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austinhi all11:45
austinthis question is more kernel module related but im working on ubuntu nonetheless - ive just got a new kernel module working and am wondering what are the ways to get this module activated after reboot. I know about /etc/modules but lets say i dont want to expose the module in this file, what other method is available?11:45
apwaustin, you really have /etc/modules, an init job which modprobes it, or a udev rule pointing to an alais on it11:49
austinok makes sense apw11:50
austinif my module doesn't have dependencies, do i need to run it?12:22
austindo i need to run depmod i mean12:22
apwaustin, depmod tells module init tools things about your module too12:28
Steven_how are the ubuntu kernel_image packages from the repository built? Using make-kpkg on the source package or using make deb-pkg on a kernel tree?13:19
rtgdpkg-buildpackage -B13:24
apwSteven_, yeah alll builds in the archive are essentially schroot builds using dpkg-buildpackage -B or -b deepending on arch16:20
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cyphermoxogasawara: is there a timeline for when we are likely to get 4.2 in wily?19:45
ogasawaracyphermox: I want to say sometime next week, we're sorting our fixes for DKMS packages at the moment, but hope to have that resolved early next week19:46
cyphermoxogasawara: alright, thanks19:56
Steven_apw: I see, so neither make-kpkg nor make deb-pkg is used? does anyone ever test sourcepackages for the kernel?20:12
apwSteven_, dpkg-buiildpackage only builds srcpkgs, as doesnthe archive20:30
apwwhat we upload is a srcpkg, and is in there too20:31
Steven_apw: so who builds the kernels themselves?20:55
Steven_I only ask because I tried building one of these sourcepackages, and I got compile errors20:55
Steven_so I wonder if they were tested at some point20:55
apwwhich package -source?21:00
Steven_linux-image-3.19.0-generic I believe21:00
Steven_I filed a bugreport21:00
apwthat is an internal thing not the source fpor building21:00
Steven_I tried with 3.16.0, works fine there21:00
apwSteven_, whats the bug number21:06
apwthey all must build in the appropriate chroots as that is how the binaries get made, no excdeptions21:12
apwthe package source need to be cleaned after unpack because symlinks cannot be represented21:14
apwthe build process uses fakeroot debian/rules clean to do this21:14
apwbut the symlinks are all in one rebuild script21:15
apwSteven_, ^^21:18
Steven_I always assumed that kernel image source packages could be built with make-kpkg21:19
Steven_is that not the case then?21:19
Steven_where are these extra steps documented?21:19
apwthe documented way to buiild a debian source package is dpkg-buildpackage -S and the steps are all in rules21:22
Steven_hmm ok21:23
Steven_this is the third documented way of building kernels I've found21:23
apwthat is how tjhe archive does it, so it is the most reliabkle21:25
Steven_ok nice, I should try it21:25
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