JanCI think whatever "default MTA" gets installed should still be able to mail root even without manual configuration00:45
JanCwhich is not the same as a "black hole"  :)00:46
JanCmaybe there can be a fake mail-transport-agent package on the cloud images that satisfies the dependency but doesn't actually do anything?01:03
JanClsb-invalid-mta seems to be exactly that01:04
infinityJanC: Mailing root locally is no more useful than an motd, mind you.  You'll never noticed either one without logging in.01:31
JanCinfinity: that's mostly true (local mail would be kept, while a MOTD would probably be overwritten); maybe lsb-invalid-mta is better then, assuming (I didn't test) that mdadm would log a failed attempt to send mail01:40
infinityJanC: motd would be overwritten by what?  We relay other messages via update-motd too (pending updates, required reboots, etc)'01:41
infinityJanC: And I'm not suggesting removing the mail-sending part of mdadm.  If you have an mta installed and configured, it'll mail, yay.01:42
JanCif there is an MTA that can do local delivery, all mails sent by mdadm would be stored locally (but I guess all that should be in the logs too anyway)01:43
infinityJanC: I'm suggesting that an motd update is more useful than an mta you didn't want and thus didn't configure (or a null mta, or a local only mta, whose only indication that something's up is a "new mail in /var/mail/root" message, which you get on every login because of $random_cron_spam)01:43
infinityJanC: Anyhow, there are lots of local-only mta options.  From my exposure to UNIX/Linux admins >= 10 years younger than me, no one will read that mail. :P01:44
infinityI grew up in the era of massive shared machines and local mail, most younger folks I see blindly ignore local mail spools for months.01:45
sarnoldbesides, you set up nagios to check on your storage systems anyhow, right? right?01:45
infinitysarnold: Ideally, yes.01:45
infinitysarnold: Not sure there's such a thing as too many ways to be told a disk died. :)01:46
sarnoldinfinity: hehe :)01:47
infinityAlthough, the way I last found out a disk died was update-grub complaining it couldn't write to one of them...01:47
JanClsb-invalid-mta would possibly result in extra error messages showing up in nagios too  ;)01:47
infinity(I got mail from mdadm shortly after, it was just entertaining timing)01:47
infinityJanC: I honestly don't think lsb-invalid-mta is a reasonably solution to anything, ever.01:48
infinityEither have a working MTA (local, smarthost, or full), or don't have one at all.01:49
infinityOne that returns an error on every invocation is worse than not having the binary.01:49
JanCwell, it would alert people who read logs about he fact that they could get mail01:49
infinityBut, y'know, yay LSB.01:49
infinityJanC: You have pretty high confidence in people doing strange things like "reading logs for fun".01:49
infinityI read logs when there's a problem.01:49
infinityNot to see if there's a problem.01:50
infinityBig difference.01:50
JanCbut then they will know they could have gotten a mail for the next time  :)01:50
sarnoldi've long wanted some smart tool to read my logs for me and let me know when there's a problem before I find it :)01:51
JanCwell, such tools exist...01:51
infinitysarnold: I'm assuming that was facetious, since you mentioned that very tool a few lines up. :)01:53
sarnoldI used to use one of those log summary tools but it just turned into one more email that I mostly ignored each day. :)01:53
sarnoldinfinity: do as I say, not as I do01:53
sarnoldinfinity: (it actually comes back to that "not enough computers" problem; a laptop and an irc box aren't really enough to bring out nagios..)01:55
JanCthe trick is to not make them report useless stuff, of course01:55
JanCsarnold: meaning that you just have to look at your IRC window to know both are up?  :)01:57
sarnoldJanC: exactly :)01:57
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infinitypitti: Which systemd package is it that keeps locking my unity session when it upgrades? :P05:01
infinitypitti: Rather annoying.05:01
dholbachgood morning07:08
LocutusOfBorg1Laney, hi, do you mind a syncpackage lucene++?07:52
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LocutusOfBorg1or dholbach maybe :) ^^^07:56
dholbachtaking a look in a bit07:58
LocutusOfBorg1I merged the ubuntu v5 rename in Debian08:00
LocutusOfBorg1as is :)08:00
* LocutusOfBorg1 I wish I could upload my packages directly to ubuntu :)08:01
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dholbachLocutusOfBorg1, synced09:01
wgrantchrisccoulson: Hi, you've just reverted my firefox arm64 FTBFS fix for the second time.10:46
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LaneyLocutusOfBorg1: thanks!13:14
LocutusOfBorg1thanks to you for caring :)13:14
dokobarry, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/213724887/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.plinth_0.5-1_BUILDING.txt.gz14:24
barryyep, django is the next big stack on the failure list to look at14:25
jcastro 14:28
dobeydoko: hmm, can you upload a no-change rebuild of the "step" package? seems it wasn't in the gcc5 ppa and needed to be, and it's one of the transition blockers14:54
rbasaksmb, arges: add yourself to https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server please15:08
rbasaksmb, arges: then use https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server/+git/15:08
dobeydoko: or do you know if anyone from kubuntu team is working on getting the gcc5 issues in all the kde libs/apps fixed up?15:29
dobeyseems a lot there that needs simple rebuilds, and library package renames/symbols fixes15:29
dokoRiddell, ^^^15:30
dokodobey, please ask the Kubuntu guys directly. I'm currently travelling15:31
dobeydoko: ok, thanks15:31
jtaylorwhats the reasoning for the ubuntu lvm install giving you a 200mb boot partition?17:57
jtaylorthats maybe 6 kernels17:57
jtayloreverytime a install a machine and forget it until the upgrades break :(17:57
ScottKSet your grub to only keep 5 then.17:59
jtaylorthey to pile up in autoremove but I never run that18:00
jtaylorI'm wondering what advantage does a boot partition even have?18:00
jtaylorI usually just put it in root18:00
TJ-jtaylor encrypted rootfs18:03
jtaylorah that makes sense18:05
TJ-now when /boot/ is encrypted as well... :)18:11
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melodiedoes someone know about a good documentation to get started with pool and dist directories in ISO images? What they are meant for, how they are used, how to manage them? that kind of thing?21:29
melodienever mind, I got my answers.21:48
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asantos3uhm, hi22:30
asantos3I'm having a problem with an package update22:31
asantos3thermald from 1.1~rc2-11 to 1.4.3-222:31
asantos3the problem happens when playing games22:32
asantos3it drops my fps by a lot, can any dev help me or something?22:32
infinityasantos3: Please file a bug ('ubuntu-bug thermald') and I'm sure the maintainer (cking) will poke at it on Monday.22:42
asantos3infinity, should I file the debug on the ubuntu repo then?22:44
asantos3because I don't know if it's ubuntu specific22:44
infinityasantos3: As I said, type "ubuntu-bug thermald"22:44
infinityasantos3: It's probably an upstream bug, but starting with us is still reasonable.22:44
infinityasantos3: And our maintainer is also the Debian maintainer, and he contributes upstream.22:45
asantos3ok, thanks22:45
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