stubmarcoceppi: juju-log issues are covered by https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/127446004:27
mupBug #1274460: juju-log vs. command line length limits <juju-log> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1274460>04:27
stub(and there are similar bugs for the other tools, which share the problems, apart from relation-get which has been fixed already)04:27
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apuimedoGood morning10:24
apuimedoDoes somebody here use the juju digital ocean plugin?10:24
apuimedoI saw some comment from lazyPower on one of the issues10:25
apuimedofor some reason `juju ssh` does not work in my digital ocean environment10:25
axinoapuimedo: what does it do ?10:26
apuimedoaxino: from poking around10:36
apuimedoI saw that it sshs to the bootstrap machine10:37
apuimedoand from there does `nc`10:37
apuimedothe first part worked, I can ssh to the bootstrap env10:37
apuimedobut the nc part would just leave me waiting forever10:37
axinoapuimedo: can you reach the second instance from the bootstrap node ?10:39
apuimedoaxino: I can ssh to it10:40
apuimedobut I don't know its pass10:40
apuimedoaxino: are you using it frequently?10:40
axinoapuimedo: I'm not :)10:41
apuimedoaxino: what do you use, an OSt env?10:43
axinoapuimedo: yes, OS and a bit of AWS10:44
axinoapuimedo: can you run "juju --debug ssh $whatever_you're_sshing_to ?10:44
apuimedoaxino: how well does the AWS one work for deploying OSt?10:45
axinoapuimedo: I'm sorry, I don't get your question10:46
apuimedoaxino: I mean, does the AWS environment work well for deploying OpenStack charms?10:48
axinoapuimedo: I never deployed OpenStack charms to AWS10:50
apuimedoah, ok10:50
apuimedojamespage: have you?10:51
apuimedognuoy: I guess you use the internal OSt to launch openstack charms, right?10:58
gnuoyapuimedo, ost?10:59
gnuoyapuimedo, we use ost on ost and then ost on baremetal11:01
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sebas5384jcastro: Ubucon LatAm almost starting!14:27
jcastroglad to see you made it!14:28
jcastropeople were, uhhh, worried you didn't make the flight, heh14:28
sebas5384yeah!! i were looking after the ride but I didn14:28
sebas5384didn't find any sign with my name14:29
sebas5384don't know what happen :P14:29
sebas5384but hey! I'm here in one pice14:29
sebas5384jose: is making an awesome work :)14:29
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urulamajamespage: hey. frankban just released new deployer and also new juju-gui, which now allows you to deploy v4 bundles (so the new format you've been working with Makyo). Bundle deploy almost works, fails due to hook/config problem, no longer machine placement.14:50
urulamajamespage: and v3 -> v4 translation has landed, but that requires new charmstore release, which should happen next week14:51
frankbanurulama, jamespage: also quickstart fixes to deploy v4 bundles with placement will land next week, for now the deployer should work, v0.5.1 released on Pypi and the juju stable PPA14:52
apuimedomarcoceppi: ping16:28
sebas5384someone is having problems with python dependencies? http://pastebin.com/qX0c98F016:45
sebas5384I have almost the same problem with every charm deploy16:46
sebas5384http://pastebin.com/qX0c98F0 help ?16:55
marcoceppisebas5384: looking16:55
sebas5384marcoceppi: thanks o/16:55
marcoceppisebas5384: can you ssh into the machine and run this:16:56
marcoceppisudo apt-get -y install python-apt python-launchpadlib python-tempita python-yaml16:56
marcoceppisebas5384: apt-get is having a problem installing one of those packages16:56
sebas5384let me see16:57
sebas5384hmmm yeah couldn't even download the mysql for the mysql charm16:57
sebas5384marcoceppi: ^17:00
sebas5384it seems there's definitvely an apt problem17:00
marcoceppisebas5384: well, there ya go. Looks like you've got a proxy or networking issue17:00
marcoceppiis this on local provider or a cloud?17:00
sebas5384 403  Forbidden17:00
marcoceppisomethign is up with the networkign wherever you are17:00
marcoceppithe archive is reachable here17:01
sebas5384maybe is something related to firewalls17:01
sebas5384yep definitively is that17:01
sebas5384marcoceppi: I'm going to do a demo tomorrow in the ubuconLA17:01
sebas5384and I wanted to show the local provider17:01
marcoceppisebas5384: is this at the conference's wifi? or the hotel?17:02
marcoceppior somewhere else?17:02
sebas5384conference wifi17:02
sebas5384i think i must deploy locally in the hotel17:02
marcoceppijose: if you're around (you're probably mad busy) can you help sort this?17:02
sebas5384marcoceppi: jose is at the stage in this very moment17:03
sebas5384i'll talk with him17:03
marcoceppisebas5384: haha, well he should be able to help hopefully17:03
sebas5384thanks for your help marcoceppi :)17:03
sebas5384we should have some karma bots here :P17:04
beisnerping wolsen20:12
wolsenpong beisner20:12
beisnerwolsen, hey so in kilo and later, rmq doesn't allow guest amqp connections unless coming from localhost20:12
beisnerwolsen, so i've got tests that do all sorts of cool validation ... for combos up to kilo.20:13
wolsenbeisner, mmm was it just kilo? I thought that was a change in rmq version 3.something iirc20:13
wolsenbeisner, ahh right20:13
beisnerwolsen, then i have a work-around in the tests to just force-enable guest from anywhere at kilo and later.20:13
beisnerwolsen, but...20:13
beisnerwolsen, that clobbers ssl configs, since it's all in the same funky lil erlang stanza20:13
beisnerwolsen, ref:  https://www.rabbitmq.com/access-control.html20:14
beisnerwolsen, tldr:  the rmq charm needs to grow a config option to set loopback_users to [], while preserving all of the mangling happening for ssl configs in that file.20:14
beisnerwolsen, in order for me to include ssl tests that is.20:15
wolsenbeisner, what about granting access for a specific user? oh those are made over the relations right?20:15
beisnerwolsen, it looks to me like that file is only currently touched by the charm when ssl is on.20:15
wolsenbeisner, oh20:15
beisnerwolsen, yep, rock:hardplace20:15
wolsenbeisner, yep... and enabling the option risks security :/20:16
beisnerwolsen, right, but the charm is untestable (across our whole support matrix) without either adding that option20:16
beisnerdoing more serious mangling of configs in the test, outside of charm config options20:17
beisnerwhich i try not to have to do20:17
wolsenbeisner, that's fair20:17
beisnerwolsen, the new test is this:20:18
wolsenbeisner, fwiw, I'm not opposed to adding the option, just need to have the appropriate amount of "do not use this in the real world"20:18
beisnerdeploy precise-icehouse through vivid-kilo20:18
beisner3 rmq units20:18
beisnersend amqp msg to each unit, 1 at a time, and check that the message can be read from all other units20:18
beisnercheck that all units are represented IN all units cluster_status20:19
beisnerso it's more of a core cluster/messaging functional check that works on the whole horizon of combos (sans ssl).20:19
beisneri have a whole load of helpers coming out of this too, which will make it easy to add the other scenarios20:20
beisnerwolsen, i wonder if we can borrow creds from something else that does have perms to talk over the wire?20:21
beisnerand use that in pika instead of guest20:21
wolsenbeisner, should would be nice to be able to set a mock relationship here - so you could create it that way!20:22
wolsenbeisner, we probably could borrow them if you really wanted to - seems like quite a kluge though20:23
wolsenbeisner, I think its probably better to enable the guest account for what is being tested20:23
beisnerwolsen, i was just running with the guest@guest pika thing the other tests were using.   i'll look at adding a separate user explicitly who can talk.  but if that involves that funky stanza thing, we'll still be clobbering ssl charm activities.20:24
beisnerwolsen, the charm isn't plumbed for that file currently, except for in the ssl enablement pieces, so it doesn't look like that will be non-trivial.20:24
beisners/non-trivial/trivial/   bah the double negatives20:25
beisnerie. the ssl charm config options are a bit antisocial wrt the file we need to touch20:25
sebas5384marcoceppi: the mediawiki scalable bundle is giving errors in the haproxy and mediawiki install hooks http://pastebin.com/8gXkdhKz20:43
sebas5384deploying in GCE20:43
sebas5384I'm gonna test it in aws later20:43
marcoceppisebas5384: It looks like that ppa doesn't exist anymore20:45
sebas5384so the charm is not updated?20:46
sebas5384maybe because is precise/20:46
beisnerwolsen, got it sorted.  the test is just adding a testuser with necessary privs, should work independently of that file and the ssl erlangy stuff.21:13
wolsenbeisner, sweet - that's even better21:13
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hazmattvansteenburgh: was there any clarity on how frankban's branch fixed the memory issue?21:20
* beisner => eow21:30
mwenninghi juju team, how do I set proxy's on bootstrap nodes?  I tried 'http_proxy:  blah' in environments.yaml and it said "unknown config"21:43
marcoceppimwenning: what version of juju?22:12
marcoceppihazmat: tvansteenburgh is out for the next week22:12
mwenningmarcoceppi, 1.24.3-trusty-amd6422:13
marcoceppimwenning: try http-proxy22:13
marcoceppiand https-proxy22:13
marcoceppimwenning: you can also set it on an exiting environment with juju set-env22:13
mwenningmarcoceppi, thx .   in 30 minutes I'll know if that fixed it ;-)22:18
mwenningmarcoceppi, is there a way to tell juju to just abort everything and quit?22:21
marcoceppimwenning: ctrl + c?22:23
mwenningmarcoceppi, nope, juju says something like 'waiting for bootstrap to finish' and keep right on going until all the timeouts finish.22:23
marcoceppimwenning: you could maybe do juju destroy-environment --force22:24
mwenningmarcoceppi, nope, juju ignores that if it's in the middle of a bootstrap22:24
mwenning\o/ , Bootstrapping Juju machine agent22:34
marcoceppimwenning: huzzah!22:41

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