satellite_dummy output, please help, no sound00:23
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satelno sound, need help00:25
bazhang!audio | satel have a read00:28
ubottusatel have a read: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.00:28
satelxubuntu is not reading my sound card00:29
bazhangread the many links above satel and follow them00:29
xubuntu48wHello I need help with installing xubuntu00:38
xubuntu48wAm I in the right place?00:39
bazhangwhats the question xubuntu48w00:40
xubuntu48wI cant seem to get xubuntu to install00:40
xubuntu48wI grabbed the iso but bios says its not a valid boot image00:40
bazhanginstall from what media00:41
xubuntu48wusb thumbdrive00:41
bazhanghow was it written to usb00:41
xubuntu48wI tried just the iso, tried copying the files out of the iso, and tried in mint to make a bootable usb00:42
bazhangthats not how to do it00:42
bazhangmint should have some tools for that, ask their support00:43
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.01:12
xubuntu65wok im back {guy looking to install from usb}01:14
xubuntu65wive given up on the usb...problem is the install wont work from dvd either01:14
xubuntu65wI burned the iso to the dvd but it doesnt recognize it, just boots straight into mint01:15
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vis_ionmas_terany insight?01:19
satellite_could you help me to install realtek sound card drivers01:49
satellite_i get stuck at "make" and "make install"01:49
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satellite_could you help me to install realtek sound card drivers02:01
satellite_i get stuck at "make" and "make install"02:01
vis_ionmas_teranyone here to help me??02:28
satellite_can't seem to fix dummy output... i've been working on this for over 8 hours by now02:32
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.02:33
satellite_nothing here02:33
xubuntu171What can I get rid of in Xubuntu to make a VMWare image smaller?02:34
satellite_aplay: device_list:268: no soundcards found...02:35
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* lopta waits patiently for a laptop to boot.13:31
loptaAre Broadcom BCM4401 (100base-TX) or BCM4311 (802.11g) network interfaces supported on Xubuntu?13:42
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx13:42
loptaThanks holstein!13:43
holsteinlopta: personally,  i replace broadcom chips when they are problematic, but, it wont hurt to try the available drivers that are not allowed to be shipped13:43
loptaholstein: We may have a less awkward USB WiFi NIC around. I'll see whether I can locate one.13:44
holsteinlopta: i literally just wire up the machine, and install what broadcom driver is needed, and do a system update.. then, i reboot and test..13:46
loptaholstein: The wired interface doesn't work either though.13:47
holsteinwell, you can take the hard drive to a machine that has hardware that *does* support linux, and do the work there.. or, you can follow the "no internet connection" suggestions at the link i gave13:47
holsteini have, in the past, at a LUG meeting, dl'd the driver and software needed to a stick, migrated it to the machine in question, and installed and provided support for a users broadcom chip, without having a connection to the internet13:48
holsteinits quite uncommon to have a wired chip that doenst work..13:48
loptaholstein: I was certainly a bit surprised.13:53
ScoDalUhoh my xubuntu doesn't mount my exfat flash drive, how can I fix this?14:16
loptaScoDal: I don't find that surprising.14:18
loptaScoDal: Can you reformat it as FAT?14:18
ScoDalI format it to exfat from an OSX computer so it would work cross platform14:18
loptaexfat is proprietary, I think.14:18
ScoDalsudo apt-get install exfat-fuse exfat-utils14:18
ScoDalthat fixed me instantly, gained access to it now :)14:18
loptaOh good.14:18
ScoDalOkie dokie :)14:29
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phantom1024is there a way to keep my browser to always open on workspace 1 ?15:51
phantom1024it keeps switching workspaces when I open a link from the terminal for example15:51
loptaphantom1024: Does it currently open on the workspace you're looking at when it launches?15:51
drcphantom, not sure if this is what you are looking for but Settings>Window Manager Tweaks>Focus> switch to window's workspace.  When this is selected, opening a URL in, say, IRC/hexchat will open in the browser whereever it's open at (if it's open, if not it will open in the desktop where you are at)15:58
drcThat's as cose as I can come to an answer for you :)15:58
phantom1024drc, that is what i'm looking for16:02
phantom1024thank you16:02
drcnp...enjoy :)16:02
loptaWoohoo! The boss found a little USB 802.11n adaptor that Xubuntu just magically recognised.16:05
xubuntu44dI am trying to install xubuntu on a laptop and altought I DID choose "French" on the first screen the keyboard STAY in US/Qwerty and this is very dangerous when typing the root password and the encryption passphrase for the HDD.16:07
xubuntu44dis there a way to get to a shell or advanced config to set the keyboard to the right layout ?16:08
Luyinxubuntu44d on *ubuntu, use of a root password is discouraged16:08
xubuntu44dnot my point ;) same problem for the user password16:08
Luyinxubuntu44d you might need to install additional language support for french after the installation16:09
Luyinsettings > languages and regions16:09
xubuntu44dthe problem is that any non US user will instanly lock himself up from the computer simply by typing the password or passphrase16:09
xubuntu44dlock himself out :)16:09
GridCube!locale | xubuntu44d16:09
ubottuxubuntu44d: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale/16:09
xubuntu44dI know this16:10
xubuntu44dI am talking about the installer16:10
xubuntu44dwhen I don't have access to the whole system ;)16:10
xubuntu44dor maybe I have but I don't know how16:10
GridCubeah. well, probably you need to start a live session and use the installer from there?16:11
xubuntu44dThe experience for a "novice" is this one insert the CD/USB, choose "French" (or whatever langage), go on, choose a passphrase for the disk and a password for the user and get locked out at next reboot because the keyboard was in qwerty ;)16:11
GridCubemaybe not all modules get loaded on the simple installer until after the install is complete16:11
xubuntu44dI'll try with a live session good idea :)16:11
GridCubethey change to spanish when i tried, but i havent done an install in a year, so something could have changed :P i just do dist-upgrades16:12
xubuntu44dok I will try the live install way because it sounds like I will be able to have a proper keyboard setup and I'll confirm16:13
xubuntu44dok without even rebooting, simply quitting the installer let me in a live session where I was able to go into settings/keyboard and change the layout before relauching the installer16:15
xubuntu44dnot really obvious for a linux novice, would be much more user friendly to have the keyboard asked about before going on but at least there is a solution16:15
xubuntu44dI probably should fill a usability bug on the installer :)16:16
xubuntu44dthanks :)16:16
loptaWhen I shutdown this laptop (a Dell Latitude D520), I get the Xubuntu splash screen with the spinny thing on it but it doesn't power down.16:18
scodalHow the heck do you disable the click on Title bar and automatically start moving it around feature?18:18
knomescodal, please mind the language.18:19
scodalHow the honky tonk piano do you disable the click on Title bar and automatically start moving it around feature?18:22
scodalIs there no way to turn that off? I'd much prefer it to be click and hold to drag18:34
GridCubescodal: thats how it works, you might have some weird synaptics setup18:35
scodalIt's a thinkpad with UltraNav18:35
scodalWell good enough I digress about that, thanks yall :)18:37
asantos3Uh, hi everyone18:43
asantos3Did anyone got fps drops in their games with an update or something?18:43
asantos3Not a powerful gpu or anything but eh it works18:44
asantos3Yesterday when I went to play some cs:go I got some low fps, like ~2018:45
asantos3I usually got it at ~5018:45
mrkrampsasantos3, you don't want to tell us about your system's specs, do you?18:45
mrkrampsand maybe your xubuntu version …18:46
ObrienDavethat would be way too easy ;P18:46
asantos3Radeon HD 7670M, Xubuntu 15.0418:46
mrkrampsi know … no supporter needs information to do the job18:46
asantos3I was about to tell it but I didn't finished writing the 'problem'18:47
mrkrampsasantos3, fglrx or radeon?18:48
asantos3fglrx is bugged or some stuff in my GPU, so the other18:49
mrkrampshow much time has passed since you played cs:go last time w/o fps drops?18:49
asantos3Two days ago, I can't remember18:49
asantos3that's why I asked if anyone noticed some drop fps with an update or something18:50
asantos3but here's the weird stuff18:50
asantos3I tested with Ubuntu Mate 15.04 and it ran normal18:50
mrkrampsasantos3, both systems up-to-date with updated?18:51
asantos3So I reinstalled Xubuntu 15.04, mostly because it had loads of junk in it and now i'm here :/18:51
mrkrampsasantos3, you diabled composite extension for xfwm4?18:51
asantos3Like Window Manager Tweaks > Enable display compositing?18:52
mrkrampswell, disable not enable … but yes18:52
asantos3I did that and tested it but I got the same18:53
asantos3Do you think I should test it with another WM?18:56
asantos3Window Manager18:56
mrkrampsasantos3, cs:go native or wine?18:58
mrkrampsasantos3, xubuntu 15.04 and ubuntu mate 15.04 dualboot on the same system?19:00
asantos3Nope, I dualboot with a linux distro and windows19:01
mrkrampsasantos3, so how did you test ubuntu mate?19:01
asantos3I replaced Xubuntu with Ubuntu Mate and then replaced it Xubuntu19:02
mrkrampsand you definitely upgraded ubuntu mate?19:03
asantos3I think so yes :/19:04
mrkrampsquestion is because there should have been quite some kernel upgrades lately19:04
mrkrampsmaybe test an older kernel19:05
asantos3perhaps that's it, let me test it19:06
asantos3mrkramps, do I need to do that like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds or is there some third-party GUI like in manjaro where I can do that?19:17
mrkrampsasantos3, i did not say try a newer kernel19:17
mrkrampsyou may install older kernel-versions from package manager at any time19:18
asantos3oh, I didn't knew that :/19:18
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asantos3hi again20:15
VazityHello. I'm going to install xubuntu. But i need some help.20:15
asantos3So I tried with different kernels and it's the same deal, tried with 3.19.7 and 3.18.1920:16
VazityI'm currently using Intel HD Graphic drivers, will this be installed automaticly? Last time i installed ubuntu it got pretty fucked up, it wasn't hd quality.20:16
asantos3Usually the drivers are installed automatically20:18
VazityAlright, great.20:19
VazityThanks for letting me know. I hate windows. I'm going to do dual boot first.20:19
asantos3But then you can go to Software & Updates > Additional Drivers20:19
mrkrampsasantos3, there are no additional drivers for intel gpus20:19
VazityGreat, looks like a good community as well.20:19
VazityThanks for helping me out.20:19
asantos3mrkramps, I know, I was explaning were he could see other drivers20:20
asantos3mrkramps, dunno if I did good but followed this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds#Installing_upstream_kernels20:21
asantos3and it was the same20:21
asantos3I could try Ubuntu Mate 15.04 and Xubuntu 14.04 if that helps20:23
mrkrampsasantos3, the fps drops you get are a sudden regression which is hard to trace20:24
mrkrampsi haven't found an according bug report yet20:24
asantos3Well, I will keep trying stuff then20:28
pencilandpaperi was wondering what package is installed so that xubuntu is able to detect a android phone?20:29
pencilandpaperor is it a driver that is in the kernel?20:29
mrkrampspencilandpaper, wether it is recognized as mass storage device or probalby via mtp20:30
pencilandpaperi dont think that is it asantos3 .20:31
pencilandpaperright well i installed mtp and am using mtp-detect and its seeing the phone kinda..but no icon is showing up so that i can open the phone mrkramps .20:31
asantos3I was asking if you connected via cable or...20:31
mrkrampspencilandpaper, mtpfs?20:32
pencilandpaperyes, via cable asantos3 ..and xubuntu detected it and showed a icon for it and everything.20:32
pencilandpaperi am now on another distro and trying to get the same results.20:32
pencilandpaperi have that installed as well mrkramps .20:32
mrkrampspencilandpaper, is gvfs-bin, gvfs-fuse and gvfs-backends installed?20:33
Vazityif i get this graphic driver working, ill delete windows20:33
Vazityso i hope it work20:33
asantos3Vazity, what problem do you have with the driver?20:34
mrkrampsVazity, except for the most current intel hd chipsets there should be not driver issue20:34
mrkrampswell, and for everything before intel hd 200020:34
asantos3Oh, just remembered something, while installing if you check that box that says "Install updates" doesn't that pull all the updates?20:34
pencilandpaperok nice mrkramps ..i got it working. thank you so much man..it was mtpfs. :)20:35
Vazitylast time i installed archbox i got shitty quality20:35
mrkrampsyou're welcome, glad i could help!20:35
Vazityill check what driver i got, mrkramps20:35
Vazityhang on20:35
Vazityscreen resolution and everything got fucked up20:36
VazityIntel(R) HD Graphics Family, mrkramps20:37
mrkrampsVazity, is it a sandy bridge chipset?20:38
Vazityi dont know, how do i check that? mrkramps20:38
asantos3Xubuntu and Ubuntu Mate are one of the few distros that install the proprietary drivers for the wifi, the open source are fucked so there's that20:38
mrkrampsasantos3, depends on you chipset20:39
asantos3mrkrapms, if I do this http://pad1.whstatic.com/images/thumb/d/d8/Install-Ubuntu-Linux-Step-5Bullet1.jpg/900px-Install-Ubuntu-Linux-Step-5Bullet1.jpg doesn't that pull all the updates? If so I installed them while installing Ubuntu Mate20:39
mrkrampsasantos3, iirc no20:40
mrkrampsor rather depends20:40
Vazitybut mrkramps, will it work20:40
mrkrampsi remember it only working for ethernet connections20:40
asantos3I'm on a ethernet connection20:41
Vazitydo i need ethernet connection when i install it?20:41
mrkrampsVazity, yes there should be no driver issue from what i can tell. probably it will require some manual configuration when chipset is older than sandy bridge20:41
Vazityis my older mrkramps20:42
mrkrampsVazity, no internet connection required20:42
Vazityok good20:42
mrkrampsVazity, we're currently talking about pulling automatic updates at installtion … that's what you will need a connection for. but it can be done later of course20:43
Vazityoh ok20:43
mrkrampsVazity, can you tell me your cpu model?20:43
Vazitythere you go, mrkramps20:44
mrkrampsVazity, it's sandy bridge and the default acceleration method of the intel driver will work20:46
Vazityok, but when i used archbox the screen resolution and shit got fucked up20:46
Vazitybad quality as well20:46
asantos3archbox? like in virtualbox?20:47
Vazityno dual boot windows20:47
Vazityim going to test xubuntu now first in dual boot20:47
mrkrampsi do not know archbox, their kernel, mesa, xserver or whatever package version … so it might be just a temporary problem affecting their packages20:47
Vazityif i get this screen and stuff working20:47
Vazityill remove windows20:47
Vazityand install xubuntu for full20:48
knomeVazity, please remember this is a family-friendly channel and steer your language considering that20:49
Vazityok im sorry knome20:49
Vazityhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/166224/how-do-i-install-the-intel-graphics-driver-in-my-system do i need to do this, mrkramps?20:51
mrkrampsVazity, this Q/A is from 2012 and about 12.0420:52
Vazitymrkramps, can i see what ur desktop look like?20:54
mrkrampspretty much default20:55
mrkrampsjust replaced the elemntary-xfce icon theme with faenza20:56
Vazityit is possible to make it like that, right?20:56
mrkrampslooks like faenza icons, custom background, transparent terminal with custom prompt, conky system monitor and some panel at the bottom i cannot identify20:58
Vazitykk nice20:59
Vazityi have another issue, my touchpad dont work. will my usb mouse work when i install21:01
asantos3Vazity, what's the brand and model?21:05
Vazitywireless optical mouse21:05
Vazitymodel g7-75021:06
asantos3dunno, it's an obscure brand, you could always try without installing21:09
Vazitybut it will work when it is installed right21:10
asantos3you will get this https://assets.ubuntu.com/sites/ubuntu/latest/u/img/download/desktop/try-ubuntu-before-you-install/image-tryubuntubeforeyouinstall-1.jpg21:11
asantos3then you can choose 'try ubuntu' and you can check it21:12
Vazityill go ahead and install it soon now21:12
Vazityi will let u know !21:12
asantos3try before21:12
Vazityxubuntu here i come21:12
asantos3are you aware of the UEFI problems?21:13
Vazityi will disable it21:13
Vazityuefi and that other thing21:13
Vazityso i can get grub working21:13
mrkrampsgrub can handle UEFI21:14
asantos3yes but some but there's some problems with it21:14
Vazityye but i did get grub working last time21:14
Vazityso u say i cant use xubuntu?21:14
asantos3you can21:14
mrkrampsVazity, depending on your windows version you may be reliant on efi boot21:15
Vazitywindows 8.121:15
mrkrampswill require efi afaik21:16
Vazitywhat is that21:16
knomethat is, if you will want to keep windows in the side21:16
mrkrampsand if you have win installed and then install xubuntu in legacy boot mode,  you cannot boot windows anymore21:17
mrkrampsVazity, you should urgently read about EFI Boot Management21:18
Vazitywell i have done dual boot before21:18
Vazityok now im unsure if i can do it..21:20
Vazityi though i could just remove uefi from bios21:20
Vazityand that other thing21:20
asantos3It's really easy man21:23
Vazitygrub will install automaticaly right21:24
Vazityand if i go in bios and remove uefi all good right?21:24
Vazityi would like to start my process now21:24
asantos3i'm trying to think of a simple way to say it21:25
Vazitywill the graphic thing work when i do click test xubuntu21:25
Vazityif so im not going to install it on dual boot21:25
Vazityif it works on that ill just replace windows21:25
Vazitywith xubuntu21:25
asantos3yes it will, you can try it21:26
VazityI will just remove uefi and legacy21:26
Vazityin bios?21:26
Vazitydeactivate it21:26
Vazityor what do i need to deactivate in bios21:26
Vazityplz tell me21:26
knomeVazity, you really should read about it yourself21:26
Vazityi know, knome21:27
knomeVazity, we've told you what you need to do; either you haven't listened or understood21:27
Vazityomg you are so mad, knome21:27
knomeVazity, it isn't a good starting point to go ahead and do something you don't understnad21:27
Vazityim wondering what i need to deactiave in bios21:27
Vazityi understand him, knome21:27
knomeVazity, i'm not mad; i don't want you to make your system unusable21:28
Vazityits cool i do it all the time21:28
asantos3knome is right, you might f**k all up21:28
knomeasantos3, please, this is still a family-friendly channel21:28
knomeVazity, if it's cool and you do it all the time, what do you need us telling what you need to enable or disable in bios?21:29
Vazityi dont care, knome21:29
asantos3I put the *** things :/21:29
knomeasantos3, that doesn't help really, you know it.21:29
Vazityyou are fucking moron21:29
Vazitylet him help me21:29
asantos3c'mon man :V21:29
sirnaysayerJesus freenode sucks21:30
knomesirnaysayer, excuse me?21:30
vazityomg rude21:31
sirnaysayerMaybe just these main channels suck21:31
knomevazity, do you understand what i said - this is a family-friendly channel21:31
knomevazity, you are free to ask for help as long as you follow the channel guidelines21:31
vazityok knome tell me, what do i deactivate in bios21:32
knomevazity, it's not that black and white.21:32
knomeyou've been told before21:32
knomehave you read about UEFI booting?21:32
vazityis it  secure boot and uefi?21:32
sirnaysayerVanity: the reason you should try looking up things yourself is so you don't have to deal with self righteous people in IRC.21:32
knomedo you understand what disabling (U)EFI in bios means for your windows installation?21:32
vazityi can just activate it again later21:33
vazityimma just test it out21:34
vazitycurrently installing it, graphic driver worked great22:08
vazityhope grub will show up lol22:09
vazityi removed windows22:09
vazityGuys, i did it!!!! Wohoo, I'm so proud.22:19
vazityHow do i install skype?22:44
Unit193!info skype-bin partner22:51
ubottuskype-bin (source: skype): client for Skype VOIP and instant messaging service - binary files. In component main, is extra. Version (partner), package size 19643 kB, installed size 43366 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)22:51
zumperI need help. Someone here?23:59
knomeask your question and find out23:59
zumperi deleted the xfce4-indicator-plugin i think23:59

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