slangasekoh look, metview no longer FTBFS because of c++ problems, it has moved on to being FTBFS because of fortran problems00:12
slangasekthat's progress, I think?00:12
slangaseksomeone understand why this haskelly thing is FTBFS on powerpc?  I don't *think* powerpc buildds suddenly lost the as command: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mediawiki2latex/7.20-1build1/+build/776891806:19
slangasekwow, ok, d-shlibs is even crazier than I last remembered06:38
slangasekin case anyone else needs to know: the way you make d-shlibs behave is by passing d-shlibmove a --v5 argument06:40
slangasek(because obviously the thing to do each time there's a C++ ABI transition is to make your helper tool grow another option)06:41
michirobru: ping08:43
michisil2100: Could you lend a hand with this one? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/dashboard.html#?q=ubuntu%2Flanding-04110:39
michiNo changes to code. I had the autopkg test dependencies wrong and would like the test to pass.10:40
sil2100michi: looks like a sane change not requiring QA - you want that released now?10:41
michiYes, if you would please. I will have to top-approve first though?10:42
michiThe package isn’t going to make it until the autopkg test passes.10:42
michiI shouldn’t have added an autopkg test in the first place, and everything would fine. Serves me right… ;)10:43
sil2100Top approve it and change the status to 'Publish without QA'10:46
sil2100michi: 'Publish without QA' means 'I tested the package that didn't need QA and it's ready for release'10:46
michiWorking on it. Can’t find the bloody MR now…10:47
michiOh, christ...10:47
michiI silo’d the MR to merge into devel not the one to merge into trunk :(10:48
michiMy apologies for wasting your time.10:48
sil2100michi: no worries, I just noticed that too10:48
michiWill be back in an hour or so…10:48
sil2100Rebuild, check if it's cool again and set the status to 'Publish without QA' - we'll notice it then and release10:49
michisil2100: Thanks for that! I’ts building now.11:09
michiI’ll ping you when it’s done.11:09
michisil2100: I think we should be good to go now: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/dashboard.html#?q=ubuntu%2Flanding-04711:28
sil2100michi: did you switch the status to Publish without QA?11:37
michiI believe I did. Checking...11:37
michiAh, no.11:37
michiI set it to “No QA needed".11:37
michiHow do I change it now?11:38
michisil2100: Ah, worked it out… “Edit..."11:38
michiJust changed it.11:38
michisil2100: :(  From queuebot: Silos: ubuntu/landing-047 (michi) Can't publish: Packaging changes need manual ACKing. (persistent-cache-cpp)11:41
sil2100michi: reviewing and publishing11:41
michiAh, sweet, thanks!11:42
sil2100(it's a message for us, not for you, so don't worry when you see this)11:42
michiOK, I had no idea. Still learning the ropes...11:42
michiWhat’s the “silo dirty” about?11:42
michiAh, that’s just noice.11:43
michiThose are two silos I abandoned a few hours ago.11:43
michiThree, actually.11:43
michisil2100: Whohoo! \o/11:47
michiqueuebot: Silos: ubuntu/landing-047 (michi) Migration: persistent-cache-cpp is in the Proposed pocket. (persistent-cache-cpp)11:47
michiThanks for your help!11:47
sil2100Np! A dirty silo means that it needs to be rebuilt as something landed for the project you have in the silo11:47
sil2100michi: so the project in the silo needs to be rebuilt to include the changes from the archive11:48
sil2100michi: you want the two other silos abandoned?11:48
michiSo, I just hit rebuild?11:48
michi30, 32, and 41 are rubbish.11:48
michiTrash them, please.11:48
michiSo, do I need to rebuild 47?11:49
michiDoesn’t look like it.11:49
michiDashboard says “in the proposed pocket”. So I assume that means things are fine.11:49
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sil2100https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.wily-add-iw/+merge/267370 <- could anyone review this seed-addition soon? It's a simple and small addition though15:44
slangasekqt-gstreamer is on the list of packages with symbols changes for g++5, and is hit by the qt4+boost issue.  package has non-trivial reverse-dependencies (both qt4 and qt5 binaries are seeded).  any kubuntuers able to take a look at this?  Riddell, ScottK?17:46
slangasekfwiw if I disable the qt4 build it still ftbfs by failing to find /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gstreamer-1.0/include/gst/gstconfig.h, so there's some failure to properly pkgconfig here as well17:47
ScottKslangasek: I don't have time to work on it, but I did pass it on to #kubuntu-devel to see if someone could.17:52
slangasekScottK: cheers17:53
slangasekScottK: if someone picks it up, feel free to point them at me for braindump17:53
ScottKSure thing.17:53
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robruanybody know anything about libgconfmm-2.6-dev and libglademm-2.4-dev? do they need an ABI transition for g++5?18:45
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slangasekLaney: ^^ I know you're off, but as you're connected maybe you have a quick answer18:48
Laneyslangasek: which ^^?19:29
Laneyrobru or you?19:29
robruLaney: oh I assumed he was talking about gconf and glade19:29
Laneywell, I don't know is the answer to you, sorry :(19:30
robruLaney: I'm working with slangasek on this (as he's training me) so we're sort of the same person as far as this question is concerned.19:30
Laneyrobert_ancell might know slightly more about the gnome-mm stack19:30
robruLaney: alright19:30
Laneyotherwise, -> monday, leave a note in the pad or something19:30
robruLaney: ok thanks19:30
slangasekah yes, robert_ancell; now I found the mail thread I was looking for19:31
slangaseksomething about reverting to glibmm 2.4419:31
slangasekutlemming: open-vm-tools in wily-proposed has new build-dependencies that haven't gone through MIR; could you please take care of this?  It's a blocker for the icu transition (and from there to gcc-5)20:49
utlemmingslangasek: ack, it was on my todo...I'll get the MIR filed shortly20:50
slangasekutlemming: thanks20:51
slangasekReverse-Depends: mediawiki2latexguipyqt20:52
slangasekI see your latexguipyqt and raise you a huitzilopochtli20:52
infinityslangasek: At least I can unpack what mediawiki2latexguipyqt means.  I'm pretty sure you made the second one up.20:55
slangasekinfinity: I call20:55
slangasekused in a sentence: I was really miffed when the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli gazumped that nice split-level in the shire20:56
infinitybarry: Is there some discussion I'm missing around this copy-package MP?20:59
infinitybarry: Why would I want copy-package to not fail on missing source?20:59
slangasekbarry's using copy-package a bit for python3.5 ppa test rebuilds20:59
slangasekhe appears to have opinions about its behavior ;)20:59
barryyep :)21:00
slangasekI have a countervailing opinion21:00
slangasekthe current behavior should remain the default21:00
barryi have a wrapper around copy-package which tries to first copy from -proposed.  the wrapper has to know whether that fails or not so it can fall back to copying from wily in that case21:00
barryif it doesn't fail hard (exit !0) then the wrapper doesn't know21:00
infinityI like to know when I typo a package name.21:00
infinitybarry: I'm not against proper error handling, I'm disputing the default.21:01
barry*but* if you're copying a bunch of them, you probably don't want it to fail hard on the first one21:01
barryinfinity: doesn't matter much to me if we switch the sense21:01
infinitybarry: --fail-immediately might want to be --skip-missing to invert the default behaviour.21:01
barryinfinity: i can do that21:01
barryinfinity: i'll ping you when i've updated the mp21:02
barryinfinity: oh right, one thing about that.  if find_latest_published_source() fails currently it just tracebacks, so i think it's still better to catch the exception and return False in the default case.  then if --skip-missing is given, it'll print the error and continue21:08
infinitybarry: Yeahp, agreed.  See above, re: not against proper error handling. :)21:09
barryinfinity: :)21:09
infinitybarry: My #1 beef with python programmers is ignoring error handling because "hey, tracebacks are totally user friendly".21:09
* barry is a vegetarian and has no beef21:10
infinityOr you have more beef, because you don't eat it?21:10
barryinfinity: the new mp taste like chicken21:29
utlemmingslangasek: MIR filed via Bug #148277721:37
ubot93bug 1482777 in open-vm-tools (Ubuntu) "[MIR] open-vm-tools 9.10.2 build dependencies: xml-security-c and xerces-c" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148277721:37
slangasekutlemming: cheers21:37
infinitybarry: I see no new MP.21:39
barryinfinity: i just updated the existing one21:39
barryinfinity: https://code.launchpad.net/~barry/ubuntu-archive-tools/exit-status/+merge/26738521:39
infinityHrmph.  You'd think I would have gotten email about that.21:39
barryof course not, because launchpad21:39
infinitybarry: Shouldn't "print(error)" be outside the if block?21:40
infinitybarry: Seems weird to yell at me when succeeding, but fail silently.21:41
barryinfinity: yeah, that probably makes sense21:41
barryinfinity: updated21:43
utlemminginfinity, slangasek: so xe-guest-utilities has sat for a few weeks awaiting to be de-newed. Any chance that could be looked at?21:44
infinitybarry: Taking it for a test-drive.21:45
slangasekutlemming: hmm.  didn't I sponsor that upload?  should probably have a different reviewer21:46
infinitybarry: Merged.21:49
infinityslangasek: Yeah, I told him I'd review it after the point release was out.  Will I hate myself for saying that?21:50
utlemminginfinity: invariably21:50
dokowhoever accepted uhd, please fix the arm64 ftbfs22:06
dokoslangasek, gfortran transition started, however some packages already migrated to wily, and are broken22:07
dokoyour metview now builds again with some effort22:07
dokoafk now again22:08
slangasekdoko: I hardly think accepting a package into the archive puts the archive admin on the hook for fixing the remaining FTBFS... :)22:09
slangasekdoko: metview> glad to hear it, thanks22:09
infinitydoko: I tend to not bin-new until all 6 arches are built to avoid potential transition skew, which I suspect is doko's complaint.22:11
infinityErr, slangasek ^22:12
slangasekwhat transition skew would there be?22:12
infinityOh, no idea in this case.  Didn't look.22:12
slangasekyou mean if somebody started firing off revdep rebuilds before the other archs were done?22:12
infinityBut yes, that.22:12
infinitySweet, arm64 is trying to build armv7 ASM.22:13
infinityThat'll end well.22:13
slangasekright; at the moment there's a massive pile of stuff that needs doing and I'm pretty much just doing whichever bit I have in front of me at the moment22:13
slangasekwhich includes newing bits of libs that I know unblock parts of the stack22:14
* infinity side-eyes launchpad's 76.6MB debdiff from the old version.22:15
slangasekdoes that mean you're looking at uhd?22:15
barryinfinity: awesome, thanks22:15
infinityslangasek: It means I looked that far. :P22:15
infinityslangasek: Looking deeper.22:17
infinityThat's the relevant diff: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12025342/22:20
infinityA bit less then 76MB22:20
infinityn$ readelf --dyn-syms armhf/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libuhd.so.003 | wc -l22:55
infinityThat's got to win some sort of award.22:55
infinityslangasek: Okay, uhd breakage hacked around in my PPA, and confirmed that the hack didn't alter any public symbols on armhf, so calling it good.  Will binary copy to -proposed shortly.23:28
slangasekinfinity: spiff23:28

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