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zubHi. I'm using an OptionSelector with OptionSelectorDelegate with custom images (iconSource).06:09
zubI see there is the property contrainImage, which is almos what I need.06:10
zubI'd also like to set margins, so that the image is not occupying 100% of the height of the delegate06:10
zubis there a way how to do it?06:10
zubIf it was possible to change the margins of the delegate's leftIcon...06:11
zubhm, it seems I can get to the image via a hack like: Component.onCompleted: this.children[0].children[0].height -= units.gu(2); but that's hacky and fragile06:18
zubhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12011980/ ... any idea how to make this less hacky while sticking to the OptionSelectorDelegate?06:51
dholbachgood morning07:13
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didrocksis that wanted that the activeFocusOnPress from https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-15.04/Ubuntu.Components.Pickers.DatePicker/ seems to be taken from TextField doc?11:54
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pindongahi, is this the right place to ask about snappy packages too?14:16
popeypindonga: there is #snappy14:42
pindongathx popey14:46
cwayneshould .local/share/<app-name> be created automagically? or is it up to the app to create it if its needed?14:53
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zubI asked already in the morning, but perhaps more people are here now... any idea on how to do this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12011980/ without such horrible hack?15:11
popeyzub was one of my fave speccy games.15:12
zubi.e. to make the OptionSelectorDelegate's icon smaller (so that the image does not fill the height completely - that looks ugly)15:12
zubhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zub (not related :) )15:13
popeyI heard it was origially called Zob, but changed at the last minute because Zob is a rude word in some language.15:23
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nemomcphail: any news? ☺16:35
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sl1rpyokay im getting kinda fustrated.  i released some apps in high school that used the .net framework and made money on it.  im trying to find a way to market myself in the linux community *1-2$ apps* ... wondering why paid apps havent been in the software store for a while now and wondering if i should just advertise my website instead? any tips are appreciated...20:42
wellsbIs there no way to apply a conditional userscript to a webview with oxide?  You could do url:variable?style1.js:style0.js with qtwebkit.experimental back in the day20:47
mhall119sl1rpy: the desktop store is on it's way out, it's being replaced by the much better app store developed for the phone20:59
mhall119so for now, if you're targeting desktop, yeah you're better off just advertising your own website and .deb package21:00
sl1rpyhuh, thanks for the tip.  now would forums be a good way to get the word out about my portfolio?21:01
sl1rpyidk what the chat policies are, havent read them... i know some of them dont like ads21:01
sl1rpymhall119, ^21:02
sl1rpywould it be better to compile software in 14.04 than 15.04?21:05
mhall119sl1rpy: forums are fine, so is out Google+ App Developers group21:08
sl1rpyoh cool.. do you have linky to it? mhall11921:11
sl1rpynvm ... found it21:12
sl1rpymhall119, only thing left is whether 15.04 or 14.04 lts is best for developing game and software...21:14
wellsbIs there still no documentation for Oxide?21:48
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kalikianawellsb: how about https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-15.04/Ubuntu.Web/23:28
wellsbkalikiana, Nah, I need oxide for UserScripts and some other features.  I figured out a way to do what I wanted.  Thanks23:29
kalikianaah, okay23:30
kalikianawellsb: what are you working on?23:30
wellsbI had an old app (esv-bible) for ubuntu touch, and it has been broken for eons because so much had changed with the api (I was still using Ubuntu.Components.Extras.Browser).  Anyway, it has a night mode for reading, and I needed to be able to style a webview one of two ways depending on this setting.  With oxide, a webview can only be set to a context (w/ associated userscripts) on creation, so I had to find a new way23:32
kalikianawellsb: seems like a pretty big limitation. how did you handle it now?23:37
wellsbIt's a bit convoluted, but it works.  In my webview, I wrote a function to execute javascript rootFrame.sendMessage("oxide://", "EXECUTE", {code: code});  and then in my .js file I have a message handler to handle the above and then I have the function in my .js style, and I pass a qml variable to it as a string in the executejavascript function of the webview23:41

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