotolei: any change if you press "Detect Displays" ?22:08
TJ-Gotolei: because that screen capture shows the problem as is... because the nvidia side has not found a monitor it adopts a very small default physical dimension and pixel resolution22:09
kelledinTJ-: also empty22:10
EriC^^Gotolei-laptop: what does xrandr output?22:11
TJ-Gotolei: I've found a lead. Apparently, for prime, a config file in the user's home directory contains commands that should be run at log-in. Can you "pastebinit ~/.xsessionrc"22:12
notfowlaudio skips in ubuntu 15.04 how what do i fix it22:12
Gotolei-laptopi don't have an .xsessionrc22:13
TJ-Gotolei: hmmm, can you "pastebinit ~/.xsession-errors"22:13
EriC^^Gotolei-laptop: type xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1600x190022:14
Gotolei-laptopok so now i'm 1600x90022:15
kelledinoooh...wait a minute22:15
TJ-Gotolei: right. The clues I found suggest the commands to do that are supposed to be in .xsessionrc... but it isn't clear what is supposed to create that file, or keep it updated22:16
kelledinapparently lightdm.conf was broken22:16
TJ-kelledin: well spotted :)22:16
EriC^^Gotolei-laptop: you don't have those resolutions in settings > display?22:17
Gotolei-laptopi didn't have them before22:18
GerowenOne observation I've noticed with Ubuntu 15.04 compared to 14.04.  When the system is under load by one application, the whole GUI (Unity/LightDM) seems to hang up, mouse stops moving and everything.  CTRL+ALT+F1 works find and is responsive.  Any ideas as to what changed to cause this?22:18
Gotolei-laptopso what now, i expect it'll revert to 640x480 once i reboot22:19
EriC^^set it from settings > display22:19
Gotolei-laptopit is set22:20
Gotolei-laptopnow it is at least22:20
EriC^^set something, then set it again22:20
TJ-Gotolei: Did you say you're using Xubuntu/XFCE?22:21
TJ-Gotolei: OK... that depends on lightdm. I'm not sure how relevant this is, but I've just read that one of the requirements for 14.04 Nvidia Prime is lighdm - which might infer that some additional lightdm configuration/scripting is done to support the hybrid graphics ... which may not be working for you22:23
TJ-Gotolei: did you install 14.04 fresh or is it an upgrade from a previous release?22:24
Gotolei-laptopfresh, albeit eight months ago22:24
TJ-Gotolei: Good :) .. and you had Bumblebee on originally22:24
Gotolei-laptopas far as i understand lightdm is a Unity thing22:25
TJ-Gotolei: I noticed that nvidia-prime installs /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/90-nvidia.conf - can you pastebin that file for us?22:25
TJ-Gotolei: no, Light(weight) Display Manager (DM)22:25
TJ-Gotolei: OK, that looks fine22:27
Gotolei-laptopso i want those commands to run when i log in, is what i'm gathering22:28
Gotolei-laptopor whatever the command equivalents are22:28
ubuntu130I just installed ubuntu, but now it's updating to 15.04. Will that also fix my sound? In unbuntu my sound isn't working. Perhaps it didn't read my drivers?22:28
TJ-Gotolei: Those commands are executed when the X server starts. From what I'm inferring, the 'xrandr --output ..." command EriC^^ gave you is probably needed when the user session starts, but it's not clear - can't find documentation on it22:29
wileeeubuntu130, No auto updates in ubuntu, are you sure of the install release, or hit an upgrade?22:29
TJ-Gotolei: I'm wondering if there's any leftover from Bumblebee interfering here. Can you "ls -al /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/"22:29
skinuxIs there a library for using Java with Ubuntu to build panel Applets?22:30
wileeeubuntu130, Sorry auto release upgrades22:30
ubuntu130I started with an older version, but almost as soon as I finished installing, it threw "upgrade to 15.04" at me22:30
ubuntu130So that's running22:30
TJ-skinux: I've never seen or heard of anything along those lines22:30
Gotolei-laptopin what way is nvidia-prime 'preferred' if it doesn't work without a million extra steps22:31
ubuntu130Of course, an update is always good, I'm just wanting to get my old everything working, sound, browser, etc before I really do a whole lot else22:31
TJ-Gotolei: OK, and how about the package-installed alternative: "ls -la usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/"22:31
kelledinlol, apparently an internal preseed generated a broken lightdm.conf22:31
wileeeubuntu130, that is just done depending on how you have the computer set, you don;t have to upgrade? Unless you installed an eol, what was the install?22:31
ubuntu130I don't have any reason to not upgrade at this point.22:32
TJ-Gotolei: Usually it does work with a clean install... problems mainly seem to be when driver versions are changed or bumblebee has been used previously. The whole area of hybrid graphics is a minefield though22:32
wileeeubuntu130, Well 14.04 is supported 14.10 id eol, which is it?22:32
Gotolei-laptopthe driver automatically upgrading is what broke things in the first place22:32
TJ-Gotolei: Good, no obviously stray files there. What we need is someone with a working prime config we can compare against22:33
Gotolei-laptop331/bumblebee worked fantastic for eight months straight22:33
wileeeubuntu130, We are running in circles, is i you want us to guess if this upgrade fixes your problem?22:33
ubuntu130No, not really. That's way unreasonable to ask.22:33
TJ-Gotolei: yeah, it's damned annoying22:33
wileeeubuntu130, Than if you can give adequate details and an end goal, we are going nowhere. ;)22:34
ubuntu130I'm just new to it and trying to figure out what all the things are. Like getting a new came control, everything just feels weird for a while22:34
ubuntu130game control*22:34
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wileeecan;t help there, best of luck takes a bit to get orientated, you will be fine. ;Z)22:35
ubuntu130I hope so. I figure it can't be THAT hard. It will probably be easier once the new version is installed and I can look at things a bit more.22:35
EriC^^Gotolei-laptop: try rebooting, who knows, if it doesn't stick you can always run the command by putting it in ~/.profile or so, and in the mean time TJ- could very well get to the bottom of the problem22:35
ubuntu130It's a pretty big update though, it's been loading for 20 minutes or so22:36
ubuntu130Then again, that's not too surprising given that I just added the OS22:36
TJ-Gotolei: I've just listed all the files in bumblebee since my hunch is that one or more is left behind and interfering. This command "pastebinit <(apt-file list bumblebee)" gives this list http://paste.ubuntu.com/12010261/22:36
wileeeubuntu130, takes about 3-4 hours here on an upgrade, I just do fresh installs.22:37
skinuxWell, I downloaded and installed an "Applet" in Python that puts weather at the top....like to be able to do that using Java.22:37
ubuntu130Guess I've got some time to kill22:37
skinuxNot specifically the weather part.22:37
kostkonskinux, you could also ask in #ubuntu-app-devel22:37
skinuxOh, okay.22:37
EriC^^TJ-: maybe apt-get purge bumblebee to remove the config files?22:37
EriC^^TJ-: or dpkg -P perhaps?22:37
TJ-Gotolei: I suggested checking that the first 10 files at least, are no longer in your system, since some may be used when the X server starts22:38
TJ-EriC^^: Yes, but it would be nice to know which, if any, are present and causing this. We see users suffer this from time to time and never pin-pointed the cause22:38
wileeeubuntu130, If all goes well, it should, you will be asked at the end to discard any apps/packages replaced b y new versions and not supported, you can go yes or no, not a huge issue.22:38
=== M0STO is now known as CodfishCatfish
* TJ- is making a very strong coffee :)22:39
* wileee slips a few espresso shots to add22:40
ubuntu130I suppose till that happens, I'll lay down or play mariokart. Best not to poke at things that are changing things22:40
wileeeubuntu is pretty good for easy running and has all the tools to break and fix at will ;)22:42
JOWhey guys, I wanna set an environmental variable permanently, how do I do that?22:42
JOWwhen I use export it is set only temporarily22:43
Gotoleiyay, everything crashing to high heaven22:43
EriC^^JOW: just for your user?22:43
JOWhummm yes Eric22:43
JOWactually for any users22:43
EriC^^JOW: oh, add it to /etc/environment22:44
JOWwhat file?22:44
EriC^^sudo nano /etc/environment22:44
JOWEric, it opens an open file22:47
JOWsudo nano /etc/environment opens an empty file22:47
JOW*empty no open22:47
doctorlyI am using Ubuntu 14.04, how do I map keys by keycode?22:48
EriC^^JOW: are you using ubuntu?22:50
EriC^^add it to /etc/bashrc.bashrc i guess22:51
JOWisn't it setup.bashrc or something?22:51
TJ-remember that the shell-specific  won't apply system-wide if an alternative shell is used22:52
badbodhwhat about .profile ?22:55
badbodh HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.0.0-2-amd64 x86_64 ** Distro: Debian stretch/sid ** CPU: 2 x Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU       T4300  @ 2.10GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 2.10GHz ** RAM: Physical: 3.8GiB, 81.5% free ** Disk: Total: 293.5GiB, 17.9% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel ** Ethernet: 645 HiFier Serenade III ** Uptime: 9h 27m 6s **22:56
badbodhwoops, ignore that22:56
wileee5 lines I will try ;)22:57
JOWokay guys, i solved22:57
JOWactually I changed my ~/.bashrc22:58
EriC^^that's just for your user though22:58
JOWyeah, okay that's fine22:58
JOWThanks =)22:59
miosoWhenever I am prompted for a Keyring password, should I be updating or changing it?22:59
EriC^^JOW: np :)22:59
badbodhmioso, keyring shouldn't ask for it if you don't keep changing it23:00
miosoI've never changed it/updated it? It just started showing up23:00
badbodhgnome's keyring by default uses your user password, unlike kde's wallet that needs separate pass23:00
badbodhif you changes your user pass, it will ask once23:00
miosoI don't know what it is and I'm hesitant to just type in a password from something that's unknown to be but it sounds like I should just do whatever the keyring prompt asks me to do23:01
badbodhenter your user pass once, that should shut it up. it shows up on login or any specific app triggers it ?23:03
nimbioticsI have an Ubuntu 14.04LTS VBox. A while ago I accessed it via ssh with Putty and all went well but now I cannot access my ubuntu VBox. I enter my passwords, it plays the music indicating I'm logged in, clears the screen and then goes back to the login screen. I can still access my VBox via ssh with Putty, but I cannot access it directly. Any ideas how to fix this? TIA!23:03
TJ-mioso: If the user account password is no longer in sync with the keyring password you'll have to be asked for the keyring password when things like the WiFi passphrase are required23:04
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miosoTJ I've always just pressed cancel and nothing happens. I'll type somethign in next time.23:05
badbodhdoes this channel handle vbox, ssh and putty stuff ?23:06
TJ-mioso: Have you changed your user account password at some point since the account was originally created? That is the usual cause23:06
miosoNo. I just installed 15.04 two days ago23:06
TJ-nimbiotics: sounds like maybe the $HOME/.Xauthority file may need removing23:06
earl__does this channel do help?23:07
TJ-mioso: OK, so it looks like the keyring hasn't had its password set. I recommend setting it to the same as the user account... that should stop the manual prompts23:07
Bashing-omearl__: Yeah, ubuntu help is what we do .23:09
earl__Awesome. So I am running windows 10. I created a live Ubuntu USB, and through a long, difficult process have installed Ubuntu.23:10
badbodhlong and difficult :D you should try gentoo or arch sometime23:10
earl__Now, I have a few issues. When I boot, I'm met with a "grub> " command line and I have to type "exit" to get out and get to windows23:11
EriC^^earl__: are you dual booting?23:11
badbodhturn off secureboot23:11
miosoTJ I type in keyring in the search and there's like PGP, private key, GnuPG, OpenSSH, etc? Should I type in the same password for all of those?23:12
earl__Good question. I installed Ubuntu to an external hd. when i installed, I made a EFI partition, a swap partition and an etf4 partition23:12
TJ-mioso: I think the keyring we're on about is controlled by the application "seahorse" - try searching for that23:12
earl__the short of it is that it is on an external hard drive. Secure boot is set to off23:12
badbodhmioso, no. just the first one named 'login' needs your user pass23:13
EriC^^earl__: boot a live usb and come back here23:13
EriC^^earl__: did you install ubuntu twice?23:13
TJ-mioso: if you're already in Seahorse then see what badbodh said above23:14
earl__EriC^^, I am currently on Ubuntu on the ext HD, so it's working. Also, interesting question. I went into the UEFI settings and there were two identical ubuntu boot options it seemed23:14
earl__so i could have installed twice, possiblt23:14
EriC^^earl__: that's normal, one is for nonsecureboot the other is for secureboot23:15
miosoI don't see seahorse23:15
EriC^^earl__: how did you boot into ubuntu on the ext hdd?23:15
miosonothing named login23:15
nimbioticsTJ-: How can I fix that?23:15
earl__Power on, grub> comes up, I typed exit, select Ubuntu23:15
TJ-mioso: I assumed when you said "search" you meant from the Desktop dashboard, is that correct?23:16
EriC^^earl__: oh, type sudo apt-get install pastebinit23:16
EriC^^then sudo parted -l | pastebinit23:16
earl__EriC^^, ok one second..23:16
earl__EriC^^, done23:18
earl__The Seagate would be the External HD EriC^^23:19
GerowenAnybody have any ideas why Unity seems to be incredibly laggy after a clean install of 15.04 compared to how it behaved in 14.04?  If the system is under any significant load, the whole desktop gets slow and jittery.23:19
arthurfiggishello :) i'm wondering if anyone has run into the following problem, in every flavour of ubuntu 15.04 i've tried so far, if full disk encryption is enabled, i can't type in the password to decrypt with a wireless keyboard...it will only work with a wired USB keyboard, once getting past that screen the wireless one works as expected?23:19
EriC^^earl__: what else is on it?23:19
TJ-mioso: OK, I'm not sure what Unity might be calling it, but the underlying application for managing key pairs and passwords is "seahorse"23:19
earl__Nothing EriC^^, after much trouble, I caved and cleaned it off. If I need to wipe it it's fine23:19
i_am_a_duncehi guys23:19
badbodhGerowen, make sure you have correct gcard drivers. also go to controlcenter>privacy> turn of online search23:20
i_am_a_duncedoes anyone know how to get the OUTPUT of the most recent bash commands?23:20
i_am_a_duncei tried scrolling up23:20
i_am_a_duncebut don't have enough of it23:20
EriC^^earl__: are you sure csm legacy mode is disabled?23:20
TJ-mioso: there's an overview of what to expect here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays/01232010/SeahorseGPG23:20
badbodhGerowen, you can also disable dash plugin/scopes you don't use.23:20
earl__EriC^^, no idea.23:20
EriC^^earl__: usually uefi is used with gpt partitions23:20
earl__I am a bit of a newb.23:20
i_am_a_dunceif it's not available when i scroll up, does that mean it's gone forever?23:21
Gerowenbadbodh: Intel card, drivers seem to work good, because I can play my Steam games with no issues, and the online search is disabled.  It's not just the menu, it's the whole interface.  The mouse and everything will slow down to a crawl, even CTRL+ALT+F1 will take 30-45 seconds to respond sometimes.23:21
EriC^^earl__: ok, well as it is ubuntu is dependent on your other hdd to boot23:21
Gerowenbadbodh: No additional drivers listed under Software and Sources.23:21
miosoTJ thank you. I'll look through that.23:21
EriC^^earl__: my advice would be to make a new partition table that's gpt, and install ubuntu there using its own efi partition and have the bootmanager boot it23:21
badbodhGerowen, ok. then install 'htop', if things lag got to tty shell, run htop and check what's eating up.23:21
EriC^^and then select windows from grub23:22
earl__The goal was to make it so that, if I plugged in the ext HD before boot, my computer would boot to Ubuntu. If I left the ext HD unplugged from USB, then I'd boot to windows @ EriC^^23:22
Bashing-omi_am_a_dunce: The file is at " /var/log/apt/history.log " .23:22
EriC^^earl__: yeah that'll work23:22
badbodhGerowen, you can also install lm-sensor, run 'sudo sensors-detect' to set up temperature monitor. check if cpu is running hot.23:22
earl__From what I understood, I wanted to put the ubuntu boot manager on the ext HD23:23
i_am_a_dunceBashing-on: that appears to just be the apt log?23:23
i_am_a_duncei ran an ls command23:23
i_am_a_dunceand would love to see its output23:23
ElDiablitoi_am_a_dunce: cat .bash_history|less23:23
TJ-mioso: try pressing Alt+F2 and then the command "seahorse" ... that should start it, and if the password required to unlock its keyring isn't the same as the user password, it will ask you to type the password. Once done, edit the Passwords > Login entry, and set it to the same as the user account password23:24
i_am_a_duncei'm trying to see the output of an ls command23:24
badbodhGerowen, run "acpi -V" to check temp23:24
i_am_a_duncei know what command I ran23:24
i_am_a_duncebut the contents of that directory somehow changed, not sure how23:24
i_am_a_dunceand i would love to compare the old contents to the new contents23:24
Gerowenbadbodh: Just ran sensors, running about 40 celsius right now, but right now all is well.23:24
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: if the terminal scrollback buffer no longer contains the output, then it has gone23:24
i_am_a_duncefuck me sideways.23:24
xochilpilihi all23:25
badbodhGerowen, ok. usually mouse lag occurs when temp id too high or ram is too low23:25
i_am_a_dunceexcuse my language23:25
TJ-!language | i_am_a_dunce23:25
ubottui_am_a_dunce: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:25
i_am_a_dunceI apologize.23:25
Gotolei-laptopback again23:25
i_am_a_dunceI just lost like, 300+ files, and don't even know what those are at this point23:25
Bashing-omi_am_a_dunce: Lemme check. This is a file for the history . Be beack soonest.23:25
earl__So EriC^^ pardon my limited knowledge, but what should I do for next steps23:25
miosoI'll have to find a keyboard F keys. I have a ducky mini :(23:25
Gotolei-laptopthings are running more or less well, but how is nvidia-prime preferred over bumblebee?23:25
ElDiablitoi_am_a_dunce: ls <your parameters> > output.txt23:25
badbodhi_am_a_dunce, you cannot see past outputs of bash, you can however see past commands by pressing 'up' key in terminal23:25
Gotolei-laptopit's worse in every way as far as i can tell23:26
Gerowenbadbodh: I had already installed htop in an attempt to find the culprit earlier, but I'll just try to narrow down the culprit best I can.  I've got 4 GB of RAM, so surely it's not low RAM, then again if I'm extracting a 6.2 GB archive, maybe that is it, I've been recovering all my personal files from the upgrade, and they're stored in fairly large tarballs.23:26
i_am_a_duncei know I should have done that. but i didn't think anything would happen so i didn't output them like an idiot23:26
i_am_a_dunceif the terminal scrollback doesn't have them, they're gone forever?23:26
EriC^^earl__: boot the live usb, make a fresh partition table using cgdisk, create the efi partition, 300mb, hexcode ef00, run mkfs.fat to make a fat32 filesystem there and in the ubuntu installer select Something else, make a root partition, select the hdd's efi partition you made, make sure th bootloader location at the bottom is correct23:26
ElDiablitoi_am_a_dunce: I guess they are gone, you're right ...23:26
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: unless you've got some form of back-up in operation, yes23:26
badbodhGerowen, hard disk usage also eats up cpu, if you have ntfs volumes notice 'mount-ntfs' or 'mount-ntfs-3g' in htop will be high cpu eater23:27
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: a better question is, how did you delete those files?23:27
i_am_a_dunceI tried using a Rhythmbox plugin called 'File Oragnizer'23:27
i_am_a_dunceShould've backed up first23:27
i_am_a_dunceI have no idea where they disapepared to23:27
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: "Fileorganizer is a Rhythmbox Plugin that will move and rename files according to your tags and then update the database so you don’t lose your ratings and play counts. "23:28
badbodhi_am_a_dunce, likely you lost them forver. some apps do save log, they are usually in /var/log.23:28
i_am_a_dunceYes, but my directory had 600 files and now it has 450 so I'm very confused lol23:29
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: So, my reading is your files are somewhere better organised! What directory did you 'lose' the files from?23:29
badbodhit may have deleted duplicate ones. do note 'untagged' files may be mistaken as duplicates too23:29
earl__EriC^^, so essentially reinstalling Ubuntu23:30
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: I suspect that FO may have renamed the files based on their ID3 tags, and maybe moved them under $HOME/Music/23:30
i_am_a_duncewoooooooow TJ great call man23:30
i_am_a_dunceall of the files somehow ended up in one directory in Music23:30
EriC^^earl__: yeah23:30
nimbioticsTJ-: Sorry, I had not read your comment properly. Now I do not have a $HOME/.Xauthority file. Any other ideas?23:30
i_am_a_duncebut definitely not based on the tags lol23:30
i_am_a_duncemy tags are proper23:30
i_am_a_duncebut anyways, yeah, taht was the issue23:31
i_am_a_duncethanks guys23:31
i_am_a_duncesaved me from a maaaaajor panic attack23:31
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: See this link http://askubuntu.com/questions/112668/how-do-i-force-rhythmbox-to-automatically-organise-my-music-files-into-folders23:31
i_am_a_duncesee but here's the weird thing23:31
i_am_a_dunceall the files are properly tagged in rhythmbox23:32
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: it shows a config dialog box with a log-file ... if you lose files again just check that log-file!23:32
earl__EriC^^, well I'll try to understand all those steps :p. Thanks for the help! I'll be back hopefully23:32
i_am_a_dunceor anyways, appear to be23:32
i_am_a_duncebut when i move them23:32
i_am_a_duncewith fileorganizer23:32
i_am_a_duncethey all moved to the same directory23:32
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: there are several versions of ID tags.. some files may have differing versions or more than 1 version attached, and the tools have different heuristics on deciding which to use... So a tool expecting IDv3 processing a file with IDv2 sees no tag23:33
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i_am_a_dunceright on. any way i can get the tags that rhythmbox sees to be the ID3 tags?23:33
i_am_a_dunceevery song is properly tagged with Rhythmbox (i did so manually)23:33
j3r0guys in a dual boot how do I reinstall ubuntu ?(after format)23:33
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: Years ago I used a tool that would correct all the tags and ensure each version of ID was present, and it was very programmable. Can't remember its name now23:34
i_am_a_dunceI'll look into it23:35
i_am_a_dunceThanks guys :)23:35
Johnny_Linuxeasytag or entagged23:35
TJ-I think I'm thinking of around 2001 ... Tag&Rename on Windows :)23:35
i_am_a_dunceeasytag didn't really work for me23:36
i_am_a_dunceor anyways, didn't pick up the files i tagged with rhythmbox23:36
i_am_a_duncelike, according to rhythmbox, all my songs are properly tagged23:36
i_am_a_duncebut not according to easytag23:36
i_am_a_duncethis is so bizarre23:39
xochilpilii came here, because i couldnt find anything about this: i have a preseed file im trying to make an unattendant installation but no desktop just minimal, i have set this : tasksel tasksel/first   multiselect; but i got this : "Package selecction" then when i hit enter: debian-installer menu select; how can i fix this?23:42
xochilpilisorry by my english23:42
ubuntu383Alright, so 15.04 finally managed to update and install.23:42
xochilpilior how can i skip this select packages to install?23:42
i_am_a_duncehow can i find all files with no extensions?23:45
i_am_a_duncei think that might be the issue; some of the music doens't have an extension for whatever reason23:45
wileeexochilpili, debian?23:46
xochilpiliwileee, ubuntu23:46
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: "find /path/to/base/dir -regex '.*[^\.].*'  "23:47
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: scratch that, wrong :)23:48
i_am_a_duncesee the thing is, a lot of these files do have .'s in them23:49
i_am_a_dunceso it's probably not doable23:49
i_am_a_duncei'll just do it manually (filter out mp3's and mp4a's first)23:49
ubuntu383is it probable that after installing ubuntu, my drivers will need changed for things like sound or graphics?23:49
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: "find /path/to/base/dir  -regextype posix-extended ! -regex '.+[.].+'  "23:53
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: you can identify files by content rather than by name23:54
JayBauwhat do you guys play on linux?23:55
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: as in "find $HOME/Music -execdir file --mime {} \; | grep 'audio/mpeg'  "23:56
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i_am_a_dunceooh cheers23:58
JayBauI'm just using linux to host, but not for playing windows, but I decided to have my desktop running with linux. problem is not sure what to play :D23:59

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