didrocksgood morning05:17
seb128good morning desktopers07:22
didrockshey seb12807:23
didrocksmorning willcooke07:46
seb128hey willcooke07:50
didrocksok, really trying to run today before it gets to the awaited 40°07:51
seb128didrocks, have fun!07:56
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Sweet5harkOh, its casual Friday!09:40
* Sweet5hark gulps down three or four pills of trollin for this.09:41
willcookeSweet5hark, :)09:45
darkxstlooks more like silent friday to me!10:06
darkxsteveryone on holidays or something?10:07
didrocksmostly, at least half of the team I guess :)10:08
willcookeshhh, I was sleeping10:08
* didrocks puts back the umbrella at willcooke10:08
darkxstdid larsu ever finish his u-c-c bluez5 port?10:09
didrocksIIRC, it was fully done yeah (with a GNOME UI though)10:09
didrocksI asked him multiple times to get it to me so that I can sponsor in the ppa10:09
didrocksbut never got anything10:09
didrocksI think now that the decision is taken to break touch until they fix it, we'll ask him once he's back10:10
darkxstdidrocks, yeh, kinda needed for the transition10:10
didrocksespecially for $anybody to test10:12
darkxstdidrocks, hack into laptop and steal code ;)10:20
didrocksI have enough to do on my plate to ask for more :)10:22
darkxstI had a steak on my plate, its gone now though!10:24
darkxstdidrocks, there are advantages of being in the country, I'm 10 mins drive from the abattoir, who have a shop selling meat at wholesale prices10:33
didrocksheh, all things that my wife would hate (she doesn't really like eating meat, so we just get as few as possible :p)10:44
darkxstdidrocks, I got rid of my wife /technically fiance 2 years ago, so its my call ;)10:45
greyback_didrocks: hey, have you any knowledge of the displays applet in the gnome-system-settings thing? Would you know where the state set by that is actually saved (e.g. say you plug monitor into your laptop, and configure it with particular resolution, is that info saved anywhere?11:01
greyback_or is xrandr the clever one11:01
darkxstgreyback_, there is a monitors.xml file11:03
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greyback_darkxst: aha, there it is, thank you!11:04
didrocksyeah, it's in .config/monitors.xml (no gsettings machinery for this)11:04
didrockswe didn't for it for unity-system-settings, so same file11:05
greyback_didrocks: any opinion if that good enough, or do you think a gsettings approach would be better?11:06
greyback_I'm trying to understand the current approach, so we can plan for unity811:07
didrocksgreyback_: well, multiple 3rd party things are reading .config/monitors.xml, so a compatibility layer at least is needed11:07
darkxstits pretty hard to stuff all that info into gsettings (as it stands)11:07
didrocksgsettings/dconf is nice because structured (but here we have lists, that gsettings doesn't like), but it would give update notification11:07
greyback_darkxst: yeah11:07
didrocksand you know the state of inotify… :p11:08
didrocksso I would say, keep the .xml for now anyway, until we get gsettings list11:08
didrocksI'm happy to talk with desrt at debconf11:08
greyback_didrocks: oh please do11:08
* didrocks notes down :)11:08
darkxstyou need the .xml file for compatibility11:30
darkxstany GNOME-ish DE will try and read that11:32
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* didrocks waves good evening and good week-end!15:15
didrockssee you guys :)15:15
Sweet5harkwillcooke: signing of for vacation soonish. anything I would still need to handover?16:00
willcookeSweet5hark, I think we're good - have a nice break16:00
Sweet5harkwillcooke: Im still on 5 pills of trollin. Way to start a vacation! ;)16:01
willcookehappy days, an inbox very very slightly smaller than it was on Monday17:28
willcookeand with that... away17:28
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