DragnslcrAh, good point. Less likely to be a graphics issue, then.00:00
DragnslcrIf it is installing grub to the wrong hard drive, the easiest fix is to disconnect all of the drives other than the one you want to install to.00:01
surgy3thats not easy..... thats a pain...... i told it to use the entire disk why didnt it install grub to that disk as well?00:01
surgy3anyways i know theres a command for this i just dont know it.....00:02
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surgyok so i have everything running great except for my tablet01:40
surgyi have a huion tablet and i need help configuring it. it currently does not show up in the "tablet" menu in input devices.01:42
surgycan someone please help me get my tablet working? i know its supported by kubuntu. i just dont know where to start01:43
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editionIn ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/.customized/colors, what settings can I append to ensure that all of the text is readable?02:51
editionie: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/9170702:51
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jonbeebehi all, I'm having a strange problem with Muon and having trouble finding a solution05:35
jonbeebeI did a google search, and while others are having the same problem, their solution isn't working for me05:35
jonbeebeit's an authentication error05:36
jonbeebeit's not asking me for my password05:36
jonbeebeThe solutions I've read online involved install polkit-kde-1 (and rebooting)05:36
jonbeebethat hasn't worked, and in face, polkit-kde-authentication-agent-1 is a running process on my system05:36
valoriejonbeebe: there has been a bug filed about that05:37
jonbeebeoh so it's a known bug? that's good05:37
jonbeebeI thought I saw a closed bug, for an earlier version of ubuntu05:37
jonbeebebut i'm on 15.04 so I thought maybe it was a problem with my configuration somehow05:37
valorieit sounds like you are a knowledgable user, so you might comment on it05:38
jonbeebeok i'll take a look at it05:38
valorieon bugs.kde.org05:38
jonbeebecool, thanks05:38
valoriefor now, using apt is probably the best work-around05:38
jonbeebeit's not a major deal, as I normally do all of my installing/updating via command-line as you suggested05:39
jonbeebebut the update notifier pops up every now and then05:39
jonbeebeand it'd be nice to just be able to click it05:39
valorieI agree05:39
valorieit's been a bit buggy05:39
jonbeebenow it pops up and i have to dismiss it and then go into the terminal, just a little annoying05:39
valoriethe maintainer is working on problems, so your input would be useful05:39
jonbeebei'm searching for the bug report now, definitely will do05:40
jonbeebeout of curiousity, what's the general consensus (among KDE users) about plasma 5?05:43
jonbeebei read kde4 wasn't received very well when it came out05:43
valorieI'm excited about it, and have had few problems05:43
valorieI've been using it via project neon for nearly a year05:44
valoriethose who have problems don't like it much -- I hear from them in #kde05:44
valorieso it's hard to say05:44
valoriemost distros don't offer it yet05:45
jonbeebethat's awesome, so you've seen it mature over time05:45
valorieoh yes05:45
jonbeebei'm really liking it myself05:45
valorieit was missing quite a bit at first05:45
valoriestability has gotten better as well05:45
jonbeebelike you said, i've had few problems as well05:46
jonbeebejust mainly this muon thing05:46
jonbeebebut that's definitely no deal breaker05:46
valoriewe had extra challenges in Kubuntu because we had also to deal with lightdm > sddm05:46
valorieand then systemd05:46
valoriebut since we're done dealing with that, we're ahead of the game05:46
jonbeebeyeah that sounds rough05:46
valorieI'm already running 15.10 on my new little travel notebook05:47
valorieruns really well05:47
jonbeebenice, that's great to hear05:47
jonbeebei'm on a *very* low-spec machine myself05:48
valorieeasy on the battery, wifi and everything works out of the box, etc.05:48
jonbeebeand 15.04 is running fine for me, plasma 5 and all05:48
jonbeebethat's great05:48
jonbeebei have a desktop machine, but i have to be portable, so i prefer using this laptop05:48
* valorie has only laptops05:48
valorieI like small05:49
jonbeebeit's actually a chromebook and the whole thing is running from an sd-card, so i'm really proud of this system in that it only cost me about $250 but i'm able to do all my development for work on it when i'm not near my desktop05:49
valorievery nice!05:50
jonbeebeand plasma 5 runs great on it, i was surprised05:50
jonbeebei really expected it not to05:50
jonbeebebut xfce ran really great, and i wanted kde so i thought i'd give it a shot05:51
jonbeebei'm glad i did05:51
valoriethat's very good to hear05:51
jonbeebe@valorie - are you a KDE contributor?06:35
valoriejonbeebe: yes06:48
valoriestill recovering from jetlag after flying home from Akademy06:48
jonbeebeawesome. what do you work on primarily?06:53
valorieI'm in the community working group, and student programs (gsoc, etc)06:54
valoriesorry, but midnight approaches and my jetlag is making me go to bed!06:55
jonbeebeno problem :)06:56
jonbeebethanks for your help06:56
jonbeebe(and actually responding, i'm new to IRC and I find it's pretty quiet a lot of times)06:56
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erkan^Hello, I am a new beginner of Kubuntu. Where can I find "color invert"?09:38
lordievadererkan^: Color invert?09:39
erkan^omkeren, lordievader09:39
lordievadererkan^: What?09:39
lordievaderInvert color?09:40
lordievaderUnder plasma4 that is a kwin effect. I suppose it still is under Plasma5.09:40
erkan^Yes, do you know that?09:40
soee_itis the first effect on the list09:42
erkan^what do you mean, soee_?09:43
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lordievader^ that.09:47
lordievadererkan^: Go to the kwin effects, it is likely the first.09:47
erkan^I saw "kwin scripts" only, lordievader09:48
lordievadersoee_: Could you guide him to the kwin effects. I am on plasma4.09:49
soee_erkan^: open System Settings -> Desktop Behaviour -> Desktop Effects09:50
erkan^ok i go try soee_09:51
erkan^I use Dutch, but I cannot find "Desktop effects", soee_10:17
soee_erkan^: are you sure you are on Plasma 5 ?10:19
soee_enyway type in console: kcmshell5 kcmkwineffects10:19
erkan^no idea, i am on Kubuntu 15.04, soee_10:20
lordievader15.04 has Plasma5.10:21
soee_lordievader: but the effect doesn't seem to work10:22
soee_if i check it and apply changes, nothig changes10:22
lordievaderThat I cannot test... I'm not on Kubuntu ;)10:22
soee_i doubt relogin is required10:23
lordievaderIt works here ;) (Gentoo Plasma4)10:23
soee_ah no it works10:24
soee_erkan^: you have to check Invert effect, apply changes and than you can use 2 shortcuts to invert colors of whoel desktop or current windows: META + CTRL + U or META + CTRL + I10:24
erkan^where can I "META" on my keyboard, soee_?10:28
erkan^it works now10:29
soee_erkan^: it is FN key on laptop or probably with widnoes logo in desktop10:29
erkan^META is Win LOGO10:29
CrowX-Does kubuntu 15.04 have the "default kde look" available?10:29
erkan^thank you10:29
erkan^I see color inverts now10:29
CrowX-cause I've no idea what people were thinking when they changed it10:29
soee_default kde look ?10:30
erkan^why does KDE call "META" instead of "Win LOGO", soee_?10:30
soee_there is no Win logo key, it just meta or functional key10:30
CrowX-soee_, the blue stuff, and the menu difference is what i mean10:30
erkan^they can call "Win LOGO" too, than people can find easy10:30
soee_CrowX-: the blue stuff ? :)10:31
CrowX-soee_, the menu10:31
CrowX-i want my old menu back :p10:32
soee_erkan^: on you don't always have jey with win logo  on keyboard10:32
CrowX-the menu used to have an option to search stuff10:32
soee_CrowX-: change menu type (alternative)10:32
soee_CrowX-: ulock widgets, rightclick on menu icon and pick Alternatives10:32
soee_than you can switch menu type to what you want10:33
CrowX-soee_, so, everything can be configured back to how older versions of kubuntu looked like, right?10:33
soee_i don't know how many chnges you have and how deep they are10:33
soee_to be sure you have completely defautl settings are used, you woud have to remove/empty .kde and .config folders10:34
erkan^I have a question: Why hasnĀ“t a system instelling "Desktop Effect" , soee_10:34
soee_but keep in mind that than you will loose all application configuration etc.10:34
soee_erkan^: it has10:34
soee_erkan^: in System Settings you have to first click "Desktop Behavior"10:35
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erkan^I cannot find Desktop Behavior too10:35
erkan^I have found: It is "Gedrag van bureaublad". than I have found "Desktop effects", soee_10:38
erkan^Gedrag van bureaublad is same Desktop Behavior10:39
soee_well i do not know how the sections names loook like in Dutch version :)10:39
erkan^My English is no good. I am learning the English language :)10:40
erkan^How do I disable left top ?10:42
erkan^of the desktop10:42
soee_erkan^: in the same section where you had Desktop Effects, there is section called "Screen Edges"10:43
soee_you can  enable or disable actions for each screen corner there10:44
erkan^thx so10:47
erkan^soee_: I have found it10:47
soee_hiho jinxi32110:49
erkan^hi madam jinxi321 :)10:50
lordievadererkan^: Good to hear you fixed your problem :)10:51
erkan^(-: lordievader10:52
jinxi321I am male ;-)10:56
jinxi321I installed Kubuntu 15.04 this week. I have to say I am very impressed. I would like to say thank you to every one that has contributed to this OS.10:57
lordievaderjinxi321: \o/10:58
audreelissYes, great distribution Kubuntu :)10:59
BluesKajHiyas all11:29
kamil_BluesKaj: hi12:32
kamil_BluesKaj: i managed to resolve (or workaround) my problem12:33
kamil_BluesKaj: i downgraded kernel, and removed thermald and it works ok oO12:33
BluesKajunfortunately 15.04 is going to remain clunky for a week or 2 , don't think plasma 5.4 is going solve all it's ptoblems either12:35
BluesKajkamil_: ^12:35
kamil_for now ill stick with older kernel12:40
BluesKajkamil_:  how old  and which kerenel?12:49
BluesKajWily uses 4.1.0-3, doubt that kernel is default on Vivid yet12:50
kamil_on is bad, i have now
BluesKajthen you just needed to choose that in grub12:53
BluesKajand why remove thermald?12:54
kamil_no, i needed to install, because i am removing old kernels, but anyway it helped12:54
kamil_i dont know, which one thing helped, it could be kernel or thermald (i have read that this can be cause too)12:54
BluesKajok then updating and upgrading will have to be on hold for a while12:54
elvis__plasma 5 in kubuntu 14.04.03?14:13
elvis__kubuntu 14.04 update included new plasma 5.x14:15
elvis__please! yes or no?14:15
soee_elvis__: no, there won't be Plasma 5 in 14.0414:16
elvis__ok thanks!14:17
soee_Kubuntu supports Plasma 5 only in 15.04 and developement version 15.1014:17
elvis__im wainting for this!14:17
soee_for what ? :)14:18
elvis__another stable distro with plasma 5?14:18
tyrogHi, how do I change the system language in Kubuntu 15.04/15.10? I know that in Ubuntu there is a simple interface for doing that, but I can't find it in KDE...14:18
soee_tyrog: there is section for this in System Settings14:19
soee_its called Regional Settings14:19
tyrogsoee_: But that doesn't install the missing language packages for Libreoffice, for example14:19
soee_if you change language Kubuntu might want to download new translatons and maybe relogin to reset session14:19
soee_tyrog: and LibreOffice doesn;t have in settings option to install it ?14:20
tyrogsoee_: I don't think so :S14:20
tyrogsoee_: And it doesn't download anything no matter how I move the languages to the right panel14:21
soee_try installing manually translation package for example: libreoffice-l10n-es14:21
soee_to get spanish14:21
soee_but still probably you will have to change it manually in LO settings14:22
soee_i'm not sure ow deep integration LO has with KDE14:22
soee_so can't tell if system should or not change language automaticaly14:23
tyrogsoee_: Specifically with KDE5, it seems bad :P14:23
BotifarraGuys, is there a way to click on a download in Firefox and open it with Dolphin INSTEAD of Gnewview?14:40
mparilloRight Click?14:52
BotifarraIt opens GnewView14:57
BluesKajBotifarra:  open in folder?15:01
BotifarraYes, instead of using Dolphin, firefox opens Gnewview15:02
BluesKajBotifarra:  are these downloads jpegs/pictures ?15:03
BotifarraBluesKaj: nope, any kind of file. .Zip, for example.15:04
BotifarraThis always happened to me, using Kubuntu,15:04
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BluesKajBotifarra:  what about a different browser?15:06
BotifarraYo don't use Firefox'15:07
BluesKajI use FF and google-chrome, FF no longer supports certain flash pugins that soem websites still use15:11
BluesKajbo sound slike a file association problem, you must have gwenview as the default link to FF downloads or some such15:14
Botifarraok, thanks BluesKaj !15:15
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surgywhen i try to install soething from muon discover it prompts for my sudo password. i enter it and then there is a little red x next to the package and it doesnt install15:54
BluesKajwhat about apt-get in the terminal , surgy15:56
surgyBluesKaj, wow your still around :) anyways yeah i installed the same package in terminal15:56
surgy0 errors15:56
BluesKajgood , just muon discover as a reference for package names and use the terminal to install them ..I have no idea why muon doesn't work.15:58
BluesKajjust use15:58
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surgyBluesKaj, that kindof sucks but i guess it works.... wished i had the nice gui16:00
BluesKajsurgy:  could be a problem with kwallet, but tinever use kwallet so it's a mystery to me.16:02
orucHi !16:06
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BluesKajhi oruc16:07
surgyso i cant watch netflix..... chromium says "err_too_many_redirect" and when i try to watch google play it says "the video format is not supported"16:07
BluesKajsurgy:  try google-chrome instead16:08
surgyBluesKaj, unable to locate package16:10
surgynope apt-cache search chrome doesnt show a "google-chrome"16:12
BluesKajsurgy:  get i from the google-chrome site and download the deb package , it has a builtt in installer for debian/ubuntu OSs16:13
surgyBluesKaj, ok i got it now how do i remove an icon from the panel?16:16
BluesKajwhich kubuntu?16:18
surgynvm i got it thnx though16:19
virgilhey guys, i'm having some trouble booting kubuntu from a usb stick16:43
virgilcan someone  give me a little help?16:43
surgyi can try :) i still kindof a noob too but i just went through that. whats going on?16:43
virgilhey surgy, thanks!16:44
soee_virgil: what kinf of problem ?16:44
virgilyeah, i'm kind of a noob too16:44
virgilok, so I am using a 16gb stick16:44
virgilmade it using universal usb installer16:44
virgiland I was able to run kubuntu for a couple of times, but now after I press the "try kubuntu" button, the screen stays black16:45
virgilif i press the power button, i can see some text saying that there is no space left16:45
virgiltried to search for this issue, but couldn't find something related16:46
surgymaybe a resolution problem?16:46
virgilat some point I was able to see the mouse pointer, but now I don't see that either16:46
virgili don't think this is resolution related, because if I press the power button, i can see some terminal output16:48
surgyits just a live install?16:48
surgythen just remake the usb drive16:48
virgilalready tried that16:48
virgileven increased the persistent file size16:49
surgythen its a hardware issue16:49
surgywhen the screen turns black and you press cntrl alt F1 does it give you a login prompt?16:49
virgili pressed ctrl alt f116:50
virgiland some text appeared16:50
virgilnot text actually16:50
virgillooks corrupted to me anyway16:50
virgilgot it16:51
virgilpressed ctrl alt f2 and i got the login16:51
surgyshould have a login prompt16:51
virgilok i got access to the terminal16:51
surgyok so kubuntu is booting you just have a problem with X starting16:51
virgilthank you surgy16:51
virgilyes, this seems to be the problem16:51
surgytype startx16:51
surgyand it will give you some output. and will be a clue as to why x isnt starting16:52
surgythe more clues you have the better the guys here can help you16:52
virgilit says "fatal server error: no screens found"16:52
surgywhat video card do you have?16:53
virgilaah, I believe it's nvidia 8600 but i can't remember exactly16:54
surgyback in the day we generated a xorg.conf file and sometimes it didnt auto configure. but theres a new system and im not sure how it works16:54
surgymaybe BluesKaj can help16:55
excognachi all. am on live usb now. recently I had trouble logging on my laptop: i use 12.04LTS, my hard disk has several bad sectors, my fan has trouble with gearballs. If I enter my password, spash screen shows hdd thendrops me back to login screen. I also tried text mood, it contains a lot of weird characters, doesn't really lets me log on. Any ideas?16:56
virgilsurgy thanks, I think i can manage to go on from here, i'll just use the command line16:59
excognaci meant ball bearings in terms of fan. doesn't really relevant though.17:02
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alket-webhi all, i can't login to plasma5 with my account, i installed openbox and im talking from firefox now, what I did was , I tried to play a wine game and crashed, and I hard rebooted19:53
ToastHi, My Kubuntu 15.04 install has lost all its menus and its desktop + the alt+F2 menu comes up, but can't launch anything. Can someone help me debug the problem please?20:48
valorieToast: can you do `plasmashell &` ?20:53
valorieand if so, does plasma restart?20:53
Toastplasmashell reports done, but no shell in sight.20:54
ToastIs there a log I can look at?20:54
valoriefirst, try `startx`20:54
ToastIt's also started me with mirrored screens rather than two separate screens.20:54
valorieso something IS startinh20:55
ToastYes, I do have a desktop.20:55
valoriekwin at least20:55
ToastI have my previous windows open.20:55
ToastLuckly that includes a terminal, as alt+f2 doesn't work properly.20:55
valorieok, let's see if it is a systemd problem20:56
valorieI think the proper command is `systemctl --restore`20:56
ToastIf it helps, the last thing I did on a working system was launch dolphin as root to try and copy files from my main hdd to an external memory card.20:56
valorieI'll google that as I can't quite remember20:57
valorieoh yikes20:57
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo20:57
valorienot what I was thinking of, ubottu20:57
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo20:57
Toastubottu: I ran dolphin using sudo. That runs the command as root.20:57
ubottuToast: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:57
valorieright, for starters that should have been `kdesudo` not `sudo`20:58
Toasteven from the command line?20:58
valoriesecond, you probably messed up permissions in your ~/home20:58
valorieyes, because you were not running a cli application20:58
valoriekdesudo for all gui apps20:58
valoriebut really, probably it should not have needed sudo at all20:59
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions20:59
ToastWould resetting the permisions on my .kde area help?20:59
valoriebest to now chown -R your /home20:59
valorieyou are using 15.04?20:59
valoriemost stuff is now in .config and .local21:00
valorieso do all three21:00
ToastOK, I can do those 3.21:00
ToastI'll do the whole of my home area if that doesn't work.21:00
valorieright, won't take too much longer, except for the time checking21:01
ToastDo I need to log out to test if it worked?21:02
ToastOK, I'll try it.21:03
Toastvalorie: Thanks. That's a large improvement, though I'm still missing the K menu. I think I may be able to add it back, though I don't know where my old one went.21:08
ToastStill, I have a desktop now and the alt+f2 launcher works.21:08
valorieadd it from the "hamburger" menu21:10
valorieit's just a widget21:10
valorieand pro-tip: if you right-click on it, you can see the alternative launchers21:10
* valorie goes off to pack for Yet Another Trip21:10
Toastvalorie: Thanks. I added the default one.21:11
ToastI'm also packing. Enjoy you're trip.21:11
alkethi, i can't login to plasma5, it kicks me out22:30
CrowX-I just installed kubuntu 15.04 and I've noticed that some applications aren't showing in the system tray22:53
CrowX-Skype wasn't showing at first, but I solved it by installing sni-qt and sni-qt:i386.22:54
CrowX-However, upwork team app is still not showing in the tray22:54
CrowX-and it worked fine on kde4 under gentoo22:54
CrowX-what could be the problem and how do I solve it?22:55
CrowX-I've just noticed, hexchat too is lacking from the tray22:55
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