bajahi creative users06:38
bajaim havign a problem with space. I want to free up boot space so that i can install updates06:39
zequencebaja: YOu need to uninstall some kernels07:33
zequenceThere seems to be a problem where kernels aren't being automatically uninstalled, once there's more than two of them.07:34
zequence(happens to linux-lowlatency, not linux-generic)07:34
cfhowlettzequence, I thought auto uninstall was completely disabled.07:35
zequencecfhowlett: Oh. I don't actually know how that works tbh. Haven't taken a look.07:35
zequenceI just heard generic kernels are being uninstalled, but not lowlatency ones07:36
Unit193zequence: You're talking about the use of  apt-get autoremove  not kernels actually getting uninstalled automatically.07:49
Unit193/etc/kernel/postinst.d/apt-auto-removal specificzlly.07:50
zequenceThat does sound like uninstalling to me :)07:58
Unit193That is to say, the system doesn't do it as part of usual upgrades, you have to run the command.07:59
zequenceApparently in Japan they call guys who have a comb over "bar code men".08:03
zequenceI'm getting the source for trusty to have a look.08:05
zequenceThere is a postinst script for the kernel, which among other things tries to run "/etc/kernel/postinst.d/$version". I'm guessing there are still some details that have not been universal, but are adapted to the generic name.08:45
zequenceIf I don't forget, I will try and see what happens on one of my Ubuntu installs to confirm the behaviour. If -lowlatency does not autoremove, but -generic does, then I will try to get a fix done.08:47
zequenceOr, the script checks for that dir. Anyway, it does something there, and I don't know exactly what.08:48
rustegoLooking for information14:51
cfhowlett!details | rustego14:51
ubotturustego: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)14:51
holsteincool... let a volunteer know if you need help finding something14:51
rustegoOk. In the distro 12.04 There were towo apps for dj14:52
holstein12.04 is EOL, but, you could still find information about what is in the repos from 12.04.. the main 12.04 repos are still up14:53
holsteinthings can come and go from the repos as projects come and go.. but, if you can find the name of the project, a volunteer may assist with what you are looking for14:53
cfhowlettholstein, eh?  EOL?14:53
holsteinor, you can look in a currently supported version of ubuntustudio/ubuntu, and see what is available14:54
holsteincfhowlett: AFAIK, no flavors supported 12.04 5 years..14:54
rustegoOne of these apps was Mixxx. The other one ?14:54
holstein!info mixxx14:54
ubottumixxx (source: mixxx): Digital Disc Jockey Interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.11.0~dfsg-4build1 (vivid), package size 2684 kB, installed size 7673 kB14:54
holsteinrustego: mixxx is still in the repo.. so, you can use that in any of the currently supported ubuntu versions/flavors14:55
holstein!info idjc14:56
ubottuidjc (source: idjc): graphical shoutcast/icecast client. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.8.14-1build2 (vivid), package size 1349 kB, installed size 4107 kB14:56
rustegoI'd like to know the other one14:56
holsteinrustego: sure, friend.. you can look at a package search, either online, or, in a 12.04 live iso.. or elaborate about what you seek14:57
holsteinidjc is quite popular..14:57
rustegoOk friend. Thanks for help14:57
cfhowlettconfirmed: 12.04 xubuntu (thus ubuntustudio) is EOL ... upgrade!14:57
TalonzzHello All18:41
Talonzzcould use a little help18:41
fabzor3I am making a 5.1 speaker system today22:26
fabzor3and I have a bunch of music22:26
fabzor3thats stereo22:26
fabzor3I noticed stereo tends to come out front left and front right for obvious reasons22:26
fabzor3is there some way In ubuntu similar to soundflower or asio4all that I can rerout my audio to come out of multiple outputs from a single source?22:27
fabzor3im happy to use pulse or jack or something22:27

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