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Lorenzohi, how i can transfer file from hd to a usb pendrive in Lubuntu? Please help me11:31
BotchlaBI'm on Lubuntu 14.04; gedit seems to be behaving awkwardly.13:04
BotchlaBI copy some text in gedit, the cursors intermittently disappears and flickers, and my system load skyrockets.13:05
BotchlaBCPU is maxed out at 100%.13:05
BotchlaBHm, apparently disabling ibus is claimed to be a solution -- let's try.13:08
BotchlaBFixed it \o/13:12
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snotlordive got the laptop usb mouse power glitch........again. Three mice none of them work but the memsticks work fine.20:42
snotlordThey wont show up with lsusb either. I'm stumped.20:43
ianorlynsnotlord, I might install powertop to see if it is turning the usb off to save power20:43
snotlordso does powertop tell you if its doing that or its an app that would itself cause it?20:44
snotlordcause that's why I didn't install it.20:45
ianorlynit can be useful for debugging stuff with usb autosuspend20:45
snotlordahh... right I'll try that.20:45
snotlordwell the powertop tutorials online are pointing towards a config file that apparently doesn't exist in a fresh lubuntu install.20:52

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