Dave07747darkxst: octoquad: If I set the seed base to the path of my seed on my computer, instead of the people.ubuntu.com, would it use the changes that I have made in the seed directory?15:41
darkxstDave07747, for ubuntu-gnome-meta? don't touch the people.ubuntu.com bit21:55
darkxstits the second section you edit [wily/bzr]21:56
Dave07747Ahhh, and that would be the ppa?21:57
darkxstno a bzr branch21:57
Dave07747Oh okay21:57
darkxstwell not the comple branch, but the base21:58
Dave07747So like the seed?21:58
darkxstseed_dist is the actual branch name21:59
darkxstseed_base is the rest of the path21:59
Dave07747and that's the actual bzr branch that I made, correct?22:01
darkxstits split, so something like22:02
darkxstseed_base: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dave/ubuntu-seeds/22:03
darkxstseed_dist: kaderwall.%(dist)s22:03
darkxstwhere the actual branch is bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-gnome-dev/ubuntu-seeds/kalderwall.wily22:03
darkxstI need coffee!22:04
Dave07747Ahhh, cool, thank you!!!22:05
Dave07747And Australia is a tad bit far22:06
Dave07747Otherwise, I'd be right over😉22:06

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