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lordievaderGood morning.08:00
BluesKajHowdy folks12:41
effbiaiis unity8+MIR included in the 15.10 or do i have to install it manually?13:13
k1leffbiai: i am not sure. there was a testing displaysession. but i dont know if that still works. better make a desktop-next install13:16
effbiaiok, thx13:16
fabrizziophey guys15:16
fabrizziopfirefox on wily IS outdated15:17
fabrizziopit is insecure15:18
jtaylorfabrizziop: its been updated 5 hours ago to 4015:19
jtaylorfabrizziop: also +1 does not have any guaranteed security support15:19
jtaylorits still in the proposed archive15:19
fabrizziopohh ok15:20
BluesKajfabrizziop:  yeah  that's why I switched to google-chrome15:44
vanishinganyone updated g++ to 5.2.1?23:14

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