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peter-bittnerA question from an Ubuntu Touch development newbie:11:23
peter-bittnerI'm trying to publish my webapp with Qt Creator (ubuntu-sdk), but I'm getting two errors related to security policy.11:24
peter-bittnersecurity_policy_groups_safe_skype (debug)11:26
peter-bittner(REJECT) reserved policy group 'debug': not for production use11:26
peter-bittnersecurity_policy_groups_webapp (skype.apparmor)11:27
peter-bittnerfound unusual policy groups: debug11:28
ogra_so turn off the debug policy :)11:28
peter-bittnerGreat idea! How do I do that?  ':-)11:28
ogra_there should be a way in the SDK (i always create my click packages on cmdline, no idea where in the UI ) thats clearly an apparmor complaint though11:29
peter-bittnerAlright, so there should be a setting in the apparmor file that I may need to add...11:30
ogra_that has screenshots ;)11:30
peter-bittnerYou're awesome, thank you!11:30
peter-bittnerHmmm, there is no Security Policy Group 'debug' in my appamor file. I've added it and removed it again, but not avail.11:43
peter-bittnerThere's not even any 'debug' setting anywhere in any file of the project. I've grepped over all files. Strange.11:45
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peter-bittnerIs there a bug in the latest ubuntu-sdk that make generated Webapp projects not able to verify?14:43
peter-bittnerI've created a simple "demo" webapp using all default values and when I go on "Publish" -> "Validate existing click package" the toolchain complains.14:46
peter-bittnerThis is identical to the problem reported at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227041414:46
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Z3Hi! is ready Hardware Enablement Stack for Ubuntu 14.04? (14.04.3 kernel)    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack   wiki is still not updated15:17
Z3only commands to update to vivid15:17
Parowkahey. iam reading html5 api reference for ubuntu phone and I cannot find any info how to save aplication state, can someone point me to that?15:49
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