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RAOFWe've gone from mako: unresponsive to mako: angry red flashing light!03:25
dufluRAOF: Woo! Mine went to warranty repair several times for non-charging issues. Glad yours is back03:40
RAOFWe have a bootloader!03:40
ljpalways a good sign03:52
bschaeferduflu, yeah bregma was saying there is a circuit issue where it needs power to charge haha06:37
bschaefersoo if it dies, it cant charge06:37
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columbobaasMir, when will it be stable?11:42
alan_gcolumbobaas: what does stable mean to you?11:45
columbobaasUsefull as daily driver11:45
* ogra_ uses his phone all day since over a year ... definitely fine as daily driver 11:47
alan_gAt least a year ago11:47
columbobaasand on desktop?11:47
alan_gThat's more dependant on other parts of the stack than Mir.11:49
ogra_mir is surely ready for the desktop too ... the desktop just isnt yet ;)11:49
alan_gThere was a Unity7 on Xmir stack around a while back. And there's a Unity8 stack in development.11:50
alan_gBut if someone were to write a shell with it Mir would work fine.11:51
columbobaasWill Ubuntu 15.10 use it you think?11:52
alan_gnot as default11:52
ogra_16.10 will use Mir as default11:53
columbobaasa long time to go11:55
columbobaasand until then ubuntu will use unity 7?11:55
ogra_yes, there will be an ubuntu personal image in parallel, based on snappy ... that will be released alongside withh the unity7 16.04 release11:56
ogra_so you can choose ... the default 16.04 will use unity7 though11:56
columbobaasand is there something to change with compiz? Because the desktop of a friend doen't support that well12:00
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greyback_columbobaas: compiz is for X only. Mir completely replaces it12:08
columbobaasOw, very interesting12:08
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greyback_kdub: hey, you got some time?13:55
greyback_I'm getting USC crashing when plugging in the slimport cable on N713:55
greyback_this is with silo013:56
greyback_not crshing with mir_proving_server tho13:57
ogra_greyback_, davmor2 just said in another channel that silo0 isnt ready for use yet ... you might have half built stuff there13:58
ogra_(it is in the middle of a rebuild)13:58
greyback_ogra_: correct, but in this case, I'm the reason it's not ready :)13:58
greyback_thanks tho13:58
greyback_kdub: nor is it crashing with USC alone, it appears to be a consequence of the WindowManagement code14:02
kdubgreyback_, I can check if lp:mir works14:03
greyback_kdub: if you can, it would be a start, thanks14:04
kdubi thought silo 0 was a n4-only one though14:04
* kdub tried to get n7+silo0 working this week, but couldn't find a friendly image for silo014:05
greyback_kdub: n7 should work too, at least it used to14:06
greyback_kdub: it should go on top of devel-proposed14:06
greyback_use the citrain script to add the silo, so the correct packages are installed (and pinned)14:07
kdubgreyback_, i can poke around today, might not be able to switch 100%14:08
kdubgreyback_, takes a while to get set up... stacktrace in the meantime?14:18
kdub(mostly from dead batteries)14:19
greyback_kdub: this of use: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12021098/14:19
kdubgreyback_, thanks14:23
greyback_kdub: another BT, almost exacty the same: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12021321/14:24
* kdub knows that alf fixed some stuff14:24
kdubrecently... the mir fix for the circa-monday deadlock was actually a backport14:25
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