josemarcoceppi: re: seb's prob. I'm gonna take a look tomorrow early morning as soon as I get there. should be an issue with apache and the local repo we have, I should be able to fix it real quick :)03:37
josesebas5384: I'm gonna check the local repo tomorrow morning 8am. if you can be there 8:30 to test it would be amazing.04:07
josesebas5384: I believe it's an issue with apache2, so should be easy to fix04:07
joseanyways, on my checklist04:08
sebas5384jose: great! but I think I'll deploy some wordpress04:08
josesebas5384: using cloud resources?04:08
joseor local?04:08
sebas5384jose: I think we wont be able to deploy openstack04:09
sebas5384let me try with gce04:09
josesebas5384: so, you've got the third slot. what about if we meet at the speakers lounge during the first two slots so we can figure things out, see if they work and everything, and then maybe you will feel a bit more confident? :)04:09
sebas5384jose: I'll be there around 9am04:10
josesebas5384: sounds good. make sure to check in to get your food tickets04:11
sebas5384already arrange with elizabeth04:11
josewoot woot04:11
sebas5384jose: good one04:12
josefeel free to ping me if you need anything or lmk if you wanna test before your session04:12
sebas5384thanks man04:12
joseno worries!04:12
sebas5384I'll test the openstack here04:12
sebas5384with gce04:12
sebas5384lets see what happen04:12
josegot your free trial?04:12
josebeware, 8 cpus limitation on free trial04:12
sebas5384jose: hmmm04:14
sebas5384didn't know about that04:14
sebas5384would it be better if we got some aws credits04:14
joseaaand... you should be all set.04:15
sebas5384i feel its more stable04:15
joseno worries, whatever you feel more comfortable working on!04:16
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