costelloDear Sirs, I'm developer for a package that is coming to ubuntu via debian. When checking package details in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/... it seems it would be possible to set up upstream project link in there too -> but does it give any additional value to do so? if someone uses reportbug, it gets mailed to correct maintainer address already..?10:27
costelloAnd if I'd like to do so, I would need to "crete project" inside launchpad website, even tough the development actually happens elsewhere..?10:28
cjwatsoncostello: It doesn't affect notifications, but it may be useful to give people obvious links.  And yes, many LP projects exist to provide code imports or links or what-have-you, they aren't all necessarily full hosted projects.10:30
cjwatsonBut you don't have to.10:30
costellook, I'll look into creating one..10:38
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