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shengchiehhi, guys. I met a mir exception error when bootup on a arm device. so i try to rebuild mir with ./cross-sompile-chroot.sh but the built library can be lunched functional on arm target. Does any one has the same experience and know how to solve it?02:49
shengchiehhi, guys. I met a mir exception error when bootup on a arm device. so i try to rebuild mir with ./cross-sompile-chroot.sh but the built library can not be lunched functional on arm target. Does any one has the same experience and know how to solve it?03:21
guest42345shengchieh, try #ubuntu-mir03:24
shengchiehthanks, i'll ask it at mir channel03:25
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tsdgeosogra_: faenil did contact sil2100 already i didn't feel like doing it again07:05
dholbachgood morning07:13
justCarakasgood morning @dholbach07:14
dholbachhey justCarakas07:15
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ogra_tsdgeos, awesome07:43
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faeniltsdgeos: yeah sil2100 said he'd look into it asap08:33
sil2100Syncing the xorg packages? Yes, that's on my today's TODO list :)08:34
KnipleHey Guys, I've noticed a problem, if you leave the settings screen open on for example Updates, lock your phone, open it again (with passcode) the "back" arrow doesnt work. I have to close the settings "app" to be able to return to the menu. Is this something anyone else has experienced? (Meizu MX4)08:36
faenilsil2100: awesome thanks :)08:38
ogra_Kniple, sounds like it would be worth to report on launchpad08:39
KnipleYeah, i've been thinking about it.08:39
KnipleNeed to test it out more though (currently aint got hte phone on me)08:39
KnipleI'll run a series of tests when I get home, and file a bug if it seems to be a problem.08:40
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Fresh Breath Day! 😃08:54
bq-e5-noobim looking for a bluetooth headset for my new bq-e5. do u have a recommendation? or does it work with any headset?09:23
popeybq-e5-noob: in theory any should work09:27
bq-e5-noobdo u use one? if so, wich one?09:28
popeyI do not.09:31
bq-e5-noobpopey: ok09:38
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cimiseb128, you coming to london for a sprint in few weeks?10:22
seb128cimi, yes10:22
cimiseb128, ok, my kbd can wait then10:22
seb128morphis is going to be there as well I think10:22
oSoMoNbrendand, hey, I came across https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/messaging-app/fix_send_button/+merge/267163 and I’m curious about that fix that landed, can you elaborate on this? (FTR we have the same kind of workaround in the browser’s autopilot emulators)10:24
brendandoSoMoN, i believe a patch was made to autopilot so that it ignores the component version in the name10:26
brendandoSoMoN, so it should no longer be necessary and will in fact break code that uses that workaround10:27
brendandoSoMoN, which is unfortunate10:27
Elleobrendand: are you getting errors like this in your ~/.cache/upstart/maliit-server.log when those system tests are failing? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12012820/10:28
brendandElleo, oh - not sure - i'll check10:28
Elleobrendand: because that's what I'm seeing, which suggests an issue with the unity8 restart as maliit isn't able to connect to unity8 after the first restart10:28
Elleowell, after the second restart10:28
Elleothe first one seems to be fine, then after that it seldom connects again10:29
brendandElleo, yeah i do - i can do another run and see if it corresponds precisely with the failure occuring10:29
Elleobrendand: yeah, that'd be good, it's looking pretty likely10:29
brendandElleo, can it be fixed?10:30
brendandElleo, i know restarting unity8 so much is slightly unusual but it *could* happen in normal usage i guess10:30
Elleobrendand: I'm not sure why it's happening yet :/ maliit seems to get restarted when unity8 is restarted, which should be enough to let it make a connection10:31
Elleobrendand: based on what I recall from the upstart scripts maliit shouldn't get started until unity8 reports itself accepting connections10:32
Elleobrendand: might need to find someone with a bit more unity8/upstart knowledge to poke this as well though, as it's not anything maliit specific, that's the standard error that the qt-ubuntu mir platform integration stuff spits out when it can't connect10:33
brendandoSoMoN, looks like you use it in close_tab10:33
Elleobrendand: although interestingly after the tests have finished the keyboard displays under normal usage10:34
brendandElleo, afaict it seems to display in the test too10:34
Elleobrendand: interesting, it didn't display in the tests I just ran10:35
Elleobrendand: that error might be just from unity8 disappearing then, rather than from the attempt to restart10:35
brendandElleo, i could be wrong about that, but i thought i remember the screenshots showing it...10:35
oSoMoNbrendand, yes. Will you submit a patch for webbrowser-app, or do you want me to take care of it?10:35
brendandoSoMoN, i don't think we use close_tab, so could you?10:38
oSoMoNbrendand, ok10:39
oSoMoNbrendand, do you have a reference to the autopilot commit that fixed this behaviour?10:39
Elleobrendand: after restarting my phone the keyboard is now showing up in all the tests, so something else odd was happening previously :/10:41
brendandoSoMoN, i believe it's https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/133700410:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1337004 in Autopilot "Make it easier to select a custom proxy object with a class name different from the QML type" [Undecided,Fix committed]10:42
brendandElleo, i think i found a smoking gun right before the failure - WARNING: void MIMPluginManagerPrivate::_q_setActiveSubView(const QString&, Maliit::HandlerState) "libubuntu-keyboard-plugin.so" "en" is not enabled10:49
brendandElleo, i didn't see the other error though10:49
brendandElleo, mmm. actually that might be a red herring - i see it earlier in the log when it worked too...10:50
sil2100pitti: hey! Do you know when the new libboost1.58 migrates?10:51
pittisil2100: presumably in half a year or so :-(10:52
pittiit's entangled with a gazillion g++ transitions10:52
ogra_mpt, whats the difference between "alert" and "alarm" roles ?10:52
ogra_seems you are saying in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Sound#primary-output that "alert" should always be the default role (if no other one is active)10:53
* ogra_ doesnt like that gcc5 stuff ... i think we should just roll back to gcc 4.9 :P10:54
mptogra_, yes, but I was just writing what ted told me. <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Sound?action=diff&rev2=137&rev1=136>10:55
ogra_mpt, ah ... we should have a "blame-ted" tag on the wiki ;)10:56
ogra_i dont mind what the default role is, but it is hard to understand the difference between alarm and alert without further explanation how they are different10:57
sergiusensogra_: in your email you mention manta, is it just there or does it really work?11:04
ogra_sergiusens, no idea, it is there :)11:05
* ogra_ hasnt booted a manta in 1.5 years or so11:05
brendandElleo, this time i didn't see the error from the pastebin at all :/11:08
Elleobrendand: that error's normal11:08
Elleobrendand: I'm suspecting something more autopilot introspection related11:08
Elleobrendand: (the active subview error that is)11:09
morphisseb128: yeah I will be there11:17
sergiusensogra_: right, I tried rc-proposed and see a screen blanking issue (I think manta had this issue before as well)11:19
ogra_sergiusens, yeah, i think davmor2 can tell you about it :)11:20
sergiusensdavmor2: did you recap on manta at all or are you abiding to its neglection even for fun?11:21
sergiusensogra_: fwiw, I powered krillin just now and I really prefer the form factor over arale; the only gotcha is the camera IMO11:23
popeyshame it doesn't have more RAM11:24
ogra_well, my gotcha is the RAM as well :)11:24
morphissergiusens: and in comparison with vega one on the camera side??11:24
popeyit's almost impossible to share a photo because the phone runs out of RAM when you have app + gallery + content-hub open11:25
ogra_sergiusens, though it is funny to specifically hear you say that :)11:25
* ogra_ remembers when we first met you had this gigantic samsung phablet as phone :) 11:25
morphispopey: never tried that yet11:25
sergiusenspopey: I have that issue on arale too! It's frustrating not to share a photo of my beer drinking to get other people envious :-P11:26
sergiusensmorphis: I don't have a vegeta11:26
sergiusensmorphis: but I think that phone is also bigger11:26
ogra_welll, the lowmemorykiller on all our devices is completely unconfigured ...11:26
ogra_we just run with the defaults the android init.rc files apply on boot11:26
popeyits a serious flaw11:26
sergiusensogra_: fix it!11:27
ogra_and afaik all of the phones use the very same values, regardless of the amount of ram they have11:27
ogra_sergiusens, i  only started lookking into that last weekend :)11:27
popeyso it's fixed?11:27
sergiusensogra_: so one more weekend and it's fixed :-P11:27
ogra_oh, and the overcommit settings are totally bonkers too11:27
ogra_i'm still trying out different settings ;)11:27
ogra_once i find good values i'll popose a fix11:28
morphissergiusens: yeah ... that seems to be the compromise11:28
ogra_the prob is also that lowmemoorykiller kind of applies android standards ...11:29
morphisreally thinking if I should go and buy just the krillin11:29
morphisregardless of the not-so-good camera module11:29
ogra_(headless apps, apps that are just empty zygote processes etc ... all that stuff doesnt exist in our setup)11:29
sergiusensmorphis: the other downside for krillin, for me at least, is the radio; we only get edge in the americas (except for brasil and uruguay I think)11:44
morphisthat should be the problem here in EU :)11:45
davmor2sergiusens: manta has a weird issue if you leave the screen on for a while it flashing like crazy11:50
sergiusensdavmor2: thanks for confirming, we had this issue before and required fixing in mir, so I guess it's not going to happen soon11:54
davmor2sergiusens: I think the priorities are else where to be honest11:54
sergiusensdavmor2: when I said 'soon' I was being ironic and really meant never ;-)11:57
davmor2sergiusens: see now I don't know if you are being ironic or not ;)11:58
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sergiusensdavmor2: :-)12:09
sergiusensdavmor2: since I have your attention, what is the stable channel for krillin again?12:10
sergiusensdavmor2: thanks!12:13
davmor2sergiusens: pleasure12:14
jgdxgreyback, hi, could you take a look at displays api [1] and the display api [2]? [1] http://goo.gl/F3srUl [2] http://goo.gl/PnxGF412:17
* jgdx couldn't figure out how to use pad.lv to link to specific file12:17
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greybackjgdx: yep, thanks!12:24
jgdxgreyback, not sure what you feel about having to marshall between system settings and mir on resolutions.12:32
SavvyHello guys12:36
SavvyAs far as I understood, you don't use git to manage the repos?12:36
ogra_we use launchpad ...12:36
ogra_while that provides support for git and bzr, most bits are in bzr12:37
SavvyI see12:37
SavvyIs the ubuntu layer built on top of the android layer?12:37
ogra_no ... they are built separately and the android bits run in a container that ubuntu fires up durin the boot process12:38
Savvy I see12:39
SavvyLast question :b12:39
SavvyDo I have full access to the hardware when using ubuntu touch?12:39
ogra_define full access12:39
ogra_screwdriver and soldering iron ?12:40
ogra_datasheets ?12:40
jgdxdid you know that capacitors in a dc circuit have infinite resistance?12:41
ogra_(and if in SW, in which context, app access or tinkering on the cmdline/terminal ?)12:42
ogra_you need to be a bit more specific with that one :)12:42
SavvyWith full access I mean if I can take phone calls with my WiFi adapter12:42
SavvyOr toast bread with my bluetooth one12:42
ogra_if the android driver supports it and if you write an app that can handle it, sure :)12:43
SavvyWithout rescrictions as android non root imposes12:43
SavvyExactly ogra12:44
SavvyNo apps12:44
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ogra_you have full sudo access, like on every other ubuntu install :)12:44
SavvyMy QUESTION is12:44
SavvySorry caps, phone12:44
ogra_(which means there is no "non-root" scenario)12:44
SavvyIif the android layer remained the basis for the distro ( I know this makes no sense tech speaking regarding distro meaning) and hence there would still be some restrictions but you already answered no12:45
SavvyAnd now you answered it all with no no-sudo scenarios, ok :b tyvm12:46
ogra_well, the whole set of drivers lives inside the container, you have full access to it and all ...12:46
ogra_but after all there are binary blob drivers in that android container, to which we dont have the source either12:46
ogra_(some at least)12:47
ogra_so you have full root access, can do anything you want outsiude and inside the container but on HW level only within the bounds of what you can do with the binaries12:48
ogra_(you will not be able to modify the graphics or modem drivers ... )12:49
ogra_(beyond the knobs they provide already indeed)12:50
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greybackjgdx: hey, the Mir api gives read/notify access to all the Display related data I think you need.13:25
greybackI don't think we need to duplicate all that via dbus really13:25
greybackthe only thing we need dbus for is to modify the display state13:25
greybackwould you agree?13:26
jgdxgreyback, how would system settings read a given setting on a display exactly?13:27
jgdxs/exactly/from mir13:28
greybackjgdx: qtubuntu is a wrapper around mirclient, allowing Qt to work with Mir. Right now it doesn't allow access to mirclient apis directly by apps. QtUbuntu would need modifying allow access to the mir display configuration for system settings13:30
greybackthere is an api called "native interface" which qtubuntu could use to export access to mirclient data, and system settings would use this13:31
jgdxgreyback, I though that was hard/impossible to make secure…13:32
jgdxeither way, if that's possible—great!13:32
greybackjgdx: this would be for read/notify access13:33
greybackwe'd still need the dbus api to make changes13:34
jgdxgreyback, yup. This means the dbus apply method needs to be expanded slightly.13:34
jgdxto include scale13:35
greybackjgdx: "scale" is something mir doesn't have13:41
greybackI need to see what we can do so13:42
jgdxgreyback, that's why I originally left it out.13:43
jgdxit could be gsettings13:43
greybackjgdx: ideally, we'd like to save the scale per physical monitor, no?13:44
greybackand selected resolution, orientation...13:44
jgdxgreyback, that's what I read from the spec13:44
greybackjgdx: so that data needs to be stored somehow that unity8 can read it and apply immediately13:45
greybackjgdx: I'll need a little time to come up with a proposal13:46
greybackhave thinking to do13:46
jgdxgreyback, roger.13:46
jgdxgreyback, want to mention that scaling is probably set on the seat's config, not system wide.13:48
greybackjgdx: akc13:49
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kenvandinemandel, have you had any luck figuring out what's up with the fix-network branch?14:50
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kenvandinejgdx, can you fix the merge conflict in your hotspots branch?  https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-046-1-build/45/console17:08
jgdxkenvandine, i fixed that17:08
jgdxkenvandine, are you doing a rebuild?17:09
kenvandinejgdx, yeah... just now17:09
kenvandinemight be a new conflict17:09
kenvandinei just landed those autopilot fixes17:10
jgdxgive me a minute17:10
kenvandinejgdx, with your two branches, i'm seeing intermittent keyboard failures17:10
kenvandineRuntimeError: Keyboard is not on screen17:10
kenvandinejgdx, i got that twice17:11
kenvandineout of 5 runs17:11
kenvandinei don't think it has anything to do with our tests17:11
jgdxkenvandine, where?17:11
kenvandineon my krillin17:11
jgdxreally.. ow17:11
kenvandinei just landed that silo17:11
kenvandinei hadn't seen the keyboard error lately17:12
kenvandineso surprising17:12
jgdxkenvandine, hm, that was supposed to merge cleanly. Anyway, pushed r149617:17
kenvandineno worries17:17
kenvandineso you haven't seen that keyboard error?17:17
kenvandinejgdx, must be a race17:18
kenvandinemaybe the keyboard isn't shown in time17:18
jgdxkenvandine, I haven't run those two branches at the same time.17:19
kenvandinei doubt it has anything to do with those branches17:19
kenvandinei think it's just that more tests pass now :)17:19
jgdxwhat a fun game17:21
kenvandinejgdx, it's impressive to see how low the system load is staying during tests now17:29
kenvandinewe were really thrashing it before17:29
jgdxkenvandine, 90 buses would do that :p17:30
jgdxkenvandine, that osk hide feature, that'll work even though the osk has already been hidden, right?17:37
kenvandinei think so17:37
kenvandinejgdx, i've reproduced it by running just the one individual test too17:39
jgdxkenvandine, that's great.17:54
kenvandinejgdx, oh my... the storage tests are failing on my krillin because it takes 14 seconds to open the about->storage page18:06
jgdxkenvandine, doesn't take that long on my device.. 9 secs18:07
jgdxokay, long though18:07
kenvandineyeah, it's much faster on my arale18:07
kenvandineslow as hell still18:07
kenvandinebut really slow on my krillin18:07
jgdxthat's not acceptable no18:08
jgdxso that's the reason for the failures.. but why does dbus croak?18:08
kenvandinethere's a dbus timeout before it loads :/18:08
kenvandinei think it's a 10 second timeout18:08
jgdxugh.. is what's causing the slowness a dbus sync call?18:08
kenvandinei bet that's why we've been seeing some of those failures in about the other day18:09
jgdxi'd put money on that too18:09
kenvandinei'm going to file a bug about the slowness18:09
kenvandinewe need to fix that regardless18:10
kenvandinebut probably not trivial18:10
jgdxmaybe it's a regression18:11
kenvandinei just counted 9 seconds on my mako18:11
kenvandinewow, the number of deprecation warnings being logged is crazy18:12
kenvandinejgdx, i think those deprecations is the problem18:14
kenvandine856 of those logged just loading the storage page18:14
kenvandineand it seemed to wait until it finished logging all those before showing the page18:15
kenvandinei counted 6 seconds while it was spewing the log18:15
* jgdx chokes on a blueberry18:15
jgdxnot seeing that on desktop using vivid+overlay18:17
kenvandinejgdx, bingo18:25
jgdxwhat'd i win!18:25
kenvandinei updated the storage related stuff to import 1.3 and fixed the deprecations18:25
kenvandinenow takes 7 seconds to load on my krillin18:25
kenvandinethat's down 7 seconds!18:25
kenvandinethis sucks!18:25
jgdxnice! :) Thankfully our tests elegantly caught that regression :p18:26
kenvandinewe have deprecations all over the place :/18:26
jgdxwhat import is that?18:26
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kenvandineUbuntu.Components and Ubuntu.Components.ListItems18:35
kenvandinebumped to 1.318:35
kenvandineand fixed the UbuntuShape usage18:35
kenvandinejgdx, ^^ that fixes enough to make the tests pass reliably18:37
kenvandinebut we need to do that throughout settings :/18:38
jgdxkenvandine, ack18:38
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kenvandinejgdx, ok, i have a branch that should update everythign to 1.3 :)19:18
kenvandinelets hope it works19:18
jgdxkenvandine, sweet!19:19
kenvandineat least the about panel works completely and tests pass with it19:19
kenvandineneed to get a build to confirm the rest19:19
jgdxI just made an autopilot test that goes to hotspots, tries to enable, get prompted that wifi is off, accepts prompt (thus enabling wifi) and asserts that both wifi and hotspot is enabled19:20
jgdxthen made the ui do that19:20
kenvandinetests driven development!19:20
jgdxkenvandine, 86 imports of 0.1 :S19:21
kenvandineand some 1.0, 1.1 and 1.219:21
kenvandinei updated them all to 1.319:21
kenvandinein that 1_3_deprecations branch19:22
kenvandineand fixed the UbuntuShape deprecations19:22
kenvandinenot sure if there are more19:22
jgdxneed another +1?19:22
kenvandinewe'll see19:22
kenvandinenot yet..19:22
jgdxkenvandine, I want to push those design changes to my hotspots branch to get debs.19:49
kenvandinei'd rather keep that separate19:49
jgdxbut that means that silo 46 is going to become real unstable for a while19:49
kenvandinedid you see the chatter in the other channel?19:50
kenvandinepmcgowan suggested we try to land it next week then fix the bugs the week after19:50
kenvandineso push it to a new branch that prereqs the old branch19:50
kenvandineso we can land the old UI if needed19:50
pmcgowankenvandine, we still need to freeze strings19:51
pmcgowanso UI changes cant muck with those19:51
kenvandinei'm not sure we'll be ready to land the redesign in time though19:52
kenvandineso i don't want to risk that19:52
kenvandinei'd rather land the existing design for ota619:52
kenvandinethen the redesign for ota719:52
kenvandineor at least have that option19:52
jgdxI think that's bad.19:52
kenvandineif the redesign is in good shape like monday19:52
kenvandinethen reconsider19:52
kenvandinejgdx, i just want to have that option19:53
jgdxkenvandine, moving the ui is super confusing, don't you think? And two releases are more than one19:53
kenvandinebut do we really want to delay landing the feature on that?19:54
kenvandinejgdx, the redesign isn't really huge19:54
kenvandineso maybe it'll be ready in time for the freeze :)19:54
jgdxit's about fixing the other issues as well, right?19:54
kenvandinebut those aren't really UI issues19:54
kenvandineif you create a separate MR for it, we can consider both as landing candidates19:55
kenvandinehopefully shooting for the redesign19:55
jgdxSure thing19:55
kenvandineno extra work this way :)19:55
jgdxAll three indicator bugs are affecting ui :p19:56
kenvandinebut we don't need to change our UI to fix the bugs :p19:56
jgdxright! Eeh what bugs? :p19:57
mukais tethering available yet? 'adb shell android-gadget-service enable rndis'  is not working. I'm running debian thought.20:23
mukaI wrote small script that works but conn. is slow.20:24
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TelumehtarI have just ordered a Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition. Anyone here have one?22:52
TelumehtarAre you enjoying it?22:52
popeyof course :)22:54
TelumehtarI just have to wait two weeks for it to arrive, apparently. Assuming it really trashes that long.22:55
Telumehtartakes. Apologies I am typing on a Nexus 622:55
TelumehtarIs there a site with changelog for the OTA updates?22:57
k1l_Telumehtar: ^23:07
TelumehtarMany thanks k1l_. Exploring the wiki now23:12

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