zumperi cant see wireless and stuff now00:00
zumperi did install it again doing apt-get install xfce4-indicator-plugin00:00
zumperbut i cant see wireless..00:00
zumperonly bluetooth now00:00
zumperhow do i get it back?00:00
zumperI also removed , by accident , my icon for wireless network connection.  When I put in the terminal : sudo nm-applet  I have my icon back for the wireless connections.00:04
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cb_Hi, I want to configure desktop notifications for my wifi hotspot connection.. so that when a new device gets added it would also show its name in notification popup.. any ideas how do i do that?06:28
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gdi2khow can I adjust the sensitivity of the volume control keys? mine drive the volume from off to ear piercing in about 3 steps...11:06
gdi2kto answer my own question: xfconf-query -c xfce4-mixer -n -p /volume-step-size -s 1 -t uint11:20
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asantos3uhm, hi15:34
asantos3does someone remember me from yesterday?15:34
drcno...best to restate your problem, what you did to correct it and what is still wrong.15:35
asantos3ok, I write the problem and how I got where I'm now15:35
asantos3I'm on Xubuntu 15.04 with an Radeon HD 7670M and I'm having fps drops in 3D fullscreen OpenGl games following an update15:37
holsteinasantos3: whatever its an update to, you can try simply reverting the update15:37
asantos3well, the problem I don't know what was it15:38
holsteinthat can at least confirm that, for you. then, you can file a bug, but, i suggest going upstream as far as you can15:38
holsteinasantos3: id day, thats an assumption then. you can try reverting the kernel, then, the driver.. or, just look for, and start your own bug report.. you can try #ubuntu as well, and see if you can find someone with the exact same hardware. that would be helpful15:39
drcI've never had occasion to use it or even look, but I'd assume that there's an update log <somewhere> ?15:40
asantos3I tested this a  bunch of times15:40
drcThis should tell you what was updated.15:40
asantos3I know what I update because I took an screenshot of it15:41
drc"<asantos3> well, the problem I don't know what was it"  Then what was this?15:41
holsteinasantos3: ah, so, as i suggested, you can try steppting back the versions of what you think is the cause.. its likely you can have a regression bug15:41
holsteinit happens, for sure15:41
asantos3Here's the screenshot http://i.imgur.com/WQxKg9i.png I took one because monday or so I had fps drops so I tested and bunch of stuff, even switched to ubuntu mate and reinstalled xubuntu 15.0415:43
asantos3I don't know what could have affected it from that list :/15:44
holsteinasantos3: the drivers, and core kernels, and other parts, are the same.. so, switching DE's wont address driver support, like that15:44
asantos3But it did ran finned, with everything updated on lubuntu 15.04 and ubuntu 15.0415:45
holsteinasantos3: sure.. both, lubuntu and ubuntu 15.04 are ubuntu as well.. same kernel, and GPU drivers.. *if* you have the same GPU drivers installed15:46
asantos3I did15:46
asantos3my gpu doesn't like the proprietary drivers15:46
asantos3so I always run the Radeon driver15:47
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thatdudeguyyouknI installed xubuntu 15.05 and Firefox from the link in the menu doesnt run16:18
thatdudeguyyouknI get failed to execute default browser - IO error16:18
thatdudeguyyouknAnyone seen this?16:18
asantos3what do you mean by "from the link in the menu"?16:19
thatdudeguyyouknshortcut in the main pulldown16:19
asantos3runs just fine in a fresh install here16:20
holsteinso, a fresh install of 15.04? and you click on firefox and it doesnt run? what happens, thatdudeguyyoukn ?16:20
thatdudeguyyouknyes, that is what I am describing16:20
thatdudeguyyouknI get failed to execute default browser - IO error16:21
drc1) Works here, 2) what happens if you uninstall then reinstall FF?16:21
thatdudeguyyouknDid I break the Internet?16:21
drcNo, you're not that good.16:21
holsteinthatdudeguyyoukn: please open a terminal, and type "firefox" and hit return, and see if it runs..16:22
thatdudeguyyoukndrc, I'm sure you aren't either16:22
thatdudeguyyouknprocess:4380): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed16:22
thatdudeguyyouknCould not create gnome accelerators directory `/home/joe/.gnome2/accels': Permission denied16:22
holsteinthatdudeguyyoukn: did it start?16:23
thatdudeguyyoukngot that error16:23
holsteinthatdudeguyyoukn: how did you install? from what iso?16:23
thatdudeguyyouknusb from fresh download16:24
holsteinthatdudeguyyoukn: sure.. from fresh download of what?16:24
thatdudeguyyouknI'm gonna reinstall and see if the issue persists16:24
holsteinthatdudeguyyoukn: reinstall what? xubuntu 15.04? 64bit?16:24
thatdudeguyyouknholstein, from the ISO download.16:24
thatdudeguyyoukn64bit yes16:24
holsteinthatdudeguyyoukn: i would simply update, first. though, it looks like you may just have a simple permissions issue.. did you create a user post install?16:25
holsteinthatdudeguyyoukn: would you try starting firefox as the guest user?16:25
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thatdudeguyyouknholstein, I did patch it and restart16:25
holsteinthatdudeguyyoukn: you patched what? how?16:25
thatdudeguyyouknapt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade16:27
holsteinwell, im updated here, and firefox runs.. so, i dont think that is the issue.. did you add any ppa's?16:27
holsteindoes it run as the guest?16:27
thatdudeguyyouknfresh install.  I'm gonna try as guest16:27
thatdudeguyyouknMatter of fact, gonna redownload.  Copy ISO to known good USB and reinstall16:28
thatdudeguyyouknoh and also checksum after download16:28
drcand check the media from the menu affter booting the USB, before installing16:28
thatdudeguyyouknyes, I will do that as well.16:29
thatdudeguyyouknThanks yall16:29
asantos3I tried rolling back some updates but didn't figured it out16:50
asantos3can anyone more knowledge than me see what package could be causing an fps drop? http://i.imgur.com/We4llgE.png This is the update history, the stuff at 04:17 caused it, dunno what.16:50
parzonhey, can someone tell me how can i hide docky icon?20:54
knomemaybe ask a docky channel?20:54
Mahewould installing vm+22:28
Mahesry accidently hit enter22:28
Mahewould installing vivid's intel driver deb package (xserver-xorg-video-intel) on trusty break the system (e.g. is it kernel dependent)?22:29
knomei wouldn't suggest doing that22:30
mrkramps_Mahe, you could install the HWE22:31
mrkramps_if not already done22:31
xanguaMahe: why would you need that? What is your Real issue?22:32
MaheI've got a graphical problem with xfdesktop (both with Xfce 4.10 and 4.12) on trusty that isn't present on vivid.22:32
MaheIf I set the icon size on xfdesktop higher (e.g. 64) and start dragging an element on the desktop my mouse cursor turns in to a garbled mess of the cursor and icon texture mixed together.22:33
Maheit's not visible on screenshots but stays for a few minutes22:33
mrkramps_Mahe, graphics card?22:34
MaheIt's happening on an Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics22:34
Maheit happens when using the SNA accel method (default)22:35
mrkramps_Mahe, already tried UXA?22:35
Maheyes, then the issue disappears22:35
Mahebut I can't get VSync via compton to work correctly on UXA22:35
Maheso it's not a solution for me either22:36
mrkramps_Mahe, would you mind posting the result of the following command:$ apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-intel* | fgrep '***'22:36
Mahe *** 2:2.99.914-1~exp1ubuntu4.5~trusty1 022:36
mrkramps_ok, that's the lts-utopic driver22:37
MaheI used the point release #2 install medium (14.04.2)22:38
Maheso I'm already on HWE?22:38
mrkramps_Mahe, yes22:38
Mahethat means the life cycle of this install won't even reach 2019?22:39
mrkramps_there should be support for this stack until july 201622:40
Mahecan I downgrade to 'true' LTS?22:40
mrkramps_ah, sry!!! _not_ 201622:41
mrkramps_argh, i never get this right22:41
mrkramps_Mahe, original trusty until 2019, lts-utopic and -vivid until july 2016 and lts-(16.04) until 2019 as well22:43
MaheI'm new to this HWE stuff22:44
Maheso that means the xorg and kernel stuff gets regularily backported to the LTS?22:44
mrkramps_introduced with 12.04.2 for all following LTS releases, yes22:45
Maheokay, so next I'd get vivid's backported xorg and kernel stack?22:45
mrkramps_then willy and then 16.04 (no name by now)22:46
mrkramps_and 16.04 can be used until EOL 14.04 in 201922:46
knomefor what it's worth, xubuntu LTS releases are supported for 3 years22:47
mrkramps_knome, thanks. that's something i should have mentioned before :S22:48
knomewhat this basically means is that all of the xubuntu-specific stuff has 3 years of support; all core/shared components get the support level ubuntu provides22:48
Maheidc, I already use the 4.12 ppa for the xfce stuff22:48
knomebut even then, the xubuntu team suggests upgrading after 3 years on an LTS, since the team does not support the aforementioned components any longer22:48
knome"xubuntu-specific stuff" isn't just xfce, but sure, it's your choice22:49
MaheThe important things of an LTS for me are core component security updates and the stable kernel22:50
knomei'm just pointing this out22:51
Maheyea no problem, thanks for the heads up22:51
Unit193And, the PPA doesn't get new stuff, and usually drops old releases no longer supported.22:51
MaheXfce's development is not as fast-paced and the current version is quite mature so I think I can live with this release a while22:52
mrkramps_Mahe, most likely you cannot stop yourself from upgrading to next LTS with point release 16.04.1 anyways22:52
knomeof course you can22:53
MaheThat's fine if it's running as well as the current LTS22:53
Mahebut for instance xubuntu 15.04 breaks my hibernate, even with the 4.0 kernel22:53
mrkramps_it's not LTS22:54
Maheyea I know22:54
mrkramps_and yes, you have to test carefully before upgrading22:54
MaheJust noticed that the vivid HWE packages are already in the repos22:55
mrkramps_Mahe if 15.04 breaks your hibernate you should expect this to happen with lts-vivid as well22:56
Maheyea I thought about that as well just now :D22:57
Maheso it might fix the graphics but break my hibernate :P22:57
MaheI'll just do a dd backup image tomorrow and try it22:58
Mahehow can I restart xfdesktop from the command line?23:05
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mrkrampsor --reload23:06
Maheokay seems like I successfully patched xfdesktop to use a fixed 48px drag texture size which avoids the graphic issue as well23:08
Maheone last question about the HWE stuff: did I get that correctly that if I keep updating my point release it will eventually install the vivid backported stuff?23:15
mrkrampsMahe, no23:15
mrkrampsyou have to install a new stack manually23:16
mrkrampsMahe, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack23:16
Mahek thanks23:17
Mahethen I'll just try out the vivid stack and if it doesn't work I'll downgrade to the trusty LTS stack23:22
Mahethanks for all your explanations and guidance! :)23:23

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