jjfrv8flocculant, I've run into an issue with Trusty image testing tonight. I zsynced my downloads from yesterday and burned them to flash drives...00:52
jjfrv8when I booted my test machine with them, I only got a "USB" choice, not a "UEFI-USB" choice for them. I didn't think much of it, then installed okay, but after a reboot, grub was unhappy...00:54
jjfrv8I ran boot-repair on the machine and that said the image on sdax was not EFI and it had to abort. So I thought I would download a full image instead of zsyncing, but it looks like they've been pulled for the day.00:55
jjfrv8So I'm not sure if there's a problem with the image, zsync or me, but I'm going to have to give up for the night. :(00:59
jjfrv8ochosi, I've installed LO 5.0 from the ppa. What should I be looking out for with the icons?01:03
ochosijjfrv8, any icons that arent elementary yet04:31
pleia2knome: Setting up sqlite3 (3.8.2-1ubuntu2.1) ...05:59
pleia2all done05:59
* pleia2 sleeps now05:59
flocculantjjfrv8: thanks - I didn't get any problems here with flash drive (other than which tool is actually going to work) 06:33
flocculanteven if there is one - not sure we'd be fixing it 06:33
flocculantochosi: grabbed the LO ppa08:19
flocculantalso - we have jjfrv8 and my tests on trusty for vm's and hardware08:19
flocculantdoesn't look like we'll get more - so we can mark whenever08:19
flocculantbluesabre: ^^08:19
davmor2You guys rock thanks for the testing :)08:23
knomepleia2, sorry, i obviously should have been less ambiguous, i need sqlite3 for php, i guess that's php5-sqlite. sorry! (and no rush, i'm glad you are getting a good sleep :))08:43
Unit193Good sleep++08:43
knomei slept surprisingly well too08:44
bluesabreflocculant: great, do you need me to mark it, or do you have it?10:41
flocculantbluesabre: I can do that - wasn't in a rush, just in case we get anymore results10:42
flocculantjust wanted to double check neither of you two had an issue with doing that with only 2 people reporting 10:43
bluesabreflocculant: it's fine, thanks10:50
flocculantok - well I'll wait as long as possible to do that 10:50
flocculantit caught me on the hop a bit ... 10:51
bluesabreflocculant: indeed, though always good to hit the ground running I suppose :)11:40
flocculantha ha 11:40
pleia2knome: ok, php5-sqlite is installed now too12:47
jjfrv8flocculant, just an fyi, I downloaded the full image again this morning and the flash drive was recognized as UEFI. Installed and booted okay.12:49
flocculantjjfrv8: thanks :)15:26
flocculantochosi bluesabre - marked them ready now15:27
asantos3hi, can I post some problems I'm having with an update here?15:31
flocculantasantos3: with a dev issue? if not then #xubuntu is the support channel15:32
asantos3flocculant, dunno if I would consider an dev issue, I'm having fps drops following an update15:33
flocculantif it's the issue you were talking about yesterday then #xubuntu is the right place15:34
asantos3ok, thanks15:34
knomepleia2, thanks and sorry again16:42
knomeochosi, hmm, when i turn on the PC and get a warning notification about battery state in the login screen, it's unstyled20:17
knomeochosi, known?20:17
knomeflocculant, i wonder what "Add to iso tracker and xubuntu core product via cdimage" means in english20:24
ochosiknome: not knwon to me at least20:37
ochosii wonder what notification system would be running there20:37
ochosiwhat does it look like?20:38
ochosigood ol yellow? :)20:38
flocculantknome: randomly means when the core things finished to move it from where it is so it's in with 32/64 bit20:40
ochosiflocculant: ty for the LO testing, my focus is still mainly on writer, but calc should be usable too20:42
flocculantyep - I do use write - just not as often 20:43
knomeochosi, plain gtk, very gray20:43
knomeflocculant, well i still don't understand completely... but i guess as long as you do... :)20:44
flocculantmostly I've not got any real clue what anyone else is doing with it in https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-w-development20:45
knome"When core is on cdimage, migrate the core product as a testsuite" ?20:45
knome*to a20:46
knomeis that what you are after?20:46
flocculantknome: if it means you stop worrying - call it what you like :p20:46
BronzeHello all20:46
knomei'm just trying to get a hold of what you are blocked to do :20:46
=== Bronze is now known as Guest14375
knomebut yeah, i think i get it now - if you need help when you need to do that, feel free to poke me20:47
knomeGuest14375, hello20:47
flocculantknome: I will - not sure I have perms20:47
knomeyou should, but if you don't... i do20:47
Guest14375If I am intruding please let me know, but is this where I can go to ask questions about the development?20:48
knomeGuest14375, not at all intruding, and yes, you are in the right place20:49
Unit193Unless you mean the development of firefox, libreoffice, or something like that.20:50
Guest14375No, no. LOL. I have a HP Stream 11 and have been using Xubuntu for a while. Best Flavor so far. However, I needed to run some commands and install this and that to get it working beautifully.20:52
Guest14375I was wondering how to fold that into the iso so others could download it and it run right out of the box. Primarily the wifi issue20:53
knomei would encourage you to write instructions on how to do it instead of rolling your own ISO for that purpose20:53
knomewell, unless it's for internal use and you know you will do it a hundred times...20:54
Guest14375Okay, I have uploaded a video on YouTube and hopefully many will find it helpful in that regards.20:54
knome...but even then you could use puppet or something like that to get it right20:54
Guest14375Beautiful work by the way. It handles pretty much anything I throw at it. Some photo and video overbearing websites can't do well. But, hey. No biggy20:55
knomethanks, the feedback will definitely find its way to the developers on this channel20:56
Guest14375Do you guys know who all manages the Facebook page?20:57
knomeGuest14375, pleia2 and holstein20:58
Guest14375Just one complaint... There isn't a lot of interaction with users on that page. Is there a purpose for that?20:59
knomelack of resources/time really20:59
Guest14375I work from home, could I be of much use to the team?20:59
knomewe would love to interact more with our users everywhere and do a lot more cool things, but we are all volunteers20:59
Guest14375Sorry, who said definitely... Your name doesn't appear in my window21:00
knomei did :)21:00
Guest14375SMH... Long day21:00
knomei guess your client just doesn't show the nick if the same person sends two lines in a row to the channel21:01
knomelike this21:01
Guest14375I am using kiwi21:01
Guest14375New to it21:01
knomeanyway, if you can, hang out in this channel - pleia2 will surely get back to you (with all these pings) and tell how you can help21:01
Guest14375Sure. Thanks21:02
knomei think she is conferencing in peru (ubunconla) right now, so i don't know about the schedules21:02
Guest14375No problem. Certainly not in a rush.21:02
knomegreat, thanks for the interest!21:03
Guest14375Just curious, other than answering my 10 million questions... What do you do with the team?21:03
knomewell... that's a good question21:04
knomei'm the website lead, and the former project lead21:04
knomei do pretty much everything21:04
knomeand use a lot of time in IRC too.21:04
Guest14375Honor to meet you. Bronze by the way... But someone already registered that name21:05
knomenice to meet you too21:05
knomejust figure out another name :)21:05
Guest14375I will leave this open, but I have to go to a parent/teacher conference. I am sure it will time, but anyhoo21:09
flocculantnight all21:13
bluesabreevening all22:18
knomehello sean22:19
bluesabrehiya pasi22:19
knomewhat's up today?22:19
bluesabremenulibre, lo-style-elementary, maybe catfish22:20
bluesabreknome: want to do a very small of amount of translating?22:23
knomecan do 22:23
bluesabrestrings 105 and 106 https://translations.launchpad.net/menulibre/master/+pots/menulibre/fi/+translate?show=untranslated22:23
knomeand done22:24
bluesabrethanks :)22:24

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