fsatJayBau: bolt are install windows and linux?00:00
diaJayBau, learn to program!00:00
fsatlearn to program in linux?00:00
JayBauI'm a certified J2EE and Zend, not sure what you mean but not planning to create my own game in linux00:01
i_am_a_dunceTJ-, mind if I ask for a bit of bash-fu from you?00:01
JayBauI just want to play somthing ^_^00:01
i_am_a_dunceit appears as though my mp4's and mp3's may have gotten mixed up00:02
fsatsorry i dont know search on web game creator in linux00:02
i_am_a_dunceor sorry m4a's and mp3's00:02
protnwhats the easy way to see NEC files as  gallery in ubuntu?00:02
i_am_a_dunceso ... do you know if there's a way to rename all things with content audio/mp4 to be .mp400:02
i_am_a_dunceand all things with content audio/mpeg to audio.mp300:02
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: sure... hang on whilst I test :)00:03
i_am_a_duncereally appreciate it man00:04
fsatprotn look at http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/xnecview.1.html00:04
diaJayBau, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xonotic pretty fun00:05
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fsatprotn use xnecview program00:05
JayBaudia: thanks, will check00:08
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nnullwhat vnc viewer can i use from windows to remote desktop into ubuntu, i turned off encryption still says invails security type weith 3 different clients?00:10
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: try this, it's in DEBUG mode for now to avoid making changes until you can confirm it will do the correct thing.00:11
TJ-i_am_a_dunce:     DEBUG=echo; OLDIFS=$IFS; IFS=:; while read filename mime; do [ -n ${DEBUG} ] && echo Processing $mime $filename; [ "xaudio/mp4" = "x${mime}" ] && ${DEBUG} mv "${filename}" "${filename}.mp4"; [ "xaudio/mpeg" = "${mime}" ] && ${DEBUG} mv "$filename" "${filename}.mp3"; done < <( find $HOME/Music -type f -execdir file --mime-type {} \;)00:11
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i_am_a_dunceone second, trying now :)00:12
fsatnnull look at http://www.howtogeek.com/170870/5-ways-to-run-linux-software-on-windows/00:12
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: if you're *sure* it is correct, then change DEBUG=echo to just DEBUG=""00:13
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: you may need to adjust the $HOME/Music path that 'find' is operating from00:13
nimbioticsI have an Ubuntu 14.04LTS VBox. A while ago I accessed it via ssh with Putty and all went well but now I cannot access my ubuntu VBox. I enter my passwords, it plays the music indicating I'm logged in, clears the screen and then goes back to the login screen. I can still access my VBox via ssh with Putty, but I cannot access it directly. Any ideas how to fix this? TIA!00:13
nnullfsat, vnc is linux software? o_000:13
i_am_a_dunceO_o some of these are very strangely saying they're application/octet-stream00:13
i_am_a_duncethe vast majority are right00:13
i_am_a_duncebut some are saying they're octet streams00:14
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: actually, I think there is a key flaw... the find should use "-exec" now, not "-execdir"00:14
fsatlook 5 different way to use linux on windows at these adresse http://www.howtogeek.com/170870/5-ways-to-run-linux-software-on-windows/ nnull00:14
TJ-Are they.. can you pastebin the output, I don't have the media files in this system to test it effectively00:14
nnullnvm was my own config error00:14
nnullthanks anyway mate00:14
i_am_a_duncesure TJ, it's pretty massive tho 1 sec00:15
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: hang on then, I'll fix some bugs first :)00:15
fsatuse windows to use linux loll00:15
i_am_a_duncethank ya :)00:16
i_am_a_duncebtw, the directory is ~/Downloads/RoadTrip00:16
mindbender1I am using rsync to foo@remote to sync bar@remote files. How can I prevent rsync from chowning bar@remote files to foo00:16
mindbender1bar and foo exist on the same remote. And rsync source is from local.00:18
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mindbender1All the options I've seen suggested on the Internet have not helped.00:19
fsathttps://download.samba.org/pub/rsync/nightly/rsync.html look at these link to help you mindbender100:21
fsatmindbender1: maybe look at http://www.liquidweb.com/kb/using-rsync-to-transfer-and-synchronize-local-and-remote-systems/ to help you to find your anser00:22
i_am_a_dunceTJ-, how goes it matey?00:23
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: OK, I seem to have worked out most of the bugs. Set the variable DIR to the directory you want to target.00:24
ubottuCeIeIibi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:24
TJ-i_am_a_dunce:   DIR="$HOME/Music"; DEBUG=echo; OLDIFS=$IFS; IFS=:; while read filename mime; do [ -n ${DEBUG} ] && echo Processing "$DEBUG.$mime.$filename"; [ "x audio/mp4" == "x${mime}" ] && ${DEBUG} mv "${filename}" "${filename}.mp4"; [ "x audio/mpeg" == "x${mime}" ] && ${DEBUG} mv "$filename" "${filename}.mp3"; done < <( find ${DIR} -type f -exec file --mime-type {} \;); IFS=${OLDIFS}00:24
fsatmindbender1: the web is your better helper ask the good question to the search on google... it my tricks to find anser can't help you use your reasearch skill to help you sorry for my sad helping00:25
i_am_a_dunceTJ-, i think i can get it to work from here :)00:26
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: You'll see a "Processing ..." line for *every* file... but what you want to check is the lines reporting the "mv" commands are correct00:26
i_am_a_duncethanks for the debug logs :)00:26
mindbender1fast: thanks for helping. I have done some research already and they have not helped. Thanks anyways.00:28
i_am_a_dunceonly small bugs with yours are that it appends the .mp3, but that's very much not a big deal00:28
i_am_a_duncecuz then i can just run mv *.mp3.mp3 *.mp3, etc.00:28
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: yes... i didn't want to have the script mushroom but you can add a simple test for an existing extension00:29
i_am_a_dunceyup, definitely not a big deal00:30
i_am_a_dunceyou laid the ground work :)00:30
TJ-i_am_a_dunce: here's how I'd do it00:33
TJ-i_am_a_dunce:   DIR="$HOME/Music"; DEBUG=echo; OLDIFS=$IFS; IFS=:; while read filename mime; do [ -n ${DEBUG} ] && echo Processing "$DEBUG.$mime.$filename"; [ "x audio/mp4" == "x${mime}" -a "${filename##*.}" != "mp4" ] && ${DEBUG} mv "${filename}" "${filename}.mp4"; [ "x audio/mpeg" = "x${mime}" -a "${filename##*.}" != "mp3" ] && ${DEBUG} mv "$filename" "${filename}.mp3"; done < <( find ${DIR} -type f -exec file --mime-type {} \;); IFS=${OLDIFS}00:33
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joshsynhi everybody, i have a quick question00:40
fsatgo ahead00:40
joshsynis it safe to uninstall grub that comes default with ubuntu LTS?00:41
joshsynI have another linux install and I want to manage every bootsettings from the other linux00:41
fsatnot really00:41
diajoshsyn, do you understand what grub is?00:42
fsatyour computer never start again ubuntu00:42
diafsat, not true00:42
joshsynhuh why?00:42
diayou can reinstall00:42
Bashing-omjoshsyn: The last linux installed defaults as the one that controls the boot process .00:42
fsatgrub is boot system00:42
fsatthat use ubuntu00:42
diajoshsyn, because if you don't understand what a boot loader is, you shouldn't mess with it00:42
fsatdia: i know we can reinstall00:43
joshsyndia, how do you even jump to that conclusion00:43
joshsyni know what bootloaders are but just wondering if ubuntu does not like it00:43
joshsynI have archlinux installed. And I want it to manage the boot.00:44
fsatbut if do this uninstall grub he'll need do use installer ubuntu to reinstall all system00:44
diajoshsyn, a lootloader is not specific to ubuntu00:44
joshsynBashing-om, but you can always fix it by chrooting right with a live CD?00:44
diajoshsyn, blah, i mean grub is not specific to ubuntu, you can use any bootloader00:44
TJ-joshsyn: that should be fine, assuming the Arch install of grub does an os-probe and adds the Ubuntu installation to grub.cfg00:44
indy_ I just replaced the kernel on my Ubuntu 14.04 from 3.19 to 4.1. How can disable updates for 3.19 and receive updates for kernel 4.1? any help wld be greatly apprecaited00:45
joshsynTJ-, yes it does00:45
joshsyneveryone, actually I have already done so. My grub installed in arch is able to probe every linux installations and write to grub.cfg00:45
joshsynI just don't see the purpose of having grub2 installed in ubuntu as well00:46
joshsynso I purged it00:46
TJ-joshsyn: if you decide to remove the Ubuntu packages, take precautions so it doesn't as part of the removal make changes to the /boot/grub/00:46
diajoshsyn, just make sure the kernel still there lol00:46
fsati think that i don't have enough linux skills to help really00:47
joshsynTJ-, so you mean during upgrade process for ubuntu it can still write to /boot/grub ?00:47
joshsyndia, yeah ;) ubuntu kernel is safe00:47
joshsynits a UEFI system.00:48
diajoshsyn, Actually... every kernel upgrade runs grubs config...00:48
TJ-joshsyn: No, I was concerned that when you removed/purged Ubuntu's grub it might remove some of the grub files from /boot/grub/, and /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/00:48
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fsatand what to be usefull to uninstall grub boot system? i don't understand why do this?00:49
TJ-dia: not if grub isn't installed ... grub is triggered by hook scripts it installs00:49
diaTJ-, Oh! didn't know that.00:49
indy_any suggestion?00:50
TJ-fsat: joshsyn has multiple Linux operating systems installed. Only one needs to manage the boot-loader/manager00:50
joshsynyeah so far, its working great. I was just worried it might cause harm during upgrades.00:51
joshsynthanks all, especially TJ-00:51
diajoshsyn, you could just use your computers UEFI to boot the kernel stub directly, i did that with gentoo00:51
joshsyndia, yeah but I still need a manager to manage 2 linux + 1 windows00:52
TJ-joshsyn: If it's UEFI, then Windows doesn't need to be known to GRUB at all00:52
fsatand linux don't give the chance to give the starter menu to select which system operating to start at begin ex: install ubuntu server 12... and lubuntu the system ask the choice between bolt!00:53
wileeefsat, Unless you messed with the grub timeout you can see it, if you want, if that's the point.00:56
TJ-wileee:  I think fsat is referring to doing a direct UEFI > Linux kernel boot, without GRUB00:57
wileeeAh, my mistake.00:57
fsatwileee: i understand now what is the advantage00:58
joshsynTJ- correct about windows. However I still want to have the option of choosing every OS installed at startup01:00
wileeefsat, I missed the uefi deceleration, so I was wrong, in the context it seems, sorry about that.01:00
joshsynos-probe is able to find windows installation as well and it just chainloads the EFI stub into grub settings01:00
fsati have made a test by curiosity to install ubuntu server 12.10 and lubuntu 14.04 and when i have restart the computer i have the choice to start which one i want... it's why i have think it's given by bolt grub boot installed when i have made installation...?01:02
TJ-joshsyn: Yes... however with UEFI its boot manager can totally replace the GRUB boot-manager functionality for non-legacy booting.  However, if you're using custom configurations such as encryption then a separate boot-loader is still necessary01:02
joshsynTJ-, correct. In my BIOS settings, it provides me with option to select either grubx64.efi or bootx64.efi. I can boot to Windows directly with bootx64.efi. However if I want to have a choice at startup grub/bootloaders are the only way. Or else I'd have to go to BIOS everytime just to boot windows.01:05
sloantotheboneHas anybody experienced their mouse not being able to click unless the mouse isnt moving?01:06
TJ-joshsyn: Yes, for systems that don't allow you to force the boot-menu to show on every boot (as opposed to pressing the manual boot-menu key)01:06
sloantotheboneIt clicks after a second or two, though01:06
TJ-sloantothebone: is it PS/2 or USB?01:07
sloantotheboneIdk, its a touchpad mouse on my laptop01:07
sloantotheboneI have a good feeling a restart will fix it01:07
sloantotheboneIf not I guess my mouse is rekt01:08
TJ-sloantothebone: possibly connected via the old PS/2 i8042 chip. There are some workarounds for those kind of problems. Can you "pastebinit /var/log/dmesg" ?01:08
joshsynyes, my system happen to fall into that category :P I know most of Asus boards do gives you options. Thanks though01:08
TJ-joshh20: I prefer to have GRUB - it makes FD encryption simple01:09
ishamoHow can I find this file in ubuntu ? "#include <sys/epoll.h>"01:10
ishamoI wan't to find the "epoll.h" file.01:10
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TJ-ishamo: Check "/usr/include/sys/epoll.h"01:11
ishamoThank you .01:11
joshsynWondering if its possible to remove the rounded corners in unity?01:11
joshsynunity windows to be exact01:11
* TJ- hands joshsyn a rasp01:11
ishamoTJ-, There is not a dir named 'sys' under /usr/include01:13
TJ-ishamo: then you haven't installed the -dev package that the source you are trying to build, requires01:13
joshsyn:P. I think I have to edit some CSS files01:14
TJ-ishamo: that file comes from libc6-dev01:14
crazyhorse18hi i created a user.. and added the user to a group using the command sudo usermod -a -G repo myusername01:15
crazyhorse18if i type, groups myusername, i see repo in the list...01:16
TebboI'm experiencing an exceptional amount of screen tearing when using chrome on 14.0401:16
Tebboanyone else having this issue?01:16
crazyhorse18i have a directory /storage/repo/packages  which has  770+ root:repo01:16
Tebbo(amd64 w/ radeon ati)01:16
indy_ I just replaced the kernel on my Ubuntu 14.04 from 3.19 to 4.1. How can disable updates for 3.19 and receive updates for kernel 4.1? any help wld be greatly apprecaited01:17
crazyhorse18Tebbo, yes.. intel cpu with intel graphics card.. it's total s**t.. i had the same problem on 12.04 and i have the problem on 15.0401:17
TJ-crazyhorse18: did the user log-out and log-in again to make the new group active?01:17
crazyhorse18maybe not.. let me try01:18
Tebbodid you ever fix it?01:18
crazyhorse18TJ-, that was it01:18
ishamoTJ-,  But I could compile my code when I use the function "epoll_create(int size)"01:18
crazyhorse18Tebbo, no i have the problem every single day.. which is awful because i'm a webdev01:18
TJ-crazyhorse18: it usually is :)01:18
crazyhorse18TJ-, anyway to force refresh it.. i'm writing scritps01:19
Tebbolol i'm a webdev too01:19
Tebbowelcome to the club01:19
ishamoTJ-,  But I could compile my code when I use the function "epoll_create(int size)"01:19
Tebbo14.04 is very slow compared to win7 install i had01:19
crazyhorse18Tebbo, yeah i've heard it's a problem with chrome and linux.. things i tried (but i have no scientific evidence that shows this makes any difference).. is goto settings > privacy.. turn off prefetch resources01:20
TJ-ishamo: the included directories are controlled by the Makefile. Usually the build-depends are indicated by the configure script01:20
crazyhorse18Tebbo, do you have any unsual network setups or poor internet access?01:21
Tebbonah, it's pretty standard here01:21
TebboISP sucks dick, but that's common01:21
crazyhorse18Tebbo, i run everything over a vpn, when the vpn drops out all of chrome freezes01:21
ishamoTJ-, Oh. thanks.01:21
crazyhorse18Tebbo, i've actually considered switching development to osx because of this issue01:21
Tebboyeah i'm thinking of re-installing win01:22
fsatindy_ i don't if i will help you but i do: sudo apt-get update and after: sudo apt-get upgrade ,for my computer and i received they update system01:22
Tebbobut honestly, I've noticed it only happens when loading video codecs or html5 webm's01:22
crazyhorse18Tebbo, problem with developing under windows is lots of the tools don't work as well01:23
crazyhorse18Tebbo, or at all01:23
TebboI find the opposite to be true01:23
Tebboidk what tools you are using01:23
TebboI generally don't use a complex ide tho01:23
bazhangTebbo, crazyhorse18 lets get back on topic please01:24
crazyhorse18Tebbo, i suppose it depends what your deploying too.. our servers are all unix based.01:24
crazyhorse18bazhang, yeah ok01:24
Tebbooh we use shared hosting01:24
Tebbobut yeah I imagined chrome to work well but alas it does not01:24
Tebbois opera any better?01:24
crazyhorse18chrome under ubuntu is a PoS and freezes non stop all the time, i have had this problem for 4 years across 3 different versions of ubuntu and nothing i have tried fixes it01:24
Tebbo14.04 performance is meh tbh01:24
indy_Fsat- I've been updating the system, but no luck yet.  Thanks for your help01:25
crazyhorse18Tebbo, the other thing i've noticed is that if the internet connection is used to capacity that everything freezes01:25
crazyhorse18Tebbo, and all of the windows go white.. hvae you seen the same issue?01:25
Tebbonah, I haven'ted01:26
Tebbobut I have bandwith drops all the time01:26
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crazyhorse18it's annoying how every tab is in a separate thread, but they all crash/freeze anyway01:26
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xochilpilihi all01:28
ishamoTJ-, I checked the synaptic and find that I have installed the libc6-dev. But I still can't find the directory "sys" under "/usr/include". I think that the dir "sys" may be at somewhere else?01:29
fowlaudio skips in ubuntu 15.04 how what do i fix it installing all the01:29
fsati do it everyday manually the update and upgrade to be sure to be up to date system indy_01:29
TJ-ishamo: if the system is amd64, then it'll be "/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/sys/epoll.h" - use "dpkg -S sys/epoll.h"01:30
xochilpiliim having issues with a preseed file, i always got an error in "manual select packages" ; if i skip manually because i just want a minimal instalation, it never boots just the blinking cursor "_"01:30
xochilpiliany hand?01:30
indy_yes- same here.. maybe there are no updates for the new kernel.. I'll keep updating. Tks01:31
ishamoOh. Yes. I found it. my system is amd64. Thank you very much.01:32
NectarAnyone have any music player recommendations?01:41
WalkerdineDoes anyone know why I wouldn't be able to just switch back to the open source video drivers because mine is stuck on the "Use manually installed drivers" and I cant switch it back01:42
bazhang!players | Nectar01:43
ubottuNectar: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs01:43
bazhangtry some and see what suits you best Nectar01:43
bazhangaudacious is very close to winamp Nectar01:43
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WalkerdineWhy is ubuntu saying my display is "built-in"?01:52
WalkerdineWell I can't stand having my display be like this so I guess I gotta reinstall ubuntu01:57
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Voyagehow to hibernate?02:01
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wileeeVoyage, Not in the off/restart menu?02:03
wileeeVoyage, Not sure your question, here is info that may be relevant, not it is for 14.04, http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/04/enable-hibernate-ubuntu-14-04/02:04
joshsynIs there a way to check the statistics of a launchpad/ppa's team? The popularity, number of downloads, etc02:05
chrisburtonCan someone help me figure out the command to check user and group inside a directory?02:08
GerowenWhat happened to the ability to open new tabs in the default terminal?02:10
WalkerdineDoes anyone know why I can't select any of the other options?02:12
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is8acIn Gnome terminal ctrl + shift + T opens a new tab.02:15
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statustakerHey, I am pretty new to linux and ubuntu. What are some of your favorite things you can do with it?02:17
Gerowenstatustaker: Just about everything really.  Lately I've been playing through Brutal Legend on Steam, and Final Fantasy 7 on a Playstation emulator.02:20
ishamostatustaker, learn  programming ^_*02:20
Gerowenstatustaker: And there's a plethora of good development tools, free of charge, and open source.02:21
statustakerGerowen- I have been doing the same thing02:21
joshsynI am using Ubuntu rather than other distros, especially cause of the stability of the LTS releases02:21
statustakerI am working on my programming python Ruby Javascript C+02:22
somsip!ot | statustaker02:22
ubottustatustaker: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:22
statustakerSorry about that02:23
wileeeWalkerdine, Have you had a chance to address how that driver is there, and the graphic hardware shown in 'lspci' run in terminal?02:24
Walkerdineuh well I'm not sure what I did but I tried reinstalling the amd one and now I can select them again02:24
Walkerdinebut for some reason its still detecting my display as "built-in" which it wasn't before02:25
WalkerdineIts showing I have a 4:3 screen and the resolution is crappy when I have a 1080p monitor02:25
wileeeWalkerdine, where is this shown?02:25
Leverquinhow much space on C: HDD i need to instal ubuntu 14.04? and do i need to make them split on C and D: again or what?02:25
WalkerdineJust kidding it reverted! What the heck. Under software and updates and then additional drivers02:26
wileeeLeverquin, c & d are to vague02:26
somsipLeverquin: you need a separate partition for ubuntu.02:26
wileeenot used inn linux02:27
Leverquinhow to saperate?02:27
Leverquini have saperated on win but i will keep win and just add ubuntu02:27
WalkerdineHow do I uninstall mesa02:27
is8acLeverquin, 8GB should be enough space for ubuntu.02:27
Leverquinso how to seperate hdd? after instalation or what?02:27
wileeeLeverquin, Per chance have you been looking at Wubi02:28
Leverquinwhat is wubi?02:28
somsip!wubi | Leverquin02:28
ubottuLeverquin: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.02:28
Leverquinoh i see02:28
wileeeLeverquin, not important just ruling it out.02:28
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ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:29
WalkerdineWileee: Im not sure what Im looking for02:29
wileeeWalkerdine, What is on the computer now?02:30
Leverquinthanks guys02:30
WalkerdineNot sure how to tell02:30
WalkerdineIm new to this02:30
wileeeWalkerdine, what operating system is installed on the computer?02:30
wileeeWalkerdine, Your inquiry reads a you need help to install.02:31
is8acLeverquin, In the Linux world, disks are named /dev/sda, /dev/sdb etc, and the partitions on them are names /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2.02:32
WalkerdineNo I need help figuring out why my video drivers are messed up02:32
wileeeWalkerdine, Sorry but you addressed me I was helping another and doing 5 other things, ignore me.02:32
WalkerdineIts okay02:32
Shed-34046is ubuntu good enough to use on main machine that i use everyday02:32
wileeeWalkerdine, Don't ask random helpers here.02:33
Shed-34046by good i mean stable enough, have plenty of browsers, music players, editors, etc.02:33
WalkerdineWhat does that mean02:34
Shed-34046editors like video editing and img and video makers02:34
WalkerdinePeople are going to make me do crap I shouldnt?02:34
artoisShed-34046: yup02:34
Shed-34046artois i heard its more stable than windows lol02:34
kokutHello, how can i add users to the users with permissions "list" for a directory? because if i add myself to the user group and then chown -R :user-group it doesn't add persmissions to other users in the same group02:35
wafflejockShed-34046: yeah the only thing to keep in mind is that programs compiled for running on windows won't run easily on ubuntu but there are alternatives available to handle tasks that most users do02:35
Shed-34046I do most things in firefox :)02:36
wileeeWalkerdine, Actually I was helping but your response had nothing to do with my last question, I have a brain about the size of a walnut, heh.....so02:36
wafflejockShed-34046: by default you'll have libreoffice which covers the office basics (word prorcessing etc.), you have FF out of the box, if you want a good image editor check out gimp, krita, and inkscape, for video editing kdenlive is a pretty good one02:36
is8acShed-34046, High end video editing is somewhat lacking on Linux, but 3D animation, music, and image editing is well supported and stable.02:36
artoisShed-34046: it is, not that that's saying much02:37
WalkerdineI'm really confuseder02:37
artoisis8ac: oh yeah? What video editors have you used?02:38
WalkerdineSeriously considering just reinstalling since I just installed linux anyway02:38
artoisWalkerdine: as long as the problem isn't to do with something that happened during installation and might just happen again02:38
artoisWalkerdine: that might save the most time02:38
wafflejockWalkerdine: if you installed some binary drivers and can't uninstall them with the binary you downloaded then that's probably your easiest route to revert02:39
artoisis that all that happened?02:39
wileeeWalkerdine, you mention AMD, as I understand you might see if the card has drivers, this brand has issues at times.02:39
is8acartois, just saying that foss video editing software is't at the same level of polish as, say blender or gimp.02:39
WalkerdineI installed the drivers from the website again but then it just reverted back to the problem drivers02:40
artoisis8ac: sure it is02:40
artoisarguably farther02:40
WalkerdineI watched my screen squish02:40
wafflejockartois: what video editor do you use?02:40
is8acartois, what video editors should I try out?02:40
wafflejockartois: I've done some 3D things with blender and seen some cool things done in terms of video editing in there but never groked it02:41
wileeeWalkerdine, Have you named the hardware beyond a name yet, should be in the list made when running lspci in the ubuntu terminal, really key info usually.02:41
kokutplease anyone http://goo.gl/5av04o i need to add permissions to a whole group for a path02:41
artoisis8ac: to do what?02:41
WalkerdineRadeon HD 5770 is my video card02:41
artoiswafflejock: ffmpeg does most of the things I need, but it's not exactly a "video editor"02:41
artoiswhy you looking for a video editor?02:42
wafflejockartois: ah, yeah kdenlive is good for video editing02:42
WalkerdineI have a short history of all my commands if you want to look at them02:42
wafflejockeh who knows making YouTube vids or whatever02:42
wileeeWalkerdine, hold that to your chest and include it with your inquiries, if you continue. ;)02:42
artoisyeah kdenlive should be fine for that02:42
artoisthere are beefier editors, but they're for like, beefier tasks02:42
wafflejockartois: yeah proprietary stuff02:42
WalkerdineCan I reinstall linux without changing my files02:42
is8acartois, video editing software, I've tried openshot and pitivi, are there others that I should try?02:43
Walkerdinei don't wanna spend 5 hours waiting for my files to transfer again02:43
artoiswafflejock: proprietary stuff?02:43
artoisis8ac: for what, making a professional movie?02:43
artoisis8ac: cinelerra is probably at the top, but it's overkill for almost everyone02:44
wileeeWalkerdine, This seems relevant, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver02:44
wafflejockartois: believe http://www.lwks.com/index.php is proprietary think there are a few others02:45
is8ac@artois thanks, for the information.02:45
wafflejockartois: no doubt there are a few other foss options as well02:45
artoisah, just wasn't sure if you were talking about video editors still =)02:48
WalkerdineOkay it is giving me something that its not supposed to02:48
Walkerdineand for some reason my openGL is set to VM ware something02:48
is8acWalkerdine, if you uncheck the "format disk" option when you reinstall, then all you files and settings should be preserved. Do a backup to be on the safe side.02:49
Bashing-omWalkerdine: Any return from terminal command ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' ( there may be no proprietary driver for the 5770 ??)  ?02:49
FFForeverHey hey. How well does Ubuntu play in dual GPU setups by different vendors? I have my integrated graphics (intel 4000 series), and an r9 270x02:51
WalkerdineI installed the drivers from the amd website and then rebooted02:54
WalkerdineThe screen looked fine until it randomly changed02:54
is8acrandomly changes? how?02:56
YokoBRhi guys02:57
fabzor3whats up02:58
WalkerdineI'm not entirely sure but it says I'm using "Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 3.5, 128 bits)" Which is apparently a problem02:58
YokoBReverytime i boot, i get stuck on check disk and then i have to type systemctl default to continue :(02:58
fabzor3isnt gallium an intel video driver?02:58
fabzor3YokoBR, so is the program called check disk or fsck?02:59
YokoBRfabzor3: amd02:59
wileeeYokoBR, fsck?02:59
YokoBRi meant disk checking02:59
YokoBRit runs until 15%02:59
YokoBRthen i get on that screen03:00
FSMOIs ubuntu HIPPA conpliant?03:00
fabzor3does it detect errors, does it need to run?03:00
fabzor3you may have to run fsck in recovery mode to be safe and check your disk03:00
Shed-34046If windows is installed in UEFI could i switch to legacy BIOS mode and install ubuntu? o.o03:01
fabzor3YokoBR, reboot into recovery mode03:01
fabzor3wait wait before you do that03:01
fabzor3sudo passwd root03:01
fabzor3and set a root password03:01
fabzor3way easier than sudo for root stuff03:02
wileeeYokoBR, pastebin you fstab  cat /etc/fstab03:02
wileeefabzor3, no root password setting please03:02
cfhowlett!root | fabzor303:02
ubottufabzor3: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:02
fabzor3why not?03:02
fabzor3no i mean set once03:03
FSMOIs ubuntu HIPPA conpliant?03:03
fabzor3sometimes, even in a ubuntu system you need a root password for disk recovery03:03
artoisFSMO: it's 'HIPAA'03:03
cfhowlettFSMO, http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/faq/securityrule/2014.html03:03
FSMOartois: Thanks03:03
fabzor3once when I was starting a server after a hard disk crash it said enter root password to continue03:03
fabzor3I just think its a good idea for safety is all03:04
kokuthello i need to fix permissions for a directory owner by a group, http://goo.gl/vTxV4s its annoying to be having to chown the directory every time i have to do things with different applications03:05
fabzor3you can use chown with -R for recursive03:05
kokutfabzor3: yea i know but for some reason its not giving permissions to all users in the group03:06
fabzor3are you specifying the username03:06
kokutso i have to be switching between user:group-name and user-2:group-name all the time03:06
kokutno i want all users in the group to have permissions03:06
FSMOcfhowlett: Does all of that lawyer talk mean it is under a non-committal statement03:06
fabzor3chown means change owner (to  someone) so you have to specify the user to change the owner to03:06
wafflejockfabzor3: chown can change the group as well03:07
fabzor3you probably want chmod instead03:07
fabzor3oh sweet there you go then03:07
WalkerdineAlright I give up03:07
wafflejocksudo chown -R user:group targetFolder03:07
WalkerdineI could have had everything reconfigured and working again by now03:07
wafflejockthat'll update the user/group for a folder and all the files03:07
ablest1980how do i get google chrome browser?03:08
ablest1980for ubuntu03:08
cfhowlettFSMO, ubuntu can be configured as hippa compliant + consult a lawyer.  also I searched for hippa + medical + ubuntu and found some promising suggestions03:08
fabzor3by downloding it from the package manager03:08
wafflejockthen chmod for what the group can do can do like sudo chmod -R g+wrx targetFolder03:08
fabzor3sudo apt-get install chromium-browaer03:08
wafflejockkokut: ^^03:08
xanguaablest1980: Google Google chrome and download it03:08
wileeeablest1980, Google has a deb download03:08
fabzor3or get the official one for ubuntu if you want netflix to work better03:08
FSMOcfhowlett: thanks for the advice03:09
fabzor3from the chrome page03:09
kokutwafflejock:  but i dont want to give permission to a freaking user i want to give permission to the whole group its not freaking working!!03:09
wafflejockkokut: calm down I'm trying to help you here but no reason to panic :)03:09
fabzor3fight fight fight03:09
is8acablest1900, you can install chromium with apt-get, but Google chrome requires a deb from the downloads page.03:09
wafflejockkokut: see the chmod I wrote03:09
fabzor3kick and punch us03:09
kokutwafflejock: i already chmod -R 775 /path/ isnt that enough?03:10
fabzor3demand you money back03:10
wafflejockkokut: sudo chmod -R g+rwx foldername, <-- that will update the group permissions to add read write and execute so anyone in the group can do those03:10
fabzor3wait up lets see the helps03:10
=== Blaster is now known as Guest71738
cfhowlett!behelpful | fabzor3,03:10
ubottufabzor3,: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.03:10
wafflejockkokut: did you do the chown as well for the group?03:10
kokutwafflejock: still not working03:11
wafflejockkokut: if the files have the correct user/group owner and the correct permissions for the group you'll be fine03:11
wafflejockkokut: can you pastebin ls -al, and tell me what group it should be?03:11
wafflejockand what permissions they need?03:12
fabzor3also sudo chmod 777 -R /path/to/someDirectory03:12
kokutwafflejock: is showing one of the users and the group i need all users in the freaking group03:12
Earl__EriC^^, I gave up, I tried researching to understand your solution earlier but it just went over my head03:12
kokutthats why i sudo chown :group-name /path/03:12
wafflejockkokut: the user has to be one user but if all the users are in a group and the group for the permissions is that group then you're fine03:13
cfhowlett!ports | tintedwindows,03:13
ubottutintedwindows,: For instructions on how to set up port-forwarding (for games, torrents, webservers) see http://portforward.com - also see !firewall03:13
wafflejockkokut: you can't have multiple users that own a file without an acl03:13
tintedwindowswhat is the command to see all the ports?03:13
wafflejock!acl | kokut03:13
tintedwindowsohhh thanks you03:13
kokutwafflejock: but if i change the user it works03:14
wafflejockkokut: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissionsACLs03:14
fabzor3tintedwindows, what kind of router are you trying to configure?03:14
wafflejockkokut: are both users in the group the files are owned by?03:14
kokutwafflejock: yep03:14
wafflejockokay and does the group have the correct permissions for what you're trying to do or just the user?03:14
kokutwafflejock: i dont know03:15
wafflejockkokut: you can check the users groups with "groups [usernamehere]"03:15
wafflejockkokut: well tell me what you're trying to do and show the output of ls -al and I can tell you if the permissions are correct03:15
wafflejockkokut: otherwise I'm just guessing03:15
kokutoh well the username isnt in the group but i remember adding it earlier!03:16
guest0721why is it that the mint (rafaela based on ubuntu 14.04) repository latest flashplugin-installer is, but the repositories for xubuntu 14.04 (isn't this considered ubuntu?) have 11.202.442ubuntu0.14.04.1 which is known to be dangerous and buggy and which is now quite old?03:16
wafflejockkokut: okay well we've got the problem then probably03:16
guest0721this is an ubuntu question (don't be upset about the mint reference, it was by contrast) the problem is only with ubuntu03:16
cfhowlettguest0721, mint is not ubuntu.  ubuntu is not mint.03:16
kokutits even in the freaking bash history, sudo useradd -g  group-name user-name03:16
guest0721cfhowlett, my question is 100% an ubuntu question I was just warding off answers like that is the latest available etc. in my reference to mint03:17
kokutuseradd: user 'user-name' already exists wafflejock03:17
nox_42Is anyone familiar with using nginx to load balance two nginx web servers?03:17
cfhowlett!server | nox_42 sounds like a great server channel query if no answer here03:18
ubottunox_42 sounds like a great server channel query if no answer here: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server03:18
wafflejockkokut: looks okay, not sure what to tell ya on that exactly.... so it's saying they're in the group but groups doesn't show it?03:18
kokutwafflejock: exactly03:18
guest0721if you can't deal with that contrast, then remove the 'mint' reference and answer the actual question  please cfhowlet et al03:18
fabzor3guest0721, because as ubuntu users we are totally down with old buggy versions of flash03:19
guest0721ok I will reword it.,  Why do the ubuntu repositories have an ancient buggy dangerous version of flashplugin-installer still?03:19
wafflejockkokut: you can check cat /etc/group, you should see them in there (can grep for the group or username like cat /etc/group | grep group)03:19
fabzor3not sure why, im running ubuntu 15 x64 and my flash works fine03:20
guest0721come on fabzor3, don't be facetious, this isn't a sarcastic answer, it is a sincere one.03:20
wafflejockkokut: not sure though maybe logout and login or something not sure why that's happening, not that I often add groups or users03:20
fabzor3is it just xubuntu that has the old one?03:20
fabzor3nah im also saying that its not THAT dangerous03:20
guest0721fabzor3, which version of flashplugin-installer do you have?03:20
fabzor3also can you somehow install the new flash?03:20
guest0721and did you get it from the repository or a tarball03:21
fabzor3err not sure, whatever one comes with ubuntu 15x6403:21
fabzor3I think its 11, but i wouldnt be suprised if its still 1003:21
kokutwafflejock: i dont know what to make of that output03:21
zzo38What program can I use to read Windows .HLP files in Linux?03:21
fabzor3I did however manually download chrome browser from google, the 64 bit one03:21
guest0721just lubuntu kubuntu xubuntu etc, i.e. ubuntu flavors03:21
fabzor3and that comes preloaded with pepperflash that is maintained by google03:21
guest0721all ubuntu derivatives have the new one03:21
wafflejockkokut: you should basically see a group for each line and the users in the group after the group name03:21
wafflejockkokut: http://askubuntu.com/questions/69221/adding-user-to-a-group-why-had-to-reboot03:22
guest0721yes you can use a tarball, but it gets to be a bit of a pita with so many bugfixes03:22
kokutwafflejock: no it doesnt work03:22
guest0721and so many recent dangerous versions03:22
kokutman wtf is going on why is it so complicated to freaking add a user to a group and give that group permissions to a folder03:23
guest0721I like to stick with LTS03:23
fabzor3I really think you may be running an older version of xubuntu03:23
guest0721I would n ever use anything google related fabzor303:23
fabzor3also why not use pepperflash?03:23
fabzor3But you would use flash03:23
fabzor3and THE INTERNET03:24
guest0721touche'  yes, I know google makes it now, but there is less google in just the flash plugin than there is in their browser03:24
fabzor3sorry okay thats fair enough03:24
guest0721no you had a point fabzor3 .   but gnash just won't hack it03:24
fabzor3I liked the idea of gnash03:24
is8acInternet without flash isn't so bad now days.03:25
fabzor3but im not sure its well developed enough03:25
guest0721oh I loved the idea of gnash03:25
xangua!info flashplugin-installer | guest0721 can you now stop please?03:25
ubottuguest0721 can you now stop please?: flashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (vivid), package size 7 kB, installed size 137 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)03:25
guest0721yes it is if all your clients have totally flash websites03:25
zzo38Also how can I set the system locale?03:25
fabzor3I always used to run with flash-nonfree in my arch days03:25
fabzor3had good experiences with that03:25
fabzor3nowdays i use pepper03:25
kokutwafflejock: help me03:26
kokutwafflejock: please man03:26
Earl__Can anyone assist me in installing ubuntu to an external hard drive? I mostly need help installing the bootloader /to/ the external hard drive. I don't want to mess with window's MBR at all.03:26
fabzor3hi Earl__03:26
vubuntoranyone here knowing how to deal with boot?03:26
guest0721aha use flashplugin-nonfree instead of flashplugin-installer xangua?  is that it?03:26
fabzor3depends on your bios as well, depends if it like uefi partitions03:26
guest0721I knew there had to be a real, non facetious answer to it03:26
fabzor3lol what on earth is xaguna?03:27
fabzor3sounds like sun tan lotion03:27
Earl__Running Windows 10, so UEFI I suppose?03:27
wafflejockkokut: sorry stepped away there so logging out and logging in or rebooting didn't help?03:27
fabzor3oh jeez03:27
cfhowlett!details | vubuntor "deal with boot"?03:27
ubottuvubuntor "deal with boot"?: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)03:27
vubuntorfabzor3: my boot menu only showing windows boot manager,there is no other entry for liveusb03:27
fabzor3yeah probably uefi03:27
guest0721oh sorry not xaguna xangua03:27
kokutwafflejock: okay i'm going to reboot but idk what its going to do if i didnt change anything?03:27
wafflejockkokut: there are also some GUIs available to help make managing users and groups a bit easier03:27
guest0721my completion was failing03:27
fabzor3have you tried plugging the usb hard disk in, booting off the install dvd and then installing ubuntu to the usb drive just like you would any other drive?03:28
wafflejockkokut: okay when you do cat /etc/groups | grep thegroupnamehere03:28
wafflejockkokut: does it show both users in that line?03:28
fabzor3still equally confusing03:28
wafflejockkokut: based on what usermod is saying it sounds like they got added03:28
is8acEarl__, I'v had good experience with using the guided install and just selecting the usb flash drive as the installation drive.03:28
fabzor3is that some whacky xubuntu thing?03:28
vubuntornever had this issue before,only happened after updating windows 1003:28
fabzor3microsoft stole your dingo03:28
Earl__yes fabzor3. I did successfully install Ubuntu to the extHD03:28
fabzor3play so Earl__ can you select in the bios to boot of usb03:29
Earl__However now it boots straight to grub> command line03:29
kokutwafflejock: groups username doesnt show the username in the group03:29
vubuntornow i can't even install windwos03:29
guest0721but just to verify, the answer is to use flashplugin-nonfree (multiverse) (which I thought no longer existed)  instead of flashplugin-installer03:29
fabzor3or alternatively perhaps your bios sees it as a hard disk03:29
wafflejockkokut: yeah that's okay that's what the reboot should fix03:29
fabzor3look for the usb hard disk in the list of hard disks03:29
Earl__I think maybe that's where I get lost03:29
zzo38I dont want to install all of Wine03:29
kokutwafflejock:  but sudo useradd -g group-name username doesn't work03:29
fabzor3yeah keep looking in the bios03:29
kokutwafflejock: it says user already exists03:29
fabzor3and play around with uefi vs csm boot03:30
vubuntorfabzor3: there is only Windows Boot Manager on the boot list03:30
wafflejockkokut: right but it did the first time and now says they're already added03:30
wafflejockyeah that's okay03:30
kokutwafflejock: but that was from before03:30
webber_sou novo aqui03:30
fabzor3and perhaps disable secure boot03:30
Earl__secure boot is off03:30
kokutwafflejock: okay ill reboot03:30
cfhowlett!br | webber_03:30
ubottuwebber_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.03:30
vubuntorfastboost and secureboot is off03:30
fabzor3im suggesting your looking in the wrong list03:30
fabzor3your assuming that the drive will show up as usb03:30
fabzor3but perhaps is instead shows up in the hard disk list of bios03:31
vubuntorfabzor3: wrong? there is only one list for boot menu03:31
fabzor3yeah so theres the boot list03:31
fabzor3but also theres boot order03:31
vubuntorthat is the boot order also03:31
fabzor3yeah but like03:31
fabzor3you want hard disk boot to be primary03:31
vubuntori put WBM at the bottom03:31
fabzor3then go into hard disk ORDER and select the usb hard disk03:31
Earl__I haven't messed with csm. My goal was to make it so, if the extHD was plugged in, I'd boot straight to ubuntu, if it was unplugged, boot straight to windows. I (mis?)understood this would mean installing the bootloader to the actual extHD03:32
cfhowlett!br > webber_03:32
ubottuwebber_, please see my private message03:32
fabzor3yeah thats also what I though03:32
wafflejockkokut: the users-admin utility in the gnome-system-tools package is helpful for graphically looking at all this and modifying it too http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/gnome-system-tools03:32
vubuntorEarl__: you can boot to liveUSB?03:32
wafflejockkokut: you can, sudo apt-get install gnome-system-tools, then run users-admin03:33
cfhowlettEarl__, if the bootloader is on extHD and unplugged, then you can't boot anything - right?03:33
kokutwafflejock: suod usermod -a -G group user worked :\03:33
fabzor3early, you may need to reinstall ubuntu to the external hdd using a GPT partition instad of an MBR partition03:33
wafflejockkokut: ah okay you had some different command before?03:33
kokutnow groups user shows the user in the group, still not having permissions tho03:33
wafflejockkokut: I thought it was the same?03:33
Earl__cfhowlett, well... the linux bootloader. Windows's own bootloader on my computer hard drive would be untouched03:33
fabzor3some new windows bioses hate mbr partitions03:33
Earl__bingo fabzor3, that may be it03:34
Earl__how do?03:34
kokutwafflejock: i was using sudo useradd -g group user03:34
wafflejockkokut: okay if the groups are right just need to get the file/folder permissions for the group right then03:34
fabzor3and it may be in the format ubuntus drive options03:34
wafflejockkokut: ah okay right for a new user.... those commands are confusing03:34
fabzor3let me see one sec03:34
vubuntorfabzor3: Earl__  can even have LiveUSB on boot menu,howcould i not have it?03:35
wafflejockkokut: okay can use paste out your ls -al for the files you're trying to work with so I can see the permissions03:35
kokutwafflejock: well i tried sudo chown -R  :group-name /path/ and its not working03:35
wafflejockkokut: give it a user doesn't matter which one03:35
fabzor3Earl__, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:35
wafflejockkokut: since we're going to rely on the group permissions and them being in the group we don't care03:35
fabzor3I miss mbr.. none of this crap happenned03:36
kokutwafflejock: permissions are 775 for user and group but its not working maybe i need to reboot again :\03:36
Earl__I have been to that page... It's a little to complicated for me03:36
fabzor3okay let me see03:36
fabzor3Earl__, http://pix.toile-libre.org/upload/original/1347270713.png03:36
vubuntorEarl__: what did you do to boot and install ubuntu on EFI computer?03:36
kokutwafflejock: rebooting again03:36
fabzor3thats what you click03:36
wafflejockokay godspeed03:36
Earl__I installed ubuntu hoping for a more newb-y linux distro xD03:36
=== gerald is now known as Guest18784
vubuntorEarl__: I don't have liveusb on boot menu03:37
WalkerdineYep reinstalled03:37
WalkerdineNow I can seee again :D03:37
kokutwafflejock: okay i'm going freakign nuts man whats going on03:37
zzo38I have figured out how to get rid of the default window manager and desktop environment and install a new window manager, compile new versions of xterm, and change a lot of other stuff too, but there are a few things I don't know!03:37
kokutwafflejock: this should have fixed it03:37
=== The_Yeti|AFK is now known as The_Yeti
fabzor3oh okay Earl__03:37
fabzor3you have to partition the disk before you install ubuntu03:38
Earl__ExtHD - 4 partitions: One unused NTFS space, one 250 mb efi, one 4 gb linux swap, and one 50 gb eft?403:38
wafflejockkokut: what are you trying to do just execute some program?03:38
fabzor3proably the easiest way03:38
fabzor3so since its external this is cool03:38
fabzor3so you can go to another linux machine03:38
fabzor3and run disk utility03:38
Earl__yes, i agree. if only I could get it to work! xD03:38
vubuntorI want to boot to liveUSB03:38
vubuntorfck this WBM03:38
fabzor3and create a new / partition and make sure its an uefi bootable partition03:39
Earl__vubuntor, i have no idea03:39
wafflejockkokut: your ls -al permissions should look like drwxrwxr-x at this point if you used 75503:39
kokutwafflejock: 77503:39
wafflejockkokut: if the second set of rwx isn't there the group permissions aren't right03:39
vubuntorthem MS guys must have locked my bootloader03:39
wafflejockkokut: sorry you're correct03:39
fabzor3vubuntor, whats your issue?03:39
Earl__I don't have another linux machine readily available03:39
wafflejockkokut: that's 77503:39
fabzor3WHY NOT03:39
fabzor3you should have at least 503:39
Earl__vubuntor, is secure boot off?03:39
fabzor3okay okay you can get a bootable live cd called gparted live cd03:40
Earl__This is my first ;)03:40
kokutwafflejock: okay i ran the command u gave me agian and it worked :)))03:40
fabzor3its similar to norton ghost or something03:40
wafflejockkokut: ah alright cool03:40
fabzor3you just boot off that and do whatever to your disks03:40
vubuntorfabzor3: Earl__ fasboot,secureboot is off,liveUSB liveCD are not showing on boot menu03:40
zzo38How do I display DEC technical characters in xterm?03:40
wafflejockkokut: yeah permissions rarely fun :|03:40
kokutwafflejock: oh no wait03:40
fabzor3then reboot and yur disks are all nicely partitioned03:40
wafflejockkokut: if you're still stuck, sudo apt-get install pastebinit, then, ls -al | pastebinit03:41
fabzor3Earl__, http://gparted.org/livecd.php03:41
fabzor3get that03:41
wafflejockkokut: so I can see what's going on03:41
Earl__fabzor3, i guess that would be a purchase? I was hoping to fix this with in house materials03:41
kokutwafflejock: looks like its working now :o03:41
fabzor3fuck no, all free baby03:41
fabzor3and open source too03:41
HackerIIPLAY NICE03:41
fabzor3oh im sorry for the language03:41
kokutwafflejock: thank you for helping me out :)03:41
wafflejockfabzor3: yeah try to keep the language PG, good to be excited but all ages03:41
wafflejockkokut: no prob03:41
Earl__I don't know if I could burn a cd03:42
fabzor3gparted is an awesome weapon in your aresnal03:42
zzo38Is anyone going to answer my questions please?03:42
fabzor3its great for recovering files off broken disks too03:42
cfhowlett!patience | zzo3803:42
ubottuzzo38: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:42
zzo38I tried looking at all of the man pages and all of those web pages too03:42
Earl__I'm in windows. Could I not make partitions from here?03:43
iamnotarobotI just bricked my laptop by upgrading to 15.04 !03:43
vubuntorEarl__: if you don't want your windows to brick(can not boot),don't touch it03:43
zzo38And also other web pages, gopher, info documentations, and everything else too.03:43
ruindI am having a problem on mint 17 with my realtek wireless dropping out03:43
cfhowlett!language | iamnotarobot,03:44
ubottuiamnotarobot,: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:44
ruindI looked online and it says I need to recompile from source... but those tips are 3-4 years old03:44
vubuntordo it with gparted and install ubuntu03:44
cfhowlett!mint | ruind mint is not ubuntu.  ubuntu is not mint.  sorry, not supported here.03:44
ubotturuind mint is not ubuntu.  ubuntu is not mint.  sorry, not supported here.: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:44
Earl__vubuntor, how would I use gparted without creating another usb03:44
vubuntorEarl__: ubuntu livecd has it03:45
vubuntoror liveusb03:45
Earl__so my live USB? cool03:45
iamnotarobotHow do I fix this? My laptop was working fine, it charges without issue. But after installing 15.04 it freezes the computer after after 10 seconds which is about when it gets to the grub menu.03:45
Earl__then fabzor3 doing that... how to go about partitioning03:45
fabzor3Earl__, there is a gparted live usb03:45
iamnotarobotIt wont power off with the power button03:45
cfhowlettiamnotarobot, upgraded from what version??03:46
iamnotarobotagain, was working perfectly03:46
Earl__aye yai yai. maybe i should live and let live >.<03:47
iamnotarobotI did a backup today (just as well) - but I really need to sort this out03:47
cfhowlettiamnotarobot, suggestion: install 14.04 for 5 years of Long Term Support and stop upgrading just because a new version comes out.  LTS only = upgrade every 2 years unless you really REALLY need the latest, greatest, shiniest packages.  YMMV03:47
WalkerdineI should really do a back up... in case ya know, I screw up my video card drivers03:47
iamnotarobotI heard something about samsung laptops and UEFI issues03:48
zzo38Also I modified libxul.so on my computer, usually it works but why sometimes my modification doesn't work?03:48
vubuntornow i just really need to boot to LiveUSBon my laptop because MS fked up my boot03:49
Earl__what are you doing vubuntor03:50
fabzor3ahh that old chestnut03:51
vubuntorEarl__: after upgrading to Windows 10 on EFI laptop, I can't boot into Ubuntu live session or even windows installation(nothing shows up on boot menu except Windows Boot Manager), despite I disabled fastboot and secureboot already03:51
fabzor3oh it probably "fixed your corrupted boot sector" lolololol03:52
vubuntormy bootloader must be locked03:52
fabzor3it does that (super frustrating)03:52
Earl__upgraded to windows 10 from 8?03:52
vubuntorif corrupted,how did i boot to windows 10 normally?03:53
fabzor3hang on vubuntor in your bios you mean?03:53
vubuntorfab F12 boot menu and even in bios03:53
neonixcoderHi good day team..03:53
neonixcoderHow can I run "dpkg --configure -a" non interactively?03:53
anaohi@all did anyone find solution btrfs-scan hangs on boot with systemd?03:53
fabzor3so it like wrote to your bios somehow03:53
vubuntoronly Windows Boot Manager on F12 boot menu, and WBM is the only available entry, the others are blank(USB HDD USB FDD USB DVD: (blank) )...03:55
vubuntorI believe those MS locked my bootloader03:55
vubuntorsomeone said the only way is find a way to install grub03:55
vubuntori can't because i can't even boot to anything other than Windows03:55
fabzor3hey theres another way03:56
vaishakhi want to torify my whole tcp connections in ubuntu... how can i make it possible ????03:56
vubuntorhow when windows can not write to bootloader03:56
fabzor3grub gets its ass kicked by uefi, syslinux seems to be ok with it03:56
Earl__yeah. im not much a fan of uefi03:56
vubuntoroh, re-flashing bios can fix this?03:57
fabzor3you dont need to03:57
fabzor3just clear your security keys in bios03:57
fabzor3it has this stupid security thing03:57
fabzor3probably hidden in security features03:57
vubuntorso,i need to find a way to install syslinux?03:57
fabzor3wiping might do it but clearing keys is way easier03:58
fabzor3ahh this isn arch psssshhh03:58
fabzor3how on earth03:58
fabzor3one sec03:58
vubuntormy bios is security keys-free03:58
fabzor3check that then03:59
fabzor3thats specific to your problems03:59
Earl__fabzor3: seems I installed ubuntu on the extHD in BIOS mode...03:59
fabzor3EasyBCD sounds like it might be handy to you04:00
fabzor3all the same04:00
fabzor3use that easybootcd program04:00
fabzor3or something04:00
vubuntormaybe i should bcdedit with efi file from ubuntu iso04:00
fabzor3to make a new gpt partition type04:00
vubuntoreither fix it or brick the whole laptop04:00
ablest1980how do i download install google chrome 64 bit in terminal??04:01
vaishakhi want to torify my whole tcp connections in ubuntu... how can i make it possible ????04:02
fabzor3sudo apt-get install chromium-browser04:02
fabzor3have fun04:02
ablest1980i will thanks04:03
fabzor3also check the offical chrome browser off the google site04:03
fabzor3i found netflix worked better with the official one04:04
fabzor3its 64 bit too, but its published by google devs rather than the ubuntu devs04:04
balsaqwould ubuntu run faster on a low spec machine (older hardware low ram)  if i made a 4gb sawp on a fast flash drive?04:05
cfhowlettbalsaq, low spec?  lubuntu is optimized for low spec.04:05
cfhowlett!lubuntu | balsaq04:06
ubottubalsaq: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.04:06
balsaqi like ubuntu04:06
Earl__ubuntu is pretty graphical heavy04:06
Earl__what is your laptop stat04:06
fabzor3balsaq, check out dsl (damnsmalllinux)04:06
fabzor3yeah dsl is nasty lol04:06
fabzor3but its really fast at doing nothing04:06
balsaqamd turion dual core   2gb ram     geforce go 615004:07
fabzor3or check lxde04:07
fabzor3pff thats fine04:07
Earl__yeah, go with Lubuntu04:07
fabzor3that will run xfce4 wickedly04:07
fabzor3or lxde04:07
balsaqi like ubuntu unity04:07
fabzor3no you dont lol04:07
Earl__My experience running Ubuntu on an old laptop were futile04:07
fabzor3why doe people like it04:07
balsaqi lubb it04:07
zzo38I prefer i3 as the window manager and no desktop environment04:07
Earl__it's nice -- if you can actually run it04:07
cfhowlettyes, ubuntu *can* run on that, but darned slow.  if you don't mind slow, go for it.  if you actually want workable performance = lubuntu04:07
fabzor3yeah but xfce4 or lxde are way faster04:07
fabzor3and dont use mylittlepny blending effects04:08
balsaqwould ubuntu run faster on a low spec machine (older hardware low ram)  if i made a 4gb sawp on a fast flash drive?04:08
cfhowlettbalsaq, but see for yourself: sudo apt-get install xfce4 lxde                 then logout/choose an alternate DE, login04:08
fabzor3look yeah unity workflow is great but way waytoo many blending effects04:08
carlosthejackalhello hello04:09
fabzor3balsaq, a fast swap is only faster if you ever use the swap space04:09
carlosthejackalwhat a day04:09
fabzor3your better to just use less ram and never need the swap space04:09
carlosthejackalhow is everyone doing tonight?04:09
gloriyaivde malayalikal aarelm undo  ????04:09
balsaqok so ur saying it wont04:09
carlosthejackalhate hate windows 1004:09
carlosthejackalI never hated an operating system so much in my life04:09
balsaq10  is  zen04:10
cfhowlett!ot | carlosthejackal,04:10
ubottucarlosthejackal,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:10
fabzor3no im saying it will, IF you loak 30 programs for no reason04:10
vaishakhcarlosthejackal : i join u.......04:10
fabzor3but your better off to just not use that much ram in the first place04:10
vaishakhthe worst OS i have evr seen04:10
balsaqif i cant make ubuntu run fast on my older laptop i guess i would choose debian next04:11
fabzor3nah man04:11
balsaqdegian is always fast04:11
fabzor3the way to make it run fast is intall any distro you want04:11
fabzor3then customise the desktop environment04:11
fabzor3so install ubuntu normal distro04:11
fabzor3then install lxcde or xfce404:11
fabzor3and log in as xfce404:12
balsaqthose arwnt very much faster04:12
fabzor3if you still want more speed then install slim, a lightweight boot manager and customise your boot file04:12
gloriyahey guyzzz......04:12
fabzor3then customise your services04:12
fabzor3and only load what you need04:12
balsaqsounds like debian04:13
fabzor3yeah but you get all the ubuntu drivers and packages ;)04:13
vaishakhi want to torify my whole tcp connections in ubuntu... how can i make it possible ????04:13
vaishakhanybody here ????04:13
fabzor3or install arch linux :)04:13
toterUbuntu MATE is a very light distro04:13
vaishakhpls help meeeee04:13
balsaqok thanks04:13
fabzor3yeah mates great04:13
fabzor3arch is fast and light though04:13
WeaselsAnyone here ever try Elementary OS?04:13
fabzor3gentoos blazingly fast but VERY hard to set up04:13
cfhowlettWeasels, not supported here.04:13
WeaselsI know, just asking :)04:14
fabzor3nah it looks ok though04:14
fabzor3yeah whats a torify04:14
fabzor3use tor?04:14
Earl__por vaishakh04:14
fabzor3oh man04:15
fabzor3USE A VPN04:15
fabzor3go buy a good one04:15
fabzor3and hook it up to your modem04:15
fabzor3do it properly04:15
carlosthejackalI use a VPN04:15
toterIf he uses tor, his internet speed will be 56k04:15
carlosthejackalI connect through 4 different VPN companies04:15
fabzor3yeah sure, tor is slow04:16
fabzor3so buy a fast one04:16
toter!pt | webber_04:16
ubottuwebber_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.04:16
toter!br | webber_04:16
ubottuwebber_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.04:16
carlosthejackalYou want to know my current location? Steinsel, 03, LU04:17
carlosthejackalAnd I don't even know where that is...04:17
fabzor3yeah cool04:17
fabzor3man i have win8 on this laptop... I really want ubuntu on it04:17
fabzor3can I get away with it?04:18
carlosthejackaldual boot04:18
fabzor3I can use gimp not photoshop04:18
fabzor3nah no windows04:18
fabzor3I like not running antivirus04:18
vubuntorfabzor3: isthere any risk replacing WBM with syslinux?04:18
fabzor3might break windows04:18
carlosthejackalI have multi boot, Ubuntu, Windows 7, and Windows 1004:18
fabzor3so thats why you install it on the disk not the bios04:18
carlosthejackalI get to choose on start up04:18
=== Blaster is now known as Guest9978
fabzor3unless syslinux can know that you also want to boot to windows and give you the option04:19
carlosthejackalI need to get to work in the morning04:19
carlosthejackalbut they can suck it04:19
fabzor3I take no responsibility for breaking osses04:19
vubuntorfabzor3: if i install it to the disk, it doesn't solve the problem i can not boot to USB04:19
fabzor3sorry i mean windows04:19
fabzor3so windows boot manager is installed to bios then? is that what your telling me>04:20
fabzor3thats crazy as hell04:20
vubuntorfabzor3: not sure if it is install to bios04:20
vubuntorno way to check it04:20
fabzor3windows hacked your bios... fantastic04:20
fabzor3see now04:21
fabzor3the problem here is clearly windows04:21
carlosthejackalwindows boot manager can suck it04:21
fabzor3linux was fine04:21
fabzor3and then windows killed linux04:21
fabzor3and now your asking me a linux user in a linux channel if windows will be okay04:21
fabzor3why should I care about windows exactly?04:21
guest0721the information I was previously given re the flashplugin is no longer visible.  I had multiverse fully enabled and had done recent updates but there doesn't seem to be a flashplugin-nonfree or flashplugin-non-free anymore.  did I read something wrong?04:22
fabzor3all the same, you should back up ALL your data before you do this kind of thing04:22
guest0721!info flashplugin-installer04:22
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (vivid), package size 7 kB, installed size 137 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)04:22
fabzor3vubuntor, have you got all of that windows 10 install backed up?04:22
fabzor3because that well stop windows 10 booting up04:23
carlosthejackalits all about Kali Linux04:23
guest0721fabzor3, could you help me decipher that information message from ubottu04:23
fabzor3flash is not really supported any mopre04:24
guest0721well I am unable to work without it --- All my clients have flash websites that I need to see04:24
guest0721does that mean I can't use ubuntu?04:24
fabzor3or perhaps it changed its name to adobe flash04:25
fabzor3nah nah you can04:25
fabzor3I use ubuntu and I run flash fine04:25
totersudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer04:25
fabzor3what version you running again>04:25
toterworked fine on my ubuntu gnome04:26
Earl__can i use gparted from my ubuntu live usb to create an EFI boot partition04:26
fabzor3I certainly hope so04:26
fabzor3give it a try04:26
Earl__is it straightfoward?04:26
fabzor3it comes with a partition editor, super easy to use, similar to fdisk for windows 704:26
guest0721all the other distros have
toterfirefox recognized the flash plugin04:26
toterok... uninstalling the flash plugin now04:27
fabzor3guest0721, can you use chromium instead?04:27
guest0721toter, that gives an ancient buggy and provenly dangerous version of flashplugin-installer04:27
guest0721that is the problem04:27
guest0721and please don't tell me to use chromium04:27
guest0721that is NOT what I need04:27
fabzor3all right dont worry04:27
somsipguest0721: what browser do you want to run it in?04:27
toterancient buggy and provenly dangerous... pretty much every version of flash...04:27
fabzor3sounds like you need to download firefox04:27
fabzor3from the mozilla site04:27
fabzor3and download flash from the adobe site04:28
guest0721I have firefox and it is up to date04:28
fabzor3and get them both working as third party standalone programs04:28
fabzor3indepenent of the package managers04:28
fabzor33rd party that right up04:28
fabzor3nah but04:28
somsipguest0721: then you'll get an out of date flash experience. My preference is to run chrome with pepper-flash when I need flash as it is up to date and sandboxed to provide a bit more safety. Just a thought04:28
guest0721with all other distros they have flashplugin-installer at least04:28
fabzor3Im suggesting you download latest firefox and run it from your home dir04:29
fabzor3like as a standalone app04:29
guest0721ubuntu proper (as opposed to derivatives) is the only distro that seems to have this problem04:29
fabzor3and then install libflashplayer.so to your mozilla plugins directory04:29
fabzor3and manually enable it from firefox addons04:29
guest0721please leave any discussion of chrome and chromium out of this they are not solutions for me, nor is running firefox in wine.04:29
fabzor3so then why not install xubuntu04:30
ablest1980does google talk work on ubuntu without wine??04:30
toterguest0721: have you tried to install the available version to see if it works for your case?04:30
fabzor3nah install firefox, 64 bit natively for linux04:30
guest0721fabzor3, that is what I have been doing out of desperation, but it is not a good solution04:30
fabzor3why not?04:30
guest0721yes toter, I have04:30
guest0721it does not04:30
cfhowlettEarl__, yes and yes it's straightforward to create an /efiboot04:30
guest0721and it is known to have exploited bugs04:30
ablest1980im getting google chrome firefox doesnt work with netflix04:30
earlPhoneCan you help? I'm booting into luve usb now.04:30
guest0721I would like to stay with ubuntu, but this is a game changer04:31
somsipearlPhone: have you said what your problem is?04:31
ablest1980chromium isnt chrome?04:31
guest0721fabzor3, xubuntu has the same outdated flashplugin-installer04:32
Linux-UzerHi. Anyone can help?04:32
cfhowlett!help | Linux-Uzer04:32
ubottuLinux-Uzer: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:32
toterguest0721: What are you trying to run that specifically requires flash? I'm curious...04:32
earlPhone@ cfhowlett somsip i need to create an efi partition using live usb's gparted04:32
guest0721and fabzor3 I do have firefox 64 bit for linux installed04:32
earlPhoneTo boot ubuntu from external hd in uefi mode04:32
cfhowlettearlPhone, right.  easy.04:32
somsipearlPhone: no idea - I don't use uefi04:33
guest0721*all* my clients' stupid websites04:33
ablest1980fabzor3, gave me sudo apt-get install chromium-browser i wanted google chrome 6404:33
toterguest0721: LOL04:33
Linux-UzerThere's this emulator that's called ScummVM for running DOS games. How do I install it in my Kubuntu system? I've downloaded the file, then extracted the folder, but I don't know what else to do with it????04:33
guest0721toter.  I can't tell you how much I wish they would stop using flash, but alas, I have to eat i.e. earn an income04:33
earlPhoneOk cfhowlett, you know how?04:34
cfhowlettearlPhone, create unallocated space at the beginning of the partition > new partition > /efiboot type04:34
earlPhoneWould that fix my issue for installing to ext hd?04:35
cfhowlettno idea.  sorry.04:35
guest0721toter, and in no case is flash necessary or even desirable for what they are doing on their websites.  They just had some stupid marketing people who thought flash was 'fancier' have the outside companies doing their websites do flash websites.04:35
Linux-UzerWhy isn't anyone replying to me?04:35
earlPhoneHmm. Ok.04:35
cfhowlett!patience | Linux-Uzer04:35
ubottuLinux-Uzer: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:35
toterguest0721: Flash version installed here using sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer:
guest0721toter -- HOW?04:36
Linux-UzerAlright. Thank you.04:36
toterI'm using Ubuntu Gnome04:36
guest0721it gets me only a much older version04:36
guest0721I am using xfce04:36
guest0721why should that make a difference04:36
guest0721you have the right one04:37
guest0721so if 14.04 is LTS, why don't we rate to get the safe version, toter?04:37
earlPhoneExternal USB HD is not showing in gparted..04:37
guest0721I only want to use LTS04:37
toterTo prove that I'm not lying... http://imgur.com/mCcxdgI04:38
cfhowlettlinuxuz3r, what version of ubuntu?04:38
linuxuz3ri have 15.0.404:38
guest0721I didn't think you were lying.04:38
guest0721I just really want to stick with LTS only and yet need the safe flashplugin-installer you have toter04:39
toterTry this file... http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_20150716.1.orig.tar.gz04:39
cfhowlettlinuxuz3r, and you downloaded the "source" package?04:39
fabzor3ablest1980, are you running a 64 bit os?04:39
toterapt-get downloaded this file here04:39
fabzor3it will download the native version04:40
fabzor3so if your i686 then itll get that arch if your x64 then it will get that arch04:40
ablest1980jk XD04:41
guest0721I did download the tarball from adobe/google and move flashplayer.so and the /usr  stuff to the appropriate places, it is just that this has been needed so many times recently exactly when I didn't have time, that I wanted to have a better solution, toter04:41
ablest1980chromium taking forever04:41
fabzor3well look thats the theory, if your experiencing something else then please tell me04:41
ablest198053% complete04:42
guest0721if they finally fix enough bugs so you don't have to do that constantly, I may be abler to stick with ubuntu, but why don't they update version from the repository the way every other distro does?  I think there must be a reason, if not then is there a way to make that suggestion/request?04:43
Silenced_v2Can someone suggest me a link for VMware player for ubuntu ? I don't find any04:43
cfhowlett!vmware | Silenced_v204:43
ubottuSilenced_v2: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware04:43
ablest1980fabzor3, how do i get googletalk with terminal?04:43
fabzor3sudo apt-get install xchat04:44
fabzor3its funny because I lied04:44
fabzor3nah i honestly have no idea04:44
=== Shrooms` is now known as Shrooms
fabzor3check this - qgtalk a qt client that connects to google talk04:46
ablest1980you lied aboutudo apt-get install chromium-browser?04:46
ablest1980sudo apt-get install chromium-browser04:46
fabzor3no i lied about xchat04:46
fabzor3because xchat is irc04:46
fabzor3and irc is the bomb04:47
ablest1980no i want googletalk04:47
fabzor3but hosestly that qt client for google talk looks good04:47
fabzor3qGTalk is a Google Talk client developed with Qt and libgloox. qGTalk functions like the Windows version of Google Talk (currently only text messaging is implemented) but runs on Linux.04:47
fabzor3looks good04:47
ablest1980i have hexchat04:47
ablest1980this is irc04:48
ablest1980better then pidgin?04:49
guest0721ok toter, thanks for the new link (it might be the same thing).  I will do my usuall proces.  I guess I could write my own script for it to make it fast next time.  there is one difference from the tarballs I have been using, toter.  Yours includes a file called manifest.json.  Do you know what that is or what I am supposed to do with it?04:51
toterguest0721: There's no need to do anything with that file... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON04:53
toterA script is a good idea... It will speed things up next time04:53
guest0721ok, then it is exactly the same process.  I found the last couple of upgrades that diffing the old files with the ones to be replaced in /usr showed that most of them actually hadn't changed04:54
fabzor3pidgin was cool, I dont know I have never used google chat04:54
fabzor3I only used pidgin for msn04:54
guest0721oh you really should use pidgin instead04:54
fabzor3yeah I might chuck it on instead04:55
bovAnyone here running Ubuntu on a Macbook Pro 8,1 - 8,3 that was able to successfully get graphic switching working?04:55
fabzor3just no need since I only really use irc04:55
fabzor3and facebook on chrome04:55
cfhowlett!mac | bov04:55
ubottubov: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages04:55
fabzor3not me bov04:55
guest0721thank you toter04:56
=== S|ipKorN- is now known as CripperZ
ablest1980how do i  bookmark in chromium browser?05:12
earlPhoneCreating efi partition at beginning of drive in gparted05:14
earlPhoneFlag as boot, esp?05:14
earlPhoneOr just esp05:14
guest0721thank you toter05:15
earlPhoneCfhowlett if you are still awake05:15
guest0721toter, is there someway of finding the appropriate link in the future for subsequent upgrades (ideally in a scriptable way)?05:15
cfhowlettearlPhone, it's early afternoon here in China, amigo.  yeah, make that bootablee05:16
guest0721toter, i.e. is there some unchanging link that would point to the most recent one?05:16
earlPhoneOk. So flag it as boot AND esp?05:16
cfhowlettearlPhone, hmm.  see this first:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#Creating_an_EFI_System_Partition05:18
MonsieurBonHi all05:18
toterguest0721: not that I know of... i'm afraid the link will change every time because the filename has the release date on it05:18
guest0721how did you find it in the firstplace05:18
guest0721I don't mind scripting multiple levels of linkage05:18
cfhowlettearlPhone, I read that as /boot/efi   nothing more05:18
grom358how do you get xhprof UI for ubuntu? php5-xhprof package only has the profiler05:19
earlPhoneCfhowlett: that's what im going by05:19
earlPhoneSo just boot then05:19
cfhowlettearlPhone, so it seems05:20
MonsieurBonEvery decent linux hardening guide tells you to set limits in /etc/security/limits.conf. However, no one tells you what values to use. Is there something like "sensible defaults"?05:20
=== Blaster is now known as Guest42308
guest0721the urls are clearly based on the date of the plugin, but is somewhere else refers to them, I can get the name for the latest that way, toter05:20
ubuntu297I'd like some help getting my sound working. In 15.04 sudo apt-get install alsa-utils didn't seem to work, and aplay gave me a list of my hardware http://pastebin.com/MBvtnMxh Am I doing something wrong, or perhaps my hardware might be incompatable?05:21
=== The_Yeti is now known as The_Yeti|AFK
freezercan someone recommend a hdmi switch?05:27
guest0721does alsamixer bring anything up ubuntu297 ?05:27
omidkasi farsi zaban hast inja?05:27
cfhowlett!farsi | omid05:27
ubottuomid: #ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.05:27
guest0721nemi famam05:27
ubuntu297several sound bars, most are half full to full, besides headphones and frontmic bars, which are empty.05:28
ubuntu297but master, pcm, front, surround, and center are all showing bars05:28
guest0721hmmm, and you don't have sound?05:29
guest0721not muted?05:29
ubuntu297nope :C05:29
Dynetrekkhi, found a bug in gcc-4.8.5/14.04LTS. unfortunately it's revealed by a 2k files project. is there even interest in the bug report?05:29
Dynetrekkand how, where?05:29
cfhowlett!bug | Dynetrekk05:29
ubottuDynetrekk: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.05:29
guest0721I am not an expert and am here to ask questions, but you seemed to be waiting a long time so I piped up ubuntu29705:29
ubuntu297not too long05:30
guest0721what happens if you use amixer to sett everything that seems relevant to 75-100% and unmute?05:30
Dynetrekkcfhowlett: problem is, I can't provide the source, nor is the example minimal. is it even worth trying to submit the bug?05:30
cfhowlettDynetrekk, without such details, a reported bug is unlikely to get attention05:31
Dynetrekkcfhowlett: I write code myself, so I completely sympathise with that...05:31
ubuntu297Everything IS unmuted. I wonder though, perhaps the cords need positioned differently than they do in windows.05:32
ubuntu297For some reason, when I get sound in windows, I don't have the cords all the way plugged in05:32
ubuntu297because when I do, I don't get sound.05:32
guest0721in my case this is "amizer -c1 -sset Master 100% unmute; amixer -c1 sset Speaker 100% unmute; amixer -c1 sset PCM 100% unmute   but it might be different for you the -c1 refers to the card05:32
guest0721s/amizer/amixer  sorry for the typo05:33
guest0721I probably should step aside ubuntu297 and let someone who knows more help you.05:34
ubuntu297Alright, thanks all the same. At least I know I was noticed.05:35
guest0721yes, but not by the right people05:35
ubuntu297I've left several guilds before over being ignored, so any kind of my existance being noticed is good.05:36
UbuntuMarioHelp, I'm trying to install Wine on Ubuntu 15.04 but i get errors.. :(05:36
kanliotnot getting the framebuffer when I press ctrl+alt+f1.  just get a black screen.  I have a radeon card.  possible X.org doesn't know how to enter framebuffer console on 15.04???05:36
UbuntuMarioIt says " following packages have unmet dependencies:05:36
UbuntuMario wine : Depends: wine1.6 but it is not going to be installed05:36
UbuntuMarioE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."05:36
UbuntuMarioany idea?05:36
baizonUbuntuMario: have you tried sudo apt-get install -f05:37
baizonUbuntuMario: no errors?05:38
baizonUbuntuMario: sudo apt-get install wine1.6 ?05:39
baizonsame error?05:39
UbuntuMarioE: Invalid operation intsall05:40
UbuntuMarioi typed sudo apt-get install wine1.605:40
baizonUbuntuMario: "intsall", isnt "install".05:40
=== The_Yeti|AFK is now known as The_Yeti
UbuntuMariodid type install05:41
fabzor3_sudo apt-get -f install05:41
UbuntuMariooh wait.05:41
fabzor3_to fix broken packages05:41
UbuntuMariosomething different this time!05:42
UbuntuMariohttp://pastebin.com/9ggChEBx   it says i have held broken packages?05:42
baizonUbuntuMario: try sudo apt-get update first05:43
UbuntuMarioI'll install all the updates and such and then try.. IF i don't get it install i'll come by tomorrow.05:44
squintyupdate only updates the sources listings05:44
baizonsquinty: hes gone05:45
guest0721oh dear, it seems toter is gone, can anyone else help me?05:45
squintyok thanks :)05:45
fabzor3_sudo apt-get update05:48
fabzor3_sudo apt-get upgrade05:49
fabzor3_sudo apt-get -f install05:49
fabzor3_then try05:49
guest0721it seems that nobody will provide up-to-date repositories for the LTS versions of ubuntu for flashplugin but they do provide it for 15.04 vivid.   Would it hurt to add the vivid repository for it?  i.e. something like "echo "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ vivid partner" /etc/apt/sources.list.d/canonical_partner.list"05:49
fabzor3_actually you will probably need to fix your proken packages first05:49
truckAnyone know any way to dial an Android from Ubuntu ?05:49
truckOther than using AirDroid?05:49
ubuntu297what are the Canonical packs exactly? I haven't added them yet, simply because I don't know if I need them.05:50
truckTried using AirDroid, but gotta switch to phone to compleate the call.05:50
guest0721I install ubuntu on  my android devices05:50
fabzor3_guest0721, how about adding a custom sources line05:50
fabzor3_sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list05:50
guest0721what exactly do you mean fabzor3_ ?05:50
ablest1980i install chromium to watch video on netflix now i get This webpage has a redirect loop05:51
fabzor3_adding another repo with up to date flash05:51
ablest1980please help05:51
fabzor3_ablest1980, my man!05:51
fabzor3_I got that exact thing!!!!05:51
guest0721I thought just adding things to sources.list in newer versions messed things up, is that not so fabzor3_ ?05:51
fabzor3_okay okay... install the offical chrome from the google site for ubuntu05:51
ablest1980maybe it netflix?05:51
fabzor3_and try again using that chrome (the one with the colorful icon)05:52
fabzor3_and shebam itll work05:52
fabzor3_nah its not05:52
fabzor3_because my windows machines work fine05:52
fabzor3_its something up with that particular chrome05:52
guest0721my question was that since there is no repository for 14.04 with a safe version, would using the vivid repository do any harm?05:52
guest0721and is it ok to just add stuff to sources.list nowadays?05:52
fabzor3_what you want to do is backport05:52
fabzor3_yeah thats what you call backporting05:53
guest0721I am using 14.04, they only keep the repositories for 15.04 up to date05:53
fabzor3_and yes it could totally do harm05:53
guest0721that is what I was afraid of05:53
fabzor3_ablest1980, yeah that one05:53
SuperLagbanging my head on the nvidia wall :/05:54
fabzor3_im just about to listen to someone from nvidia speak - mike wang05:54
SuperLagcannot get anything more than 800x600 even with nvidia drivers installed05:54
galeidoguest0721: Is there some particular reason not to update 15.04?05:54
ablest1980save file or open?05:54
guest0721fabzor3_, toter helped me find the latest tarball for vivid which contained the same stuff as the adobe/google tarball, but I want an automated way of checking the most recent and don't know how to find the right tarball in the future predictably.05:55
fabzor3_SuperLag, you might have to add the modes05:55
fabzor3_oh wait05:55
fabzor3_try nvidia-xconfig05:55
fabzor3_and reboot05:55
fabzor3_perhaps your xorg file is busted05:55
guest0721yes galeido, there are a lot of reasons on the relevant machine I want to stic to LTS only05:56
galeidoguest0721: OK =)05:56
fabzor3_SuperLag, can you load nvidia-settings ?05:56
fabzor3_I dont really belive you that your drivers are running, prove it to me05:57
guest0721but alas my clients have incredibly stupid flash-based websites that do nothing requiring flash, but for which you need flash because of their stupidity05:57
fabzor3_hey gues05:57
ablest1980it says Thank you for downloading Chrome where is it?05:57
fabzor3_how about you use virtualbox to build a windows 8.1 virtual pc05:57
fabzor3_and browse your sites on virtual pcs05:57
fabzor3_its more real world05:58
fabzor3_and you can throw stupid shit like microsoft glitches into the mix05:58
SuperLagfabzor3_: was that comment to me?05:58
fabzor3_apologies Superlag yeah I want you to prove you are running the nvidia drivers05:58
fabzor3_SuperLag, please run nvidia settings05:58
fabzor3_and tell me what it says05:58
fabzor3_can it verify your driver version\?05:59
guest0721I certainly hope fabzor3_ isn't asking me to use windows or wine.   I haven't kept  windows since 1998 and haen't used windows for real since 1994 when I moved to linux and I am very happy for that.05:59
donaldhello everyone im back and i passed with fling colors my certification of linux OS05:59
fabzor3_use virtualbox05:59
fabzor3_and install windows on virtualbox05:59
SuperLagfabzor3_: 346.8205:59
SuperLagfabzor3_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12011852/05:59
fabzor3_so no dont "run it" but keep it as a testing machine05:59
fabzor3_in a safe little sandbox called virtualmachine06:00
guest0721please tell me fabzor3_ that none of that is addressed to me.06:00
ubuntu297I'd like some help getting my sound working. In 15.04 sudo apt-get install alsa-utils didn't seem to work, and aplay gave me a list of my hardware http://pastebin.com/MBvtnMxh Am I doing something wrong, or perhaps my hardware might be incompatable? I asked a bit ago, though I'm not sure how long I should wait before asking again.06:00
fabzor3_guest0721, why cant you just run ubuntu 15?06:01
guest0721oh fabzor3_ ubuntu297 has been patiently waiting for help for a long time, help ubuntu297 first then get back to me if you can.06:01
guest0721fabzor because this particular machine I want LTS only06:01
fabzor3_ubuntu297, hmmm you tried with pulse?06:02
fabzor3_ubuntu297, how many sound cards have you got?06:02
ubuntu297I only have one card I think. The default one on my mobo.06:02
ubuntu297and I think I tried pulse, it seems to be the default in 15.04 I think.06:03
fabzor3_ubuntu297, can you got to synaptic and install pulse audio?06:03
donaldwell linux and some ibm compatables are fixed with certain files in your settings area that may interfere with linux, if you are running all linux and just play windows please look in the linux pro magazing for last month therte is a new program that may help06:03
donaldyou can view it free online06:03
fabzor3_ubuntu297, okay go to ubuntu control paneland sound06:04
fabzor3_ubuntu297, and hardware and output.. see if you can find your hardware there and try and select it06:04
ubuntu297I think it's open now. It's only listed as volume control though.06:04
fabzor3_ubuntu297, plug your speakers into the little green hole ;)06:05
fabzor3_ubuntu297, perhaps you have the wrong output06:05
ubuntu297I was using the blue one, since that's what my windows was defaulted to.06:05
fabzor3_ubuntu297, windows is lies06:05
donaldwindows ios junk pile of mistakes of programers06:06
fabzor3_ubuntu297, in windows you can reassign the ports, using the realtek drivers or whatever your drivers is06:06
fabzor3_lol thanks donald06:06
ubuntu297I think I ended up doing that for windows actually.06:06
donaldfor what...lol06:06
ubuntu297anyway, I did move to the green port, which seems to have not changed the status06:07
donaldi wish i had comcast...im stuck using cox...yuck06:07
fabzor3_ubuntu297, try turning the volume all the way up and down and scrub the volume to the left and right06:08
fabzor3_sometimes it only outputs one speaker06:08
ubuntu297Hold up... I was playing in it and apparently moving the port did help, once I also moved my configuration to a different profile under the 5th tab06:08
fabzor3_yaay internet party :)06:09
ubuntu297Honestly, I felt really computer savvy.... until I moved to linux06:09
fabzor3_its a great experience06:09
ubuntu297then I felt like I was trying to work with a spaceship or something06:09
fabzor3_now you are more computer savvy, and you have balls06:09
fabzor3_wait i hope your not a chick06:10
fabzor3_cos its not a side effect of using linux if you are06:10
ubuntu297I wouldn't call myself savvy again yet06:10
fabzor3_its just practice really06:10
fabzor3_after a while you may even prefer it06:10
donaldWell since i have my certification i will be joining linux organization and will be putting my own version of linux which will be called Locker Linux...be looking for it06:10
ubuntu297aaaand.... I have no idea how I just broke it again.06:10
fabzor3_welcome aboard06:11
ubuntu297I was checking the other profiles and it stopped working, so I changed it back to the  one it did work on06:11
fabzor3_what happenned?06:11
ubuntu297but the music didn't start back up T_T06:11
fabzor3_could be a gripe with pulse06:11
fabzor3_might need to restart the prigram06:11
ubuntu297I'll do that06:12
ubuntu297well, moving it back and my browser has sound now. So that IS progress.06:13
donaldgot to go...good luck with fixing the problem...but you do have a good man to help you he's good(fabzor)...and god bless you all and your families...night!06:13
ubuntu297turns out windows is all kinds of automated. So it's easy to "know" what you're doing.06:13
fabzor3_very true06:13
fabzor3_things are a lot more manual in linux06:13
ubuntu297But linux is way more do it yourself than windows06:13
fabzor3_especially installation and compiling06:13
ubuntu297I still haven't figured out how to install my other programs yet actually.06:14
ubuntu297I'm really just poking things and seeing what happens.06:14
fabzor3_like what?06:14
ubuntu297well, my skype from windows won't work, or even show up06:14
ubuntu297also I'm stuck with firefox, and I want to use waterfox, which is a 64bit firefox06:15
ubuntu297that makes sense.06:15
fabzor3_why do you want a 64 bit web browser?06:15
fabzor3_do you not like your plugins working?06:15
ubuntu297Actually, it's because when I have open my tabs, I crash firedfox... a lot06:16
fabzor3_is it because you download so many cat pictures you need to harness the power or 64 bit processing?06:16
ubuntu297tumblr tends to crash firefox when loading about 200 pages of scrolling06:16
fabzor3_have you tried crashing it on linux 32 bit?06:16
fabzor3_okay okay... 32 bit chromium06:17
fabzor3_each 32 bit tab is a new thread and zone of memory06:17
ubuntu297I'm on 64 bit linux, but no I haven't actually tried to crash it with linux yet06:17
fabzor3_so theoretically it would actually be more effeicent for multi threading06:17
fabzor3_it could have just been windows being a dick06:18
ubuntu297Honestly, I really love windows 10 and I don't want to move to linux.06:18
fabzor3_I meann how it handles the threads06:18
fabzor3_try and break linux06:18
ubuntu297But Microsoft is like "Yo, you want an OS, that's cool. But you have to report to me every 30 seconds"06:18
fabzor3_haha yep06:18
julian-delphikimeh, youcan turn most of that off.06:18
fabzor3_yeah sure you can06:19
fabzor3_but you cant turn off that its a dick06:19
fabzor3_or that you get more viruses06:19
ubuntu297Yeah, but then windows says "You want to talk to cortana? she's tight with the big man. talk to him first"06:19
fabzor3_oh my f***06:19
fabzor3_JESUS WHY06:19
julian-delphikii dont use cortana. and i haven't gotten a virus in years.06:19
julian-delphikii use ubuntu a lot, but windows on my gaming pc.06:20
fabzor3_yeah direct xis fast for gaming06:20
ubuntu297I like being able to set alarms when I'm in game.06:20
fabzor3_I want to get back into glx though06:20
ubuntu297But seriously, the privacy and "good faith" is basically telling me I have to stop using windows06:20
=== Blaster is now known as Guest57669
fabzor3_im pretty over the coombayah06:21
fabzor3_i just want a fast, tach os06:21
fabzor3_I used to be really into dos06:21
fabzor3_and so this was just a natural progression after windows nt06:21
fabzor3_then compare bash to powershell, I dare you06:22
ubuntu297I want a lightweight OS to run my games and not download weird things in the background.06:22
fabzor3_and the way the services run, so much nicer and more standardised06:22
ubuntu297is that really so much to ask? :C06:22
fabzor3_sure, its called windows xp 32 bit with direct x 906:22
fabzor3_heaps of good games for that06:22
fabzor3_but old06:22
fabzor3_real old drivers though06:23
ubuntu297Oh right, for the skype thing. they only show a skype for older versions of ubuntu. will those still work?06:23
fabzor3_actually yeah stuff windows xp, opengl 4 is pretty wild06:23
fabzor3_oh sorry, lets see06:23
fabzor3_choose dynamic06:24
ubuntu297Also, hope I can pick where these install to.06:25
fabzor3_first thing is check the readme06:25
wafflejockubuntu297: you can use dpkg -L somedeb.deb, to see what files a package installs06:25
fabzor3_if you are lucky enough to get a deb06:25
fabzor3_you might have to compile it :)06:25
julian-delphikicompile skype? I highly doubt it.06:26
wafflejockyeah lots of places supporting linux have debs and rpms though06:26
julian-delphikiubuntu297, everything installs to standard locations on ubuntu. then you just find it in your menu or type the command.06:26
ubuntu297because of the way I'm using an SSD with an HDD, I don't want to flood them all onto my SSD06:26
fabzor3_oh actually this comes with binaries06:26
fabzor3_if it doesnt run then you will probably need to get some dependencies through synaptic or apt-get06:27
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga06:27
woahguy(01:27:45 AM) ubottu: Sorry, I don't know anything about penis06:27
julian-delphiki!skype | ubuntu29706:28
ubottuubuntu297: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga06:28
julian-delphikidon't worry about download debs and such like fabzor3_ said.06:28
fabzor3_yeah you can download the binaries06:29
fabzor3_and just extract to home/apps or wherever06:29
fabzor3_and just run the thing06:29
iepuppHow to enable PUT DELETE method on apache2 ? Please Help!06:29
julian-delphikifabzor3_, no, please, just recommend that people use standard packages rather than ripping them apart.06:29
wafflejockfabzor3_: that's why you would have problems with missing dependencies :)06:29
wafflejockbest to install from the repos when available and working06:30
woahguyiepupp: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2934554/how-to-enable-and-use-http-put-and-delete-with-apache2-and-php06:30
fabzor3_its not available for newer versions of ubuntu06:30
wafflejockif you must use a .deb or know how to build your source and get dependencies then that's a fallback06:30
fabzor3_they stop at like 12... way behind the 8ball06:30
wafflejockeven so should just dpkg -i thedeb.deb06:30
guest0721fabzor3_, I am waiting for you to finish helping others at the moment, but if you can't help me, there is  no point in waiting around.  All I really need to know is how to find the appropriate tarballs for flash-plugin from canonical(-partners) in the future when new releases come out.06:30
ubuntu297I think I should make a new folder to keep my linux files seperate from my windows ones06:31
julian-delphikiubuntu297, uh, are you dual booted right now?06:31
fabzor3_oh I cant tell you that06:31
fabzor3_I really just want you to get it from the adobe site06:31
guest0721was that addressed to me fabzor?06:31
wafflejockguest0721: if you use Chrome it maintains it's own updated version of Flash Player06:31
guest0721oh ok, but there is no way I can see to automate that in a script06:32
ubuntu297I think I can do that though. it looks like I just go to my slavedrive and name a new folder to shove things in06:32
julian-delphikiguest0721, you should just use apt to install it06:32
fabzor3_okay guest0721 i just got told off for recommending that someone compile thier own programs06:32
guest0721there is no way any of you will ever get me to use chrome so please stop trying06:32
fabzor3_lets look at that, thanks julian-delphiki06:32
iepuppI also want to use PATCH method, how to enable it in apache2?06:32
guest0721julian-delphiki, the repositories for the LTS versions have anciend very dangerous versions06:32
wafflejockguest0721: I don't care what you  use just letting you know regarding flash didn't see any previous conversation06:33
fabzor3_okay guest0721 http://askubuntu.com/questions/531672/how-to-install-flash-payer-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts please read this06:33
julian-delphikiguest0721 do you understand how versioning works in an LTS version?06:33
julian-delphikithe version number usually doesn't increase.06:33
guest0721sorry wafflejock  it has become a kneejerk reaction06:33
julian-delphikibut the patches get packported in06:33
wafflejockguest0721: no worries I understand :)06:33
fabzor3_old version of ubunt = old versions of flash06:34
iepuppI donot want any involment of PHP, I want to curl PUT DELETE PATCH request's06:34
julian-delphikiiepupp, its usually a LIMIT clause that is limiting it.06:34
fabzor3_so why on earth do you want LTS as well as want new versions of software? thats completely defeats the point of keeping everything old06:34
julian-delphikiiepupp, yeah, apache wont limit those unless a config file is limiting then06:35
fabzor3_guest0721, the point of using LTS is yes its old and insecure, but its predictable06:35
julian-delphikiwell, we use it for server deployments. gives us guaranteed support.06:35
iepuppyes I researched it, can you help me which file I need to config, there is no such concrete info available.06:36
fabzor3_guest0721, I was offering a way to quicky hack in a new version but that wasnt good enough for you because you want an automated way of updating flash?  well my friend that automated way of updating flash and getting security updates is called installing ubuntu 1506:36
julian-delphikiiepupp, it all depends on your configuration. probably not a basic ubutntu troubleshooting question.06:36
guest0721and when support ends for the ones that expire faster it always seems to hit a time when I don't have enough time to even get a good night's sleep and I will need something that is no longer supported for my current job.06:36
fabzor3_guest0721, if lack of sleep is a concern for you then i suggest you go and buy a mac06:37
fabzor3_linux is about hard work and reading and learning and no sleeping06:37
fabzor3_EVER :)06:37
joshsynjust a question06:37
guest0721oh, fabzor3_ I didn't mean I needed it to be automated, just that there be a way to find it reliably.  I would write my own scripts if for a tarball.06:37
fabzor3_hi joshsyn06:37
trigot no sound please help06:37
joshsynif i install viber.deb using dpkg, will it upgrade itself later on with apt-get upgrade?06:37
fabzor3_guest0721, yeah sure you can just check the adobe website06:38
julian-delphikiguest0721, the most recent flash binares for 14.04 we're built mid july, so they should be okay.06:38
fabzor3_guest0721, if a new flash comes out they will annoyunce it06:38
joshsynor do i have to download the .deb for newer releases again?06:38
fabzor3_guest0721, not even, just get lobflashplayer.so06:38
guest0721fabzor3_, I have used linux exclusively for nearly a quarter of a century and nothing will make me turn back now06:38
fabzor3_its literally one file your stressing about06:38
julian-delphikijoshsyn, no. you'd have to use apt-get to install.06:38
fabzor3_guest0721, thats good, im glad ;)06:39
trican somebody help me with the sound issue ?06:39
guest0721well there are a couple of things in /usr that usually also need to be updated06:39
jake_release the kraken!06:39
joshsynjulian-delphiki, apt-get does not have viber06:39
JayBaujoshsyn: if you downloaded a deb, then it won't be updated automatically, but if a repo/ppa is available then use that and it will be update when you do apt-get update/install :)06:39
fabzor3_guest0721, they could be icons or symbolic links06:39
julian-delphikijoshsyn, then yes, you'll ahve to get a newer deb to install06:40
=== marcel is now known as Guest94321
guest0721of all the stuff in /usr that needed updating the last time only one file actually mattered, the others were the kind of thing you mentioned06:40
joshsynJayBau, that makes sense, why would people prefer dpkg over a PPA?06:40
=== The_Yeti is now known as The_Yeti|AFK
=== The_Yeti|AFK is now known as The_Yeti
guest0721would you happen to have the adobe site url for downloading the tarball directly.06:41
julian-delphikiguest0721, don't listen to fabzor3_, are you using flashplugin-installer package?06:41
julian-delphikiyou should use that06:41
guest0721not an ubuntu question  so I don't mind if you just say no06:42
julian-delphikiwhich will install it from adobe's site, automatically06:42
guest0721julian-delphiki, for the last 6 months or so that hasn't been an option so I have had to download the tarball on unbuntu 10.04 (and that only, all the other distros have the newer ones in their repositories)06:42
Guest94321hi, somebody can help me i have this problem: Could not connect to bumblebee daemon - is it running? I am using ubuntu 15.04 with gnome I didn't have this problem with the version 14.0406:43
guest0721julian-delphiki, for nearly 6 months now the repositories for ubuntu 10.04 have had a version of flashplayer-installer that not only has exploitable bugs but that has bugs that have been seriously exploited in the wild.06:44
julian-delphikiguest0721, that doesn't surprise me, 10.04 is out of support now.06:44
guest0721so even if I am able to get the tarball and install that way, I am concerned about all the folks who use the repositories06:44
guest0721it is LTS!!!!06:44
guest0721that  the only reason I am using it06:45
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ended on April 30 2015. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.06:45
julian-delphikithanks wileee06:45
joshsynis webupd8's ppa secure?06:45
julian-delphikiguest0721, it's a very old LTS, 12.04 or 14.04 are better.06:45
guest0721huh? not 2019?06:45
wileee!ppa | joshsyn, read carefully06:46
ubottujoshsyn, read carefully: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge06:46
julian-delphikiguest0721, no, 10.04 was desktop support for 3 years, server for 5.06:46
guest0721oh did I have a typo?   all the other times I correctly typed 14.0406:46
guest0721I guess I must have mistyped it once06:46
julian-delphikiguest0721, yeah, 14.04 is supported through 2019 afaik.06:47
guest0721anyway it is 14.04 that has the dangerous versions06:47
wileeeguest0721, This is off topic.06:47
fabzor3_guest0721, please tell us about this dangerous exploit06:48
guest0721the fact that the repositories contain buggy software that has been rampantly exploited in the wild is off-topic?06:48
julian-delphikiguest0721 flash player 11.2 is latest for linux.06:48
Guest94321 hi, somebody can help me i have this problem: Could not connect to bumblebee daemon - is it running? I am using ubuntu 15.04 with gnome I didn't have this problem with the version 14.0406:48
guest0721only .491 (and later if there are any) are free from the exploit06:48
fabzor3_guest0721, can you provide me with a description or link to this exploit?06:49
julian-delphikifabzor3_, off topic, talk of exploits isnt usually allowed here06:49
julian-delphikiguest0721, https://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ is the only tar i could find.06:49
fabzor3_im just thinking, does it really matter, is it really a concern?06:49
guest0721it was on both the firefox and adobe flash related pages for a long time06:49
wileeeguest0721, This is not chat on adobe, it is support, you're not helping here.06:49
guest0721yes, julian-delphiki that is the right one, I just want to be able to find the next one when the next exploit is discovered06:50
julian-delphikiguest0721, https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/ not hard.06:50
guest0721the ubuntu issue is that the repostories contain a dangerous version06:50
wileee!ot | guest072106:51
ubottuguest0721: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:51
guest0721well not everyone using ubuntu 14.04 would know to even try to look elsewhere06:51
guest0721even removing it altogether from the repositories would be better than having an unsafe one.06:51
guest0721then people would go looking06:52
wileeeguest0721, You're rhetoric is not appropriate being repeated continuously, we heard you now your trolling.06:52
guest0721and if it is up to date for 15.04 why not for 14.-04?06:52
julian-delphikibecause 14.04 is LTS.06:52
guest0721bizarre reaction06:52
fabzor3_you're the only person who seems to care guest072106:52
guest0721if it is LTS why isn't it supported?06:52
guest0721others don't know why they are being exploited yet.06:53
wileeejulian-delphiki, would you stop answering them please06:53
julian-delphikisure wileee06:53
wileeecool, thanks06:53
funkenstrahlenhey, I try to run a command with sudo and pipe the output into a file only accessible by root. Why do I get permission denied? https://gist.github.com/funkenstrahlen/138511937b9ab49aa046#file-gistfile1-txt-L31-L3606:59
EriC^^funkenstrahlen: sudo doesn't go across the redirection, you need to use .... | sudo tee /file07:00
funkenstrahlenEriC^^: Does it also work like "sudo ..... | tee file" ?07:02
ubuntu297So, apparently Linux allows users to use the whole system without a mouse.07:02
EriC^^funkenstrahlen: no, cause tee would be running without sudo07:02
ubuntu297That's awesome07:02
funkenstrahlenEriC^^: because I run the command via ansible and it can only handle automatic sudo at the beginning of a line07:02
EriC^^funkenstrahlen: you can do sudo bash -c "<command here>"07:04
funkenstrahlenEriC^^: like "sudo bash -c "iptables-save > /etc/iptables/rules.v4""07:05
funkenstrahlenEriC^^: that's a great idea!07:05
funkenstrahlenthank you, I will try07:05
EriC^^no problem07:05
=== Guest95284 is now known as victorius
credso, I'm a complete noob with tmux, can anyone explain why there's a bunch of dots blocking half of my window when I resize it? I'm assuming it's some kind of setting of how large the terminal is allowed to be07:07
kaidelonghi, I'm using ubuntu 15.04, I want to set up a network share for my local network. There is an applet called "Personal File Sharing Preferences" that tells me "this feature cannot be enabled because the required packages are not installed on your system"07:07
kaidelongdoes anyone know what these packages are supposed to be? It does not say07:07
guest0721I guess translating away from all the nastiness, what you are saying is that multiverse is considered off-topic.  Is that right?07:08
kaidelong(neither does the help)07:08
credkaidelong: it could be samba but it depends on what kind of share youre setting up (win<->ubuntu etc)07:08
kaidelonglinux<->linux, and maybe an xbox later if I can figure out media tomb, but that's a separate goal still07:09
credkaidelong: do you want to mount the folder on the 2nd linux system?07:09
kaidelongnfs-kernel-server and nfs-common did not do the trick, it seems07:09
credkaidelong: nfs is good for linux<->linux, here's a good guide on how to set it up: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/network-file-system.html07:10
kaidelongcred: It is a home network, I'd like to expose read-only access without authentication, samba would work best07:10
kaidelongah alright07:10
credkaidelong: "ro" means read only so it's real simple to share a directory as such07:11
kaidelongmaybe I will give nfs a try07:12
kaidelongI was hoping against hope that I could do this with Ubuntu's graphical configuration tools07:12
kaidelongbut I can't find any evidence of this being possible =(07:13
credkaidelong: it's really not that hard to do it in the terminal07:13
credkaidelong: just ask if something seems weird07:13
kaidelongyeah, I've set up samba shares that way before07:13
credkaidelong: you basically just edit /etc/exports to show what you want to share, then you mount it on the remote system and you're done07:13
credcouldn't be easier07:13
kaidelongdoes seem easier than samba then07:14
kaidelongit's like fstab but for a network?07:14
credwell.. fstab is where you put what you want to mount, so yeah, you put the nfs share in your fstab just like it was a local disk07:15
Silenced_v2Guy been trying to install AMD catalyst in my laptop . But couldn't succeed .Could u please suggest me . I tried Installing the required drivers but didn't seem to work07:15
kaidelongso remote mounts goes in fstab, exports to other machines in exports?07:15
credso in that way you could have you network disk as /media/yolo and treat it like a regular disk which is nice07:15
credkaidelong: any "automatic" mounts go in fstab, etc/exports lists what you want to share from the system that file is on07:16
ubuntu297I just installed skype, and I got hit by every message from the last month T_T07:16
kaidelongman nfs07:16
ubuntu297I think I crashed skype as soon as I started it07:17
=== Blaster is now known as Guest61945
Silenced_v2Guy been trying to install AMD catalyst in my laptop . But couldn't succeed .Could u please suggest me . I tried Installing the required drivers but didn't seem to work07:22
Silenced_v2Can anyone help me out with this ?07:22
=== StefanH_ is now known as StefanH___
credSilenced_v2: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD07:32
=== The_Yeti is now known as The_Yeti|AFK
Koyaanis1hello, #ubuntu. someone here dedicated enough to help me with my ubuntu installation problem, where I have no clue how to set up this hardware raid 0 and install ubuntu on it?07:48
adscwhy do you want raid 0?07:51
adscit's a bit obsolete nowadays07:52
adscalso hardware raid != ubuntu07:52
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treeprogramHi, if I want my browser to close after 1 hour, is there any way I can script that?07:55
EriC^^treeprogram: sleep 3600 && pkill <browser>07:55
ObrienDavethat was easy ;P07:56
credtreeprogram like EriC^^ said it's really that simple. "sleep 3600" waits for 3600 seconds, && means "only execute the rest if the part before succeeds" and then it run the commands to kill your browser process07:56
treeprogramEriC^^: cred thanks07:57
EriC^^no problem07:57
dpak /nick MaBooToo08:00
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DXBLouiehi everyone08:14
=== The_Yeti|AFK is now known as The_Yeti
DXBLouiequick question... i've had a fakeraid (intel) drive failure.. and after days trying to rebuild and upgrade the array to larger capacities, i gave up.. and i'm now using md software raid and happy... however in my attempts to get things running, i switched back and forth between mdadm and dmraid, each one reconfigured boot packages, etc.. and now that everything is working, i realized deborphan shows grub208:16
DXBLouiei normally like to dpkg --purge `deborphan` after a big upgrade.. and i can't do that now, because it seems like i'm missing some ubuntu meta package that depends on grub208:17
DXBLouieany ideas?08:17
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ablest1980hello i need adobe flash for ubuntu 14.04 lts 64 bit google chrome08:32
credablest1980: flash is included with google chrome afaik08:32
ablest1980what about java 8?08:33
=== lush is now known as Guest43353
Secret-Firewhen finding a linear function using euler's method, is the function of the form y-y1=m(x-x1) where x1 is the step size?08:39
Secret-Fireoops wrong room08:39
elmcresthey everyone. I need to "sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration" after every reboot. Does anyone has an Idea to fix this? 14.04 LTS and all attempts with google didn't solve the issue.08:39
ablest1980how do i install java 8 64 ?08:40
credablest1980: java does not work in chrome, period. You can install it in Firefox.08:40
credablest1980: http://askubuntu.com/questions/354361/how-to-install-the-java-plugin-for-firefox08:40
credget the "icedtea-plugin" one unless you know you need the non-free one08:41
ablest1980i downloaded chrome and uninstalled firefox for netflix but chess.com need java 808:41
ablest1980ill try iced tea08:42
jarcoHello, I cant get zmq to be recodnised by my apache2. It is seen on the cli php with the command php -m but in apache it doesnt seem to work (it is in the apache php.ini tough)08:44
gmg85I created a file named \ by mistake08:48
gmg85how can i delete it?08:48
cfhowlettgmg85, rm 1'08:48
gmg85everytime I try to i end up in a new line.08:49
cfhowlettgmg85, rm ` \  `08:49
QantouriscHow can I list all services that will start during boot ?08:50
Qantouriscor rather shutdown in this case08:50
gmg85did not work unfortunately08:50
EriC^^gmg85: rm '\'08:50
cfhowlettgmg85, '\'     sorry, I used the wrong `08:51
moijkI need to run an x server on a headless server. I see Xvnc beeing mentioned as an option in some guides, but I can't seem to find anything called that (just regular vnc) for unbuntu?08:51
somsip!info xvfb | moijk08:51
ubottumoijk: xvfb (source: xorg-server): Virtual Framebuffer 'fake' X server. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.17.1-0ubuntu3 (vivid), package size 791 kB, installed size 2360 kB08:51
cfhowlettmoijk, better advice in #ubuntu-server maybe?08:51
somsipmoijk: er, actually that's maybe not what you need. Though it might be08:52
Qantouriscok the docs in /etc/rc?.d/README are grosly outdated: K does NOT dissable08:52
gmg85cfhowlett, thanks.That worked08:52
cfhowlettgmg85, thanks EriC^^ I totally missed that08:53
moijksomsip: In fact, it might just do fine. thanks.08:53
somsipmoijk: np08:53
krambiorixhi, how can i install the adobe acrobat reader plugin for firefox?08:58
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Guest51758what is the topic?09:02
cfhowlett!topic | Guest5175809:02
ubottuGuest51758: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic09:02
krambiorixhi, how can i install the adobe acrobat reader plugin for firefox?09:05
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NectarI have Windows and Ubuntu on two partitions. How would I go about increasing the ubuntu partition?09:08
cfhowlettNectar, gparted.09:09
Nectarpossible and easy?09:09
Nectaris that a live cd>09:09
cfhowlettNectar, yes.  make an ubuntu usb.  boot.  fire up gparted.  partition away.09:10
Nectarthanks man!09:10
krambiorixok, so nobody knows of a PDF viewer for firefox on ubuntu?09:12
cfhowlettkrambiorix, comes with one by default iirc09:13
krambiorixcfhowlett, nope09:14
noobifiedsup yall09:15
noobifiedapt-get install beer09:16
Neo9Does .deb package takes commandline arguments as input?09:16
krambiorixnoobified, apt-get install your_mother09:17
cfhowlettkrambiorix, evince is included on my xubuntu, works great with FFOX09:19
noobifiedmaybe someone can solve this one I got [ERROR] Could not change MAC: interface up or insufficient permissions: Device or resource busy09:20
noobifieddo I need set wlan1 down?09:20
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krambiorixthx cfhowlett09:21
cfhowletthappy2help! krambiorix09:22
retrovirusHi, at the moment I'm using Arch Linux. I want to dual boot Arch and Ubuntu and want to use new, bleeding-edge software in Arch; and run stable software in Ubuntu. Which Ubuntu release should I use 14.04.0? or 14.04.2? Maybe I should wait for 14.04.3? Is there a significant difference in 12.04.5 (Precise Pangolin)?09:27
cfhowlett!LTS | retrovirus09:28
ubotturetrovirus: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)09:28
cfhowlettretrovirus, 14.04.2 is current LTS09:28
retrovirusI know what LTS means09:28
retrovirusSo I better use 14.04.2 not 12.04.5?09:29
retrovirusHere: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack#Kernel.2BAC8-Support.A14.04.x_Ubuntu_Kernel_Support 14.04.3 is dated Aug 2015. When will it released?09:29
k1lretrovirus: should be today09:30
retrovirusk1l: It will be released today? So do you think I should use 14.04.3 instead of 14.04.2; or is the latter more stable?09:31
k1lretrovirus: the point releases (14.04.2, 14.04.3) are like servicepacks on windows + they offer a new backportskernel and graphicstack09:32
Secret-Firehow can i get my game controller working in 15.0409:32
k1lretrovirus: the kernel is backported form 15.04 to the 14.04.3 so its already tested.09:33
=== wayne__ is now known as CrummyGummy
retrovirusk1l: I have no idea about Windows or its service packs. But I guess it's a positive contribution and won't change stability, judging from its name. So I'll use 14.04.3 Thanks!09:33
k1lretrovirus: if you install a 14.04 original image you need to load all updates after the install. the pointreleases have those updates included already. + the newer kernel to provide better hardware support for modern systems.09:34
retrovirusk1l: I see, thanks! This was helpful! Glad that I asked so I can wait just one day and install 14.04.309:35
bajai am trying to access myfile system using terminal but i cannot see filesystem using ls command09:38
EriC^^baja: what filesystem?09:38
EriC^^ls -la /var/lib/dpkg shows nothing?09:39
bajalet me try09:39
bajagood works thanks09:40
EriC^^ls /var/lib/dpkg should work too09:41
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coraxxI have a sort of out-of-the-blue question ... does any of you remember the totally free website-hosts like Xoom, GeoCities, Angelfire and TriPod.  The ones I have just mentioned has either stopped or been bought by others ...does anyone know of a new or remaining site of that kind ?09:46
k1lcoraxx: that better suits into #ubuntu-offtopic or ##chat09:47
coraxxk1l: ok :-)09:47
EriC^^coraxx: there's http://www.000webhost.com/ i think09:51
coraxxEriC^^: thanx ... I came across them doing my googleling.  I will try them out.09:53
=== swedgerm is now known as impalle
m1dnight_Hey guys; im trying to add a repo (sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates ) but apt)-get update gives me 404 on the repos?09:58
m1dnight_Any help?09:58
impallemaybe something went wrong before/during the installation. Have you tried reinstalling?10:01
m1dnight_the ppas?10:01
impalleppa-purge to remove the package10:01
m1dnight_ah okay, hold on10:01
foofoobarHi. I just installed OpenVPN with this tutorial (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-an-openvpn-server-on-ubuntu-14-04) and configured my osx. I can connect successfull and also traceroute work (i can see that the packets are routes through my server).10:04
foofoobarHowever, I dont know why but browsers or IRC do not work. I always get a connection timeout10:04
foofoobarany idea what I can do ?10:04
Secret-Firehow can i get my gamepad working in xubuntu?10:07
m1dnight_impalle: i did the purge yet it still persists.10:07
m1dnight_I have done the purge as well. I noticed that adding the ppa pointed out to purge the old ppa as well, which I did.10:08
=== utlemming is now known as utlemming_away
k1lm1dnight_: please put all the command and output into a pastebin10:09
k1l!away > utlemming_away10:09
ubottuutlemming_away, please see my private message10:09
Secret-Firecan someone help me get my game pad working?10:18
k1lSecret-Fire: i bet that depends heavily on the used gamepad10:20
credm1dnight_: what's unclear about the repo being 404? It doesn't exist10:22
Secret-Firek1l: it worked before in other xubuntu versions10:22
Secret-Firek1l: logitech f31010:22
MonkeyDustcred  yes, 404 means it doesnt exist, a dead link10:23
Secret-Firek1l: system recognizes it with lsusb but no input10:23
credMonkeyDust: why are you telling me?10:23
impalleMonkeyDust: correct, that is also why K1l requested all the command and output into a pastebin10:24
MonkeyDustcred  ok, it was someone elses problem, i addressed the wrong person10:24
k1lbut since m1dnight_ is not answering i think he lost motivation anyway10:25
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hu2015为什么来这里的总是挂着   。。。10:33
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:34
x4w3quick :)10:44
x4w3jai! :)10:44
ivo34hello I need some help undoing some lxc installation I made and I no longer need which is giving me networking problems due to a lxc bridge. here the tutorial I followed: http://wiki.winehq.org/WineOn64bit10:50
ivo34which would be the right way to get rid of it?10:50
ivo34to sum up I just run this: sudo apt-get install lxc lxc-templates debootstrap and then this: sudo lxc-create -t ubuntu -n my32bitbox -- --bindhome $ivo -a i386 --release trusty10:53
MonkeyDustivo34  this my irssi runs in a lxc container... so you want to delete your container?10:54
ivo34MonkeyDust,  I installed the container to get the wine-git compiling 32 libraries in a 64 bits system...10:55
ivo34MonkeyDust,  I dont mind having that wine-git...but as I told you I am having networking problems on boot10:56
ivo34route -n gives no gateway10:56
ivo34and I am using static config under /etc/network/interfaces which got me puzzled10:57
ivo34I don't understand how the bridge is affecting my network...but I got it working again by   sudo ip addr flush dev eth010:57
MonkeyDustivo34  i'm not familiar with git, but what do you want to do now? undo an installation inside the container, or delete the container?10:57
ivo34and then sudo ifdown eth0 sudo ifup eth010:58
ivo34MonkeyDust,  leave it as it was before installing lxc10:58
sukuivo34: have you tried adding a static route using the route command10:58
ivo34I dont need lxc anymore10:58
ivo34suku I dont know how to do that10:59
ivo34well and knowing it I am not typing that any time I boot10:59
ivo34I thought it would be easier...I am not scripting in rc.local11:00
ivo34I just want my /network/interfaces do the job11:00
sukuivo34: i was just doing it to see if it would work, not a perm fix11:01
Braden`I installed fastcgi php5-fpm and now Apache is trying to output the contents of PHP files instead of processing them.  What do I do to fix this?11:01
MonkeyDustivo34  is lxc-destroy what you want? scroll down   https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/lxc.html11:01
MonkeyDustyes, sounds 'très' star wars11:02
sukuivo34: sorry didnt realize you were trying to fix this due to lxc11:02
ivo34most probably cause yep11:03
ivo34and as I also installed wine-stager I dont need wine-git11:04
pot8toQuestion, I'm wondering if it's possible to setup a Sftp server with ubuntu inside a Virtual Machine on my Windows machine. But I wanted to know if I can mount a hard drive used in windows inside of the VM so I can access my files outside my home or in the local network11:20
pesaripot8to: depends on your VM, for example virtualbox supports presenting host files to guest. But then again, you could just install ssh server on your windows11:24
Saturn812your vm needs to support sharing folders with host system. Otherwise, seems very doable11:24
_SLM_Hi, one of my computers have become frustratingly slow and unreliable. It´s a Acer laptop with a i5 CPU. I want Linux Ubuntu, but in the past driver issues stopped me from using it. How can I get drivers to work on Linux?11:25
m1dnight_k1l: Will do. Was afk for dinner.11:26
m1dnight_cred: I was under the assumption that I would need it to get bumblebee to work properly.11:26
MonkeyDust_SLM_  removing zeitgzist improved speed on my old laptop11:27
k1lm1dnight_: bumblebee is old. nvidia-prime is the official nvidia driver for hybrid cards11:27
_SLM_Nah, I mean it currently has Windows. I want to move to Linux11:27
m1dnight_derp; on to that one then :)11:27
m1dnight_thanks k1l11:27
k1l_SLM_: that depends on the exact hardware. but in general hardware support got better over time11:28
MonkeyDust_SLM_  first install ubuntu, then come back11:28
_SLM_MonkeyDust, this is my main work PC, I need to do it right. No harm in preparation11:29
_SLM_k1l, is there a specific software in Linux that can reliably run Windows drivers in Linux?11:30
MonkeyDust_SLM_  yes, but it's hard to tell if something will work11:30
k1l_SLM_: you got the wrong idea of drivers. you need a specific driver for a specific hardware piece. so without any details we cant help you11:31
_SLM_Ok, so I should come back with a list of hardware?11:31
k1l_SLM_: and windows drivers dont help you in the most times, because, well, they are for windows. and they would need a wrapper. so if someone writes a wrapper or a free driver is quite the same task.11:31
k1l_SLM_: make a ubuntu usb and load it and see what works11:32
ivo34okay lxc destroyed but now how do I delete the bridge?11:45
ivo34ivo@ivo-desktop:~$ sudo brctl delbr lxcbr011:47
ivo34bridge lxcbr0 is still up; can't delete it11:47
ivo34ivo@ivo-desktop:~$ sudo ifdown lxcbr011:47
ivo34ifdown: interface lxcbr0 not configured11:47
ivo34of course it is not...the lxc container no longer exists11:47
ivo34how do I delete this please?11:48
MonkeyDustivo34  did you try "the windows trick": reboot11:48
ivo34that was the first one11:48
m1dnight_k1l: I have solved it, it works almost perfectly now.11:48
ivo34after destroying11:49
m1dnight_Only thing now is, I have a full hd screen via hdm on the left. If I want to go to my laptop screen with my mouse my left external display "slides" along with it11:49
ivo34MonkeyDust,  is there a bridge manager or something?11:50
ivo34I cannot find bridges in network admin ubuntu11:50
MonkeyDustivo34  i'm looking, maybe in /etc/resolvconf/ ...11:51
ivo34MonkeyDust,  and brctl does not appear to have a command to bring a bridge down11:51
ivo34is not that the place where dns server addresses are stored?11:52
jpdsivo34: brctl show11:52
jpdsivo34: See what's attached to it11:53
ivo34bridge namebridge idSTP enabledinterfaces11:53
ivo34so what?11:53
OerHeksi thought networking part is in /var/lib/lxc/<containername>/config but if you used lxc-destroy your network should be clean. no?11:53
ivo34what with that?11:53
ivo34lxc/ empty folder11:56
ivo34OerHeks it is not11:56
ivo34after destroy I rebooted and lxcbr0 still there messing my network I have no access to internet this is a wireless connection11:57
MonkeyDustivo34  scroll down, is this sililar to what you have   http://askubuntu.com/questions/592150/disable-lxcbr0-bridge-from-network11:57
ivo34MonkeyDust,  okay purging11:59
ivo34MonkeyDust and...rebooting11:59
MonkeyDustivo34  challenging... hope it works..11:59
vaishuHi, I am having problem with installing kvm in Ubuntu. Can anyone help me with it?12:07
clobranovaishu: what problem?12:09
vaishuclobrano: Here is a link of stackoverflow where I have posted my problem in detail: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31800682/kvm-installation-in-ubuntu12:10
clobranovaishu: ok, I'll answer on stackoverflow then ;)12:12
lmminterface is really sample12:12
vaishuclobrano: Sure. :)12:12
enokHello! Do i just state my question right here?12:14
enokThis might not be true beginners stuff but here we go!12:15
MonkeyDust*drum roll*12:16
enokI have problems migrating my /boot to a separate partition12:16
MonkeyDustenok  keep your question in one line, it's easier to read and repeat12:16
enokOK.. i'll start over12:16
enokI'm migrating my /boot to a separate partition (sda7 ~100MB ext4). I'm doing it semi manually; copying files and running grub-install and update-grub as well as editing fstab. I don't get any errors while performing the migration and the system boots up. However when i boot up it complains about hd audio missing, wifi is not working and i bet a lot of other stuff is broken as well. I've been reading manuals, guides and tutorials for th12:23
clobranovaishu: done12:24
enokhmm... text got cut of but the essential are all there12:24
vaishuclobrano: Thanks. I just replied12:26
k1lenok: 100MB is really small for /boot that will result in a overfull /boot while updateing kernels.12:26
k1lenok: make sure you got the kernel and matching headers installed so the modules can get build12:27
enokAt what point is anything built in these steps?12:28
TvL2386anybody have a good experience with Mellanox 10G cards?12:29
bazhangtry ##hardware TvL238612:29
TvL2386bazhang, will do! ty12:29
k1lenok: did you copy everything fotm the old /boot to the new /boot?12:30
k1lenok: make sure the proper /boot is mounted now. then make sure "linux-generic" is installed12:30
enokkll: yes, i have even migrated back to having /boot on my root partition using the same procedure as before and thus getting my machine working again12:31
poorUserhi people, i have serious connections problems, NM continously disconnecting/reconnectiong from the wifi, making impossible to do anything. I've already tried avahi-daemon bugfix. Does anyone know what could be?12:36
enokkll: i'm gonna start another machine on the side to run the chat so i can verify things while chatting12:37
funkenstrahlenI want to set an iptables rule, but I want to prevent having it set twice. How can I avoid that? I want to do it in a script, so manually checking is no option12:45
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impallefunkenstrahlen: grep the output from "iptables -L" first and then add the rule if not exists already (should be a small script)12:49
codepython777I'm running ubuntu on macbook pro - 15.04 - and it wont connect to a wifi network it previously was connected to - any ideas?12:54
John_AUcould it be hardware related? the wifi antenna usually runs up into the screen, they break after a while in some cases12:55
mistraloldont suppose anyone here would know how to add a customer build rule to a autotools makefile.in which is to use gperf to produce a cpp file?12:56
MonkeyDustmistralol  please rephrase that question12:57
mistralolMonkeyDust: I have a project built with autotools. But in thet project one of the cpp files is generated code by the build. I am converting to autotools and need to generate the cpp file with gperf before the rest of the cpp files are compiled12:58
* evidex waves12:59
TJ-mistralol: does this help? https://www.lrde.epita.fr/~akim/ccmp/doc/gnuprog2/Using-Gperf-with-the-GNU-Build-System.html12:59
mistralolTJ-: looks lik eit does thanks13:00
mistralolTJ-: umm actually nope :D13:00
mistralolTJ-: actually yes it does. I was close i was just missing the BUILT_SOURCES at th etop :D13:01
codepython777is there a good program that helps reset keyboard shortcuts?13:02
codepython777xmodmap - but with a nice gui?13:02
TJ-mistralol: nice when it's simple :)13:03
mistralolTJ-: I was stuck googling the wrong thing :/13:03
TJ-mistralol: maybe you should Duck... duck... go! :p13:05
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MonkeyDustduckduckho <313:06
MonkeyDustduckduckgo* <313:06
funkenstrahlenimpalle: is duplication actually a problem? its sad that iptables does not avoid dublication itself13:06
codepython777whats the keyboard shortcut to move between 4 workspaces in ubuntu when running on a macbook pro?13:10
MonkeyDustcodepython777  ctrl-al arrow ?13:10
codepython777works, thanks13:10
TJ-funkenstrahlen: using "if ! iptables --check <rule-specification>; then iptables [--insert | --append] <rule-num> <rule-specification>; fi" is the usual way to dea with it13:11
codepython777MonkeyDust: what is a good way to reconfigure these?13:11
impallefunkenstrahlen: well the order in iptables is important, better create a script with your rules and flush the rules at the start13:15
MonkeyDustcodepython777  open dconf-editor, ctrl-f, find switch-to-workspace13:16
ppfis there a tool to check an upstart service's rc.d setup?13:19
TJ-ppf: do you mean "update-rc.d" ?13:20
ppfcan that acutally show the current status besides updating it?13:21
sublimateHi guys. I'm trying to figure out the best way for a given (non-root) user to reload the nginx config (nginx is running as root) automatically (i.e. without having to enter a password), but not giving them access to things like stopping and starting nginx or any other commands. Any ideas?13:29
sublimateI tried setuid on a shell script, that didn't work.13:30
BluesKajHey all13:30
sublimateNOPASSWD in sudoers, as I understand it, would require me to give access to the entire "service" command or the entire "nginx" command.13:30
TJ-sublimate: create a custom script that does it, and give the user SUDO access only to that script with NOPASSWD13:31
sublimateTJ-: Good idea. Problem there is that someone could write to that file and change what it does13:31
sublimateI guess that I could make the file only read-execute for the given user13:32
TJ-sublimate: the custom script would be owned by root like any other system tool13:33
warfront1I'm attempting to mount a cifs (windows remote folder) that is just a straight ip13:34
warfront1However my command will only work if i specify a folder after the ip13:35
warfront1ie. i want // to work, but it will only work with //
warfront1I just want to pull the top level directory on the share, but this issue is preventing me from doing so13:36
TJ-warfront1: surely you just use the root dir as in " //" ?13:36
warfront1I get a no such device error then @ TJ13:37
warfront1no such device or address *13:37
TJ-warfront1: maybe that's because there is no such share? As I recall every share has to have a path, with the admin share being $admin/13:38
warfront1my command is the following: sudo mount -t cifs // /home/name/mount/ -o username="fakeuser",password="FakePAssword"13:38
warfront1I'm opening it via a windows machine and I can see the top level clear as day13:40
warfront1the command will work, if I point it to a folder down in the directory13:40
Piciwarfront1: Thats not a share, thats merely a listing of the shares. You must pick one of those shares to mount.13:40
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tewardis there any advantage to using fglrx-updates over fglrx in 14.04 ?13:45
tewardif the fglrx one works fine13:45
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bishopshi guys, have a problem: when I connect my laptop to an external desktop screen, whenever the laptop goes to standby or sleep mode it stops working if I try reactivating it. It just freezes. It may have to do with the screen saver because when I have caffeine app its fine, but it never goes to sleep then. but is there a way to have it worked normally?13:48
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
k1l_teward: no13:52
k1l_teward: afaik do them both get the same version13:52
tewardk1l_: confirmed, they're identical versions.  thanks.13:53
Dante__Do anyone know PHP?14:00
PiciDante__: people in ##php do14:00
Dante__There is a small doubt Pici, Can you help me in that?14:01
PiciDante__: I do not know PHP.14:01
Piciyou may need to register to join that channel though.14:01
Pici!register | Dante__14:01
ubottuDante__: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:01
SeratioHello, i'm searching for a solution to highlight text based on regex on SSH remote sessions. For example.. i want to login in to a router or switch which does not support colorized output and i want to have all ip adresses in red. Does anyone have a solution for this?14:03
MonkeyDustSeratio  sounds like you need a script to do that... better ask in #bash14:04
Seratiook ;) thanks14:04
MIGGERSHeil hitter :)14:04
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ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:08
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Guest89077i install eclipse by unarchive  eclipse.tar.gz,then i run eclipse,but there is no reponse and i warns there is no such file14:16
julian-delphikiGuest89077, do you have java installed?14:17
julian-delphikiGuest89077, http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/06/install-latest-eclipse-ubuntu-14-04/ i'd follow that14:17
Guest89077ok i look for a wile14:18
Guest89077a while14:18
bishopshi guys, have a problem: when I connect my laptop to an external desktop screen, whenever the laptop goes to standby or sleep mode it stops working if I try reactivating it. It just freezes. It may have to do with the screen saver because when I have caffeine app its fine, but it never goes to sleep then. but is there a way to have it worked normally?14:24
DammitJimhas anyone set up hp's insight manager to monitor an ubuntu server?14:26
sublimateThanks for the help TJ-14:26
sublimateTurns out you can put full commands in sudoers! So I just put 'service nginx reload' in there14:26
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OerHeksDammitJim, better ask in #ubuntu-server i guess14:29
DammitJimoh, thanks!14:29
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Guest89077it is not work14:43
OerHeks"it is not work" ??14:44
Guest89077i unarchived the tar.gz14:44
Guest89077not create shortcut14:45
TraumatizerHi guys. I can´t execute any files from the command line and have no clue why. Whenever I try to execute a file it just says: ´No such file or directory´ Could anyone help me? The pastebin contains details on error: http://pastebin.com/fafcKZEU14:45
OerHekswhy do you download eclips from their site, eclipse is in our repos * (and supported)14:46
OerHeksGuest89077 ^^14:46
TraumatizerI am sure the file exists, and have also made it executable by doing chmod +X14:46
Guest89077i like he14:46
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roryI have a directory "envs/test04/pillars/mytmoapp". The directory "envs" contains many other directories. How can I copy test04/pillars/mytmoapp into each of them? The command  "cp -rfv test04/pillars/mytmoapp */pillars/mytmoapp" doesn't do what I expected14:48
rorynever mind I'm an idiot. Ommit the last trailing /mytmoapp14:49
roryThanks rubber ducks14:49
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OerHeksTraumatizer, what header is in that script, #!bin/bash or something?14:51
zetherooDoes Ubuntu share user data with Canonical and/or any other third party?14:52
dbacchey, tried to install xubuntu on my samsung p560. right after lading the kernel the system crashed and just reboots. So I tried installing with acpi=off and noapic nolapic option. Then installation went trough but even now the system stays very unstable. It only boots after every 4th attempt or so. What can I do?14:52
OerHekszetheroo, nope.14:52
roryzetheroo: It shares information on what packages you install if you manually install the "popularity-contest" package14:53
jpdszetheroo: http://www.ubuntu.com/legal/terms-and-policies/privacy-policy14:53
roryzetheroo: but thats not a default14:53
OerHekszetheroo, you can enable feedback14:53
zetheroobut things like text typed or searches etc ...?14:53
roryEverything you type in the search bar is sent to Amazon for web search results14:53
OerHeksOnly OEM install enables that by default.14:53
LtLTraumatizer: fyi- chmod need a lower case 'x' e.g. chmod -x file14:54
jpdszetheroo: Read the Privacy Policy14:54
zetherooWindows 10 seems to be a data mining platform disguised as an OS ... and I am wondering if Canonical is doing anything like this ...14:54
LtLerr +x14:54
OerHeksLtL t is executable ( see the * at the end of the file)14:54
zetheroorory: any way to turn that off?14:54
zetherooI mean the sending back of search input data14:55
jpdszetheroo: The privacy policy explains all of this, including how to turn it off14:55
OerHekszetheroo, sure, in systemsettings > privacy settings14:55
k1l_zetheroo: yes, in the system settings on privacy settings14:55
zetheroook great!14:55
TechMongerhow do I use rsync over ssh? i need a good example of the syntax14:55
OerHeksthere is no God-mode on ubuntu , like windows 10 :-D14:55
=== zengine_ is now known as zengine
jpdsTechMonger: rsync -aPh folder you@server:14:56
zetheroohmm, not seeing anything in that privacy document about Amazon and disabling search data being forwarded ....14:58
jpdszetheroo: "Searching in the dash"14:58
OerHeksthose amazon servers are offline, AFAIK14:58
zetherooah ... so you have to turn off online search to also disable to sending back of info ...14:59
k1l_zetheroo: well, if you dont want your searchterms to be seen by others then others cant send you results.15:01
zetheroowhy can't the online search feature be enabled along with disabling the automatic sending of search data? Is it because the search engines insist on it?15:01
k1l_zetheroo: just think about it: you want search results from X but dont want to tell X what you want to search?15:01
jpdszetheroo: How else do you send the search without sending data?15:01
EriC^^jpds: they don't have to save them..15:02
jpdsEriC^^: That's not what he said15:02
EriC^^i think that's his point.. unless he's super thick or something15:02
EriC^^zetheroo: are you retarded?15:03
zetheroono I understand that ... but it says here "Canonical will only use your search terms and IP address in accordance with this Privacy Policy." - but if the data is being sent to another entity then it's no longer Canonical's privacy policy we are talking about ... no!? -- that and the storing of my search data ...15:03
zetherooEriC^^: I try not to be ... :P15:03
k1l_zetheroo: read the whole text.15:03
EriC^^i didn't think so :)15:03
roryzetheroo: Of course you have to turn off ofline search to disable sending data. How are you suggesting online results are returned *without* the search query being sent?15:04
roryzetheroo: In other news, everything you search for on Google is sent to Google's servers15:04
jpdsMy point exactly ↑15:04
k1l_sometimes i wonder what people think how the internet works....15:04
roryprobably best not to start throwing terms like "retarded" around though.15:05
zetherooyeah ok ... this is in the dash though15:05
zetheroonot in a browser15:05
EriC^^rory: context my friend15:05
roryzetheroo: You can disable it, if you don't want your queries sent and to have online results (the two are the same thing obviously)15:05
EriC^^alas, the problem to begin with, but whatever15:05
zetherooeverything I search for is being relayed online ...15:05
roryzetheroo: everything you're typing RIGHT NOW is being sent to my server in France15:05
k1l_zetheroo: if you dont want online search results in the dash, because you dont want the data to be sent (which is fine) then turn it off in the privacy settings.15:06
k1l_zetheroo: so where is the issue with turning it off in the privacy settings?15:06
zetheroolike if I am searching for a document on my PC ... that's being relayed to online destinations as well ... but ok, I can disable the entire Internet seach function of the dash ...15:06
OerHekszetheroo, what makes you think ubuntu uploads your documents ?15:07
zetheroonot the documents15:07
zetheroothe names of the documents15:07
tgm4883that's not what he said15:07
k1l_zetheroo: you can search the other dash-scopes aswell, that are only offline searches like for apps or documents etc.. just press super+a15:07
tgm4883but I think it's a misunderstanding about how it all works15:07
tgm4883IIRC, there is only one scope that sends the data back to canonical15:07
zetherooIt would be nice to have a button in the dash with which one can switch the Internet search function off and on15:08
tgm4883I thought it was removed from the default scope15:08
k1l_tgm4883: yep right. its only the first scope. which is labeled "search computer and online"15:08
zetherook1l_: aha ... ok15:08
tgm4883k1l_: further, isn't it only sent to Canonical, and then the request is set to 3rd party (eg. amazon), amazon sends it back to canonical then it goes back to the user?15:09
k1l_zetheroo: you have that switch. in the privacy settings. and if you use the other scopes its pure offline search15:09
zetheroo"super" being the "Windows" key?15:09
=== aktx_ is now known as aktx
zetheroo k1l_: yes, but in the dash it would be much more handy to have the button15:09
zetheroofor me anyhow15:09
k1l_tgm4883: yes.15:10
tgm4883then what the heck is the problem?15:10
zetherootgm4883: so it's all sent via Canonical?15:10
k1l_tgm4883: the fear that data gets send online at all.15:10
k1l_too much FUD is making people get scared.15:10
jpdszetheroo: Read. The. Policy.15:10
zetherook1l_: no that's not really the issue ...15:11
k1l_zetheroo: it is15:11
tgm4883zetheroo: yes, I believe canonical proxies all of that15:11
zetheroobut seems it's sorted ... ;)15:11
mmazingwhat is the name of the software that pops up when you take a screenshot in ubuntu, asking what you want to do, etc (open with file, copy to clipboard, save to file ... ) ?15:11
mmazingerrr, "open with program"15:11
k1l_mmazing: should be gnome-screenshot15:11
mmazingk1l_, thanks15:12
roryIs there any graphical diff tool similar to Meld, but that can more intelligently diff json?15:13
zetherooon http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop it states under the "Secure" section: "With a built-in firewall and virus protection software, Ubuntu is one of the most secure operating systems around." - Is this by default? and what are they called?15:15
k1l_firewall is ufw15:16
squintymight be refering to clamav15:16
zetheroook, but I take it neither of these are configurable from the System Settings panel ... or maybe my version of Ubuntu is too behind the times ... ?15:17
baizonsquinty: no need for clamav, there is apparmor. It's much better then clamav15:17
zetheroo14.04 that is ...15:17
jpdszetheroo: No, it's a bit more complex15:17
jpdszetheroo: "sudo ufw enable" # done15:18
Cyb3rn3twhy the ubuntu 14, and 15 is soo slow ?15:18
baizonzetheroo: you just need to enable ufw. U can use Gufw to do it via gui. For Apparmor you dont need to do anything, its preconfigured15:18
baizonCyb3rn3t: what do you mean "slow"?15:18
Cyb3rn3tI am using ubuntu 15 on a latop AMD A8-4500m cpu,15:19
Cyb3rn3tand the firefox and chrome browsers esting the CPU, whil I jus scrolling the facebook15:19
Cyb3rn3tor 9gag :D15:19
zetheroook, any reason why these tools are not more configurable and noticeable (like having a GUI and some kind of visual reqresentation of their existence on the Desktop)? Does Canonical not want users messing with it?15:19
Cyb3rn3tsame laptop, with win7 and firefox is much better15:20
baizonCyb3rn3t: graphics driver could be a problem. Try disabling hardware acceleration15:20
baizonCyb3rn3t: because firefox tries to use graphics driver to accelerate and it fails15:20
jpdszetheroo: Not everyone wants a firewall by default15:20
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: to disable ?15:20
baizonCyb3rn3t: yes15:20
jpdszetheroo: And those that do, likely want to tweak it to their needs15:20
zetheroojpds: right, but it's advertised as a key feature of the OS15:21
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: but what is I would like to watch youtube videos ?15:21
baizonzetheroo: yes, if you like to customize it, then install and do it15:21
baizonzetheroo: but most users dont care and its fine that way imho15:21
baizonCyb3rn3t: it will work, just more cpu intensive tehn15:21
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: without accelration the video rendered by CPU15:21
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: :D great!15:22
baizonCyb3rn3t: yes, else you can try to configure the right drivers15:22
Cyb3rn3tI tried a couple of driver15:22
zetheroowell I don't know - I think the Desktop is made for the pretty casual user and I think they would appreciate actually seeing some form of representation of a Firewall and AV instead of being told "well it's in there somewhere and if you want it enabled you just have to open the terminal and ...." ... and then they are looking out the window ... :D15:22
Cyb3rn3tfglrx, and offical nvidia drivers15:22
Cyb3rn3twith new MESA, etc....15:22
jpdszetheroo: Those people likely don't need a firewall15:22
baizonCyb3rn3t: you have an amd graphics card, so no need for nvidia drivers15:22
jpdszetheroo: After all, nothing's listening on any ports by default15:23
baizonzetheroo: but microsoft is equal with his firewall, you dont even notice it15:23
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: you're right, I have a desktop pc, with nvidia, and the problem is the same15:23
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: and I tried driver on that pc as well15:23
zetheroobaizon: not from what I have experienced in getting non-Linux users into Linux (mostly Ubuntu) for year. They ask about security... and here it states that Ubunut comes with Firewall and AV ... then you start Ubuntu and are looking for it (as a new User) and you see nothing at all to suggest that either exist15:23
zetheroofor yearS*15:24
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: why is wierd, the windows*I hate*, is using hw acceleration, and the browsing is smooth15:24
OerHekszetheroo, all guides i know talk about "install gufw as a gui for ufw firewall"15:24
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: smooth scrollig is disablen on every situation15:24
baizonzetheroo: i meet many many people, no one asked me ever. Just once, "no antivir for linux needed, wow"15:25
baizonCyb3rn3t: thats the main problem https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=89437215:25
ubottuMozilla bug 894372 in Audio/Video "Gstreamer backend don't use hardware accelerate (VAAPI)" [Major,New]15:25
zetheroobaizon: right, but then you go to the Ubuntu website and look what it says ... both Firewall and AV are included ...15:25
baizonCyb3rn3t: it works pretty well on my intel machine to be honest15:25
zetherooso this is not consistent15:25
jpdszetheroo: It is included15:25
baizonzetheroo: it is?15:25
zetherooand the new User (mostly in business) looks at me quizzically ....15:26
zetheroowell either you need AV or not ...15:26
jpdszetheroo: iptables is built into Linux kernel15:26
zetherooand Ubuntu says its there and this is why Ubuntu is Secure15:26
OerHeksbuild-in antivirus is apparmor.15:26
k1l_zetheroo: there was not mentioned:  a highly configurarable firewall where you need 20h of config settings to get it running is included.15:26
jpdszetheroo: Is it configured by default? No15:26
zetheroothis denotes that without AV it's less secure15:26
jpdsOerHeks / baizon: AppArmor is not an anti-virus, but there we go15:27
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: woww, bad news15:27
baizonjpds: i know, its much much better then av15:27
EriC^^zetheroo: i think you need to learn more about ubuntu and linux in general15:27
OerHeksjpds, windows users want to hear antivirus instead of systemprotection15:27
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: but the same with chrome, and chromium15:27
jpdszetheroo: It's not less secure without an AV15:27
zetherooAll I am saying is that if there is a built in AV and FW it would be nice for Canonical to make some sort of graphical representation of it's existence ... would be nice ... ;)15:27
jpdszetheroo: sudo apt-get install gufw15:28
jpdszetheroo: Is that really THAT HARD?15:28
k1l_zetheroo: stop15:28
EriC^^!clamav | zetheroo15:28
baizonzetheroo: why, if you want it install it (what jpds just posted), else run it. Why else care. Nobody cares about that shitty Windows Defender thing in the background15:29
k1l_zetheroo: you are arguing like that "i want a grafical highly setup firewall so everyone needs to have that as standard".15:29
zetheroojpds: "With a built-in firewall and virus protection software, Ubuntu is one of the most secure operating systems around." - This denotes that without these softwares it would be less secure. If AV is not needed why is it there?15:29
squintyzetheroo,  might want to read  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_malware   but these days, afaik, av protection is primarily used when interacting with windows based systems (although there is increasing reports of apple osx malware etc on the rise these days too)15:29
EriC^^!av | zetheroo15:29
ubottuzetheroo: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus15:29
EriC^^it depends on the use case15:29
baizonzetheroo: and again youre wrong. Virus protection doesn't mean antivirus15:29
prasoonatworki have ubuntu 1504 and libre office installed ... when ever i use calc and selct more than 50 rows and try to do something then the entire system hangs.. and never recovers back even if i have kept it over 24 hours. what acna be done??15:29
k1l_zetheroo: because the windows users are used to have it15:29
zetheroobaizon:  ok... what does it mean then?15:30
tgm4883zetheroo: this is all off topic, if you'd like to continue this discussion please go to the right channel15:30
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:30
jpdszetheroo: OK, stop this right now15:30
jpdszetheroo: And actually go and do some research15:30
OerHeks#ubuntu-discuss is the place for this FUD15:30
baizonzetheroo: a pointless discussion :)15:30
zetheroowhy are people telling me to stop?15:30
squintybaizon,  and lose the swearing please. read the channel rules.  family channel15:30
zetheroothis is really wierd15:30
baizonsquinty: yep, im sorry :(15:30
EriC^^zetheroo: cause you don't know about the whole picture of everything15:30
zetherooman ... touchy crowd this ...15:30
zetherooEriC^^: yeah ... no duh ... that might be why people ask about things ... :P15:31
EriC^^read about how linux distro's work, how the programs work, how they're built made etc. you'll know why15:31
baizonzetheroo: not really, we just have much more experience i think15:31
k1l_zetheroo: because you keep repeating the same things, no matter what facts are given.15:31
squintyzetheroo,  not really.  do some more reading and decide for yourself which is applicable to your needs15:31
Ploneis this the right channel to ask about setting up or configuring SMB on Ubuntu Server 15.04?15:31
jpdszetheroo: You're just pulling things off a website, and making a fuzz about nothing15:31
zetherooEriC^^: no, that's not the point!15:31
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: the main prblem with my ubuntu, is that everything is slow.., let me explain qiuck: I am using older laptops(single core) with and SSD and ubuntu. To using the unity is funny, so I am using XFCE :D Thins are still slow, and boot time is slow as well :( With an ubuntu 10.04 everything was quick and usabe. But now ubuntu 15.04 on the AMD A8-4500m,8Gb DDR3,SSD is unusable! This is so sad for a ubuntu fan :(15:31
k1l_lets focus on real ubuntu support again. zetheroo gets now some time to think about the security setup he wants, ubuntu got as standard and what the mainstream user can make a use of it15:32
* Plone hopes to get some ubuntu support :)15:32
baizonCyb3rn3t: well, then check your system i guess. I mean i have an ssd and everything is working pretty fast. Maybe your ssd got some issues15:33
OerHeksPlone just ask, wait and see15:33
PloneI setup ubuntu 15.04 on vmware as an smb server and it works15:33
baizonCyb3rn3t: so i mean maybe you have an hardware issue15:33
Plonehowever, osx file transfers start fine then slow down15:33
Ploneosx has fine transfer with osx server using smb15:33
Plonebut my ubuntu server slows down mid way through an up|download15:34
Ploneany ideas why?15:34
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: the raw tests are preaty impressive. hdparm>350MB/sec reading and it constans with DiskUtiles15:34
naqii have a rasberry ip15:34
Plonei ate rasberry pie15:34
naqiwhat should i do with it15:34
baizonnaqi: there is an extra distro for a rpi15:35
* Plone gets no smb love15:35
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: on three different HW? and if I am using win7, the HW problem disappearing ? :/ Not sure...15:35
baizonPlone: sorry, i have no idea in that matter. So I can't help you15:36
Plonebaizon: thanks15:36
Ploneanyone have good link for SMB configuration/troubleshooting?15:36
Cyb3rn3twhat is the faster browser on Ubuntu ? whit the smallest CPU usage ?15:36
OerHeksPlone, socket options = TCP_NODELAY in the socket option section of the smb.conf file (/etc/samba/smb.conf) should speed up to 30%15:36
baizonCyb3rn3t: have you tried a different DE then?15:36
baizonCyb3rn3t: KDE or Xfce?15:37
Ploneoerheks: it goes fine for a while then slows down15:37
Ploneoerheks: that a tcp_nodelay issue?15:37
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: LXDE, XFCE sure15:37
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html15:37
OerHeksPlone, maybe that value is now standard, i cannot see it as i do not use smb15:37
baizonCyb3rn3t: the results were the same?15:38
Ploneoerheks: k...thanks15:38
whitHello :)15:40
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: yes15:40
=== whit is now known as CosmicNoise
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: and on older ubuntu versions is more faster everything15:41
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: until 1415:41
baizonCyb3rn3t: try a different distro then maybe?15:41
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: 14 started to eat my hardware15:41
baizonCyb3rn3t: or try debugging15:41
prasoonatworkGood Evening Everyone ,15:42
prasoonatworkI have ubuntu 1504 on my laptop {intel core 2 duo and 4 gb Ram} with libre office ...15:42
prasoonatworkwhen ever i use calc and selct more than 50 rows with 16 colums of data and try to do formating then the entire system hangs..15:42
prasoonatworkand never recovers back ; i have even kept it over 24 hours. any help ??15:42
evidexCyb3rn3t: Smallest CPU usage? Probably elinks :P15:42
baizonCyb3rn3t: i can't really tell what it could be, because all my systems are working fine (used 14.04, 14.10 and 15.04 now)15:42
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: I am not a new linux user, so I love Ubuntu, thats why I am here15:42
baizonprasoonatwork: try upgrading libreoffice?15:43
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: I dont't want to change the ubuntu :D15:43
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: if I cant debug this, I will start usin lynx for browsing15:44
baizonCyb3rn3t: i understand you, then debugging :D I had to install gstreamer-vaapi, beacause my firefox were slow. With this package i have hw acc again and everything works fine15:44
prasoonatworkbaizon: i have uninstalled and reinstalled to the latest update too ... but in vain15:44
baizonCyb3rn3t: there are alternatives, midori for example15:44
baizonprasoonatwork: 4.4.4?15:44
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: thank you for your attention, I will try it15:44
baizonCyb3rn3t: try this: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Firefox_tweaks#Force_enable_hardware_acceleration15:45
jswensenI just install 14.04 and found out that it doesn’t have any of the 1394 drivers included with the default kernel (at least there isn’t a /lib/module/blah/kernel/drivers/ieee1394 directory).15:45
prasoonatworkbaizon: sorry where do i check that15:45
jswensenIs there a different kernel package that has these included? Or, do I have to build my own kernel?15:46
baizonprasoonatwork: which ubuntu are you using?15:46
prasoonatworkbaizon: 15.0415:46
baizonprasoonatwork: http://askubuntu.com/questions/564610/how-to-install-libreoffice-4-4-x-in-ubuntu15:47
prasoonatworkbaizon: i will try that and come back15:49
baizonjswensen: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=firewire-core&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all15:49
prasoonatworkbaizon: thank you15:49
satrapmy dual boot option is not coming up automatically whenever i turn on my HP laptop.I have to press f9 and then choose ubuntu.Why is that so?If i do not press f9 windows boots.My boot priority is not changing.How to solve it?15:51
EriC^^satrap: you have a hard coded bios i'd guess15:51
prasoonatworkbaizon: since i already have libre office where do i check the version number ?? and for the info i had reinstalled it 2 days before only so i trust it would have been the latest.15:51
EriC^^same here, you can fix it though by fooling the bios into booting ubuntu instead of windows15:52
prasoonatworkbaizon: any ways i will try what you have sugested15:52
baizonprasoonatwork: Help->About (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-VGOTX3V0qO0/Uu-VN8m9jJI/AAAAAAAARSk/NkdmZwSXlO8/s1600/libreoffice-4.2-trusty.png)15:52
satrapwhat does hard coded mean?15:54
EriC^^satrap: it means it won't boot anything but the windows efi file even if you change the boot manager, it'll reset back15:54
jswensenbaizon: Thanks. I still can’t quite figure out why that package isn’t showing up in aptitude. I have trusty-updates turned on in my apt sources.15:55
baizonjswensen: sudo aptitude update?15:56
jswensenalready did that (twice just for obsessive compulsive reasons)15:56
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: something is happednd15:56
satrapSo,please explain me how to fix it,stepwise15:57
Cyb3rn3tbaizon: my about:support table said 1/1 accelrated windows15:57
Plonegetting better smb transfer from osx with some tweaks15:57
Ploneupload still not as good as afp15:58
EriC^^satrap: are you booted in a live usb?15:58
Plonedownload is as good as afp15:58
EriC^^satrap: *in ubuntu15:58
Plonenot sure why15:58
fowlUbuntu audio is skippi g all the time!!15:58
fowl15.04 is it quite broken?15:59
fowlIgnore me, like always16:00
Plonetrying more tweaks16:00
compdoc./ignore fowl16:00
fowlIll ask again in an hour16:00
satrapyes, i had done while installing ubuntu.16:01
EriC^^satrap: type sudo apt-get install pastebinit16:01
fowlUbuntu audo skips16:01
Plonedownload pretty solid16:02
Ploneupload still wonky16:02
satrapWhat will it do?16:02
EriC^^install pastebinit so you can upload pastes16:02
k1l_fowl: what ecxactly? is it a codec issue? do other players or sound sources work?16:02
k1l_!details | fowl16:02
ubottufowl: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)16:02
EriC^^o/ daftykins16:03
daftykinshallo :)16:03
fowlk1l_ no it happens from vlc, mplayer, youtube, any flash video16:03
fowlEverywhere there's audio its skippinh16:03
satrap done.then?16:04
EriC^^satrap: type sudo parted -l | pastebinit and paste the link here16:04
earlPhoneI partitioned tabled my drive as gpt, created an EFI 300 mb partition at the beginning.16:04
OerHeksfowl, audio what source, what format?16:04
earlPhoneWhere do i mount bootloader16:05
fowlOerHeks speakers?16:05
EriC^^earlPhone: do you mean in the installer?16:05
=== zengine_ is now known as zengine
earlPhoneYes, I'm at the installer16:05
k1l_fowl: what hardware is it for audio?16:05
earlPhoneWhere it asks for device for boot loader install16:05
EriC^^earlPhone: select the drive that has the efi partition, such as /dev/sda /dev/sdb etc. and double click on the efi partition and select efi16:06
OerHeksfowl, source = internetradio/cd/dvd/mp3/ogg/flac ?16:06
earlPhoneDo I put the entire drive or just the efi partition16:06
k1l_fowl: are you on 14.04 with the 3.13 kernel? (uname -a tells about the kernel)16:06
Plonehmm…there is a #samba channel16:06
* Plone goes to check it out16:06
earlPhoneDone EriC^^ I had already partitioned and formatted in gparted16:07
EriC^^earlPhone: select the entire drive16:08
EriC^^satrap: type sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt16:09
EriC^^that will mount your install under /mnt16:09
earlPhoneGot it! I have the efi, an ext4 mounted as / "root" and a 8 gb swap16:10
earlPhoneAm I good?16:10
satraphow will it help me?what exactly will it do?16:10
EriC^^yeah, sounds good16:10
EriC^^satrap: you'll see :)16:10
EriC^^actually don't do that16:10
EriC^^lol, i'm very used to doing this from a live usb16:10
EriC^^satrap: type sudo efibootmgr -v | pastebinit16:11
=== IdleOne is now known as Guest41975
satrapI hope it doesn't tamper with windows or my secondary memory...16:13
EriC^^satrap: it will list the entries in the uefi boot manager, is secure boot enabled?16:13
beefmanhi.  i have a new install and an old install.  old install asks for my ssh passphrase once per login in a gui box.  new install asks in the terminal every time, and doesn't forward.  What am i missing in the new install?16:16
satrapi got this16:16
nadar   16:17
EriC^^satrap: ok, type sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi{,.backup}16:17
satrapWhat will this command do?16:19
EriC^^it'll make a backup copy of the main .efi file16:19
satrapWhy is a backup needed now?16:19
cdkhello i am new to linux at the moment i am using backbox and was wondering how  access the software store?16:20
daftykinsone thing i would never do is question a backup being made16:20
EriC^^so you have an idea, we're going to replace the windows .efi file with ubuntu's .efi file and name it as windows, so your bios boots ubuntu instead, and we'll have grub boot the .efi.backup file to load windows from grub16:20
daftykinscdk: this channel is called #ubuntu because it's support for Ubuntu - backbox is not Ubuntu and thus you can't ask for help on it here, sorry.16:20
cdkis the a channel for backbox?16:21
ubottuBackbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.16:21
daftykinsapparently so16:21
cdkok thank you16:22
satrapI m a bit skeptical.i hope its not risky16:22
daftykinssatrap: backups risky? that's not very sensible thinking16:23
NectarIs there any software which aloes you to easily enable and disable flash from the desktop. I saw something once... ?16:24
earlPhoneNah, being concerned is ok16:24
loaNectar, you can setup your browser to load flash on demand16:25
tsimonq2What is the difference between sudo apt-get upgrade and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade? Should I run both when updating my computer?16:25
loaNectar, demand by you ofcourse.16:25
EriC^^!dist-upgrade | tsimonq216:25
ubottutsimonq2: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.16:25
=== Guest41975 is now known as IdleOne
EriC^^tsimonq2: dist-upgrade will upgrade the kernel upgrade won't16:25
EriC^^and it could remove or add packages to satisfy dependencies of upgrades, upgrade doesn't have that privilege16:26
tsimonq2EriC^^: When updating my computer, it is a wise idea to run both?16:26
k1l_for latest ubuntus we have apt and apt-get. on apt its named "apt full-upgrade" which sounds a bit better imho16:26
EriC^^tsimonq2: yeah, just run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade , upgrade is implied in it16:26
k1l_tsimonq2: yes. you will need that to get new kernels etc.16:27
satraphow will i grub boot?16:27
tsimonq2EriC^^: Does it do harm to run both? Or is it just impractical...16:27
OerHeksE: Invalid operation full-upgrade ...16:27
daftykinsOerHeks: with apt, not apt-get ?16:27
EriC^^tsimonq2: just impractical16:27
k1l_OerHeks: apt vs apt-get16:27
tsimonq2EriC^^: Ok, thanks!16:27
tsimonq2Have a nice day!16:28
OerHeksk1l_, oh, my bad16:28
vok`Hi, I deleted /usr/share/blender and now Blender won't start. I'm thinking it's hanging on not having that directory any longer (/usr/share/blender). How do I restore the directory?16:28
EriC^^tsimonq2: if you run upgrade first it might mention which packages were held back, and then you could run dist-upgrade, personally i just dist-upgrade never had an issue16:28
k1l_tsimonq2: the difference from apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade is historically. today we use apt-get a different way and now we need both commands16:28
EriC^^satrap: grub will boot by its own, by your bootmanager16:29
EriC^^vok`: you could try to --reinstall the package16:29
EriC^^sudo apt-get install --reinstall blender16:30
vok`EriC^^, I've tried that and it didn't work.16:30
EriC^^vok`: try to remove it without purging then reinstall maybe16:30
vok`EriC^^, ok, I'll try that.16:30
satrapso,my system would restart i guess after this command.sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi{,.backup}16:31
EriC^^satrap: no16:31
vok`EriC^^, it didn't work.16:31
EriC^^all that does is copy a file and name it bootx64.efi.backup16:31
EriC^^vok`: type dpkg -L blender | grep /usr/share/blender16:32
satrapdid it.after that?16:32
vok`EriC^^, it returned nothing.16:32
EriC^^vok`: then blender doesn't provide that file16:33
vok`EriC^^, and the files still aren't there.16:33
EriC^^!find blender16:33
ubottuFound: blender, blender-data, blender-dbg, blender-ogrexml-1.8, blender-ogrexml-1.916:33
EriC^^might be in blender-data maybe16:33
vok`Oh, maybe it's blender-data?16:33
vok`Yeah, I'll try that.16:33
vok`EriC^^, that bot is cool too. Wow.16:33
TJ-vok`: EriC^^ "dpkg -S /us/share/blender"16:34
TJ-vok`: EriC^^ "dpkg -S /usr/share/blender"  --- typos!16:34
EriC^^satrap: type sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi{,.backup}16:35
vok`EriC^^, TJ-: Thanks guys!16:35
satrapdid it.then??16:36
EriC^^satrap: type ls -R /boot/efi/EFI | pastebinit16:36
satrapls -R /boot/efi/EFI | pastebinit16:38
satrapls: cannot access /boot/efi/EFI: Permission denied16:38
satrapYou are trying to send an empty document, exiting.16:38
satrapit says this...:-(16:38
EriC^^that's odd16:38
earlPhoneL s not I s16:38
earlPhoneJust in case16:39
EriC^^satrap: type ls -ld /boot/efi/EFI16:39
satrapwhat will this do?16:39
EriC^^list the directory's permissions etc.16:39
anon212230Just wondering, are there any rules as to age when you are contributing to Ubuntu? I am a teen and I would like to do some QA test cases, but I don't know if I could...16:41
satrapls -ld /boot/efi/EFI16:42
earlPhoneIf there are I would think it dumb :p not sure however16:42
satrapls: cannot access /boot/efi/EFI: Permission denied16:42
satrapit shows this..16:42
anon212230Can anybody confirm?16:42
tgm4883anon212230: no there are not16:42
hexouhi, does anyone happen to know if there is some working version of f.lux for ubuntu desktop 15?16:42
TJ-!coc | anon212230: Anyone is welcome to contribute16:43
ubottuanon212230: Anyone is welcome to contribute: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv16:43
anon212230tgm4883: How about for joining a team. I still have to go to school, but I have a lot of free time...16:43
cfhowlettanon212230, I know of teens who have contributed16:43
tgm4883anon212230: for qa testing though (I'm assuming ISOs ) You should check out #ubuntu-release16:43
earlPhoneUbuntu runs linux, check flux's site and see if there is a linux16:43
daftykinsearlPhone: wat16:44
anon212230tgm4883: So I should inquire there?16:44
tgm4883anon212230: yes, that is where the ISO testing stuff usually happens16:44
earlPhone@ hexou16:44
anon212230Ok, thanks16:44
cfhowlett!contribute | anon21223016:44
ubottuanon212230: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu16:44
earlPhoneHexou it says flux is free on linux, did it work on an old version of Ubuntu?16:45
hexouearlPhone: there is, but it seems it seems something in 15 broke it and there is no repo for 15. it was fine in 1416:46
hexouearlPhone: indeed! can't seem to find much info anywhere though. i may just switch back to 14 as its a fresh install anyway and life is worse without f.lux haha16:48
earlPhoneWhatever works. I would think there would be some workaround but it may not be worth it to you16:49
earlPhoneeric^^ i got ubuntu installed. Now when I boot the computer its a blue windows screem that asks if i want to boot to windows 10 or windows 816:50
hexouaye, i'll take another look into it in a bit, thanks tho!16:51
earlPhoneGrub>  prompt disappeared16:51
EriC^^earlPhone: ok16:51
earlPhoneYou know how to set up efi stuff?16:51
EriC^^you asked in the morning right?16:51
earlPhoneIn the old days at boot it'd say16:51
earlPhoneAnd you'd be able to select16:52
daftykinsyes a boot menu :P16:52
earlPhoneBut this is efi not bios16:52
EriC^^earlPhone: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999916:53
earlPhoneOh, I'm on windows 10 atm16:53
earlPhoneLemme see if i can get to ubuntu. LiveUSB or the install16:53
daftykinsEriC^^: is this one of those situations where the EFI device has to be changed to the hard disk so GRUB shows up, instead of being sat on 'windows boot manager' ? :)16:54
earlPhoneI made my own efi part on external HD16:54
asantos3so I'm getting fps drops following an update, I'm running Xubuntu 15.04 with an Radeon HD 7670M. Does someone have a similar problem or something?16:55
earlPhoneBooted to liveUSb. Want me to try that command?16:55
daftykinsasantos3: in what?16:56
daftykinsasantos3: with which driver?16:56
asantos3daftykins, open source16:56
EriC^^daftykins: yeah he has too hdd's i think and 2 efi's and it's using the windows one right now16:56
EriC^^earlPhone: yeah16:56
daftykinsEriC^^: ah ok :> will keep my beak out!16:57
earlPhonenc: getaddrinfo: temporary failure in name resolution16:57
earlPhoneI ran it again to no avail16:59
daftykinsyour DNS is broken16:59
daftykinsso you're either not connected to the network, or your config is wrong16:59
earlPhoneMy bad i have to log in to wifi everytime17:00
asantos3I updated some packages and i'm getting huge fps drops in games, I didn't updated any drivers or relevant stuff I think, here's the screenshot of the update history http://i.imgur.com/We4llgE.png The problems occurred in the updates of 04:17. Can anyone help :(17:00
earlPhoneSeagate being the ubuntu hd17:01
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, type sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 999917:01
earlPhonesudo: efibootmgr: command not found17:02
earlPhoneUse netcat17:02
EriC^^type sudo apt-get install efibootmgr17:03
techkamarhi der17:03
techkamari installed GNOME in ubuntu17:03
techkamarnow i dont require it17:03
techkamarso i changed it to UNITY17:03
techkamarbut my lockscreen at stratup is still the same as that of GNOME17:03
techkamarhow can i get back my old lock screen17:04
techkamarplzzz help17:04
daftykinsfind a list of gnome packages and purge them, then reinstall the unity ones to override17:04
k1l_techkamar: make sure lightdm is the dm that is used17:04
k1l_techkamar: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm17:05
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EriC^^earlPhone: ok type sudo mount /dev/sdd2 /mnt17:06
earlPhoneThat last part17:07
earlPhone.  / mnt or /mnt17:07
earlPhoneSorry mobile formatting17:07
EriC^^without a space17:08
earlPhoneDidn't give any feedback17:09
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, type for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done17:09
EriC^^earlPhone: type the whole line from for i .... til done17:10
earlPhoneMount: mount point /mnt/devpts does not exist17:12
earlPhoneMy bad. Ok.17:13
earlPhoneNo feedback, again17:13
EriC^^ok cool17:13
EriC^^type sudo chroot /mnt17:13
EriC^^ok, type grub-install17:14
EriC^^type mount -a17:14
earlPhoneI don't want grub interfering with windows17:15
EriC^^it wont17:15
earlPhoneMount -a done17:15
earlPhoneInstall grub?17:15
EriC^^ok, type grub-install17:15
earlPhoneInstalling for x86_64-efi platform17:16
earlPhoneGrub-install: error: cannot find efi directory17:16
EriC^^ok, cool17:16
EriC^^i thought something was fishy why it wasn't in the bootmanager already17:17
earlPhoneAn error is cool? :p17:17
EriC^^type cat /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 999917:17
EriC^^lol no, i meant cool as in aha it makes sense now :P17:18
EriC^^and can be fixed easily17:18
earlPhoneGreat! Easy is best.17:18
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, type ls -l /boot/efi | nc termbin.com 999917:19
earlPhoneLs -L?17:19
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, type mkdir /boot/efi/EFI17:20
techkamarhi der17:21
EriC^^type mount -a17:21
EriC^^no problem17:21
EriC^^ok, type mount | pastebinit17:22
earlPhoneHad to install17:23
earlPhoneOk http://paste.ubuntu.com/12014820/17:23
EriC^^oh, it's using the windows efi17:24
EriC^^type umount /dev/sdb117:24
earlPhoneUmount: /boot/efi: not mounted17:25
EriC^^try umount /boot/efi17:26
KoningAnyone here that uses another terminal than the standard ubuntu terminal?17:26
EriC^^actually nevermind17:26
earlPhoneSame message17:26
EriC^^earlPhone: type blkid | pastebinit17:26
EriC^^earlPhone: type nano /etc/fstab17:28
EriC^^and replace the C0DA-C15D with 8684-7CCC17:29
earlPhoneControl+x exit --- asks if i want to save modified buffer17:31
dbkaplunHey, what CLI editor do you guys use?17:31
EriC^^earlPhone: press ctrl+o17:31
earlPhoneFile name to write: /etc/fstab17:32
earlPhoneSome options below it17:32
EriC^^earlPhone: press enter17:32
Koningvim is the best cli editor17:32
earlPhoneWrote 13 lines.17:33
EriC^^earlPhone: ook17:33
EriC^^earlPhone: now type exit17:33
KoningAnyone here who has great understanding of window managers?17:33
dbkaplunAnyone use slap CLI editor? What do you think of it?17:34
Koningnever heard of slap before :p17:34
s2013how can you check what processes are taking how much memory17:35
s2013we have 0 free memory in our server17:35
s2013that doesnt seem normal at all17:35
EriC^^s2013: top17:36
Koninghtop is better than top17:36
Koninglike much better17:36
_0xfubarstop is even better. :317:36
s2013something is taken up 100% of our CPU17:36
Koningopen htop17:37
s2013well.. that something is ruby but17:37
s2013not found Koning17:37
Koninghtop automatically sorts on cpu usage17:37
Koningsudo apt-get install htop17:37
s2013this one is sorting on usage too17:37
Koninghtop has a much better interface, believe you me17:37
s2013i dont think i have root access17:37
earlPhoneWhew eric^^17:37
_0xfubarEric^^: did u try stop? xD17:38
EriC^^i ran "stop", i dont recommend it17:38
EriC^^unless you want your desktop to reset17:38
_0xfubarthat was a damn joke17:38
KoningI want to know what it is xD17:38
_0xfubarjust try17:38
Koningkillall compiz17:38
_0xfubarkillall -917:38
earlPhoneStill at root prompt; just ran nano /etc/fstab17:39
_0xfubarlinux101 ~ don't try everything u see on internet17:39
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, type exit17:39
Koningecho "exit" > .bashrc [DO NOT TRY THIS]17:39
earlPhoneExited, back at root prompt?17:39
s2013our cpu usage is over 100%17:39
EriC^^_0xfubar: i don't, it seemed harmless and this is ubuntu afterall17:39
s2013but memory is like 30-40%17:39
s2013but when i do free -m it says 0 free17:39
_0xfubardon't use chrome. xD17:39
s2013Mem:          6144       6144          0          2          0       614417:39
EriC^^earlPhone: you should be at the ubuntu@ubuntu prompt17:40
earlPhoneGood now.17:40
_0xfubarany cpp guys?17:40
KoningI'm a c++ master17:41
EriC^^earlPhone: type sudo umount /dev/sdb117:42
_0xfubarhaha good to know.17:42
Koningint *p;17:42
Koningcout >> p;17:42
Koningstd::cout of course17:42
_0xfubarthe most efficient17:42
earlPhoneUmount: /dev/sdb1: not mounted17:42
_0xfubarand the most risky lang ever xD17:42
KoningC is much worse xd17:43
_0xfubarhaha yeah.17:43
Koningyou have to alocate memory for every variable :p17:43
Koningand it has weird syntax for that17:43
Koninglet me google17:43
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, type mount | pastebinit17:43
_0xfubarlol what r u talkin about?17:43
earlPhoneI only know basic java but here I am being an idiot xD17:43
_0xfubarJava is good17:44
_0xfubarunless u're doing sth. xD17:44
KoningSomeObject *myObject = [[SomeObject alloc] init]; //This is the C memory alloc shit17:44
earlPhoneHave to... Install pastebinit17:44
earlPhoneAgain...? Odd.17:44
earlPhoneOne sec17:44
KoningI hate brackets when it's not for arrays17:44
_0xfubarso u solve?17:45
Koningwhat do you mean?17:45
_0xfubaralgorithmic problem solving.17:45
Koningdepends :p17:46
Koningshow me the source17:46
_0xfubarhaha no17:46
_0xfubarthat's not what I meant17:47
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, press the unmount button in the filemanager17:47
Koningsome people call me a master of code validation17:48
EriC^^open the file manager from the launcher and press on the eject button near the installation's partition17:48
Koningbecause most of my algorithms can't break17:48
_0xfubaryet u don't solve?17:48
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_0xfubarEggs went anon xD17:49
_0xfubarwhy Eggs?17:49
PiciKoning, _0xfubar: This channel is intended to be for Ubuntu support only. Perhaps you two could move to pm or another, more on-topic, channel for your conversation.17:49
earlPhone.  /media/ubuntu/OS17:49
_0xfubaroh sorry.17:49
KoningSoooo ubuntu, does anyone know if it's good/bad practice to replace compiz with something else?17:49
Koningcompiz lags on my desktop17:49
EriC^^earlPhone: yeah17:50
_0xfubarcompiz flickers on mine.17:50
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D3RGPS31I'm having an issue w/ AppArmor; any time I attempt to run the parser against anything that requires abstractions/base, I get http://pastebin.com/WY8upNUS :x17:50
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_0xfubarunity sucks.17:51
=== utlemming_away is now known as utlemming
PiciKoning: iirc, you need to use it if you intend to continue using unity.  Other desktop environments do not have that limitation and let you use whatever window manager you choose.17:52
EriC^^just noticed a 400gb transfer stopped cause of that stop command17:52
Piciwii _0xfubar17:52
_0xfubaroh I'm sorry EriC^^17:52
EriC^^it's ok17:52
KoningPici: Do you know if anything will happen with compiz in 15.10?17:52
PiciKoning: I'm afraid I'm not too up to date with any Ubuntu desktop things these days, sorry.17:53
EriC^^earlPhone: did you successfully unmount it from the file manager?17:54
KoningearlPhone, what is your problem?17:54
earlPhoneMany many things koning xD17:55
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, type mount | pastebinit one more time17:55
Koninghave you tried turning it off and on?17:55
_0xfubarno matter what, never leave linux k?17:55
_0xfubarhaha Koning17:55
earlPhoneWhy i am here guys lol17:55
_0xfubarwhy oldboot..17:56
earlPhoneMount | pastebinit17:56
earlPhoneFailed to contact the server: [Errno socket error] timed out17:56
EriC^^earlPhone: try mount | nc termbin.com 999917:57
EriC^^earlPhone: are you sure it's unmounted from the file manager?17:58
earlPhoneRight click17:58
earlPhoneSays mount17:58
earlPhoneI did unmount it pretty sure17:59
EriC^^does it have an eject icon next to it?17:59
earlPhoneNo dont see that17:59
EriC^^ok, try to restart the live usb17:59
earlPhoneSo... Exit exerything and boot back into it18:00
earlPhoneI see text18:01
earlPhoneIt seems stuck >. <18:01
EriC^^what text?18:02
earlPhoneWhite text, last line is accounts-daemon.service18:02
EriC^^ok, try rebooting it18:03
EriC^^press ctrl+alt+del18:04
earlPhoneEverytime i boot to usb i have to change blasted boot nomodeset18:04
earlPhoneHang on18:04
earlPhoneBack in18:05
EriC^^type sudo mount /dev/sdd2 /mnt18:06
EriC^^type for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done18:07
EriC^^earlPhone: done?18:09
EriC^^type sudo chroot /mnt18:10
EriC^^type mount -a18:10
EriC^^then mount | pastebinit18:10
EriC^^remember the wifi..18:10
EriC^^why the heck is it still mounting the windows efi O.o18:13
earlPhoneI have secure boot off, and fastboot off18:13
EriC^^type umount /dev/sdb118:13
earlPhoneI haven't messed with CSM, it still boots in uefi mode18:14
lol768I can't seem to get any audio to play tonight (had no issues in the past). I'm using 14.04.2 - would anyone be able to provide some troubleshooting steps I can try? Some more info: https://gist.github.com/lol768/c39153b9b2b37758a85418:14
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, type cat /etc/fstab | pastebinit18:14
earlPhoneFailed invalid argument18:15
earlPhoneNext? Ok18:15
lol768oh fun, it was muted. Now I feel stupid.18:15
earlPhoneEasy solution though lol76818:16
lol768Yup! I should've tried that before anything else..18:16
lol768I did look in alsamixer but must've not noticed18:16
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, type ls -l /boot/efi/EFI | nc termbin.com 999918:17
EriC^^earlPhone: there's nothing in /etc/fstab, i've no clue why it's mounting the windows efi under /boot/efi, it's pretty odd18:18
BenBEI'm having trouble with X11 on Thinkpad W520 using intel+nouveau. Notebooks boots normally, but lightdm cannot bind display. doing a simple "service lightdm restart" will start the GUI normally. Worked until recently without having to restart lightdm after boot.18:18
earlPhoneLs: cannot access /boot/efi/EFI: no such file or directory18:19
earlPhoneUse netcat18:19
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, try umount /boot/efi18:19
earlPhoneLs -l /boot/efi/ | nc termbin.com 9999 produces termbin.com/6hg118:20
earlPhoneUmount /boot/efi done; no feedback18:21
EriC^^ok, type mount | pastebinit18:21
earlPhoneFailed to contact server18:22
EriC^^try mount | nc termbin.com 999918:22
BluesKajBenBE:  which ubuntu version?18:22
EriC^^earlPhone: try umount /boot/efi again18:23
EriC^^it unmounted the ubuntu one, the windows one is still mounted18:23
earlPhoneumount: /boot/efi: not mounted18:23
EriC^^type cat /proc/mounts | nc termbin.com 999918:24
BluesKajBenBE:  ithe command has changed to, sudo systemctl start lightdm18:25
BluesKajsince systemd on 15.0418:26
earlPhoneLol 3PO18:26
earlPhone... Going crazy here :p18:27
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, type mount /dev/sdd1 /boot/efi18:27
EriC^^ok type mkdir -p /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu18:28
EriC^^type grub-install18:29
earlPhoneInstalling for x86_64-efi platform18:30
earlPhoneInstallation finished. No error reported18:30
EriC^^ok, type update-grub18:30
earlPhoneYay, success at something!18:30
pbxwhen my mouse pointer becomes invisible (but still works) how might i retrieve it?18:31
pbxthis happened on wake from sleep18:31
earlPhoneFound image... (Some text) etc etc18:31
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, did it find windows bootmanager?18:31
cortexmanis using docker on ubuntu really this tortuous? https://docs.docker.com/installation/ubuntulinux/18:31
cortexmani wanted something dead simple18:31
earlPhoneFoynd windows boot manager on /dev/sdb1@/efi/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi18:32
EriC^^earlPhone: ok18:32
pbxnm, going to the login screen fixed it18:32
earlPhoneAdding boot menu entry for EFI firmware config18:32
QantouriscWhen does /etc/init/mounted-dev start ? Or how to start it manually ?18:32
EriC^^type efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 999918:32
EriC^^earlPhone: ^18:32
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, ubuntu is first in the boot order, if you don't have the hdd plugged in it should boot windows automatically18:34
EriC^^yeah, type exit18:35
EriC^^then try to restart18:35
earlPhoneIt should be fixed then18:35
earlPhoneWill do18:35
QantouriscAny good docs on upstart ?18:35
earlPhoneMet with screen: choose an os18:36
=== dv__ is now known as dv_
earlPhoneWindows 1018:36
earlPhoneWindows 818:36
EriC^^earlPhone: ok, press the esc button you used earlier18:36
EriC^^and choose ubuntu18:36
ubuntu-matehello world18:36
artoishello, world18:36
ubuntu-mateworld, hello18:36
EriC^^i think you have a hard coded bios, it resets the entries to boot windows first18:36
earlPhoneOh hey there's just one "ubuntu" that time18:37
=== kev is now known as Guest53115
cryptodan_laptopOr the CMOS Battery is weak and its not saving the changes made to the BIOS18:37
EriC^^the workaround is to switch the efi files to fool the bios into booting ubuntu instead of windows18:37
earlPhoneLooks like it booted to ubuntu that time.18:38
earlPhoneI'm not much a fan of the choose an os screen18:38
earlPhoneAnyway to fix that?18:38
EriC^^the problem is that if we switch the files, if you remove the hdd, it wouldn't know..18:38
earlPhoneI'd rather go steaight to windows (if ext hd is unplugged)18:38
nbusroneBrightness reset when I restart the pc , ubuntu 14.04 using nivida driver.How do I manually set them ?18:38
EriC^^yeah as i said above18:38
earlPhoneLet me just test it. Shut down, unplugging usb hd18:39
EriC^^earlPhone: i think if we can copy the boot entry of windows and set it 3rd to boot18:39
earlPhonePowering on... And...18:39
earlPhoneChoose an OS: Windows 10 or Windows 818:40
earlPhoneSame screen... Huh.18:40
AwesomecaseI'm having a problem on ubuntu with chrome where everything I type in an address is gives me dns error (dns name not resolved, bad config , no internet, etc.) I've tried using google dns and that hasn't worked and removing my resolv.conf and recreating the symbolic link don't work at all18:40
EriC^^earlPhone: yeah18:40
AwesomecaseEventually it will resolve but only after refreshing a ton18:40
EriC^^earlPhone: are you able to set the order from the bios by any chance?18:40
earlPhoneI can boot to that18:41
earlPhoneHold on18:41
EriC^^if we switch the windows file with the ubuntu one, if the hdd is unplugged then you'd get a grub rescue>18:41
earlPhoneUefi firmware settings18:41
earlPhone== bios i assume18:42
earlPhoneAnyway, im in that18:42
earlPhoneBoot > boot option priorities18:42
earlPhoneWindows BM first18:42
earlPhoneUbuntu is second18:42
EriC^^put ubuntu first18:43
EriC^^you're pretty lucky18:43
earlPhoneWhy? (Am i lucky)18:43
lshknHi people!18:43
EriC^^earlPhone: cause usually there isn't an option to switch the order from the bios18:44
daftykinslshkn: welcome18:44
mdogeI have a sata disk connected to a linux machine through a sata->usb adapter and want to install a distro on this sata disk. what is the best way to do that without usb disks?18:44
EriC^^you have to switch the files usually18:44
daftykinsmdoge: why are you doing it this way?18:45
earlPhoneLucky me then :). Also: in "save and exit" there is a "boot override" section18:45
mdogedaftykins: I dont have any usb pendrives18:45
earlPhoneWhich, lists windows first18:45
mdogedaftykins: just wondering how i'm going to get ubuntu on that disk ;P18:45
earlPhoneAnd ubuntu second18:45
EriC^^earlPhone: and switching the files won't work this time if you want to unplug the hdd, so all in all it's a happy ending18:45
daftykinsmdoge: ugh. no blank DVDs either huh?18:45
mdogedaftykins: hehe no18:45
bbenceHi! I just noticed that all my files from /Downloads disappeared! What can I do?18:45
daftykinsmdoge: for the sake of a few dollars, euros, pounds - is it really that tall an order to acquire a flash drive?18:45
daftykinsi mean it's 2015...18:45
earlPhoneMdoge: have fun :p installing to ext hd is what I am doing lol18:46
daftykinsthey're practically coming in cereal boxes18:46
EriC^^bbence: check the trash first18:46
bbence@bbence There's nothing in my Trash18:46
mdogedaftykins: I can `dd` the .iso on there, and probably boot fine from that disk ... but then it wouldnt be able to install itself on that disk from a live image, because well, the live image is running from that disk.18:46
bbenceAnd when I search for my files, nothing shows up18:46
mdogedaftykins: I have pendrives, enough. Just not on this location. Do you know of another way to get ubuntu on it?18:46
earlPhoneDoes 'boot override' do anything?18:46
daftykinsmdoge: you could add the ISO to boot from your host, then partition and install to the flash drive and ensure you select to put grub on the /dev/sdX that represents the USB attached disk18:47
EriC^^earlPhone: in what context?18:47
daftykinsmdoge: i think you're making life more complicated through circumstances which can be avoided though18:47
EriC^^in the boot options you mentioned earlier?18:47
earlPhoneIn save and exit18:47
EriC^^i guess so18:47
mdogedaftykins: making life complicated is my middle name18:47
bbenceAnd there's a lot of free space, so they probably got deleted somehow. How can I get them back?18:47
General-NemoHello, i have a problem on firefox on Ubuntu that my title do not appear, for exemple on Facebook : http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/360147problmetitre.png. This problem does not appear on Chrome : http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/736689chrome.png. I have tried many solution, like reinitialise the navigator, delete all addons, delete firefox from ubuntu, etc. but nothing work. This problem occur also on the offline wiki c18:47
earlPhoneThere is boot override, and windows is first18:47
General-Nemolient called "Kiwix".18:47
daftykinsmdoge: right, but coming here with that attitude drags others into it...18:47
EriC^^earlPhone: i think it means to override that it loads windows first18:48
daftykinsmdoge: anyway as i've mentioned would work, go forth and experiment!18:48
earlPhoneSo leave that part alone then eric^^?18:48
EriC^^earlPhone: no, set ubuntu first in the order, then windows18:50
earlPhoneOn override. Ok.18:51
earlPhoneWoah. Can't18:51
EriC^^why not?18:51
earlPhonePressed enter on ubuntu and rather than switching it actually, loaded ubuntu18:52
earlPhoneLike I was booting to it from the uefi settings18:52
EriC^^can you move it to the top? check the options at the bottom18:52
nbusroneBrightness reset when I restart the pc , ubuntu 14.04 using nivida driver.How do I manually set them ?18:52
earlPhoneThere's "launch efi shell from filesystem device"18:53
EriC^^earlPhone: oh18:53
earlPhoneThat's all that is below18:53
EriC^^earlPhone: i guess you have to use the uefi manager to boot ubuntu18:55
earlPhoneDoes that mean anything exstrenuous18:56
EdwardLHello. Many years ago I intalled Ubuntu with Xubuntu for my mother. A few years ago I upgraded Ubuntu to 14.04, but I during that I may have removed some "accelerative features"... What I mean by that is that YouTube (and quite a bit internet) lags like hell, some programs take their time launching, and the desktop background colors look like they are in 16-bit color mode. Can anyone help me restore the speed and colors?18:56
EriC^^you have to boot it as you've been booting it18:56
EriC^^so that when you unplug the hdd you can still boot windows18:57
earlPhoneOh boy. Well, that's better than nothing18:57
daftykinsEdwardL: what graphics hardware + driver is in use?18:57
EriC^^earlPhone: yeah18:57
earlPhoneSome miraculous wizardry you've done just to get it to this point :) thank you.18:57
earlPhoneMaybe I'll find a work around later in time, but for now it is stable.18:58
EriC^^one way of it working would be to have a separate /boot partition in the windows hdd so you always get grub, but that sounds like a mess and ubuntu wouldn't be a standalone install anymore18:58
earlPhoneI read somewhere, about having two efis18:58
daftykinsEdwardL: are you near this system or is it remote?18:59
earlPhoneThe windows one, and creating my own on the external hd18:59
EdwardLdaftykins: I'm near it. Just took its time... Running lshw -c video....18:59
EriC^^earlPhone: if you only rarely will remove the ubuntu hdd, you could switch the files, and when you want to remove the ext hdd you would have to manually boot windows from the uefi manager like you're doing now for ubuntu18:59
EriC^^earlPhone: that's what you have right now, a windows efi on the windows hdd, and an ubuntu efi on the ext hdd19:00
earlPhoneI use windows more and want the usb hd to be portable19:00
EriC^^the problem is that the bios is hard coded to only boot the windows efi file19:00
earlPhoneA bios problem19:00
EriC^^yeah mine's the same19:00
daftykinsmaybe you have a nice EFI update available that stops it being Windows centric :)19:01
earlPhoneIn time, then. I was confused though, because both windows boot option and ubuntu boot option listed the "Kingston" drive thing19:01
EriC^^i've switched the efi files for it to work here, hp laptop19:02
earlPhoneMy external drive is a seagate. Idk19:02
EdwardLdaftykins:  product: RV350 [Radeon 9550/9600/X1050 Series]   vendo AMD/ATI   width: 32 bits    clock: 66MHz   capabilities: agp agp-3.0 pm vga_conroller bus_master cap_list   configuration: latancy=66 mingnt=819:02
daftykinsEdwardL: ok and if you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?19:03
daftykinsEdwardL: also any ideas what you would've upgraded from? 10.04 or 12.04 ?19:04
EdwardLdaftykins: Possibly 12...19:04
earlPhoneEric^^ both efi's seem to be on my windows os drive19:04
EriC^^earlPhone: what do you mean?19:05
EriC^^i mean why do you say that?19:05
earlPhoneI'm in windows 10, running a program EasyUEFI19:05
EriC^^it might be left over from the previous install19:05
EriC^^you still have a EFI\ubuntu dir there i'd guess19:05
EdwardLdaftykins: http://pastebin.com/WSYKYHz719:06
earlPhoneFile paths are \EFI\Ubuntu\grubx64.efi19:06
earlPhoneAnd \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi19:06
EriC^^it shouldn't be so19:07
daftykinsEdwardL: also a pastebin of /etc/X11/xorg.conf if it exists? (it shouldn't do, really)19:07
EriC^^this is the bootmgr list http://termbin.com/vl7619:07
EriC^^earlPhone: the numbers before are related to the disk it's on19:08
EdwardLdaftykins: No xorg.conf. There is xorg.conf.failsafe19:08
daftykinsEdwardL: nah that's ok19:08
daftykinsEdwardL: ok that looks pretty clear, it's currently using the driver FBDEV as fglrx is no longer supported on the 14.04 kernel with such an old legacy card. first step purge all fglrx packages (sudo apt-get purge fglrx* ) reboot and give me another /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:09
earlPhoneI can change the grub to shim19:09
earlPhoneShould I?19:10
QantouriscWhat is the best way to debug initctl start not working ?19:11
earlPhoneMan... I loved bios x.x19:11
earlPhoneThe ease of use! Oh baby!19:11
EdwardLdaftykins: Purging.....19:12
daftykinsearlPhone: the times they are a-changin', i find EFI fine more often than not, just some manufacturers are rubbish19:12
earlPhoneIt's just the transition period sucks.19:12
daftykinsno we've had it for years, transition is over :)19:13
daftykinsand as i say you might have updates available for your system?19:13
earlPhoneYes, probably19:14
EdwardLdaftykins: Purged. Rebooting.19:15
Trackerhi is there a problem with finnish updates not found on server?19:17
=== Enissay_ is now known as Enissay
wileeeTracker, We would not know really. Are you missing one?19:18
wileeeTracker, Sounds like a release eol, what is your?19:19
TrackerI have 3 different but all finnish19:21
daftykinsTracker: i think wileee means tell us which ubuntu version you are using19:21
wileeeTracker, You know what release are eol?19:21
daftykinslsb_release -d / cat /etc/issue19:21
earlPhoneThank you again eriC^^. I'm going to take a break off my phone and play around in my fancy ubuntu!19:22
EdwardLdaftykins: I think the icons shrunk... :p19:22
daftykinsEdwardL: perhaps that means the resolution is back to a proper one19:22
grio-workAnyone done a Windows 10/15.04 conbination yet? I'm looking at that project tonight, and not exactly excited.19:23
daftykinsgrio-work: doubt it'll be a problem at all19:23
Tracker14.04.3 this and  15.10.0 and 15.04.14 finnish server and workstation I can tell which are missing or miss spellet in repo19:23
daftykinsjust ensure you boot both as legacy or both as EFI to install19:23
wileeegrio-work, ubuntu and windows of all release, no biggie.19:23
daftykinsTracker: sorry you're way too hard to understand.19:23
grio-workdaftykins, suspect it's the same as Windows 8.1, but I had issues getting that stable on this particular hardware. I think it's a hardware issue I'm dealing with, but I'll know more tonight.19:23
Trackerskipped one version http://fi.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/u/util-linux/mount_2.20.1-5.1ubuntu20.6_amd64.deb unable to dl19:24
daftykinsgrio-work: always worth putting the latest BIOS on for your system first19:24
TrackerI have 3 different system19:24
Trackerupdating packages bsdutils libblkid-dev libblkid1 libmount1 libuuid1 mount util-linux uuid-dev19:24
Tracker  uuid-runtime fails not found19:24
EdwardLdaftykins: http://pastebin.com/bNYZfmc119:25
grio-workdaftykins, already done. System begins booting, both Ubuntu and Windows, then reboots. I suspect motherboard, but both have been installed almost 2 years, so I figure a drive and a reinstall are about due.19:25
daftykinsEdwardL: much better, the proper 'radeon' driver is now in use and things should work better :)19:25
daftykinsEdwardL: give youtube a try now, perhaps19:26
OerHeksTracker, maybe that mirror is not synced, try the 'main' in sources and try again?19:26
Trackerthinking the same thing...19:26
NikeshMy team mate told me to run this, but it seems to be misformatted, can anyone see where? $ sudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-overwrite” install go-golang19:26
EdwardLdaftykins: So far so good. Still a little laggy on the scrolling...19:27
rainbowwarriorhello , I am using an msi ge60 2qd apache laptop with windows 10 and was wondering does ubuntu 15.04 support windows 10 yet please or 15.10 if i have too ? thank you19:28
grio-workrainbowwarrior, no.19:28
AndroidHackerwhat do u mean support?19:28
AndroidHackeru just install it along side of windows19:28
EdwardLdaftykins: Actually, just went to something in HD and it is really lagging behind.19:28
wileeerainbowwarrior, W10 has the same bcd boot since vista, see uefi if needed, grub bots bcd and uefi19:28
rainbowwarriorgrio-work ok thank yo19:28
OerHeksWubi is not supported on win10, but regular side by side is :-)19:28
daftykinsEdwardL: hmm, it is likely game over for that graphics card19:29
AndroidHackerrainbowwarrior, just dual boot19:29
daftykinsEdwardL: a clean browser profile wouldn't hurt to make doubly sure19:29
rainbowwarriorOerHeks, thank you and that is what i meant sorry AndroidHacker19:29
AndroidHackerno problemo19:30
wileeegrio-work, Do not answer here per your problems.19:30
EdwardLdaftykins: As in clear cache, cookies, and other offline data?19:30
wileeeother users looking for help grio-work19:30
daftykinsEdwardL: just log into the guest session and try out firefox there - you could also try putting chromium on19:31
=== alpha is now known as Guest63502
grio-workwileee, Windows 10 doesn't support Ubuntu 15.04. It was a simple question, albeit a little facetious.19:31
AndroidHackerEdwardL, goto terminal and run "firefox -ProfileManager"19:31
daftykinsEdwardL: essentially you might have worse luck with either browser on HTML5 only, or flash player based youtube19:32
AndroidHackerEdwardL, that will bring up the firefox profiles and you can delete/make new ones19:32
wileeegrio-work, You read it backwards, still if you have no good answer do not say anything please.19:32
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest27332
EdwardLAndroidHacker: There was only one, default, profile.19:32
daftykinsrainbowwarrior: it'll dualboot fine, but remember what i said about killer wireless if your machine has it.19:32
wileeegrio-work, uefi will boot ubuntu by the way.19:33
AndroidHackerEdwardL, yea, when daftykins said to make a fresh one thats what he meant.. u can delete that one and create a new one19:33
rainbowwarriordaftykins, thank you and yes i remember , its not a problem as i have a spare asus wifi adaptor :)19:33
grio-workwileee, I normally wouldn't have. I couldn't resist. I genuinely do apologize for my snark.19:33
wileeegrio-work, cool, no biggie, we all do it. ;)19:33
AndroidHackerdaftykins, whats the issue with killer wireless?19:34
daftykinsrainbowwarrior: just boot a live session and see if it works first of all.19:34
AndroidHackeri have killer and havent seen any problems19:34
daftykinsAndroidHacker: well i'm not sure on the status of ath10k is all, i know it didn't work previously19:34
AndroidHackermine is using ath9k19:34
EdwardLAndroidHacker: I think there are still some things that my mother would like to keep, like some logins, site prefs (don't save password) and form history.19:34
rainbowwarriordaftykins, will do thank you :)19:35
AndroidHackerrainbowwarrior, one more thing19:35
grio-workwileee, Yeah, I'm aware. I'm thinking my PSU or R9 290 is tired from coin mining. I'll know more tonight. And yeah, I'm booting it UEFI going forward.19:35
rainbowwarriorAndroidHacker, yes ?19:35
daftykinsEdwardL: yeah i always suggest creating by the side and not just nuking the existing, that's why i think guest session would've been the easiest approach19:35
AndroidHackerif u boot to live session and it doesnt boot properly, add "nomodeset" to the command line parameters, install nivida driver and reboot19:35
AndroidHackerit should be fine then19:35
Guest63502how to I get ubuntu to recognize my internal sata 3 drive? I built a new pc and the drive shows up in the bios but it is a 2tb ntfs or fat partitioned drive and I can't open and view it19:35
daftykinswell you can't install nvidia in a live session ;)19:36
AndroidHackerrainbowwarrior, i also have msi laptop and i had to do thart19:36
AndroidHackerno i meant after u install19:36
AndroidHackerbad wording19:36
daftykinsGuest63502: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo parted -l | pastebinit19:36
AndroidHackerboot installer with nomodeset19:36
daftykinsGuest63502: then link the resulting URL here19:36
rainbowwarriorAndroidHacker, ok thank you19:36
daftykinsrainbowwarrior: and resize Windows' drive from inside Windows for great success19:36
EdwardLAndroidHacker: You know, just a little clear of the cache and it seemed to get a little better...19:37
daftykinsno point leaving it up to the ubuntu installer19:37
rainbowwarriordaftykins, will do thank you :)19:37
daftykinsEdwardL: heh, right click on the video and see if it refers to the HTML5 player19:37
sl1rpywhy hasnt none of the paid stuff been on the software center for a few months now?19:37
Guest63502daftykins: installing pastebinit then will post output19:38
AndroidHackersl1rpy, did u enable it19:38
EdwardLdaftykins: Seems to use Adobe Flash
daftykinsah, remnants of the previous install19:38
sl1rpyAndroidHacker, how?19:38
daftykinsEdwardL: ah well, see how you get on - 'chromium-browser' would definitely be interesting too19:39
AndroidHackeryou can enable some of the additonal repos from "software and updates"19:39
daftykinsGuest63502: hmm. and "sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit" ?19:40
AndroidHackeri dont recall seeing apps that cost money in software center, atleast not on "ubuntu", only on other derivitives like zorin19:40
QantouriscWhat is /proc/sys/start ?19:40
Guest63502daftykins: is there a way to refresh recognized drives because I tried something else that didn't work and unplugged them from my board a minute ago so the output isn't showing the 2tb drive19:40
daftykinsGuest63502: why would you do that? ok power off, ensure the connections are in and power back up19:41
Guest63502daftykins: dunno if this will help first http://paste.ubuntu.com/12015701/19:41
sl1rpyAndroidHacker, there used to be piad stuff in the software center.  im curious if there is no longer an ecosystem for me to release paid apps in ubuntu19:41
AndroidHackerim not sure19:42
daftykinsGuest63502: nope19:42
Guest63502daftykins: alright ill quick restart19:42
doctorlyEvery time I use an alternative WM in Ubuntu 14.04, I can't access my SD card, it tells me permission denied.19:44
alpha_daftykins: back as alpha_19:44
doctorlyWhat do I have to do to fix this19:44
daftykinsdoctorly: either it's dead, has a write protect tab on, or it needs mounting in another way19:44
daftykinsalpha_: alright, same deal "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"19:45
doctorlydaftykins: that is not the case, as I said, it is only when I use any alternaive WM.19:45
alpha_sudo parted -l | pastebinit19:45
alpha_oops not in terminal my b19:45
daftykinsdoctorly: no idea what you mean19:45
OerHeksdoctorly, what wm does that?19:46
daftykinsalpha_: weird that it should show up as sda19:46
daftykinsalpha_: so what do you want from this disk again? appears to be NTFS formatted19:47
doctorlyOerHeks: every one I have tried so far except for default. That is i3, ratpoison, etc..19:47
alpha_daftykins: I want to be able to read and write to it19:47
daftykinsalpha_: so you should just see it in nautilus and be able to click to open, no?19:47
OerHeksdoctorly, and what partitiontype is on that sdcard?19:48
alpha_daftykins: should it show up under devices?19:48
alpha_daftykins: because it doesnt show up fro me19:48
doctorlyOerHeks: also, open nautilus will load my default Ubuntu background and allow me to access the card. I think something gets loaded when Unity starts up that isn't being loaded up in alt WM.19:48
daftykinsalpha_: it'd just be on the left hand bar if you're using unity19:48
daftykinsalpha_: no sign of it down toward the bottom?19:49
OerHeksehh .. unity with an alternative wm ... ??19:49
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
alpha_daftykins: yea it does not show up there. no sign of it, my 16gb thumb drive i have plugged in shows up but not the hdd19:49
daftykinsalpha_: ok run this; "sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /mnt" - should complete cleanly with no output19:49
doctorlyOerHeks: No, I am saying I think that the *default* which is Unity, I am not using Unity with any other WM. I am using them all stock.19:50
alpha_daftykins: i got an output of invalid argument19:50
daftykinsalpha_: throw it on http://paste.ubuntu.com ?19:51
daftykinsdouble check for typos19:51
alpha_daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12015770/19:52
alpha_daftykins: i typed again with no spaces and it went through with no output but still nothing in nautilus19:52
Qantourisccan anyone do a "ls -l /proc/sys/start" and "ls -l /proc/sys/"19:53
CheckYourSix|LapHi, I'm having trouble. I installed 14.04 on my HP DV6000 (ancient, I know) and the wireless just will not work. I tried following the stuff I've found on different forum threads, but it's not working.19:53
Qantouriscit's missing and i'm not sure what it should be19:53
daftykinsalpha_: "ls /mnt" should show whatever data you have on there19:53
daftykinsQantourisc: /proc comes from your kernel so i don't think you get to pick and choose like the file system19:53
Qantouriscdaftykins: still might give me an idea what is missing :p19:54
alpha_daftykins: says ntfs19:54
daftykinsalpha_: pastebin again?19:54
daftykinsalpha_: is this disk brand new or have you got data on it?19:54
Qantouriscdaftykins: it's an lxc container, but some service I cannot start, ( mounted-dev system service is not started )19:55
alpha_daftykins: i have data on it and ripped it out of an external enclosure19:55
daftykinsQantourisc: oh different kettle of fish then.19:55
Qantouriscdaftykins: well atleast not creating any  /dev/ nodes19:55
AmozQantourisc, I don't have any ./start in there FYI19:55
QantouriscAmoz: thanks, good to know19:55
Amoznormal machine though19:55
alpha_daftykins: it only had about 200gb of data and I would pastebing the output but all i got from the ls / mnt was alpha@alpha-Z97-HD3:~$ ls /mnt19:55
daftykinsalpha_: no it's "ls /mnt" :)19:56
Qantouriscdaftykins: you happen to know how I can manually run a /etc/init/* file (not request a start trough dbus)19:56
daftykinsalpha_: if so, run "ls -al /mnt/ntfs/"19:56
OerHeksalpha_, nope. sda1 is not ntfs, but exfat ...19:56
daftykinsQantourisc: i'd have replied on your first question if i knew the topic19:56
OerHekssudo apt-get install fuse-exfat exfat-utils19:56
Qantouriscdaftykins: a ok :)19:56
Qantouriscupstart is a magic box19:57
Qantourisci dislike magic boxes19:57
alpha_daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12015796/19:57
daftykinswell that's mighty strange19:57
daftykinsalpha_: "ls -al /mnt | pastebinit" and also "mount | pastebinit"19:58
alpha_ls -al /mnt | pastebinit && mount | pastebinit19:58
alpha_whoops not in terminal again19:58
Qantouriscdaftykins: ow side node: this will never work :D19:58
Qantouriscbetter make my own :D19:58
daftykinsalpha_: was it an enclosure with two disks, or just one?19:59
alpha_daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12015804/19:59
alpha_daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12015805/19:59
alpha_daftykins: single disk enclosures for both the 1tb and the 2tb drives that I tore out and plugged in20:00
menaceHi, i wanted to force-logrotate /var/log/syslog with logrotate -f /var/log/syslog, but it says it ignores it because the owner is not root but should be root20:00
menacebut handy rotation does seem to work20:00
menacedo i anything wrong?20:00
julian-delphikimenace, i dont think thats how you invoke it.20:00
Qantouriscdaftykins: ow and the error comes from using the wrong command-line command :D20:01
Qantourisc(missing ../start)20:01
julian-delphikimenace, you need to create a logrotate rule for /var/log/syslog if one doesn't exist. and then run logrotate -f /etc/logrotate.conf, i think.20:01
menaceah, yes! the config, not the logfile20:01
ubuntufan9I have 2 questions.. Should i be able to run Wine off of a live usb, and If 15.04 of ubuntu is running fast would future releases of Ubuntu run this way as well or is there a chance it might run slow and lag and such?20:01
daftykinsalpha_: ok so however you rewrote my mount command earlier broke it, so nothing is actually mounted20:01
menacesorry for the question20:01
MoPacHello; I'm hoping to find up-to-date information on configuring touchscreen settings and gestures in Unity 7. There seems to be some old documentation floating around for ginn and such that has never really worked for me, but maybe there's some more progress? I'd love to, e.g., be able to touch and hold for right click by default across all applications.20:01
alpha_daftykins: so can i try to remount it?20:01
daftykinsalpha_: no, share an "ls /dev/mapper/"20:02
menaceuh.. "error: skipping "/var/log/syslog" because parent directory has insecure permissions (It's world writable or writable by group which is not "root") Set "su" directive in config file to tell logrotate which user/group should be used for rotation." i did not change the permissions..? :(20:02
Amozubuntufan9, yes you should be able to run Wine from an USB. Use the persistant mode though, I guess.20:02
alpha_daftykins: control  sda5_crypt  ubuntu--vg-root  ubuntu--vg-swap_120:02
daftykinslapion: change it to ls -al and pastebin of?20:03
ubuntufan9Amoz if 15.04 is running fast on my PC though would future releases be the same or is there a chance they'll seem slower/not compatible20:03
Amozubuntufan9, the second question is a bit harder to answer, but in general Ubuntu rarely "bloats" the UI. And if you later realise that e.g. Unity is slowing down, you have a lot of options. For example, install XFCE (Xubuntu)20:04
Qantouriscow joy20:04
Qantourischidden fstab in /lib/init/fstab20:04
ubuntufan9Amoz so Sudo apt-get install XFCE then after it installs run XFCE --replace?20:04
daftykinsalpha_: change it to ls -al and pastebin of?20:04
daftykinslapion: sorry fail highlight20:05
alpha_daftykins: other things that i tried doing were once i realize i couldnt access the internal drives, i tried dual booting with windows 10, once i got to the live cd i couldnt decrypt my boot drive to change the partition size to make space for 1020:05
Amozubuntufan9, I would run apt-get install xubuntu-desktop20:05
alpha_daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12015837/20:05
daftykinsalpha_: no "ls -al /dev/mapper | pastebinit" :)20:06
Amozubuntufan9, and then you'll just go to the login screen and choose Xfce as session20:06
Amozthen you can choose whichever environment works best for you20:06
alpha_daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12015841/ sorry im being a pain in the ass lol20:06
alpha_daftykins: still new to ubuntu20:07
aryanguys, isn't there any way to install systemd in 14.04 ?20:08
daftykinsalpha_: hrmm, ok it doesn't seem to be playing ball conventionally... so i would do a quick google of ubuntu + the name of the enclosure this disk came from, i've gotta take a break to sort some food out though :)20:08
julian-delphiki!systemd | aryan20:09
ubottuaryan: systemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers20:09
alpha_daftykins: i will do that, thanks for the help20:09
daftykinsnp! good luck20:09
aryanjulian-delphiki, I mean on 14.04 .20:09
aryanCan't we install in trusty ?20:09
julian-delphikiaryan, i believe that page covers that.20:09
julian-delphikioh, nvm20:10
julian-delphikiaryan, 14.04 is LTS, i wouldn't recommend changing the init system20:10
daftykins+1 ^20:10
daftykinsif it ain't broke...20:10
Pony90909i'm going to get a new laptop soon and i am wondering is System76 a good choice for an Ubuntu machine?20:17
greyback_Pony90909: yes, they offer a great Ubuntu experience. I've a friend with one and he's very happy20:18
zerowaitstatePony90909: i have a System76 Kudu Professional and I'm happy with it20:18
zerowaitstateessentially, the System76 laptops are rebranded Clevo machines, however, they provide in-house driver support20:18
zerowaitstateit's not as rugged as a thinkpad or hp elitebook, but it's fine20:19
xanguaPony90909: Ubuntu pre-installed al around the world https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuPre-installed20:20
Pony90909I'm getting one very soon or at least trying to :320:21
zerowaitstatei like the fact that on the kudu you can install 2 hard drives (by making one an SSD mini sata)20:21
Pony90909their website has one listed at $53 a month.. only way i could afford on mostly..20:21
ls-df-hHi, I'm getting I/O errors on my FAT-formatted SD card.  testdisk is showing the size to be 2 TB, but it's only 64GB.  Any idea how to troubleshoot it or is everything on it toast?20:21
daftykinsls-df-h: either the reader is complicating issues or yeah, it's fudged20:23
macskayhi guys, i'm just trying this. ln -s .vim/ ~/.vim/ but it keeps telling me target is not a directory, well yes it isn'T because the link should create the reference20:23
daftykinsls-df-h: ensure you've got it in a USB 2 slot perhaps if it's an external reader20:23
ls-df-hdaftykins: it's an external reader, but my phone can't read it, either.20:23
zerowaitstatels-df-h: this is FAT32?20:25
ls-df-hdaffdaftykins: Specifically, the error in the console is Buffer I/O Error on device /dev/sdb, logical block 0.  end_request: critical target error, dev sdb, sector 0.20:27
zerowaitstatels-df-h: yeah, block 0 is kinda important20:27
ls-df-hzerowaitstate: so that means it's a physical hardware error, not a partition or filesystem error?20:28
zerowaitstatels-df-h: yeah, that's hardware20:28
bpromptmacskay:     ln -s ACTUALDIR  LINKNAME20:29
MeatPopsicle_does anyone if Unity or Gnome is lighter?20:29
ls-df-hdaftykins: zerowaitstate: eech.  Thanks for your help.  Maybe there's a warranty I can take advantage of.20:30
bpromptmacskay:    you simply have them backwards20:30
k1l_MeatPopsicle_: very similar. if you want more lightweight see Xubuntu, or for very lightweight see Lubuntu20:30
=== eblip is now known as eb0t
Pony90909I am starting to really hate Microsoft.. :/20:31
MeatPopsicle_Im not a fan of Lubuntu, xubuntu is ok but for some reason I keep coming back to unity idk why20:31
zerowaitstatePony90909: why?20:32
Pony90909My computer's action center is saying to verify my password and when i try to, it don't let me! It just does nothing.20:32
ls-df-hMicroSD cards aren't exactly easy to repair.  It's not like I can replace a capacitor.20:32
MeatPopsicle_Win10 Big Brother Edition?20:32
zerowaitstateMeatPopsicle_: as an IT/dev guy I need something that "just works". I don't have the patience to tinker with config files to get the desktop to work20:32
zerowaitstateMeatPopsicle_: so i usually end up with unity20:32
Pony90909will i get locked out if it don't let me... ...20:32
zerowaitstatePony90909: is this windows machine domain joined?20:33
OerHeksPony90909, how is this related to ubuntu support?20:33
Pony90909its not20:33
MeatPopsicle_zerowaitstate I understand, been distro hopping for a few months but keep coming back to Ubuntu, its easy. I want to learn Linux internals as well but I like Ubuntu a lot20:33
Pony90909zerowaitstate check PM in a second :320:34
MeatPopsicle_I need a second laptop, one for Debian or Arch or another harder distro and one for Ubuntu20:34
NectarDo allot of people use ubuntu as a starter OS and move to /harder/ distros?20:35
MeatPopsicle_I have been using ubuntu more but i recently tried debian its just not the same, still fun but kind of behind the times if that makes sense20:36
=== King is now known as Guest60933
xanguaNectar: people are free to use what they want20:36
k1l_Nectar: well, everyone got different reason to change to another distro or even not to change.20:36
=== Guest60933 is now known as ajbsfasgbn
MeatPopsicle_I have been hopping a few months now, cant decide but Ubuntu keeps calling me back20:37
OerHeksNectar, you know where to find us, if you want to move back :-P20:37
=== ajbsfasgbn is now known as The
=== The is now known as ProgramKing
MeatPopsicle_I need to decide because I think frequent hopping fried a HD, a year or so old and it failed on me20:38
=== Blaster is now known as Guest95675
MeatPopsicle_gotta see if I can repair another HD with gparted20:43
zerowaitstateOerHeks: actually, his question did turn out to be Ubuntu-related. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime#Multiple_Boot_Systems_Time_Conflicts20:43
OerHeksah utc/local time issue, i tried to understand why it is related to ubuntu20:45
zerowaitstateevery time he boots Ubuntu, it screws up his ability to log into his Microsoft Account.20:45
zerowaitstatewhen he switches back20:46
anaohi@all do anyone have problems with login to fb on pidgin 2.10? cant login20:46
xanguaanao: Facebook api (xmpp servers) stopped working officially on April 30, this was announced a year ago20:47
sl1rpykindof offtopic but no one is responding in other two channels.  how would i go about marketing propietary software in ubuntu? it doesnt seem that ubuntu paid apps have been available which makes me think its not even possible :/20:47
OerHekszerowaitstate, best solution is "Make Linux use 'Local' time" sofar i tackeld it20:47
zerowaitstateOerHeks: yeah, what I suggested20:48
zerowaitstateOerHeks: easier to make Linux do what you want than Microsoft often20:48
pbxsl1rpy, what research have you done? i see all sorts of paid apps in Ubuntu Software Center20:48
xanguaanao: I believe there is a new plugin for facebook chat in development, you can ask on #pidgin20:48
sl1rpypbx, well i have all the software sources checked and i dont see paid books like i used too20:49
OerHeksI think that should be the default setting, or maybe i expect that already from a desktop.20:49
anao@xangua ok i heard, but on my older thinclient with 2.09 i can login on tinycorelinux20:49
OerHeksanyway, solved :-P20:49
anaook thanks i look on #pidgin20:49
pbxsl1rpy, books? dunno. thought the question was about software20:49
sl1rpypbx, it is, but i cant find anything that i could pay for20:50
ls-df-hMeatPopsicle_: Swtiching distros shouldn't have had any effect on your hard drive's lifespan.20:50
zerowaitstateOerHeks: I think it's stupid that Microsoft saves time in the RTC as local time, since local time depends on local politicians. I don't have an #!(-hat deciding the move the UTC back a couple of hours so we can sell more french fries20:50
parzonhey, is anybody here?20:51
=== The is now known as ProgramKing
zerowaitstateOerHeks: it's like saying we'll make the standard mile 150 feet shorter so everyone's car will get better mileage20:51
pbxsl1rpy, dunno. i see paid stuff as soon as i fire up software center. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o8vggxln4ztj3y7/usc.png?dl=020:52
parzoncan someone tell me how can I hide docky icon on xubuntu?20:52
sl1rpypbx, is the paid apps in a repo that i dont have possibly?20:52
zerowaitstateparzon: #xubuntu20:53
pbxsl1rpy, this is 14.04, don't recall what sources i enabled sorry. pretty sure it's something stock (if off by default) rather than something i added tho20:53
sl1rpypbx, i have had this problem in unity+ubuntu 15.04 and mate+ubuntu 15.04...20:53
zerowaitstateI may be off-base, but I think Software Center != apt20:55
zerowaitstateCanonical seems to be driving the whole "Software Center" toward their Ubuntu phone thingy. The setup is similar to the way the phone app stores work20:58
sl1rpypbx,it seems to sound like the reason paid apps dont show in 15.04 is because most devs havent compiled and tested for 15.04.20:59
k1l_zerowaitstate: the softwarecenter is a frontend to apt21:00
zerowaitstatek1l_: for paid apps as well?21:00
k1l_for paid apps, its a different matter.21:00
pbxsl1rpy, interesting theory, but i can't imagine a reason why paid sw devs would lag so much behind everybody else. it's not like they couldn't prepare in advance21:01
pbxsimple enough for someone else here running 15.04 to pull up USC and say what they see tho21:01
k1l_for paid apps contact the app developer.21:01
zerowaitstatepbx: because Linux desktop users are a minority, Ubuntu users are a majority of the minority, and Ubuntu users who actually use the Software Center are a minority of teh majority of the minority21:02
pbxzerowaitstate, i don't see how that equates to *zero* paid apps in 15.0421:02
zerowaitstatepbx: so outside of LTS, it's hard to justify the additional work for integrate every 6 months or whatever21:02
pbxsl1rpy isn't saying there are only a few21:03
pbxzerowaitstate, right, hard, not so hard or undesirable that *nobody* would want to do it21:03
k1l_well, it should not be that much difference21:03
k1l_so what is the real technical issue behind all this again?21:04
pbxk1l_, the issue is that sl1rpy is not seeing any paid apps and is wondering why21:05
k1l_which ubuntu is it exactly?21:05
pbxk1l_, 15.04 says sl1rpy, that's all i know21:06
zerowaitstateI find it a little bizzare that ebooks wouldn't show up under 15.04, though, since ebooks shouldn't care about the platform version at all21:07
k1l_that totally sounds like a bug. but we need to dig a little deeper into what that system is setup there. sl1rpy21:08
sl1rpyk1l_, I tried ubuntu unity 15.04 and ubuntu mate 15.04 and nada21:09
sl1rpylooked for books and looked for puzzle games that used to be there21:10
sl1rpythey were in 14.10 if i remember correctly but when i upgraded i dont recall ever seeing them21:10
k1l_well, i started it right now on my 15.04 and i dont have any paid apps too. so maybe the server is down?21:10
k1l_so we need someone with a running 14.04 to look at it now :)21:11
donalmcpeople join but no one speaks :(21:11
=== earl__ is now known as EarlUbuntu
zerowaitstatek1l_: I'm running 14.04.03 LTS and I can see paid stuff21:12
k1l_donalmc: this is a support channel. for general chat we have #ubuntu-offtopic21:12
donalmcthanks k1l21:12
NectarHow can I mirror my ubuntu so that I can recover it from the image? any tools?21:13
daftykinsNectar: clonezilla21:14
zerowaitstateNectar: I've had good luck with Clonezilla21:14
EarlUbuntuDo I have to redownload all my steam games or is there a workaround to access them from within Ubuntu?21:15
k1l_EarlUbuntu: after what?21:15
zerowaitstateEarlUbuntu: steam games for windows won't run under Linux without emulation. Steam for Linux offers games compiled specifically for Linux, which are different programs21:15
EarlUbuntuI figured. Has anyone had solid luck with emulation?21:16
k1l_EarlUbuntu: redownload after what?21:16
EarlUbuntuProlly just easier to boot back to Windows21:16
zerowaitstateEarlUbuntu: I have not. Others who have more free time have21:16
zerowaitstateEarlUbuntu: WINE is the way you do it21:16
k1l_EarlUbuntu: if you mean "after a ubuntu install" yes. you need to load the linux versions of that games (if they provide one) or run it in wine21:16
yorwosi was wondering , if i use 2 monitors with ubuntu , can i use 2 mouses with 2 mouse cursors ?21:16
connor__would someone be able to help me get xsnow or something like it working on my xubuntu setup?21:16
EarlUbuntuk1l_, I had the idea to play windows Steam games through Ubuntu steam21:17
rypervencheEarlUbuntu: Play games that are made to run in Linux. for those that aren't, I'd recommend using Windows. Wine is usually quick hacky on a lot of games.21:17
EarlUbunturypervenche, ok, thanks21:17
=== sythe-afk is now known as sythe
EarlUbuntuWas wishful thinking anyway21:17
zerowaitstateyorwos: you can have as many keyboards as you want, but there is only mouse cursor AFAIK21:17
MoPacIs there a way to get my CPU management settings to persist (a) on reboot (at the moment, it's always Powersave to start) and (b) on resume from suspend (at the moment, the CPU is always locked at a low idle frequency until a new plan is selected on resume)?21:17
zerowaitstateyorwos: if you want multiple "desktops" each with their own keyboard/mouse, your talking about running remote X11 (like over SSH), which is doable but slow except over LAN21:18
connor__how to change desktop effects in xubuntu?21:18
=== beisner is now known as beisner-afk
zerowaitstateyorwos: there is sort of a trend away from terminal servers like you describe toward desktop OS's running in a VM and accessed via thin client like PCoIP21:20
yorwosmy main idea was putting my 2nd monitor to the living room with a keyboard and mouse and let rest family use that instead of booting another machine21:20
zerowaitstateyorwos: yeah, you can have the monitors mirror each other21:21
daftykinsyorwos: eggs and baskets come to mind21:21
yorwoszerowaitstate,  u suggest i use a vm on the 2nd desktop ? will that allow easier for different mouse+keyb ?21:21
zerowaitstateyorwos: I didn't realize this was a home thing21:22
=== beisner-afk is now known as beisner
yorwosyea home for energy saving21:22
yorwosact like we have 2 computers while we only use 1 of them21:22
zerowaitstateyorwos: computers actually do go to sleep21:22
k1l_yorwos: that woule mean running 2 x-servers21:23
yorwoswell thanx guyz , time to google all these things21:24
zerowaitstateyorwos: google kvm extenders21:24
zerowaitstateyorwos: there's more to putting a keyboard mouse in a different room than just the software21:25
daftykinsfwiw i think it's a waste of time21:25
daftykinsjust get a sensible low power system for loung entertainment = done21:25
yorwosi just thoght to setup different desktops through amdcccle ,each with its own menu bars and shortcuts for programs , and then kwin to memorize eg.firefox on monitor1 chrome on monitor221:26
zerowaitstateyorwos: http://solid-run.com/freescale-imx6-family/cubox-i/21:26
yorwosthey dont do much other than surfing through a browser21:26
zerowaitstateyorwos: look at what I linked21:27
yorwosyea nice idea ... a mini computer21:28
daftykinscareful of chinese tat, something like a Pi2 would suffice21:28
zerowaitstatethe Pi2 doesn't have an integrated RTC21:29
zerowaitstatesome assembly required so it doesn't forget the time when you power it off21:29
daftykinsnot given NTP21:29
zerowaitstatethis is home network21:29
zerowaitstatenot all home routers run an ntpd daemon21:31
daftykinsmost software is configured to use NTP servers out on the internet, a home router has nothing to do with it21:31
daftykinszerowaitstate: sorry but i see where you're coming from, but your point is moot21:31
zerowaitstatemost software has the fallback of battery-backed RTC. R-Pi2 doesn't without a daughterboard21:31
zerowaitstatethe situation where you boot your machine while your ISP is down and your home router doesn't run ntpd that you can sync to21:32
daftykinsand then oh dear the clock is wrong? :)21:32
zerowaitstatedaftykins: the clock is more important than you think, even on consumer devices21:33
daftykinsand less relevant than you seem to21:34
zerowaitstatedaftykins: but yeah, if you're only using the device to access internet content, then it's probably moot21:34
zerowaitstatedaftykins: very simple stuff like logrotate depends on monotonically increasing time.21:35
tgm4883It's going behind a TV so his family can use it21:35
daftykinszerowaitstate: ok lets move on now please :)21:35
tgm4883zerowaitstate: wait, you're worried about logrotate...21:35
daftykinstgm4883: smile and nod, it's safer21:35
* tgm4883 jumps back out of this conversation21:35
zerowaitstatetgm4883: i gave logrotate as an example21:36
zerowaitstatei frankly don't care whether a $100 stupid set-top box works or doesn't; simply offering my experience21:37
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neldogzHi all, cant seem to login to Launchpad, keeps on saying Bad Request, bad bot, go away! Request aborted. Tryign to get21:43
neldogzAnyone experiencing this?21:43
tgm4883neldogz: logging in with Ubuntu One works21:44
tgm4883neldogz: you using a user agent switcher?21:44
neldogztgm4883, no but I am using lastpass to fill in the credentials for me.21:45
tgm4883neldogz: I do that as well, but again, I run it all through ubuntu one21:45
tgm4883neldogz: You can ask in #launchpad21:45
neldogztgm4883, thanks!21:46
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njmbb8hey guys, fresh install of 15 here. i have a drive that isn't getting picked up421:49
njmbb8can anyone help?21:49
njmbb8wrong keyboard lol21:51
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=== alpha is now known as Guest28807
daftykinsnjmbb8: yeah, share a pastebin of "sudo parted -l" and "mount"21:57
njmbb8can do!21:57
daftykinsaww points lost for non-clickability21:59
daftykinsnjmbb8: and the other half?22:00
njmbb8otw :)22:00
njmbb8the drive i'm looking for is 1tb22:01
njmbb8and the bios recognizes it22:01
k1l_daftykins: a good client makes the linkts clickable :) at least hexchat does for me22:01
daftykinseh, irssi via KiTTY22:02
njmbb8i'm irc'ing on one machine and linuxing on the other so i just typed the url in22:03
daftykinsnjmbb8: nope there is no disk of that size connected, you've got your 32GB flash drive and 500GB HDD, nothing else22:03
njmbb8my bad22:03
njmbb8well, it's connected. the bios sees it22:03
daftykinsok "dmesg > /tmp/blah" then install 'pastebinit' and run "pastebinit /tmp/blah"22:03
daftykinsok lets see22:07
daftykinsnjmbb8: nope, 500GB WD - Sony optiarc optical drive (DVD) - nothing else.22:10
daftykinsnjmbb8: is it possible your motherboard has both chipset SATA *and* an external controller chip providing more SATA ports?22:10
njmbb8any ideas?22:10
tgm4883njmbb8: are you sure the BIOS sees it?22:10
navetzhi can someone help me figure out how to see emojis in my google chrome on ubuntu. This is what I get all the time: http://imgur.com/Bnydm5t22:10
njmbb8gimme a sec to reboot into bios22:11
daftykinspics if you can22:11
sl1rpyis there a count on how many people use ubuntu somewhere thats up to date?22:17
njmbb8daftykins, tgm488322:18
k1l_sl1rpy: there is no such thing like an exact number. that is the trouble22:18
heheheheis there a way to compile unity without the launcher bar on ubuntu 14.04?22:18
sl1rpyk1l_, a rough estimate would do?22:18
njmbb8download number?22:18
njmbb8you could do an os detection scan in nmap on all valid ips and see how many return posisitve for ubuntu22:19
njmbb8idr how specific that gets22:19
daftykinsnjmbb8: ah so the other one is PATA, hang on22:19
daftykinsnjmbb8: can you boot back in and do a "sudo fdisk -l" and also share an "lspci" ?22:20
haryvwhere can I wget apt-get22:27
haryvtrying to find a link22:27
daftykinshow did the situation even come up?22:28
k1l_haryv: why do you want to wget it?22:28
haryvbcause yum does not see it as a downloadable item22:28
k1l_haryv: so what linux are we talking about?22:28
k1l_haryv: come on22:29
haryvokay sorry, disregard22:29
NeepuHey, i'm looking for a general programming channel. What channels would that be?22:30
k1l_!alis | Neepu see if there is #programming or such22:31
ubottuNeepu see if there is #programming or such: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*22:31
dcopehey all, every night at around 6:20 PM my CPU spikes and all four cores get pegged for a few minutes. i've checked cron jobs and nothing seems out of hte ordinary. what would be the next thing to check?22:31
k1l_dcope: syslog?22:31
artoiswith the wrong time zone :p22:32
njmbb8are people doing stuff to your system remotely?22:32
dcopek1l_: with dmesg?22:32
daftykinsnjmbb8: have a look at the SATA ports the disks are plugged into on that motherboard, which devices are where? https://www.asus.com/media/global/products/wurRaDZ8lo4Ckukj/9jQiycTrYALmWITT_500.jpg22:32
k1l_dcope: syslog got timestamps :)22:33
daftykinsnjmbb8: essentially... is this seagate disk plugged into one of the two slots that's at the very bottom edge of the board?22:34
dcopek1l_: nothing out of the ordinary in the syslog22:35
Guest28807anyone know of any decent pci-e wireless cards for a new desktop I built that support ubuntu?22:35
Guest28807If they were capable of monitoring and I could use with kalilinux that would be a plus too22:36
daftykinsnjmbb8: ok that's not gonna work, move it to one of the 6 SATA ports provided by the chipset on the side22:36
njmbb8ah ok thanks!22:37
daftykinsnjmbb8: also, that motherboard is on the very first release BIOS... 0301, published 3rd November 2009... the newest is 1501 from 2nd July 2011 :) many stability improvements since22:37
njmbb8yeah it's an old rig that i left at my parents house when i went to college22:37
njmbb8i honestly don't remember the model # of the mobo, do you have a link to the updated bios?22:38
k1l_dcope: hmm, dont know then22:40
dcopeyeah, it's very strange. it happens every day around 6:20 PM like clockwork. i can't figure out what's going on.22:40
daftykinsnjmbb8: yeah it's in your 'dmesg' - first 30 odd lines :) https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P6X58D_Premium/HelpDesk_Download/22:41
daftykinsnjmbb8: pretty high end machine to leave behind!22:41
njmbb8thanks daftykins you've been a ton of help22:41
njmbb8also, yeah it cost like, a summer's worth of lifegaurding22:42
daftykinsneat :) and no problem22:42
njmbb8but i got a pretty sweet laptop with my highschool graduation money22:42
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MeatPopsicleso anyone else have an issue with downloading multiple files from the software center? it seems after I get around 8 going it hangs on applying changes on one22:45
MeatPopsiclei can wait for na hour or more and no progress22:45
MeatPopsiclefor an*22:45
daftykinswhy would you queue up so many?22:46
MeatPopsiclewhen i initially install I want to get games and things and it hangs it up(been distro hopping so I come back a lot)22:46
daftykinsget the package names and open a terminal, type "sudo apt install package1 package2 package" instead of that, then22:47
MeatPopsiclemaybe ill compile a list of games and other programs I akways DL and save it, copy and paste to DL them22:48
daftykinsthat would work, if they all had the same names22:49
OerHeksif your hdd light blinks, take a drink and watch the show.22:50
MeatPopsicleso basically im limited to what I can download with ubuntu(in a way)?22:52
njmbb8good lord22:52
njmbb8i was messing around with the innards of my computer and a massive thunder rang out22:53
daftykinsMeatPopsicle: not even vaguely, no idea why whatever you're up to is doing what it's doing. maybe it's the programs you're choosing22:53
njmbb8i thought i was dead for sure22:53
daftykinsthat doesn't sound good22:53
njmbb8ofc the computer is unplugged22:53
josharensonMeatPopsicle: joining late here, but I have a script in my dropbox that I run after every new install that downloads all the software I need. I can share it if you want...22:53
njmbb8daftykins, it's fine, but my brain first went to, "oh shit what did you do to the computer" instead of "jesus, that was loud thunder"22:54
daftykinsnjmbb8: heh, careful on keeping the language family friendly ;)22:54
MeatPopsiclejosharenson that would be awesome thank you22:55
njmbb8sorry, didn't know that was a bad thing22:55
m1zkovwhat is the best way to wash bitcoins without getting scammed?22:56
daftykinsm1zkov: that's not an ubuntu support question, take it elsewhere please22:56
m1zkovsorry, i am new to this irc thing.22:57
oldornewSo I tried encrypting my home folder and almost instantly hit path limitations, I prefer not living in cave man times, so what's the best way to encrypt my /home partition?22:57
NectarDo i need to install flux before fluxgui. Or does flucgui contain flux already?22:58
EriC^^Nectar: it most likely does22:58
oldornew(it seems the encrypted file system or whatever has these super bad filename or path limitations)22:58
kolombooldornew, yes, there are 143 char limitation of ecryptfs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ecryptfs/+bug/34487823:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 344878 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "file name too long when creating new file (ecryptfs_lookup: lookup_one_len() returned [-36] on lower_dentry)" [High,Fix released]23:01
kolombooldornew, you can use cryptsetup, it does not have that limit23:02
oldornewi'll do that, thanks23:02
kolombodebian uses it as default23:03
kolomboyou're welcome23:03
Jordan_Uoldornew: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ecryptfs/+bug/344878 seems to show that bug being fixed in Precise.23:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 344878 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "file name too long when creating new file (ecryptfs_lookup: lookup_one_len() returned [-36] on lower_dentry)" [High,Fix released]23:05
Jordan_Uoldornew: Never mind, reading the full description I see that the limit is still there.23:06
njmbb8thanks, daftykins it shows up in dmesg at least23:07
njmbb8i think all i have to do now is format it, right?23:08
daftykinsnjmbb8: ah then we can move on... if you do another "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"23:08
daftykinsnjmbb8: what's the intention for it to be used as?23:08
njmbb8data drive23:08
daftykinshrmm so it might've been better to have put your /home on it23:08
njmbb8well, any quick fix for that or should i just reinstall?23:09
njmbb8reinstalling honestly isn't that big of a deal23:09
daftykinsyeah it can be resolved, not a huge problem23:10
njmbb8ok cool23:10
njmbb8cp /home sdb23:10
daftykinsnot quite23:10
EriC^^not that easy23:11
njmbb8i will not23:18
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m1zkovwhy is it a bad idea to login as root?  i want to play with ether ape, but it says i need to be logged in as root23:27
daftykinsm1zkov: good lord, that's the ancient name for wireshark.23:27
daftykinsah no i'm thinking of ethereal23:28
m1zkovi have wireshark and etherape on my computer23:28
daftykinsm1zkov: just run it with gksu / gksudo, no need to actually log *in* as root, that would be foolish23:28
daftykinsnjmbb8: any luck with the pastebin?23:30
njmbb8what am i pastebinning?23:31
njmbb8i missed that23:31
daftykins"sudo parted -l | pastebinit"23:31
daftykinsto go about making use of that second disk23:31
Luis40LPBuenas noches, alguien de Las Palmas?23:32
BotchlaBLuis40LP, saludos. Tal vez en #ubuntu-es le pueden ayudar mejor. Ojo, que estos canales son para soporte técnico nada más.23:33
Luis40LPOk, muchas gracias23:33
BotchlaBDe nada. :-)23:33
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njmbb8daftykins, paste.ubuntu.com/1201728123:38
daftykinsnjmbb8: so if you run the program 'gparted' by clicking the dash icon top left then typing it, you'll be able to select /dev/sdb then create a single ext4 partition on it23:39
GerowenI'm trying to make a backup ISO of my Princess Monoke DVD, but even with libdvdcss2 installed from the Videolan repo, it gets to a certain point in the process and then fails, the disc is not scratched and works properly.  Before it fails it seems to copy fine, except the disc speed is VERY slow compared to some other DVDs I've made backups of.23:39
daftykinsGerowen: sounds like ARCCoS, you could try with ddrescue23:40
Leverquinhello. is there anyone that can help me>?23:41
zykotick9Leverquin: ask your question... and see :)23:42
njmbb8daftykins, what type of partition table should i use?23:42
daftykinsnjmbb8: mbr / msdos23:42
Leverquini just installed lubuntu on pretty old pc. (512mb ram) 32 system.. and everything works fine just mozilla crashed when i start to watch youtube/ and when i download skype just didn't start program... and firefox is damn slow (version 39.0) what i can do?23:43
daftykinsi think you're asking a bit much of such a spec machine23:44
daftykinswhat's the graphics hardware in there?23:44
impalleLeverquin: did you read the note about system requirements for the Lubuntu version you installed?23:44
Leverquini wanted to instal lubintu 14.04 but i download new version by mistake. graphic card is;23:45
k1l_firefox and youtube are like the heaviest tasks you could fire up. i mean modern dualcores with 4GB ram are not fast with that.23:45
Leverquinyes it said lubuntu under 2RAM23:45
Leverquinhow to check my g. card?23:46
EriC^^lspci | grep VGA23:46
daftykinsmost likely HTML5 chugging i'd bet23:46
Leverquinit said nvidia Corporation NV34 Ge force FX 520023:47
Leverquini said old. there was xp win and i just reboost all.23:47
daftykinsyes, yes you did23:47
daftykinsLeverquin: sudo apt-get install nvidia-30423:48
daftykinsand reboot23:48
daftykinsactually does kubuntu even use lightdm?23:48
Leverquinok i will try23:48
k1l_since 15.04 they use sdds (or was is ssds?23:48
Leverquini am gonna reboost comming back23:49
Leverquinwish i know what i just did with that command :(23:49
daftykinsinstall an nvidia driver23:49
Leverquinbut i must say working better than xp23:50
daftykinsdespite crashing firefox, that's impressive23:50
Gerowendaftykins: Enlighten me about this arcoss and ddrescue, my goal is to have a file that my computer can open for burning new copies, or mount to play without digging out the physical disc.23:50
Leverquinto be honest this pc was pretty good. never had bigger problems23:51
daftykinsGerowen: newer Sony copy protection mechanism which prevents disc reading like this.23:51
Leverquinwell driver is installating now.23:51
daftykinsGerowen: ddrescue might be able to get around it, but quite frankly it'd be better just to skip it23:51
daftykinsLeverquin: well, the Spitfire was a great plane once...23:52
EriC^^dont give him ideas daftykins23:52
Leverquinwell to be honest i didn't want to install linux on new pc. cuz i had never done that before and didn't want to break something so i take off my old pc from plastic bag... and installed this.23:53
daftykinsah so there *is* some sanity to it23:53
Leverquinat least i gave to this machine new life23:53
Leverquinis there after life for 512mb RAM?23:54
daftykinswell, technically that's more RAM than the VM i'm typing from right now23:54
k1l_daftykins: i doubt you want to run firefox with youtube on that VM :)23:55
daftykinsooh deary me nope, 'tis a web server and irssi host alone23:56
Bashing-omLeverquin: " is there after life for 512mb RAM" -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall23:56
Leverquinyes i got Lubuntu 15.04 wanted 14.0423:57
Leverquinmy terminal done with drivers shall i restart pc?23:57

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