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dholbachgood morning07:08
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day! 😃09:02
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ogra_kyrofa, did you see my ping yesterday ? there is an rpi image for testing with i2c enabled11:19
kyrofaogra_, wonderful! No, I must have missed it, I'm sorry :(11:32
ogra_kyrofa, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snappy/test/ubuntu-15.04-snappy-armhf-rpi2.img.xz11:32
kyrofaogra_, I'll do that today :)11:32
ogra_cool, thanks ... let me know if anyhting is missing11:33
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cwayneogra_: is the rpi2 still 'unsupported'?13:23
ogra_cwayne, until it can be built completely from upstream...13:23
ogra_(which doesnt work even with the first pi yet i think)13:23
ogra_cwayne, but the next image (above) will allow you update the rootfs now ... (not the kernel or bootloader though, so as soon as incompatible changes in the initrd happen you have to reinstall)13:24
elopiogood morning.13:52
elopiohey ogra_, I ran the automated suite on the raspi image and it gets stuck in one of the failover tests. Should it support automatic rollbacks in case of failure?13:52
ogra_elopio, hmm, i didnt test automated rollback, snappy rollback definitely works (as does snappy update) ... since updates did never work at all before it is at least not a regression ;)13:53
elopioogra_: yes, the tests that fake an update and rollback worked.13:54
ogra_does the automated rollback work with the BBB ? perhaps it is a general thing with the new uboot setup we use ?13:54
elopioI'm going to trigger the suite on the -1 image now.13:54
elopioogra_: yes, bbb passed all the automated test on the latest 15.04 stable13:54
ogra_well, i dont see it as a blocker if automated rollback doesnt work yet ... (since it never worked)13:55
ogra_though we need to have a place for filing Pi specific bugs like that i suppose :)13:55
elopioogra_: agree to that. This release is clearly a huge improvement.13:59
ogra_the uboot re-org helped a lot in getting this to work :)14:00
elopioogra_: if you want to run the suite: branch snappy/15.04 in your GOPATH and go run _integration-tests/main.go --ip ... --arch arm14:01
elopiomore info in the _integration-tests/README.md file.14:01
ogra_for next time :)14:02
ogra_elopio, what did you have to do to get the piglow to work btw ? any extra config ?14:06
elopioogra_: no. I compiled https://github.com/schoentoon/piglow tests, scp to the board and ran with sudo.14:12
ogra_but you didnt have to do anything on the board/image ?14:13
ogra_(any extra config)14:13
elopioogra_: not that I remember. I did this half asleep, so I will try again. Maybe package a demo snap for the store.14:21
ogra_well, as long as it works i'm happy14:22
mhall119does snappy use versioned frameworks like click does?14:29
ogra_i dont think i have seen version strings in package.yaml files for frameworks (but that could mean nothing)14:30
ogra_s/for frameworks/for packages using frameworks/14:30
mhall119so, that's not good, having versioned frameworks for Click was intentional, it let's us guarantee backwards compatibility14:49
ogra_swell, i dont really know .... frameworks are still a bit fuzzy wrt definition14:50
dpmrsalveti, ogra_, I was thinking of a weekend project to snappify bonescript (http://beagleboard.org/support/bonescript) with the intention of also snappifying cloud9 IDE. Is this something I can give a go to with snapcraft? Do we have a nodejs plugin?15:05
ogra_dpm, i tried packaging cloud9 in the past, it requires a certain(very old) version of nodejs, so you need to build that first15:06
ogra_and i'm not sure there is a nodejs plugin yet ...15:07
ogra_definitely worth a look :)15:07
dpmah, bummer. I had had a look at it already a while ago with node-snapper (I started with bonescript first, I didn't get to cloud9 yet), I thought it might be the time to try with snapcraft.15:09
ogra_well, once you have a working binary packaging it is trivial15:09
dpmAlso it seems cloud9 have a new repo, perhaps they've also updated their old nodejs dependency? https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud915:09
ogra_i know they were working on that ... but there was no ETA back then15:10
ogra_so yeah, that would indeed be cool15:10
elopiodpm: if you start write a nodejs plugin for snapcraft, that would be really nice.15:22
dpmelopio, well, my intention wasn't to hack on snapcraft, but rather to use it :)15:22
longsleepelopio: Do you have any plans for supporting multi arch snaps with snapcraft? I am wondering if i should add that to my debs plugin to have something similar to the webdm snap.15:31
elopiolongsleep: I'm not quite sure about the plan, but I think the original idea is to make containers with snapcraft and other development tools that can be easily deployed.15:32
elopioso instead of handling all possible archs, you deploy the container on your target and build there.15:32
longsleepelopio: ok - but how do the multiple archs end up in a single snap?15:33
elopiolongsleep: but you better ask rsalveti next week for a more accurate plan.15:33
longsleepelopio: ok - sure. Is he also the one to ask about how the webdm snap is currently built?15:34
elopiolongsleep: I do not know. I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the future yet, looking more at the current code base. :)15:34
elopiolongsleep: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/webdm/trunk/view/head:/README.md have you seen this?15:34
* longsleep takes a look15:35
longsleepyes i have seen that - i guess should look at the build.sh script15:35
longsleepelopio: ah yes that was helpful - thanks!15:36
elopiolongsleep: for webdm sergiusens is probably the best to answer your questions. He'll also be back next week.15:37
longsleepsure, i think the target should be to build webdm with snapcraft :)15:37
elopiolongsleep: we are just waiting for dpm's npm plugin ;)15:41
* dpm hugs elopio :)15:41
ogra_dpm, are we there yet ?15:44
ogra_longsleep, sergiuens usually builds the webdm package15:45
dpmogra_, not weekend yet, so I haven't started ;)15:45
longsleepAre there any snaps which expose some configuration through Webdm or any other means?16:04
fgimeneznice weekend everyone o/16:05
elopiolongsleep: like this? https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/config-command/16:27
sergiusenselopio ted: ogra_ I was trying the snapcraft qml plugin and noticed that the ubuntu plugin does not target a release, I think it should, right now I don't get the benefits of the qml plugin as I'm on trusty ;-)16:31
tedsergiusens, Heh, yeah. I think it should grow to add PPAs as well.16:32
tedsergiusens, Though, upgrade from Trusty man. Those are like old bits!16:32
sergiusensted: well, I was told that we need to use this as a validation for our tools16:32
sergiusensted: ;-)16:33
longsleepelopio: yes thats what i have been searching for - all the stuff there should work?16:33
tedWe're probably going to have to wait for mvo to get back to seriously upgrade the Ubuntu plugin. He knows a bit about the apt python library. :-)16:33
elopiolongsleep: yes. If it doesn't, please report a bug and link it here to make it critical.16:34
sergiusensted: right, the problem is we probably need to extend apt to read from an 'alternate' sources.list for these things to work16:34
elopiowe don't have automated user acceptance tests for that, yet.16:35
tedsergiusens, I think the lib can do that, you can configure the repos that it uses. That's just "advanced usage."16:35
elopiosergiusens: isn't that the same case as cross arch compilation?16:35
sergiusenselopio: sort of, except the runtime issues aren't there16:36
elopioinstead of doing cross distro, you should get a wily container and build things there, I guess.16:36
tedsergiusens, If you want you can use the snapcraft-daily docker image and build in there. That's a more modern Ubuntu.16:36
sergiusensted: right, I'm not sure the plugin should behave differently depending on the release we want to target 15.04, 16.04, rolling16:36
sergiusenstoday we don't have to make that distinction, not sure if it would be required in the future though16:36
tedI think we'll always need to set it. Some people will want LTS versions of libs, others will want bleeding edge.16:37
longsleepelopio: The config which gets passed to the hook is the complete config for all packages or is it somehow filtered?16:37
longsleepelopio: btw - config for webdm seems to be broken - http://paste.ubuntu.com/12022165/16:38
sergiusensted: oh, I was creating an lxc install for wily ;-)16:39
elopiolongsleep: I'll let sergiusens answer your question, 'cause I don't know.16:39
sergiusensted: we should create an ubuntu-snapcraft template for lxc/d16:39
elopiolongsleep: please report a bug in webdm.16:39
longsleepelopio: ok16:40
ogra_i really dont want to taint my host by installing dev packages for creating a snap16:40
sergiusenslongsleep: can you log a bug for that?16:40
tedsergiusens, Eh, we're kinda taking it the other direction. Assuming a Ubuntu system and letting people build one up around there.16:40
longsleepsergiusens: sure16:40
tedsergiusens, So if you want, you can do it in Virtual Box or whatever the kids use on OSX today.16:40
longsleepted, sergiusens you should look at the debs plugin i made: Helps a lot to build snaps when you have deb files already (which you can build in pbuilder) - https://code.launchpad.net/~longsleep/snapcraft/snapcraft-debs-plugin/+merge/26665016:41
longsleepelopio: btw - who is reviewing/merging snapcraft stuff now - mterry said something about he switches team?16:42
ogra_longsleep, i guess ted16:42
ogra_(who deliberately stayed silent i guess :D )16:43
tedUhm, yeah, we honestly hadn't discussed that yet. But I'm guessing it'll fall on me as well.16:43
tedHonestly though, we should get someone with more Python experience to review as well.16:43
ogra_just rewrite it in shell16:44
tedI'll go put tabs in everywhere and piss off all the Python people ;-)16:44
ogra_its sanr anyway :P16:44
longsleepsergiusens: bug #148272016:44
nothalBug #1482720: Webdm config seems to be broken / KeyError on snappy config webdm <webdm:New> <http://launchpad.net/bugs/1482720>16:44
ubottubug 1482720 in webdm "Webdm config seems to be broken / KeyError on snappy config webdm" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148272016:44
elopiolongsleep: yes, we'll have to share the load. With when mvo and chipaca are back it should be easier.16:44
longsleepted: haha i had to change my python code to use spaces to be in line with snapcraft code ..16:45
tedOkay, lunch bbiab.16:46
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sergiusensted: I don't follow the direction comment, but we can discuss it next week16:48
ogra_sergiusens, does udf check the content of id_rsa.pub when enabling developer mode ?16:51
sergiusensogra_: no16:51
ogra_ah, cool ...16:51
sergiusensogra_: are you thinking of a hack? ;-)16:51
* sergiusens will make ogra_ life more complicaed16:52
ogra_sergiusens, no, i just re-built the rpi image16:52
* sergiusens jokes16:52
ogra_and that has --developer-mode by default ... to be on the safe side i created an enty with only zeros ... but that might not be so clever :)16:52
ogra_sergiusens, hmm, but udf definitely mangles it17:14
ogra_(RaspberryPi2)ubuntu@localhost:~$ cat .ssh/authorized_keys17:14
ogra_i had added a nice descriptive comment there originally :)17:14
ogra_(not that it matters much(17:14
longsleepelopio: Is it possible to provide a default config with a snap, or does it run the hook after installation?17:16
ogra_longsleep, hmm, should your spreed app actually switch on the camera on my laptop ?17:29
ogra_(installs fine on rpi btw)17:29
ogra_taking a picture woorks fine though17:31
longsleepogra_: if you make a call yes17:33
longsleepif you do not make a call then no17:34
longsleepso for testing open up another tab an call yourself17:34
ogra_i thought it was just a chatroom17:34
longsleepits more like a phone system17:35
ogra_looks really nice17:35
longsleepthanks for testing!17:35
longsleepi will add some configuration for the ports and certificate - then i am pretty much done17:36
ogra_hah !17:37
ogra_funny sounds17:37
kyrofaogra_, I'm downloading the image now (was at the mechanic's this morning)18:33
kyrofaogra_, I'm not super clear from your email what needs to happen to get the overlay dtb working. Extract /boot/uboot/overlays.tgz into /boot/uboot, and then put what in the config.txt?18:39
kyrofaI've not messed with that file before18:40
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kyrofated, are you a snapcraft maintainer?18:59
tedkyrofa, Sure, what's up?19:00
kyrofated, a simple snapcraft recipe using only the ubuntu plugin uses dget, which is in devscripts, which isn't pulled in as a dep when installing snapcraft. Is that something that should be fixed?19:00
tedkyrofa, Uhm, yea.19:02
tedIt should work out of the box :-)19:02
kyrofated, want me to make an MP?19:02
tedkyrofa, Sure, or a bug.19:03
kyrofated, both it is19:03
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asackyrofa: ted: not sure if its a bug or the spirit ... but when i used snapcraft it lazily/ondemand asked for installing the dependencies of the used plugin (e.g. it asked me for sudo pass when snapping something with ubuntu plugin)19:29
asacdid it ask you for a password to install it lazily? or just error?19:29
kyrofaasac, no, just error: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/148274719:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1482747 in Snapcraft "Snapcraft uses dget but doesn't depend upon devscripts" [Undecided,Fix committed]19:29
kyrofaasac, but perhaps that means the fix is different than what I proposed19:30
asacmaybe its fixed in trunk then... as it did this for for the wget example19:30
kyrofaasac, trunk is ahead of the latest in the PPA?19:32
asacnot sure .)19:33
asaci am always using trunk directly. updated bug with what i remembered19:33
asaclets see what folks say19:33
asackyrofa: are u using daily build ppa?19:34
asace.g https://launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+archive/ubuntu/snapcraft-daily ?19:34
kyrofaasac, yes19:34
asaci am on 13019:34
asacppa seems to be on 129, but i had this experience yesterday so i assume used 12919:34
kyrofaasac, hmm, alright. No problem!19:36
asackyrofa: https://pastebin.canonical.com/137108/19:37
asacand yes i am on 129 :) ... found out that 130 is my own local commit19:37
kyrofaasac, huh....19:40
kyrofaasac, I just purged devscripts as well, and now exactly what happened to you happened to me19:42
kyrofaasac, does apt leave something behind that helps snapcraft here?19:43
loolrajen: hey there19:48
rajenHi there19:48
rajenHi Loic19:51
sergiusensogra_: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/snapcraft/dget/+merge/26741119:52
kyrofasergiusens, hey daddy. Congratulations :)19:52
sergiusenskyrofa: lol, thanks19:52
kyrofasergiusens, hey dude, get in line! https://code.launchpad.net/~kyrofa/snapcraft/add_devscripts_to_depends/+merge/26740219:53
kyrofasergiusens, although asac had some interesting things to say about that ^^19:54
sergiusenskyrofa: oh look at that, it is as if you found this minutes ago :-P19:56
kyrofasergiusens, hahaha19:57
kyrofasergiusens, although notice if you now purge devscripts, snapcraft will prompt you to install it19:57
kyrofasergiusens, so something weird is happening. I'm setting up an lxc real quick to test on a clean system again19:57
kyrofasergiusens, asac huh... worked fine in lxc. I have no idea why it sometimes doesn't work19:58
sergiusenskyrofa: about requiring devscripts?19:59
kyrofasergiusens, yeah19:59
sergiusenskyrofa: I guess the use of dget is not the right thing here19:59
kyrofasergiusens, sometimes it just offers to pull it in for you, but sometimes it breaks trying to just exec dget19:59
sergiusenskyrofa: it should use the python api for apt more and get links to the actual deb19:59
kyrofasergiusens, ah, yeah that would be better19:59
sergiusenskyrofa: in the end, dget is just a perl script20:00
sergiusensted: how are you running the vm to test your photoviewer app?20:14
tedsergiusens, With libvirt in vm-manager20:24
sergiusensted: and mir just works? I'm getting connection issues20:25
tedsergiusens, Are you using QXL and Spice?20:26
sergiusensted: qxl, what is spice?20:26
tedsergiusens, Like VNC20:26
tedIt shouldn't matter, as long as QXL.20:26
sergiusensted: let me see if using virt-manager toggles some extra options I'm missing20:27
sergiusensneed to logout for a bit20:27
sergiusensted: are you running on rolling or 15.04?20:33
tedsergiusens, I believe 15.04, let me check.20:34
sergiusensted: and where did you get mir from? Manual download from the store?20:34
tedsergiusens, Yes, just snappy install mir20:35
sergiusensted: 'snappy install mir' does not work :-P it doesn't have an alias20:35
sergiusensted: works in virt manager btw, not sure why it doesn't with my magic kvm cli20:36
sergiusensted: thanks for the fish ;-)20:36
tedHow do I find what channel I'm on?20:37
sergiusensted: snappy info20:37
tedAh, yeah. 15.0420:37

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