frankbantvansteenburgh, Makyo: could you please take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~frankban/juju-deployer/unit-placement-fix/+merge/267187 ?13:07
tvansteenburghfrankban: looking now, thanks!13:08
frankbantvansteenburgh: ty!13:08
frankbantvansteenburgh: ty for the review! patch_env_status is used to avoid the sleep loops on add_unit FYI13:45
frankbantvansteenburgh: can I remove also the reloaded stuff?13:45
tvansteenburghfrankban: yes please do!13:46
frankbantvansteenburgh: cool I will13:46
frankbantvansteenburgh: also I'd like to go ahead and release a 5.0.1 (pypi and juju stable ppa) after this is landed, if you agree13:46
tvansteenburgh0.5.1 i assume, and yes i agree13:47
frankbanyes 0.5.1 it is, thanks13:47
frankbantvansteenburgh: mp updated, if you approve the branch I'll go ahead and merge/rlease it14:43
tvansteenburghfrankban: looking14:44
tvansteenburghfrankban: approved, thanks14:49
frankbantvansteenburgh: great thank you, I'll ship 0.5.1 tomorrow14:50
tvansteenburghfrankban: excellent14:50
frankbantvansteenburgh: it seems that I cannot merge that branch: bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(chroot-90063440:///%2Bbranch/juju-deployer/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport14:59
tvansteenburghfrankban: want me to try it?15:05
tvansteenburghfrankban: merged15:10
frankbantvansteenburgh: sorry was on call, ty!15:19
tvansteenburghfrankban: np, would you like me to upload to pypi?15:23
frankbantvansteenburgh: yes please, I'll make the PPA release tomorrow15:23
tvansteenburghfrankban: done15:24
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