jujujspHello every body01:35
jujujspI have trouble to install kubuntu 15.04 on my machine, somebody to help me?01:35
jujujspI have problem when trying to install kubuntu, is there any body to help me?01:38
jujujspAnybody now how to disable RAID automatic detection on installation?01:42
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Vidiot_XIs it possible to stop indexing in 15.04? Referring to 'baloo_file' . This is just used for search right?02:14
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laryneed help as i tried to install 15.04 in v box and it asks for password foe either plasma or failksafe04:44
laryanyone out there04:47
nk138i just uninstall mysql from kubuntu,now no icons on the screen after login05:16
jimtendolary: Try not entering a password at all.05:50
jimtendolary: Kubuntu's default password is blank, IIRC.05:51
lordievaderGood morning.08:20
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srxaviGood morning!08:26
lordievaderHey srxavi08:27
jimtendoHi guys, I've had my computer hardware crash (as in, it 'looks' like it powers off - monitor off, hard drives stop, etc, but power supply still on) twice while trying to open a file in KWrite. Assuming this isn't a hardware error (but it very well might be), does that inidicate that there might be a SEVERE vulnerability bug somewhere?08:30
lordievaderjimtendo: Take a look at your system temps, it might just be overheating.08:32
yossarianukAnyone having odd graphical issues with intel based GPU's see -> https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-distro-packagers/2015-August/000088.html08:37
yossarianukits fixed my work machine08:37
yossarianukI used to have to do a 'kwin_x11 --replace &'  several times a day or the graphics were messed up.08:38
lordievaderyossarianuk: Haven't seen anything strange here, perhaps it affects only newer stuff?08:38
yossarianuk(nvidia all is fine though)08:38
srxaviIIRC the bug is in the intel driver stack08:38
yossarianukyes,- changing to UXA fixes all issues as far as I can see08:38
yossarianukthe bug was pretty bug - i,.e totally unusable display - almost like watching a broken VHS (for those old enough to remember them..)08:39
yossarianukwindows would stop updating - i.e you type in konsole and not see any text (until you did a kwin_x11...)08:40
yossarianukmachine's not amazingly new - 'Ivybridge Desktop '08:41
lordievaderI'm rocking an old C2D in my test box.08:43
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lordievaderNeo9: A deb package is more of a container to install files than a script executor. (Sure there are the pre and post install scripts)09:53
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lordievader!PM | Neo911:39
ubottuNeo9: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.11:39
lordievaderNeo9: You don't, it seems to me like you do not understand the idea of a deb package.11:39
Neo9lordievader: Sorry, for that. sure.11:40
lordievaderOr are trying to do things with it for which it ain't designed.11:40
Neo9So, how to pass the commandline arguments to a .deb package? Can you Please give me example How it is possible with pre scripts. OR provide some reference links. Thanks in advance11:40
lordievaderWhat is it exactly that you are trying to accomplish?11:40
Neo9lordievader: okay. i am trying to create a deb package for auto install& deploy a software.  where my software need's installation script at first time of installing it. And configuration at each time of reboot the system. So,  ex: abcd.deb --configure11:43
lordievaderNeo9: Ah, that is what the pre and post install scripts are for. For the at each boot thing, write an upstart/systemd script.11:44
Neo9lordievader: the package download's some necessary files from a CDN. their are two options i need to provide to the client  1.install stable version  2.install updated version.  Any clue?11:48
lordievaderNeo9: Create two packages.11:49
Neo9lordievader: The package is going to put in a Blueprint Library of a DataCentre. where user can get auto deployment of server with package by a single click. So,11:51
Neo9lordievader: we need to provide an option to the provider while deploying it.11:53
lordievaderYou do that by supplying two packages, one stable, one updated.11:53
lordievaderThey can choose which to install.11:53
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Neo9lordievader: since installing of a package is called from a script (single Bluprint installation click provided in the Service Provider DashBoard), user don't have a chance to choose a package to be installed.11:57
lordievaderAsk the user from within the script?11:58
Neo9lordievader: How about if user installed stable package then ask how to update it to latest version.12:00
lordievaderI.e. install updates package?12:00
Neo9lordievader: can you please provide a reference link..12:05
Neo9lordievader: about what exactly you are talking about?12:06
Neo9lordievader: provide me a link what exactly you are talking about.12:08
Neo9lordievader: i think that is more helpful me.12:09
lordievaderNeo9: https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/dother.en.html12:14
Neo9lordievader: Thanks.12:15
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kbroulikwill 15.04 get plasma 5.4 backproted?13:22
BluesKajHey all13:30
khalidZidjaliHiii there13:34
lordievaderkbroulik: Wily doesn't even have 5.4 yet.13:36
kbroulikprobably because it's not out yet but I'm wondering :)13:37
lordievaderkbroulik: Ask around in #kubuntu-devel, I'd say.13:38
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Finetundramorning guys, I woke up today to my wifi card on my laptop with kubuntu 14.04 installed not being detected. What do I do?15:20
BluesKajFinetundra:  new install or upgrade ?15:21
FinetundraBluesKaj: It's an install I've had for around 6 months or so15:22
Finetundramaybe longer15:23
BluesKajhave done any update/upgrades lately, Finetundra? And if so which wifi chip are we dealing with.15:25
yossarianukFinetundra: this happened to me once - turned out I had knocked the physical button on the laptop with enables/disabled wireless card (double check..)15:30
BluesKajwhich physical button yossarianuk?, lenovo laptop here , don't see one15:33
prillian5is zeitgeist on kubuntu 15.04 used?15:37
prillian5I have messages like: org.gnome.zeitgeist.SimpleIndexer[2215]: ** (zeitgeist-fts:3044): WARNING **: Unable to get info on application://zeitgeist-datahub.desktop15:37
prillian5in syslog15:37
yossarianukBluesKaj: lenovo here too - t530i15:37
yossarianukfor me its a little switch on the left of the laptop15:38
yossarianukif I slide it it disables wlan15:38
prillian5Normaly kde use strigi or nepomuk ??!!15:38
yossarianukBluesKaj: Also - FN + F5 does it15:39
yossarianukhowever if the switch is slided to disabled then fn+f% does nothing15:39
yossarianukwhat model do you have ?15:39
prillian5can I remove zeitgeist or don't?15:40
BluesKajyossarianuk:  lenovo g500 here, no switch15:40
BluesKajprillian5: just a sec, checking15:41
prillian5BluesKaj: thank you15:41
yossarianukBluesKaj: check this - > https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/ht07268915:42
yossarianukmy switch looks like the one there15:42
yossarianukBluesKaj: one clue is - is the wireless light on ?15:43
BluesKajprillian5:  zeitgeist is a metapackage , it can be safely removed15:43
prillian5BluesKaj: Thank you. But is it installed by default for KDe?15:52
BluesKajprillian5:  not that I know of , it's not installed on 15.0415:54
prillian5Thank you15:59
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Vidiot-XA few bugs here and there but recovery is good and a lot of them are on exit of an application (not effecting use). Where should I report bugs/issues?18:50
lordievaderVidiot-X: I supose they are with the actual software: http://bugs.kde.org18:54
Vidiot-Xlordievader: Thanks. I am a developer and would like to help out reporting/documenting them. ;)18:56
lordievaderVidiot-X: Ask around in #kubuntu-devel or #kde-devel ;)18:57
Vidiot-Xlordievader: Awesome. :)18:59
IronMaggetting ip configuration was unavailable message19:19
IronMagwhen trying to connect to network19:19
IronMagin VMWARE19:19
IronMagHow do I go about fixing this19:20
IronMagI have alr19:21
IronMag*already enabled VMWARE in firewall19:21
IronMagbut then I got the said message19:21
finetundraBluesKaj: Sorry I disappeared, my internet shat itself19:40
finetundraBluesKaj: at any rate, the card is a intel centrino wireless-n 103019:41
finetundraand I have recently updated19:41
finetundrabut I didn't see anything that mentioned wifi ro wireless19:43
murthyஇது ஒரு சோதனை19:49
murthyany one able to see the above text?19:50
murthyas a letters or boxes?19:50
murthyPici: you can see the distinct letters right?19:51
Picimurthy: yes19:52
murthyPici: ok thanks19:53
Picimurthy: http://i.imgur.com/YX1RFFt.png19:53
murthyPici: thanks a lot, seems the last letter is missing?19:54
Picimurthy: I have no idea what sort of script I'm looking at there, so maybe?19:54
murthyPici: tamil19:54
murthyPici: "னை" that letter is displayed partially at the end?19:55
Picimurthy: if that is supposed to be at the end, I can't see it.19:56
murthyPici: how about this "பூனை"19:57
murthyPici: how many symbols do you see?19:57
Picimurthy: it looks like it might be writing on-top of itself.  I wonder if it is because I'm using a monospace font.19:57
murthyPici: oh19:58
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murthyPici: can you select the word, copy paste here?19:58
murthyPici: ya you must be right, I can see the complete word19:59
BluesKajfinetundra:  do you have the iwlwifi driver installed? To find your wifi network, sudo iwlist wlan0 scan|grep -i essid20:00
murthyPici: thanks20:00
murthyBluesKaj: hi20:00
BluesKajhi murthy20:01
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IronMagHi can anyone help me?20:06
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:12
murthyIronMag: is it about the vmware?20:14
murthyIronMag: whats the host os?20:25
murthyIronMag: ok20:26
IronMagmurthy:I have set the connection as NAT20:26
IronMagmurthy:but I am getting "IP Configuration was unavailable"20:27
IronMagmurthy: When I try to connect to eth020:27
murthyIronMag: you have installed kubuntu 15.04?20:27
IronMagmurthy: yes20:27
murthyIronMag: what does the command "ifconfig" says20:28
IronMagmurthy: I can't copy it here20:33
murthyIronMag: its ok,  can you see the ip address?20:33
IronMagmurthy: Only loopback20:34
murthyIronMag: can you see the vmware's network adapter in the output of "lshw" command?20:40
IronMagmurthy: Yes20:44
IronMagmurthy: I see PCI Express Root Port20:44
murthyIronMag: no the network adapter ?20:47
IronMagmurthy: Nope20:47
murthyIronMag: whats the network device shown in the vmware network configuration?20:48
IronMagmurthy: 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller(Copper)20:49
IronMagmurthy: vendor: Intel20:49
murthyIronMag: whats your vmware version?20:50
IronMagmurthy: 7.1.020:51
explorerUnable to get kubuntu 15.04 working in full screen mode tried vmware and virtual box both no success so far vmware tool and virtualbox guest addition installed respectively20:52
explorercan anyone comfirm this problem with distro20:52
explorerHost machine is windows 1020:54
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explorerUnable to get kubuntu 15.04 working in full screen mode tried vmware and virtual box both no success so far vmware tool and virtualbox guest addition installed respectively.Host is windows 1020:58
explorerany reply will be appreciated guyz... anyone ?21:00
mparilloexplorer: For vmware, I apt update && apt install open-vm-tools-desktop -y21:04
mparilloThen reboot21:04
explorermrparillo: Thanks for reply done that sir21:04
mparilloI have not used the proprietary VM Tools since 14.0421:04
explorerwhenever switched to full screen whole screen isnt rendered21:05
murthyIronMag: can you see the network device in the output of "lspci" command?21:05
explorerinitial screen is usable and rest of it isnt even accessible :)21:06
explorerwhat i found strange is facing same problem with vmware and virtual box21:06
mparilloYou mean the wallpaper? For example, I can maximize programs, but not the wallpaper. See my bug report: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34297821:07
ubottuKDE bug 342978 in Desktop Containment "Wallpaper and Hamburger do not scale to entire Virtual Display" [Normal,Unconfirmed]21:07
explorervm tools and virtualbox installed on both the setups respectively21:07
mparilloThen sorry, all I can say is that it works for me (except for the wallpaper / hamburger). I am no develope.r21:08
explorermrprillo well i can not use rest of screen area ie cant even right click on newly extended area21:09
mparilloOK, so it is not my bug21:09
mparilloYours is more severe21:09
mparilloAssuming you are a pretty vanilla install, I recommend you open a KDE bug21:10
exploreryup :) have to install on hardware as virtualisation isnt working21:11
explorermparillo: thanks for reply mate obliged21:13
mparilloSorry I was no help21:14
mparilloAlso sorry to say if it works on real HW, and not on a VM, you may get little love for your bug.21:15
mparilloIn my experiance, anyway21:15
IronMagMurthy Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller21:15
IronMagMurthy: Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller21:16
chencho9000_when will be vulkan released?21:16
murthyIronMag: can you change this network adapter type to something else in vmware?21:19
explorerIronMag: sorry to jump in between .... if u r working on virtual machine turn off machine goto settings > and select bridged connection this iwll surely solve the connection issue.21:22
explorersee ya guyz have a good day21:22
IronMagMurthy: explorer's suggestion solved it.Thank you so much for the help!!21:24
murthyIronMag: yw21:26
IronMagMurthy: How do I quit?21:26
murthyIronMag: from where?21:26
IronMagmurthy: explorer has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)21:27
murthyIronMag: just close the konversation window21:28
IronMagMurthy:  oh ok.Still new to this.Thank you!21:28
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