yofelthe instructions on the debian page should still owrk00:00
clivejocant seem to get it to work00:00
yofelthe "Creating a symbols file" part00:00
yofelthe commands, are a bit.. weird00:00
yofelwhere did you dput it to?00:01
clivejomy ppa00:01
yofelok, a couple things wrong it seems, but now at least have something to look at00:02
yofelNote: libraries are not searched in other binary packages that do not have any shlibs or symbols file.00:07
yofelthat... new o.O?00:07
clivejoit builds locally fine00:09
clivejoIve turned proposed back on in my PPA00:09
yofelyeah, something new probably00:09
yofelanyway, it talks about symbol files, so lets make them00:10
clivejomy own system is fully up to date00:10
yofelwith proposed on?00:10
clivejocan you build it?00:10
yofelno, failed the same way in pbuilder here00:10
clivejofailed on LP again too00:11
clivejocan you guide me to make the symbol files?00:11
yofelthat was the plan ;)00:11
clivejoisnt it late there?00:12
yofeldepends if you call 2AM late or early..00:12
clivejolike 2am?00:12
yofelI have tomorrow free, so I can spend another ~30min or so00:12
yofelfor the symbols, we'll start with pkgkde-gensymbols00:13
clivejoonly if you are ok, dont want to take up your time00:13
yofelno, but lets get this over with ;)00:13
yofel-p is the package name, lets start with libkf5purpose500:13
yofelnote that there's no space between -p and libkf5purpose5, so -plibkf5purpose500:14
yofel-v is the version, so -v1.0~rc100:14
yofel-Osymbols.amd64 is the output file00:14
yofelthen comes -e with the path to the build binary file, so -edebian/tmp/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libKF5Purpose.so.500:15
yofelthat should show you a lot of symbols, and will generate the symbols.amd64 file00:16
clivejoobjdump: 'debian/tmp/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libKF5Purpose.so.5': No such file00:17
yofelnext comes pkgkde-symbolshelper, this time with space between the options, i.e. "pkgkde-symbolshelper create -o debian/libkf5purpose5.symbols -v 1.0~rc1 symbols.amd64"00:17
clivejowhat directory should I be in?00:17
yofelyou need to be in the source directory where you built the package00:18
yofelso, in purpose-1.0~rc100:18
clivejothats where I run it00:18
yofelthen you didn't build the package?00:18
yofelor you cleaned the build?00:18
clivejopkgkde-gensymbols -plibkf5purpose5 -v1.0~rc1 -Osymbols.amd64 -edebian/tmp/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libKF5Purpose.so.500:19
yofelright, that's what I used too, and here it worked00:20
yofeljust make sure you have a finished build00:20
clivejook, just rerun debuild and its listed symbols!00:20
yofelok great, now run the symbolshelper command I just posted00:21
clivejopkgkde-gensymbols: warning: symbols.amd64 doesn't match completely symbols.amd6400:21
clivejowhat on earth does that mean!00:21
yofelyou created the file, modified something and ran gensymbols again (it means the old and new file)00:22
yofelprobably the old one was empty, and the new one has the symbols -> different ^^00:22
clivejoyippeee libkf5purpose5.symbols !00:24
yofelgreat, now I'll leave debian/libkf5purposewidgets5.symbols as an excercise for you ;)00:24
yofeloh, and make sure to delete symbols.amd64 if you plan to upload your build folder to LP later00:25
clivejoso just those two libs?00:29
clivejois that what is making it fail on LP?00:30
clivejoIm still getting 3 warnings from Lintan00:31
clivejoW: libkf5purpose5-dbg: debug-file-with-no-debug-symbols usr/lib/debug/.build-id/b4/e4222cfd34f768fd17c625a40dee868f1bf61d.debug00:31
clivejostupid symbols00:31
yofelhm, still fails for me, weird..00:32
clivejobuilds fine for me00:33
clivejohave you any other archives?00:35
yofelerm, the control file is broken00:35
yofelArchitecture: same00:35
yofelisn't something that exists00:35
yofelyou probably meant00:35
yofelArchitecture: any00:35
yofelMulti-Arch: same00:35
yofelso as the control section for libkf5purpose5 is invalid, the package wasn't built00:36
yofelmaybe you have some old generated files in your build directory which made things work for you00:37
clivejovery weird00:37
yofelurgh, not emedded plugins again *-.-00:38
yofelE: libkf5purpose5: symbols-file-contains-current-version-with-debian-revision on symbol _ZN10QByteArray4dataEv@Base and 191 others00:39
yofelthanks to those00:39
yofelanyway, that's for tomorrow, I'm off00:39
yofelgn :)00:39
clivejothanks yofel00:39
clivejoleanred a lot :)00:39
ahoneybunsgclark: ping03:03
sgclarkahoneybun: pong04:30
valorieare you feeling better, sgclark?05:25
sgclarkI am alive yes. But with my new to-do list I am not sure how long haha. anyway night night.05:32
valoriesleep well05:35
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BluesKajHiyas all11:29
clivejoRiddell: ping15:05
dokoRiddell, are both baloo and baloo-kf5 sources needed?15:17
jmuxWill anybody go to DebConf15 ?15:19
ScottKdoko: they are.  Not everything that uses baloo is migrated to Kf5.15:27
clivejoanyone here know their stuff regarding symbols?15:51
doko$ ls *ges16:15
dokodigikam_4.12.0-0ubuntu3_source.changes       kopete_15.04.2-0ubuntu2_source.changes  miro_6.0-1ubuntu1_source.changes16:15
dokokde-runtime_15.04.2-0ubuntu3_source.changes  libkfbapi_1.0-0ubuntu6_source.changes   plasmate_1.0-0ubuntu5_source.changes16:15
dokokdepimlibs_4.14.6-0ubuntu2_source.changes    libkfbapi_1.0-0ubuntu7_amd64.changes    pulseview_0.2.0-1ubuntu1_source.changes16:15
dokokdepimlibs_4.14.6-0ubuntu3_source.changes    libkfbapi_1.0-0ubuntu7_source.changes   pykde4_4.14.2-0ubuntu3_source.changes16:15
dokokgraphviewer_2.1.90-0ubuntu1_source.changes  metview_4.5.6-3ubuntu1_source.changes   simon_0.4.1-0ubuntu5_source.changes16:15
dokoRiddell, ^^^ uploaded, please don't override16:15
ahoneybunRiddell: ping17:00
ahoneybunor sgclark17:00
ahoneybunthe patch has fuzz which is not allowed, or is malformed17:04
sgclarkahoneybun: does it say can be reverse applied? please paste the text17:10
ahoneybunsgclark: https://paste.kde.org/p8x0xsrnp17:12
sgclarkhmm I seem to be having issues with that paste. But if it does say that then that patch was applied upstream and can be removed.17:14
ahoneybunthe patch?17:23
clivejosgclark: would you be able to help me on debugging symbols?19:15

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