cmaloneygreg-g: ^03:06
brouschOooh, free book from packt for volunteering at PyOhio10:15
cmaloneybrousch: Nice! Which one did you pick?13:04
brouschNothing yet13:09
jrwrenlol @ my data usage: 0.25 of unlimited13:15
cmaloneyjrwren: Overall or for the month, or in the last 5 minutes? :)13:24
cmaloneyNeed a time scale13:25
brouschcmaloney: did you get your free o'reilly ebook?13:25
jrwrenhaha, month.13:26
jrwrenall I have to do is change contract with ATT and I get personal hotspod.13:26
jrwrenI've been on the grandfathered unlimited data plan for like 4yrs, but I rarely use more than 300MB :)13:26
cmaloneybrousch: I did, and I didn't read it carefully.13:26
jrwrenbut, If I'm going to switch plans, I might as well get a free phone while I do it.13:26
cmaloneyThought it was Python and HDFS, but it's Python and HDF513:26
cmaloneyjrwren: No doubt.13:27
jrwrenhahah, cmaloney that is a great confusion.13:27
jrwrenHDFS v. HDF5  oh man, in my font its pretty bad to distinguish13:27
cmaloneybrousch: It's a hierarchical data format for science.13:28
cmaloneySo not all bad13:28
cmaloneybut not the hadoopy goodness I thought I was getting13:28
cmaloneyMea culpa for not reading closer.13:28
brouschI have a couple of old Flask projects i need to revisit. I think I'll get a Flask book13:38
kdubjrwren, was there still lunch today?13:42
jrwrenkdub: cscheib canceled on us.13:54
jrwrenkdub: Want to still meet? we could do it closer to canton.13:55
jrwrenIf only there were something awesome half way between us, but I think it is all fields and new subdivisions13:55
kdubjrwren, probably best to reschedule, was trying to dance around a close-to-lunchtime dentist appt13:55
kdubare you on the west side of the city?13:56
jrwrenkdub: nope. I'm on north easy side, so canton center is due east of me.13:56
jrwrenkdub: http://a.placebetween.us/?search=Coffee&address1=2226%20Placid%20Way%2C%20Ann%20Arbor%2C%20MI&address2=Canton%2C%20MI13:56
kdubi'm on the border of canton/superior, so the eastern half of the city is easy to get to13:58
jrwrenoh, we are actually pretty close for a drive since there is rarely traffic on Plymouth and Ford13:59
cmaloneyI <3 it when my boss fixes something I was working on and forgets to let me know14:02
cmaloneyI think he worked on it last night, fixed it, and I just now figured out that he fixed it because I went to the original server to look at the config to see if I could reset to some sane baseline14:03
brouschHm, so I hadn't really looked at Flask in 2 years. It now has skeletons as complicated as Django14:31
mrgoodcatthats the way these things go. django and rails didn't set out to become bloated messes, it just happened that way organically over time14:36
mrgoodcateventually something will come along and topple flask as the minimalist python web framework14:36
mrgoodcatalso good morning :)14:36
cmaloneyUntil someone wants to incorporate SQLAlchemy with flask++14:38
brouschthere are smaller ones: bottle14:55
brouschflask-sqlalchemy has been around as long as flask14:55
brouschActually Flask itself is not bloated, it's just that the "best practice" builds a project base from a bunch of small external projects to end up like django14:56
greg-gcmaloney: "This posting has been deleted by its author."15:07
DrDaemonEyemorning everyone15:08
cmaloneygreg-g: Drat. likely taken15:11
cmaloneycould've been your very own non-working Atari 80015:12
jrwrenbrousch: flask blueprints?15:35
jrwrenmrgoodcat: you really think django is a bloated mess?15:36
jrwrenbrousch: that isn't a best practice, that is someone else's practice that they claim is best. Claims are a lie.15:36
mrgoodcati don't particularly think django is a bloated mess, but some people do15:42
mrgoodcatand it is certainly trending that way15:42
jrwrenI've never thought it bloated, but I did htink it was messy back in the 1.4 days15:47
jrwrenbut they've cleaned up so much, I think it is very nice now.15:47
mrgoodcatthe code is nice, but its just big15:51
mrgoodcatit tries to be everything to everybody15:51
mrgoodcatits nice to use15:51
mrgoodcatbut so is rails15:51
jrwrenI don't think it does try to be everything to everybody, but wtf do I know?15:58

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