cmaloney(unrelated: my script to log into work is called "morning")12:04
jrwrencmaloney: ha!13:08
cmaloneyApparently it's this weekend15:28
cscheiblulz: 7 people from 8 LoCos and 6 countries are participating in this event!15:29
cmaloneyThere are more events in Russia than in the USA15:29
cscheibmethinks that event didn't have a strong planner15:29
cscheibone can always just blame things on jcastro15:30
cscheibI still blame Unity on him15:30
jcastrounity is awesome I don't know what you're talking about15:33
cmaloneyI <3 Unity15:33
jrwrenWhat is unit?15:33
jrwrenerr, unity?15:33
cmaloneyjrwren: Are you using Ubuntu?15:34
jrwrenI don't even know what ubuntu desktop I run. xubuntu or lubuntu, but I'm never sure which. :)15:34
cmaloney*rolls eyes*15:34
jrwrencmaloney: I'm typing to you from irssi running on ubuntu.15:34
jrwrencmaloney: connected to it from iterm on macosx :)15:34
jrwrenoh man, its global bug jam this weekend?!?15:35
jrwrenwell, lets say I did my contribution by packaging up golang 1.5 rc1 to ppa last night :p15:36
cmaloneyjrwren: apparently15:36
cmaloneyI'm doing my part by saying "apparently it's [global jam] this weekend15:36
jrwrenI found this recently: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/One%20Hundred%20Papercuts/Fix/Lists%20of%20bugs15:37
jrwrenshould be fun as a starting point.15:37
cmaloneyLook at those trending lines. :)15:38
jcastroI didn't even know it was a jam this weekend?15:38
greg-gjcastro: man, you canonical employees are sooo disconnected from the community! don't even know it's a jam this weekend?!?!?!15:39
cmaloneyjcastro: I only found out because Michael Hall posted on G+15:40
greg-gg'morning :)15:40
cmaloneygreg-g's todo list: [x] Wake up [x] slag Ubuntu community [ ] get coffee15:40
jcastrogreg-g: we apparently aren't the only ones who don't know either if only like 7 people showed up15:41
jrwrengreg-g: its because we don't work on Ubuntu :(15:42
jcastrofundamentally working on ubuntu is just boring/finished for me.15:43
jcastroso many more problems to solve on top of the platform15:43
jcastrowhich are more interesting, aka. giving people kubernetes or a libswarm cluster, etc.15:43
greg-g(look at what my jest did! it made a serious-ish conversation! #winning)15:44
jcastroI always answer any question people have15:44
greg-gjcastro: what color undies today?15:44
cmaloneyI didn't even know I needed a kubernetes until jcastro told me I needed one15:44
jcastrodark grey, next15:45
jcastrocmaloney: I didn't say you needed kubernetes!15:45
jrwrengreg-g: you shouldn't ask that. Have you seen @aphyr's twitter feed?15:45
jrwrencmaloney: you don't need a kubernetes.15:45
jrwrengreg-g: depending on work envirnonment you may not want to.15:45
greg-gthis ain't work for me :)15:45
cmaloneySo basically Ubuntu Desktop is unmaintained then? ;)15:49
jcastroit's about the same level as unmaintained as every other desktop15:50
jcastrothis is what windows 10's control panels look like15:52
jcastroyes, panels, plural15:52
jcastrothey have 215:52
jcastroapparently made by two totally different companies.15:53
cmaloneyTook a design cue from Blackberry / Lotus Notes15:53
jcastroI was thinking more like GTK in 200215:53
cmaloneySame thing15:54
cscheibwindows has had 2 control panels for a really long time anyway15:55
cscheibthere's the stupid task view15:55
cscheibor the icon view15:55
jcastrowell, it's been like 15 years though15:55
jcastrothey're a multi-billion dollar company15:55
jcastrowe have an excuse, a handful of a few engineers and some part time volunteers15:56
cmaloneyMicrosoft has never been too keen on folks mucking with their control settings anyway15:56
jcastroyeah but that's not the point15:56
jcastrohave one or the other15:56
cmaloneyThat's partly why they're so confusingly laid out : They don't expect you tofind then15:56
jcastrooh I never go looking for them, I just search15:57
jcastrohmm, apparently MS has ~6000 people working on windows15:57
cscheibyea, search fixes most of my problems15:59
jcastroI don't think I've browsed a menu in like 3 years15:59
jcastroon any OS15:59
jcastrothough, I think people are kind of overblowing the windows 10 thing16:00
jcastro"omg it has a keylogger"16:00
jcastroof course it does dude, how do you think predictive text correction works16:00
cscheibthey always go all nutty about everything16:01
cscheibgotta have something to bitch about16:01
jcastrothere was a guy on a debian list complaining that his web browser made remote connections to remote servers16:01
jcastroit's like, you know that's the definition of what a browser does16:01
cscheib"here's TCPDUMP output with my username and password in it, because I didn't use SSL"16:02
cscheibjcastro: well, I mean, you can browse your filesystem with it, but it's not particularly effective at that16:03
jcastrospeaking of worthless tech16:04
jcastroI got some amazon dash buttons16:04
jcastrothey're so awesome, it literally is worthless16:04
jcastroyou push a button and it orders garbage bags from amazon16:04
cmaloneyjcastro: /me makes it his life's mission to teach your dogs to push those buttons16:05
jcastrothey're actually kind of neat, they are DDoS proof16:06
jcastroso it only orders on item, and you can't order another one until the one you asked for is delivered16:06
jcastroso like you can't just push my button 50 times and cost me money16:06
cmaloneyHah, nice.16:06
* cmaloney is listening to Procol Harum - Conquistador16:07
jcastroI want to hack them to do other IoT-like things though16:09
jcastroturn on/off lights, etc.16:09
cscheib"the Tide button is rave mode for the basement"16:09
jcastroif I could tie it to that company in AA that delivers beer16:09
jcastroyou know that would be awesome16:09
cmaloneyI'd settle for the fridge coming to me16:10
cscheibI'm sure Uber will add alcohol delvery eventually16:11
cscheibthey're already starting on restaurant delivery16:11
jcastrowe have lyft locally here too16:26
jcastroit's nice16:26
cscheibthat's great18:55

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