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Kiloshellooo africa08:40
Neo31hello world09:13
Kiloshi there Neo31 elacheche and lurkers09:33
elachecheHey Kilos :)09:34
Neo31hi elacheche Kilos09:53
Kiloselacheche  whats this15:03
Kilos00:00 - 01:00    Ubuntu Membership Board Meeting #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net15:03
Kilosthats my 2 am15:03
elachecheKilos, you see your calender in your time zone! so that in 00:00 UTC+215:05
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philipballewKilos, hey man.16:46
Kiloshi philipballew how are you16:47
philipballewKilos, I am good.16:47
philipballewKilos, check out the live feed of Ubucon Lain America. Something like this might be something god for Ubuntu Africa to aspire to like I mentioned a few weeks ago16:47
philipballewUbuntu en Latinoamérica conferencia live feed...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4WYoMn8Q7Q16:48
philipballewits in spanish, so ignore that, but see how it can be not to complex to set up something like that with the right help and people16:48
Kilosi cant watch live feeds with our 3g. much too expensive16:48
philipballewKilos, ah, that sucks, I'll show you some pictures later.16:48
Kiloswhats news from the facebook page?16:49
Kilosive cut down everything that eats data or im not going to make the month16:50
philipballewKilos, nothing yet, so I was going to start doing two things, posting cool articles and stories, as well as trying to post good conversation starter topics16:50
philipballewKilos, how much data are you capped at each month?16:50
Kilosim relying on you guys to keep things going for a wqhile16:50
philipballewKilos, It will be done, and the more African help I have the better.16:51
philipballewBecause I need someone who understand the culture from all the regions and such16:51
Kilosi have 1.6 gig left from 3 gig and its only the 10th16:51
philipballewbut I will do all I can16:51
Kilosmaybe send a mail to the list and ask the guys to help out16:52
Kilosthen it goes to many more than ever appear here16:53
philipballewKilos, yeah, The key for that is we need to use the page as a way to get people to dialogue on there.16:59
Kilosspeak to Cryterion_ as well, he made the page right?17:00
philipballewpost pictures of their events, as well as ask questions for their systems, as well as post cool articles they read about17:00
* Cryterion_ sees his name17:00
philipballewKilos, yeah. I think there should be a way to automate schedule posts as well.17:00
Kiloswell you guys did the hard work there17:01
philipballewso I can post links to things, but they will go out during the day for you17:01
Kilosi gotta go eat17:02
philipballewKilos, nice!17:03
Kiloshi craigbrash17:27
Kiloswb philipballew18:01
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philipballewKilos, hey18:28

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