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ali1234why is mysql hanging when trying to load a 9mb sql dump?00:33
shaunoyou looked at it funny?00:37
diddledanali1234: maybe you dumped it wrong :-p00:39
ali1234i think it's just going really slow00:39
diddledanmysqldump normally combines each table's entire data into a single INSERT clause meaning that if there's a large dataset it will either go slow or die00:40
ali1234so here is a puzzle: 2 _ _ _ _ 5 = 2015 <- fill in the blanks00:40
ali1234it took me far too long00:41
diddledanali1234: it's a date?00:41
ali1234no it's an equation00:41
shauno2010+5  ?00:42
shaunoyou went all Countdown on it, didn't you00:42
diddledanI had 2020 - 5 :-p00:42
shaunowell now, that'd be wrong00:42
diddledanI suck00:42
daftykinsbut but00:43
diddledanI might install a honeypot ubuntu 15.10 and invite people to play with my wily02:14
diddledan(I spent all evening thinking that one up!)02:14
knightwisemorning peeps04:04
shauno"morning" might be a slight exageration there04:05
knightwiseshauno: where ?04:11
mappshi all]04:18
mappsflashed my phone it said successful but still wont work04:19
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MooDoomorning all07:27
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:15
davmor2Morning all08:15
brobostigonmorning davmor208:17
davmor2MooDoo: me owld mucka classic today The Passenger Iggy Pop08:20
MooDooI've just got on essential 70;s08:21
zmoylan-pilove that tune, used to be the theme music of a show on c408:25
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Fresh Breath Day! 😃08:54
* foobarry sings teh quantum leap theme song08:54
JamesTaitOh boy!08:55
zmoylan-piziggy get me out of here08:55
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cChbA9mX1s09:00
JamesTaitHarsh, davmor2. 😉09:10
davmor2JamesTait: you only say that because it's now stuck in your head09:11
davmor2JamesTait: I could of brought out this old beauty instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MV_Ef33KXI09:14
JamesTaitThat's not the version I remember singing. 😝09:15
JamesTait🎜 Trebor mints are a minty bit stronger, Stick 'em up your bum and they last a bit longer. 🎜09:17
zmoylan-pipolo mints if you don't want to interrupt your farting... :-p09:17
zmoylan-pior lose the cat to a richochet...09:18
davmor2JamesTait: that's the version from the school playground though :)09:21
JamesTaitdavmor2, that's about my level. 😉09:22
davmor2JamesTait: by the way well done on making that channel friendly it's not quite the version I remember from school, but maybe your school was a little more behaviourally mature than ours :)09:24
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:55
bigcalmThey go up and down09:57
foobarryweren't they also nice mint biscuits09:57
davmor2bigcalm: you forgot they spin right round baby right round like a record baby right round, right round :)10:00
bigcalmU+2713 is meant to be for the UTF8 tick ✓10:18
bigcalmHow do I actually type that without having to use copy/paste?10:18
jpdsCtrl-Shift-U 2713 space10:20
mgdmi had it mapped to a compose key sequence for a while10:20
mgdmah, yes, that's it10:20
bigcalmjpds: wow, thanks10:21
jpds2714 is a slightly bolder tick10:22
bigcalmUntil muscle memory ticks in, copy/paste might be a quicker option ;)10:22
popeyyeah, I just google for it and copy/paste10:27
foobarrydifficult if you are missing digits or limbs10:28
popeyoh, George Cole died..10:29
popeyand instantly someone breaks his wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Cole_(actor)10:29
foobarry| death_date = {{Death date and age|2015|8|6|df=y}}10:31
zmoylan-pii always liked flash harrys music on st. trinians... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEyRVWpSYoo10:33
foobarrywhat is the df=y10:33
foobarrypopey: do you have wikipedia login?10:35
foobarrythey need ..10:35
foobarryoh its fixed now10:35
popeyI think I did make one some time ago, but never really used it10:38
foobarryme too10:38
foobarrylike 15 yrs ago10:38
popey"(Tag: removal of Category:Living People)"10:38
zmoylan-pii tried to make one correction and it was unfixed instantly so i gave up on it10:39
awilkinsAnyone know of a simple way of producing animated object graph diagrams (preferably by writing text source code that describes the graph and how you want it represented)12:04
mgdmI was going to say graphviz, until you said animated12:05
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zmoylan-piis there a way to record a spread sheet...12:10
awilkinsRecord what about it12:12
zmoylan-pican't you animate a graph on a spreadsheet?12:15
awilkinsDon't mean charts12:16
awilkinsMean graph (as in nodes and edges)12:16
zmoylan-piah, my bad, sorry12:17
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lubotu3Error: unresolvable <alias> to isitout-#ubuntu-release-party14:43
bigcalmlubotu3: is it out yet?14:43
bigcalmHumm, wonder what the command was14:43
diddledanbigcalm: you got it right14:45
diddledanbigcalm: seems the bot is broke14:45
davmor2bigcalm: don't make me hurt you14:47
* bigcalm tickles davmor214:48
* davmor2 reminds bigcalm he's not ticklish and all your doing is rubbing my sweaty pits ;)14:49
diddledanmm, sweaty pits14:52
diddledanI read that wrong14:52
bigcalmI can smell overly ripe banana. It's not making my afternoon pleasant14:53
zmoylan-pilocate the over ripe banana and drink it :-)14:54
bigcalmThat would be way beyond ripe14:54
davmor2zmoylan-pi: this isn't a text adventure game you know ;)14:54
bigcalmdavmor2: some times, I do wonder14:55
* zmoylan-pi wields +2 sword14:55
popeyGo north14:56
popeyYou have died.14:56
zmoylan-pideath by grue14:56
davmor2Go south14:56
davmor2You too have died14:56
bigcalmHas anybody worked out what a grue is?14:56
zmoylan-pino one alive has14:57
foobarryits in my cellar14:57
bigcalmApart the baddie/goodie in Despicable Me14:57
foobarrybut its dark down there14:57
popeyno one undigested has14:57
foobarryits also japanese glue14:57
zmoylan-piwe could search for it's poo...14:57
popeythat's lacist!14:57
bigcalmfoobarry: nice14:58
foobarryi think grue only appear in the dark14:58
foobarryit is dark here14:58
foobarrylight lamp14:58
foobarrywhat with?14:58
foobarrylight lamp with match14:59
foobarryyou don't have a match14:59
davmor2I am plastic you are glue14:59
foobarryit is dark here14:59
foobarryyou were eaten by a grue14:59
foobarryanti grue: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/uncyclopedia/images/7/70/DOMOKUN.gif/revision/latest?cb=2011061610383714:59
popeyneed more IF games on ubuntu touch15:05
* zmoylan-pi looks at c64 and zx emulator on java phone...15:06
davmor2popey: https://nethackwiki.com/wiki/Qt15:09
popeyblimey thats old15:11
popeysaid the old guy15:11
diddledanpopey: you're only as old as the person you're feeling (lucky them)15:12
diddledanwhich I guess means blind folk vary in age throughout the day?15:13
foobarryto usb OTG work on all android devices?15:15
foobarryi can plug my usb stick into my tablet/phone etc and play movies15:15
diddledanwow that nethack qt port is for qt3!?!15:18
popeynot all15:18
foobarryall recent?15:18
popeysome don't have enough power to the port15:18
popeyno, friend of mine tried a usb otg cable on his brand new device and it didnt have enough to power a hub15:19
popeywhich was awesome, because my ubuntu phone did :)15:19
popeynew toy arrives tomorrow! http://shop.pimoroni.com/products/picade15:24
daftykinsUSB hubs *shudder*15:47
daftykinsi thought we left those behind years ago ;)15:47
popeytechnically it was a card reader15:54
directhexdaftykins: everyone needs moar ports. my macbook only has 2 usb15:56
popeyi have 2x8port hubs here16:04
popeyalso 7 port usb charger16:04
daftykinsdoes it charge 7 things at once, poorly?16:04
popeyno, it charges 7 things at once really well16:04
daftykins:O amazing, is it huge capacity?16:05
popeyits that16:05
daftykinsoh for home wired16:06
popeyhandy when you have 4 tablets and 6 phones on your desk16:07
popey7 phones16:07
popeyright, off to forage for food16:08
daftykinsmmm i need to do that, seems to be nothing in the house D:16:08
bigcalmOo, only an hour left to the day16:08
* mgdm has 18 minutes left, but then a bike ride16:12
daftykinsis launchpad not meant to allow you to see multiple versions of a package via "apt-cache policy" ?16:18
daftykinsi thought when a newer version came along you could still see the previous one listed16:19
daftykinswell, even official repos for that matter16:19
directhexapt only supports one version of a package per repo16:28
daftykinswhere 'version' = being named the same?16:32
daftykinsnot version numbers16:32
directhexdaftykins: i don't know of a repo manager which will generate a Packages file with multiple Package: foo entries with different versions in16:39
directhexthey're all latest-only16:39
directhexfor a given Packages file (which is a repo)16:39
daftykinsah ok, so it's solely when there's two repos with the same package and different versions thereof that i get multiple entries16:40
daftykinsthanks :D16:40
mapitoapartment sorted..deposit paid;D phone still borked17:10
mapitogot a pool on roof and squash courts;D but phone seems to be screwed cant wipe user data/cache says failed17:11
daftykinsis that the proper custom recovery starting now, or the stock one?17:12
daftykinsyou kinda disappeared the moment i started to take an interest ;P17:12
diddledanfruit pastels sound like a good idea17:16
daftykinsmmm i had some wine gums the other night17:19
daftykinsi swear the bags are shrinking17:19
mapitoh sorry daftykins  had work17:31
mapitowell its still normal recovery..when fastboot is saying flash successful its not quite true..seems to be a problem with otherboard/eemc17:31
mapitophone displays error failed when wing cache..sec il find post..happened to loads17:31
mapitoexactly same=[17:34
AzelphurAnyone got any ideas on how I'd initiate a video call from the command line, using any protocol?17:35
Azelphursomewhat sadly, the only way I have found to do this so far is Skype, nothing else seems to support it17:43
brobostigonisnt there a cli xmpp client, that connects to v4l for webcam for example?17:49
Azelphurno clue, that's why I'm asking :)17:50
brobostigonits an idea anyway to explore.17:50
loptaWhat's an xmpp?17:51
Azelphurlopta: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XMPP17:51
Azelphurbrobostigon: true17:51
brobostigonlolz v.infinity17:51
brobostigonAzelphur: someone must have though about it before.17:51
loptaAzelphur: Thanks17:52
* diddledan watching xmen days of future past20:01
ali1234Azelphur: you can use gstreamer if command line is acceptable on both ends20:06
daftykinsproper new tires thrown on the bike ahead of the Wales trip :O21:59
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