dholbachgood morning07:13
nhainesdholbach: good morning!  :)07:44
dholbachhey nhaines07:45
Kilosmorning dholbach svij MooDoo elacheche and others08:13
MooDoohowdy kils :D08:14
MooDooKilos even 08:15
svijKilos: you're late, I was worrying! :D08:15
Kilosaw sorry guys, im on a laptop so not everything setup yet08:16
Kilosand its hard to use after years on desktop08:17
Kilosold dogs battle to learn new tricks08:17
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
belkinsaDo we have dates for UGJ for this cycle yet>13:38
elachecheIt should be for tomorrow belkinsa :-X http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3139/13:39
belkinsaOh, I missed a thread somewhere...13:40
Kiloshello belkinsa 13:40
Kiloshow are you13:40
belkinsaHey Kilos, long time no see.13:40
belkinsaI'm fine, but still stressed out on seeking out a job13:40
Kilosyeah we missed you13:40
belkinsaI missed you guys too13:41
Kilosai! good luck13:41
KilosIT peeps are battling all over13:41
Kilosgeek peeps13:41
MooDoohowdy again Kilos belkinsa 13:42
belkinsao/ MooDoo13:42
Kiloshehe MooDoo :)13:42
MooDooIT sucks, he says being a sysem administrator13:42
elachecheMooDoo, I love being a SysAdmin :p13:45
MooDooelacheche: i do really :D but it has it's off days13:45
elachecheI know those days.. Today starts like that too x) 13:46
ahoneybunaug 7-9 for UGJ14:32

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