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ovidiu-florinhello world06:13
ovidiu-florinwho is online?06:13
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sitterpackagekit is still at 0.808:15
lordievaderGood morning.08:21
sitterRiddell: did you guys finish pam-kwallet?08:42
Riddellsitter: yes I think so08:43
sitterah found it08:43
sitterRiddell: it needs postinsts though08:43
sittera while ago I noticed that we apparently have tech to automatically inject pam modules into pam configs08:43
sitterso we don't have to hardcode pam_kwallet4 and 5 everywhere but can let the package handle it08:44
Riddellhmm does it now08:44
sitteralso regarding the new packaging. as always: tell me about new things :@08:45
Riddellsitter: I sent an e-mail!08:45
Riddellsitter: I just merged kjs from archive into kubuntu_wily_archive and tried to merge it into kubuntu_unstable08:45
Riddellbut unstable already had changes and now the bot is hassling me08:46
sitteryes, so do a manual merge? :P08:46
sitteralso I see no mail :(08:46
sitterah git moves08:46
sitterblood hell08:46
sitterRiddell: when you move repos. adjust their VCS fields please08:51
* Riddell does so08:54
sitterRiddell: I am doing it08:54
sitterfor plasma-pa08:54
* Riddell does not do so08:54
sitterrest you can do :P08:54
* Riddell goes back to kgamma08:55
sitterit's actually worth considering if we shouldn't have the CI fill in VCS automatically08:55
sitterright now it will complain if the fields aren't there (not if they don't match) but really it knows the actual URL anyway, so it might as well fill them in (at least as far as the primary repos are concerned)08:56
yossarianukAnyone having odd graphical issues with intel based GPU's see -> https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-distro-packagers/2015-August/000088.html  (posted in #kubuntu) - its worth a look at if anyone is having GPU issues.09:01
sittershadeslayer: please consider relicensing the packaging of plasma-pa under LGPL-KDEeV09:01
sitteryossarianuk: we use SNA09:01
sitterRiddell: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/plasma/kwallet-pam.git/log/?h=kubuntu_wily_branch09:02
sitterwrong branch name09:02
shadeslayersitter: btw I bought ipvanish09:02
sittergood stuff09:02
sitterwhat you should have gotten was the hungary thing tho :P09:03
sitterheared only good things09:03
shadeslayerscru u09:04
shadeslayerpayed for a year09:04
sitteryou did not ask09:04
shadeslayerwhy is that better09:04
sitter0 logging09:04
sitteralso hungary based vs US based09:05
shadeslayerthat's what ipvanish claims too09:05
shadeslayerfair enough09:05
shadeslayersitter: India banned porn09:05
shadeslayerso if you go through the Indian VPN, you can't access porn xD09:05
sitterinformation I did not need to know09:05
shadeslayerit's properly brilliant09:06
shadeslayersitter: important information if you ever go to India :P09:07
sittershadeslayer: ipvanish does have zero logging now indeed09:08
shadeslayerwell, they claim so09:08
shadeslayerhow many clients can you connect to ipvanish?09:09
sitterno clue. seems to work with 2 though09:10
sitterbuffered doesn't have a limit AFAIK09:10
sittershadeslayer: anyway I am sure you can read up on buffered and get a refund from ipvanish if you decide to switch09:10
sittersince they now have zero logging the only somewhat meh thing is US based. then again HU politics also are getting weird :P09:11
yossarianuksitter: that was my point - if you do use SNA and have issues use UXA ...09:14
yossarianukSNA for my work desktop became unusable - i.e windows not updating graphics - other issues almost like watching a broken VHS..09:15
sitterah well09:15
sitteryossarianuk: #ubuntu-devel I suppose09:15
Riddellsitter: kwallet-pam branch name fixed09:19
shadeslayerpor que?09:22
shadeslayereverything else is pam-foo09:22
Riddellshadeslayer: the .debs are pam-foo but upstream wants to name it kwallet-pam09:23
Riddellor at least that's the name in projects.kde.org09:23
Riddellmck182: do you have an opinion? ^^09:23
shadeslayerwe've always had source/binary name differences09:24
shadeslayerand I think we should follow the binary name convention09:24
sitterRiddell: btw did you also get to package any apps or did you call it a day after pamkwallet?09:34
sebasspeaking of which, I think the repo for the plasma-volume package would need to be switched to the new repo name plasma-pa09:36
Riddellsebas: did that09:37
Riddellsitter: not yet09:37
sitternot on the phone CI you haven't09:37
Riddellsitter: ahoneybun was looking at kgamma, dunno if he got anywhere09:37
Riddellsitter: hmm, what does that involve?09:37
sitterthe thing you did not do the last three times I told you :P09:38
sittergo to your user page on jenkins, get api key09:38
sitterput api key in .config/pangea-jenkins.json comme ca http://paste.ubuntu.com/12012600/09:39
sebasRiddell: cool, thanks09:39
sitterclone pangea-tooling; cd pangea-tooling; clone debian:ci-tooling09:39
sitterrun jekins_update_projects.rb09:39
sitterah that config is wrong09:40
sitterRiddell: format comme ca http://paste.ubuntu.com/12012608/09:40
Riddellsitter: how do I get an api key?09:43
RiddellCredentials doesn't contain much09:43
Riddellthis is at http://mobile.kci.pangea.pub:8080/user/jriddell/09:43
sitterRiddell: configure09:44
sitterthere's an api token feature there09:44
Riddellah hah09:44
sitterit essentially replaces your password (seeing as you have no password on the jenkins itself ;))09:44
sittersource uploads at least \o/09:54
sitterRiddell: I wonder what to do with the red stuff here http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_unstable_plasma-workspace/70/parsed_console/job/wily_unstable_plasma-workspace/70/parsed_console/log_content.html#ERROR110:11
sitterit's essentially the wayland startup stuff10:11
sitterso it needs to depend on kwin-wayland10:11
sitterso it probably can't go into the same package10:11
sitterat least for now10:11
sitter(same package = plasma-workspace main package)10:12
sitterhow about a plasma-workspace-wayland package containing these bits as well as depending on all wayland bits (kwin-wayland, kglobalaccel, idletime plugins etc)10:13
Riddellsitter: I'm not too sure what I'm looking at10:15
sitterRiddell: new files. they are essentially a fork of startkde for wayland10:15
sitterthey are like the phone script we have in simplelogin10:16
Riddelloh right, plasma-workspace-wayland sounds good then10:16
mck182Riddell: I don't care tbh...if you need to name it something else, that should be just fine10:26
mck182Riddell: iirc the so name is pam_kwallet.so anyway10:29
sgclarkI think I have vivid kf5 and plasma backports sorted now, testing here and things seem to be functioning. If a few more can test so I can finally move to backports please.10:31
santa__good morning everyone11:04
santa__apparently oxygen-fonts is ftbfs'ing11:05
santa__and there is a similar failure on the kci11:06
santa__I have checked the ECMQueryQmake.cmake file from e-c-m11:06
santa__it has this line:11:06
santa__set(_qmake_executable_default "qmake-qt5")11:07
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santa__however Qt5 qmake insn't called qmake-qt511:07
santa__I'm wondering if the file from e-c-m should be patched to use "qmake" instead of "qmake-qt5"11:08
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sitterGuest19966: needs fixing upstream11:40
sitterqmake-qt5 is not a legit name at all I think11:40
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santa_sitter: ok, I will try to get it working and if I can do it, will try to fix the thing upstream, thanks for the info11:45
sittersanta_: actually there might be something wrong11:45
sitterit should defer to the Qt5::qmake target11:45
sitterin a meeting right now though, I'll have a look11:45
santa_hmm, I have patched e-c-m to use "qmake" instead of "qmake-qt5", still ftbfs'ing11:46
sittersanta_: qmake installed at all? ;)11:48
sitterqtbase-dev in fact11:48
santa_sitter: ↑ qmake-qt5 added to oxygen-fonts build depends + e-c-m patched11:49
sittersanta_: export QT_SELECT=511:49
sitterin rules11:49
sittershould fix it11:49
santa_sitter: I got it working, thanks for the info again, I will send the patch to the mailing list this afternoon12:14
sitterawesome thanks12:15
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ovidiu-florindo we have/support backports for trusty?13:11
Riddellnothing up to date13:11
ovidiu-florinhow can I check what we have?13:12
ovidiu-florinI still don't understand how to do that. I don't understand launchpad13:12
ovidiu-florinis this the place? https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports/+packages?field.name_filter=kdevelop&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=13:14
ovidiu-florinRiddell: ^13:15
ovidiu-florinthank you13:15
sgclarkRiddell: ovidiu-florin: I am working on 4.14.3 trusty backports and you can find them in ninjas13:24
sitterso much work13:24
sgclarkI think I picked up the plague from Spain, I truly feel to be on deaths bed13:25
sitterif kubotu was here he could give you drugs13:26
sitteralas, he is not and no one told me :(13:26
sittersgclark: get well sone13:26
sitteralso maybe I could learn spelling at some point13:26
sittervalorie: telegrym irc bot is slightly complicated because the telegrym bot api is a bit lackluster13:27
sitterRiddell: plasma-workspace-wayland incoming \o/13:27
sitteralas, I have no clue whether it could even be used form our x11 sddm13:28
sittermgraesslin sure picked a bad week for vacationing :P13:28
ovidiu-florinMe an bro also got a cold13:28
ovidiu-florinwe're managing it... somehow13:29
Riddellnim was ill yesterday and I'm all sniffly13:29
ovidiu-florinsgclark: does that include kdevelop?13:29
RiddellI always did say t-shirts are a waste and we should get conference tissues13:29
sgclarkovidiu-florin: no13:29
Riddellsitter: incoming into where?13:30
BluesKajHey all13:30
sitterRiddell: also plasma-pa should be integrating shortly and pam-kwallet already is13:30
ovidiu-florinyeah... tell that to my boss13:30
sgclarktell wht to your boss?13:31
ovidiu-florinto use CI13:31
ovidiu-florinat the workplae13:31
sittershadeslayer: be advised that plasma-volume-control is now plasma-pa in all regards, transitional package provided13:32
sgclarkI think we are on different topics. 13:32
sgclarkovidiu-florin: so your boss want kdevelop in trusty? or plasma-workspace-wayland? the latter being in Ci soon. kdevelop needs a person with time.13:33
sittersomeone broke khtml13:35
sitterRiddell: was it you? :P13:35
Riddellsitter: just fixed it?13:36
Riddelldid I do good?13:36
Riddellwhat to do about kjsembed on armhf? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/213752050/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-armhf.kjsembed_5.12.0-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz13:37
lordievadersgclark: I hope you get well soon13:37
sitterRiddell: much hero13:38
sitterRiddell: simply run the patcher with all architectures?13:39
sitterregarding kjsembed13:39
Riddellsitter: which patcher?13:39
sitterthe symbol file fumbler13:39
sittergenerally speaking you should only need to symbolpatch all build logs and the symbols file should be adjusted accordingly marking them architecture specific13:40
sitterif you still have MISSINGs after the patch or the build you need to make a dedicated symbols.armhf file13:40
ovidiu-florinsgclark: I'm trying to move people over to KDE software13:42
ovidiu-florinKDevelop is awesome, but many of them use LTS, that means KDevelop 4.6, which is old (with bugs)13:42
ovidiu-florin4.7.1 is the latest release13:42
ovidiu-florinstill has bugs, but it's a great improvement13:43
ovidiu-florinby people, I mean my coworkers13:44
lordievaderKdevelop is awesome. I'm using it right now :D13:44
ovidiu-florinI'm always using it :P13:44
ovidiu-florinexcept when I'm using Kate13:45
Riddellkubuntu-dev-tools/bin/kubuntu-update-symbols  that's the nice one13:46
RiddellI wish that worked for PPAs too13:46
sittermine is nicer13:48
sitterRiddell: I suppose you are referring to the automatic log grabbing?13:49
sittersurely your python skills would be sufficient to add that :P13:49
Riddellyes they would, just need it to reach the top of my todo list13:49
sgclarkovidiu-florin: yeah generally we kept LTS backports up in the past. Unfortunately with the move to debian git infrastructure, doing backports to trusty is a massive chore. I cannot keep it up alone. My time will only shorten from here on out.13:50
sitterRiddell: well... depending on the amount of time you spend looking for log urls it might be time better spent fixing the script, no?13:50
sitterin fact in debian:ci-tooling in kci/ppa-wait.py there is already similar tech which might be helpful13:50
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Riddellstop defeating me with your logic!13:52
ubottutesters is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information13:56
sgclarkstill need a few more testers for the vivid backports so I cann get that off my to-do list thanks13:56
* yofel gives those another try13:57
BluesKajsorry sgclark , no Vivid here, just Wily13:59
yofelwhee, ksysguard is fixed14:00
* yofel installs14:00
yofelthanks :)14:00
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RiddellBluesKaj: virtual machine works14:01
ahoneybunRiddell: about kgamma14:49
Riddellahoneybun: yo, how's it going?14:49
ahoneybunnot at all really14:49
Riddellahoneybun: should I set up an ec2 so I can guide your through?14:49
ahoneybunmore guiding would be helpful yes14:50
Riddellahoneybun: do you have your ssh key?14:50
ahoneybunyea 14:50
ahoneybungpg is setup as well14:50
ahoneybunits on LP14:50
ahoneybunany luck getting it Riddell?14:54
Riddellahoneybun: still setting up14:56
Riddellahoneybun: ubuntu@ec2-54-166-32-1.compute-1.amazonaws.com14:59
ahoneybungoing to have to refresh my memory14:59
ahoneybunjust ssh into that>?14:59
Riddellahoneybun: welcome in15:00
Riddellahoneybun: so you know how to start?15:00
ahoneybungit clone?15:00
ahoneybunabout right?15:02
Riddellcheckout kubuntu_wily_archive15:02
Riddellahoneybun: groovy, now I can exclusively give you a preview of the kgamma tar15:03
Riddellahoneybun: http://embra.edinburghlinux.co.uk/~jr/tmp/kgamma5-5.3.95.tar.xz15:04
ahoneybunso got the rules changes15:04
ahoneybunwhat do I get from that15:05
Riddellahoneybun: grab the tar and put the packaging into it15:07
ahoneybundebian/control: I think this is old kde-sc-dev-latest15:07
ahoneybunI don't understand put15:07
Riddellahoneybun: nearly but not quite :)15:08
Riddelltar xf foo.tar.xz15:08
ahoneybunI never use tar right15:09
ahoneybunalways use Ark15:09
Riddellpackaging usually needs elite command line commands :)15:09
ahoneybunwhich I'm not even near15:09
Riddellcopy the debian/ from packaging into the source15:09
ahoneybunpackaging is the tar?15:10
ahoneybunsource is git?15:10
ahoneybunoh reverse15:10
Riddellwe'll do it outside of git for now and copy pack into git later15:11
Riddellthis way we can refer to the source and build where we are15:11
ahoneybunI'm trying to relate things15:11
ahoneybunfind meaning to your words lol15:11
ahoneybunpackaging(git) - source(tar)15:11
ahoneybunbut we grabbed it from git15:12
Riddellahoneybun: so first thing is this is now called kgamma5 not kgamma so change that in debian/control and  run  dch -i to change it in changelog15:13
ahoneybunboth kgamma refers>15:14
ahoneybunRiddell: ^15:15
Riddellahoneybun: no15:15
RiddellI mean both in changelog and control but leave the binary package name in control as kgamma15:15
Riddellchange the source at the top of control15:16
ahoneybunthats what I meant by both of refers15:16
ahoneybunso change the source? not package15:17
ahoneybunRiddell: ^15:18
ahoneybunso the git not the tar Riddell15:19
ahoneybunliek that?15:19
Riddellahoneybun: noo! leave the Package: one as kgamma15:20
ahoneybunwell we're editing 2 dirs15:20
ahoneybunyou need to say which thing we are doing15:20
Riddelllordievader: able to do any more 14.04.3 tests?15:20
Riddellor anyone test?15:20
ahoneybunRiddell: so we are editing the git15:21
ahoneybunnot the tar one15:21
Riddellahoneybun: mm edit the tar one, we'll build it shortly15:21
ahoneybunwell I'm in the git one right now15:21
Riddellso change :)15:21
Riddelllordievader: did you find any issues?15:22
ahoneybunwe need to use names Iknow15:22
ahoneybungit and tar15:22
lordievaderRiddell: Not on my physical box. I'll fire up a vm to do further testing.15:22
ahoneybungood Riddell?15:23
Riddelllordievader: thanks15:23
Riddellahoneybun: and change the first word in the first line15:23
Riddellahoneybun: and set your name and e-mail15:24
ahoneybunlordievader: just grab a LTS to test?15:24
ahoneybunRiddell: the ubuntu thing?15:24
lordievaderahoneybun: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com15:24
Riddellahoneybun: the kgamma thing15:24
ahoneybunchange it to kgamma5 you mean Riddell?15:25
Riddellahoneybun: yep15:26
ahoneybunkgamma5 (4:15.10-0ubuntu1) ?15:26
Riddellahoneybun: hmm no it's 5.3.9515:26
ahoneybunkgamma5.3.95 ?15:27
Riddellinfact thinking about we'll need to change the binary name too cos that version will be smaller15:27
Riddellso change it in debian/control on the Package: line too15:27
Riddellahoneybun: lovely15:27
ahoneybunthis is not NANO15:28
ahoneybunI don;t know how to save15:29
ahoneybunRiddell: like that15:30
Riddellahoneybun: lovely15:31
Riddellemacs for the win15:31
Riddellahoneybun: so now we need to update more stuff in debian/control15:31
santa_sitter: good afternoon harald, patch for oxygen-fonts sent, do you have a few minutes to talk about the symbols files fixing in kubuntu_wily_archive?15:32
Riddellahoneybun: on Vcs lines kde-applications is now plasma15:32
Riddellahoneybun: standards-version is now 3.9.615:32
Riddellahoneybun: and remove kde-sc-dev-latest kdelibs5-dev  cos they're the old kdelibs4 bits15:32
sittersanta_: I am about to head out, so best send a mail about symbols15:32
Riddellahoneybun: control-k for deleteing (killing) a line15:33
santa_sitter: ok15:33
Riddellahoneybun: oh remove the last line and blank line from the description15:33
Riddellthat's obsolete15:33
ahoneybunthis should also be in the changelog no?15:34
ahoneybunRiddell: ^15:34
lordievaderRiddell: Ubiquity crashes on a 1g ram vm, after testing the live session.15:34
ahoneybunupdate depends?15:34
Riddellahoneybun: yep15:35
Riddelllordievader: ug, hmm15:35
sittersanta_: to make sure, you are only seeing the oxygen-fonts ftbfs with git master, right?15:35
Riddelllordievader: ignore it for now15:35
sittersanta_: nevermind15:36
lordievaderHmm.. I was about to do so. Increased the ram to 2g.15:36
sitterECM fixed itself xD15:36
sitterFATALQMake call failed: 15:36
sitterFATALQMake call failed: 15:36
sitterFATALQMake call failed: 15:36
sitterthat never was fatal15:36
ahoneybunRiddell: good?15:36
Riddelllordievader: yes do try that15:36
Riddellahoneybun: open debian/rules15:37
Riddellahoneybun: looks good15:37
ahoneybunI did that first15:37
Riddellyou're ahead of me15:37
Riddellahoneybun: time to try a debuild and see what breaks15:37
sitterRiddell: please dont make anything red in CI until tomorrow :P15:37
lordievaderRiddell: 2g allows it to continue15:38
ahoneybunRiddell: did you see the error?15:39
Riddellahoneybun: yep, just rename the tar file15:40
Riddellthat's normal15:41
ahoneybunnot really used to that command15:41
ahoneybunmv kgamma5-5.tar - > kgamma5_5.3.95.orig.tar.gz ?15:42
ahoneybunwithout "->"15:43
ahoneybunRiddell: ^15:43
Riddellahoneybun: yep15:44
ahoneybundpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: cmake libxxf86vm-dev15:45
ahoneybunpermission to install?15:45
Riddellyou have it15:45
ahoneybunit says I don't15:46
ahoneybungzip: stdin: not in gzip format15:47
ahoneybunRiddell: ^15:47
Riddellahoneybun: rename again then15:47
ahoneybunto what?15:48
Riddellahoneybun: to .xz15:50
Riddellahoneybun: so now the detective work to work out the build-depends15:52
Riddellahoneybun: first thing being ecm15:52
Riddellwhich if you don't know if you can track down the file it's looking for at http://packages.ubuntu.com/15:53
ahoneybuno/ claus_chr15:53
ahoneybuno/ clivejo15:53
* clivejo waves at ahoneybun15:53
clivejoI got rained off15:53
ahoneybunhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/ecm ?15:54
Riddellahoneybun: nope15:54
Riddellahoneybun: Search the contents of packages15:54
ahoneybunof what package15:55
ahoneybunnot sure what we are looking for15:56
ahoneybunRiddell: 615:56
Riddellahoneybun: cmake is asking for ECMConfig.cmake15:56
Riddellfind the package with that file15:56
ahoneybunarch lists that but not Ubuntu15:57
* clivejo puts his hand up15:57
clivejome me me15:57
clivejo extra-cmake-modules ?15:57
* Riddell gives a gold star to clivejo15:57
* clivejo dances15:58
Riddellahoneybun: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=ECMConfig.cmake&mode=exactfilename&suite=wily&arch=any15:58
ahoneybunoh that way15:58
ahoneybunso that is a new depend15:58
Riddellahoneybun: yes, lots of new build-depends when porting to frameworks 515:59
Riddellthat's the whole exercise15:59
Riddelland there's lots more to do!16:00
ahoneybunlike that?16:00
clivejohows the new framework coming along?16:04
Riddellahoneybun: now it's looking for qt dev package16:06
Riddellahoneybun: which you can find my looking at another package http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/plasma/kwrited.git/tree/debian/control?h=kubuntu_wily_archive16:07
ahoneybunhow large of space do we have Riddell?16:12
Riddellqtbase5-dev sounds like it16:12
Riddellahoneybun: space where?16:12
ahoneybunthe ec216:12
Riddellclivejo: which new framework? 5.13 does need packaged16:12
Riddellahoneybun: dunno  df -h .  knows all16:12
clivejothat was weird16:13
clivejolost wifi on my wily install16:13
clivejoRiddell: when is PIM for KF5 due out?16:14
Riddellahoneybun: able to track down Qt5X11ExtrasConfig.cmake ?16:21
Riddellahoneybun: what have you tried?16:21
Riddellahoneybun: works for me16:22
ahoneybunwrong search then16:22
ahoneybunnot for me16:22
Riddellahoneybun: put it in box under "Search the contents of packages" set Distribution to wily16:22
ahoneybunwrong place then16:23
ahoneybunRiddell: should I copy this :  pkg-kde-tools (>= 0.15.15ubuntu1~)16:23
ahoneybunas tell16:23
ahoneybunas well?16:24
Riddellahoneybun: yes you'll want that16:24
ahoneybunthe version wise16:24
Riddellclivejo: you might want an account on a quassel server if you have a problematic connection16:25
clivejooh, what does that do?16:25
clivejoseems to be a LAN issue16:25
Riddellclivejo: server connects to irc then you connect to server, so you keep history when you're offline16:25
RiddellI can probably give you an account if you need one16:25
clivejooh that could be handy16:25
Riddellclivejo: pim kf5 is part of KDE Applications and needs packaging now!16:26
clivejoIm afraid to take on frameworks!16:26
clivejoI could cause a lot of problems16:26
ahoneybunKF5KDELibs4SupportConfig.cmake is a missing16:27
ahoneybunno clue about that16:27
Riddellclivejo: want to take akonadi? http://download.kde.org/unstable/applications/15.07.90/src/16:28
clivejoIll try later16:28
Riddellahoneybun: packages.ubuntu.com is your friend16:28
clivejoI should be back in around 7-816:28
ahoneybundone all of it16:28
clivejoahoneybun: http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic/i386/libkf5kdelibs4support-dev/filelist16:31
Riddellahoneybun: it's here http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=KF5KDELibs4SupportConfig.cmake&mode=exactfilename&suite=wily&arch=any16:31
Riddellclivejo: I'll be out then but there's others around to help if you get stuck16:31
clivejohow do I setup a quassel account?16:32
ahoneybunthats a big package Riddell16:32
ahoneybunclivejo: Riddell your talking about a bouncer right?16:33
Riddellahoneybun: yep it'll bring in lots of bits, that's fine16:33
clivejowhat are you building ahoneybun?16:33
ahoneybuntrying to16:33
clivejoahoneybun: so I can stay connected and get history16:34
ahoneybunyea a bouncer16:35
ahoneybunwonder if I could have another one on my server16:35
ahoneybunbuilding Riddell16:36
Riddellahoneybun: awooga!16:36
clivejog2g, will be back later16:37
ahoneybunseems to have worked16:37
ahoneybunppa time Riddell ?16:38
Riddellahoneybun: yep looking good16:39
ahoneybuncan't sign16:40
Riddellyou'll need to set the release and version in changelog16:42
Riddellthen debuild -S16:42
Riddellthen on your computer do a remote  debsign -r16:42
Riddellthen dput ppa:foo/bar *changes16:42
Riddellyes, with -r16:42
ahoneybunsecret key16:44
ahoneybunremote debsign -r?16:45
ahoneybunhow do I do that16:45
ahoneybunRiddell: 16:45
Riddellahoneybun: on your computer run  debsign -r ubuntu@ec2-54-166-32-1.compute-1.amazonaws.com:mnt/path/to/changes16:47
ahoneybunthe hell16:49
ahoneybunI signed it16:50
Riddellahoneybun: lovely, add dput -u16:52
Riddellahoneybun: dput -u   to stop dput caring that it doesn't know about your key16:52
ahoneybunits up16:53
RiddellI'll put the packaging into debian git16:54
RiddellI need to go out now, well done ahoneybun16:54
ahoneybunmostly was you and clivejo16:54
ovidiu-florinwhy doesn't firefox know to open a picture in gwenview and it tries to open it with firefox?17:11
ovidiu-florinand when I click on the open folder button, instead of dolphin, it opens the location with gwenview17:12
ovidiu-florinI'm using Vivid with backports17:12
davmor2ovidiu-florin: because firefox is the basis of another operating system and assumes you want to open everything in it?17:13
davmor2ovidiu-florin: have a look in firefox settings you can probably tell it to open in gwenview instead17:13
ovidiu-florinand look for what in settings?17:14
clivejoahoneybun: did it build ok?17:48
ahoneybunclivejo: yep seems so17:48
clivejono lintan errors or missing files?17:50
ahoneybunclivejo: do you know of a list packages that need work?18:04
ahoneybunkf5 port wise18:04
clivejothe entire 15.13 I believe18:07
clivejohow do we name betas and rc's.  ie the last kamoso was beta, now this one is rc1  how do I name it?18:13
clivejoor is it kamoso-3.0~rc1 ?18:18
lordievaderKDE style beta would be 2.99, right?18:24
clivejommmm thats the 3rd time today my wifi has dropped out in wily18:48
ahoneybunclivejo: I think you mean 15.0820:30
clivejoI have no idea20:30
ahoneybunfor http://download.kde.org/unstable/applications/15.07.80/src/20:30
ahoneybuncoming out this month20:30
clivejothese version numbers are confusing the hell out of me20:30
ahoneybunsame here lol20:30
ahoneybunI'm just practicing20:31
clivejoIm looking at akonadi at the minute and cant make heads nor tails of it!20:31
ahoneybunI'll work on smaller thing lol20:32
clivejoIRC channel says "Stable: 1.13, master is KF5", download KDE.org says "15.07.90" and the archive has 1.13.0-2ubuntu4 !20:34
ScottKRiddell: ^^^20:35
ahoneybunstupid emac20:44
ahoneybunI don't know to use that20:44
ahoneybundch -i uses it by default in the ec220:45
clivejochange it20:46
ahoneybunI broke something20:46
ahoneybunno clue how20:46
clivejoexport EDITOR=nano20:48
clivejoif you want nano20:49
clivejowhat you broke?20:52
ahoneybunsomething to do with the changelog20:52
ahoneybunbut its fine now20:52
clivejoare you using dch -i to edit it?20:53
ahoneybunyea 20:53
ahoneybunwaas just using emac so I could not save it right20:53
ahoneybunso I removed the .dch file thing and redid it with nano 20:53
ahoneybunall good now20:53
clivejowhat you working on?20:56
ahoneybunI got it to compile20:56
ahoneybunor compiling20:56
ahoneybunyay errors lol21:03
ahoneybunlintan error21:04
ahoneybunkget source: source-is-missing extensions/webinterface/www/mootools-core-yc.js21:05
clivejolintan always seems to complain about something#21:05
ximionRiddell: I made some more changes on the AppStream generator, data processing is running at time. Soon you will have more descriptive error messages, and I think people can now start fixing issues (I already squashed a few, but for example kate needs a packaging change to be visible in the metadata)21:05
clivejoahoneybun: is it a W - Warning or an E - error?21:06
ahoneybun1 E and 3 W21:06
clivejoahoneybun: https://lintian.debian.org/tags/source-is-missing.html21:06
clivejoPlease repack your package to include the source or add it to "debian/missing-sources" directory.21:06
ahoneybunI see the js21:07
clivejoput it in "debian/missing-sources"21:08
clivejosee if that fixes it21:08
ahoneybunit does have the file21:08
yofelahoneybun: that's the minified js (i.e. not human readable)21:08
yofeleither that, or a false-positive21:08
clivejowhere is the file?21:08
ahoneybun extensions/webinterface/www/21:08
ahoneybunI don't have debian/missing-sources21:09
clivejomake one21:09
ahoneybunso move what into there?21:09
clivejocp it21:09
ahoneybuna copy of the .js?21:09
clivejoyeah, just testing!21:10
clivejoIm not sure either21:10
yofelno, a copy of the source of the js21:10
yofelhave fun finding that on the net :P21:10
ahoneybunso the js21:10
ahoneybunwait what21:10
yofela copy of the *source* not-minified js21:10
yofelno idea, you'll have to find that yourself21:11
yofelor ask upstream where they got the file from21:11
ahoneybunI'm confused21:11
ahoneybundo I need the file in there or a url linking to it?21:11
yofellet me get the kget source before I give false advice..21:12
* yofel curses ipv621:13
yofelahoneybun: looks like a false-positive to me21:15
yofelthat's not minified21:15
ahoneybunso what should I do?21:15
yofel"If this is a false-positive, please report a bug against Lintian."21:15
yofelin the meanwhile, add a lintian-override for the flie21:15
ahoneybunhow do I go about that?21:16
yofeladd the message to debian/source/lintian-overrides21:18
ahoneybunoh snap21:18
ahoneybunkget source: source-contains-unsafe-symlink extensions/webinterface/www/mootools-*.js21:19
ahoneybunthis was in there21:19
yofelright, just add your message in line 221:19
ahoneybunoh ok21:19
ScottKCan someone do up a 15.04.3 release announcement for the web site?21:25
ahoneybunupdate to 15.04 applications then?21:26
ScottKKubuntu point release21:27
ahoneybunoh update to LTS21:27
ahoneybunwhat''s different?21:27
ahoneybunplus I can't rememer how to get on the site lol21:27
=== murthy is now known as murthy_
ahoneybunyay LP took my package clivejo and yofel21:31
ScottKHere's a template: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-1404-lts-update-out21:32
ahoneybunvery little information21:33
ahoneybunI know I have access but can'tremember XD21:33
mparilloWant me to do the 15.04.3 release announcement?22:36
RiddellGo for it mparillo 22:39
mparilloFor your proof-reading pleasure: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-1404-lts-update-out-0 and on the home page: http://www.kubuntu.org/22:48
ScottKmparillo: Looks good to me.22:59
mparilloTY. Nice to have good news to share.23:10
ahoneybunmparillo: thanks for sharing the podcast news23:50
mparilloYW. To repeat myself, it is nice to have good news to share.23:50
ahoneybunRiddell: I got kget to build and upload as well - https://launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/+archive/ubuntu/kubuntu-packages23:51

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