BlastyrHey guys. Quick question about repos and packages: Is there a difference between 14.04 with trusty-updates enabled and 14.04.2?04:25
darkxstBlastyr, just the HWE stacks, which are opt-in04:32
Blastyrdarkxst: Yeah, I just found that. However, running the command listed on that page (with simulate flag) will remove: steam, skype, and ubuntu-gnome-desktop.04:39
BlastyrForgive me for being frank, but how is that acceptable?04:40
darkxstnot sure about the first 2, but it certainly should not remove ubuntu-gnome-desktop, we use that to build the 14.04.2/14.04.3 images!04:41
BlastyrSteam and Skype, I could get over and reinstall, but ubuntu-gnome-desktop?04:41
darkxststeam has a direct dep on libx11, that could cause removal04:43
darkxstbut there must be update packages available somewhere if that is the case04:44
BlastyrHere's my "aptitude -s instal ..." output: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10845166/temp/hwe_stack_output.txt04:46
BlastyrI'm trying to get the new DisplayLink USB 3.0 driver to work, and apparently I can't without reinstalling my OS (or at the very least my desktop environment and a handful of apps), which is honestly pretty unacceptable.04:51
darkxstBlastyr, either you missed some package in the command or the aptitude dependency resolver is on drugs.05:08
darkxstregardless this not the place to rant on about hwe stack, that is ubuntu generic and not something we work on05:09
Blastyrdarkxst: No. I tried apt-get (again with the simulate flag), as the page suggests, and I see "Remv skype", "Remv steam:i386", and "Remv ubuntu-gnome-desktop" in the output.05:10
darkxstBlastyr, try the vivid stack?05:11
darkxstsudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-core-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-vivid libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-vivid05:12
BlastyrHm, looks like that one will still remove Steam and Skype, but not GNOME.05:16
darkxstBlastyr, maybe there is some multi-arch confusion, but I just installed steam in 14.04.3 just fine05:20
BlastyrHm, well since there's a path that doesn't remove GNOME, I guess I can deal with reinstalling Skype and Steam. I'll just backup my library before I attempt this. Thanks for the assistance.05:25
octoquaddarkxst, after reading this: http://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-devs-willing-to-work-on-gnome-software-to-replace-ubuntu-software-center-488335.shtml do you think it makes sense to carry on with the fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/89987816:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 899878 in Ubuntu GNOME "Software center have hardcoded colors and shows white font on white bg" [High,In progress]16:31
octoquaddarkxst, I would prefer to focus on some of the more important items on the list you sent through for the wily cycle16:32
Dave07747octoquad: darkxst: may I ask, what is meant by: Create a new branch with the relevant Task-* keys renamed17:10
Dave07747In terms of after forking the seed for wily17:11
octoquadDave07747, i'm not 100% sure, never done that before but I think he means is change the relevant Task-* key/value pairs to something else. Like Task-Description: Ubuntu GNOME desktop would be Task-Description: My Custom Ubuntu GNOME desktop17:18
Dave07747Ahhh I see, I'll check if that is it17:19
Dave07747octoquad: There is a file named live, with things like Task-description: Ubuntu GNOME love CD and Task-Per-Derivative: 117:33
Dave07747Is this possibly what I should change and copy to my new branch17:34
octoquadDave07747, yes I would assume so. I think you would also need to apply it to the desktop file as well. live will be for Live CD and desktop for Desktop Installation (from Live CD).17:57
Dave07747octoquad: okay yes, I see. And the values can be arbitrary? Even for like Task-Section and seeds and Derivative?17:59
octoquadHave a look at this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-gnome-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-gnome.wily/revision/2071 expand desktop to see how the Ubuntu Gnome see happened.18:39
Dave07747Ahhh that is exactly what I needed! Thank you19:00
octoquadoh, that's great :)19:19
octoquadI must say this is pretty interesting stuff, first time seeing how this is done.19:20
Dave07747It's my first time as well, and I'm so grateful for having the support of the GNOME community. I'm writing up a documentation as well along with this, so you can also get a clearer image, along with anyone else who wants to be involved in it19:23
octoquadgood idea Dave07747, i've been doing the same with package patching and splitting. :)19:30
Dave07747Once I get this down, you help me with that and I'll help with actual seed stuff ;) I mean, it's an honor just to be able to contribute to the community19:31
octoquadDave07747, I also found this earlier: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeedManagement might be useful for a reference19:45
Dave07747octoquad, thank you so much! Seems very informative, I'll check it out!19:46
octoquadnp. It's getting late this side, so I might not respond, but darkxst should be online shortly if you have any more questions.20:06
Dave07747Yes of course! I appreciate all the help octoquad, goodnight!20:11
darkxstoctoquad, there is absolutely no official stance on Ubuntu migrating to gnome-software, so I doubt it will happen anytime soon.22:59
darkxstso yes USC should be fixed (and probably SRU'ed to trusty if need there also)23:00
darkxstDave07747, its pretty much as octoquad said23:18
darkxstthe desktop seed is the most important one for you for now, you will probably only need to change the live cd when you get to updating the slideshow in the installer23:19
Dave07747Okay yeah, that is what I did. Now, about the meta packages?23:19
darkxstbut note, I have no idea how you can make live-build use a custom live seed23:20
darkxstDave07747, just grab the source for ubuntu-gnome-meta23:20
darkxstedit update.cfg to your needs23:20
darkxstthen run update23:20
Dave07747Oh okay, so you modify it straight from bzr? And okay23:20
darkxstyou also need to rename the packages in debian/control and youe next changelog23:21
darkxstyes you can just branch it from bzr23:21
Dave07747Should I keep it all in my one directory?23:25
darkxstevery bzr branch has its own directory, but you can keep all those in one directory23:25

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