wileeeoh yes, removing grub is always a great idea00:46
TJ-Yes, it is, I do it routinely. Only one install needs to control the boot-loader, else there are all sorts of problems with the OSs each trying to rewrite it00:47
wileeematter of personal use, never had a problem with usually 3 linux install same HD00:48
JanCgrub should be able to manage that itself instead  :)00:49
wileeea new person, not so good, not criticizing any help just that decision00:49
TJ-If you have custom config for grub, then you'd have to replicate it across all the OSes, and any changes in those OS grub policies could causes issues00:49
wileeeActually a new user may be better, I just load the mbr from the os that needs grub at the moment, like a kernel update00:50
wileeeno custom here is all00:50
TJ-I'd hate to have multiple OSs trying to control grub, it'd make my systems unbootable00:51
daftykinsi have a machine with lightning-fried USB and i no longer own a PS/2 keyboard, i can't interact with the boot menus at all 8D00:53
wileeeprobably the only place besides helping I'm ocd enough tyo not have issues, heh, not been diagnosed after much time spent with a clinical psych. ;)00:53
wileeeI just wondered if they might be gpt, efi...etc, even with just arch00:54
JanCdaftykins: you can get truckloads full of PS/2 keyboards for free  ;)00:57
TJ-Or get the soldering iron out and fix that USB!00:59
daftykinsnah, power is there but the controllers got murdered00:59
JanCthere are also PS/2 <-> converters  ;)01:00
JanCPS/2 <-> USB01:00
daftykinsoh i'm aware, worked in this industry for quite some time01:02
daftykinsbut it's an old core 2 quad build so besides be used as a victim for windows 10 testing a while back it doesn't do much01:03
JanCheh, that's still quite useful hardware01:03
daftykinsmy own desktop is already that, so i don't need two :>01:04
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tintedwindowsdoes anybody have a good reference where i can learn how to see all the open ports on my comp?03:12
cfhowlettwafflejock: Pulp Fiction mode required: chill the frack03:12
cfhowletttintedwindows, run !ports      in the #ubuntu03:12
EriC^^hey ObrienDave07:57
ObrienDavehaving fun in #U? ;P07:57
EriC^^yeah :D07:57
lordievaderGood morning.08:21
lordievaderHey ObrienDave, how are you doing?08:22
ObrienDavegood lordievader, and you?08:23
lordievaderWaking up, making coffee.08:23
ObrienDavegetting ready for bed. having beer ;P08:23
ObrienDaveoops, had beer ;P08:24
lordievaderYou can allways have another ;)08:24
cfhowlettObrienDave, a user admonished me for - wait for it - being snarky!08:24
ObrienDavedon't have any more :(08:24
ObrienDaveyou????? heaven forbid ;P08:25
cfhowlettI know, right?  Incredible.08:25
ObrienDavewhat's the world coming to.... ;P08:25
tintedwindowspretty soon, theyll have us on no sleep and redbull energy drinks08:26
ObrienDavewas it last night when someone got mad at me for something someone else said?08:26
ObrienDavenight before? LOL08:26
tintedwindowsisnt that every nigt08:27
ObrienDavetintedwindows, seems like it LOL08:27
ObrienDavei think cfhowlett and i trade places every night LMAO08:28
cfhowletthey if no one complains, you're doing it wrong.08:28
ObrienDavei have enough trouble in my life. getting kick/baned from #U would put me over the edge ;P08:30
ObrienDaveit's pretty bad when i have an OP in #xubuntu on my /ignore list LOL08:31
ObrienDaveknome. grrrrrr08:32
cfhowlettnow now.  kiss and make up08:33
ObrienDavenever. rassin' frassin jerk ;P08:34
ObrienDavethat's one guy who really needs a windectomy ;P08:36
ObrienDavesleepy time *waves*08:51
OerHeksYes No Yes11:46
* daftykins rejoins for a giggle16:03
OerHeksjust too late, you missed zetheroo16:04
daftykinsuhoh that nick rings a bell16:04
daftykinswonder if that earl guy even booted as EFI16:07
EriC^^almost had a chrootception going on16:12
daftykinsbest call the pizza delivery boys and the firemen in16:19
daftykinsi quite like 'apt' instead of apt-get, but the trouble is you can't autoremove with it and you can't clean with it - so you end up needing both still anyway16:29
daftykinsthe man page is particularly useless16:29
OerHeksfirst time i used full-upgrade16:29
OerHeksconfusing, apt <> apt-get16:29
daftykinsi'd been using dist-upgrade still with apt16:31
daftykinsthey're probably linked16:31
TJ-apt is the user front-end to apt-get16:32
TJ-apt full-upgrade is equivalent to apt-get dist-upgrade16:32
daftykinsdrat, go to put the second new tire on the bike and the inner tube bursts in several places18:43
daftykinsgot a spare but it says 1.5/2.2" tires max, my new on is 2.35"18:43
EriC^^that sucks18:46
EriC^^this guy is so lucky, nobody ever has an option to switch the order in the bios, and his install wouldn't have worked out any other way (i can think of)18:49
daftykinswhat kind of order? when seeing multiple EFIs?18:49
EriC^^yeah he can change the order of which efi files to boot18:50
EriC^^his bios is hard coded as it is most of the time to boot windows, but from the bios he can choose to override it18:50
daftykinsmy encounters with EFI kit are always fleeting, but i manage to get what i need to done when i do come up against them18:52
daftykinsall my own kit is pretty old18:52
EriC^^seems i spoke too soon18:54
daftykinsthere be crazy brewin'21:36
daftykinsthat thing is looking pretty mean now21:58

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