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makuseruHi, having a weird issue. I cannot change certian settings all of a sudden (running 15.04) i cannot change my desktop from folder to desktop view, i cannot install any programs, as well as some folder view settings via right click.01:22
makuseruAnyone know what would cause these issues?01:23
finetundraevening guys, I'm having an issue with my wifi software. kubuntu dson't seem to be detecting the card anymore. So what do I do?04:51
finetundracard is an intel centrino 1030 as I understand04:52
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lordievaderGood morning.08:00
prillian5My Printer (HP Deskjet 8600) print the test-Page, or libre-office Documents. But not Documents from acroread or okular.08:24
prillian5any Idea why?08:24
prillian5The Printer-Command in okular is: lpr -P Officejet_Pro_8600 -o PageSize=A4 -o PageRegion=A4 -o Duplex=None -o InputSlot=Auto -o ColorModel=RGB -o MediaType=Plain -o OutputMode=Normal -o OptionDuplex=True08:24
knightyyyKubuntu 15.10 will ship with plasma 5.4 right?10:07
CapsAdminhow do i remove notes that are stuck in the taskbar?10:20
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BluesKajHowdy folks12:41
dmattHi, attempt to install https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack indicates removal of essential kde parts like kde-workspace, any idea how to install it properly?14:32
finetundra_morning guys, I'm having an issue with my wifi software. kubuntu dson't seem to be detecting the card anymore. So what do I do?14:41
finetundra_card is an intel centrino 1030 as I understand14:41
BluesKajfinetundra_:  run sudo modprobe iwlwifi, then post the output if any14:51
kamil_hi guys15:05
kamil_i am using kubuntu for about 4 months (since 15.4 was released) and i found that now my computer is slower than an the beginning, i am doing same tasks but i have lags, and freezes15:06
kamil_any tips how to find out what slows my computer?15:06
finetundra_BluesKaj: no output15:09
finetundra_kamil_: maybe check top/htop for what's using resources?15:09
kamil_finetundra_: mainly firefox, i have a lot of resources on this computer, its not the problem i think (8gb ram, used about 3)15:11
finetundra_kamil_: um, hmm15:12
kamil_finetundra_: and kidle_inject what is this?15:12
finetundra_kamil_: that I don't know.15:13
finetundra_kamil_: I seem to recall someone asking about this a few weeks ago. Almost the same issue. It may Have something to do with Plasma 515:14
BluesKajfinetundra_:  does your package manager show an iwlwifi version driver as installed?15:16
kamil_finetundra_: :/ i can install other de, but its not the soultion :/15:16
finetundra_BluesKaj: how do I check?15:18
BluesKajlook in your software center15:19
BluesKajthe default software center leaves something to be desired so I usually install muon to use as a reference for installed packages15:21
kamil_finetundra_: i fount that this may have something to do with intel_powerclamp but still have no idea what can i do15:21
finetundra_BluesKaj: I don't see it. But the issue has fixed itself for now and that'll do for the time being. I gotta run so I'll come back if/when it stops working again15:21
BluesKajor uninstalled packages too15:21
BluesKajfinetundra_:  so theat command must have loaded the eifi driver15:22
finetundra_kamil_: I honestly don't know what to tell you. I've gotta run though15:22
kamil_inetpro: okay, thanks15:22
kamil_wtf autocomplete...15:22
kamil_finetundra_: okay thanks :D15:23
BluesKajkamil_:  does ksysguard show any processes using lots of cpu ?15:23
kamil_BluesKaj: 4 processes kidle_inject with 12-13% of cpu usage each15:25
kamil_i found that blacklisting intel_powerclamp can help, im going to check this15:25
BluesKajkamil_:  yeah that's probly plasma at work15:26
kamil_BluesKaj: okay, rebooted, now, ill check if it work15:27
BluesKajkamil_:  rebooting won't change any default plasma processes15:28
kamil_BluesKaj: i blacklisted intel_powerclamp as suggested in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1389077/comments/1815:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1389077 in linux (Ubuntu) "[HP ProBook 4530s] Intel Powerclamp is Slowing CPU" [Medium,Confirmed]15:29
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kamil_BluesKaj: and if it is plasma, then what can i do? any updates to beta or something?15:32
BluesKajkamil_:  why powerclamp ?15:32
kamil_BluesKaj: i found that powerclamp is starting kidle_inject processes and its true, now i dont have it, but it still is not good as it was15:33
BluesKajkamil_:  15.04 ?15:36
kamil_BluesKaj: yes15:37
BluesKajkamil_:  i assume you run updates and upgrades periodically15:39
kamil_yes *15:39
BluesKajkamil_:  is this a production work machine or a homeuser pc?15:41
kamil_BluesKaj: homeuser pc (laptop exactly)15:42
kamil_BluesKaj: but i have plasma 5.3 from ppa (kubuntu backports if i remember well)15:44
kamil_BluesKaj: u told that this is plasma work, maybe downgrade it to 5.2?15:48
BluesKajkamil_:  I believe plasma 5.4 is about to be uploaded to the backports soon and it promises to fix some of the slowness due to the plasma4 and 5 integration problems15:50
kamil_BluesKaj: how long is soon? :D15:51
kamil_i think ill downgrade it now, check if it work, and upgrade back if 5.4 will be available15:51
BluesKajkamil_:  in a week or 2 , depends how long the packaging process takes15:52
kamil_BluesKaj: okay, thanks for info, as i said ill check 5.2 now15:53
kamil_because it gets more and more annoying (today is worse than yesterday_15:53
BluesKajbest to leave it alone IMO, too many dependencies might get lost or boken, then you'll have a real jam up15:54
kamil_BluesKaj: ill take the risk :P15:55
akasichi, i changed my password for privacy some days, but now, i want to return to my old fast password, a single letter; when i type psswd username, it says it is too short... is any way to just have one character as I had in my installation? thnx15:55
BluesKajkamil_:  don't think you'll see much difference15:56
kamil_BluesKaj: lets see15:56
BluesKajakasic:  nope I think 3 letters is the minimum15:57
akasicok, i find the solution, is, infront of passwd, example: sudo passwd username     :)15:58
akasicthnx anyway blue15:58
kamil_BluesKaj: or maybe you can suggest other de, that would be easy to remove in the future?16:01
kamil_that can i use for those two weeks16:01
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BluesKajkamil_:  I've been a KDE user for 10 yrs and tried them all , but for a simple and fast desktop xfce comes to mind16:22
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qazany kubuntu users?17:05
qazI need some help17:05
qazi would like to have desktop icons without this squares17:06
qazon backgorund17:06
qazhow to do that?17:06
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JojimboHello guys, I installed Kubuntu today and I've got this window: http://i.imgur.com/ps5H7Eb.png19:38
JojimboWhat should I do? I'm not sure.19:39
bpromptJojimbo:     so... well.. use the driver that may work better for your videocard then :)19:42
Jojimbobprompt: I don't know. I have an Nvidia video card.19:42
bpromptJojimbo:   I may settle for the (recommended driver)19:43
JojimboOk thanks bprompt!19:43
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PhoenixzI did an apt-get upgrade on 15.10 which had a problem with one package and due to that I lost a lost of installed pacakaged (amarok was gone, so was yakuake, etc..) I've reinstalled most of these packages, but I do have one problem: things like knetwork manager, kdeconnect  (both would always be in the icon list at the lower right of the screen) etc are gone, and I don't know what packages to install to get those back on my desktop23:24
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surgy3i just made a live usb drive and am currently in the live..... installed the lts 14.02 kubuntu and when i boot from the harddrive it just has a blinking cursor. i think it might be a grub issue? can someone please help me?23:42
soeesurgy3: first of all try 14.02 ?23:44
surgy3what do you mean?23:44
surgy314.02 is the lts right?23:44
soeesurgy3: sorry, typo. 14.02 version ?23:44
surgy3yes its kubuntu lts 14.0223:44
soee14.04 is lts23:45
soeeyou can grab latest image: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-1404-lts-update-out-023:45
surgy3oh well then its 14.04 :) i just downloaded it an hour ago from the official website23:45
surgy3im actually in the live version now.23:45
surgy3talking to you...23:45
surgy3maybe my bios boot order is just messed lemme check that rq23:45
soeesurgy3: do you see playmouth during booting ?23:46
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surgy3im almost completely convinced im having a grub issue23:51
surgy3i installed lts 14.04 from a live usb. and then tried to boot from that drive.  its a 120 gb sdd and kubuntu uses the entire disk. after installtion i tryed to boot into the drive and all i get is a blinking cursor on a black screen.23:52
surgy3can anyone help me?23:52
surgy3right now im talkin to you via the live usb drive23:53
surgy3how do i reinstall grub on my sdd from the live installation?23:58
DragnslcrMight also be a graphics card/driver issue23:58
surgy3i googled and found the problem but i cant find the solution. for somereason during installation kubuntu instaleld y grub on another hdd..... one that im not booting from. i want the grub installation to be on my sdd that im booting kubuntu from.23:59
DragnslcrNot that I have any idea how to fix it if it is, but it's something else to consider23:59
surgy3Dragnslcr: but im using the live cd to talk to you now and it loaded just fine23:59

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