beisnero/ good morning12:49
beisnerjamespage, ack on trusty icehouse, juno, kilo @ proposed, will kick those shortly12:49
beisnergnuoy, woot re: initial tempest charm!12:50
gnuoybeisner, I have some questions............... :)12:50
beisnergnuoy, sure.  let me look at it real quick.12:51
gnuoybeisner, when you have a sec have you seen http://paste.ubuntu.com/12013477/ before ?12:51
gnuoyIt looks like it's looking up the 'orchestration' service in keystone, which doesn't exist12:52
gnuoydo we normally disable those tests somehow?12:52
beisnergnuoy, no we run all of the tests for all of the services.  we just did some tuning to the template surrounding heat issues.  one remains:12:54
beisnerbug 1431013  ... appears to be a heat package issue.  the /etc/heat/templates/ dir is awol.12:54
mupBug #1431013: Resource type AWS::RDS::DBInstance errors <amulet> <canonical-bootstack> <openstack> <uosci> <heat (Ubuntu):Fix Committed> <heat (Ubuntu Vivid):New> <heat (Ubuntu Wily):Fix Committed> <heat (Juju Charms Collection):Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1431013>12:54
beisnergnuoy, this template, gives us just 1 tempest fail, and it's that ^ bug.  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ost-maintainers/openstack-charm-testing/trunk/view/head:/templates/tempest/tempest.conf.template12:55
gnuoybeisner, fantastic, thanks12:55
beisnergnuoy, can we please add charm config options for two installation use case scenarios:12:56
beisnergnuoy, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12013518/12:59
gnuoybeisner, hmm, that template you pointed me at is the one I'm using12:59
beisnergnuoy, ^ that is in the interest of making installation options flexible13:00
beisnergnuoy, here is a t-k/next tempest result from yesterday:*view*/13:01
gnuoybeisner, I need to nip out for ~1 hour but I think scenario one is already covered13:04
beisnergnuoy, ok thanks again13:04
gnuoybeisner, I've added pip proxy config option. I don't know where to go with my tempest failure though.14:28
beisnergnuoy, i suspect tempest-lib - i may be on an older version of that14:28
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marcoceppilazyPower: I think it's all the nulls14:45
beisnerjamespage, trusty icehouse|juno|kilo @ proposed deploy tests complete;  tempest results== distro/updates runs (ie. looks OK to me).14:45
jamespagebeisner, awesome-o14:47
gnuoybeisner, I'm cloning tempest rather than tempest-lib is that wrong?14:48
beisnergnuoy, there may be more than one way to work this.  i've generally had to pip install tempest-lib and keep it updated, as well as gitting tempest itself.14:50
gnuoybeisner, I'm happy to encapsulate stuff in the charm but I don't think I'm a hardened enough tempest warrior to work out what the charm should be doing. It just seems like a horrific pip mess14:52
beisnergnuoy, it will be14:52
beisnergnuoy, all sorts of opportunity for package vs pip version conflicts14:52
beisnergnuoy, tldr, what uosci does:  install all of the clients as listed in o-c-t's configure script;   then pip install tempest-lib;   then git tempest and do the things in ./configure.14:54
gnuoybeisner, so I'm running the run_tempest with the please-create-a-venv flag and it's pulling in tempest-lib into that venv by the looks of it14:54
beisnergnuoy, that's great.  we want that instead i think.14:54
beisnerso prob tempest-lib 0.7.014:54
gnuoyyep, it is14:55
redelmannmarcoceppi, hi15:08
redelmannmarcoceppi, if i run somthing like this in charm "hookenv.log('--------')"15:08
redelmannmarcoceppi, debuglog show this: "logger.go:40 error: flag provided but not defined: --------"15:08
redelmannmarcoceppi, could be a bug?15:09
marcoceppiredelmann: what version of Juju are you using?15:11
marcoceppiI know why15:11
redelmannmarcoceppi, 1.24.315:11
redelmannmarcoceppi, client and agent15:11
marcoceppiit's being literally passed to juju-log as `juju-log ----------` so juju log thinks it a paramter15:12
marcoceppiif you used anything else other than a -, like =15:12
redelmannmarcoceppi, y suppose that15:12
marcoceppiyou wouldn't get that error15:12
redelmanny = i15:12
marcoceppibecause the error message says "flag provided but not defined"15:12
redelmannmarcoceppi, yes it's15:13
redelmannmarcoceppi, I assumed that15:13
marcoceppiredelmann: so if you use any other character other than '--------', say '=========15:13
marcoceppi' it'll work15:13
redelmannmarcoceppi, ok, thank for you time15:13
marcoceppiwe can look into patching charmhelpers to escape this properly15:13
marcoceppibut to unblock you I'd just change it for now15:14
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mwenningjamespage, also https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/1431445 , thx for any help16:50
mupBug #1431445: Support for Calico in OpenStack: bird <Juju Charms Collection:Fix Committed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1431445>16:50
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pmatuliswith maas provider and 'juju add-unit --to <blah>' , is <blah> always a host ID or can it be a hostname too?20:05
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apuimedois it already possible to do quickstart of a bundle with charms on launchpad?23:44

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