maxyzari-tczew pinged me privately in oftc, but is no longer connected there, who should I reply to?07:23
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sittermaxyz: he doesn't coordinate with us AFAIK so, best send an email I suppose07:54
lordievaderGood morning.08:00
maxyzIt was about some gcc5 changes needed for kf5. Well, nevermind, please let me know if you need to bump a lib to v5.08:01
ovidiu-florinsitter: I need your help08:32
ovidiu-florinI've talked with apol and he said that we need KDevelop in the Kubuntu CI08:33
ovidiu-florinhow can I get it in there?08:33
sitterkdevelop needs a kf5 port that has a release planned for <= 6months in the future. then kdevelop and its dependencies on http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/?q=pkg-kde need to have a kubuntu_unstable branch added. those branches then also need porting to kf5. then kdevelop and its deps need to be added to http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/ci-tooling.git/tree/data/projects.json for integration. then someone needs to tell me to sync the CI jobs08:38
sitterassuming their repository name on debian is not what their repository name on kde is someone also first needs to write manual mapping mapping rules in http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/ci-tooling.git/tree/data/upstream-scm.yml before I can sync08:39
sitteror rather, I could sync but the builds will fail since they can't find their upstream source ^^08:39
ovidiu-florinso we can't  get a CI with master?08:42
sitterovidiu-florin: where did I say that? :P08:43
ovidiu-florinso we can?08:44
sitterassuming a release is planned in due time sure08:44
sneleguys 14.04.3 is labeled as "beta" in startup disk creator: http://www.dodaj.rs/?a/XA/3wsiwEEC/snapshot21.png08:44
ovidiu-florinI'm working on the Plasma Mobile SDK. I'm not sure I understud the whole process, but my current task is to get KDevelop Maste into the CI so we can make a docker image based on that08:44
sitterovidiu-florin: same process applies minuse the 6months rule08:45
sitterhas a different file for the projects list though http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/ci-tooling.git/tree/data/projects_mci.json08:45
lordievadersnele: I wonder where startup disk creator gets it's labeling from...08:47
lordievaderPerhaps some mirror is slightly behind?08:47
snelelordievader: it is latest 5th August http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/14.04.3/release/08:49
lordievaderHmm, since there were no respins that should be the released image.08:50
sitterRiddell: are we throwing kwallet-pam backport at backports ppa?08:55
sittergoing to add the pam automatic magic, after that we probably could do a quick backport08:55
Riddellsitter: I'll package it for wily and then maybe a useful person like sgclark will backport it09:00
sitterRiddell: needs the pams first though :P09:04
* sitter crosses fingers for CI QA to pass09:05
sittersince shadeslayer mentioned it09:05
sitterthe binary naming standard apparently is libpam-foo09:05
sitternot pam-foo09:05
sitterjust a FYI09:05
sitterand on another note. I  am now wondering why we didn't move the pam into kwallet source itself :P09:06
sitterseems odd to have it in plasma only09:06
clivejoRiddell: I attempted kamoso last night, its in my PPA09:20
clivejothe naming convections are still causing me grief09:20
Riddellmparillo, lordievader: all good on the 14.04.3 announce?10:39
lordievaderThe 64bit was fine IMO.10:39
lordievaderDo you know why it needed more than 1g memory?10:44
lordievaderWas it the live session in the background eating too much ram?10:44
Riddellthat I've no idea alas10:44
Riddellmaybe we need to disable something10:44
lordievaderMust say I haven't checked if it works when you go straight to installation.10:45
mparilloRiddell: Too late now, but I did test 32 bit live session, full install, and full encrypted install with no obvious breakage. Only the usual that after clicking the restart button at the end of installation I had to force powerdown my VM10:50
lordievaderI think I had to do that too.10:51
Riddellmm, most annoying that10:53
santa_morning sitter. have you seen my mail about symbols files in kubuntu_wily_archive?10:55
sittersanta_: haven't gotten to it yet, sorry10:56
ovidiu-florinwhat's the name of that audio software that we used for meeting?11:21
ovidiu-florinthank you11:22
sitterRiddell: are you preping 5.4 uploads or are you on other stuff?11:24
Riddellsitter: I plan to get on plasma 5.4 shortly11:24
sitterping if you get to it before me please11:24
sitterneeds branches sorted out11:25
Riddellsitter: just needs kubutu_stable merged in no?11:34
sitterunstable -> stable first11:34
sitterand then the stable -> archive merge11:35
santa_sitter: before that, could we switch the kci to gcc 5? otherwise this is going to be a mess, I'm afraid...11:36
sittersanta_: isn't it?11:36
sittergcc5 still stuck in proposed?11:36
santa_hmm, I cecked the last kconfig build yesterday and is using gcc 411:37
sitterthat would at least explain the symbol divergence11:37
sitterwhich means I broke stuff xD11:37
Riddellsitter: ok shall I merge those now?11:37
sitterI suppose that's the mail about?11:37
sitterRiddell: go ahead11:37
sitterRiddell: just make sure... these are two merge runs11:37
santa_↑ yep, still in proposed11:38
Riddellsitter: do I need to turn off kci?11:38
sitterRiddell: disabled it is already11:38
santa_sitter: yeah, my mail is about that, I was guessing that you needed to dist-upgrade the chroot used to build the packages in the kci11:39
sittersanta_: this makes the situation somewhat unfortunate. depending on proposed means all users would need to enable proposed as well11:39
santa_we can figure it out without depending on proposed11:40
* sitter hits nexts in ubiquity and reads mail11:41
santa_sitter: this is not in the mail: I can do the following: keep sending patches for symbols files like I have been doing (these symbols files will be compatible with gcc 4 AND gcc 5 .i.e. we don't depend on proposed), once the kci is switched on with gcc 5 there shoudln't be any problem, but if there is, I will be glad to help11:43
dokoRiddell, hope you can install most of kde again. how's the update going?11:44
santa_does it make sense to you?11:44
sittersanta_: KCI takes offense with MISSING but passing symbols11:44
santa_sitter: "MISSING but passing" ~ "optional symbols gone" ?11:45
santa_oh, damn11:45
sitterthere are only three options I can think of 1. we disable symbol tracking for now (which could be simply ignoring MISSING symbols in passing builds) meaning we won't track ABI until gcc5 lands 2. we make KCI use proposed (which from an integration POV is the best option) but that needs users to enable proposed AND since we use wily for plasma 5.4 testing now that can impact testing results there 3. we pull up a second CI chain that ignores symbols 11:46
sitterand delivers for plasma testing (likely requires some engineering effort first)11:46
santa_I think I would vote for 111:47
sitteryeah, it's probably the least annoying of the options11:47
santa_I will be very glad to help with this option, also note that I have some partial work for kde apps / gcc 511:48
sitteryeah, I essentialy reverted part of that :P11:49
* sitter was under the impression that gcc had landed already for some reason11:49
santa_sitter: another issue: think about this post-"gcc 5 landed in wily" situation: we get a new symbol in gcc 5, it's noise/optional and won't show up in gcc 4, however it's added as a non-optional symbol by the kci11:51
Riddellsitter: I'll move kgamma to kgamma5 in debian git11:52
sittersanta_: do we still need to support gcc4 though?11:52
santa_sitter:  ... and if it's marked as optional confuses the kci -> how do we deal with backports?11:52
sitteroh, KCI only tracks symbols on latest_series11:53
sitterI suggested the backport scripts should do the same11:53
sitterthere's not much value derived from it given the effort involved to make the symbol tables work for backport versions11:53
santa_so, no need to support gcc 4 in any futher symbols patching?11:54
santa_* so, no need to support gcc 4 in any futher symbols patching targeted to kubuntu_wily_archive?11:55
sitterRiddell: I still don't get why you can't use an epoch11:59
Riddellsitter: on kgamma?11:59
Riddellsitter: it's an upstream issue, upstream versions have no epoch11:59
sitterI see12:00
sitterpersonally I don't see this as an upstream issue TBH12:01
sitterfor a lib it would be an upstream issue. but random tarball versions mean nothing *shrug*12:01
santa_sitter: hmm, sorry about the brain fart, but now that I think about it: we need to support gcc 4 if we don't want to depend on proposed12:12
sitterah yeah, otherwise pkg-kde explodes xD12:14
Riddellclivejo: could you update your purpose package too? http://download.kde.org/unstable/purpose/ then I'll get those into the ubuntu archive12:14
sittersanta_: I can actually bypass that as well12:14
Riddellahoneybun: there's no frameworks port of kget so there's no need to package that manually, it's just stuff with frameworks ports that need updates https://community.kde.org/Applications/15.04_Release_Notes12:15
santa_sitter: bypass what exactly?12:16
sittersanta_: simply drop the symbols files altogether12:16
sitterif there are no symbols files the build cannot fail on them12:16
sitterwhich is in fact what we do for vivid CI anyway12:16
clivejoRiddell: are you about these evening12:17
Riddellclivejo: probably not12:17
santa_sitter: while I'm not very familiar with the kci stuff, I think I get the idea12:19
santa_Riddell, sitter: so now that the symbols handling is sorted out, what's the plan about the new upcoming versions?12:21
santa_(of frameworks, applications, plasma)12:22
santa_should I finish my 15.04.3/kubuntu_wily_archive apps patches for gcc 5?12:22
sitterno clue what Riddell's plan there was. I understand KF5 was partially uploaded to proposed though12:24
sitterRiddell: did you run the merging yet?12:24
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clivejoRiddell: what version is akonadi,IRC channel says "Stable: 1.13, master is KF5", download KDE.org says "15.07.90" and the archive has 1.13.0-2ubuntu4 !?12:30
clivejoalso is kamoso version correct?12:31
clivejoLP kept rejecting it on me12:32
BluesKajHowdy folks12:41
Riddellsitter: not yet merged no12:42
Riddellclivejo: akonadi is 15.07.90 http://download.kde.org/unstable/applications/15.07.90/src/12:44
Riddellclivejo: kamoso should be 3.0.0~rc1, else 3.0.0 will be smaller than current12:45
* Riddell merges plasma12:56
ahoneybunRiddell: please leave me and clivejo some list of packages that are ported to kf513:01
sitterRiddell: baloo needs stable branch removed13:06
sitterand kfilemetadata13:06
Riddellahoneybun: https://community.kde.org/Applications/15.04_Release_Notes13:07
sitterahoneybun: https://community.kde.org/Applications/15.08_Release_Notes13:07
ahoneybunwhich list is it?13:07
sitterall tagged [new]13:07
Riddellyes, what sitter said13:07
sitteralso see kubuntu-devel mail from like 1 month ago or so pertaining to apps packaging13:07
sitterthere is a shortlist of what needs doing to port to kf513:07
ahoneybunsitter: that mail made very little sense13:08
sitterentirely possible :P13:08
ahoneybunso everything with [new] needs packaging?13:08
sitterI tend to work in spheres puny humans have problems comprehending :P13:08
sitterahoneybun: except for dragon13:08
sitterahoneybun: in general a good rule of thumb is to check if the repo has a kubuntu_unstable branch13:09
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sitterif not then it needs porting, if it has one then it likely doesn't as that means it is in CI13:09
ahoneybunsitter: ark: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/ark.git/13:10
sitterahoneybun: what's your question?13:11
ahoneybundoes that need packaging>13:11
ahoneybunI see no kubuntu_unstable13:11
sitteryes, it needs porting13:11
Riddellsitter: those kubuntu_stable branches seem to be already gone13:11
sitterRiddell: my clone just disagreed13:11
sitterahoneybun: yes, it has no kubuntu_unstable because it is new, so it needs porting from scratch13:12
sitterso you'd start with kubuntu_wily_archive13:12
sitterbranch it into kubuntu_unstable and then start porting away13:12
ahoneybunhow do I do that?13:12
Riddellsitter: tell clone sitter to get a grip https://paste.kde.org/pear8vydf13:12
sitterI could tell you how I do it usually but I fear that might confuse you :/13:12
sittergit co kubuntu_wily_archive13:13
sittergit co -b kubuntu_unstable13:13
sitterthen clone upstream repo13:13
sitterthen ln -s ark/debian into the upstream repo13:13
sitterthen dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -jauto -b until green :P13:13
sitteralso I read CMakeLists.txt to get the build dependencies 13:13
sitterahoneybun: really, Riddell might be more help with this13:13
ahoneybunln -s?13:14
Riddellsitter: I'll package frameworks first because plasma presumably wants the new baloo13:14
sitterahoneybun: symbolic link13:14
sitterahoneybun: it's essentially cheating my way to a source package that is no source package13:14
sitteras I said, more confusing than helpful13:14
sitterRiddell: and baloo?13:16
sitterRiddell: in plasma13:16
Riddellsitter: is now part of frameworks13:16
sitternot frameworks13:16
Riddellsitter: ?13:17
sitternevermind, I'll do it myself13:17
sitterthe merger tool actually has a beauty flaw13:18
sitterit'd create stable branches in repos we don't use anymore13:18
* sitter scratches head13:19
ahoneybunRiddell: kdelibs5-dev is old right?13:19
Riddellahoneybun: yep, remove that if it's for a frameworks port13:20
Riddellthat's kdelibs4 despite the number in it13:20
ahoneybunI'm working on ark13:20
ahoneybunin the ec2 still13:20
Riddellahoneybun: :)13:23
ahoneybunI''m guessinig your in there too?13:24
Riddellnot currently13:24
ahoneybunoh ok13:25
ahoneybunthought you were watching me lol13:25
RiddellI'm not, but you never know when I am!13:25
ahoneybunis this really needed libkonq5-dev ?13:27
ahoneybunKonqueror libraries13:27
Riddellahoneybun: that's kdelibs4 stuff too13:29
ahoneybunthought so13:29
Riddellprobably needed for some preview in the old version but drop it for the port13:29
ahoneybundrop it13:29
ahoneybunyay patchs13:32
sitterRiddell: have you pushed the merge yet?13:43
sgclarkScottK: I am in VA next week Wed-Sun if you are around.13:44
ScottKInteresting.  Quite possibly.13:45
ScottKNeed to survive this week/weekend before I have mental bandwidth to think about it though.13:45
sgclarkWe are renting a car, so getting to you won't be an issue13:45
sgclarkno worries13:45
Riddellsitter: yes13:50
Riddellsitter: I'm now packaging frameworks13:50
sitterRiddell: can you paste me your merge command13:54
sitterthere is something very fishy going on 13:54
Riddellsitter: um   git checkout kubuntu_stable; git merge kubuntu_unstable; git checkout kubuntu_wily_archive; git merge kubuntu_stable13:55
sitterRiddell: repo-merge?13:56
Riddellsitter: what's the difference?14:01
sgclarkrepo-merge is easier14:02
sitterit's also workign on clean clones14:02
sitterbut if we consider tools pointless I can also just stop writing them14:02
sgclarkplease don't O.o14:02
Riddellhmm, lots of missing https://launchpadlibrarian.net/213854859/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.attica-kf5_5.13.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1_BUILDING.txt.gz14:34
Riddellsanta_: know anything about this failure? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/213854859/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.attica-kf5_5.13.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1_BUILDING.txt.gz14:39
sitterRiddell: baloo merge broken14:40
Riddellsitter: kubuntu-ci is silent on the subject, what's up?14:40
santa_Riddell: yeah, I forget to include the patch in the patchset for 5.12/gcc 5, see kubuntu-devel14:40
sitterdoesn't know who broke it14:40
santa_Riddell: http://gpul.grupos.udc.es/kubuntu_patches/frameworks-5.12/attica-kf5/0001-Update-symbols.patch14:41
santa_this should do part of the job14:41
Riddellsitter: merge pushed14:42
Riddellsanta_: applied thanks :)14:46
santa_doko: thank you for the openbabel update, I have just found out that libkface (from kde apps) is still ftbfs'ing this time because of opencv (which will need a transition in debian: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=791226)14:47
ubottuDebian bug 791226 in src:opencv "opencv: library transition is needed when GCC 5 is the default" [Important,Open]14:47
santa_part of the build log: https://paste.kde.org/pmpewa1p314:49
santa_Riddell: for kdesu would be nice to either merge from kubuntu_unstable or cherry-pick my patch to make the debian/rules working fine on any distro15:20
santa_Riddell: I mean this commit http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-kde/frameworks/kdesu.git;a=commitdiff;h=bd63db815:21
santa_I have checked kubuntu_wily_archive and still doesn't have the patch15:21
mparillo_Will kdesu replace kdesudo?15:22
sittersanta_, Riddell: surely that kdesu commit is merged in wily_archive?15:27
sitteroh wait, we are uploading 5.1215:27
sittersanta_: probably can just wait for 5.1315:27
sitterseeing as we are one month behind by the time 5.12 is in 5.13 will be out :P15:27
Riddell5.13 is building now https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-frameworks15:30
sitterRiddell: you merged frameworks, right?15:31
dobeyhi. is anyone working on getting the kubuntu packages in wily updated for the gcc5 transition?15:32
Riddellsanta_: cherry-picked thanks15:32
Riddellsitter: hmm it should have happened in the staging script let me check15:32
sitterif you had to cherry pick it wasn't15:32
Riddelldobey: yes we are, slowed down by lots of stuff also being ported to frameworks15:32
sitterthat commit is like 3 weeks ago15:32
Riddellsitter: fooey :(15:33
sitterRiddell: don't forget to resume CI before you leave15:33
* sitter heads out15:33
dobeyRiddell: ah ok.15:33
Riddelldobey: what's the issue?15:33
dobeyRiddell: well i'm just seeing that the majority of remaining failures are kde things, some of which just need simple no-change rebuilds. i don't have upload permissions, so i can't fix any myself directly, so i'm just poking to see if i can get someone to fix them15:34
RiddellI'm currently doing frameworks and expect to do plasma and applications after15:35
dobeythe packages that have libs though, need lib renames for the changed abi from gcc515:35
Riddelldobey: got an example to see if it's in that lot of not?15:35
dobeyRiddell: well, the "step" package just needs a simple no-change rebuild15:36
dobey"cantor" also seems to just need a no-change rebuild15:37
Riddelldobey: aye they're all in applications, I'll get to them toot sweet next week15:41
BluesKajRiddell:  plasma 5?15:48
RiddellBluesKaj: is next on my list to package15:49
BluesKajgood to hear Riddell :-)15:49
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Riddelladd http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/frameworks/build_status_5.13.0_wily.html kf5 5.1316:03
clivejoRiddell: ready for testing yet?16:05
Riddellclivejo: frameworks? goodness no lots to build still16:06
* clivejo shakes head16:06
clivejoRiddell: is the name I used for Kamoso in my PPA ok?  3.0.0+rc1-1ubuntu1 ?16:10
Riddellclivejo: should be 3.0.0~rc1-0ubuntu116:10
Riddell~ means less so the final 3.0.0 will be a larger number, and -0 because it's not in debian yet16:11
clivejook so purpose has jumped from 0.1 to 1.0 ?16:18
santa_Riddell: I have detected a general problem in frameworks 5.13, e-c-m build depend was not bumped to 5.1316:27
santa_Riddell: if you don't have a quick way to fix it, I have an script to fix this quickly for all frameworks packages16:28
clivejoRiddell: If you have few minutes would you help me with these Lintan messaqes https://paste.kde.org/p8sb8k8vt16:29
Riddellmm yes it's missing from dev-package-name-lists/frameworks-wily, I'll just add it in thanks16:29
Riddellclivejo: you shouldn't need to build-dep on qt5-default so just remove that16:30
Riddellclivejo: libkf5purpose5 probably needs multi-arch: same16:30
Riddellclivejo: and symbols files need updated which is faffy and is described at http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/symbolfiles.html "pkgkde-symbolshelper batchpatch -v 1.8 buildlog" probably easiest16:31
clivejooh good lord16:35
clivejowont build at all now - dpkg-source: error: aborting due to unexpected upstream changes, see /tmp/purpose_1.0~rc1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa2.diff.WC8miU16:45
clivejogives up16:49
Riddellclivejo: look in that file and see what it's moaning about16:53
Riddellmaybe you downloaded a log file into the source and it wants it removed16:54
santa_Riddell: hmm, so are you going to push to git anything to bump to e-c-m to 5.13?16:56
santa_s/to e-c-m/e-c-m/16:57
Riddellsanta_: pushed17:01
santa_Riddell: thanks, re-scheduling build for my ppa simulation...17:05
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Ninjas! https://community.kde.org/Applications/15.08_Release_Notes | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Plasma Mobile images: http://kubuntu.plasma-mobile.org/ | congratulations to sgclark on Akademy Award | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/frameworks/build_status_5.13.0_wily.html | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/plasma/build_status_5.3.95_wily.html
Riddellplasma up http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/plasma/build_status_5.3.95_wily.html17:09
santa_Riddell: may I send you my w-i-p set of patches for apps before it's too late? it doesn't cover the full set of apps ftbfs'es with gcc 5 but would be a nice thing to have in kubuntu_wily_archive before we start with apps 15.0817:34
ScottKsanta_: Perhaps you could take a look at this one:17:51
ScottK<slangasek> qt-gstreamer is on the list of packages with symbols changes for g++5, and is hit by the qt4+boost issue.  package has non-trivial reverse-dependencies (both qt4 and qt5 binaries are seeded).  any kubuntuers able to take a look at this?  Riddell, ScottK?17:51
ScottK<slangasek> fwiw if I disable the qt4 build it still ftbfs by failing to find /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gstreamer-1.0/include/gst/gstconfig.h, so there's some failure to properly pkgconfig here as well17:51
ScottKOr anyone else?17:52
santa_ScottK: what's the problem exactly? qt4 is ftbfsing in ubuntu because of gstreamer?17:57
santa_if so I might have an idea about the problem17:58
ScottKsanta_: If you can work on it, have a chat with slangasek for details.17:58
ScottKAll I know is what I pasted.17:58
santa_ScottK: ack18:10
=== rdieter is now known as rdieter_work
clivejoanyone about to help me with symbols file?21:04
clivejoIm trying to update libkf5purpose library from 1.0beta to 1.0rc121:05
clivejolintan is complaining about the symbols file21:05
clivejoI have what I believe is the diff file - https://paste.kde.org/px3t5ktw921:07
clivejobut cant figure out how to actually apply it21:07
clivejoyofel Riddell anyone?21:10
yofelfirst, see http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/symbolfiles.html21:11
yofelmy connection is bad so I'll have to explain that later21:12
yofelbut the diff is weird, the symbols aren't that different..21:14
clivejoIve rm *.symbols :/21:17
yofelbad idea21:17
yofelwe need those files to make sure that the version doesn't stay the same if a symbol gets removed21:17
yofelso you need to be able to see what gets removed21:18
clivejocant even build it21:18
yofelwell, it'll probably fail on missing symbols, right21:18
clivejogonna have to start again, this is a proper mess21:18
clivejooh its completed21:19
yofelin that case, we have a problem, but I can talk more about that when I'm home (~30min)21:19
* yofel hits is connection21:19
clivejoshould I start from scatch21:20
clivejothis makes NO sense!21:41
ahoneybunwatch some netflix or some silly youtube video21:52
clivejoLOL ahoneybun dont get me started on netflix21:53
ahoneybunthere is a movie called "Rubber"21:53
clivejoI dont live in the correct country!21:54
ahoneybunwell the W's are about symbols 21:54
ahoneybunwhat does lesspipe tell you?21:54
clivejothere are symbols there, but they must be from the beta build21:55
clivejoand have changed now in the rc1 buid21:55
clivejobut I cant figure out how to update them21:55
ahoneybunsmall name changes maybe21:55
ahoneybunnot in debian/rules?21:55
ahoneybunor something21:56
clivejojonathan pointed me to http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/symbolfiles.html21:56
clivejobut dpkg-buildpackage -j4 | tee buildlog fails with  dpkg-source: error: aborting due to unexpected upstream changes, see /tmp/purpose_1.0~rc1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1.diff.yXAmw_21:57
ahoneybunI don't even know dpkg-buildpackage yet so21:58
ahoneybunI just use debuild21:58
clivejoits complaining about the file buildlog not being in the original source21:59
clivejobut its a new file!21:59
ahoneybunI usually just chill till someone gets here21:59
clivejooh that gave me an idea21:59
clivejowhat if I put ../buildlog22:00
clivejook that worked22:02
clivejostep one complete22:03
clivejo*beep* *beep* of a *beep*'ing *beep*22:04
clivejoI hate versions!!22:05
clivejopkgkde-symbolshelper: error: input symbol file template version (5.9.0+git20150516.0223) is higher than the specified one (1.0)22:05
clivejohow did it get to 5.9.0?!?22:06
valorieso awesome to see you two helping one another out22:19
valorieclivejo: are you a Kubuntu Member?22:20
valorieplease apply!22:20
ubottuUbuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember22:20
clivejonot sure I want to22:20
valorieyou qualify so Just Do It22:20
valoriecan you tell me why?]22:21
valoriepm is ok22:21
valorieif you prefer22:21
clivejorecent events22:21
valoriethat I understand, and it's been very upsetting for many of us22:22
valoriehowever IMO we are the captain of our own ship, if we want to be22:23
clivejoIMO ubuntu will always be steered by MS/Canonical22:24
clivejoI moved from Ubuntu to Kubuntu because of Unity and MIR, plus the sending of search info to Amazon22:25
dokoRiddell, not sure about santa's last question. opencv is already transitioned, and it can't be in unstable because of missing transitions in the b-d's. not sure what to do about it22:26
dokoanyway, afk again22:26
clivejoJR asked questions a lot of us want to know, and look at the way he was treated22:27
clivejoso Im not sure I want to be a member of that "community"22:27
clivejoplus when I was trying to help beta testing in Ubuntu and asked questions I felt like something unpleasure found on ones shoe!22:31
valoriesorry, I might have missed something22:32
valoriemy computer ran out of battery without warning me22:32
valorievery rude of it22:32
valorieyes, we'll always be steered by Canonical, that is a basic fact of life22:32
valorieclivejo: very sorry to hear that you were treated badly while beta-testing22:33
clivejono, here have been great!22:33
valorieor in #ubuntu+122:33
clivejothere and the forums22:33
valoriegood that we've treated you well22:33
valorieoh gosh the forums22:34
valorieused to be great22:34
valoriekubuntuforum still is good22:34
clivejoI got kicked off !22:34
clivejoand posts removed22:34
valorieoh good grief22:34
valoriein any case, one of the reasons to become a Kubuntu Member is that you can request funding from the Ubuntu Community Fund for travel expenses to meetings and sprints22:36
valoriethere are other perks, but that's the consequential one22:37
clivejobear in mind there was bit of history and PM's behind all this22:39
clivejobut thats the point I decided Im not a Ubuntu Member!22:39
valorieplease don't let one bad apple make your decision for you22:45
clivejoLOL Im the bad apple22:45
valoriethat said, if you are still angry, perhaps wait a bit before reconsidering22:45
clivejoIm not angry22:46
valoriepfff, you are a valuable new packager22:46
valorieand we like ya22:46
clivejoI just realise that Im not compatable22:46
clivejowith the Ubuntu community22:46
clivejoif I dont like something I try and change it22:47
valorieI am rather incompatable with the larger community as well22:48
valorieI pretty much stay here in Kubuntu22:48
clivejowell yes, I like it here too22:48
clivejoI love KDE and plasma 5 etc22:48
clivejoIMHO ubuntu are taking a massive step backwards with Unity22:49
clivejobut thats my opinion22:49
clivejoI might consider kubuntuforum is that totally separate?22:50
clivejoand I wouldnt say Ive made a substantial contribution, Im trying to learn and making a lot of mistakes!22:52
clivejohi soee22:54
clivejodidnt see you say hiho whilst ranting!22:54
yofelwell, kubuntu membership is a requirement for kubuntu-dev, so you'll need it eventually ;P22:55
clivejoI have no problem with kubuntu membership22:56
yofelit includes ubuntu membership22:56
clivejoits ubuntu I have the problem with !22:56
valorieclivejo: most of us agree with you on Unity, but since we're a flavor, we can do as we like for the most part22:57
valorieand yes, kubuntuforum is entirely independent22:57
clivejoLOL its like dating a siamese twin, cant have one without the other!22:58
soeeand maybe you can be Kubuntu ninja :-)22:58
soeeany news about Plasma 5.4 packages for Wily? 22:59
clivejoIm stuck with libkf5purpose22:59
* soee sees build status :)22:59
clivejogot a symbol problem23:00
soeethis whole symbols and packaging is a high level maginc for me :)23:01
* valorie rolls a +10 high-level symbol-magic and shares it with all the packagers23:02
valoriegcc5 really complicates all this23:02
soeevalorie: why ?23:02
valorieI wish I understood technically, but fortunately santa, harald and Riddell do23:03
yofelbecause you now don't only have symbol breakage caused by the library, you also have symbol breakage caused by libstdc++23:03
valorieah, and yofel too!23:04
clivejoplease help me!23:06
clivejoIm going insane, insane I tell ya!23:06
yofelhard to say, are you on ec2?23:06
clivejono, locally23:07
yofelhm, can you restore the old symbolfile before you deleted it and try to build that?23:07
clivejoI started from scratch23:08
yofelhow far do you get?23:08
clivejoand still hitting the same problem23:08
clivejook this command stuck me for a bit23:08
clivejodpkg-buildpackage -j4 | tee buildlog23:08
clivejowas complaining about changed source23:09
clivejoso I used ../buildlog23:09
clivejothat worked23:09
yofelah yeah, if you do that inside the source it will complain ^^23:09
clivejofunny that!23:09
clivejomaybe they could update the help page!23:10
clivejoonly took me an hour to work it out!23:10
yofeloh yeah, that's from a time before that check existed23:10
clivejoThen I run pkgkde-symbolshelper batchpatch -v 1.0 ../buildlog23:11
clivejowhich appeared to half work23:11
yofelhalf o.O?23:11
clivejopkgkde-symbolshelper: error: input symbol file template version (5.9.0+git20150516.0223) is higher than the specified one (1.0)23:11
yofeluh oh23:12
yofelwhat are you updating again?23:12
clivejohow on earth is it version 5.9 when the source is 1.0rc1?23:12
clivejoso I tried pkgkde-symbolshelper batchpatch -v 6 ../buildlog23:12
clivejoand it appeared to work23:12
clivejobut still getting Lintan issues23:13
clivejowhat am I doing wrong?23:14
yofelwhere is that libkf5purpose from?23:14
clivejoa dep for kamoso23:15
yofelwhere's the old package from?23:15
clivejoI built it before23:16
yofelbased on what?23:16
yofelis that released anywhere?23:17
clivejoI think its new23:17
yofelok, then I would delete the symbolfile and re-create it using the proper versioning23:17
yofeland you should pass 1.0~rc1 as version23:18
yofelotherwise you'll have a problem when you try to package 1.0 ^^23:18
clivejowill you guild me?23:18
yofelI can try.. you should be able to just build the package like before though23:18
yofelcreating the symbolfile comes after the build is finished23:19
clivejojust rm *.symbol?23:19
yofelis there more than one?23:19
clivejolibkf5purpose5.symbols  libkf5purposewidgets5.symbols23:20
yofelok, remove both, we'll just have to redo them individually23:20
clivejodone, and debuild'ing23:21
clivejook 5 warnings23:22
clivejo3 are simular to this - W: libkf5purpose5-dbg: debug-file-with-no-debug-symbols usr/lib/debug/.build-id/b4/e4222cfd34f768fd17c625a40dee868f1bf61d.debug23:22
yofelI never quite understood that one... 23:23
yofelhas something to do whether the file is usable by gdb or so23:23
clivejowhere is that file?23:24
clivejoits not in debian/tmp23:25
clivejoah, its in /debian/libkf5purpose5-dbg/usr/lib/debug/.build-id/b4/e4222cfd34f768fd17c625a40dee868f1bf61d.debug23:26
clivejobut it is populated (105 lines)23:28
yofelright, but it needs to have a proper format23:28
yofelfeel free to read up on debug symbol definitions ;)23:28
clivejodouble dutch to me!23:28
yofelor rather maybe ask sitter tomorrow or so, maybe he knows what the proper action is23:29
clivejothey are just warnings23:30
clivejoshould I ignore for now?23:30
clivejodo you know what -diff-contains-substvars debian/libkf5purpose5.substvars means?23:31
yofelyou probably had something leftover from your old attempt? https://lintian.debian.org/tags/diff-contains-substvars.html23:33
yofelshould usually not be there23:33
yofelat least not before the build, it's generated23:35
clivejodoes debuild not clear all files before?23:35
yofeldh_clean should do that, but it's not perfect23:36
clivejodebuild clean?23:37
clivejosame as dh_clean?23:37
yofeldh_clean is one of the debhelper scripts and gets run by debuild (in short)23:39
clivejoI dont understand this - dep5-copyright-license-name-not-unique23:46
clivejoits the same licence23:46
clivejobut different folders have different copyright holders23:46
clivejohow can it be unique?23:47
yofelyou aggregate that by license, so you list all the files with the same copyright and all their copyright holders in the same block23:47
yofelclivejo: e.g. look at /usr/share/doc/plasma-desktop/copyright for an example23:48
clivejoso you only define the long version once?23:55
yofelright, and if there is a copy of the license in /usr/share/common-licenses/ you only need to include the short form (like done for the L/GPL)23:56
clivejoI just defined it at the end23:57
yofelshould be fine23:57
clivejoseems to have cleared the Lintan warning!23:57
clivejothanks yofel :)23:57
yofelfor the full syntax specification, see http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/23:57
clivejojust those 3 debug warnings to ask sitter about23:57
clivejodput'ing to LP23:58
yofelleaves creating the symbolfiles23:58
yofelunless you did that23:58
clivejoI have no idea about the symbol files23:59
clivejoneed an up-to-date guide23:59

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