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jogarret6204Hi folks. i'm having trouble getting maas 1.8 to work with 1404.  does this combination work, or should I back down to something in 1.7?13:12
jogarret6204can't provision VMs.  can't bootstrap juju13:13
roaksoaxjogarret6204: is maas-dhcpd running?13:37
roaksoaxjogarret6204: can you test sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maas-maintainers/experimental13:37
roaksoaxjogarret6204: and then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -> to upgrade MAAS13:37
jogarret6204trying now13:37
roaksoaxjogarret6204: this is weirD:13:38
roaksoax provisioningserver.service_monitor.UnknownServiceError: 'maas-dhcpd' is unknown to upstart.13:38
roaksoaxif it is maas on trusty, i wonder why that would be unknown to upstart13:38
jogarret6204saw soemthing in release notes about transitioning to systemd...  was wondering if I was caught in transition phase13:39
jogarret6204..by using 1.8 on trusty..13:39
roaksoaxjogarret6204: can you show me your sudoers ?13:40
roaksoaxjogarret6204: /etc/sudoers.d/99-maas-sudoers13:40
roaksoax ?13:40
jogarret6204maas ALL= NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/service maas-dhcpd start13:41
jogarret6204its about 20 lines - where should I post it?13:41
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roaksoaxjogarret6204: pastebin ?13:42
roaksoaxjogarret6204: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12013755/13:42
roaksoaxjogarret6204: does it look like that?13:42
jogarret6204yes - identical...  interesting that all three of these show up in logs asn not recognized by upstart13:43
jogarret6204Aug  6 09:42:54 maas maas.service_monitor: [ERROR] While monitoring service 'tgt' an error was encountered: 'tgt' is unknown to upstart.13:44
roaksoaxjogarret6204: are you running on trusty with systemd?13:44
roaksoaxjogarret6204: by installing 1.8.1 no fix either?13:45
jogarret6204idk how can I tell?  I'm a network guy.  just learning linux13:45
roaksoaxjogarret6204: sudo service maas-dhcpd status ?13:45
roaksoaxls /var/lib/systemd ?13:45
roaksoaxblake_r_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/148197013:45
jogarret6204oh - I know that service is running, yes13:45
jogarret6204now sure how to tell if I am running systemd13:46
roaksoaxjogarret6204: ls /var/lib/systemd ?13:47
jogarret6204think I am running it13:48
roaksoaxjogarret6204: nope you are not13:48
jogarret6204no?  what is the indicator?13:49
roaksoaxjogarret6204: /lib/systemd/systemd13:49
blake_r_jogarret6204: does /etc/init/maas-dhcpd.conf exist?13:54
jogarret6204will check - restarting now.  assume it is because I provisioned 10 bare-metal machinse yesterday.. oever with the failures today, mahine gets IP, then gives it back before failing13:56
jogarret6204yes.  exists.  interesting that you ask, because I rebuilt this entire machine yesterday because maas-dhcp process was not starting, /maas/dhcpd.copnf fiel was not getting created was in the logs13:57
jogarret6204but on this rebuild the maas-dhcp is starting ok13:57
jogarret6204same fail as the bug with version 1.814:01
jogarret6204UnhandledCommand: ('UNHANDLED', 'Unknown Error [maas:pid=973:cmd=RemoveHostMaps:ask=18]')14:01
jogarret6204maas-dhcpd.conf file does exist14:01
blake_r_jogarret6204: can you do "sudo service maas-dhcpd status"14:02
blake_r_jogarret6204: and provide the output14:02
jogarret6204maas-dhcpd start/running, process 165614:03
mupBug #1432666 changed: [FFe] New upstream release 1.8.0 <upgrade-software-version> <maas (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1432666>14:04
blake_r_jogarret6204: wierd14:07
jogarret6204added the new clusterd trace tothe bug, but line numbers were the same14:07
blake_r_jogarret6204: ah check your sudoers14:07
blake_r_jogarret6204: /etc/sudoers.d/maas14:07
blake_r_jogarret6204: what is the content of that?14:07
jogarret6204is is same as roaksoax had posted earlier14:10
jogarret6204one thing my be dofferent on my system14:10
jogarret6204I have libvirt and using kvm on this machine to make my VM for juju to use for deployment14:10
jogarret6204so I added a maas user myself, wiht a password.14:11
jogarret6204would that conflict at all here?  since I see this maas user being used a lot14:11
jogarret6204was adding my maas user to libvirt for power control of the VM14:11
jogarret6204@blake_r_ - any other ideas?  or should I back down into 1.7? I need to get this environment up today. I do appreciate the help from both you and roalksoax14:43
blake_r_jogarret6204: is the maas user part of the maas group?14:43
jogarret6204i was alloweed to add it so I assume not.14:46
jogarret6204retrying a provision after adding  - no dice.,  same exceptions and fail14:46
blake_r_jogarret6204: you will need to restart the system14:48
jogarret6204k - restarting14:49
jogarret6204failed again.  also GUI for nodes hangs with "connecting" status.  restarting one more time15:01
jogarret6204other gui screens avaialable at the time..  just the MAAS/#/nodes hangs at "connecting"15:01
jogarret6204sorry - browser issue.  works fin in chrime.  IE is "connecting"15:05
blake_r_jogarret6204: IE does not support websockets15:14
blake_r_jogarret6204: so that didn't work?15:14
jogarret6204nope.  just tried again15:14
blake_r_jogarret6204: you have something not configured correctly since you created the maas user manually15:14
blake_r_jogarret6204: the maas user needs to be able to use sudo for those commands15:15
blake_r_jogarret6204: try this "sudo -u maas -H server maas-dhcpd status"15:15
blake_r_jogarret6204: if that fails then your maas user is incorrect15:15
jogarret6204that works15:18
jogarret6204but I do see issues in syslog15:18
jogarret6204maas sudo: pam_unix(sudo:auth): auth could not identify password for [maas]15:19
blake_r_jogarret6204: maas should require no password to execute that command15:21
blake_r_jogarret6204: something is incorrect with your maas user and sudoers15:21
jogarret6204I think you got it!  changed visudo from:  maas ALL=(ALL)  ALL  to maas ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL15:31
jogarret6204juju is bootstrapping15:32
blake_r_jogarret6204: awesome!15:32
blake_r_jogarret6204: glad you figured it out15:32
blake_r_jogarret6204: let me know if you have any more questions or run into any more issues15:32
jogarret6204yep.  all me.  :-)  - Your helpis much appreciated!15:32
jogarret6204roaksoax thanks to you as well.15:33
roaksoaxjogarret6204: was this a clean systme?15:33
roaksoaxor what changed that?15:33
blake_r_roaksoax: no he created the maas user manually15:33
blake_r_roaksoax: it was part of the maas user group, and he made changes manually15:34
roaksoaxblake_r_: gotcha!15:34
jogarret6204it was a clean build, then updated.  Added libvirt, added maas user when adding libvirt for power control15:34
jogarret6204some internal notes I had using maas as the virsh user...15:35
mupBug #1481970 changed: 'maas-dhcpd' is unknown to upstart. <MAAS:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1481970>15:38
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