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Kiloshi inetpro ThatGraemeGuy TinuvaMac barrydk mazal MaNI and others07:37
TinuvaMacmorning Kilos07:52
Kiloshi Private_User 09:09
Kilosand Cryterion 09:09
Kilosand pieter2627 09:09
Private_Userhi Kilos09:10
Kilosand octoquad 09:10
pieter2627o/ oom Kilos09:14
pieter2627channel still vandag?09:15
pieter2627weer is so so ook09:16
Kilosons het nog ys in die oggend09:21
mazallo pieter2627, Private_User, Kilos09:23
pieter2627hi mazal 09:25
mazalAnybody have experience / comments on this : http://zorin-os.com/09:26
CryterionStarcraft is compatible with WINE, hmmm09:52
mazalWhich one ?09:52
CryterionDon't know, but that zorin-os link has a screenshot from StartCraft II on the tour page discribing WINE09:53
mazalPlayed Startcraft 1 stukkend , but never played SC 2 due it's always online policy09:54
pieter2627mazal: I think it great that the current version is 10 and that one of those logos almost looks like windows' - might help to convert more users09:55
mazalpieter2627: A friend of mine use it , and he says it is basically ubuntu with customized DE's that looks like windows. Aparently the idea is to help convert Win users to linux09:56
Cryterionit's even got a mac OS look09:56
mazalLooks interesting09:57
mazali like that the base is ubuntu09:57
pieter2627mazal: i see so from the site... me to new user: see it can look just like XP/Win 7 (while setting that theme)09:57
pieter2627then few weeks later... me to user: i think you will like this theme (enable the unity theme)... 09:58
CryterionVersion 9 is the LTS till Apr 2019, V10 ends Jan 201609:58
mazalThe only thing I don't like is that you must pay for the full one09:59
pieter2627few weeks more... me to user: Here is Ubuntu that looks exactly like that theme you love so much, and it works the same (hands over a live usb to user)09:59
Kilos-they so stubbrom10:25
Kilos-mac peeps should like bentolinux10:26
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mazalmaaz kentucky on11:07
Maazmazal: Sorry...11:07
mazaloh well , I tried11:07
mazalmaaz define hymm...11:09
Maazmazal: I don't know about hymm. Maybe you meant Hymn, hymn, symm or hytm?11:09
Kilosso what must i add into nm to supply wireless to lappy11:09
mazalnm ?11:10
Kilosnetwork manager11:10
Kilosssid must be what11:10
mazalthe network name11:10
Kilosso i can say p64 there11:11
mazalIf that is your network's name yes. You set it on the router11:11
Kilosno router11:11
Kilospc only with wireless adapter in11:12
mazalAs far as I know you must have a wi-fi access point like a wi-fi router for example11:12
Kilosand what in mode - adhock?11:13
mazalThe access points creates the wi-fi signal11:13
Kilosi could share it with sisters wifi thing before11:13
mazaldefine wi-fi thing11:13
Kiloswhew always more to learn11:13
Kilostablet through a thing called stylus-whizzy11:14
Kiloslike a wifi router thing11:14
Kiloscan use 3g11:14
GnikLlortjenni is a nice bot tbh11:16
mazaluhm...ok....if you say so GnikLlort11:17
GnikLlortits p good11:18
mazaloom Kilos , that wifi router thing you talked of there , that was you access point. The device that actually created the wi-fi network and signal. Then you and her could connect to that.11:39
mazalThere must be an access point device like that and on that the SSID ( network name ) is specified11:39
Kilosits working11:43
Kilosjust had to tell it to connect11:44
mazalYou know mos you have to tell a computer everything11:44
Kilosim straight from pc to lappy11:44
mazalCan't think for itself11:44
Kilosi just added mP64 in network name11:45
mazalWhat to do , when to do it , how long to do it , what to do when it's done , what to do when it can't do it etc. etc. etc.11:45
Kilosoh my11:45
Kilosty mazal 11:45
mazalYou have 2 machines connected over wi-fi , without any access point device ?11:46
mazalDidn't know that was possible11:46
Kilosone is lappy and other P6411:46
Kilosi dont care how it works as long as it works11:47
Kiloseth cable was a pain11:48
mazalWhat's a P64 ?11:48
Kilosmy pc11:48
Kilosmiles@P64:~$ 11:48
* mazal prefers cable11:50
mazalI put nice neat trunking in my home. They out of the way. wi-fi too tempremental and unstable11:50
Kilosoh mazal i had to use wireless shared then it all fell into place12:21
Kiloswow we 35 here today12:23
Kiloswhats happening12:23
Kilosohi my fly12:23
mazalmy fly sommer12:25
mazalLekker windgat12:26
Kiloshy is my se vlieg12:26
mazalEk hoop nie oom abandon ons vanaand weer so vroeg nie12:29
mazalOns kannie so werk nie12:29
Kilosskuus man12:30
mazalLoop vroeg , kom laat aan diens in die oggend , ai !12:31
mazaloh btw Kilos , my update notifier is still broken. That re-installs didn't work12:32
Kilosoh my12:32
mazalI currently have 16 updates waiting , and notifier not saying a thing12:33
mazalBye for now , have a nice afternoon all12:39
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grembleGood evening16:25
Kiloshi gremble 16:26
grembleHow are you Kilos ?16:26
Kilosvery good ty and you lad?16:27
grembleI am well thank you16:58
superflyyay, load shedding in half an hour17:33
Cryterionyay, power back soon, lol, grrr17:43
superflywell, it means I'm going to bed. cause there's no point in switching everything back on again after 10pm.17:45
superflywell... good night everyone.17:45
Kilossleep well superfly 17:45
CryterionI'm on way out anyway, wife wants to go out for the evening17:46
Kilosnice enjoy17:47
Kilosa happy wife is a happy life17:47
Cryterionyep lol17:48
inetprogood evening18:05
Kiloshi inetpro 18:05
MaNIas if they can ever be happy :p18:06
mazalI have my own version of that one18:28
mazalno wife peaceful life18:28
Cryterionlol, I know it very well mazal18:30
mazalI'm off18:33
mazalNight everyone , sleep well18:33
Kilosnight all sleep tight18:41
superflymy life was peaceful with the wife... it's when the kids arrived that things got noisy20:40
gremble"I once was peaceful like you, but then I took a child to the hearth"20:43
squish102so I am trying to figure out. Giving an ubuntu desktop 14.04 to a 70 year old person that is only a little computer literate...22:24
squish102a good idea or a bad idea?22:24
squish102other option is windows xp or maybe it can get to win 722:26

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