Flow86Hi, I have a problem uploading a package - the build always fails and says it doesnt find a package which is in my own ppa05:56
wgrantFlow86: Can you link to the build?06:01
Flow86wgrant: https://launchpad.net/~flosoft/+archive/ubuntu/cross-mingw/+build/776455106:01
wgrantFlow86: "but it is not going to be installed" means that the package's dependencies aren't satisfiable.06:03
Flow86wgrant: yes, but they're in the ppa and installable - thats what the problem is06:03
wgrantUse a chroot or chdist locally to try to install the dependency named in the error, and see if apt gives you more details.06:03
Flow86works on my local machine06:05
wgrantThe following packages have unmet dependencies:06:06
wgrant mingw-w32-gcc : Depends: libmpfr1ldbl but it is not installable06:06
wgrant mingw-w64-gcc : Depends: libmpfr1ldbl but it is not installable06:06
Flow86hmm interesting06:06
Flow86on mine it works06:06
wgrantYou must have it installed locally.06:06
wgrantThis is why you must always use a chroot or chdist for this sort of testing, to ensure you have a clean environment.06:06
Flow86interesting why it installs it in my chroot automatically06:09
Flow86if I do apt-get install mingw-w32-gcc it installs libmpfr1ldbl too06:09
wgrantWhere did it get libmpfr1ldbl?06:10
Flow86thats the question, I'll have a look06:10
Flow86ah oh I have another ppa in my chroot -.-06:11
wgrantAh, that would do it.06:12
wgrantYou can either add that package to your PPA, or add the other PPA to your PPA's dependencies.06:13
Flow86the problem is - its a local one - hmm I tried to upload the package to my ppa, but it seems that it was ignored?06:15
wgrantFlow86: You didn't sign the package with your own key.06:18
wgrantThe Ubuntu developer whose signature you reused can't upload to your PPA, so the upload was rejected.06:18
Flow86next try ;-)06:19
wgrant2015-08-06 06:20:21 DEBUG     Subject: [~flosoft/ubuntu/cross-mingw/precise] mpfr 2.4.2-3ubuntu1flosoft0 (Accepted)06:20
Flow86so lets hope it can be built :-)06:21
Flow86ah now its building - thank you very much06:47
lazyPowerI'm having trying ot track bugs - I cant file a bug against the kubernetes charms in ~kubernetes,  "kubernetes" does not exist in Juju Charms Collection. Please choose a different package. If you're unsure, please select "I don't know" - and selecting "I dont know" gives me an error 500 with no explanation of whats wrong16:17
cjwatsonlazyPower: It's only possible to file bugs against charm "packages" if there's an official branch.16:24
lazyPowercjwatson: ok so the problem lies in that there's not a promulgated charm named kubernetes then. Thanks cjwatson16:24
lazyPowercjwatson: this seems problematic, as anyone publishing a namespace charm that doesn't exist in the official store is unable to track bugs / sollicit feedback :-/16:27
cjwatsonlazyPower: do file a bug if it's a problem.  I'm not sure what the best fix is - in some ways the current situation is precisely analogous to ordinary distributions, in that you can't file bugs against PPAs either16:30
cjwatsonwe only have support for tracking bugs against certain kinds of targets right now16:30
lazyPowercjwatson: this will be an issue with a limited shelf life. AIUI the charm store is going to be moving to being decoupled from VCS entirely, so charms can be proper packages16:31
lazyPowerso i'm not sure if its worth the investment of effort to make that happen16:31
* cjwatson nods16:31
lazyPowerI'll bring it up at standup and circle back if we feel its necessary. Thanks for the q/a though.16:32
zygahey, any launchpad admins around18:08
dobeywhat level of admin you need?18:14
cjwatsonzyga: better to just say what you need, please18:28
cjwatsonzyga: sigh, I see you asked in multiple channels and didn't say so ...18:29
cjwatson(handled, I see)18:29
zygacjwatson: ah, sorry about that18:33
neldogzHi all, I cant seem to log into launchpad today. I am receiving a page with the following message: Bad Request Bad bot, go away! Request aborted.21:48
neldogzI can however log into Ubuntu one21:48
neldogzI understand this is the same accoutn for launchpad as well yes?21:49
cjwatsonneldogz: Yes, it is.  That's https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-identity-provider/+bug/1474841 - people have reported that using a private browsing window once to log in clears things up.22:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1474841 in Canonical SSO provider "latest firefox auto-fills the display:none honeypot field" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:01
neldogzcjwatson, thank you I will give that a try22:05
neldogzcjwatson, interesting, a private browsing window also failed. Will have to read the bug report thoroughly22:07

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