darkxstinfinity, ok, guess its not a huge issue anyway, given live session and 2nd+ boots work fine00:12
infinitydarkxst: It's not a blocker, I'd say, but it would still be nice to know WTF happened.00:12
infinitydarkxst: Can you reproduce on a fresh install on the same VM?00:12
darkxstinfinity, it happened twice00:21
darkxstthird re-install seems to have booted ok00:21
darkxstinfinity, so maybe it is something racy, vmware does boot incredibly fast00:32
infinitydarkxst: If it's racy, just rebooting a dozen times should show it up.  It might be a race between upstart events and jobs or something, though I'd also suspect that's not a regression from 14.04.2 then, but just bad luck. :/00:35
infinitydarkxst: Bad luck that your system is just the wrong speed to race it, I mean.  Or that some update got 10ms faster or 10ms slower, perturbing the bug that was already there.00:35
slangasekok, what the heck are opencolorio and openimageio that they warrant circular build-deps on each other01:02
infinityslangasek: I vaguely recall having to break that loop on every bootstrap.01:14
slangasekyeah, I would consider adding a build profile, except that doesn't help for the soname transition problem01:17
slangasekand therefore I do not care01:17
slangasekin fact I'm inclined to drop the dependency from opencolorio-tools to libopenimageio and not re-add it01:18
infinityslangasek: Oh, also, there's a mass retry in progress to see if it unsticks any of the bad failures/dep-waits from previous lp-buildd/sbuild versions.  If any of that gets in your way, feel free to score up C++ stuff (or holler if you don't have the permissions to do so...)02:15
slangasekinfinity: I was amused to find that in fact, TB seems to confer magic buildd powers03:42
slangasekso yeah, I've been rescoring what I need, while ignoring all the new build failure mails for things that failed long ago ;)03:43
infinityslangasek: TB might own buildd-admins...03:43
infinityslangasek: Indeed it does.03:44
infinityAnd they're a member too.03:44
infinityWhich might be a mistake.03:44
infinityBut meh.03:44
infinityjackyu: Hey!  Are you guys testing kylin 14.04.3 over the next 8 hours while I sleep? :)04:53
jackyuinfinity, sure. doing now^...04:54
infinityjackyu: We were considering respinning your ISOs for the fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntukylin/+bug/1380981 but weren't sure if you'd started testing already, etc.04:55
ubot93Error: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1380981 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1380981). The error has been logged04:55
infinityjackyu: If you'd like us to land that before you start, I think cyphermox and I can still find the time before bed.04:55
infinityjackyu: Your call.04:58
jackyuinfinity, we are testing now. But we'd like to retest the new one.04:58
jackyuinfinity, so, please respin it04:58
infinityjackyu: Well, if you don't mind a 1hr (or less) delay to merge this and respin, I'm happy to do it.  I just didn't want to do it without asking first.04:58
infinityjackyu: Kay.  Will do.04:58
jackyuinfinity, yes, in call just now^04:59
jackyuinfinity, got it, thanks.04:59
infinityjackyu: Respinning now.05:02
infinitycyphermox: Looks like we're getting the kylin fix after all.05:03
infinityIf it turns out that the fix for that bug breaks the 20150806 image somehow, if you also test 20150805, we can release the old one, since the only difference is that one bootloader language change.05:10
infinityjackyu: ^05:10
infinityjackyu: But it's a direct backport of the fix we used for wily, so it should work.05:10
infinityjackyu: There's your new builds.05:35
slangasekdoko: fwiw the answer is that openimageio doesn't build cleanly with g++ 5 because it has code that monkeys with the internals of std::string06:15
slangasekcan be disabled via ifdef, but I'll check for an upstream fix first06:17
slangasekso... sorta?06:22
dokolooks ok06:35
dokoLaney, slangasek: openimageio now fails with opencv mess (Laney, could you fix?)07:04
slangasekoh seriously?  I *just* succeeded in building it locally07:05
slangasekdoko: and no, Laney has said he's off today07:05
dokoI'll have a look, have to prepare for travel too07:06
slangasekI can take a brief look before I turn into a pumpkin07:06
slangasekwhat does openimageio block?07:06
slangasekhalf of opencv depends on new package names and half on old package names07:08
dokoopencolorio  and blender07:08
dokoyes, that's what I saw as well07:08
slangasekopencolorio and blender, which is only seeded in ubuntustudio (which doesn't do non-LTS releases), shouldn't there be some main libraries that are higher priority?07:09
dokoI was looking at failing autopkg tests for gcc-5. fine if you override these ...07:10
slangasekyes, we can probably override those.  I'm more concerned about getting the rebuilds done for the stacks of package name changes in main07:11
dokothen probably a test rebuild of main for amd64 only would be good at this point07:12
slangasekuploading opencv07:22
slangasekdoko: opencv has a self-build-dep; maybe can be worked around be removing the broken binaries from wily-proposed07:30
* slangasek gets some sleep07:30
zhhuabj_bdmurray, hi09:04
jackyuinfinity, Ubuntu Kylin is ready:).10:04
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sil2100slangasek, infinity, doko: we need the wily touch seeds updated10:18
sil2100Hello release team! Does anyone know why in the ubuntu-touch-seeds in the sdk-libs-dev we actually hard-dep on a specific boost version?10:53
ogra_sil2100, the seed history (and bzr blame) can tell you ... it seems ot have been added with the whole block surrounding it for scope stuff10:55
ogra_sil2100, looks like it comes from pete-woods ... best to ask him11:00
pete-woodsogra_, sil2100: it was for scopes, yes. there's no specific dependency on a specific version of boost, so if there's a meta/virtual package that should be there instead, please do change it11:08
pete-woodsmy package-fu is weak11:08
ogra_well, not sure how sane that is ... buut you could indeed just seed libboost-dev instead ... thouogh then you will likely not catch ABI incompatibilities11:10
pete-woodssure, please let people who actually know about packaging make the call. I just added the version that the pure c++ scopes were using11:11
ogra_well, "packaging" is kind of moot, since we talk about frameworks here, this is all kind of special anyway11:12
ogra_but we dont have any other versioned deps in the framework seed so it could work i guess11:12
sil2100That's what I wanted to propose11:17
sil2100Simply depping in the seed for libboost-dev, then we would unblock some things and avoid breakage when the main boost libraries change11:17
ogra_sil2100, yeah, looking at the rest of the seed that seems sane to me11:17
sil2100Ok, proposing11:17
sil2100ogra_, slangasek: https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch-remove-boost-hard-version-dep/+merge/26717711:23
sil2100ogra_, slangasek: this should at least unblock the qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu parts that are blocked in -proposed11:23
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davmor2infinity, cyphermox: So I've tested now most of what I can on server/desktop/netboot the images look good, I've also used the dell install to drop the xps back to the default 14.04.2 release that was on the it and upgraded and that is fine too \o/14:44
cyphermoxdavmor2: great14:49
* cyphermox zsyncs kylin again to test the debian-cd fix14:50
slangaseksil2100: follow-up comment posted to the merge14:58
sil2100slangasek: thanks, looking!14:59
zhhuabjarges, hi, around15:01
cyphermoxinfinity: if you hadn't had an ok for it yet, I verified that kylin booting in UEFI now properly defaults to zh_CN15:05
infinitycyphermox: They marked the images ready last night, so they seem to agree.15:05
davmor2infinity: anything else you need from me?15:10
argeszhhuabj: hi15:12
infinitydavmor2: studio could use some testing.  Not entirely sure if maybe zequence forgot when the point release was and took a vacation. :P15:17
infinitydavmor2: But I'd hate to see them miss the point release if some quick smoke tests show the images are okay.15:17
infinityRiddell: kubuntu testing seems a bit sparse, do you have more on the way, or is it "good enough"?15:17
Riddelllet me ask testers15:19
sil2100slangasek: ok, confirmed and your proposition makes sense, updated the MR15:23
zhhuabjarges, hi chris, I have a patch need to SRU, could you help me ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.5/+bug/127346215:26
ubot93Launchpad bug 1273462 in lsb (Ubuntu Trusty) "Users can mistakenly run init.d scripts and cause problems if an equivalent upstart job already exists" [High,In progress]15:26
argeszhhuabj: i'll take a look in a bit15:42
cjwatsoninfinity: aha, that germinate change for build profiles, turns out I already did it a month or two back and deployed it to publisher machines16:03
cjwatsoninfinity: but not to nusakan, hence recent failures, so doing that now16:03
cjwatsonWell, now-ish, need an RT first for git16:09
infinitycjwatson: Indeed, I remember you doing that.  When you talked about germinate and profiles yesterday, I assumed you'd found a new bug.16:22
cjwatsoninfinity: I'm just old.16:24
infinitycjwatson: Join the club.16:24
infinitycjwatson: Also, the buildd queues are clearing/cleared nicely, if you wanted to check if your new dep-wait parser is behaving any better.16:25
cjwatsoninfinity: I haven't done any systematic checks; the spot checks I did look better16:26
davmor2infinity: amd64 done16:26
davmor2infinity: i386 downloading16:26
argeszhhuabj: hey, i'm looking at this a bit more closely, I think having others review it too will help. I'll update the bug with my comments.16:30
cjwatsonok, germinate upgraded on nusakan16:42
anon212230Just wondering, are there any rules as to age when you are contributing to Ubuntu? I am a teen and I would like to do some QA test cases, but I don't know if I could...16:44
anon212230Can anybody confirm?16:45
wxlanon212230: ultimately a question for ubuntu-quality but no there are no such rules. have fun and thanks in advance :)16:46
wxlare all the seeds for all flavors under version control in one particular place?16:48
argeszhhuabj: commented on bug 1273462, i'm not comfortable sponsoring until a proper regression potential analysis is done.16:50
ubot93bug 1273462 in lsb (Ubuntu Trusty) "Users can mistakenly run init.d scripts and cause problems if an equivalent upstart job already exists" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127346216:50
cjwatsonwxl: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-seeds16:53
wxlthanks cjwatson16:53
wxlargh somewhere in the last 3 revisions infinity did, lubuntu trusty got oversized https://code.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/lubuntu.trusty16:55
wxloh no wait16:55
wxlthe last one16:55
wxljust changing from lts-utopic to lts-vivid16:55
wxlnot sure why that would make that much of a difference16:55
apwwxl, how much bigger did it get, teh kernel tends to grow quite quickly16:56
wxlyeah well could have been the kernel then as that did change16:56
wxllet me figure that out apw16:56
wxlapw: it's not much. 13M, but it's enough to push it over.17:01
zequenceinfinity: Yes, sorry I had missed that17:09
zequenceLet's see17:09
zequenceI'm going to mark ready.17:10
zequenceThanks apw and davmor2 for testing :)17:11
davmor2infinity: done17:11
infinitywxl: Not sure there's much we can do about that on release day, sadly.17:14
wxlyeah well c'est la vie infinity. i don't blame you anyways.17:15
infinitywxl: But, much like my argument about HWE alternates being useless, people who need CD-sized ISOs probably aren't the same people who *need* HWE, so they don't need 14.04.{2,3} install media.17:15
infinitywxl: So, I'd say test and mark ready, and if we can shrink for .4, yay.  If we can't, it's not world-ending to tell people with CD drives to use 14.04/14.04.117:15
wxlthanks infinity17:16
infinityzequence: It's a good thing you have friends. :)17:16
infinityBah, how did no one fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tex-common/+bug/1236951 in trusty yet?  That's a bit embarrassing.17:22
ubot93Launchpad bug 1236951 in tex-common (Ubuntu Trusty) "package tex-common 4.04 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [High,Confirmed]17:22
apwinfinity, perhaps because it is marked for .2 and once a thing is in the past it is gone in the LP reports17:32
infinityapw: Oh, that certainly wouldn't help its case.17:33
infinityapw: I just noticed cause it's (still) in the release notes.17:33
* infinity retargets.17:33
infinitystgraber: Are you happy to mark Edubuntu ready based on current testing?17:34
infinitysuperm1 / tgm4883: Ditto for you and Myth.17:34
tgm4883infinity: there weren't any rebuilds since I tested yesterday?17:35
infinitytgm4883: Nope.17:35
tgm4883infinity: then we're good to go17:35
infinitydarkxst: You cool with marking GNOME ready?17:36
infinitydarkxst: It passed all my tests, but my bar is low for flavours, I just want them to boot/install/reboot and not set my laptop on fire. :P17:36
infinity(The no fire bit is important)17:37
stgraberinfinity: yep17:40
stgraberinfinity: I was hoping highvoltage would do it, but I can certainly do it myself now17:41
infinitystgraber: A little late now, but all the server links seemed to be lacking /trusty/17:50
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infinityOh, hello queuebot.18:05
infinitydarkxst: *nudge*18:08
infinityScottK: You around to make the call on Kubuntu 14.04.3?18:08
infinitydarkxst: Failing a response, I'm going to mark GNOME ready in a few minutes, since I tested it myself. :)18:08
infinityRiddell: Did anything come of your asking testers things?18:13
infinityRiddell: Okay, I'm going to start pushing images (including yours) anyway.  If you come back and tell me "NO, STAHP, OURS SUCKS" before I release, I'll delete yours for you. :P18:36
davmor2infinity: \o/18:47
davmor2infinity: is that it we are done with iso's?18:53
infinitydavmor2: Unless you'd really like to respin and retest them all before lunch.18:53
davmor2infinity: wow trippy I can go back in time Lunch was 6 hours ago already ;)18:54
infinitydavmor2: One can never have too many lunches.18:56
davmor2infinity: jibel is more eloquent in his mails but I'm not jibel so people got thanked, heart felt at that too :)18:58
infinitydavmor2: You could have just copy and pasted one of his previous mails, and subbed in the right values for the testers. :P18:59
infinitydavmor2: Oh, you didn't do his usual "list all the testers" thing.19:00
davmor2infinity: no idea where he gets all the info from, I'm assuming admin19:04
infinitydavmor2: I'm guessing there's a fancy API call to the ISO tracker.  Or maybe just a magic link somewhere.19:05
infinitystgraber: Where does jibel scrape the milestone tester list from?19:05
davmor2got it19:05
* infinity runs to buy more caffeine.19:08
davmor2I'm going night all19:13
stgraberinfinity: probably http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/reports/testers19:13
flocculantnow that's all done and dusted - wily daily for Xubuntu is still stuck on yesterday, must be something awry - usually builds ~10:0019:16
infinityflocculant: I have mirror syncing disabled on cdimage right now while I prep the point release, you might just be stuck in that.19:20
flocculantmmk - was that disabled hours 10 hours ago?19:22
infinityflocculant: Oh.  No.  Your issue is something else, then. :P19:22
infinityflocculant: Ask after the point release is out.19:22
infinityNo can multitask right now.19:22
flocculantokey doke - I'll try and remember tomorrow19:23
infinityflocculant: Oh.19:24
infinityflocculant: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/xubuntu/wily/daily-live-20150806.log19:24
infinityflocculant: Was a germinate bug.  Colin fixed that, tomorrow will be fine.19:24
flocculantinfinity: ok thanks - I did see the logs, but ignored it while I was looking at trusty19:25
slangasekoh, debian/README.symbols, that's not actually a symbols file at all is it19:58
infinityslangasek: gcc -o foo foo.c -lREADME ?20:00
slangasekwhich is funny because usually you have to roll the readme the other way20:02
kirklandcan someone please delete this upload to vivid ^20:06
infinitykirkland: I can delete petname from all series', if you like.20:06
infinityutlemming: Feel free to pull the trigger on the cloud 14.04.3 bits.20:27
utlemminginfinity: ack, doing so now20:27
slangasekit seems arm64 is the long pole in the tent for rebuilds.  is this the actual capacity we have right now and I'm noticing it because we're throwing a lot more than usual at the builders, or are there any problems currently affecting arm64?20:27
cjwatsonslangasek: the former IMO20:29
cjwatsonI mean I haven't measured but it fits my instinct20:29
cjwatsonit's a particularly long pole due to a mass give-back, and there may well have been more failures to give back in the first place on arm64 ...20:29
cjwatsonx86 and arm have lots more parallelism obviously, and the power builders are just plain faster20:30
ScottKinfinity: ^^^20:36
cjwatsonslangasek: hopefully obviously, the answer will be scalingstack, I just wish it had been ready before this transition20:37
infinityI wish it had been ready a year ago, but wishes never work out.20:38
infinityThose poor arm64 builders do alright, given what we throw at them, but the capacity certainly has scaling issues.20:38
infinityAnd ppc64el would be done if one hadn't crashed overnight and another gotten stuck on a hung build for a day.  Oh well.20:39
cjwatsonOh, I didn't notice the hung build.20:40
infinitycjwatson: Yeah, that same "kill sucks when running in chroot=sudo mode" bug.  Oh well.20:40
infinitycjwatson: I'm all for investigating leveraging schroot at some point, so long as we don't derp it up.20:41
infinityTHough, there must be a way to make chroot=sudo DTRT too.20:41
cjwatsonYeah.  I feel like I've spent more than enough time on buildd recently though ...20:41
infinitycjwatson: It's hardly critical.  It only hangs up once in a while.  Just, of course, happens on every give-back. :)20:42
infinitycjwatson: With the move to scalingstack, at least it won't kill 25% of the capacity when it happens.20:42
infinityIn fact, with decent overcommit, it would, in theory, kill 0%, or close enough to it.20:42
cjwatsonmanage-builders tells us about stuff that's hung, eventually, but its lower threshold is a day.20:43
infinitycjwatson: Yeah, and a day is probably a fine threshold for scalingstack, cause losing a little VM slice for a day is meh.20:43
infinitycjwatson: For the 4 ppc64el or 5 arm64 builders, it's a bit more dire, but I tend to notice eventually. :P20:44
cjwatsonslangasek: FYI the haskell transition will be migratable by tomorrow, but it's all stuck together with icu which is of course blocked on gcc-5.20:46
cjwatsonHopefully Debian won't switch to ghc 7.10 before gcc-5 is done ...20:46
slangasekthat... seems preferable20:48
infinitycjwatson: I'm guessing the Debian release team might stab someone if they upload ghc 7.1020:53
cjwatsoninfinity: that's the sense I've got, yes20:54
infinityutlemming: cloud-images is still missing the http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/14.04.3/release/ path that release notes typically expect.  Is that me being impatient, or did your end break?20:58
utlemminginfinity: no, that's me20:59
* utlemming fixes20:59
utlemminginfinity: done, try again21:01
infinityutlemming: Looks like it has some things now.21:02
infinityutlemming: I assume the filenames are 14.04 (rather than 14.04.3) because you don't actually do point releases, it's just a symlink to the latest rolling update?21:03
utlemminginfinity: correct21:03
infinityAlright.  Shiny.21:03
utlemminginfinity: I learned my lesson about making point releases in the file names with 12.04.1. Apparently automated things break when you change file names.21:04
infinityutlemming: Yeah.  Servery people do so love stable interfaces to automate against.  I guess cloudy people are the same. :P21:05
infinityIt's really the only reason d-i has a current/ symlink too, IMO.21:05
infinityCause any human can sort out "bigger number is newer", computers are a bit dumber.21:06
infinityEspecially computers programmed by humans.21:06
utlemminginfinity: until the singularity21:07
infinityutlemming: I have every confidence that computers programmed by computers will be even more stupid.21:09
utlemminginfinity: we can only hope21:11
infinityutlemming: It'll be some generations, anyway.  AI is one thing, messy creative thought is another.21:12
infinityutlemming: And, honestly, if I were a computer programming another computer, I'd consider creativity a flaw, not a goal.  Human brains are gross and irrational.21:12
slangasekinfinity: so you're saying that when computers start to program other computers, they'll be writing in javascript?21:18
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infinityslangasek: wat.21:20
slangasekinfinity: none of that messy creativity21:20
slangasekjust cut'n'paste from one pastebin or stackexchange to another until it works ;)21:21
infinityslangasek: No, I meant wat: https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat21:21
infinity.. which doesn't load anymore.21:22
slangaseksorry, that has become so ingrained in my vocabulary that I forgot the reference ;)21:22
infinityThe internet has failed me.21:22
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infinityslangasek: It was part of my Internet vocabulary long before that talk, but the talk definitely made me associate it with javascript. :P21:23
infinityWHY, FINGERS, WHY?!21:23
slangasekwhat is pkgkde_symbolshelper?21:30
infinityslangasek: The only way to deal with C++ symbols files without clawing your eyes out.21:32
slangasekdoes it deal with them by ignoring that they have changed?21:32
infinityNo, it's just a tool for yanking dpkg-gensymbols output from build logs and tooling it into symbols files.21:32
infinityWhat you choose to do with it after that is entirely your fault (ie: ignoring ABI breaks)21:33
slangasekbecause libkolabxml1 sure has a symbols file that lists references to std::basic_string, and it's not FTBFS21:33
slangasekand I don't see anything in the build log that even tells me that pkgkde_symbolshelper is *doing* anything21:33
slangasekand debian/rules is empty of hatefulness21:34
slangasek... and the symbols file isn't copied into the binary package21:34
infinityOh, right, there's a buildtime component to that thing, I always forget that.  I have no idea what that does, and don't use it.21:34
infinityI only use the build log mangly symbol file updatey bits.21:34
slangasekwhat it does is add a path override to dpkg-gensymbols21:35
slangasekand then... nothing?  I don't know21:35
slangasekso I think pkgkde_symbolshelper's dpkg-gensymbols implementation is currently broken21:36
=== infinity changed the topic of #ubuntu-release to: Released: Trusty 14.04.3, Vivid 15.04, Wily Alpha 2 | Archive: wily open | Wily Release Coordination. Please don't upload things during freezes where you shouldn't, or be prepared to apologise to the release team | We accept payment in cash, check or beer | melior malum quod cognoscis
robruxnox: jamespage: anybody working on this ceph failure? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ceph/0.94.2-0ubuntu221:48
bdmurrayinfinity: Were you going to use your new superpowers for metarelease or shall increment the number?21:49
infinitybdmurray: Go ahead.  You still need to larn me what I do on the actual system after updating bzr.21:50
infinitybdmurray: And I think I might be too tired to actually care right now.21:50
bdmurrayinfinity: 'kay21:52
infinitycjwatson: Can you abuse UbuntuHashes for me?  I'm not sure if I have access, or if SSO trying for 5 minutes to log me in means "no".21:53
cjwatsoninfinity: Think so.  Let me remember my routine for making it less painful to do21:54
infinitycjwatson: Oh wow.  It finally logged me in after, quite literally, 5 minutes.21:56
infinitycjwatson: And no, I don't have edit permissions. :P21:56
cjwatsoncjwatson@nusakan:~/cdimage/www$ find -L simple full -name MD5SUMS 2>/dev/null | grep 14.04.3 | xargs cat | grep 14.04.3 | sed 's/\(.*\) \*\(.*\)/|| \1 || \2 ||/'21:56
cjwatsonplus the itsalltext firefox extension21:56
cjwatsonand a bit of manual rearranging21:56
cjwatsonI'm sure I had something neater last time, but this'll do21:56
cjwatsonand wubi.exe but anyway21:57
cjwatsoninfinity: No Lubuntu for powerpc?  There was one for .2 apparently21:58
wxlcjwatson: nopey nope nope21:59
infinitycjwatson: Huh.  So there was.  And no there isn't.21:59
cjwatsoninfinity: done22:00
infinitycjwatson: Ta.22:00
bdmurrayinfinity: it's safe to release SRUs for trusty now?22:34
infinitybdmurray: Oh, yes.  Go nuts.22:46
darkxstinfinity, your not likely to get answers from me at 4am in the morning ;) but yes the images were ready!22:54
infinitydarkxst: Well, good.  Cause they're released now. :)22:56
darkxstinfinity, yes I saw!22:58

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