mukaI get 0.15Mbps when I tether. How can I speed it up?00:12
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Hawk_is there any place that ubuntu touch use to log the boot up process03:55
Hawk_i managed to boot up till android container but it show "[   40.615962] Restarting system." at the end of dmesg03:56
Hawk_no idea what is causing the system to restart03:56
Hawk_last_kmsg > http://textuploader.com/a9k3003:57
Hawk_nevermind. found this. https://sturmflut.github.io/ubuntu/touch/2015/05/15/hacking-ubuntu-touch-part-6-logfiles/03:59
mukahow can I run adb shell <bash file> as sudo/root. adb shell sudo <bash file> not working.05:00
dholbachgood morning07:09
tsdgeosseb128: there?07:27
seb128tsdgeos, hey07:36
mptWho is familiar with how the notification system works?07:38
tsdgeosseb128: i bought the same logitech keyboard mzanetti has and i can't pair it with the phone :/07:39
seb128tsdgeos, the logitech k480?07:40
tsdgeosseb128: yep07:40
seb128what do you do and what happens?07:40
tsdgeosseb128: i press the "PC" button on the keyboard, it shows up on the phone, i press connect, it connects07:41
tsdgeosbut then i'm at the stage i have to write the pairing pin on the keyboard07:41
tsdgeosbut i have no idea which it is07:41
tsdgeosso wathever i type + enter07:41
tsdgeosthe keyboard disconnects itself07:41
seb128it connects?07:44
seb128you have settings open?07:44
seb128you press connect, it should send you back to the bluetooth mainpage07:45
seb128and then a few seconds later you should get a popup with the pin to type07:45
tsdgeosseb128: it sends me back to the main page yes07:46
tsdgeosi never see a popup07:46
tsdgeosbut the state changes to "connected"07:46
* tsdgeos tries again being a bit more patient07:46
tsdgeosso it showed up in "connected devices" now07:47
tsdgeoswaiting for popup07:47
tsdgeosit fell down from connected devices to available devices07:48
tsdgeosno popup07:48
seb128what image are you on?07:49
tsdgeosr89 from ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en07:50
tsdgeosi can flash again if you want07:50
tsdgeosr89 seems to be the latest07:50
seb128no, I'm having the same issue in fact07:51
seb128it was working 2 days ago07:51
seb128so I was checking if you are on rc as well07:51
seb128I guess it's a regression there07:51
tsdgeoswant a bug?07:51
seb128yes please07:51
tsdgeosseb128: against system-settings?07:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1482531 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Can not pair with Logitech K480" [Undecided,New]07:54
popeytsdgeos: i have one of those arriving today!07:57
nhainespopey: maybe keep the receipt.07:57
tsdgeosi had it arriving monday07:58
tsdgeosamazon has time warped07:58
seb128tsdgeos, popey, would be interesting to see if the pairing works using the current ota stable update08:10
seb128rather than rc-proposed08:10
tsdgeosseb128: do you know how i get that?08:10
popeyseb128: will let you know when it arrives08:10
tsdgeosubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en ?08:10
seb128tsdgeos, use ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en rather than rc-proposed08:10
* tsdgeos flashes08:11
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tsdgeosseb128: nopes08:22
seb128tsdgeos, "nopes" = doesn't work?08:31
tsdgeosseb128: correct, doesn't work either, same behaviour08:31
tsdgeosno popup08:31
seb128tsdgeos, thanks for testing08:31
seb128I need it's going to need proper debugging :-/08:31
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day! 😃09:02
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guest42345:(( the SDK hates me today, i keep getting No executable specified. o_O09:51
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popeytsdgeos: did you get your logitech k840 working on any devices?10:19
popeyworks on arale here10:19
tsdgeospopey: i got it working on my PC :D10:20
tsdgeoswell not th emain one since that one doesn't have bluetooth, the secondary one10:20
tsdgeospopey: but no, only tried BQ10:21
popeyok, well, it works nicely on arale :)10:21
tsdgeospopey: so you got the popup with the pin?10:21
tsdgeospopey: did you press the "PC" button or the "i" button on the keyboard?10:22
* popey tries nexus 710:23
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popeymcphail: did you see we have another sdl game in the store? Tuxracer?10:25
mcphailpopey: no - will have to check it out. Does it work?10:25
guest42345:(( the SDK hates me today, i keep getting No executable specified. o_O10:26
tsdgeospopey: ah so you could verify doesn't work on the krillin?10:27
popeymcphail: yes, quite well10:31
popeytsdgeos: yeah, did on the bug10:31
tsdgeoscool :)10:31
mcphailpopey: will check it out when I get in decent interweb range10:33
mcphailDoes anyone else find the default landscape orientation for forced-landscape apps is the "wrong" way around?11:11
mcphailIf you hold your phone in your left hand (as many right-handed people do) it is easier to turn to landscape with the left of the phone rotating to bottom11:13
svijmcphail: oh I'm not the only one…11:15
mcphailI don't mean to be discriminatory against left-handed people, but Ubuntu is niche enough!11:16
greyback_mcphail: svij: think this is the issue? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/147863711:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1478637 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "X-Ubuntu-Supported-Orientations=landscape causes app to be upside down on devices with nativeOrientation=landscape" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:17
mcphailgreyback_: cheers11:17
greyback_if not, please log bug, it should be an easy fix11:17
mcphailgreyback_: I think that bug is more directed at tablets, whereas I'm more concerned about the phone, where the native orientation is portrait11:20
* mcphail logs in to file new bug11:21
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greyback_mcphail: this could be a matter of opinion however, what is the right way to do landscape. Perhaps we should have both landscape orientations supported11:21
greyback_but then some apps rely on the buttons being at the top, like a camera app11:22
greyback_please log a bug, and we'll get a discussion going about the right way to do this11:22
greyback_recommending such apps to do "X-Ubuntu-Supported-Orientations=landscape,inverted-landscape" might make everyone happy11:24
ogra_interesting, i am right handed and always hold my phone with the right hand11:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1482613 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Apps with forced landscape orientation display the "wrong" way on the phone" [Undecided,New]11:26
mcphailogra_: I'd suggest you are an outlier11:26
ogra_haha, perhaps11:26
svijmcphail: "When an app forces landscape mode, the "top" of the landscape screen should be the right of the portait-orientated screen.11:28
svijshould be it the left of the portrait-orientad screen?11:28
* mcphail is having the same kind of mental block he has when trying to reverse in Eurotruck Simulator11:28
ogra_heh, be happy we dont have a traktor simulator that has more than one trailer ;)11:29
mcphailsvij: I can see the ambiguity in that statement so I'll try to reword it11:29
svijmcphail: oh right11:30
davmor2mcphail: it's easy, put it in reverse use your mirrors, take you foot off the clutch, let the power of the engine take you and do small movements initial in the opposite direction to the way you want to turn then straighten up by turning the way you want to turn once the initial turn process is started11:32
* davmor2 hides his driving licence so nobody can guess what he did for a living 11:35
Hawk_any log to find out why system is rebooting by itself?11:36
ogra_Hawk_, /proc/last_kmsg as usual11:36
davmor2Hawk_: /var/log/syslog too11:37
mcphaildavmor2: I am in awe of you11:37
Hawk_nothing on the /var/log/syslog i think. let me check again11:37
mcphaildavmor2: my brain can't cope11:37
Topi|jollawhat's the status of running a full ubuntu desktop on phone? i've read that it doesn't work yet, but maybe on devel builds?11:38
ogra_Hawk_, so looks like soething inside the container is doing that when the system tries to start it up11:39
popeyTopi|jolla: in progress11:39
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Hawk_guess i need to slowly each disable the services?11:39
ogra_[   12.220235] init: ureadahead-touch main process (627) terminated with status 5 ... here you switched to the ubuntu rootfs ... this init is the upstart init ...11:39
Topi|jollato me, it sounds simple, what's the source of problems? wayland?11:40
Hawk_yes. i saw the android init get load up11:40
ogra_and here [   17.132549] init: invalid uid 'fm_radio' ... the container starts (5sec later) this is androids init11:40
Hawk_right. the android ramdisk need get loaded11:40
davmor2mcphail: if you take your foot off the clutch an only have a tiny (almost no) acceleration and only make small adjustments to the wheel it is pretty easy, the mistake most people make is position the vehicle incorrectly initially and then over steer if you put it on full lock like you would with a car you can never straighten up without over shooting the angle to pull in at11:40
popeyTopi|jolla: problem?11:40
Topi|jollaproblem, since iy's not integrated yet despise of promises11:41
ogra_Hawk_, the ramdisk gets unpacked to disk by the initrd ... thats all fine ... something in your container is trying to do something that causes the reboot ...11:42
ogra_Topi|jolla, promises ?11:42
popeyTopi|jolla: it's not finished11:42
ogra_Topi|jolla, the only statement that has ever been made is that it will be ready by the 16.04 release11:42
smoxHello everyone, is ubuntu-touch 100% free software?11:43
popeysmox: the bits we make are11:43
guest42345smox, 200%11:43
Hawk_by container, you mean the android init?11:43
davmor2smox: there is a small linux container with the android driver bits in the rest is open source11:44
ogra_Hawk_, by container i mean the android init that gets fired up by lxc when the boot starts the container, yes11:44
Hawk_ok, i will work on that. thanks again11:44
ogra_smox, 90% of that container that davmor2 mentions above is also opensource ... but there are binary drivers with which the hardware wont function and which dont have any free equivalent11:45
ogra_these drivers are closed ...11:45
smoxokay, thank you! :D Is there already an image available for the meizu mx4 or is it necessary to buy a phone with Ubuntu touch preinstalled?11:47
popeyIf you buy an android mx4, it may not be possible to flash it.11:47
ogra_smox, the ubuntu installs have a slightly different partitioning11:47
ogra_smox, to flash ubuntu onto it you need a tool from meizu that repartitions it ... not sure that is publically available (that tool also needs special images)11:48
ogra_theoretically it would be possible11:48
smoxoh okay! Thank you for the answers! :)11:48
ogra_practically there are mx4's that are completely locked down and you need that tool11:48
ogra_(so first of all you would need to make sure you get an unlocked device :) )11:49
smoxhm.. I imported my device from china, I guess it is locked :D11:50
ogra_i think the chinese version of the phone is locked, the international one isnt ...11:50
Topi|jollaare all of the current ubuntumobile devices with unlocked bootloader?11:51
ogra_Topi|jolla, yes11:51
ogra_that doesnt mean that will not change, vendoors are free to do what they want ... future devices could be completely locked down ...11:51
Topi|jollai think doing otherwise would hurt ubuntu's reputation11:51
ogra_(we only proovide the SW, the venndors make the final decisions)11:52
Hawk_eventually, ubuntu should provide a developer option. :)11:52
ogra_we do11:52
ogra_use a nexus4 ;)11:53
Hawk_any decent phone vendor would lock down their device for support reason11:53
Hawk_you cant have the end user fool around the phone and still expect proper service support11:54
Hawk_but there should be an option to unlock at the risk of warranty support11:54
ogra_well, our current vendors are pretty open to simply allow you too unlock everything11:54
popeySee how that changes when we hit USA :S11:55
ogra_but yeah, if there are more vendors some of them will surely have locked down devices11:55
Hawk_chinese vendor will not care one way or the other. :)11:55
ogra_yeah, the land of freedom ;)11:55
Hawk_unless its the higher end product11:55
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Topi|jollait seems Asus has released a bunch of new Zenphones, but with Snapdragon 410s inside. doesn't bode well with intel's push to mobiles12:10
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Topi|jollaare there any Ubuntumobile devices on Atoms?12:13
ogra_not atm, no12:14
popeywould have loved to put ubuntu on my hudl2, nice high res screen, sd card slot etc12:24
Elleobrendand: heya, finally figured out what's going on with those tests; after maliit restarts autopilot doesn't recreate all its proxy objects, so it's still trying to talk to the old process12:32
Elleobrendand: if I provide a "reset()" method on the keyboard emulator would you be able to call it at appropriate moments in your tests?12:32
Elleobrendand: I've tested it quickly in a hacky way (just getting it to reset its proxy objects everytime something is typed) and it passes all except for one of the webbrowser tests (which seems unrelated to the keyboard)12:33
brendandElleo, oooh that makes loads of sense :)12:52
brendandElleo, Autopilot should probably be mindful of that possibility12:52
brendandElleo, sure can you give me a .deb file for ubuntu-keyboard-autopilot with that in it?12:53
jgdxElleo, hi, is cutespotify leveraging the new “allow screen to be on” functionality?12:53
Elleobrendand: sure, I'll create a branch for it now12:54
Elleojgdx: nope, still need to finish updating it to the new libqtspotify, but once that's done my plan is to release an unconfined version in the openstore that uses the new gsettings options to prevent it being suspended at all (and grab a wakelock for it)12:54
jgdxElleo, sweet. That means the screen go to sleep while spotify plays12:55
Elleojgdx: yep12:55
Elleojgdx: you can already get it sort of working by using tweakgeek to prevent suspending, but without the wakelock the audio starts to die when the screen switches off as it keeps trying to go to deep sleep12:56
Elleoalthough it'll work if you're plugged in to usb12:56
Elleosince it won't try to sleep then12:56
jgdxoh, good tip12:57
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Elleomandel: ping?13:04
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brendandElleo, so we call reset after restarting unity8?14:05
Elleobrendand: yep14:05
brendandElleo, i'll just wait for PS Jenkins to produce the .deb files14:07
Elleobrendand: sure thing14:07
TenLeftFingersI want to report a bug against mymusic scope (as opposed to the music scope). Do I still file it against unity-scope-mediamanager or something else?14:21
dobeyTenLeftFingers: unity-scope-mediascanner214:23
TenLeftFingersdobey: thanks14:23
dobeywell, the source package is unity-scope-mediascanner, so against that package in ubuntu14:24
dobey"unity-scope-mediamanager" doesn't exist, so not sure where you got that name :)14:24
TenLeftFingersah, my mistake. Mediascanner14:24
TenLeftFingersThanks. Done: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-scope-mediascanner/+bug/148266814:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1482668 in unity-scope-mediascanner (Ubuntu) "Remember my choice for album or artist view" [Undecided,New]14:26
ogra_TenLeftFingers, oh, awesome !14:26
* ogra_ "me-too's" 14:26
TenLeftFingerscool :)14:27
dobey"scopes are stateless" "give us state!"14:27
TenLeftFingersoh :/14:27
ogra_iirc that came u before ... the issue was that you might have 100s of albums of only smaller number of artists, so generating the page for the first time can take a lot longer14:28
ogra_*came up14:28
TenLeftFingersogra_: That's funny because I'm having the opposite issue because of compilation albums :D14:28
ogra_iirc i asked about defaulting to album where i got  that answer14:29
ogra_never thought about that :)14:29
BOHverkillTenLeftFingers: +114:29
BOHverkillsame problem14:29
TenLeftFingersokay then. I wonder if there's a way to implement without  breaking the 'stateless' rule. Like the today scope remembers todays date for 24 hours, for example.14:30
TenLeftFingersOr maybe it doesn't.14:31
ogra_it just polls the info every time you refresh14:31
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TenLeftFingershmm, okay. Fair enough then I guess :) Personally, I have never used browse by artist on any app in my entire life and I assumed that no-one else does. But I don't know many geeks that personally.14:36
ogra_that default was decided by a designer btw ;)14:38
dobeywell, if the issue is just that the my music scope is slow, then it seems like maybe there is som e issue. mediascanner should have a cache of data, and it should just be pulling the data from there, so it should be fast14:41
dobeyi guess the slow bit should be the dash loading all the images14:41
NymeriaFrHello guys14:44
NymeriaFrI cannot include any QtLibrary from my main.cpp14:45
NymeriaFrThere is the source code : https://github.com/Nymerea/uBarcodeReader/tree/feature/autoCapture14:45
NymeriaFrI'm sure it should be a stupid error14:45
NymeriaFrbut I cannot find it14:46
* ogra_ guesses #ubuntu-app-devel is better for this kind of question14:47
sil2100pitti: hey! I would need the qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu autopkgtests re-run15:25
sil2100http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/q/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/wily/amd64/ (and i386)15:25
sil2100pitti: who should I poke for that?15:25
guest42345woah... shm_open() failed: Permission denied15:25
guest42345 :(15:25
dobeysil2100: do you know if anyone is working on getting fixes for all the kde libs/apps that have "regressed" with gcc5?15:26
oSoMoNbrendand, care to review https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/autopilot-emulator-fix/+merge/267366 ?15:26
guest42345libust[13601/13602]: Error: Error opening shm /lttng-ust-wait-5 (in get_wait_shm() at lttng-ust-comm.c:958)15:26
guest42345i'm probably doing something wrong ))15:26
sil2100dobey: don't know, sorry...15:26
brendandoSoMoN, funny thing it turns out a new version of Autopilot didn't land...15:29
brendandoSoMoN, but that code is still broken somehow so it should probably land (the fix)15:30
oSoMoNbrendand, yeah, I’ve upgraded autopilot on my vivid desktop to the version in the overlay PPA, and those tests started failing15:30
dobeysil2100: ah. it seems plenty of the issues are relatively simple rebuilds, or just updating symbols files and renaming the libs for the "v5" thing15:31
brendandoSoMoN, ah interesting15:31
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oSoMoNtvoss, hey, where can I learn more about the storage API?16:17
dansufHi, I am porting Touch for my device, graphics not working yet and device was not visible by adb until I replaced adbd binary with the one from my recovery image. It works, however only for about half a minute after the device boots. Any ideas what could be done ti fix this?16:25
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vthompsoncwayne, are you around? I'm trying to use your Activity Tracker app. I see that it's creating GPX files, but the app doesn't show any saved activities. You know if anything special I'd need to do?17:22
kenvandinevthompson, i just noticed the same thing a few minutes ago :)17:25
vthompsonkenvandine, I took a peek at the activities.db sqlite database and it's empty. I think it's just not storing/logging the activities.17:26
vthompsoncwayne, anywho, I'm going to go on a run with your app now. Later and thanks!17:30
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seb128popey, thanks for testing the keyboard pairing on the different devices17:39
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cwaynekenvandine: did you try to just create an activity really quickly without a lot of movement?  i noticed it fails to add in those cases, as it fails to create a polyline (due to not enough points)18:15
kenvandinecwayne, nope, i used it for a 5 mile drive18:16
kenvandineand saved it18:16
kenvandinei was impressed how accurate the line was :)18:16
kenvandinebut after saving it, it didn't show up in the list18:16
cwayneoh, well then there is another issue then :)18:16
cwayneit could be that it was taking a long time to process it or something.. care to email me the log?18:16
kenvandinecwayne, sure man18:17
cwaynethanks a lot18:17
cwaynei've been testing it like crazy (gettin' real tired of running + bike rides!)18:17
kenvandinecwayne, lol18:17
kenvandinegood for you18:17
kenvandinei've been really wanting an app like this18:17
kenvandinesqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file18:18
kenvandinecwayne, ^^18:18
kenvandinestill want a full log?18:18
cwaynekenvandine: please18:19
cwaynekenvandine: oh is this with version 0.4? or 0.518:19
kenvandinecwayne, you've got mail18:21
cwaynewell there's the problem18:21
* kenvandine checks for updates :)18:21
cwaynethere was a bug in 0.4, fixed in 0.5 :)18:21
cwaynei hadn't realized the app's writable dir in XDG_DATA_HOME wasn't autocreated on installation18:21
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kenvandinecwayne, ah... that'd do it18:21
cwaynehope that's not what vthompson was seeing if he's out running with it!18:22
cwayneah i guess its not, cause his was actually creating the gpx18:22
kenvandinei bet it is18:22
kenvandinesame symptom18:22
cwaynewell, different because his actually created the gpx18:22
cwayneyours likely didn't, as the directory doesnt exist18:23
cwaynei bet his was just trying to log basically a blank activity, which i know fails18:23
cwaynebut the gpx is the important part, that's what you can upload to runkeeper/strava/smashrun/edomondo :)18:23
kenvandinecwayne, you should add integration to do that upload :)18:24
cwaynekenvandine: way ahead of ya18:24
cwaynegot account-plugins working for runkeeper and strava18:24
cwaynestrava's got a neato api for doing the upload too18:24
cwaynekenvandine: there's like a million features i need to add to this, but i figured i'd get it in the store since the core functionality is mostly there, and to get people testing it that aren't just me :)18:25
kenvandinecwayne, cool, i haven't looked at any of those, but i used runkeeper until i stopped using android18:42
kenvandinei should try out strava though, my wife has been complaining about runkeeper lately, not happy with the changes18:43
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belkinsaI am having problems/trouble connecting to my N network at home on my N4, Ubuntu 15.04 (r22)18:53
belkinsaCan someone help me?18:53
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dobeybelkinsa: on 5GHz? or 2.4?19:10
belkinsaI don't know.19:10
belkinsaIt was working two months ago.19:10
dobeynot sure what to tell you then. it's working fine here for me :)19:11
belkinsaIt's also happening on my Nexus 7 201319:11
dobeyit works in android but not ubuntu?19:16
belkinsaDoesn't work on both, but I think I may be blocked.19:17
belkinsaMy dad will reboot the router to see if it fixes it19:17
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