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cimitsdgeos, got dragged on a bricked vegeta last night :D08:13
cimitsdgeos, matthieu flashed a krillin image on a vegeta :D08:15
cimitsdgeos, trying to recover now08:16
cimihey tsdgeos, I don't understand some of your C++08:19
cimitsdgeos, in the .cpp you comment out the args of your function like PreviewStack* Scope::preview(QVariant const& result, QString const& /*categoryId*/) but declare them in the header?08:20
duflucimi: Then you still have your soul08:20
cimiduflu, lol, I am just not very good at C++ :P08:20
* duflu was sure Cimi's name was on a lot of Unity source code08:21
cimiduflu, because unity had so many bugs? :D08:21
tsdgeoscimi: what's the question?08:34
tsdgeoscimi: is the question "why do you have categoryId at all"?08:34
cimitsdgeos, why in the cpp the argument is under comment08:34
cimitsdgeos, to avoid compile warnings?08:35
tsdgeoscimi: yes08:35
cimitsdgeos, fair enough08:35
cimitsdgeos, https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/dash_activation_no_special_casing/+merge/26402410:35
tsdgeoscimi: it's two times we have the reset code, not three, but whatever, i'll make the function10:42
tsdgeoscimi: pushed the fixes10:46
cimitsdgeos, yeah I realised10:47
cimitsdgeos, is it possible that10:59
cimi114+        onPreviewRequested: { // (QVariant const& result)10:59
cimi115+            if (result === scopeView.maybePreviewResult) {10:59
cimitsdgeos, result is undefined and if is true?10:59
cimitsdgeos, shall we protect against undefined?11:00
tsdgeospstolowski: ↑↑↑11:01
tsdgeosif the lower layers do that it's a bug11:01
tsdgeosi don't think we out to try to make it invisible11:01
tsdgeospstolowski: ↑↑↑↑11:02
cimitsdgeos, with your code, we enter the if is result and maybePreviewResult are the same... so not sure we should check for null/undefined11:03
cimiin case weird weird things happen on the backend11:04
tsdgeosyes i know11:04
tsdgeosi understand whta you say11:04
tsdgeosif the backend is broken11:04
tsdgeosfix the backend11:04
tsdgeoscimi: but if you're going to block on this i can change the if to do whatever you want11:06
cimitsdgeos, block on this? no11:16
cimitsdgeos, it's a question, what shall we do?11:16
tsdgeosi mean i don't care that much11:16
tsdgeoshonestly i think we should do nothing11:16
tsdgeosworst thing is11:16
tsdgeosif the backend is broken11:16
pstolowskitsdgeos, cimi not it's not possible, we internally use proper Result instances and only wrap them into variant before emiting the signal11:16
tsdgeosthe user gets a empty preview11:16
tsdgeoshe goes back, reports a bug, fixed :D11:17
tsdgeosand pstolowski says it can't really even happen11:17
pstolowskitsdgeos, i'm happy with this silo and haven't spotted any regressions. i can mark it ready when the MP is approved11:22
tsdgeospstolowski: you'll have to rebuild since i did a minor change because of cimi's comments11:24
* cimi feels guilty11:25
pstolowskitsdgeos, cimi ok, np11:25
pstolowskitsdgeos, and is it approved now?11:26
cimipstolowski, very soon11:26
pstolowskicimi, shall i hold on with rebuilding to give you some more time to review?11:35
tsdgeospstolowski: it's approved now11:37
tsdgeospstolowski: retrigger the build!11:37
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greybacka1fa: what is that showing us? a new terminal instance missing window decoration?13:21
tsdgeoscimi: come on top approve https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/expandable_test_fixes/+merge/266875 and https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/testExpandableHeights/+merge/266876 ! :D13:26
tsdgeoscimi: and if you have time https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/more_autotests_dash/+merge/265401 needs reviewing too13:26
a1fagreyback: existing terminal that i focused to, and menu bar dissapeared13:27
cimitsdgeos, forgot to top approve13:30
cimitsdgeos, done13:30
cimitsdgeos, still no idea why my checked branches have issues with tags, but running the command remotely works13:31
cimimaybe Saviq ?13:31
greybacka1fa: well that's something I've never seen. bregma does that look familiar? ^^13:32
tsdgeoscimi: if he has time13:32
bregmaa1fa, looks like a bug in the window decorations, you should probably file a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+filebug13:41
cimipreview in order or autotest first?14:10
cimiops he quit14:10
cimitsdgeos, preview in order or autotest first?14:21
tsdgeoscimi: test first i'd say14:22
tsdgeosshould be easier14:22
tsdgeosi hope :D14:22
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seb128hey there16:09
seb128 when moving to another app on the phone, what's the state of bg apps?16:09
seb128 Qt.ApplicationInactive or Qt.ApplicationSuspended ?16:09
seb128unsure if that's a qt, sdk, qtmir, unity thing?16:09
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greybackseb128: inactive I think16:23
seb128is that wanted?16:23
seb128see #sdk discussion16:23
seb128basically  http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtqml-qt.html states16:24
seb128"Qt.ApplicationSuspended - The application is suspended and not visible16:24
seb128to the user. On mobile platforms, the application typically enters this16:24
seb128state when the user returns to the home screen or switches to another16:24
greybackdandrader: one final nit with noQtSensors-lp1481389 reported, then is good to go16:58
dandradergreyback, done17:00
greybacknice, thanks17:03
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mterrylp:unity8/overlay is ftbfs on an overlay phone because it's looking for unity-shell-application=5, but 6 is installed19:27
dandradermterry, merge trunk?19:38
mterrydandrader, trunk being unity8/overlay?  I just branched it now19:39
dandradermterry, lp:unity819:39
mterryIt hasn't changed since 8/119:39
mterrydandrader, maybe I don't understand what the various series are used for19:40
dandraderanyway, I probably don't know what I'm saying. It19:40
mterrydandrader, I assumed trunk was wily, overlay was vivid+overlay19:40
dandraderIt's the first time I hear about this overlay branch19:40
mterryI don't know what rtm-14.09 is still used for (it's more updated than overlay)19:40
dandraderdon't ask me :)19:41
dandraderI always use lp:unity8 and ignore those19:41
mhall119is ctrl+tab when running `make tryShell` going to be what alt+tab does in actual use?19:42
dandradermzanetti would know but he's on leave19:42
dandrader(about the unity8 branches I mean(19:42
dandradermhall119, I think so19:42
mhall119dandrader: cool, thanks it's looking good19:42
greyback_mterry: right now lp:unity8 is trunk for both vivid+overlay & wily19:46
mterrygreyback_, really?  it requires libunity-api-dev (>= 7.98) which isn't in vivid+overlay19:47
greyback_mterry: hmm, I wonder if this is it blocked: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#unity-api19:50
mterrygreyback_, ah ok.  thanks, I should have guessed it was gcc5 nonsense19:51
greyback_mterry: but I don't understand how a gcc5 thing could impact vivid+o19:52
mterry(how are people compiling unity8 then?)19:52
greyback_I've no idea19:52
greyback_something is wrong19:52
mterrygreyback_, it's not...  I was trying to build for v+o and trying to find the right branch to build from.  lp:unity8 was suggested, but that is borked on gcc519:52
greyback_none of our branches have a hard dependency on any gcc version19:53
mterrygreyback_, well unity-api does when built against gcc519:53
greyback_yeah, but that shouldn't happen on vivid+o19:53
mterrygreyback_, right.  it's not19:53
greyback_I'm very confused right now :)19:54
mterrygreyback_, but lp:unity8 does require the wily version of unity-api19:54
mterrygreyback_, I'm just trying to build ANY branch of unity8 on v+o19:54
mterrygreyback_, lp:overlay has a build problem of some sort19:54
greyback_mterry: yep, but unity-api *should* be released for both v +o& w, usually simultaneously19:54
greyback_mterry: I've never heard of that overlay branch, ever19:55
mterrygreyback_, lp:u8/rtm-14.09 is NEWER than lp:u8/overlay for some reason (do we still use it?  I'm leery of trying to build it)19:55
mterrygreyback_, OK.  So everyone is just using lp:u8.  got it19:55
greyback_mterry: that should be the case.19:55
mterrygreyback_, it may be held back on v+o because it's held back on wily19:55
mterryBut that leaves me with a problem building19:55
greyback_I would have thought unity8 could not migrate then19:56
greyback_if unity-api couldn't19:56
mterrygreyback_, I'm not building from packaging.  I'm building from trunk19:56
* mterry should try packaging I guess19:56
mterryolder u8, but it will build19:56
greyback_my unity-api trunk has 7.9819:56
mterrygreyback_, yup.  But I wasn't trying to recompile unity-api trunk19:56
mterryThat might be a way around it too19:57
greyback_I know. I'm just surprised it has landed for wily, but not for v+o19:57
mterrygreyback_, it hasn't landed in either I don't think19:57
greyback_ah you're right, it's proposed for wily19:57
mterrySo I either recompile unity-api (and who knows what else) from trunk or just use the version of u8 that's in v+o archive (I'll do that)19:58
mterrygreyback_, thanks for coming with me on this journey  :)19:58
greyback_unity-api 7.98 is in v+o19:59
greyback_but stuck in proposed for w20:00
mhall119mterry: greyback_: I compiled Unity 8 fine on vivid+overlay20:00
mterrymhall119, now you're just bragging  :)20:00
mhall119maybe --setup pulls the wily version of that package?20:00
mterrygreyback_, what?!  hmm20:00
greyback_I see it there20:01
mterrygreyback_, it's not in an apt-cache policy20:01
mterry *** 7.97+15.04.20150611-0ubuntu1 020:02
mterry       1001 http://ppa.launchpad.net/ci-train-ppa-service/stable-snapshot/ubuntu/ vivid/main armhf Packages20:02
mterrygreyback_, you're using stable-phone-overlay... I have stable-snapshot20:02
mterryI installed from ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu20:02
mterryI should probably do rc-proposed or some such...20:02
greyback_mterry: yeah, you're working off the last stable release, which does fall behing20:03
greyback_rc-proposed the usual channel I use20:03
mterrygreyback_, yeah I didn't consider my need to build when I picked a channel20:03
mterrygreyback_, OK thanks, I'm sure that will sort me20:03
mterrythanks mhall119!20:03
greyback_oh well, tragedy averted :)20:03
mhall119greyback_: better luck next time :)20:04
mhall119is there a tag for bitesize bugs in unity8?20:27
mhall119ah,ignore me, I just didn't see it at first20:27
mhall119hmmm, they don't seem overly bitesized though20:31
heheheheis there a way to compile unity without the launcher bar on ubuntu 14.04?22:27
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