daftykinscrikey, the Amazon FireTV is on offer00:20
daftykinsruns Kodi nicely that thing (XBMC)00:21
* diddledan has a flash sale: you can look at my junk for pennies!00:31
* diddledan flashes00:31
diddledanthat was a taster00:31
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* zmoylan-pi goes to kitchen to get forks to poke both my eyes out...00:36
diddledanneed some eyebleech?00:45
zmoylan-piwho said that?00:46
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davmor2Morning all08:21
foobarryi tried to pay paypal friends and family with my CC last night. they tried to charge 86p for the privilege08:28
popeywhat's paypal F&F?08:29
foobarrydoes this mean if i pay for goods on ebay with paypal using my cc , the same charge applies? i hadn't noticed it08:29
foobarrypaypal F&F lets you pay people without the 3.5% handling charge08:29
foobarryyou owe your mate £20 , you pay F&F , nobody loses paypal commission08:30
nucc1whenever you use a CC, charges are inevitable08:31
nucc1if you use a direct debit to your bank account, the fees are less or nonexistent08:31
foobarryhowever i don't think i am charged when using paypal and my cc to buy on ebay08:31
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:31
nucc1foobarry: ebay eats the cost.08:32
foobarrymaybe not much longer if they are separate again08:32
foobarryor its a purchase of goods rather than money transfer08:32
nucc1foobarry: they probably will still eat it, as do many sites which accept CCs08:32
mgdmI think it's only if you use a CC - a debit card probably wouldn't do that </speculation>08:43
foobarryjsut got a refund on a bag that didn't arrive08:43
foobarrythey sent 2, neither arrived08:43
nucc1this is why i always use signed-for on my ebay sales08:45
* popey has two things arriving today \o/08:45
foobarryfrom china08:45
popeyone is via DPD so I know it will be here between 12:26 and 13:2608:45
nucc1Dread Pirate Delivery :p08:46
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:54
MooDoomorning brobostigon08:57
brobostigonmorning MooDoo08:58
davmor2foobarry: It's almost certainly only separating as a tax or legal loophole/requirement08:58
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day! 😃09:01
* bashrc_ notices that the open source firechat on my phone appears not to be the same thing as the firechat often mentioned09:04
davmor2JamesTait: Dude it was Precise Pangolin goes to show how much attention you pay09:04
JamesTaitdavmor2, Precise Pangolin has Particularly Preposterous Packaging?09:05
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgzEBLa3PPk09:05
JamesTait"You hum it son, I'll play it."09:06
davmor2popey, JamesTait, MooDoo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhOeG-uTJxw  :D09:06
MooDoodavmor2: love those adverts lol caused a lot of problems in our local school that :) "You've been tangoed" SLAP! lol09:17
awilkinsDouble ruptured eardrums in some cases09:20
awilkinsHence the replacement with the snog version09:23
awilkinssqlite3 : my string column contains quotes, any way to get the command line program to output the value without the escaped quotes?09:38
foobarryso basically donald trump is farage10:02
foobarrysomeone for the media to get completely excited and obsessed over10:02
nucc1foobarry: in trump's case, he does have the bragging right of being a billionaire10:15
nucc1you know how easily people go: if he's a billionaire, he must be smart10:16
brobostigondoes that also mean, being a billionaire gives you the right to be a nutter as a day job?10:16
nucc1but of course, 50% of the world is below 100 IQ10:17
brobostigonin his case, my example applies.10:17
bashrc_Trump seems like the ideal oligarch to run the US10:18
bashrc_if you think of all the things wrong with the US they're pretty much emodied in Trump10:19
foobarryi don't know anything about him, but as he seems like an attention seekr, i'm not going to find out10:20
popeythis sums up the difference between UK and US10:26
popeysomeone else said this recently.10:26
nucc1recap please?10:26
popey"An American sees their neighbour with a Rolls Royce and wants one, a UK person sees a neighbour with a Rolls Royce and wants them to die in a fire".10:26
popeyAmericans love successful people10:26
nucc1oh, yea lol10:26
nucc1or they go on a "raise taxes on the rich" tirade10:27
foobarryamericans have been sold the idea that sucess=money and they can all get it and they all deserve it10:28
bashrc_having done engineering stuff on expensive cars, I can testify to their scarily low build quality10:31
mgdmI've heard it said that Mercs aren't particularly well put together10:31
foobarrywhich ones?10:31
foobarryi would expect bentleys and RR to be v well built10:32
bashrc_you'd expect wrong10:32
foobarry[citation needed]10:33
bashrc_in my experience people who buy those cars really are just paying for the brand. The actual quality is no better than the cheapest vehicles10:33
nucc1bashrc_: i don't agree with you.10:33
foobarrythey are totally different machines though10:33
nucc1you don't even need to go as high as a bentley. compare a Ford Fiesta with a Mercedes C class.10:33
foobarrydown to the hand stitched leather10:34
bigcalmConsidering a VM Passat estate for my next car. Are they well built?10:34
popeygenerally, yeah.10:34
foobarrybuilt by robots innit10:34
popeyi used to love my Mercedes C20010:34
nucc1foobarry: success == money. it has always been this way (money is today's social currency)10:34
popeywas one of the best company cars I ever had10:34
nucc1foobarry: robots work better than humans.10:34
bigcalmI love my 407, but it's got too many interconnected electrical systems that mean if something goes wrong, it messes up the whole car10:34
directhexyou wanna talk electrical systems messing up cars? :p10:35
directhexi drive a volt!10:35
nucc1popey: you drive a mercedes and you instantly understand why they command a premium price.10:36
mgdmdirecthex: does it have a charger like this? :) https://twitter.com/TeslaMotors/status/62930581391232614610:36
directhexmgdm: is that tesla's steel penis?10:36
mgdmdirecthex: delicately put, yes10:36
directhexthe answer is "no, it doesn't"10:36
zmoylan-piso even if the volt becomes intelligent it will need to keep humans around to tend to it...10:37
MyrttiVolvo ♥10:39
bigcalmA Volvo might be an option. Sadly, Hayley thinks that the tail end is ugly10:41
popeyI <3 my volvo10:42
bigcalmIs it still alive?10:43
bigcalmHey, I can say this now...10:43
bigcalmIt's the RAT next month10:43
popeyoh blimey, so it is10:44
* popey looks up at his ticket10:44
popeystill there10:44
davmor2popey: what happened to getting a new car10:45
popeywas I getting a new car?10:45
davmor2popey: yes you talked of it when the volvo failed it's mot10:46
popeyoh. I never actually looked at any.10:48
popeyjust pondered10:48
davmor2popey: ah okay10:48
popeybigcalm: http://imgur.com/15FUks8 proof!10:48
bigcalmpopey: you didn't get it framed then10:49
popeynah, balanced between two blobs of blu-tak was sufficient10:49
foobarryyou need a vim mug10:49
popeyi do!10:49
popeyI never look at that cheat sheet10:50
popeylaminated it myseflf10:50
popeynew toy #1 arrived. Logitech K480 keyboard. Tis good10:50
MyrttiIt looked a bit big when we had a look the other day10:50
MyrttiI had hoped it would have been a bit smaller10:50
davmor2popey: use it as a mouse mat10:50
popeyits quite heavy10:51
popeyfeels like it has bits of metal in to make it heavy10:51
MyrttiI decided that I won't take my XPS13 to the trip and packed my Nexus 9 and a logitech keyboard in my backpack instead10:51
davmor2popey: I got the k750 I likes it too :)10:51
popeytoooo big10:53
popeydavmor2: does your kb work with krillin retail images? see bug 148253110:55
lubotu3bug 1482531 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Can not pair with Logitech K480" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148253110:55
davmor2popey: I have a bluetooth portable keyboard that does this is one with the logitech dongle10:56
davmor2popey: mine is the Mini Keyboard n53jn from maplins, it works fine10:57
popeyi dont get the pairing dialog where you type numbers in10:57
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davmor2popey: you need to press the button harder ;)  I assume you are on the bluetooth page when you are trying to do this right12:03
zmoylan-pii did have one bargain basement bt keyboard €15 in euro store and when trying to pair it didn't bring up dialog but piece of paper that came with it said to type 0000 in after initiating pair and it worked12:15
diddledan lol "junior level programmer. they know just enough to blow stuff up@12:25
zmoylan-piused to be so simple... just flip power supply switch from 240v to 110v... :-)12:29
awilkins0000 and 1234 are the common default pairing codes for stuff12:34
popeynot for this keyboard12:35
popeyit generates a unique number12:35
mgdmzmoylan-pi: someone I knew in school did that, and was apparently surprised when his running P90 let out a considerable amount of magic smoke12:35
diddledanmgdm: that's the magic pixies sending signals to warn you something's amiss12:37
nucc1zmoylan-pi: nowadays we have power supplies that know what voltage is incoming12:39
nucc1i guess laptop manufactures spent too much money on warranty power supply replacements, they invented a solution12:40
* zmoylan-pi wires nucc1's system to phase3 line from the electric cooker... :-p12:40
nucc1you mean 3-phase12:41
zmoylan-pinot so much releasing the magic smoke as magic shrapnel...12:41
nucc1and note, the voltage is still 240v12:41
mgdmor 400V if you're across two phases?12:44
nucc1well, my system is using an intel core i7-9890x clocked at 10Ghz, so that's the normal voltage it expects :p12:49
nucc1i often receive letters from the police warning me to shut it down because it's interfering with their infra-red vision systems.12:50
diddledancookers don't run off 3-phase12:52
diddledanunless you're talking industrial cookers12:52
nucc1yea, i wanted to say this, but well, my cooker wiring is in the wall, so i won't notice if it was three-phase12:52
diddledanyou'd need a separate feed from the powerco for a 3phase cooker12:53
nucc1if your house has a 3-phase feed in already, you won't12:53
nucc1large enough houses have 3-phase inputs12:53
diddledanI doubt that12:54
diddledan3-phase is an industrial thing12:54
nucc1well, form my basic high school physics, i think it would be more common than that12:55
nucc1given power = Voltage x current12:55
nucc1not sure what the typical input current at the meter is12:55
mgdmsomeone I knew had their house on one phase and the garage on another12:56
nucc1a single-phase house with lots of electric heaters will easily overload the input12:56
diddledanwell when you consider that a standard rcd maxes out at 20amp for consumer distribution boards12:57
diddledanand that common distboards have enough room for a dozen rcds12:58
directhexin the UK, cookers are single phase 230V - they're just >13A, so don't use a plug, and are wired into the wall directly13:02
diddledanthanks directhex - nice to have a wingman :-)13:02
nucc1diddledan: which means wiring my computer to the source for the cooker will do no damage13:03
diddledanI believe cookers and ovens are usually on a 20amp circuit13:03
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diddledannucc1: exactly13:03
diddledannucc1: it just means that you'll not have such a responsive short-circuit protection13:03
nucc1yea, well the cable has it's own 13-amp fuse13:04
directhexi still need to get my 32A car charger13:04
directhexmumble mumble13:04
diddledanyup, that's where the UK plugs are awesome! :-p13:04
diddledandirecthex: 32A! yeek13:04
nucc1they are big and fugly13:04
zmoylan-piunless you step on one in the dark at 4am...13:05
directhexdiddledan: i can't actually charge my current car at 32A. it's futureproofing!13:05
diddledandirecthex: don't touch it with wet fingies :-p13:05
directhexdiddledan: s'fine, all car connectors are weatherized.13:05
diddledanthey've rated the cables and plugs but not sorted out a supply13:05
directhexdiddledan: i can only charge my car at max 3.6kW :(13:06
diddledandirecthex: open the flap and then don't touch it with wet fingies :-p13:06
directhextesla have 120kW. best you can do in a non-tesla is 50kW13:06
diddledan(I really want to see what happens when you prod it with wet fingers!)13:07
directhexboth of which are high voltage high amperage DC13:07
diddledanI find the "er" in amperage to be cumbersome.. I like removing it from the equation and just have either amps or ampage13:09
directhexi can't charge in the rain right now, as i have to pass an extension cord through the letterbox and plug a portable charger into that - and an extension thin enough to go through a letterbox is not weatherised13:09
diddledanaww, go on!13:09
nucc1weatherized is a word?13:09
directhexnucc1: yes.13:09
diddledanyou don't know until you try :-p13:09
zmoylan-piyou could get an extension add an american plug 2 prong jobbie and then plug that into an adapter?13:10
directhexdiddledan: i have enough trouble convincing the charger to negotiate 10A through a crummy extension at the best of times13:10
diddledanyou need a jedi13:11
directhexwhat i need is a proper wall-mounted charger13:11
diddledanyeah that'ld be cool, too13:12
directhexwhich depends on me not having a giant bush of doom in the way13:12
diddledanbeards scare-off some of the younger contractors :-p13:12
nucc1i hope to buy a gas guzzling BMW M5 before they go extinct.13:13
diddledanthat's impressive considering it's supposed to be controlled13:13
diddledanI wonder if I can get a wallwart installed on my block of flats for a nelectric car?13:14
directhexdiddledan: that series of tweets led to them cutting back a bit, but i still don't have permission to dig it up13:14
directhexdiddledan: you'd need to talk to the freeholder of the building13:14
diddledanobv it will have to be wired-into the dentist on the ground floor but that means I don't have to pay the bill :-p13:14
zmoylan-pior a mr. fusion so a trip to shops would just need a rummage in bin first... :-)13:14
diddledanzmoylan-pi: cool idea13:15
diddledanalthough our bins are behind locked-doors with a chute13:15
zmoylan-piof course you'd have to lose the volt and get a delorean...13:15
diddledanheck yeah!13:16
diddledanI'll even install a flux capacitor13:16
directhexdiddledan: there are various government schemes regarding charger installation, but ultimately someone is paying that electricity bill13:16
diddledanwould be seriously worth getting a dual-rate meter13:16
diddledanand only plugging the car overnight13:17
zmoylan-picharge it up at work... stealing office supplies 21st century edition \o/13:17
directhexor configuring the car to only draw power overnight13:17
diddledanI still want a googlecar13:17
directhexso you can plug it in whenever you get home, but not use peak rate power13:18
diddledanI wasn't aware they did that13:18
diddledanI really need to watch more of my surnamesake, bobby llewellyn13:19
zmoylan-pimakes sense to save a few bob13:19
diddledanspeaking of which, apparently there's more red dwarf on the offing13:19
zmoylan-pioooh a fold up 13a uk plug... http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/12m-folding-thin-plug-power-lead-with-figure-of-8-connector-black-n48ce13:20
diddledanshame it's only running for one year13:21
AzelphurMartijnVdS: you know about SIP things right? where do I sign up for a free account to just be able to make calls to another sip account?13:23
AzelphurI've tried two different places with supposedly free accounts and wish to stab things.13:23
directhexSIP is just... just awful :(13:24
diddledanAzelphur: you could try running your own box with I think it's called freeswitch?13:24
AzelphurOption B) Any method of video calling that can be invoked from the command line (ideally without a graphical environment)13:24
diddledanaah that old chestnut again :-)13:25
Azelphurstill trying :)13:25
diddledanpersistent lil blighter, you :-p13:25
nucc1Azelphur: https://ekiga.im/ but i doubt if you can easily achieve cross-domain calling as it should normally be13:26
diddledannucc1: you still need a server13:26
Azelphurnucc1: doesn't work, at all. Get "Could not register (Transport error)" using Ekiga with an Ekiga.net account13:26
diddledanI wonder if MS are gonna drop linux support for skype now win10 has dropped13:27
nucc1there is no reason for them to drop it13:27
nucc1and windows 10 didn't drop skype. do you mean to say skype doesn't work on win10?13:28
bigcalmLunch time leaf through Steam. Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken looks interesting13:28
diddledanexcept that they'll move the windows version and the windows phone version to a universal app which means the codebase that the linux client is running could disappear13:28
directhexforget SIP, just use uberconference13:28
directhexfrom a browser13:29
diddledanmozilla hello?13:29
directhexdiddledan: would you believe they killed the universal app?13:29
Azelphurdirecthex: again, command line.13:29
nucc1not if you want to call someone who has a sip app13:29
directhexdiddledan: windows 10 they removed the universal app. only the old desktop app exists now13:29
Azelphurthe person who I want to call is myself, so I can use anything13:29
diddledandirecthex: well. they kinda did. they kinda didn't.13:29
diddledandirecthex: I believe it's a stopgap13:29
directhexi liked having both, for access to 2 accounts at once13:30
nucc1google webrtc chat13:30
diddledandirecthex: the phone version still exists13:30
directhexone account for family, one account for arranging orgies13:30
diddledanorgies... hmm, now there's a good idea.13:30
Azelphurnucc1: I know all about webrtc, I'm a web developer, was hoping to not have to write my own Android app + server for this >.>13:30
nucc1Azelphur: i thought you said you wanted to talk to yourself?13:30
nucc1how much easier can it get than browser-based?13:31
diddledanI talk to myself too often13:31
Azelphurnucc1: again, it needs to be initiated via command line13:31
nucc1step back and outline your requirement13:31
Azelphur(14:24:43) Azelphur: Option B) Any method of video calling that can be invoked from the command line (ideally without a graphical environment)13:31
nucc1so you want to invoke this from a mobile app?13:32
Azelphurnucc1: no, I want to initiate the call from a raspberry pi, the other end of the call will be an android phone13:32
Azelphurthink video intercom.13:32
foobarrydoes anyone have issues with irrsi not scrolling itself properly?13:32
popeysometimes, yes13:32
foobarrynot sure if its my addons13:32
popeyif the window was resized13:32
foobarryits got a lot worse lately13:32
foobarrythis happens on its own13:33
foobarrypage up/down doesn't fix13:33
foobarryi have to switch chan and switch back13:33
nucc1Azelphur: https://mdns.sipthor.net/register_sip_account.phtml ?13:34
Azelphurnucc1: I'll give them a go :)13:34
nucc1otherwise you ahve to set up your own sip server13:34
diddledanreally? people use the phtml suffix?13:34
diddledanis that perl+html?13:34
mgdmsometimes PHP13:35
nucc1it's these new-fangled kids who use url components as parameters that grind my gears13:35
foobarrycould be my nicklist addon13:35
foobarrybut i "need" that13:35
foobarryfor smaller chans13:35
diddledanfoobarry: it's not the size of the channel, it's what you do with it13:37
foobarryhow can i see what i've +1'd on g+?14:01
diddledanfoobarry: I'm not sure you can get a single list14:02
foobarryi +1 something on my phone to look at later14:02
foobarrybut i can't find it14:02
nucc1use chrome and bookmark it is the only way14:03
nucc1continuity still sucks in today's ubiquitous network environment14:03
nucc1well, i shouldn't say the only way, it's the easiest way i know of14:03
foobarryi don't use chrome on either phone or pc14:03
nucc1use firefox sync14:03
nucc1use opera sync14:03
foobarrymy profile has a +1s tab14:04
foobarrybut its empty14:04
nucc1that's the tab for if people have +1'd you :)14:04
nucc1funny that you have a g+ profile and don't use chrome, which gives you some benefits from having a google account14:04
nucc1that is a tab it seems for things on the internet you have +1'd14:05
nucc1mine has things i have forgotten about even14:05
nucc1i started using chrome because they handle security prompts and the green padlock a bit better than others14:06
MyrttiTIL what TWIMC means15:17
mgdmMyrtti: so did I, after googling :-)15:56
zmoylan-piyogo... you only google once... :-)16:52
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