NairwolfHi, I know that is usually a chan for ubuntu, but can I ask if someone can review a little code of html5 ? (around 60 lines). I'm asking for general advices as I'm learning html. I've asked to #html, but they sleep ^^02:09
nhainesI have a bunch of emails I should write, but I don't want to do any emails today.20:36
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nhainesakk: they just showed me the cover mockup for my book!  :)22:27
nhainesNow I'm second guessing the back cover copy!22:28
akkRoughly when is it due out?22:28
nhainesMid October turned into end of September and they're stressing that if I am quick with revisions, they could publish by the end of the month.22:28
nhainesWhich is great except for where I transitioned to claiming Ubuntu 15.10 as the current version of the book!22:29
nhainess/of the book/in the book/22:29
nhainesSo I guess I have a decision to make in the second draft, heh.22:29
akkYou can always say something like "Ubuntu 15.10 is the current version, at least as of October 2015".22:37
akks/at least//22:37
nhainesHmm, perhaps.  At least the 14.04.3 bits get to stay!22:38
akkGuessing software releases vs. book release dates is so hard!22:38
akkAt least Ubuntu has a fairly fixed schedule, though.22:39
nhainesYes!  Well, so did my book, but... missed deadlines!  :)22:39
akkGIMP has more like a 4-year window on when any given version might release. :/22:39
ianorlinI ended up updating the install on my ssd to wily today had a bug with modem manager not installing correctly but I ran sudo dpkg configure -a then it installed22:48
ianorlinI reported a bug though22:48
nhainesianorlin: hard gcc5 transition is hard.22:49
ianorlinI have so many installs side by side my desktop is starting to feel like a hydra updating all of them22:50
nhainesI am installing the HP printer drivers in a Windows 10 VM, so that I can clean a printhead.23:49
nhainesIt's about four times more complicated than it should be, which is "plug in the printer and the computer automatically detects it.  5 seconds later it's ready for use."23:50
nhainesExcept, since this is a network printer, minus the plugging in.23:51
akkhpclean doesn't handle the printer?23:59
akkoops, hp-clean23:59
akkhp-clean can talk to my printer if I don't mind the scads of error dialogs and things.23:59

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