CeIeIibiwhy am i banned from #Ubuntu00:27
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bazhangCeIeIibi, you know why00:36
CeIeIibiits the infamous bazhang00:37
bazhangin the text00:38
bazhangexit the channel CeIeIibi00:46
CeIeIibifucking cunt00:47
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popeyuh. 15:43 < lubotu3> Error: unresolvable <alias> to isitout-#ubuntu-release-party14:48
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jpdsk1l_: This guy's been dodgy for a while15:28
k1l_zetheroo: hi15:32
k1l_zetheroo: if you keep repeating the same thing over and over again no matter what people answer you based with facts, this is getting nowhere and is just spoiling the channel while other users need real technical support.15:33
zetheroohi ... booting me off the channel while I am being batted over the head for suggesting something which non-terminal-loving users might appreciate!?15:33
zetheroothey are speaking of facts, yes, but almost none of the facts have anything to do with what I was talking about!15:34
zetherooand every time I try to explain it people are telling me to "stop" ....15:34
jpdszetheroo: Non-terminal users can install the GUI frontend apps15:34
k1l_zetheroo: you are arguing, that every ubuntu user wants the same things you do. which is just not right.15:34
zetheroono I am not!15:35
jpds15:27:51 < zetheroo > All I am saying is that if there is a built in AV and FW it would be nice for Canonical to make some sort of graphical representation of it's existence ... would be nice ... ;)15:35
k1l_ubuntu got ufw and apparmor running. so its there, like its told on the ubuntu.com/desktop site you cited. if someone (and that is not the average ubuntu user) wants to change the configs he can install and use the grafical programs ubuntu ships in the repo.15:36
zetherooI am saying that it would BE NICE (as per my many years of experience helping people move from Windows to Linux) to have some graphical representation of what Canonical boasts Ubuntu to have built in. Why is that so upsetting!?15:36
k1l_so, just because you want gufw doesnt mean every ubuntu installation should run gufw by default.15:36
zetherooI don't think I am even talking about gufw15:37
jpdszetheroo: A lot of things would be nice, it doesn't mean that they have to be there by default15:37
zetherooFor instance in the System Settings ... would be great to have a tab in Security and Privacy for FW and AV ... with maybe some on/off switch or something ...15:38
zetheroolike a configure button even...15:38
k1l_zetheroo: because most that users lack the knowledge about what firewalls really are and what tehy do.15:38
zetheroojust something to let users know that this stuff really IS there and that it really IS "built-in"15:38
popeyzetheroo: create a design mock up and propose it on the devloper mailing list15:38
popeytelling us in here won't effect that change15:39
k1l_zetheroo: that is exactly that "snake oil privacy" that windows make the users "feel safe"15:39
zetheroook, but shutting me down for saying "this would be nice for new users" ....15:39
popeyubuntu isn't a discussion room for new features15:39
popeyit's a support channel15:39
zetheroook ... support ... ok15:39
zetherooso the "off-topic" is better for that?15:39
popeysure, but even better would be as I suggested15:40
popeya mockup and rationale sent to the developer mailing list15:40
zetherooI just find the crowd in the #ubuntu channel so touchy more and more ... which is why I rarely bother going there ...15:40
popeydon't then :)15:40
zetherookinda like the #debian channel used to be years ago ... ha15:40
zetheroobut now the #debian channel crowd seem pretty chilled compared15:41
zetherooanyhow - days over. till next time ... ;)15:41
zetherook1l_: I get the thing about it being an off-topic subject for the #ubuntu channel ...15:42
zetheroocan you lift the ban?15:42
zetheroopretty please ... k1l_15:43
k1l_zetheroo: honestly, i dont think that next time it will work out better. since you just blame the "touchy folks" and completly missing the point that you just kept repeating the same (false) argument over and over again which made others jump in to correct you.15:45
zetheroook, what was my "false argument"?15:45
jpds15:29:11 < zetheroo > jpds: "With a built-in firewall and virus protection software, Ubuntu is one of the most secure operating systems around." - This denotes that without these softwares it would be less secure. If AV is not needed why  is it there?15:46
zetheroowhat about that is "false"?15:46
k1l_i would be pleased if you think about that sort of running  a discussion. at elast complaining afterwards that all others are "touchy" is really not helping either.15:47
zetherooIf I advertise a car for sale and I say "with the SL301 security system this car is one fo the most secure cars around" does that not denote that without the SL301 security system the car would be less secure!?15:47
jpdsThe fact that you suggest that without an antivirus Ubuntu is "less secure"15:47
zetheroo jpds: nope, you still not getting my point15:47
zetherooI am not saying that Ubuntu is less secure without the AV, I am saying that if you advertise Ubuntu as being secure on the basis that it has AV then you are basically saying that without AV it's not as secure.15:48
k1l_zetheroo: like i told before: users from the other car-company are so used to that "security system" where they can click and switch (and in the end it doesnt change anything securitywise) they demand such feature.15:49
zetherooSo either Ubuntu is less secure without AV than it is with AV - OR - Canonical are just advertising it in that fashion to make it sound more secure for people who don't know any better ...15:49
k1l_but like popey said already: make a program that suits every user and propose it.15:50
zetherook1l_: ok, but I was not talking about whether or not it's secure, I am talking about giving the user some visual sign that this promise from Canonical actually exists15:50
zetherooinstead of telling them "oh it's in there somewhere"15:51
zetherooI am just saying this from hearing dozens of new users tell me this over the last year or so15:51
k1l_#ubuntu is the technical support channel. its not the "i demand that to be standard on ubuntu"-channel. i think that was told you already the last times you had issues with the touchy people in #ubuntu15:51
zetheroothat all15:51
zetherook1l_: I get that and I already said as much ...15:51
k1l_which brings us to the main point: why should i unmute you, when you were told the samt thing before and yet you did start the same thing today, again15:52
zetheroobut I don't think I brought up any "false arguments" as such ... that's how people interpreted it as being ... and attack on the secutiry of Ubuntu ... which it wasn't15:52
k1l_this is why i dont cheer up for unmuting you right now.15:53
zetherook1l_: because I get that the topic is deemed off-topic in that channel15:53
zetherooso I won't bother bringing it up again15:53
k1l_zetheroo: that is why i would like you to think about your phrasing and way of discussing/explaining it(repeating it over and over again). that will lead to the same situation we are in right now.15:54
zetherook1l_: sorry but people jumped to conclusions as well15:55
zetherooI am not going to take a scolding over people jumping down my throat like that ... asking me if I am a retard etc ...15:55
zetherooanyhow - do whatever you must or mustn't ...15:55
k1l_dont get me wrong: its fine to ask about the security setups. and its really good to ask if its the right standard we are using right now or if we should adjust it from time to time.15:56
k1l_but the way of arguing is the issue i see here.15:56
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Picianyone else get a pm from triplerx?18:20
hggdhfor the record, ufw does have a graphical interface -- gufw22:22
hggdhand no PM from triplex as well22:23
jpdshggdh: We told him23:55
jpdshggdh: "Well, then it should be by default and in the System Settings, blah"23:56
k1l_well, he wants the firewall to pop up with many buttons and switches so the users he brings to ubuntu feel safe. like they are used to from windows with their personal firewall and antivirus programs.23:57
k1l_but the way he did speak about #debian and the way he caught more and more users into discussing i think that was what he really wanted. make some toruble23:58

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