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anon212244567Just wondering, are there any rules as to age when you are contributing to Ubuntu? I am a teen and I would like to do some QA test cases, but I don't know if I could...16:47
anon212244567Can anyone confirm?16:47
balloonsThere are no rules on age specific to Ubuntu16:57
svijteens these days are impatient…17:00
* svij feels old now :)17:01
flocculantI've felt old (physically) for years :)17:19
svijI'm actually not that old :D17:22
flocculantneither am I (mentally) ...17:25
balloonsHello :)18:06
balloonsSo i realize now i didn't remind folks about the meeting18:07
balloonsSo today we can basically answer all the questions we had i think.18:12
balloonsDid DanChapman put together the readme i wonder?18:13
balloonsI guess i shouldn't start talking before it's time :)18:13
DanChapmanballoons: mostly complete now :-) I'll push it to lp this evening18:14
svijballoons: now you can talk ;)19:02
dkesselhey there. nearly forgot this19:03
svijI think we should wait for balloons ?19:07
balloonsHey :)19:14
svijoh there he is :)19:14
balloonsOK so we just need to go through our actions from last time and see where we are at19:14
balloonssvij care to relay your findings to start?19:15
balloonsHey dkessel :)19:15
svijso, we can run the iso tests on a ec2 instance, which we could fire up for a new tests, shouldn't be too expensive as I see for now, but the tests doesn't run for todays/yesterdays wily image because of some weird ssl/bzr error19:16
flocculantwell - depending on what you tried it with - at least one image didn't build19:17
flocculantand there is a dead server apparently19:17
svijdead server?19:17
flocculanthang on - just getting info19:17
flocculantssh: connect to host goldenapple.canonical.com port 22: Connection timed out19:17
flocculant<davmor2> flocculant: goldenapple appears to be dead so if you get that one it times out IS is informed so hopefully this will go away soonish19:18
svijso we can run the tests there?19:18
flocculantthat said - what weird ssl/bzr issue are you talking about :)19:19
svijhuh, I'm confused19:19
balloonsMe too19:20
balloonsDoes it have to be ec2. Can it be digital ocean19:20
svijdidn't check digitalocean yet19:20
balloonsI think flocculant was trying to say the images are bad19:21
svijyea, the vivid images were better, but they still hang somewhere, I didn't check further details though19:21
svijany more questions regarding running the tests in the cloud?19:24
flocculantI thought someone had looked at digitalocean19:24
balloonsIf we're confident then we can let everyone know we won't need the hardware19:25
svijI could check that quickly if it fails at the beginning…19:25
svijoh wait, my digitalocean instance is too small (ram)19:25
svijanyway, does it really matter if it's ec2 or digital ocean?19:25
svijballoons: yep19:25
balloonsIt doesn't matter really. DO is cheaper is all19:26
svijhm, not 100% true… do is 40$/mo for a 4GB instance (which we need) amazon is cheaper in this case19:27
balloonsThe only other thing we needed to settle was the doc from DanChapman19:28
balloonsFor autopilot. And of course to fix the tests19:28
balloonssvij, interesting19:28
DanChapmannearly done :-) just finishing it off atm and will get it pushed up to lp this evening.19:29
svijaws with 4gb (but paid for a year) is 26$/mo19:29
balloonsSo 2 instances on ec2 or just one svij? 1 always running the other on demand to test?19:29
svijI think two instances are cheaper… one smaller one for jenkins master and one on demand19:30
balloonsSo we should go ahead and setup things on ec2. Probably worth starting off monthly before buying a year at once19:32
balloonsAnd with the readme complete, we can solicit for help in the tests19:33
balloonsIs there anything else?19:33
DanChapmanhmmm looking at yesterdays vivid run. irqbalance crashed :-/. Does ec2 use xen?19:33
balloonsMy brain is shot atm from planning for travel19:34
dkesseli guess i should un-assign me from the blocking bug. i really don't have time to fix it soon. and time is running....19:34
svijDanChapman: yes19:34
dkesselso we need someone else to have a look19:34
svijis xen a problem?19:35
DanChapmanxen's not a problem, i've just heard about issues with irqbalance in VM's. IIRC fedora vms require it turned off. Let me see if I can find mmore info19:38
DanChapmansvij was it a single core instance?19:40
svijDanChapman: nope19:40
svijdual core19:40
svijDanChapman: wait, do you mean my ec2 instance or the vm inside the ec2 instance, which bootet the iso?19:44
DanChapmanthe vm that booted the iso. I can't remember what the runner set's it up with.19:46
svijyes, that was dual core19:47
DanChapmanok thanks. I'm just concerned as the test didn't actually run according to that log file. It looks like it crashed pretty quickly after ubiquity launched19:49
svijthat's also what I was seeing (with my less knowledge about autopilot)19:51
DanChapmanso the "Autopilot GTK interface loaded. Wire protocol version is 1.4" appears when the launcher "run_ubiquity" is triggered, the test will wait for ubiquity to come up before the test starts and you should see "I: Running autopilot run ubiquity_autopilot_*"19:53
DanChapmanso it's either a problem with the runner/test-environment or an issue with running in the cloud19:54
svijI'll do some more investigations on the weekend about this issue19:55
svijsomeone needs to fix the tests anyway, beside of my problems ;)19:55
DanChapmanI'll get them running again. Seems a couple of large bugs have been dropped off my backlog for OTA-6 so I will squeeze this in :-)19:59
balloonsHehe nice19:59
dkesseldone. bug 1479064 is unassigned now.20:02
ubot5bug 1479064 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Autopilot test "EnglishDefaultInstallTestCase" fails with Xubuntu i386 Wily daily ISO" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147906420:02
DanChapmanok cool assigned to me. I should have them running again by next meeting. Are we back to friday next week? or you still away then balloons?20:09
balloonsYes I'm away again20:15
balloonsUm hmm20:16
balloonsMeet without me perhaps?20:16
svijShould be fine for me20:23
svijI'm going to bed now... Next week Friday sane time is fine for me20:24
knomesane times are ok, insane times, nope20:25
knome(good evening!)20:25
balloonsK. Sounds good20:25
balloonsThanks everyone!20:25
balloonsHey knome20:25
balloonsWork that I'm off as well20:25
knomehave fun20:26

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